Sid Roth on July 5th, 2016

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is John Caver I’m speaking to him at his office in Baltimore, Maryland. And if you’re like me Mishpochah the whole arena of physical healing we know a lot but there’s so much more we have to know. And when I found out that John Caver has spent 30 years commissioned by the Lord to study the gifts of miracles and healings and the various gifts of the Spirit I thought he’s a man that I want to interview. Let me take you back John to 1968 and you had a very unusual dream tell me about it.

John: Well I was running from God like most sinners are and I had a visitation by God by dream and Jesus Christ appeared to me and let me know that He loved me. Nobody had ever told me that they loved me as far as God was concerned they always told me that I was going to go to hades but never to heaven so therefore this visitation from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was a great experience to me and I didn’t know what to do with it.  But He touched my hand and when he did touch me the powers of darkness totally released me I woke up out of the dream saying “Somebody’s in our room” but startled my wife something terrible like “Whose here, whose here?” And after that it was probably a week or 2 maybe even longer before I actually started to attend the church.

Sid: But previous to that it was quite a transformation…

John: Oh yes.

Sid: Tell me a little bit about your lifestyle previous to that encounter.

John: Well my life style was 2 packs of cigarettes a day, I was a barber and drinking pretty heavily, come from a broken home, abused, my father was an alcoholic. And this transferred but I found my dad dead and immediately I sensed the powers of darkness of Satanic grab a hold of my life.  I felt like I had a monkey on my back somebody followed me around for 6 solid years and finally I thought I was losing my mind literally thought I was losing my mind.  And so I drank in order to escape this insanity and consequently it got a hold of me really bad and consequently I was drinking and driving back and forth from work a 6 pack on the seat and you know a half a pint in my hand.  So you know alcohol became a real crutch and I was running from God as well. At 8 years old He tugged on my heart and at 10 told me to minister but I didn’t want any part of it.

Sid: Now you had an unusual occurrence a magazine had had pictures of AA Allen and his great healing healing ministry came into your hands what affect did that have on you?

John: Well it had a tremendous affect on me after giving my heart to the Lord and having Him delivering me being very ill from all of the bad living from all of those years I needed a healing in my life and Christ did that.  And so my brother who worked for AA Allen and my sister consequently put me on his mailing list I didn’t ask for it they put me on his mailing list and I was getting his magazines. And this one particular magazine it had probably 6 or 7 photographs on there of Allen praying for the sick. And as I was looking at it the Spirit of God spoke to my heart and said “If you pass your test one day I will use you like this.” And I can say today 30 years later that that’s what happened.

Sid: Well I have to ask you the question “Was it a series of tests or was it one test?

John: Yes a series of tests and yeah it was a series of tests.

Sid: Can you tell me one?

John: Well one was learning to trust, I was a person who was raised never to trust anybody.  And when you have an alcoholic father who kind of was a street brawler you kind of put your back to the wall. Even today when I go into a restaurant I’ll put my back against the wall it’s just habit. But when you were raised on the street and I was raised on the street and you just didn’t trust and so the hardest thing in the world for me and even today I struggle in trusting God.  God is my Father my heavenly Father and if you have an earthly father that taught you never to trust anybody that’s deep seeded that if any man be in Christ he’s a new creature.” You’re told that new natures in you but your still battling those old bruises and I had a lot of them.

Sid: And you went into ministry but you kept having a reoccurring dream this fascinates me tell me what that dream was.

John: Well I was first saved and converted one of the visitation that I had from God was a constant, when I say constant well you got to figure it’s been 30 years so in those 30 years probably a dozen times would be America being brought to her knees. And in various ways metaphorically God would show in symbols and things would show me.  We even put one article in a magazine that we produced years ago called “Remove Not the Old Landmarks” where it showed the not the destruction of America but humbling of America.  We need to get back to what our forefathers did in trusting God like Washington kneeling down and praying for guidance, the first president of the United States. We need that desperately especially the hour were living in today especially after what we just seen.  We need that trust I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching here tonight but that’s what that’s what I saw many ways, many times.

