SID: So Sandy’s mother finds a letter, confronts Sandy, “Do you believe in Jesus?” And literally packs his bags, kicks him out of the house. Sandy now goes for consolation to his girlfriend. His girlfriends says, “Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m going to get filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. Come on!” What did you think?

SANDY: I thought she was a little nuts. I just wanted her to just say, “Oh, Sandy. Oh, bubby. It’s okay.” So next thing you know, we’re on our way to church and another one of these churches, and another culture shock experience. We go into the church, and we’re sitting there, and the offering plate came around. I take a $50 bill, and I throw it in the offering plate, and prayed the Martyr’s Prayer. “Oh God, take everything.” Like 50 bucks is everything, right?

SANDY: She’s seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I don’t have the slightest idea what’s she’s talking about. At the end of the service, people are going forward. I figure that’s where the action, that’s where the Gentiles go. They must go up front, and something is happening up there.

Therefore, we ask for more, dear Lord.

 [foreign language]

SANDY: And so I go and I make kind of make my way up front, and this guy reaches out, and he grabs my arm, and he says to me, “Everything is going to be okay with your mother.”

SANDY: Well, I’m thinking, “Did you talk to her?” How did he possibly even know?” Then this other guy comes up to me, and he goes, “Brother, do you want the power of God in your life?”

SANDY: I figured, already cost me 50 bucks, why not? He put his hands on me, and then I just fell out. I just fell on the floor.

SID: What do you mean you fell out?

SANDY: It’s like I just kind of went, my legs went out from under me, and I’m laying on the floor. And it’s like my mind came out and said, “Get off the floor. Get off the floor.” But it was probably about an hour later before I got off the floor.

SANDY: That was the beginning of what I think because I was speaking a language that I had never studied. That was something that happened when I was there. Of course, I’ve thought, “Oh my gosh. I don’t want anybody to know what happened to me here.” But that was the beginning of something that absolutely changed my life.

SID: Okay, he marries his girlfriend and a year later he’s speaking before 10,000 people at America for Jesus, but, that’s supernatural but something even more supernatural happened.

SANDY: Well, I had started speaking at Full Gospel Business Men’s. Somebody had heard me. They’d asked me to speak at an America for Jesus rally. It was at Penn State Field House. There were just thousands and thousands of people there. I was not an accomplished speaker, but I just spoke on “Who’s going to be on the Lord’s side?”

SANDY: My father came. My mother came. My grandmother came.

SID: Why did they come?

SANDY: Because my father wanted to hear me speak before he died, and my mother and grandmother were there to support my father and to see what was going on.

SID: Because he was dying.

SANDY: He was dying. I’m on the stage, and this happened to me for the only time in my entire life. I’ve never had this happen before, and never had it happen since. It was like somebody was speaking behind me and said, “Go down. Lay hands upon your father. I’m going to heal him tonight.”

SID: Now your father had terminal cancer?

SANDY: He was only given a few months to live. He was a big guy, ex-Marine, a Carlson Raider. He was six-foot-four, big guy, wasted away. He was wasting away to nothing. Again, that voice spoke. In fact, it disrupted me. I wanted to look behind me to see if somebody was saying that. At the end of the service, I mean, there were just thousands of people that came forward to be prayed for. It was just an amazing thing. I walked down through that crowd and went up to my dad, and I said, “Dad,” I said, “Jesus wants to heal you tonight.”

SANDY: My father bowed his head, and he closed his eyes. Of course, then the service kind of went on. That was on a Saturday night. On Monday, my mother calls me. She’s just crying. I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh, I wonder if my dad died.” She’s not even able to talk. Finally, she talks, she says, “They want to keep your father another couple days. They can’t find a trace of the Hodgkin’s disease in his body.

SID: I’ll tell you what. He got something more than the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or being filled with the Holy Spirit. He starts a Bible study. I mean, you’re a young believer, you start a Bible study with 10. It’s a good Jewish number. It’s called a minyan. You start with 10, and in one year you have 2,400 people attending this study because miracles start following him. Tell me a couple miracles that were going on in this study.

SANDY: Oh, there were just some just amazing things. There were so many people that were healed from cancer, and so many people that were healed of visible things. I’ll never forget, I had this little baby in my hands, and the legs were deformed. They were going to break the legs at the knees, and put them in casts, so that the legs would be straight. They had a way of doing that. Little single mom, she didn’t have anybody. She’s crying. I’m holding the baby in my hands, and the baby starts to wiggle and move, and in front of our eyes, the legs went like this.

SANDY: It was a Catholic Bible study. I had partnered with a priest, Father Shore, it was called the Shield of Faith. It grew, it grew. We kept on outgrowing buildings, but there were miracles. Every, every meeting that we had there were miracles. There were words of knowledge. There were things that happened.

SID: Sandy, your passion isn’t as much this DISC personality, although that’s your business, but you have pioneered a test that shows, gives you revelation into how to accomplish your destiny with God. People that take this test, their gifting just increases.

SID: In fact, you told me you were on a board of Teen Challenge, and you have all these young kids that are recovering from drug addiction, et cetera, take this test. It’s life changing for them. But then people my age take this test, and it’s life changing for them. Be right back.

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