Sid Roth on May 19th, 2016


Sid: Hello Sid Roth here with “Something More” and the most important thing that I’m going to tell you is you are the one that is going to get something more. Yes there’s something more in this show that’s why we call it “Something More” it’s double of our “It’s Supernatural.” But there is something more for you I mean you will become just as Robby he didn’t tell me this but it was in the notes that when he was a 9 year old Jesus came in the room and instantly healed a heroin addict. Robby said “This is going to be the passion…” Am I right? “For the rest of my life.”

Robby: Yeah it was I was determined to see and wanted to be a part of and wanted to experience just the reality. Because I realized I experience God, I experienced God right there in that room.

Sid: Well people are getting addicted all over the world to “Something More” and “It’s Supernatural” because that’s what we do we equip you. It’s wonderful that Robby had all of these things happen to him I mean I’m overwhelmed with the experience that he and his family have had but I want it to happen to you. You want it to happen to you and more important than that God wants it to happen to you He wants it it’s His greatest desire….Robby I still can’t believe the story about your wife…

Robby: Yeah.

Sid: She goes and she visits a woman that has a child who has been tremendously physically, mentally, and emotionally abused take me from there.

Robby: Yeah she was actually she had 2 small children and she was pregnant with her third.

Sid: Oi vey.

Robby: And she was 19 years old.

Sid: And she’s being abused that viciously?

Robby: Yeah and it was a terrible situation the man that she was with he was actually just a year older but he was had been in gangs and was you know just involved in crime life and actually was hooked on crystal meth. And her mother had sent some money because he had started to the church they both had started coming to the church and so he was moving away from the gang lifestyle but the problem is he was trying to figure out how to still make the kind of money…

Sid: Right.

Robby: …work and really wanting the drugs and mother had sent some money for the baby for some formula and he wanted the money to go buy drugs and she wouldn’t give it to him so he beat her. And my wife and kids had gone to show up I was actually out of town at the time and my wife and kids had showed up to their apartment (which they lived in a real slummy place it was really sad). So my wife had wanted to go and pick them up and say “Hey let me show you that there’s something free in town that you can do.” And so she went there and the guy had already left he had taken the money because he beat her and so you know her hair was all messed up she was bleeding. And so my wife cleaned her up and said …the girl told her the story. And she said “Well you’re going to come home and you’re going to live with us.” She goes “Because I’m not going to have him treat you this way period but especially treating a pregnant women.”

Sid: Yeah but how did you feel about having 2½ half children coming into your house?

Robby: Well we already have because we had 6 so this was quite an addition. And here’s the other thing my wife was already watching during the day 3 kids with pretty severe learning disabilities.

Sid: Whoa.

Robby: So we had you know this was adding…

Sid: So how did you feel?

Robby: Well it will be a whole total of 11 (Laughing).

Sid: How did you feel about it?

Robby: Well we have big hearts and big desire for the community.

Sid: Okay.

Robby: And so the city is a very broken city and we wanted to see transformation and…

Sid: Okay Robby so she has the wife in tow, the 2 kids, the pregnant wife in toe the 2 kids going out of the apartment and who does she bump into but the father!

Robby: And she’s carrying their youngest child my wife is carrying their youngest child and they go down and right across the street as they walk out of the building was the guy and he had his cell phone and he had his arm up against a telephone pole but his back was towards the building he was facing the opposite direction. And my wife looked and the wife burst into tears as soon as she saw him because she was scared you know because he had just beaten her and my wife looked at the girl and said “You stay here.” And the girl said “Please you know don’t approach him he’s very dangerous as a matter of fact you know (he carries a gun and street term is that he straps) but he’s strapping.” So my wife said “You wait here I’ll be right back.” And so my wife walked across the street grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around and she’s holding the …. with one hand…

Sid: Is your wife a big woman? Is she a real big woman intimidating?

Robby: Oh no she’s like you know 5’4” you know and average build you know.

Sid: But did she really poke his finger in his face?

Robby: (Laughing) Yes she spins him around and not only that Sid she slaps the cell- phone out of his hand and then sticks her finger in his face.

Sid: (Laughing) And this is the guy with a gun and just beaten bloody his girlfriend?

