Sid Roth on May 10th, 2017

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be so filled with the love of God that a world that is broken and hurting can see the reality not the false witness that so many have seen but the real Yeshua, the real Jesus, the real God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You know my good friend Dick Reuben, and he’s the one that’s credited with laying the foundation for the great revival that occurred in Pensacola, Florida at Brownsville Assembly of God, makes this statement, “When the pattern is right the glory comes down.” Is our pattern for New Covenant Christianity right? Another friend of mine a pastor of a large church in Jacksonville, Florida said to me “Sid one day I was in Jerusalem in the giant synagogue and I was just praying.” This is a traditional synagogue, “And I was just praying and all of a sudden the Lord came to me and He said ‘I would be more comfortable in this synagogue than in your church,’” and my friend has a wonderful church. He was shocked but the more that you find out about how changed, what we call the church today has become the more you realize what this revelation meant, what Yeshua, Jesus, meant when He spoke to my friend. I have on the telephone Kevin Howard. Kevin is a Hebraic scholar and a wonderful Bible teacher. I was given a gift of the most beautiful book by a couple that really have a Jewish heart, they’re not Jewish but they really have a Jewish heart. It’s one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen on the Biblical festivals. The title is “The Feasts of the Lord.” One of the reasons that it’s so beautiful is it is a hardback book is the artwork. There are over a 150 full color photographs, or paintings, or charts that help you to understand the history and the customs of these Biblical feasts. I have on the telephone as I said Kevin Howard. Kevin why did you write this book?

Kevin: Well Sid it’s a pleasure to be with you today and I’m glad to speak about the book and answer that. Really the passion, or purpose, for writing the book was so that readers could understand two basic important truths concerning the feasts, that’s just basically it. First that feasts are vitally important to us because they are owned by the Lord. Hence that was title for the book “The Feasts of the Lord.”

Sid: Now when you say they’re owned by the Lord why do you say that?

Kevin: Well in Leviticus chapter 23 God commanded Israel to keep 7 annual feasts, 4 of them in the spring and 3 in the fall. However, He just didn’t give them cultural observances, you know the world is full of cultural observances, but He appointed these feasts and He owns them in this sense. He calls them in Leviticus chapter 23 He said “These are My feasts.” So the Lord appointed them and He owns them. So when I say “The Feasts of the Lord” they are the feasts given by the Lord but they are owned by Him, they are in other words collectively God’s divine appointment calendar with Israel.

Sid: You know it was pointed out to me a few years ago when it says in the English, but it’s from the Hebrew “That we are to have holy convocations.” The word convocation could have just as easily been translated rehearsals.

Kevin: Hmm.

Sid: And I really believe there are insights into future events in these Biblical feasts that the church is going to miss if they don’t understand these feasts.

Kevin: That’s exactly right. In fact that was the other purpose for me writing the book and I’m very excited and passionate about that. These feasts are so important because they are prophetic. As you said the Bible speaks of them prophetically, in fact the Bible likens them to shadows which prophetically point to the person and work of history’s most stellar individual the Messiah of Israel.

Sid: Well I’ll put it another way, how in the world can someone understand the gospels, the New Testament, which were written by Jews in a Jewish culture, for Jewish people without understanding the culture?

Kevin: I agree, I agree. In fact you see for example Passover you see paintings of Passover and Jewish men setting around the table, or the Last Supper, you know the Da Vinci painting and it’s very Roman it’s not a Jewish Passover you know. We’ve got to understand the roots and foundation, and cultural context to fully understand the events of the gospels in the New Covenant.

Sid: Why do you have… I mean the pictures are beautiful, but what is the real motivation of these gorgeous full color pictures with every festival?

Kevin: The photographs, the original paintings, the sketches I really wanted in the book to bring it to life, to put another dimension into this so that it wasn’t just another book, you know a reference book on the feasts but something that would be an experience for the reader to visualize and feel the worship of the ancient temple and how the feasts were celebrated Biblically as well as how the feasts are celebrated today in a modern Jewish home. All of those to bring about the experience in a visual side of the feasts that these are real and incredibly beautiful things are taking place here and ultimately pointing towards Jesus the Messiah.

Sid: You know since most Christians were not raised in a Jewish home like say Yeshua was.

Kevin: Right.

Sid: What you do when they read this book it’s going to help or remedy the situation of not even being able to visualize a Passover Seder. I mean with the pictures and the inscriptions you have you take someone right into a Jewish home for these observances.

Kevin: That’s exactly right. That was my motivation was to give an experience. Obviously we can’t go to the temple in Jerusalem of ancient Israel, but through artwork we can step back in time in our mind’s eyes and experience that as well as step forward to the modern Jewish home today and see these things. Even if we’re living in Timbuktu away from any Jewish community we can see what’s going on in the feasts.

Sid: You know some that very few Christians are aware of are the different calendars that it’s necessary to understand to understand the Bible itself. I wonder if you could briefly describe them.

Kevin: Sure. Often times people wonder why Passover seems to move, sometimes it’s in March other times it’s in April. Why it moves around on our secular calendar? The answer is found in that it’s tied to the Jewish calendar. The Jewish calendar has typically 12 months but the months are arranged or calculated or determined differently than on our standard secular calendar. These Jewish months on the secular calendar begin with the new moon. Without getting too technical the moon goes through its phases roughly every 29½ days. A new Jewish month comes up either every 29 or 30 days whenever the new moon occurs and it’s dark. So…

Sid: As you explain in the book which I found fascinating they actually had 2 people to verify that it was a new moon?

