Sid Roth on February 14th, 2017

Sid: I’ve been interviewing all this week Nita Johnson she’s a prophetess she’s the head of the World for Jesus Ministries I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California. And Nita has been talking about things that God’s preparing her heart and has been preparing her heart for her whole life and it’s all coming into a Christian though. The fate of America, the fate of every nation in the world is about ready to be tested on the plumb-line. The plumb line is Israel Nita explain this testing.

Nita: It’s like all of the scriptures are going to culminate in this one issue whether or not a nation turns in their heart to Israel or whether or not a man turns in his heart towards Israel or whether or not a church turns in his heart towards Israel.  It’s like you said “Israel is going to be the plumb line by which all will be judged. And know that as a Gentile Christian that is very very hard to hear but it is never-the-less true. And if we had time we could go through many scriptures that speak on this issue. It is going to occur Israel has been called and created and set aside since the beginning to be this plumb line in the nations.  And so as the days progress and nations make decisions for or against Israel. We will see that either the glory of the Lord will fall upon that nation for embracing Israel or that what glory would have come will be withheld.

Sid: Nita let me just interject just one specific scripture that’s coming to mind that back up what you’re saying Genesis 12:3 that says “I will bless those who bless the Jewish people and curse those who curse them.”  But Matthew 25 talks exactly about what you’re saying. “The separation of nations as a shepherd separates goat and sheep there will be goat nations and sheep nations. There will be goat churches and sheep churches.  And this is the single issue the Messiah says the separation will be over it’s found in Matthew 25:40 He’s saying “As much as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren you did it to me.”  And yes He does talk about the hungry and the thirsty and the stranger and that is true but the word brethren in the Greek means “From the womb.” So literally is what He’s saying is “What you have done to the least of these my brethren from the womb (The Jewish people) and nations will be separated.” That is found in Matthew 25.

Nita: I’ll go one step further than that Sid because the Lord gave me that same revelation earlier this year that when He is speaking of visiting the prisoners and visiting the hungry and so on and so forth ministering to the blind. Who is more blind than His servant Israel He said that Himself.

Sid: Hmm.

Nita: The prisoner is Israel who is locked in the bondage of darkness from his Messiah.  And so everything that He says in that chapter He is dealing with Israel as Israel’s fate in the last days. And so it is it’s the perfect picture of what is going to take place there’s going to be a separation as a nation embraces Israel there will be blessing. If it rejects Israel then the blessings that would have been will be removed. Likewise if a church an individual church accepts and embraces Israel and the Jewish people there will be multiplied blessings that will come upon that church.  Blessings of the shekina, blessings of the covenant, blessings of the Father there will be multiplied blessings.

Sid: You talked about earlier off the air something called a Ruth Covenant what did you mean by that?

Nita: When Ruth came to a decision a point of decision in her life regarding Naomi she said to Naomi “You’re people will be my people, your God will be my God.” And she even said that “Let not even death separate us.” That was her heart she was her heart was for the Jewish people unto death, her heart was for the Jewish people unto death.  And the Lord is right now calling the Christian to that kind of heart.  And He is judging what he is ultimately going to do in respect to every Christian by whether or not they make that Ruth covenant to the Jewish person that your people will be my people to the Jewish person that your God will be my God let not even death separate us. So as we’re going into a time of holocaust, international holocaust, to the Christian that says “I will not even let the death of Holocaust separate us I will in fact give my life for you if they come after you they’re going to have to come through me to get to you.” As we make that kind of covenant with the Jewish people then we’re going to receive the same kind of blessing that Ruth received.  And Ruth was lifted up as a mother in Israel Ruth was in the linage of Christ. This woman went from basically no blessings to a woman of such great blessings that she is in the Bible and her life was totally transformed by that covenant. And so in the same respect the Lord is going to give life transforming blessings to the Christian who will make that covenant with the Jewish people.  Secondly to the church to the gathering or the fellowship of the believers if a church rejects the Jewish person or rejects Israel or will not stand in the gap on behalf of Israel during this time God will lift His glory He will utterly remove it. And all of the blessings that church would have had opportunities to answer the call that God created that church to fulfill will be removed He will do this.  And He will do this as a decision is made whether it’s prior to the holocaust or going into the holocaust. Stances that we make in these last days are going to determine who is going to be under the super abundant flow of His glory in His last great move of God and who will not be. And so it filters down into the individual nations to the church at large and to the individual. God is going to touch every human being on the face of this earth with judgment or with mercy and glory depending upon where they stand with respect to Israel.