Robby: Yes, and she…

Sid: And doesn’t she had a child in one hand his child?

Robby: Yeah and she’s holding his youngest child who is just probably about 10 months old in her arms. And she shakes her finger in his face and she goes and she said “If you know what’s good for you you’ll stay away.” She said “I’m taking you know the girl and the children they’re going to come live with us.” And she goes “I will deal with you later do you understand me.” And he just froze he didn’t move and she just turned around and walked back across the street and told you know and my children and the girl’s jaw was just dropped and she told my wife later I’ve never seen anybody much less a woman every talk to him that way.”

Sid: That had to be supernatural the way the way I mean he really froze.

Robby: Yes he didn’t move at all he was you know I had asked him later “Were you in shock or he goes “I couldn’t move, I couldn’t move.” And so she loaded the kids up and she took them back to our house.

Sid: Because there’s so much we want to talk about and I believe there’s going to be a move of God’s Spirit on “Something More.” Bottom line today are the they married?

Robby: Yes they’re together they moved back home, he was actually on the run from the law.

Sid: Is he a believer today?

Robby: Yes, yes they’re active in church the last I heard which was not long ago. And they’ve been just it was totally transformed and he had just had had… and for the next several days you know he would try to use drugs and they wouldn’t work.

Sid: (Laughing).

Robby: The drugs had no effect on him what so ever he couldn’t eat he said every time he closed his eyes he would see my wife’s finger in his face. And he said “Look at me and he opened up his hands and his hands were shaking.” And I said “She put the fear of God on you and he goes “Oh.”

Sid: And you tell me when he came into her presence afterwards after that encounter he was still shaking after this little woman?

Robby: Yes he tell me this and this is several days later and he tells me this and his hands are still shaking.

Sid: (Laughing).

Robby: And he didn’t…I told them that she had to pray for him relief.

Sid: Now this is a thug with a gun now why was he afraid?

Robby: The Spirit of God it’s just the Spirit of the Lord just hit him and you know she’s a woman with authority and I told him. And he told me “Every time I close my eyes” he goes “I see that finger.” And so you know I’ve seen that finger before too I understand (Laughing).

Sid: (Laughing).

Robby: There’s authority in that finger I’m telling you.

Sid: Okay, Robby there is a presence such a sweet presence of God it’s not just sweet it’s that word authority that use.

Robby: Yes.

Sid: Where there’s that word authority that coming in right now I want you to pray whatever God tells you to pray right now.

Robby: Right now Father I just thank You for all of the fear an inhibition there are some people that are right now in the midst of fear of people that have been abusing them. There’s other people that are in fear of people who are family members that are in addiction and that are abusing them or taking advantage. Right now by the authority of Christ we thank You Lord that the listeners have the authority through Christ to break that hold, to break that power and to be set free. And so right now I just pray that an authority understanding through your Spirit just hit the listeners right now and an understanding of Your authority that You’ve given. Jesus You said that “All authority has been given to Me and I am in You therefore all authority is in You.” And therefore I pray that that reality be known right now in Jesus name. And there’s a man who’s battling alcohol right now that’s listening to this that’s just been a real severe addiction right now your feeling a turning in your stomach. Where there is a spirit of addiction we break the addiction in Jesus name now get off of him. Now we right now declare that freedom and that authority I just felt that break right there in Jesus name.

Sid: There’s a lot of not just a lot of authority a lot of power in that prayer right now…I really want you to be mentored by Robby and the prophetic and healing ministering the presence, how to hear from God, deliverance, it’s time to beat sickness, it’s time to beat suffering, it’s time to beat despair….Robby I want you to pray another prayer right now I want people to experience the presence of God would you pray that right now?