Kevin: Yes the Sanhedrin as really in the case of all Jewish law there had to be 2 or 3 reliable witnesses and 2 witnesses would verify that they had seen the new moon and therefore the new month would be declared. So the Hebrew calendar, the Jewish calendar, is lunar whereas our modern calendar is solar. So the Jewish calendar is corrected every so often with an extra month, a 13th month to kind of bring it back into correction so that Passover always stays in the Spring it doesn’t continue to cycle through into the wrong season. So it’s sort of a lunar solar calendar instead of our strictly solar calendar that we use.

Sid: Now we’re coming into what are known in Judaism as the high holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. As a matter of fact, Rosh Hashanah begins this Friday evening and we’ll be talking about these 2 festivals.  Just out of curiosity I mean doing a book like this, going to Israel so much what is your favorite Biblical festival? Is that a fair question?

Kevin: Well yes it’s a fair question. I guess whatever holiday I’m currently celebrating that seems to be my favorite holiday. So it’s kind of hard to say “This is my favorite,” but I guess if I were hard pressed to say “What is my favorite?” I would have to say it’s Passover, I love Passover.

Sid: Out of curiosity do you have a Passover Seder with your family?

Kevin: Yes we do every year we have with our family and also sometimes with the local congregation. It’s a wonderful time of food and fellowship and just pointing towards Jesus as our Passover lamb.

Sid: I wonder, we won’t have enough time, but I wonder if you could kind of give us a thumbnail of the 7. It’s an interesting number that’s God’s number for perfection of the 7 festivals.

Kevin: Sure, and you’re exactly right the 7 annual feasts were no mistake. It’s the Biblical number for perfection and completion as you’ve said. So God gave Israel 7 feasts, 7 annual feasts. It’s interesting that these feasts occur 4 in the spring and 3 in the autumn, or the fall of the year kind of bunched together 2 major times a year.

Sid: Why is that?

Kevin: Well I would say a lot of them are tied, looking back to some agricultural, or farming purposes, or feasts of the harvest, but I think ultimately and most importantly these feasts are prophetic in nature and they look towards the work and person of the Messiah. The Messiah has 2 comings a first coming and a second coming. Just you so know I am not Christianizing the feasts or reading something into them we have absolute full weight of New Testament scripture that say these feasts are prophetic speaking of the Messiah. Paul himself said these are shadows but the real body or the substance is none other than the Messiah Himself. So that the feasts he taught us were simply the shadows of Messiah’s work of redemption throughout history. So Messiah had, it’s interesting in His first coming Paul said in Corinthians “He is our Passover Lamb.”

Sid: I’ll tell you what Kevin our time is up.

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Sid Roth on May 1st, 2017

Sid:  I have on the telephone Mrs. Ella Brunt. I’m speaking to her at home in Texas City, Texas. It was a nice day nothing so unusual happening, the sun was shining and her nephew offered to take the family out on a sailboat; it was July 2, 1997. So Ella took her 2 children her 6 year old boy by the name of Cody, and her daughter by the name of Britney and they go for a wonderful sailboat ride, certainly not bargaining for what occurred, but all of a sudden what happened Ella?

Ella:  Well it was clear warm day it was almost in the 100’s the water temperature was probably in the 90’s. We were just getting started the kids were in their lifejackets, my nephew Wallace was just putting up the last sail and getting underway. All of sudden a breeze blew and the boat tilted to the right which was on Cody’s side and it just started going over and my nephew handed me Britney and I was holding onto her but it happened so fast I couldn’t really give Cody any instructions…

Sid:  Now how old was Britney?

Ella:  She was 8.

Sid:  Okay.

Ella:  And Cody was 6. So they had had swimming lessons and I really wasn’t worried about Cody not being able to swim. They both had on lifejackets as a precaution. All I could see was Cody’s eyes you know just staring at me and his hands reaching out for me like “Momma help!” It was our first time on a boat so this was all new to him. So it happened so fast that I really couldn’t say “Well Cody it will be alright just swim out.” But whenever he was told to stay up in the front part of the boat until we got everything underway he was obedient, and he stayed there until the boat rolled over and it was dark underneath there and he just started I guess trying to swim to the top. He was using his arms but his arms were getting entangled in the extra ropes that were up in that compartment and literally got him so tangled up that he was attached to the boat. My nephew started diving for him immediately and he would come up to the surface and get his breath and go back under immediately so there wasn’t any talking in between there I was holding onto Britney. This happened several times and what I didn’t realize was he was finding Cody but Cody was kicking and trying to get loose and then Wallace was trying to pull on Cody to get him loose…

Sid:  Now was Cody all this time under the water?

Ella:  Yes. The boat rolled over so there was no air pocket or anything underneath there. He was actually under the boat and the boat was under the water, you know capsized so to speak. It was quite a while, in a situation like that a minute can seem like an eternity.

Sid:  What were you doing while this was all going on?

Ella:  I was holding onto Britney and after a time or two that Wallace came up empty without Cody I told Britney I said “Now Britney Cody is in trouble we need to pray.” So immediately Britney and I started praying and we just have some beautiful children that they’ve been trained in the ways of the Lord. Whenever you don’t know what to pray for we’ve got an intercessor, the Holy Spirit that prays for us. So Britney and I immediately started just praying in the spirit. The Holy Spirit will pray the perfect will of God for your life every time. So we didn’t know specifically what to pray for but the Holy Ghost did…

Sid:  All this time he’s under the water what’s going on with Cody?