Sid: Actually I was shooting for another reoccurring about the church dressed up for a party.

John: Alright that was really something; early on just…I didn’t know I didn’t know what word of knowledge was. Here’s a guy who comes off the street I don’t know anything about gifts of the Spirit.  I would have these… then I didn’t know what they were and this vision that I had was I stepped out of the pews the pews turned into wheat fields and each area of the wheat field there was either a person or an animal that represented a certain culture or peoples that were in different nations. And when I turned back to the church to get their help to help me harvest the people they were having a party they were blowing whistles the kind the little kids use at birthday parties and confetti was going everywhere and they were having pointed little hats and they were just dancing and having a good time but nobody was concerned for the harvest; no matter what I did I couldn’t get their attention but I knew that it would take the church not a superstar ministry in order to deliver the world. The harvest is great and its white to harvest now and hopefully the church will do its job.

Sid: You went on a vacation to Arizona but something very strange happened to you there.

John: We hadn’t had a vacation in 10 years and we were in the process of leaving Arizona and the Spirit of God would not let me leave and this went on for quite a long time several hours. And after coming back home and God dealing with me again about going out to Arizona and a very strong scriptural way and not some kind of crazy stuff but very scriptural got me to go back to Arizona. When I did I found a warehouse full of material that were the tools to help train people for the ministry of signs, wonders and miracles.

Sid: Now for those that aren’t familiar with AA Allen tell me a little bit about him.

John: AA Allen probably in my estimation was looking at the healing movement and I’ve studied it from end to end for 30 years. Is one of the greatest characters on the healing movement scene.  He was well versed in God using him in various gifts, raised in a hard, hard life like myself had a father was an alcoholic and a mother. Raised in various difficult time during the depression his body was emaciated just like myself the doctors only gave me a little time to live. His body was emaciated from the hard living that he went through not to make comparisons I’m not comparing myself with anybody. The point is that AA Allen had a visitation of God and God told him that he wanted to use him in a certain way and these were the things that were standing in his way and he gave him 13 things. In the process of dealing with his character, and that’s what that whole books about the price of God’s miracle working power is dealing with our characters.  Getting the things it’s not that we’re not saved but there are things in our characters that doesn’t please God so there for God told Allen he nailed down 11 of them and finally God began to move him into a ministry that is still going on today through the literature and films and tapes.

Sid: And so what did you do with all of this vast resource that most people didn’t have available of what God taught AA Allen in the great miracle ministry he had.

John: Well I’ll tell you what I spent a lot of years just gleaning the material and trying to save them. My biggest point that I took I can’t tell you exactly how many years but I can tell you it was over 50 trips that I made to Miracle Valley Arizona to harvest or collect because I was only allowed a carful at a time and then we pay for them and we would bring them back and then when opportunity knocked again and I had to wait for them to say you could come I would drive back and forth to do that.  So we literally took out 10’s of 1000’s of Bible studies of books and films and initially captured the whole mechanics of Allen’s ministry.

Sid: You know we’re out of time right now but Mishpochah I definitely want you to listen to this week because you’re going to understand some mysteries that should not be mysteries to you.

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Sid Roth on June 30th, 2016

George Bloomer

Sid: I think that’s a pretty apt description of my guest Bishop George Bloomer. He’s Senior Pastor at Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina. Before we went on the air we had a little small talk if you will, and he was telling me how appreciative he was that because many Christian programs they limit what he can or can’t say about the supernatural of God. Of course what I said to him is “The only thing that limits you is time.” I want you to say anything because… listen here we are at the last of the last days and if God’s people hold back on the supernatural power of God what chance do we have the devil doesn’t hold back an inch.  So on yesterday’s broadcast George you were talking about… I asked you the question “Are people being set free from your new book or do they read it then have to go to a meeting that you’re at or someone else’s?”  And you explained that “People are being set free from my book ‘Weapons for Wars.’” You were working on a book and would you start that story again?

