SID:  I believe that God wants to flow. He wants to flow like a river. He’s already healing people. The people whose backs, if you’ll just move you’ll see, in the studio audience and also you that are watching right now. Ha, just don’t be–You’re just such a spectator you! C’mon now, if you have a back pain, bend over. You have a hip pain, do little two-step, three-step, no. (laughing) Okay– arthritis in the fingers, no more, no more, no more, no more. What is God telling you?

KHALIDA:  What I saw is as all of us are worshipping as the music is playing, I kept seeing heart in heaven. I was in heaven. And in my hand I was drawing hearts, you know how the hearts shaped? I started drawing hearts. That’s us, giving our heart to Jesus. You today in your worship gave your hearts to the Lord. That worship came from your heart. Came from your heart. The next thing I was doing is two hearts next to each other, and as was doing them– How many here are husband and wife? Lift up your hands, husband and wife. God was a-drawing you closer together more than ever before! And the one who are seeking marriage– How many are seeking marriage, holy marriage. Lift up your hand, don’t be shy, lift up your hand. The one are asking for the holy marriage, now you started praying for the second part of your heart. Because it’s two hearts becoming one, it’s two becoming one in the flesh. One heart, one spirit, one God. The third thing I saw is Jewish and Gentile, their hearts be coming together. And I was standing with Sid. We present that in the flesh, we present that in the flesh. The forgiveness that happened between my two brothers in here, wanted to happen, and God received it. Faisal, God’s received it. Sid, God’s received it. And He’s drawing hearts, two hearts next– making them one. One nation, one kingdom, one God is going to go all over the world!

SID:  Ho!

KHALIDA:  That’s what I saw. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord!

SID:  Sounds good to me! Faisal, what’s God showing you?

FAISAL:  You know our heart, like she’s talking about over here, there’s such an opening. Something is opened up, where the Spirit of God is going to to continue to pour on you. That river is being released in greater magnitude and measure, from the praise and the worship and what’s been going on here tonight. You’ve opened something up with your heart and God wants to open something up for you with His heart. He wants to release His heart through you into this world everywhere. Something has shifted and changed around us. Do not take for granted the atmosphere we’ve stepped into. Something is shifted and that’s really key for what’s happening right now. And still things are being poured out. It’s like I saw this big bag in the heavens and it was being unzipped where there were promises and there was prophetic things that God spoke over your life in previous seasons. And the Lord is saying, Sid, “Now is the time.” Now is the appointed time for the vision, now is the appointed time for the vision and God is releasing from this place provision and vision, the promise, it’s time for the promise. So don’t take for granted the environment we’re in right now. Something’s really opened up here, Sid.

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