Sid: Now what would you do Nita and you were in a church that was into replacement be it some thinking that they’re the lost tribes of Israel or the other types of replacement thinking that the church has replaced Israel?

Nita: I know that this is going to provoke a very strong response what I’m going to say Sid, but I have been before the presence of the Father and I had been before the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ both in heaven and on earth and I know their heart because they have expressed it to me.  If I were in a church that teaches replacement theology I would first of all repent and then move out of the church because the acts of God’s judgment is going to fall upon that congregation. The people who are replacing Israel by stating that they are in fact the Lost Tribes of Israel you’re not going to find the blessings of God on that no matter how much that movement seems to be parading in the church right now and seems to be carrying with it a great blessing.  The day will come that you will see that the hand of God is not for you but against you. He is not interested in replacing Israel with the believer. He is interested in uniting into one man His people Israel and the Gentile nations.

Sid: What if you’re not into replacement but you don’t have compassion for the Jew in Israel?

Nita: Again that scripture that you and I have mentioned several times during the broadcast about “blessings those that bless Israel and curing those that curse Israel” the implication in that scripture if you were to study that out in the Hebrew is you have even a relative disregard so if you just take the stance of apathy against Israel will curse you. You bring upon your own head not the blessings of the Father but the curses. People will say “But that ended when Messiah was crucified.” No it did not end when Messiah was crucified the word of the Lord is eternal it has eternal effects and people families families who stood against the Jewish people in the Holocaust if there has not been a generational repentance of that families even now are moving under the curses of the Lord even as Christians curses that would be removed any blessings sustained if there would be repentance for the sins of the forefathers.  The Old Covenant truth is as vital for today as it was prior to Messiah coming and giving His life for the world. And so not even a stance of apathy is acceptable to the Lord He taught us very clearly that if we are not in active aggressive stance to obey the word and to embrace it with all of our heart walking it out that we are agreeing with those who are against the word. There’s no such…

Sid: Nita we’re out of time.

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Sid Roth on February 7th, 2017

Sid: My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California is the leader of the World for Jesus Ministries Nita Johnson. She’s a prophetess from a very young age God began to show here the future for America and she began to warn Christians wherever she could go.  And we have passed the point of no return we can only forth stall judgment we can’t eliminate judgment the Lord showed her. On yesterday’s broadcast Nita has been interviewing holocaust survivors for a book that she’s working on.  And she asked a very interesting question to an elderly Jewish holocaust survivor, review that question again Nita.

Nita: I asked him I said, “Robbie what do you think would have happened had the church stood up on behalf of the Jewish people during the holocaust or prior to the event of the holocaust?” And he thought for a moment and tears began to fall down his eyes and he said to me “There would have never been a holocaust.” He said “Hitler… it seemed as though Hitler was invincible and that he did not care what anyone thought.” But the truth is he was very much a coward and if the church would have stood up on behalf of the Jewish people in the very inception of what he was doing not even Hitler would have Now that’s a pretty heavy thing to lay at the feet of the church.  And I know that it’s a heavy thing to receive but…

Sid: But you know I’ve taught I don’t know if I’ve ever discussed this with you but I find it very interesting in the book of Esther which I believe is a very prophetic end-time book that there were 2 banquets in which Esther went to the king on behalf of the Jewish people. The first time she for reasons that are not revealed in the book she didn’t stand up for the Jew but the second time she did and I’m just wondering is it as if that first banquet was like the first church had a chance during the holocaust to stand up for the Jew and unite and we failed, but there’s another banquet coming up.

Nita: That is a very powerful insight Sid very powerful and it’s true the church has  not stood up for the Jewish person for 2000 years. For whatever the reason it hasn’t occurred and in fact most of what has been done against the Jewish people has been done in the name of God and in the name of Messiah. And it has left the Jew…this is how the Jew perceives the church.  As I’ve interviewed the holocaust survivors for this book that I’m writing it has been unanimous what I’ve been hearing from them and this is how they perceive the church that we come to them with a cross extended our extended and a cross in our hands saying “You accept this and you accept our Messiah or we will kill your babies, we will burn your synagogues, and we will destroy your families from off the face of the face of the earth.”  Now I’m sure that most of the people that are listening today do not have that kind of heart but that is the heart that has been presented to the Jewish people.