Robby: Yes. Father I thank You for Your glorious presence Lord and just as Moses said in Exodus 33 “Show me Your glorious presence, let Your glorious presence be know it. I don’t care about the land, I don’t care about the bling of God, the fancy things that we pursue in the natural but Lord Your presence surpasses all of that. And so Lord we just thank You for that and Lord we say let that presence be revealed. And I release the manifest presence of the Lord right now that tingling, that heat of the Spirit. Many of you are just feeling that tingling or heat in your hands or across the back of your neck. Some of you are feeling it even go down your legs and others of you your hearts racing or your legs are starting to shake or your hands are starting to shake. That is the manifest presence of God and Lord we say “More, more, we say increase let increase Holy Spirit.” As a prophet prayed double portion, I just double portion turn it up Holy Spirit, turn it up increase is that manifest presence and that reality of God’s presence. And I thank You for that Father and that breakthrough of experiencing You. Even some that don’t know the Lord right now there’s some who are listening you don’t know Jesus but you’re feeling Him now, right now this is not psychosomatic, this is not hypnotism this is Jesus right now manifesting on your physical body right now receive Him open up to the King of heaven He is Lord of heaven and earth be filled with that right now, be filled with that. We thank You for that reality Father and we thank You that we can live in that in Jesus name.

Sid: Robby in about l minute I’d like you to explain to me what you mean “We are to follow the slightest prompting by the Holy Spirit.”

Robby: You know so many times we just think that the thoughts are out thoughts or that the feelings are our feelings and so much more it’s the Spirit of God. And whenever it’s in line with scripture, whenever it’s a prompting or a sense or “Oh I see that person that needs healing I’ve got compassion I need to you know somebody needs to pray.” That’s the open door that God has given for us to do that, to respond to that. He created these minds to receive messages from Him and His body to receive messages. So move on those just out of your compassion simply because you feel the compassion for that person is the nudge of God to go because Jesus was moved with compassion and healed them all. And so that is that prompting follow it it’s there and the Lord is there for the breakthrough that miraculous supernatural encounter.

Sid: And you are missing so many miracles because you are dismissing that slight prompting, why don’t you go for the gold the next time you have a slight prompting. I have a strong prompting right now that there are people with neck aches and I’m telling you if you will move your head back and forth you’ll see that the pain is gone and people’s spines are being restored, your backs, hips are being restored your digit your fingers are being restored. I don’t care what’s going on what the doctors are saying I’m telling you that they are restored in Jesus name. And there are a few of you that need to get right with God. If you repent of your sins and you tell God your sorry, believe that Jesus died for your sins and has forgiven you and believe that when you believe that with your mouth ask Him to come inside of you He will be inside of you He will be your Lord and begin to read the Bible and start enjoying the purpose that you were created. There’s got to be something more, that’s why we have this show right now. There must be something more and I’m telling you that something mores is Jesus….

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Sid Roth on May 13th, 2016


SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Is there a diabolical plot to remove major sections from the Bible that we don’t even talk about today, which will cost us the power of God and in some cases, even our very salvation? My guest says yes. Bert Farias, after graduating from Bible College, you had an amazing dream with an amazing effect. Tell me about it.

BERT: Yeah. It was actually the night at my ordination service. I had just been ordained for ministry and I was trying to get to bed, and I kept hearing words up on the inside of me, rolling around on the inside of me. I get up, turn on the light, write, go to bed. This happened several times just like that voice wouldn’t shut off and it was this long prophecy about, I call it, the flame of fire prophecy. It was really part of my calling and part of the anointing that God has put on my life with that fire. Then I fell asleep and then I had a dream about the fire. I was in a large, a wide open grassy, dry grassy field and I remember I was on my knees in the middle of this field just praying and there were these young men all around me lighting these quick fires all over this grassy field. And I was down on my knees, and I could feel the heat of the fire coming up closer and closer to me until I couldn’t take the heat any more, and I got up and just ran in the house. I knew that I was giving birth to some kind of ministry that I would be involved in at that time.

SID: But what you have found is that you are a fire starter. I believe that’s what God was showing you.

BERT: Yeah. No absolutely. When I was dreaming, and I don’t know if I was half awake or dreaming, but I heard that roar of a blazing forest fire on the inside of me, and it was [blowing]. I mean, it was furious, so much that when people found out about it they, instead of calling me Bert Farias, they started calling me Bert Furious because that flame was a furious fire.

SID: You know, as far as I’m concerned, normal is not necessarily what you see with your eyes. Normal is normal according to the Bible. That is normal.

BERT: Exactly.

SID: Tell me some normal things, because you’re like a historian of revivals and moves of God’s Spirit. Tell me, and you know that this has got me so excited, this Divine radiation zone.