George: Yes, you know scriptures teach us “That ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” So deliverance takes place when you hear the truth. I was working on a book and my family had gone out to the fair and I was the house all alone by myself and was going through the edits on the tape. While I was listening to the tape I broke out into a cold sweat and I felt like I had to throw up. So I got up and I went into the restroom positioned myself in front of the commode and nothing happened. I got up maybe a minute later and went back into the room and turned the tape recorder back on because I had turned it off. Rewound it for a minute listened and when it got to the same part again it happened. Now this happened about 4 or 5 times before I realized that what I was physically experiencing had something to with what I was physically hearing. So I went back to it and in the tape I was dealing with identifying and breaking generational curses and on the tape I was dealing with rejection. Every time my spirit heard the edits from it there was a manifestation. So I went into the bathroom and I got down on my knees in front of the commode and I prayed to God and I renounced all of those spirits of rejection that was lying dormant in me and that was hiding in me and I commanded them to come out. Immediately there was a manifestation and in my physical mind fear began to grip me, and in my spirit mind I began to ask the Lord to cover me with His blood because there was no one there to assist me and I felt like I was choking and I was. I began to release something was coming out of me and I noticed that that day I hadn’t eaten anything. So everything that came out of me came out of my spirit and God set me free. So in the book “Weapons for Warriors” in this book I deal with how to identify and break generational curses. I got set free when I was listening to the tape.

Sid: What are some evidences of curses in someone’s life? What would you tell them to look out for?

George: Mental and emotional breakdown is evidence of a curse. Making enough money to meet all your weekly needs and sufficiency’s and you still have to borrow at the end of the month is evidence of a financial curse. Accident prone people, people who continue to fall down and break things and continue to break the same arm, the same ankle, the collar bone constantly. Miscarriages not able to hold… your womb’s not strong enough to hold the deposit. Those are some of the evidences of the outright evidences of a curse.

Sid: What about things like sickness?

George: Absolutely and reoccurring sickness. You know curses are normally things that were spoken over your life.

Sid: What about just plain depression you don’t know why but you just feel depressed all the time?

George: Evidence of a curse a demonic force oppressing you to bring you into a place of demonic possession. We deal with it in this book.

Sid: What are some of the things that open us up to these curses?

George: Well false teaching opens us up to those curses. A lot of television programs that our children watch and that we listen to opens us up to curses…

Sid: I’m not sure I’m following you exactly what do you mean by bad teaching opens you up to a curse?

George: I believe there’s a true battle going on between the false church and the true church. The religious demons those religious forces that are alive and well. In 2nd Corinthians 11:15 the Lord begins to minister to us and tells us that there will be false ministers that will fashion themselves after the righteous ones but the end shall be according to their works. So we have people who minister to us, the ministry of fear, and they minister to us things that have to do with legalism and what have you. The eclipse the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and so although we are in a religious movement we’re not in relationship with God and this is Satan in disguise and it opens us up to demonic curses.

Sid: What about just a parent says to a child “You’ll never amount to anything. Your stupid. You’re going to spend your life in prison. You’re no good.”

George: I call those word curses: stupid, idiot, black, white, trash those kind of things. “You’ll never amount to anything” or “You’re just like your father and your father was no good.” You know things that were spoken over our life and I believe that that opens you up to a curse.

Sid: Well you know one of the things you said that is so powerful about, and I believe if you tell this story people will understand how powerful their words are. Is you were in 1997 in Durham, North Carolina holding a tent meeting. There were some people trying to stop the meeting and you made a mistake. What did you say?

George: I was having a tent crusade when our church began to open it was just forming. The housing authority and some of the preachers in town wanted the tent to be moved. They brought the media in and I told them I’m not moving you know the devil is a liar and I’m not moving. I had a stake in my hand and I held the stake up and I said “Only the wind can move me.” The next day a hurricane came and moved the tent.

Sid: Hm.