Sid: And I can tell you as a Jew that is the perception that I had before I became a believer in the Messiah that Christians really are your enemies.

Nita: That’s how they feel. So as I have shared with them for instance what is taking place up in Canada what I have myself been doing for the last 2 years in America. And now the compilation of these biographies to present to present to the church to help the church to help the church understand not that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust but what the 6 million people endured on a personal level. So we take it out of numbers and bring it down into a more intimate reality with the minds of the readers. And as I have shared with them my heart and heart of a growing concern of Christians I have talking a about full grown men who have been very very successful in this life financially will sit there and weep and say to me “I can’t believe that a Christian cares about me as a Jew this is unbelievable to me I can’t hardly contain it in my heart what you’re saying.” They do not see Christians as lovers of the Jewish people.  Just as you said they see them as their enemies. And so the Lord wants to bring the issue back to where it belongs and that is a Messiah issue either a Jewish individual will see the Messiah and receive Him or they won’t but it is no longer a church issue that they can’t even see the Messiah for the pain in their hearts towards the church.  And so to heal relationships in the church and among the Jewish people so they can make an honest decision in their heart regarding the Messiah. You see it’s hard to be a Jew, I’m Jewish as you know, and it’s hard to be a Jew and to think of Christians supposedly serving the Jewish Messiah and yet hating Jews. It’s like there’s a logic that’s missing and they can’t understand it they can’t comprehend it. And so the only way that they can deal with it is to refuse to believe that this Jewish Messiah the Christian is serving is real and is of any value so they reject the Messiah for the sake of the church.  And so what the Lord wants to do is to bring the church back around to see Israel and the Jewish people though His own eyes and to see His love, His care and His concern, His delight in them, His desire to bring them close to His bosom and to deliver them from every enemy according to the 1st chapter of Luke so that they can worship Him in holiness and the only way we can do that is to heal relationships between the Christian and the Jewish community so that they can begin to see the Christian not as an enemy but as a friend.  Now the other benefit of this it’s not only going to be in our reaching out in divine love to the Jewish Community we’re going to prepare an atmosphere where our hearts can melt and they can be prepared for the revelation of Messiah. Not only are we going to that to just loving them but we’re going to bring upon head the blessing that was promised clear back in the days of Abraham when the Lord said “Those who bless you I will bless, those who curse you I will curse.” And so the church then will come into a panorama of glory that she has never known before because of turning her heart back to Israel.  It’s interesting that these prophets of old still carry that mantle that brings about decisions in the Father’s heart and they will until the Father brings everything to the end at the very end of day. Gifts and callings are without repentance Sid and we can’t neglect the fact that the Jewish people have been called to be a prophet to the nations.

Sid: Paint me a picture what the glory will be like on the church that stands up for the Jew in Israel and now you’re telling about anyone can do in good times, but I mean when this International type of Holocaust is going on and people hate the Jew it’s going to only take someone that has the Spirit of God that would be able to stand up for the Jew under those times.

Nita: That’s right and they will bear a glory that no other Christian will bear they will bear the hand of the miraculous. You want to see the multiplication of the bread and the fishes?

Sid: Of course.

Nita: Stand up for the Jewish person when the Holocaust is sweeping across the nations.

Sid: But will there be Christians like Corry Ten Boone? Will there be Christians that will be martyrs? Will there be safe houses like we had in the days of slavery where Christians would hide Jews are those days coming?

Nita: There will be both but there will be the Daniel type of escapes and there will those who give their lives for the Jewish people. And both will bear tremendous blessings and a harvest of wonderful things in heaven. But there will be those who today in this life that are going to experience the blessings of the Father in ways that they have never known in miraculous ways for aiding the Jewish people in this time of the Holocaust. There will always be the martyrs in every generation and there needs to be. There will be… there will be so many souls that will be saved through the Jewish people when they see a Christian giving their life for them so that nothing else can touch I mean you can’t touch their heart in any other way because it has been too much of the reverse that has occurred for too many generations. And so when they see that kind of love coming from a Christian it’s going to open up the eyes of many many Jews not just the one that you’re giving your life for but that Jewish family that Jewish community it’s going to make a strong statement. But on the other side of it there will be these great blessings that will come down from heaven the multiplication of material things in order to help these Jewish folds escape and into a place of safety and a haven.