BERT: You know, I’m a glutton for his glory. I’ll admit that.

SID: The Divine radiation zone, you find out and you’ll be a glutton for it, too.

BERT: Well in studying revivals of old, the power of God, I mean, we have so many church conferences today and so many conventions, but where is the power of God? I mean, when you read about history, the power of this Divine radiation zone, when ships would come into the New England harbor and crew members would be coming under conviction without anybody preaching to them, they came into this, they call it Divine radiation zone, where they came into this and crew members came into conviction, and they began to repent of their sins and call out on God because they had, they were hit with such a God consciousness of their sin and their conviction before God. I read stories about George Whitefield. When he came to Boston, you got to be tough to preach in Boston, I’m telling you. You got to be really saved to even live there. And he would draw a crowd of 10, 20,000 people that would come and these young boys would climb up on trees, you know, back before the day when they had amplification and sound systems. And he would tell these young men, “Boys, now you need to come down off of that tree because when I start preaching the power of God is going to come and it’s going to hit, and you’re going to fall off that tree, and you’re going to injure yourself. So he would have all these young men get off, down off the trees. And sure enough, when he started preaching, in the middle of his preaching, people would just be slain in the Spirit, nobody touching them, all over the ground where he was preaching.

SID: Did anyone catch them so they wouldn’t hurt themselves?

BERT: No, there were no catchers. You would either fall in the flesh or fall in the Spirit.

SID: Now you are normal as far as I’m concerned, normal as defined by the Bible. You see the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, but this is kind of off the charts. Tell me about Thomas Amaro.

BERT: Well that was amazing. That’s the greatest miracle I think I’ve ever seen. Thomas taken over by demons when he was a little boy. He lived in Africa and, you know, in Africa these things are common. You know, there’s witchcraft, there’s voodoo. And he, in his own words because I interviewed him, he said evil spirits came and visited him when he was just a little boy and they enticed him and began to show him these wonderful things, and kept taking him deeper and deeper and into almost a relationship with these evil spirits where really he entered into a covenant with the devil. As he came into this covenant the devil kept demanding more and more things of his life, which is what the devil does. He gives you pleasure and then pain, a little more pleasure, a little more pain. But one night I was there it was in Gambia, West Africa, and I was preaching the Gospel. And this young man was now 19 at this time. He had been kicked out of his house because the people were afraid of him because wherever he stayed there would be this weird activity, so much so that there would be blood, people would see blood on his back. He had scars on his back because he was beaten. He was being beaten by evil spirits for disobeying them. So he was out this night, very tormented trying to get out of this covenant that he had entered in with the devil. And he was outside of the venue where we were preaching, out on the streets and he froze to the ground. He couldn’t move. As I was preaching, I remember in the meeting there was great joy and liberty. There was breaking out in the meeting during that time. And he said he came to a place where he felt this power he had never felt before and he didn’t know if it was a stronger demonic, Satanic power that was going to take him over for good and he’d never be able to get back out of it, or if it was a higher power than Satan, maybe God’s power that had come to deliver him. And sure enough, it was God’s power because the young men that were ushering in the meeting, they went out and noticed him. And he said, “Don’t touch me. I can’t move.” And they tried to push them and he couldn’t move. I mean, if you just stood as hard as you could and you asked somebody to push you, you could not help from pushing. They couldn’t push him. Finally over a process of a few minutes, they finally got him loose. They brought him into the meeting. We ministered to him. They actually laid him down on the pulpit. We cast the devil out of him to minister the new birth to him and then the next day, the Holy Ghost, and he came out of that. We registered to him in our Bible school and Thomas Amaro, he’s totally free today.

SID: Now that is normal, normal as defined by the Bible. But there are major themes missing in the presentation of the American Gospel. They’re in the Bible, but they’re missing intentionally, diabolically missing and it can cost you moving in that kind of normalcy, normal as defined by the Bible. We’re going to talk about it when we come back. Don’t go away.

Sid Roth on May 6th, 2016


SID: I don’t know, I want to take care of my spirit. I want to take care of my emotions, my soul. Does exercise help in way by helping those areas?

BENI: It helps in all areas. It really does. It releases, whenever I exercise I always feel closer to God. I actually spend time with God while I’m doing cardio on that treadmill and I pray, and I feel closer to God because I’m doing something that he’s wanting me to do.

