SID: My guest has a passion. Her passion is to help you encounter experientially God. That is normal. The other is just religion. Now, your background, both parents were addicts, but your dad was the supplier, at least that’s how your mom met him. When you were born, you were born with convulsions and withdrawals because you were born an addict.

JENNY: Right.

SID: Your mom, maybe she felt a little responsible and she wanted help. She wanted to know God was real and what did she do?

JENNY: She cried out to God. She said there was a song playing and it was by The Carpenter’s and it was the song (singing) and she said she heard that song, she cried out to God, “God if you’re real, give me a sign.” She heard the song, a bird appeared at the window and right then that was her sign that God was real and she said she felt the presence of God come into the room. The withdrawals left her immediately. I was okay so she didn’t have to go through days and days and weeks of withdrawals. Immediately the withdrawals left and she gave her life to Jesus and she’s served him ever since.

SID: Her mom was strong, but her dad wasn’t a believe but about a year later, he too became a believer, but the draw, the world was too much and they got divorced when you were 13. But then high school. She was bullied. You reached out toward things that were the opposite of the way you were raised. What happened?

JENNY: I got into cutting. I began to cut my wrist just to in my mind, I thought it was relieving the pain. That opened the door to witchcraft. I watched a movie with friends. A movie that came out about witches. It was very popular and I wanted to be that. So, I got into witchcraft and we began to gather around and do spells and incantations.

JENNY: That opened up many other doors. I began to experiment with drugs and then once I opened that door to drugs, I lost all logic and I was just out there acting crazy. I ended up dropping out of high school. I got kicked out of my home. That’s when I ended up living on the streets by myself with the backpack at 17 years old. I was just grabbing for anything to fill that void and I ended up turning to lesbianism.

SID: So, then history repeats. That’s actually what happened to her. She got married. Married a drug dealer and you were on drugs.


SID: He was on drugs and then you have your birth of your daughter and your daughter has the same future you had from the viewpoint of just she’s addicted now.

JENNY: Right.

SID: Tell me what happened.

JENNY: Actually, when I got pregnant, I was still using. So, I knew I needed to get off drugs because I have a baby, but the addiction was so strong. The demonic realm and hold on my life was so strong. Logic was out the window. So, I still used. Actually before she was born I cried out to God. She wasn’t born—

SID: When you say cried out, that wasn’t just a little, oh help.


SID: It was ever fiber in your being.

JENNY: I screamed it at the top of my lungs. I said three words.

SID: I want you to say it the way-

JENNY: I said, “God help me!”

SID: When we come back, we’ll find out how God answered.

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