Ella:  Well and I didn’t realize that really until afterwards just the step by step thing. All I knew was that he was underneath that boat. I didn’t know if Wallace was finding him or not but it was too long for him to be under there without breathing and Cody had never come up to the surface during all this time. I knew he couldn’t hold his breath that long. So I knew he was in trouble and we needed help more so than just Wallace diving underneath there that his body could not survive any length of time like under those circumstances. So we just knew to pray to God because God would help us. There was a lot of activity on the lake that day there was people in Wave Racers they call them Jet Skis, but it was like we were in our own little world no body was coming to help us. I don’t if they didn’t realize that we were in trouble or just figured everybody was up out of the water and we’d get things just right eventually. It took quite a while for help to even come and all this time I knew something was wrong so I’d pray in the spirit then I’d pray with my understanding. I would pray that No weapon formed against Cody would prosper that he would live and not die. I even started praying when medical help would come to assist us that they would have wisdom and only do good for Cody anything that would be done for him medically…

Sid:  But in the meantime he’s under the water.

Ella:  Right.

Sid:  I mean and… so what happened with your nephew he’s diving down to find him. Did he… what happened?

Ella:  Well again there was no conversation between me and him until one point maybe 5 minutes into this he came up and just hollered “NO!” I thought he was frustrated he couldn’t find him but later on whenever I was talking to him he said “NO!” because whenever he went down under to assist Cody, Cody was limp and he was not moving anymore. So he knew that Cody was really in serious trouble and whenever he came up to get air that time he just hollered out “NO!” In other words “No Cody you can’t die!” You know please, and I called out to Wallace to please keep trying. So he dove back down and kept trying and I was holding onto Britney and we were praying together. As I was praying in the spirit if anything would come to my mind like doctors and to pray for the doctors to pray for any medical help. All of a sudden a vision appeared to me that Britney and Ted, my husband and I, were joined hands with Britney walking down life without Cody. Then the next picture I saw was Cody in a casket and we were going to his funeral. So I just cried out “Lord have mercy on us!” Then I wanted to put the devil in his place and I said “No devil you are not going to steal Cody from our family!” Kind of like a line was drawn in the sand. So there was quite a few minutes had transpired after that. We were out there on the water probably 7 minutes by this time and a jet ski came up alongside and I said “Please take my daughter back to the dock and call for help. We need help to get my son he’s underneath the boat and we can’t get him out.” So the time went by and as soon as the Jet Ski left then I started diving underneath the boat and all this time just praying to myself because we needed God to intervene for us. It was so dark under there I couldn’t see anything. I came up and there was just a time a space that I just went blank I don’t what happened. The next thing I knew Wallace came up with Cody on his shoulder…

Sid:  How long had this been that Cody was under the water?

Ella:  It was probably close to 10 minutes by the time you know I got to start diving and I tried, but still there was no help that had come from the dock at this point. They had seen the activity and there was some jet skiers that had put up their jet skis and they were trying to hitch a ride from the one that took Britney back on that same jet ski to come back out to the boat and that jet ski had tipped over 3 times, I guess it was really built for one or whatever. Anyway there was so much weight on it that it had tipped over with a lady that had initially taken Britney back to the shore. Then that 4th time it had made it at least out to the boat. Wallace had Cody on his shoulder and he was just blue in color. The Jet Ski man helped come and untangling from the ropes and they tried to put him up on the Jet Ski and the Jet Ski would stall out. So here we are in the lake Cody is trying to be transported back to the shore and the Jet Ski won’t work. It just seemed like everything was against us and nothing was working out right. Then about that time a boat came alongside and asked if he could help. Well they started lifting, transporting Cody from the Jet Ski over to the boat. They all got up on the boat and here I was in the water and I said “Please don’t leave me out here!” So I swam over there and during this time there was a place on the boat where they could lay out Cody. The officer, well I didn’t realize this, but the man that came out to help us, off city police officer from Houston. He checked Cody’s pulse and there was no pulse, he was not breathing and all these things you do before you perform CPU on somebody. So with all those vital signs not there Cody was dead, I mean you could look at him and see that but he actually took his pulse there was none and no breathing. So he had no vital signs and they immediately started performing CPR on the boat.

Sid:  But wait a second now, you had a vision of your son dead, he is dead. Did you give up hope?

Ella:  No I just…

Sid:  How could you not give up hope?

Ella:  Well you know hope is something that you don’t have right now. So I just could not release, I could not release my son to go to heaven he wasn’t…

Sid:  Ella we are out of time we’ll pick here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Sid Roth on April 18th, 2017

Sid: I have on the telephone Ron Paul he has a Prophetic Prayer Ministry of Intercession for Hollywood. I’m talking to him at his office at Sherman Oaks, California. And if you’ve been listening all of this week you recognize that this is a big battle because Hollywood gets right into our homes on television, through motion pictures, especially to our children, especially to those that take television as the drug of choice. Just a way of unwinding of relaxing from a strenuous day.  If you’re like me the things that I’m watching on television one the monitored shows the ones you know the news, sports I can’t watch these things anymore.  And there are many people that are true believers that don’t understand the authority that we’ve been given, that do not understand and the demons tremble at the name of Jesus.  That the demons literally take a step back every time that you speak of about the blood of Jesus or pray in unknown tongues.  Don Paul you were telling me of something that happened to you recently you were on the beach.