Sid: I think the greatest wealth that has ever been put into the hands of Christians is about ready to occur and it will be contingent to your heart for the Jew in Israel.

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Sid Roth on January 17th, 2017

SID: Welcome. My name is Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest was abused as a child, unloved, went from foster home to foster home, got into drugs, ended up in prison, got involved on the wrong end of the stick with the mafia. They tried to kill her and she bumped into the first one that really loved her. Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah and day after day God drenched her in his love. It was like a coat, it was like layer of layer came off of her and she became the person that God really created her to be. Her life reads like the book of Acts. Why not? She’s normal. Normal is defined by the Bible. How many of you want to be drenched every day in God’s love? Just two or three? How many? Okay. You know Karen it is amazing that you survived. Any one of these things that happened to you is enough to sink anyone. But all of this, how did you manage such things as going to prison for drugs, being poisoned by the mafia, abused as a child, being in foster homes, how did you survive? You didn’t know God. How does someone do it? I mean I don’t see how you did it.


KAREN: I believe I was kept alive for a future purpose.


SID: It was a destiny on your life. Okay so she has a son, she’s a single parent, she gets into real estate and she starts blessing her family and she sees that her brother gets a nice house, but then there was something irregular in the records. She starts doing some detective work and it turns out that she found out a Mafia connection. Turns out the Mafia found out that she knew what was going on and was going to blow a whistle so they start spying on her. What did they do to you?


KAREN: Oh I was poisoned. They wired our house and there were men that stood around the house and they drove me … Mafia works with fear and it got to the point where I was sleeping with two loaded pistols in my pocket. My teeth just rattled day and night. I was a mess.


SID: I don’t know how you even functioned as a single parent and having the Mafia operate through fear. You must’ve been a nervous wreck.


KAREN: I was and I realized I was going to die.


SID: Where did you think you’d go if you died?


KAREN: I knew I was going to hell. The devil was speaking to me.


SID: Okay so her sister-in-law gets saved, becomes a believer in Jesus. Karen, you’re visiting your sister-in-law and this one question changed your entire life. What was it?


KAREN: Do you want Jesus to help you?


SID: What was your first thought?


KAREN: I said “Jesus,” I said, “Why would he help me?” She said, “I’m sure he’ll help you. Get on your knees because he’ll hear you when you ask him into your heart.” And me and my son, 9 years old, dropped to our knees and asked him into our heart.


SID: She shortly thereafter had an encounter with God and with Jesus. Tell me about that encounter.


KAREN: It was just amazing. I’ve had a lot of encounters with the Lord since then but that day it’s the Lord, I heard a voice and I saw a silhouette and a silhouette of a man’s face and it was like a cloud and I heard a voice say, “My son wants you for a bride.” Everything inside of me started melting and it was just locking eyes with the Lord and having all this love just pour through his eyes into you was just totally a transformation for me.


SID: Tell me about being drenched in God’s love.


KAREN: Being drenched in God’s love is like waterfalls of love washing over you. Just unconditional love and when it floods your body it’s like everything in your body responds. Everything in your body has peace. It’s like even your blood veins, your bones, everything in you, everything in you, your hair. Everything in you just responds to this love of God that drenches you, washes over you. Just unconditional power and love. This is available for everyone, everyone. I was nobody. I was a nothing. I was something Satan had thrown out. This love is for everybody.


SID: Alright, but she still has the Mafia that’s trying to kill her but watch what God does when he stands up for one of his kids. Be right back.

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Sid Roth on January 10th, 2017

SID: Kevin, once he experienced Jesus, and I might add, he has either gone to heaven or had Jesus come to him at least seventeen times, but you did not want to come back. Why didn’t you want to come back?

KEVIN: First of all, I was looking at my creator in the eyes, and he believed in me more than anyone on this earth did, and I, also, felt so safe with him and I felt that he had completely engulfed himself in me, and I didn’t want to come back. I argued with him, because when I found out that I was coming back, I explained to him why I wasn’t.

SID: That was good of you.

