LARRY: laughing Pentecost began; but what do you see God doing right now? And then I want to tell the people how they can really pray and prophesy into it. So what – what is God speaking to you about what’s going on in the world right now?

HAKEEM: Larry, the Lord began to speak to me, even early this year, that He was going to bring an awakening.


HAKEEM: There was going to be, mass revival, that was going to sweep across the nation. And the Spirit of God said that He was going to bring such a wind of change that was going to bring unity, –


HAKEEM: that was going to bring peace, and that was going to bring righteousness. And the Lord said He was going to begin to start in Government, and there was going to be a changing of the guards. And I believe that what is happening right now is only a tipping point of revival that’s about to take place. What we’re seeing right now – in that gross darkness and disunity, and certain things that are happening – God was allowing me to understand that He was going to do the opposite; –

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: that this was just a place where God was going to raise up a prophetic generation, a prophetic people, and He’s going to release His prophetic Spirit, where they will rise up –

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: to the occasion, and begin to make a change. They will be voices of change, and that’s what God said. They’re going to be revival; there’s going to be revival after revival. I also saw it, like a perpetual thing that’s going to begin to take place. There was going to be building, –

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: and people are going to be raised up –


HAKEEM: as unique voices in this hour. There’s going to be such a glory that’s going to be released upon the Church. I believe that those that have been in hiding, God is about to bring them to the forefront.

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: Whatever their discontentment is, whatever their dissatisfaction is, whatever their – they’re frustrated about, right now what’s happening – not to revert, but this is a season where God is going to use them as revivalists; prophetic revivalists –

LARRY: Yeah; yeah.

HAKEEM: to bring change, and the change will be in their mouths.

LARRY: Woo! I feel – I feel the Holy Spirit right now.


LARRY: And again, I want to take the rest of our time together just to pray and to prophesy into what God is doing. And, you know Hakeem, you’ve written this book, Heaven Declares. And just to let you guys know out there, I mean I know sometimes when we talk about decreeing and declaring what God, you know, certain things, there is a strategy there, and Hakeem just shared the strategy. The prophetic word that Hakeem has received about what God is doing right now, those are the things that we are called to decree and declare. When God shows you something – when God shows you something from His Word – that gives you a basis to decree and declare something with confidence. Just like Jesus said, My words are spirit – and life. Why? Because Jesus only said what He heard the Father say first. And I believe God is raising up people like Hakeem – legitimate prophetic voices – and He’s given you the ability to hear what He is saying; through different language – the different languages of God, through the Word of God – so you can speak what He is saying. Not only to the darkness of the world, and the crisis, and the chaos; but in the darkness of your life.

HAKEEM: God wants you to declare Light, be into every single dark situation. Hakeem, could you just lead the folks watching into some prayers and declarations over their lives, over however the Holy Spirit leads, because I believe that’s the key to actually unlocking the things you’re talking about.

LARRY: Yes. Father, we just release, right now, –


LARRY: those who are watching. [music] We release such a prophetic anointing, Father, that even now in this hour where there’s gross darkness, Father, that You will begin to raise up light bearers.


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