SID: Okay. Now God turns the tables on you. 1997, you’re in Toronto. From what I understand, Bill had this great experience. But you didn’t have any dramatic type of experience.

BENI: Yes.

SID: Until that day in 1997.

BENI: Yes.

SID: What happened to you?

BENI: Well we were leaving the meeting, and we were sitting up in front, and I had my arm in Bill’s arm, and we were walking and leaving. And we got to the back where the mezzanine is. And I was minding my own business. I wasn’t expecting anything and this man that was drunk in the spirit was walking around praying for people. And we made eye contact. And so he came over to me and all he did is he put his finger on my arm. I’ll never forget it. And I flew to the ground, literally flew to the ground and I became this rag doll. And for 20, 25 minutes I shook violently. And my husband couldn’t hold on to me. He had to let go. And he said, “I have never seen anything that violent before.” And he still hasn’t seen anything that violent. I knew that it was God. I had absolutely no control over my body at all, but I knew it was God. I didn’t know what it was. So the next day we came back to the conference and we sat towards the back. And the speaker got up, and he said one sentence, and I was back on the floor. This time I wasn’t shaking. I was sobbing and crying. And I laid on the floor and I said, “Holy Spirit, what happened last night?” I still get really emotional about that experience. And he said, “I was shaking out of you the lies that you believed about yourself.” Now let me go back just a little back when I was a little girl. I’m very, I have a very quiet spirit. But when I was a little girl I was told that I was shy, not by my parents, but by other people. I had a hard, and that became a label on me. That actually became a stronghold to where I couldn’t talk to people normally. You couldn’t have paid me to do this what I’m doing today nor get up and teach. It wasn’t me at all, but God knew it was. And so he reached in and shook the daylights out of me and took that lie out.

SID: Well you know, every one of us, and we don’t realize it, the devil is so subtle, maybe from childhood, have believed lies and it’s crippled us in one or more areas of our life. I believe that if you pray right now that God would show us the lie and we can get rid of it. And maybe we’re not going to shake like you did, but we know how to get rid of it in Jesus’ name.

BENI: Yes.

SID: We just command it to go.

BENI: Yes.

SID: Would you pray?

BENI: So Holy Spirit, we invite you to come right now and we ask that you would reveal any lies that we have in our life that we believed about ourselves, whether we’re not worth it, whatever it is, it’s so subtle and so awful. And Holy Spirit, I ask that you would reveal the lie right now in Jesus’ name. Now just tell him, I will no longer live this lie. I will believe what you have for me, Holy Spirit. Now Holy Spirit, I ask that you would come and you would give them revelation on the way you see them in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Father, for your restoration power. Amen.

SID: You told me at dinner last night there is a special grace on Planet Earth for what you’re teaching. Explain that.

BENI: Yes. I really felt as I began teaching on health and body, soul and spirit that every time I would pray for at a conference or a group of people, I felt the Holy Spirit come and release a supernatural grace, and that’s what I just started doing. I started, and I believe that we’re in a season for this, that there is a grace. People are hopeless and they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. But grace comes along, that supernatural grace that can empower people to walk in.

SID: You say that health is God’s idea. Elaborate.

BENI: Yeah. He wants us to be vibrant and alive, and to live a long time. And part of that is being healthy.

SID: Well you know, I’m reminded, Psalm 91, it ends with, “With long life I will satisfy you.” So you’re not going to be satisfied sitting in a home just waiting to die. With long life you’re going to be satisfied. You’re going to be whole. You’re going to be free and I believe there is a special grace that is being poured out on you now to do what you already know to do. Get in shape because your calling is dependent upon it. God needs you now.

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Sid Roth on April 26th, 2016


SID: Hello Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Talking about supernatural, my guest went to Heaven every day for three years and was taught mysteries on how to awaken your spiritual senses, your supernatural hearing, your supernatural smell, your supernatural sight, your supernatural feeling, and he wants to pray because God told him he had this gift for your supernatural senses to be awoken. Do you want that? You know, James, I really protest. I mean, I have not been to Heaven once. And in 2010, you started going to Heaven every day. For three years, four months and two weeks you visited Heaven. Why you? What did you do to get this?