George: I believe it was a curse. Proverbs 26 says “There can be no curse without a cause.” I believe a curse is a thing we speak but I realized I had spoken something and I challenged the wind and it came. So that same night we put the tent back up and our church grew from 4 people 1500.

Sid: Now the wind blew the entire tent down?

George: Not only did the wind blow the entire tent down there was a lady with a baby who was about 3-4 months old up under the tent when the tent blew down under this squall that came out of nowhere, this hurricane that came out of nowhere this down pour. She drops her baby when the tent fell in a puddle of water and the baby literally drowned in the puddle of water.

Sid: What a way to start a new church.

George: And they brought the baby into the trailer where I was at and the media had already gotten to the tent site because we had been battling in the media for the last 8 days and I was in the newspaper, so they were already there. There they were with the camera on the baby, baby’s lips was blue, mucus coming out of its nose, eyes closed, toes blue, and no breathing at all. The paramedic asks for the baby handed the baby to me as she was screaming and hollering “My baby! My baby! My baby!” The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said “Breathe on the baby and tell the baby to live.” I began to breathe on the baby (makes a sound blowing air), blow on the baby and I said “Live, live” and the baby coughed and life came back into the baby. The most fascinating thing happened to me about 2 years after the experience. I was in a church in Raleigh ministering and a lady came up to me and she says “Remember me?” I said “I think so (hesitatingly).” She said “Look at this” and the 2 year old baby came and hugged my leg (laughing). Life and death is in the power of the tongue.

Sid: That’s why those curses are so diabolical. The truth is George there’s so many books out on this subject why did you write a book called “Weapons for Warriors?” Why do we need another book?

George: Well there’s a lot of books out on spiritual warfare but they’re so spooky and they are pitched well and high over your head. I wanted to bring people back to the basic fundamentals…

Sid: Some of these books they go after demons, they explain it and… I agree with you it’s so complex you need a PhD to figure out how to get these demons. I don’t think these fishermen that were walking with Jesus had any PhD.

George: They didn’t, they didn’t. So I wanted to write a book on spiritual warfare that dealt with the fundamentals of it out of Acts chapter number 16. The apostles did 3 things:

  • They preached
  • They sang
  • They testified

Acts 16:16 there’s a girl with a spirit of divination and she follows the men of God saying “You men of God will show us a way of holiness.” They turned and said to the spirit “Come out of her” and she was set free. They drew them into the market place to the magistrate rendered their clothes, beat them and put them in the inner prison. The Bible says at midnight they were singing and the jailhouse shook and the prison guard was going to fall on his sword and they testified to him “Do thyself no harm we’re all here.” So the preaching brought the girl to deliverance, the singing set them free, and the testimony set that young man free. That’s spiritual warfare: preaching, singing, and testifying. I wanted to give people an encyclopedia on deliverance with real experiences, real situations where they could apply it to their lives and get set free at the root, and pass it on to another brother or sister. That’s what this book does.

Sid: Mishpocha there are so many books on this subject and most of these books that you read they’re not practical and that’s what you’re saying George. They’re just not practical…

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Sid Roth on June 24th, 2016

Gari Di Stefano

Sid: I have on the telephone from Springhill, Tennessee Gari DiStefano. Now Gari it was originally Goldberg from Long Island. Tell me about your Jewish upbringing.

Gari: Hi Sid I was brought up in a relatively conservative home on South Shore, Long Island and we didn’t observe many of the holidays.  My parents spent a lot of time in Atlantic City but I knew that I was Jewish and that there was one rule and that I could not date a non-Jew.

Sid: Now you had one commandment so to speak did you violate it?

Gari: I surely did I found one non-Jewish boy to date and luckily his best friend was Jewish and he came to pick me up so my parents were fooled for a year and thought I was dating a Jew.

Sid: Now you actually changed your name from Goldberg why?

Gari: As a sales rep in New York I experienced a lot of anti-Semitism in the corporate world. When I could not get promoted in the various companies that I was employed because of my being Jewish I decided to change my last name to my middle name and therefore nobody really knew what I was.