Don: Yeah God had spoke to me to go down to the beach area between Santa Monica and Venice. As we talked earlier Santa Monica and Venice is the new Hollywood that’s where all of the money that’s where every things happening.  So I’m lying on the beach and I was laying back on this little bench and all of a sudden the religious spirit over Venice used one of the doorways over a person that’s demonized or a person that has access to.  And all of a sudden this guy comes running up to me while I’m laying down “Hey! Hey you!”  And I look over and I think “Oh brother I’ve got to deal with you again well I think I’d better sit up again in case you go into full manifestations so I’m thinking this.  And so I sit up and he says “What makes you think you’re going to come into these 2 cities and get these people saved I’ve had them indoctrinated into Hinduism for generations!”  And I looked at the guy and just then he started evoking all kinds of demons in the atmosphere around me the whole atmosphere started being charged with demons.  And I looked at him and I just looked aside and the love and the power of God just flowed out of me and the whole atmosphere came back to love and peace. And he went “Hey! What did you just do you just took my power away!”  I said “That’s not power that’s not your power those are demons and you’re severely demonized and you need the blood of Jesus Christ to set you free.”  And he went “No!” And he ran back into Venice. As you know Sid we’ve been doing a lot of intercession in the Santa Monica area and had a great success and we’re still dealing with the witch covens over Venice and several other ruling spirits there. Typically like in the Bible in Joshua when they’d to into the promise land and they would come against different kings for us those kings mean those ruling spirits over territories those are the giants over the spiritual giants.  And a lot of times when Joshua would take out several kings the next new king would come up to challenge him but he would look at the kings that were taken out by this army and it would put fear in him. What that king was doing was coming out and challenging him but it knows that its time is coming short because our intercessory team is starting to focus…

Sid: What about people that are listening to us right now that are dealing with fear fears of all kinds what advice would you give them?

Don: Okay the first thing in the boot camp of becoming a mighty man of God becoming a son of God which the whole creation is waiting for you to manifest you and me that is our spirit man is to get rid of the fear.  God says I’ve not given you a spirit of fear but of love strength and of sound mind. That indicates that fear is a spirit and not from God and if it’s not from God I don’t want it and God does not want us to have it.  He also says in another place that the devil controls you through fear, fear of failure, fear of lack on and on. I will tell you that when you are standing in the presence of a demon there are 2 things that that spirit will emanate fear and condemnation.  Neither one of those spirits is from Me. Fear and condemnation is how the devil controls Christians from walking in authority or releasing the power of God within us. Most Christians don’t even have a clue the level of power that’s in them because the devil so intimidates their mind with fear and condemnation. If you will bear to stand up and start praying in power you’ll start seeing incredible miracles happen.  I know women that were about ready to get raped they bound the strong man and they just said “Jesus” and they couldn’t move. I’ve seen those kind of testimonies in my boot camp season when God was raising me up where a demon possessed guy was drunk was trying to punch me and rape somebody and the Holy Spirit just boomed out of my mouth “I bind you in Jesus Name!”  And that guy had his fist cocked and he could not move his hand because that demon was bound.  One of the things that I learned about fear is a spirit and it isn’t from God I would not let fear in my temple.  Now to go a step further in my boot camp days I was submitting under a miracle ministry that I think we spoke of earlier that was under the Kathryn Kuhlman and Tommy Hicks anointing. And since I understood that fear was a spirit I suddenly realized that if I feel fear my emotions are reacting to spirits. And then I said wait a second that’s kind of like radars incoming so suddenly I said “Okay I don’t let fear grip me but when I discern fear or something’s making me fearful I realize that there’s a spirit in the room somewhere. And now that I know who I am in Christ I go after that thing with a vengeance to take it out. And we used to pray through the churches before we would have a meeting and I used to turn all of the lights off and I would walk around in the dark and whatever corner I was afraid of go into is the very corner I went into the very corner I went into and commanded that spirit that was hiding in the church out of there.  Because other corners I didn’t care about but for some reason I was afraid to go into that corner because I understood that the demons emanate fear and our emotions react to fear.  And actually it became a tool with correct teachings. See part of what a prophets mantle or teaching is to bring correct revelation. A lot of people were discerning their discernment if find but they just haven’t had the revelation brought to their understanding so they’re in confusion.  One of the things I said to God through my preparation we’re always going through process so I said “God I don’t care what I go through I just don’t understand do I fast when I pray, do I read scriptures do I worship do I plead the blood? I just don’t understand just explain to me how to win because You made a way to win and You didn’t call us to be below You called us to be above but You really called us to rule a territory really rule the atmosphere and not let the demonic rule people that are just kind of pawns in this whole game.  Does that help?

Sid: It helps but what did God show you to do?

Don: Praying in the Holy Ghost and to understand first of all that fear was a spirit and to stand against it and to rebuke it until it goes.

Sid: Are you telling me that praying in the Holy Spirit according to the scriptures it says it edifies you or builds you up that in affect you build your spirit man up by doing that?

Don: Think of it like this when people say “Oh I’m sick or I’m not sick or I do.” Think of it this body soul and spirit the Spirit of God is not talking to your body the Spirit of God is talking to your spirit. When He told Adam “Dress and keep the land.”  He was talking to Adam’s spirit man, the first land that Adam had to address was his thought life. Then he had to address his dirt or his land and then he had to address his family, the business and out from that. But he’s always starting from that core spiritual point of view.  If you think of the old adage the old vision of the farmer with the shotgun “Get off of my land!” with the shotgun and that’s really what our spirit man is to do and now’s here’s the problem when we’re more cardinal then we are spirit then the spirit of infirmity comes up to challenge us for dominion of our dirt our flesh suddenly our flesh gets sick.
As you…. this is a promise from God this is the word of God…as you pray in the Holy Ghost and build yourself in My own Holy Spirit this is the Spirit of the Lord I will give you dominion over those things that once had dominion over you.  So the idea I never get sick because I this is the spirit part of me. My flesh my I…my spirit man might be in a battle with the spirit of infirmity for whose going to rule my roost if you will whose going to rule my body…

Sid: So you’re saying the real you? Your spirit doesn’t get sick but your body your dirt as you put it a spirit of infirmity can come on.