JAMES: Well actually Sid, the Lord told me why. And basically why was that because I had been away in the Army for a whole career, I wasn’t really well known in the church at all. And when people would look at me and hear from me that they would say, if he can do it, I can do it.

SID: And that’s the whole purpose of our show. Anything my guests can do, you can do better. In fact, it’s God’s part for you to do better. That’s what so great about God. Okay. Why would you say, bottom line, did you have these encounters in Heaven?

JAMES: Well the Lord was teaching me things and asking me to share with other people. He was really teaching me how to activate spiritual senses, spiritual gifts and how then to teach people and impart to people so that they could also have the same experiences. So the whole purpose was for me to receive things that I could release to other people.

SID: Okay. Open Heaven, that’s a term I hear a lot. You were instructed to pray that people receive this seer anointing. People operate in an open Heaven. What is, define open Heaven for me.

JAMES: Well when I get an assignment from the Lord I always go to the Word and began to do research, and what I found was that from Genesis through the Book of Revelation open Heaven is taught over and over. Jacob saw an open Heaven. We see Daniel saw an open Heaven. Isaiah saw an open Heaven. And when Jesus was baptized God tore the Heaven open over him, and I can’t find anywhere in Scripture that he sewed it back together. Heaven is open and he wants us to know it. And Jesus said to Nathaniel, “You shall see Heaven open and the angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man.” Now I have a habit that any promise in the Bible I believe is for me. God preserved that not just as history, but to release something to his people, and I receive that.

SID: And I have to tell you this, God is not a respecter of persons. If every promise in the Bible is for James, every promise in the Bible is for you. In fact, the Bible says, “All of his promises are yes and amen.” Amen means yes and so be it.

JAMES: Amen.

SID: So on this, when, but it seems to me that it’s easier to operate in an open Heaven today than 30 years ago when I became a new believer.

JAMES: I believe that in the Kingdom of God there are seasons and things are shifting. And I believe that we’re in the season of the open Heaven right now when this manifestation is available to everyone who is willing to be open to it.

SID: I’m practical, James. What does it literally mean if I’m walking in an open Heaven, what can I do that I can’t do if I’m not walking in an open Heaven?

JAMES: Well one is, as you were talking about, the seer anointing, you begin to see the things in the spiritual realm, but all of the senses are activated. The hearing, you can hear the Word of the Lord. When the disciples were on the Mount of Transfiguration they saw Moses, they saw Elijah, they saw Jesus transformed, they saw a cloud, but they also heard the voice of the Lord. And I think in open Heaven times we can hear. Also the fragrances of Heaven began to manifest and taste, the Lord says, “Taste and see that I’m good.” But I believe the Lord has taste as sweet as honey on our lips.

SID: Every, your every sense, you’re saying.

JAMES: All the senses.

SID: There is a spiritual sense and a natural sense.


SID: We all understand the natural sense. Many believers operate in the natural. Why would you want to operate in the natural and be as limited as any other human that’s ever lived? Why not operate the senses? You have ears and don’t hear, but God is going to activate in a lot of you. Now my Jewish people were stubborn and we got stuck. And you know what? It’s not confined to Jewish people.

JAMES: No it’s not.

SID: Many Christians are stuck today. What do you mean? Tell me from the Bible what you mean by stuck?

JAMES: Well in Deuteronomy, chapter 29, Moses is summing up his time with the children of Israel. I think the children of Israel represented humanity in general and I see myself in that as well. I think everyone that God has created can see themselves in these stories. And Moses said, you know, “I’ve been with you all of this time. Now you saw in Egypt, with your own eyes, you saw the things that God did, the miracles, the signs and wonders that God, you separated. And yet, yet to this day, God has not given you a heart for perceiving, eyes to see or ears to hear.” When I read that it just, something inside of me just felt so sad, and I thought, well that could be said of our people today. We need to break out of that limitation and let all of spiritual senses, let God open up our spiritual senses so that we’re functioning. I think we should function at a higher level in the spiritual senses than we’ve been trained to do in the natural.

SID: You know, an example from the Old Covenant, these are examples for us that are so practical.


