Sid Roth on November 29th, 2013

SID: Amazing. Between three and 10,000 years ago, our civilization had electricity. How, L.A., is this possible? L.A.: These stones in my chart, that we just talked about, the stone base of the Catholic Church, had electric properties or highly polished surfaces. They were carved from a quarry, in some cases, granite, a number of […]

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Sid Roth on November 18th, 2013

Sid:   We want everyone everywhere to be SO RED HOT for the Messiah. I believe that God has given us keys for increase, and keys for blessing that the devil has literally taken out of Gentile Christianity. I have Pastor Robert Heidler on the telephone; he has a Master’s degree from Dallas school of theology. […]

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Sid Roth on November 11th, 2013

Sid: I just recently got such encouragement it’s almost like at times I feel like I’m a voice calling in the wilderness and wondering is anyone getting it, is anyone out there beginning to understand God’s plan for the next move of God’s Spirit. See I was involved in a move of God’s Spirit; I […]

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Sid Roth on November 8th, 2013

Sid: My guest by way of telephone at his home in Columbus, Ohio is Rabbi Kirt Schneider; Rabbi Schneider is Rabbi over Adat Adonai Messianic Jewish Congregation in Toledo, Ohio.  He also teaches Jewish root and evangelism to the church with his ministry Shalom Ministries. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that Kirt was raised […]

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