Don: Again if my spirit man is “Get off of my land! And I’m built up and I’m strong then a spirit of infirmity cannot take possession of my land because it belongs to me.  If I am not built up in the Spirit then I’m just a sitting target and all kinds of spirits just come and  hit me.  Let’s see I just ate something the other day and it was food poisoning and you know that when you eat that if you’re going to have food poisoning you just come up (Ugh) and you go into this whole thing just like a spirit comes over you but it’s like you’re going to get violently sick.  And I said “I don’t have time for this so I decided you know I’m too old in the Lord you’re not coming on this body God said “If you eat something poisonous it will not hurt you.” And again it’s not by choice it was an accident and I just took dominion over that spirit of infirmity that came up and I laid hands on myself and I focused on the situation and the spirit broke about 4 seconds later all the food poisoning was gone and I was completely healed.  Here’s what people don’t do we live in Egypt too much and I want everybody to identify what Egypt is to you. But I’ll tell you Egypt is just your normal life.  “Hey what are you doing want to go to baseball?” that’s Egypt. We don’t get into the Spirit enough to where we’re paying attention to what’s going on in the Spirit and I can tell when I’m in a room and there’s a spirit of infirmity on somebody and I can tell if it tries to come onto me and if it does I don’t get busy in my natural life I excuse myself like Jesus did, like Smith Wigglesworth did, I excuse myself and I deal with this spirit until it’s not around me anymore.

Sid:  What do you mean you deal with it?

Don: I pray, I resist it and command it to leave and I watch in the spirit until it leaves I make sure that it’s gone.

Sid: What would you do if you commanded it to leave and you feel you have the victory but it’s still there?

Don: Two things it’s easier to deal with the spirit of infirmity before it lodges into your flesh.  If you will discern as it’s trying to come on and that is the key time when the battle is and people are not that sensitive do not discern it and they think “Poppycock” fine the spirit comes on them they’re sick.  It’s harder once it comes in and there’s a couple of reasons for that and one is your senses your nerve endings keep telling your brain how sick you are and so it reinforces it’s power over you.

Sid: Hm.

Don: You’ve got this memory of how sick you were in the past that’s fear and you’ve got the symptoms so you’re in a harder position.  Before it comes on it’s easier spirit to spirit to deal with that thing.

Sid: But what happens if you made the mistake and it’s already entrenched what do you do?

Don: You stand against it and I tell people if you’re tired sleep and then get up and go regular speed I don’t care if you take 9 naps but continue to resist the thing do not give in to fear command it to get off. Don’t buy it once you agree “I am sick” you’re saying “I” is your spirit man your spirit man is not sick.  So I am not sick but my spirit man is battling the spirit for dominion of my flesh because this thing has got entrenched into my flesh.  Obviously you do all of the normal health things that you need to do rest and food and things but you need to never agree that is part of you by saying I am.  You need to say “No get off of my land do what your told get off my land. I am not sick and this is not your body you will not inhabit this body God gave me this body get off my land.”

Sid: It’s my dirt I like the way you use dirt we’re out of time.

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Sid Roth on April 11th, 2017

Sid: Most of us realize that Hollywood has an influence upon the way people think the way people act. But the degree and the true source of the influence most people don’t understand.  I have on the telephone Don Paul he has a Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Ministry to Hollywood.  I’m speaking to him at his office in Sherman Oaks, California and Don Paul how did you get into this ministry?

Don: Well I have found that God spends most of His time working with us and every experience He gives us one usually leads to another and usually builds line upon line.  My boot camp preparation for this level of ministry that I’m in started about 11 years ago when I was involved with a healing and deliverance ministry that was under the anointing of Kathryn Kuhlman and Tommy Hicks. Through that season we had several celebrities and just regular people churches just didn’t know what to do with that had demons cast out of them and AIDS healing.  That ministry was featured on the Joan Rivers Show it was her highest rated show that they actually reran it 4 times that year.  Of those celebrities that were actually featured on the show one of them was Denise Matthews.  Denise Matthews name used to be Vanity. Vanity was Prince of the Rock and Roll singer’s girlfriend. Vanity had several movies she starred in and also several albums. But she got her deliverance she’s now preaching the gospel praise God so she had quite a change when she met with the power of God and got the demonic literally delivered out of her life.  So through that season we were seeing a lot of people delivered of different demonic different demons that’s when I really came to grip with the power of the blood of Jesus. I think I ever saw a deliverance and a demon started coming out the minister said “In the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus come out.” And the demon said “Not the blood!” And I said “What?” Now wait a minute if the devil doesn’t like the blood then no matter I think the blood or animal sacrifices were through the Jewish traditions I suddenly started respected the blood when I found out that the devil didn’t like it.  Anything the devil didn’t like I loved because I didn’t like the devil. So we saw several people get healed and delivered through that season. However several people would come back week after week after being set free the prior week they’d come back and they would have the same problem. I went to the Lord and I said “God what is going on here how come they’re coming back with the very same problem they just got set free of?” He said “They’re going home and watching it on TV.” And I said “Well we’re burning ourselves out here 3 days of fasting and prayer preparation and every week just to go though the same group of people to get them set free again.” I said “If our ministry teams burning themselves out.  Think what this is like multiplied 100’s of times across the nation.  I said “This makes no sense no army would ever win a war if they kept waiting for the bomb to drop and then heal the casualties.”

Sid: Explain to me what exactly is going on in the spirit realm when people watch what’s on secular television.