Sid: Well in addition to not knowing what you was you still were I’ve got to use another Hebrew word in your words anyway a klutz.

Gari: Yeah.

Sid: In other words you had 2 left feet.

Gari: This is very true.  I was very active physically I played tennis, I danced, I skated, I kept falling a lot I’d had a lot of broken arms I had a lot of broken toes.

Sid: A lot of accidents.

Gari: A lot of accidents throughout my life.

Sid: But the worst accident occurred in 1983, tell me about it in Fleshing, New York.

Gari: That’s correct. I was leaving my home and on my way to my chiropractor I actually thought my back was out and about 15 minutes later I was in a 1983 Toyota Corolla and I was crossing an intersection very busy intersection in Queens when a 1979 Cadillac flew by the red light about 80 miles an hour and broadsided me.  My car broke in half completely bent got imbedded on her car. She dragged me diagonally across the road into oncoming traffic that was sitting at the light. So the car was bent in half and then crunched from the front.  And I stayed awake during the whole thing it was very noisy, but unfortunately it’s not like TV where people are waiting in the wings to come flying out to help you.  I think everybody was just stunned standing on the side of the road. It happened about 5:20 in the afternoon and if you know anything about New York there’s a lot of action on the streets at 5:20 in the afternoon.  There were buses, cabs, people walking, a lot of cars and everything just stood still. Now I’m sure that in my mind things were happening very slowly, but it seemed that I accomplished an enormous amount of things in the few seconds that I realized that first of all I’d been trapped in the car couldn’t get out. The front of the car was on fire and at first when I saw the fire I thought “Oh I’m not going where I thought I was going.”

Sid: Where did you think you were going?

Gari: I thought I was going to heaven I didn’t think I was a bad person, I hadn’t murdered anybody.

Sid: So are you telling me you thought you were in hell?

Gari: Well I thought I was in hell at that moment.

Sid: Hm.

Gari: And when still nobody was coming towards the car to help me get out and the realization that I was trapped, God in His mercy sent something adrenalin into my body and it surged upwards from my stomach and I had enough strength to push the door with the Cadillac embedded in it about 4 inches. In that instant I remember reading stories of cars that rolled backwards on people’s driveways and over a child and the mother came running out of the house and could actually lift the car. I understood in that moment what adrenalin allows you to do and I held my body and my right arm was dangling; I had broken over the steering wheel completely in half. So being a body builder I was very familiar with all the components in my body, and basically I felt like I had just been cut in half on the whole right side of my body was completely spilt.  I got my body out of the car, I ran around to the other side I was married at that time and that man was unconscious. I opened the door I was able to get the door open on that side I carried him because he was unconscious away from the car. I laid him down and then all of the adrenalin started seeping away from me and I realized that I was collapsing inside. I did not want to lie down on the street so just politely walked myself over the sidewalk and laid down and fixed my dress really nicely and I realized I was probably not going to go home that night.  I was not in control of my life anymore and it was a very overwhelmingly frightening thought.

Sid: What happened next?

Gari: Somebody finally came to me called the ambulance the next 5 days in the hospital I could write a book about very scary but I did develop my theory of why they called it practicing medicine. I figured if they knew what they were doing they would call it doing medicine.

Sid: I got the message.

Gari: Yeah it was very very scary. And after 5 days there where nothing had been done for me we got out of the hospital and got to an orthopedic surgeon who put a crevicular splint on my body and told me to go home and not get out of bed.  And for 2 years I was basically horizontal.

Sid:  What was really wrong with your body?

Gari: Two bones in my neck broke my clavicle split clear through, all my ribs on the right side were broken in half. My right arm got caught between the steering wheel and the dashboard and was like 6 – 7 times its normal size. Nervous, nerve damage in my right hand I had 2 of my fingers my pinky finger and my ring finger completely non-functional. And at that time we did not realize that my knees had also been crushed under the dashboard it wasn’t until 2 years later when I was actually able to finally get up that we realized that we had no cartilage in my knees and so I couldn’t really walk.  So we had to get steel braces made for both legs…

Sid: Were you angry over this situation?