KEVIN: I had five good reasons, and when I was finished with I felt like I had really accomplished my task of testimony, and he just smiled at me and he said, “You’re not going back for yourself. You’re going back for all these people that I’ve sent you to,” and he turned and as he pointed to the wall, many people started to appear on the wall, and they were standing there in a line and I couldn’t see the end of it, and he said, “These people need to hear what you’re going to tell them. You’re going to go back and their whole lives are going to be rerouted, because I’m going to send you to people to talk to them.” At that very moment, he said, “I’ll show you how it’s going to work. It’s going to be very easy. It’s all extra credit, because you have completed your task. You’ve run your race, but I’m sending you back. You cannot fail. You cannot lose. I’m going to come up and I’m going to talk in your right ear and I’m just going to say what I want you to say to them. You repeat it word for word, and their lives will be changed forever. They’ll be rerouted in their life, and it will end up perfect like they’re supposed to end up.”

SID: People that hear you speak have their God package unwrapped, so to speak. How many people have you talked to?

KEVIN: In that instance, I saw between fifteen and twenty, twenty-five people, but now it’s up over a hundred and fifty people that God has me to individually, plus all the meetings and things that I have in addition to that, but he keeps sending me to people daily.

SID: By the way, I did not know this, because this event we’re talking about happened in, what, ’92.


SID: But you’ve been watching me on television and I was one of those people.

KEVIN: I knew that I would eventually have a message for you and that I would be sent to you, and so I’ve been waiting all these years. Last year, he finally released me to write the material that I wrote, and then I was waiting for the right timing to come on the show and talk to you and give you the message.

SID: Holy fire. This so intrigues me. Tell me what God showed you about holy fire, because, by the way, it’s wonderful that Kevin has it, but this is not only available to every believer, God wants every believer to have this.

KEVIN: What I found out about Jesus was he’s full of fire. He’s not weak. He’s very loving and kind, but he’s, also, full of fire, and when he speaks, the words go in and burn inside of you, and I was imprinted with his words. I’m not the same person I was being in his presence, but when he spoke to me, I could feel the fire, and I realized that the whole throne room is full of fire, and there’s fiery angels around, and so when I started to encounter these things and he sent me back, I realized that God is a consuming fire. Our God is a consuming fire, and I realized that I better start getting lit up and he’s going to light up people all around me. The interesting thing about holiness and holy fire is that people misunderstand it. Holiness is not just good behavior, discipline. Holiness, if you really, really look into it, and from what Jesus told me, he said, “Holiness is ownership. I own you and I have set you apart, and now you’re mine.”

SID: It’s not what God can do to me. It’s not what God can give me. It’s what I can do if God dwells in me and I let him. Is giving up your life the most exciting thing you’ve ever done to be used by Jesus?

KEVIN: Yes, because, Sid, the Father relinquished his son to this earth in order to bring about a powerful salvation, and when I saw that in Jesus’ eyes, in the material that I wrote, he explained to me what he went through for me. He did not want anything to be left undone when my life … Every drop of blood, he didn’t want any of it wasted. He said, “What I went through for you was so you could be victorious. You don’t have to go through the things I went through, Kevin. I went through them for you,” and that’s why I’ve given my life completely now. I realize that I really didn’t know him, even though I had walked with him for years. I didn’t know him until I met him, and when I realized what a real person he is and how much he loves you, and everybody on the earth, he did this for, everyone.

SID: Would you pray the fire on everyone that wants it right now? Guess what. I’m hungry. Look into the camera and pray.

KEVIN: Father, in the name of Jesus, I just thank you that your throne is full of fire, that the altar before your throne is full of fire, that your angels are flames of fire, ministering spirits. Holy Spirit, you baptize in fire, and right now, in the name of Jesus, go out through the airways out into the audience, everyone touch in the name of Jesus, holy fire from heaven above. Everyone receive in Jesus’ name. Amen.

SID: Fire. Fire. Fire. More fire.

KEVIN: More fire.

SID: More fire.

KEVIN: Thank you, Father.

SID: And bless everyone that is watching or hearing what we are saying right now. Recognize how beautiful Jesus is, what he did for you. Repent of your sins. Tell him you’re sorry. Believe that he died for them. Believe that you are clean. Believe he lives inside of you by spoken invitation, and believe that he can use you to feed the hungry, to help the needy, and to be him, represent him in every area of your life. The choice is yours. You are a chosen vessel. What is there to compare? Kevin, there is nothing …

KEVIN: Nothing to compare.

SID: … this earth has to offer to compare. In Yeshua’s name. Amen.

KEVIN: Amen.

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Sid Roth on January 3rd, 2017

SID: I know you’re on the edge of your seat. What did Jesus say is the most supernatural gift that every believer can enter into, but most of his children don’t realize how important it is and don’t do it enough? What did he tell you?