Don: Well the Bible says that think on these things lovely and pure Sid and so often just like Adam and Eve partook of the knowledge of good and evil they started looking at both sides of the game. When we start looking at these things that are defiling and ugly we literally a dark spirit comes into our soul and our system and it will shape the way that we perceive.  See it’s as easy as this hold a glass that’s half filled with liquid or half filled with air or half empty.  It depends some people would say the glass is half full or some will say that it’s half empty it depends on how you see. Some people see unto lack other people see unto prosperity. And the whole key that God is trying to do is just like that boy who got healed of leukemia he was seeing unto lack everybody around him was seeing “Oh this is impossible.” And God had me come in and say “No this is abundance” and I had to bring another atmosphere or perception to him.  And the thing that God is trying to do is to see these things lovely and pure we’re not supposed to uncover peoples sins we are to cover them.  See in the news you can find dirt on everybody and that’s not what God does He covers that and He contuse to tell us to treat each other in a higher order that we might rise to the occasion. What is happening on TV that is literally spirits behind pictures and they actually motivate people. And because we take concepts into our soul it can shape the way that we believe that there is actually spirits that go into us and most people don’t understand this.  Sid did you know a spirit can be as simple as the spirit of fear?

Sid: Right.

Don: The Bible says “He has not given us a spirit of fear.” Well wait a second that means that fear is a spirit and it’s not from God that means it’s from the devil.  Well the Bible also says “Did you know that all of your life the devil controlled you through fear.” So when my motives and my choices are being designed of I’m afraid of rejection, I’m afraid of failure, I’m afraid of…the devil is literally hindering me from becoming what God had called me to be so God wants to break the fear out.  That for example is just one subtle spirit but so often we feed our soul on some of these concepts and it hinders and limits us into becoming what God called us to be. And then you go into everything from adultery to fornication and all of the different things and suddenly you wonder why marriages aren’t working…

Sid: You know you almost make me feel as though there’s nothing we can watch on most television that doesn’t have mixture.

Don: Today think back about Father Knows Best, My Three Sons and Leave It To Beaver you and I grew up on that we had something to balance. Think about the brand new little kids coming up today what are they looking at?  Ten Ways to Cheat the Government, Ten Ways to Shoot Your Mom.

Sid: Listen some of the things I limit myself to are news and I’m having difficulty even watching local news they’ve got so much graphic detail today.

Don: Right typically our lower nature the beast the flesh or whatever we want to call it loves blowup destruction, destruction and so forth and so on.  And yet God is trying to pull us into a higher order the reason…what is it “Train up a child in the way that he should go and he will not depart from it.”  The problem is what is the master babysitter? Actually I’ve had people disagree but by the time I get done talking they go “Oh my God your right I never thought it through.”  Today you’ve got single moms because that’s one of the spirits that’s gone out everywhere it is you know what “I’m leaving you I’m getting divorced I don’t have to put up with this.” And so rather than working out their differences and staying in unity like the Bible says we do the old throw away theology where we just run and leave. And that’s really promoted big time on TV now we have all of these single babies come up and the Bible says destruction has no covering.  That means there is no love, there’s no rules, there’s no order. The moms out working during the day the kids at home watching TV the mom comes home she’s tired the kid wants to hang out with her she’s too tired often times.  And I’m not just saying Christian moms I’m staying anybody because of the way life is she’s says leave me alone go watch TV. The problem is what’s on TV is filling these kids with destruction…

Sid: And the single Mom is also watching the same garbage.

Don: She’s burned out and tired she’s lonely she’s been rejected don’t understand it so the cycle just perpetuates itself.  What is happening spiritually in the higher heavens and most people are not even aware of this is that there are principalities over territories.  The new Hollywood is actually Santa Monica, Venice, California is actually where our ministry is located.  And over the territory there are ruling spirits that you’ve got the largest Hindu ashram, you’ve got three witch covenants in Venice. Some of the people in that are over the witch covens that over Dallas that’s why we’ve been seeing so many witchcraft shows coming out over TV because why? Because these people are working in the studios and unfortunately don’t get upset here but unfortunately well meaning Christians have been following a little pied piper in that a lot of times a baby Christian could probably tell you more about somebody’s theory of rapture or they can give you the 10 theories of rapture more than they can tell you how to rule and reign with Christ. Jesus came to give us life abundantly He said to rule and conquer but typically what happens is that everybody runs from a battle because there’s not enough drill sergeants there’s not enough warriors that is actually raising the body of Christ up.  If we had Christian men and I really hear the Spirit of God in this season calling the Christians to the forefront and I’m watching those Christians that would dare to believe just like Joshua going and fight the spiritual giants I’m actually watching them be placed in positions of authority and networks in government positions so forth and so on. More than worrying about how quickly I can get out of the battle we need to really have a heart for people and say “No God I want to be effective in the battle as long as I can put me in that place of authority.” Did you know that RW…well I don’t know if I can say people’s names but or ministries?

Sid: You can sure R.W. Schambach.

Don: Schambach could not get his television show played out of FOX studios in New York because they had the laying on of hands in the intro of his show. Now FOX will play naked tied up women being stabbed and raped and every other kind of gross defiling on humanity on women that’s okay but laying on of hands is not? That indicates that there are no Christians in authority in key positions in that studio.

Sid: And by the way we don’t even have to pick on one studio (Snickering) I think it’s probably most that way.