Gari: That’s putting it mildly.

Sid: I mean from what you tell me a bodybuilder and obviously very physically active this must have been hard to take.

Gari: I was furious I was so angry at the person that did this to me; I was angry at God even though I didn’t know God I just didn’t understand why…

Sid: Angry at life.

Gari: I was just angry.

Sid: And your husband and you began having problems. You wanted to just get out and you went to Florida what happened?

Gari: Went to Florida I’m so excited I figured the warmth would be wonderful for healing and did not realize that the humidity could kill you if you have arthritis and bursitis which I did in every joint.  So it was a little bit of adjustment getting used to that. The weekend came and I felt its Florida I’m going to the beach. Now when you have as much metal on your body as I did you don’t want many people to see this.  So I figured if I went to the beach really really early in the morning nobody would see all of my metal.  So I went and got there I had at that point I had to leg braces, a back brace, a neck collar and 2 canes.  But I was vertical so I was please with that part and I got to the beach and I got myself on to the sand very close to the parking lot, got all of my metal off put it in my little bag and proceeded to enjoy the sun and reading.  As I’m sitting there I realize that the beach is getting filled up with really beautiful young woman I was very jealous, I was getting more angry with my predicament. And about this time a man walked up on to the beach and it was so interesting because he didn’t carry anything he just came and just strolled across the beach, proceeded to frolic in the water.  I noticed over my glasses that he was checking every person out on the beach.  And I thought “I have no chance of meeting this man because I’m crippled,” and I had such a poor self-esteem, I have a very poor self-image at this point and I stopped paying attention to him.  A few minutes later a voice, a beautiful voice very European accent, is standing next to me and he said “Would you like to go into the water?”

Sid: It’s the guy.

Gari: It’s the guy.

Sid: Hold that thought we’ll be right back Mishpochah tomorrows broadcast.

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Sid Roth on June 17th, 2016

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest’s father was the devil. I’m serious. He has a new father now, God. And his passion based on his former knowledge is to keep you three steps ahead of the devil. You know, all of us have had real challenges in our lives, but John, you really had challenges. Your father practiced something called Santeria.

JOHN: Santeria.

SID: Which is just a demonic religion I assume.

JOHN: Yes. It’s the number one demonic religion in the world today.

SID: And your father and your mother, constant turmoil. He used to beat her. But when you were eight years old your mom took you to a Tarot reader. What happened?

JOHN: My mom was going with my aunt and basically when I got there the lady, the witch that read the cards, she focused on me. She didn’t focus on my mom. She didn’t focus on my aunt. She told my mom that she saw in the spirit that I was going to lose my eyesight and if I didn’t get a ceremony done within the next 30 days I was going to be completely blind. So my mom panicked as any mother would and my mom allowed me to get the cards read. The lady read and they went on and a couple days later they initiated me to the dark side at the age of eight years old.

SID: And when at 13, you actually were willing or praying for your father to die?

JOHN: Yes. I remember my half-brother and brothers, and we would stay up all night, and he beat my mother all night long. So he would beat my mother all night. So we would be in the room. Sometimes we ran out of the room to try and help my mom [to keep him] from beating her, and he would throw us around, and then we’d go back into the room. And so one day I sat on the bed and started to pray, was just praying. I wasn’t even praying to God. I was just praying and saying, I hope he dies, I hope he dies. I hope someone kills him. And at the age of 13 years old, my father got shot at the age of 33, in the face, from a woman at a social club when he had a wife at home.

SID: Did you feel guilty about that?

JOHN: I was rejoicing, to be truthfully honest. I was rejoicing because I know the torment and the hate in my house, and the pain to go to school and put up a face as a young boy, and act like everything was okay at home, to put up a face and knowing that there was nothing but torment in my house.