SID: Don’t you tear out your Old Testament. You won’t understand the Jew and Israel, and End Time events. Don’t be meshuga. You read the whole Word of God. But tell me about, in the Old Covenant, Elisha, when his eyes were opened.

JAMES: Well I think that we tend to over complicate things, people trying to look for some kind of special formula or some kind of special person. Well this is so natural in the supernatural realm that God wants us to live in. And Elisha was being hunted down by this huge army. His servant was panicking because he saw this big army. But Elisha said, “There are more with us than there are with them.” And his servant said, are you meshuga? There is no, there’s just you and me, an old man and me.

JAMES: Elijah prayed such a simple prayer.

SID: What did he pray?

JAMES: He said, “Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he can see.” That’s it. And his eyes were opened, and he looked, and he saw that the mountains were covered with horses and chariots of fire. And indeed, there were more with them than there were with the army. Then Elijah prayed another prayer. He said, “Close the eyes of the army.” Everybody in the army went blind. And when he took them where he wanted to take them, he prayed again and said, “Open their eyes that they can see” and their eyes popped open. I think that we need to build up the kind of supernatural faith to begin to operate in the anointing of Elisha, to begin to speak. You know, the Bible says that we are like, we have a nature like Elijah and we should be doing the things that he did, but he gave a double portion of that to Elisha. And I think we can operate in the double portion anointing of Elisha, and we don’t have to complicate it. Just pray for people, Lord.

SID: Okay. I’m going to turn James loose a little bit. But I want him to teach a little more so you’ll get unstuck. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth on April 22nd, 2016

Sid: I’m going to tell you something we have a breakthrough week last week and this week. Last week I interviewed Pastor Henry Wright from the Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia. And this week I’m interviewing Anita Hill who is also a Pastor there and a teacher. And they have found that there are specific doors for specific diseases. When you repent of these doors and another name for a door is sin. When you repent for these specific sins you get your healing miracle, it’s that simple. I think you really need some help to get confused. But I was speaking before we went on the air today with Anita Hill and I said “Anita, are many medical doctors taking advantage of this teaching because they have found that diseases or derivatives of diseases for close to 500 the roots of them. Are doctors coming to study under Henry?

Anita: Very definitely, in fact very recently we had a surgeon that came to go through our program and she had gone back to her practice and she does heart surgery part of the time now. And the other part of her time is spent in praying with her patients according to how we pray here based on the word. She says and she’ll have to give her own testimony she’s getting better results with what God is doing than with the open heart surgery.

Sid: Well, I’ll tell you what I know that is true but too many people have to have bypasses and all different types of heart surgery and drugs because and by the way I am in favor of that if it’s a matter of that or them dying. But I know that there’s a better way, I know that there’s a more excellent way I guess that’s why the book “A More Excellent Way” came out.” Tell me real quick before we get into the meat of this interview one more healing testimony that comes to mind of someone that had a door. I would like to know something about… what about arthritis?

Anita: There we’re dealing with bitterness, jealousy and envy. In the Bible it tells us that jealousy and envy is the rottenness of the bone. And so God has already said a lot of this already it’s not that we thought of it but God did and put it in His word. And if people will go to their Bibles and really read them take that word in fullness you can’t miss it. When we talk about heart disease it says “Men’s hearts shall fail them in the last days because of fear.” When we talk about autoimmune diseases and diseases of the immune system it says in the word “That a broken spirit, a merry heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” And what’s in the bones but the immune system. And so…

Sid: And so it’s all there in the word, it’s a matter of just digging it out.

Anita: Just multiplied it out for the diseases that are here in the world today. So you can take that broken spirit and extrapolate out the HIV, or whatever when the immune system is involved.

Sid: Hm. Is there any disease that God doesn’t have an answer for?

Anita: He said in Psalms 103:3 “I’m the God who forgiveth ALL your iniquities and I heal all your diseases.” That’s what I believe and that’s what I’ve seen Him do. But there’s always an “if and but” in the Bible. We have to appropriate these things, we can’t go around and sin and curse God and expect his blessing…

Sid: But you know I have to tell you this Anita, there are many Christians understand the scriptures in healing they can quote them better than me and you put together and yet they have disease and they don’t get healed.

Anita: Right because there can be blocks to their healing or they’re leaving a step out. Maybe they think that we don’t have to repent.