Don:  And really Sid it’s not their fault it’s just demons walking up and down the aisles and they are pawns.  See if the Christians will not rule and reign with Christ if they will not allow the Holy Spirit to fill them and give them authority and learn how to have the authority then the devil will have his way.  And literally in this last season just before the presidential elections when we were dealing with the witchcraft behind Free Healings and Blair Witch II, and by the way when that spirit or that stone was broken through our teams intercession and others that we had notified to pray with us we literally watched Blair Witch II fail within 2 days. It failed it hit the theaters and it was gone there was no power the newspapers even reported spell broken. And the problem is that Christians are not daring to raise up and be that mighty army like the Bible prophesies. So God is raising up if you will warrior leader drill sergeants we are not to focus on how quick we can get out of here or who’s theory is correct we’re to focus on how effective we are while we are here. Sid look at this a second we read the Bible we read about Paul’s life that he was a hero, we read about Jesus’ life He was a hero, we read about all of these heroes in the Bible and we have these role models. We don’t have role models like that today on TV and I want us to just…I just feel like I’m talking to some Christians out there do you realize those guys book was written. Do you realize Sid that your and my book and the people listening to us book is being written today?  And I don’t want my book to be all about how I spent my life trying to convince people how I was going to rapture was better than somebody others. I want my book to be about how I thought, how I went in and I took a territory I dared to believe God, I prayed until the demonic was pulled down. I pulled those witches out of the witch coven and they got…

Sid: Don Paul I’m sorry we’re out of time.

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Sid Roth on April 4th, 2017

Sid: I have on the telephone Don Paul. Don is a prophet he has a prayer ministry in Hollywood, California that will find out about shortly but before that on yesterday’s broadcast I’m just so intrigued how a seer a prophet operates in the gifts of discernment, in the gifts of seeing, in the Spirit in the gifts of hearing prophetic words.  Like on yesterday’s broadcast you literally heard something that I believe that if the person that was listening does what was instructed will change their life. We were also talking about the value of praying in unknown tongues and a lot of Christians have been baptized in the Holy Spirit have manifested their gift of praying in unknown tongues but really don’t do it that much anymore tell them why they’re missing it.

Don: All of deal with not wanting to pray in the Holy Ghost that a lot of times is just pressure from the enemy and I realize that if I just pray… see if I will pray more in the Holy Ghost first of all the Bibles true that Paul said that the Spirit makes utterance and we don’t know how to pray. No matter how hard I try and figure out how to pray I’m not going to pray as good as God.  If I think my English and my appealing to God and my intellect is better than allowing Him to pray through me that’s pride and I want to submit to you if I want to be not prideful before God then I’m going to remove my opinion of how to pray and I’m going to yield to my Father and allow His Spirit to make intercession because I really don’t know how to pray. Sid I can act like I love people as much as God and it’s just not true I don’t love people none of us love people the way that God loves people.  And I just really think that He’s going to make better intercession than I am. The first thing is that really the Holy Spirit and Jesus dealt with that a lot of time there’s a lot to radio programs in the name of God and they really put they really do more work for the devil in generating the spirit of fear and Jesus said “I’m not giving you a spirit of fear and you’ll be able to tell what spirit a man is of the spirit that generates in you the fruit that generates.” And when you listen to somebody and it puts fear in you about everything supernatural and about everything of God we’ve got to come to a place where you know what I’m going to trust God and He’s just big enough to do what He says and just big enough to protect me I’ve got to come to that place of confidence with God. Jesus addressed that issue about getting the Holy Spirit and I think I’m addressing people and they’ve said “How will I know that I’m getting the Holy Spirit I’ve been told that you know its not and this ministry is dadada.” Here’s the thing if you have a heart before God and you’re really saying “God I really want all that You have for me!” Jesus said “Listen which one of you being evil in comparison to how good God is if your son asked for a fish you gave him a stone you wouldn’t you’d give him fish you’d take care of your son.  Well listen God loves you more than you love your own sons and if you ask God for the Holy Spirit He’s not going to let another spirit come in.  And that’s just something that the believer is going to get in their heart regardless of all of these paranoid teachings and people that exalt themselves.  You really need to this between God but once you understand that the Spirit of God is the gift that the prophets wanted from old it is the promise of the Father said “I don’t leave you as orphans I go to the Father I don’t leave you alone I send you the teacher the comforter He’ll teach you all truth He’ll teach you power.”  The miracles in Jesus life started when He received the Holy Spirit the miracles in every apostle’s life started when they received the Holy Spirit.  I read in the Bible loving God, loving God going to church do everything and yet I prayed for people and they weren’t getting healed.  And I got a scripture that God took me to popped out and it said “If you know Me (this is Yeshua talking to you Sid this is Yeshua talking to me it’s Yeshua talking to everyone of the people listen) He said “Personally “If you know me you’ll raise the dead, you’ll cast demons out, you’ll heal the sick, if you drink any poisons it will not hurt you.”  I looked at that scripture convicted as all get out I wasn’t concerned about what my church thought what my Mom, what my brother I was concerned  about my walk before God because I wanted this stuff and I said  “Raise somebody from the dead.” And I’m thinking in my intellect “Yeah I’ll take those shocker paddles when they have a heart attack you know.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Don: You know I’m trying to think “How am I going to raise somebody from the dead?” I’m trying to it in my ability I thought “Maybe I can give them penicillin or Vitamin C I don’t know how to do this.”  And I went before God and I said “God do I know you or am I being a Pharisee and I being religious just like those kids just like those people in that church when I was kid?  I just went “What’s missing?” And He showed me that Jesus after he got water baptized got baptized in the Holy Spirit. Well I had not been water baptized as an adult. I thought “Interesting Jesus went to John and John said “Whoa Jesus you should be baptizing me.” And Jesus said to John the Baptist “No let all things be done in order.” Jesus Himself submitted to the procedures of God because Sid this is a supernatural enough dominion where were getting into some real heavy stuff God’s not going to let people go into that if there’s areas of rebellion or self righteousness. Just like a soldier in boot camp that will sit under our drill instructor we’ll go out and fight a war and won’t get killed but if we’re rebellious we’re going to get hurt and God is not going to lead me into this level of supernatural.  Remember I told you how much rebellion was in me He wasn’t going to let me in this area supernatural until I would be willing to follow the procedure. So I said “Jesus if it’s good enough for You to get water baptized then it’s good enough for me and I set my marks to go get water baptized.  I had been having the best pray for me for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I had had the most anointed miracle ministries and it still wasn’t happening because God wanted to teach me “You’re going to follow procedure because I’m going to take you in deep but I want you to do what I show you because otherwise it wouldn’t be as affective if you did it your own way.  I went and got water baptized immediately came up and then that was when I received the gift of tongues.  And I have learned to trust the Spirit of God praying making intercession through me Sid it’s probably my most trusted gift from God. And God called that the gift and Jesus said “It is the gift” Jesus said “It’s the gift of God He said it’s the teacher, the comforter, He will show you all truth.” I will tell you the Holy Spirit revealed to me what I was going to pay for a car and this is just a side issue but God is very practical too.  And I went into that car salesman and he kept trying to get that price up 500 – $600 more it would not come. I said “Listen you don’t understand I got it very very good I know what I’m going to pay for the car.  And I said “If you don’t go ahead I go back one more time but you’re wasting my time if you keep going up I know what I’m going to pay for the car.”  He came out and wouldn’t give me that price I said “Okay I’ll go down the street.” Went and bought the car down the street and I came back and said “I’m telling you my Friend who is closer than a brother shows me all truth because He’s the gift of God.”  And God wants us to have that gift He helps us in supernatural but in practical things.  I am telling you I cannot image walking around without being connected up with the Creator the universe without being connected up with Him as the best friend who actually cares about you and where you can actually feel His love.