SID: You began to really grow in the demonic and you, why did you feel Satan was your father?

JOHN: My father was a devil worshiper and that came from a generation of devil worshipers on my father’s side, generation to generation, Santeria, spiritualism, card readings, Palo Mayombe. Palo Mayombe is when you sell your soul to the devil and you make a contract with the blood, which I did later on in my years. And I would sit with the devil and speak to the devil all night long. I was going to demon church at the age of eight years from seven in the evening until five in the morning to be trained with principalities, demonic spirits, territory spirits. I was learning stuff in the spirit realm beyond the age of eight. So to me was, I told the devil, when you kill my father, you know, you can have me. So I told the devil, you can have me, and the devil said, I replace the old with the new.

SID: But God had a secret weapon, a beautiful woman and she invited you to church. What happened?

JOHN: Actually, she was a backslider. She was a backslider. So God got two for the price of one.

SID: So what happened when you went to that church?

JOHN: Actually, I went to the church. I asked the devil permission. I asked the devil, could I go to church. He said, “Go to church. People are weak. They don’t have no strength against us. They don’t have no power against us. You can go to church.” I was after the girl because she was a pretty girl and she lived in the neighborhood, so I didn’t have to move my car around, so we could go eat anywhere. So I thought that was a good deal. But you know, God was setting up a game plan, you know, for my life.

SID: You really got upset one time with the pastor. What happened?

JOHN: Well you know, the devil, I went to church a little too much without asking permission any more. And then the devil said, the devil showed up in church. In church, the devil showed up and I hear the devil whisper in my ear and tell me, “I didn’t tell you to come this Sunday. I didn’t give you permission to come this Sunday.” It was strange because the pastor did an altar [call] in the middle of the service. Usually they do that at the end of the service. So I got up. I said, well if I go by the pastor the devil won’t blast me. He will leave me alone. So when I went up, people came up to the middle, so I was one of the last ones to be prayed for. So I stayed here by the time he came. I didn’t want him to pray for me anyway. But by the time he gets to me he’s tired and the devil is gone. That was my plan. But when he came up to me, the devil possessed me right there, and I grabbed him by the throat and I picked him up in the air, and I said, “Today is the day you’re going to die.” And then all this foul stuff came out of my mouth and people jumped out of their seats, and I mean, big men jumped out of their seats, tried to grab me down and peel my hands off the pastor’s throat. He was turning purple.

SID: But he goes home and he prays a prayer, an unbelievable prayer. Listen to this. John cried out to God, “If you are bigger than my god,” with a small “g” although he didn’t know it at the time, “than my god that I serve, show me tonight or just leave me alone.” When we come back, we’re going to find out what happened from that prayer.

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Sid Roth on June 9th, 2016


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. How many of us have had dreams and we haven’t really been able to figure it out. My guest has learned the language of Heaven and teaches people how to know what their dreams really mean. Anyone here interested in really knowing what, you want to learn that supernatural language? Get ready. I’m so excited about this show because yesterday we had a staff prayer meeting and we saw Adam move in the prophetic in accuracy like, and I have to tell you, I haven’t seen that before. Now you were not always prophetic. But you had an automobile accident. What happened?

ADAM: Well I did this sheepish thing when I was a young man.

SID: You weren’t a believer.

ADAM: No, I wasn’t a believer.

SID: We were pretty stupid before we knew the Messiah, some of us even after. Oy vey, I can’t believe I said that.

ADAM: And I did a pretty stupid thing. Driving home from a party I was intoxicated with alcohol with a friend of mine, one of my best friends. And all of a sudden there was this massive bang and we drive under a truck. So I got out of the car and the actual truck driver noticed I was intoxicated. I was actually seeing double. That’s how drunk I was. And he called the police and there was a big scene and thought to myself, oh boy, I’m in a lot of trouble. I went inside a little bit and I started to pray, and my friend said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I’m praying to God.” And he said, “Why?” And I said, “Well I’m going to God, I’m praying to God that if he gets me out of this I will, I’ll go to church and I’ll actually repent and ask God into my life and follow him.” And he didn’t know what to say, my friend. But the police officer came up to me and he showed me, he showed me this machine, I had to blow into this thing to test my breath, and he looked at it and it was completely negative. And I was seeing double. I was trying very hard to be sober.

