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LaDonna Taylor

Sid: Well I have a guest that has the most amazing testimony about what happened when she watched It’s Supernatural Television. And she’s been a guest previously her name is LaDonna Taylor but because of what she went through the healing anointing, which is always been on her violin playing. It’s always been I think that LaDonna that you told me that since you went full time that you haven’t had a meeting where there wasn’t a miracle as a result of the anointing on your music, is that right?

LaDonna: That is the truth.

Sid: However, for those that did not hear our previous interview; you were raised in a Christian home and one of my heroes in your story, and it must be your hero too, is your grandmother. Did she actually pray for dead people that came back to life?

LaDonna: She did, I know of 3 times specifically when my Nana raised the dead in her church services.

Sid: And as a young younger, really young child you would have visions of Jesus and worship Him for hours. That sounds so wonderful to me; I wasn’t saved until I was 30. God wasn’t even in my mind to speak of. But God was important to you your whole life.

LaDonna: My whole life He was important to me. I would see Him on the cross and I would bend over in a little fetal position even as a toddler and worship Him for a long time.

Sid: When you say you would see Him on the cross would this be a cross at home, a picture or in your mind?

LaDonna: In my mind.

Sid: And would you make that happen or would it just happen, I’m just curious.

LaDonna: No Sid I would make it happen, sometimes I’d be playing, sometimes I would just get up in the morning or before I would go to bed at night and I would see Him and I would just… needed to worship Him.

Sid: Now, when you say worship; you know if I can find out how a little child worships Jesus I can find out the way we’re all supposed to. How did you do it as a child?

LaDonna: I just remember every time getting on my knees and bowing down. Sometimes my little hands would reach up and I’d feel like I could touch the cross and I would just say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I love You, I love You.” I truly remember doing that.

Sid: What about the blood of Jesus? Did you have much teaching on that as a child?

LaDonna:   I had more demonstration on that as a child…

Sid: What do you mean by demonstration?

LaDonna: I mean in the church services I would have the demonstration of healing and I could see the people in the church as people would come to the altar and people would say “I plead the blood of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus there is power in the blood.” I would hear that in altar services as a child.

Sid: Would you see miracles happen when they would plead the blood of Jesus?

LaDonna: I saw miracles, I saw demon’s leave people, I saw deliverances.

Sid: What does it mean to you pleading the blood of Jesus, what is your meaning, understanding of that?

LaDonna: The way I always understood it was that the people that were saying this were realizing that there was power in that blood that was shed in the cross.

Sid: You know what I imagine; when I say “I plead the blood of Jesus and sometimes I’ll go into a hotel room and just sprinkle with my words, “I sprinkle the blood of Jesus.” I see every demon in hell taking a step back that is watching what’s going on every time I say the blood of Jesus. That’s what I believe.

LaDonna: Absolutely, even this moment for everyone within the sound of our voices I plead the blood of Jesus and demons will step back now and quit tormenting and quit completing any assignments against the people of God. In Jesus name it’s done.

Sid: Now is this the type of thing that goes on inside of you when you play the song
“Nothing but the Blood” is this what you’re feeling when you’re playing your violin?

LaDonna: Every time I play my violin I look into the eyes of God. It’s my connection to heaven and many times the Lord shows me when I play songs about the blood. The Lord shows me what He’s doing, what He’s accomplishing through the music. I see many deliverances and healings during this music.

Sid: Well, I think that we’ve got to hear that song “Nothing But the Blood” LaDonna Taylor.

Excerpt “Nothing But the Blood”.

Sid: You can see why the anointing is sky high on her music for healing and for emotional problems and any problem anyone has. I mean where that anointing is it’s a demon free zone, that’s for certain. LaDonna tell me one person that got healed that was either at a concert or listened to these CD’s.

LaDonna: I was in Branson, Missouri and I had been playing some music on my violin. And I knew the Lord was healing pain. And I asked someone to stand up that had pain in their body and a lady named Donna stood up. And I said “Where’s the pain” and she said “It’s in my knee.” And I said “What’s causing the pain?” And she said “There’s a cyst on the back of my leg.” And as soon as she said it I knew that the cyst was gone. And I said “Check your leg right now.” And the pain was gone. And I said “See if you can find the cyst.” She couldn’t find it.

Sid: Let me ask you this “I believe that the anointing has gotten so strong on you but I believe that it’s such a progressive thing that every time you minister it will get stronger, talk to that.

LaDonna: I absolutely love that; I cannot tell you the desire of my life to go from glory to glory to glory. Everyday all I want to do is touch Him, “God let it get stronger in the Name of Jesus.”

