SID: Diane, what is the biggest problem with all your 40+ of helping young people? The biggest problem children have.

DIAN: Fear. Fear. Bible says fear has torment, and over and over and over and over in the Bible you see, “Fear not, fear not, be anxious for nothing.” I think it’s a human problem and it begins in childhood. If we could equip children to conquer fear as a child, that sets them up for life. Right? Because I struggled with fear, I’m very acquainted with how fear can grip you. I got a download and one song, it’s called the “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear” song, and it sounds like just a silly song but it’s actually be a powerful song in the lives of many, many people including myself.

SID: Now, this is not something that you could think up.


SID: I don’t think anyone could think up “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear.” Could you think that up? I couldn’t think that up.

DIAN: One day I heard this song in my head and so I came to kids church the next Sunday and I hadn’t sung the song out loud. It was just in my head. I said to the kids, “Listen to this song. It goes, ‘Ooky pooky spooky fear, you have no right to come near. In the King’s name, you get outta here! Fear be gone, be gone! Fear be gone!” We tell fear to go away.

SID: I don’t think that fear stands a chance against a song like that.


SID: Now you’ve written a new book about this.

DIAN: Yeah, the “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear” book because there’s verses in the song, too. The first time I sang the song out loud at Children’s Church, a little girl in the front row, her name is Danielle, started singing, “Ooky pooky,” just having fun, and Danielle burst into tears. I thought, “Oh, no, did some boy pull her hair? Did she pinch her finger in the chair? What happened?” I stopped. I said, “Danielle, honey, what’s wrong?” She said, I can still remember her face, she said, “I got scares inside of me.” I said, “Alright, well, today we’re going to tell those scares to get out of you. We’re going to tell fear to leave you alone.”

DIAN: We laid hands on her and prayed for her and we sang that song and she remembers that day. After church, I went and found her mom because I would always want to communicate things like that with parents. I said, “Just so you know, this is what happened in kids church.” The mom said, “Oh, praise the Lord! We’ve been up every night for weeks with terrible nightmares.” The nightmares stopped.

SID: You know, this not only works supernaturally for children, it works supernaturally for adults. Tell me about that person who was going to have surgery and this song.

DIAN: I just got this note on Facebook just recently because we were letting people know that the “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear” book is coming out. This gal, she said, “Last year I was heading in for kidney transplant.” I forget her exact wording, but it was basically she was terrified going into surgery. She said then she remembered from deep inside, she could remember, “Ooky pooky spooky fear,” and she sang that song and she told fear to leave her alone. She went into surgery and it helped her so much to have peace going into that. I get stories like that all the time.

SID: Well, how would you like to hear the song “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear?” Are you interested at home? Are you interested in the audience? Okay, let’s roll it.

Singer:  Have you ever felt so afraid your body starts to quiver? Sometimes ooky spooky fears try to make you shiver. Well, you just have to stop, stop and think, and remember what to do. Every fear will disappear when you sing, and here’s the song I use. Ooky, pooky spooky fear, you have no right to come here. In the King’s name, you get out of here! Fear be gone, be gone. Fear be gone.

SID: Diane, there’s such a wonderful, awesome presence of the Living God here. I believe that you could pray and young people and adults would be set free of all types of fear. Do that now.

DIAN: Isn’t that amazing? Psalm 8:2 says, “From the mouths of children comes praise so powerful, its silence is the enemy.” The voice of the enemy is way too loud in this generation and in your life and praise is a weapon. We’re going to pray the name of Jesus is high above every other name, including fear. Fear has no right to rule your life. Let’s pray. Please pray after me. King Jesus.

Everyone: King Jesus.

DIAN: Thank you.

Everyone: Thank you.

DIAN: Thank your name.

Everyone: That your name.

DIAN: Is above every other name.

Everyone: Is above every other name.

DIAN: You have all power.

Everyone: You have all power.

DIAN: And authority.

Everyone: And authority.

DIAN: And today.

Everyone: And today.

DIAN: I say.

Everyone: I say.

DIAN: Jesus.

Everyone: Jesus.

DIAN: Is the King.

Everyone: Is the King.

DIAN: And the Ruler of my heart.

Everyone: And the Ruler of my heart.

DIAN: The Lord over my emotions.

Everyone: The Lord over my emotions.

DIAN: Fear.

Everyone: Fear.

DIAN: Will not rule me.

Everyone: Will not rule me.

DIAN: Fear will not torment me.

Everyone: Fear will not torment me.

DIAN: In the name of Jesus.

Everyone: In the name of Jesus.

DIAN: I say fear.

Everyone: I say fear.

DIAN: Go away.

Everyone: Go away.

DIAN: Thank you, Lord.

Everyone: Thank you, Lord.

DIAN: Amen.

SID: You know what that reminds me of? I just read this the other day. In Proverbs 18:10-11 says that, listen to this, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run to it and is safe and set on high far above all evil.” You’re far above all evil.

DIAN: Amen. Amen.

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