SID: So that was in your mind and mine, too, that was an absolute miracle. He becomes a believer then he has a visitation from Jesus. What happened?

ADAM: Well ten years later, one night I actually came home from a late night after a long day’s work. All my family were asleep. And I saw this TV article on CNN of this TV evangelist. They called him out, you know, with some sin that he did, you know, with some prostitutes, and I called out, I was getting angry, and I said, “Where are you Lord when these men mock you?” I was looking for an excuse not to serve God. Anyway, the long story short, I felt the presence of God come into the room so strong. It came so thick I found myself shaking. My hands were shaking. Then I found myself on my knees shaking. I found myself, you know, completely wiped out on the floor prostrate with the presence of God so strong, it was a like a bright light just switched on in the place. And I was repenting because I wasn’t sure what was happening. I thought I was going to die. But what happened is before me was this fire, like a, all I could describe was like a burning bush. But in this fire was a man and there was a voice that spoke to me, went right through me, and I knew it was the Lord. And he said something interesting, he said, “Well I’m here now. What would you like me to do for you?” And I said, “Lord, give me wisdom.” That’s all I asked. I said, “Lord, give me wisdom.” And I kept asking that. And I said, “In fact, give me a double portion of Solomon’s wisdom.” Probably a month after that, that encounter I had this massive impartation with the Spirit of God where I couldn’t stop laughing and speaking in tongues.

SID: Okay. But then you started knowing people’s names and things about them.

ADAM: That’s right.

SID: Conditions.

ADAM: Just things started happening to me. I couldn’t explain. I had to work it out myself because I never had any mentors. But I could see in the spirit. I’m in the street, I knew what was wrong with people. I even knew, one time, I knew, in a cafeteria, knew the lady’s name and she thought I was some sort of stalker. She freaked out, “How do you know me?” And I’m thinking, I don’t know why I know these things.

SID: But he gradually learned. Now Adrian, you two worked together in the most phenomenal way. What is your part and what is Adam’s part?

ADRIAN: You know Sid, Adam’s got a tremendous seer’s, a prophetic gift. Mine is a teaching prophetic gift and the two seem to dovetail. One of our friends in Colorado, a friendship we developed, says, “You two guys have got a one-two punch.” And so what, we complement each other. We have a synergy between ourselves and God put us together so well. You know, it has a strength and a ministry when both aspects of the ministry are released. Because when I teach, there’s a word of revelation for the Word of God released, and when Adam is ministering, the power of God displayed as words of knowledge is released and people and individuals are set free.

SID: Okay. That begs the question. Why is it so important for us to understand our dreams?

ADRIAN: You know, to understand our dreams, if we don’t understand our dreams we’re missing part of God’s love language to us. You know, in the scriptures, a third of the Bible is poetry. Wherever we see a ragged edge in our modern Bibles is poetic. There’s more than Job to Psalms. All throughout scripture all the prophets are poetic. And we’ve moved into a kingdom of love and God uses poetry to speak to us. It’s a higher language. And if we can understand that language then God can move us and see the Kingdom manifest. Whenever Jesus spoke or taught about the Kingdom, he used parables. Our dreams are personal parables to us and they’re framed around our lives.

SID: But you explain to me that somehow when we’re in that dream state God can get through to us easier. Explain that.

ADRIAN: That’s true. You know, we have a natural defense mechanism and one of the main things of dreams is correction and warnings. God has an ability to speak to us in parable form, and in the parable he has a way of getting behind our defense mechanisms when we understand what he’s saying.

SID: Well let me tell you something. I am very frustrated over my dreams. I recognize how important it is to understand God is telling me things. I want Adrian and Adam to address this when we come back. Be right back.

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