KEVIN: He told me that beyond anything else you could do on this earth, it would be the only thing that he would want you to do is yield to the spirit of God, and that that would bring forth that utterance which they call speaking in tongues. He said, “If you will pray in the spirit and bring out the depths and the mysteries of God out into this realm,” that the spiritual realm would become so close to me that I’d begin to operate in the spiritual realm here on earth.

SID: The council room in heaven. Explain that to me.

KEVIN: I was surprised at how intricate and organized heaven is, and I was really intrigued by God’s order. He has a government. It’s called the Kingdom of God. He has books that are written about every individual person and they are available to the angels that are assigned to each person. Those angels look at those books. They’re briefed. Decisions are made on who would influence of group of people, and those angels go to work in bringing the truth to those people and helping them to get other people involved and walking in the spirit with God.

SID: What you explain to me is that we all have free will, but they work out a strategy in heaven to get you in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, and it’s got a lot to do with us yielding. How do you understand that?

KEVIN: I found that the most serious asset or liability that we have is our own will. I know that God loves us, but he has to get that across to us. We have to have revelation from the spirit of God, and many people don’t have the revelation of God’s love and his concern for us or his plan for us, but these books are full of pages that Jesus said some of them will never be opened, because people don’t yield to the spirit and they don’t give their will over. There is a walking in the spirit that requires you to hand your life over and carry your own cross, and Jesus wanted everyone to know this, that there is power available, but it’s going to be by you losing and him gaining you.

SID: Is Jesus sad that most believers have all these wonderful, amazing exploits that God has for them, and it’s all written, and he’s doing everything he can to get you to do it, and you’re not doing it. I bet he’s pretty sad over that.

KEVIN: Yes. Even at one point I remember this, he had an individual, I don’t know who it was, but he had them stand in as an example. He reached out his hand and this yellow, beautiful gold substance came out of his hand, and he prayed over the person. It bounced off of them and bounced back onto him and us, and he turned to me and he had tears in his eyes and he said, “See, they won’t let me bless them.”

KEVIN: He said, “You’ve got to teach people to receive from me. I want to bless them.” I want to bless them.

SID: How do we receive from him?

KEVIN: It’s the turning over of your will to the Almighty God. The revelation of Jesus Christ has to do with the fact that he actually stood on a spot … I’ve stood on that spot. I saw that spot he stood on and he created the universe. He is in command. He is not weak. He’s not worried. He’s not concerned. He didn’t even ask me for my opinion on anything the whole time.

SID: Really?  Tell me about, and this is so amazing, just a little bit of the revelations that he showed you how powerful prayer is.

KEVIN: Instantly he said, “I’m going to show you how powerful your prayers are, Kevin,” and he took me and we went to a place in the United States that I recognized as New Mexico, and I was standing on this mountain right above the missile range out there, the test facility. I recognized it, because I fly over it a lot. As we were standing there, he said, “Start praying, Kevin, in the spirit.”

KEVIN: I yielded and started praying in the spirit, and as I did, he pointed and he said, “Now watch.”

KEVIN: And I saw the explosion. It looked like the atomic bomb detonation that had gone off in the forties. It started to explode and this big plume went straight up into the air and it was all red and powerful, and the Lord said, “Most Christians are looking for the spectacular. They look at this cloud, but the supernatural is the shock wave that’s traveling along the ground.”

KEVIN: I saw this shock wave go out about thirty miles, and it was knocking everything over, and he said, “See, Kevin, when you pray, your prayers are effective, and it’s moving mountains out of the way and you should never give up. You should always pray.”

SID: Why do people give up so easily?

KEVIN: I realize that people were looking for a sign of some sort, a manifestation that it was working. I, also, knew that there was demonic activity that would stop people from praying. They would actually feel depressed and it wouldn’t even be them. They would have chemical imbalances in their body, but it was from the outside, and they were being influenced to think that there was a problem and they would stop praying. There were things that would happen that would stop them from praying, and the Lord said, “You should never give up praying, because you will get your answer.”

SID: Probably, to me anyway, one of the most exciting things that Kevin came back with is what the Bible says, “You shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire.” Most believers haven’t received this fire. Do you realize that when you have this fire the devil can’t come near you.

KEVIN: Amen.

SID: He’s afraid of you. Is there anyone, anyone that wants this fire?

KEVIN: Amen.

SID: We’ll be right back.

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