Sid: Anita you teach on the “8 R’s” to freedom please do that now and I believe many are going to be set free just by listening to this teaching.

Anita: Alright in the 8 R’s they all begin with R. The first is Recognize the problem have discernment because God said in Isaiah 5:13 “That My people have gone into captivity because they have no knowledge” and so need to recognize what they are. Then we have to take Responsibility you cannot just say “Well, that’s just the way I am.” Let’s say that you’re angry all of the time you have to take responsibility for what you’ve gotten yourself into with your behavior and if you’ve offended your brother then you have to Repent. And repentance means that you are truly sorry and you don’t want to continue to do this action which takes you into Renouncing. Which means turning away from that sin of anger and not wanting to continue it in your life. Then in order not to continue in it you have to Remove it and that can be done through deliverance and separating yourself from that sin. And the 6th R would be continue to Resist going into that sin again. In the word it tells you to resist the devil and he will flee. And then you have to move into Number 7 Rejoice to thank God, praise him and give Him all the glory for what He has done in your life. And then Number 8 would be to Restore Isaiah 42 talks about restoring others. And when you have received your blessing it is on your heart hopefully that you want to share this fruit and help others.

Sid: You know Anita it strikes me that what you’re teaching isn’t just theory you have done this you have been set free and you want to help others be set free. It seems to me that what you were teaching is similar to what other people teach yet you seem to be getting better results why?

Anita: I think again it’s because it’s the fullness of the word. Taking God, might I say, at His word and becoming living word. This stuff can’t just be in your head when it was just in my head you know I was very intellectual 11 years of higher education. I needed this to drop into my heart because all man’s learning had not healed me but God’s word dropping into my heart and my spirit becoming alive unto God, and then being that living word. When you bless others God blesses you. And you can’t lose and you can walk in divine health.

Sid: Now you spend a lot of your time identifying the roots of diseases. I imagine you look at it almost as if you’re a detective trying to get the clues from the word of God.

Anita: It is detective work in one sense you know how it says that the word of God is so simple even a child can understand it. That after awhile when you read the word you can just see all of the stuff that we’re investigating over here God has already said but man in turning away from God for so long has gone into so many more diseases. It’s no wonder he said that we will do greater things then He did there is so many more diseases too.

Sid: Let me ask you a question there’s a lot of fear now here in the United States as you’re aware of about biological warfare and is some of the research you’ve done how that help someone prepare so that they could walk through a situation with these germs and not die?

Anita: Right in the word it says in Psalms 91 “A thousand shall fall on this side and 10 thousand on the other and it shall not come nigh you as children of God.” And so we have take that scripture not that we don’t use wisdom, you know we can’t just be unaware of what’s around us, because there are things in exaggerated amounts can have a negative effect on us but God can protect us in the midst of it. Because were His children and it’s the children’s bread to walk in this divine health.

Sid: Tell me some disease that you’re walking on now that you don’t totally have the door for.

Anita: Well, we are working on autism.

Sid: Hm.

Anita: And some of the other brain dysfunctions but it’s becoming clear and we had young boy with autism who was in all special classes. His social skills were very much under par and after 3 sessions of ministry. But when we deal with children we deal with the parents first because it’s a generational curses that are there. It does not good to get a child healed and then send them back into the same environment that might have made him sick. But this child is now in 3rd grade making A’s and B’s. His eye contact has improved; he is more outgoing with people, no special classes anymore. I think except for physical education where he had to catch up with his physical skills. But there are many children with various learning problems we haven’t dealt with that many children with autism but that is an area where I’m very interested in God healing. Because when I was not a believer I worked for 2 years using union principals of psychology and living with children with autism and I saw not healing.

Sid: Hm.

Anita: So I’m very excited about this area.

Sid: What about all of these drugs they’re giving children today because they have what is it Attention Deficit Disorder what do you think about all of those drugs?

Anita: Well, that’s a case where it says in the word “Peace, peace when there is no peace.” That that’s a false peace and plus I have worked with some children that have been on some of these drugs and we almost lost a little boy because the Ritalin was suppressing his immune system.

Sid: Look hold that thought I want to find out how you really minister on tomorrows broadcast.

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