Sid: Don you know what I was fascinated with was how God many times will show you before something happens and then it happens. For instance that young person with Leukemia, tell me about that.

Don: Sid I like to share things and show the human side of miracles and things because we all are human and these types of phenomenon’s of God are such so natural. So I’m just going to just let you into some of the humanist of what I went through.  That miracle began with me in bed one day and I was depressed and wouldn’t get out of bed.  Even though I had seen great miracles I said “Forget this faith stuff.” Even though I had been standing in faith for this particular woman to be my wife (And you know I know that you have heard that over and over it wasn’t happening.) And God fires 5 scriptures at me real quick I read the scriptures and then He says “You either get up and go in faith today or you stay in the pit.” And I went “What?” Okay fine.  I get up and I go out in the living room and I say “Okay fine you’re raising me up for a miracle ministry then let’s pray for a miracle.” I know that I’m a little bit cocky but just angry the human side of me is out. “Okay fine what do You want to pray about I yield myself to You Holy Spirit to pray through me and what do you want to pray for today God?” And He says “Cancer.” I said “Cancer!” I said “Can’t we try for something a little easier?”  The Lord showed me “Like what you think that you’re going to do it?” And I’m like “Right You’re the healer okay fine cancer.” I start praying in the Holy Ghost (Prayer language) and I see a vision a picture of a little boy being healed of cancer. And I stop in the middle of the vision and I say “Wait a second Lord am I in my imagination am I dreaming this up is this real or this a fantasy. Listen You’re going to have to be more clear I mean I can’t just go into every hospital and pray for every little boy with cancer.” All of a sudden the phone rings it’s a Messianic Believer and she says “Don you know I’m a School Teacher and listen I know that God uses you in healings and one of my student’s mom just called and he’s in the hospital with leukemia and they expect him to die within the next day or two; would it be too much to ask you to come down and pray for him?” I said “Not only will I come and pray but you won’t believe what this morning has been like and God’s going to heal him.” Alright I’m going down to the hospital at this point and I’m at the hallway of the hospital and as I approach the door the Lord spoke to me and says “Don I want you to understand this little boy has been on radiation therapy he’s going to look very bad and I don’t want you to get pulled into his reality of hopelessness I want you to stay caught up where you and I were in the living room where you and I showed you that he was going to get healed and I want you to bring that atmosphere to him I don’t want you to get drawn into his atmosphere.”  So I walk through the door and I’m looking at the little boy and he’s like tubed up and dark circles under the eyes and the top of the hair you know is all falling out he can’t breathe his lungs are all full of fluid phlegm.  And we’ve got the Messianic playing the Yeshua songs, the Spanish believer mom is praying to Hesus and I walk up to the little boy and say “Are you ready to get healed?” And I mean he’s just looking bad okay God did not give me any particular thing to say or to do I just knew that He was going to heal him.  This is the first time that I prayed for somebody that got healed that I didn’t feel the heat of the Holy on my Spirit and God was teaching me that when God says he’s going to do something He does it.  And a lot of time He lets us feel the heat because it helps our unbelief.

Sid: Hm.

Don: And that you really don’t need any outward signs for the power of God to work it’s really to help us to grow up to believe. I walk up to the kid and I don’t know what to say so it makes sense to me and I said “Have you given your life to the Lord?”  He prays the sinners prayer and then I think that it makes sense to me well let’s get the Holy Ghost in him.  And so I say let’s get you baptized in the Holy Ghost and bang he starts praying in tongues.  Good I said “Now sit up and act like your healed and he sits up and (sounds of struggled breathing) can’t breathe his lungs are just so full of phlegm.  This is a little gross so I reached over and touched him and said “Lord clear out his lungs.” I figured it would take a week instantly it came flying out of the lungs I did not expect that…

Sid: Oh we’re out of time was he healed?

Don: Yes he was healed the nurse came in and she said “What’s going on?” It looked like total chaos I said “Were done.” We leave I get a call 2 days later she says you’re not going to believe this not only is the little boy out of the hospital he’s playing outside at the next door neighbor’s house as if it never happened the doctors can’t figure out what’s going on.

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