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John Bevere

Sid: I have to tell you when I was a brand new Jewish believer I didn’t know my left hand from my right hand. I met a woman by the name of Katherine Kuhlman, and she had a relationship with the Holy Spirit that just provoked me to jealousy. And I guess that’s what the Bible says “The Gentile believers are supposed to provoke the Jew to jealousy.” Well my guest John Bevere, most of you are familiar with him. You probably read his book, it’s a classic “The Bait of Satan” along with a number of materials but that’s the one I thing I think of when I think of John Bevere. Well John Bevere has a very close relationship with the Holy Spirit and I’m so excited about his brand new book and his DVD and CD collection. So he shares the secrets he has learned about the Holy Spirit so that you can have that type of relationship. John did you know much about my friend Katherine Kuhlman and her relationship with the Holy Spirit.

John: How I wish I would have I got saved after she went home to be with the Lord. I got saved in 1979. So I did not know her.

Sid: Well I have to tell you John I was shocked, absolutely shocked when I found out what type of a student you were. I mean you are one of the premier teachers of our generation and (Laughing) did you really get on your SAT scores 370 out of 800?

John: (Laughing) Yes sir, I did.

Sid: How?

John:   I’m laughing about it right now but believe me I wasn’t laughing when it happened and it’s the highest score I ever scored. In all of my travels I’ve only met one human being that scored lower than me on the English. So…

Sid: So what do you attribute to the fact… how many books of the “Bait of Satan” have sold, do you know approximately?

John:   It’s well over a million.

Sid: So how do you attribute selling a million books and not being able to get by the SAT decently?

John: Well and I think the other thing that’s most startling you know there’s 16 other books and I think that there sales are pushing getting close to 5 million. So I mean it’s just to me, it always lets me know that it’s really truly the Holy Spirit that does this. I tell people my name are on these books because I was the first guy to get to read them.

Sid: (Laughing)

John: And to be honest with you one of the most wonderful encounters with the Holy Spirit when I sit down to write. So I’m so glad that I obeyed God years ago when he told me to write. “Bait of Satan” by the way is 20 years old this year, the publisher told me that Walmart cannot even keep them on the shelves they done…Walmart has done 3 massive orders in two weeks. So that to me it just shows it’s a God miracle.

Sid: In other words you don’t have to read a book with 10 principles on how to remain humble, you know.

John:   Ha, listen here’s the thing. You know God spoke to me one day, I was a very poor public speaker too. The first time Lisa heard…

Sid: So you couldn’t score decently on SAT and you couldn’t speak and you speak all over the world; I know it’s so difficult to get you to be a guest. (Laughing)

John: Well this is ridiculous when you hear this. The first time Lisa heard me speak 30 years ago after we were married she was sound asleep within 5 minutes and she’s in the front row; and her best friend was drooling out of the side of her mouth she was in such deep sleep. And so God spoke to me one day; I still have that message archived in a place where nobody will find it but me. God spoke to me and said “Son, I let you experience that and the SAT’s everything so that you will always know how bad you are without Me.”

Sid: And you know I have this statistic right in front of me over 20,000 churches in North America alone use your materials. It’s… God gets all, all the glory. As a matter of fact your pastor had a vision about you before any of this happened, tell me about that.

John:   Well it was quite interesting; I was a member of a large church and there was 11 or us pastors I was a youth pastor. And he came into a meeting and he looked at us and he said “Gentleman I had a vision last night and said it was so vivid it was almost like I was watching it on a television screen.” And he said “In this vision one of you pastors will not be on our team much longer, you’ll be going out and coming out and back and you’re going to be a blessing to the Body of Christ and that man is you John Bevere.” When he said it the Spirit of God fell on me and I just began to weep. And I said “You know I was in prayer 5 months ago and God whispered that to my heart but I didn’t tell anybody but my wife and a best friend who was in another state. And it just affirmed to me that what I do in traveling and speaking all over the world is something that God absolutely wanted.” And it’s helped us through the hard times in the beginning when you know invitations weren’t coming in like they come in today 25 years later. But it’s just amazing to me; I stand in awe literally at what God had done and I know that He’s done this for the sake of His people, not for the sake of John Bevere.

Sid: Okay this is a Sid question and I feel like I want to ask most of the top 5 fold ministers in the world this question. “What is your personnel prayer, Bible reading, meditation life like with that busy schedule, do you still carve out time for God?”

John: Yes Sir. I make sure that almost every day I’m not going to say every day because I don’t want to lie online. There are times that you just have from flights and everything and I’ll literally read the word of God on flights. But I make sure that I’m in taking the word of God because I know that it’s food to our spirit. Then as far as prayer goes I will have days and days where I carve out an hour, half hour, hour. And then they’ll be times I just go for longer and then there will be times I’ll set apart to pray and fast. So yeah, I see too many examples Sid of guys that became very well-known and lost that private time with God and their ministries went flat and they ran into trouble later. So it’s pretty much a priority for me because my wife says “I get kind of grumpy if I don’t get that time with God” (Giggling). So I….

Sid: I understand you have something that I understand that many Christians of today don’t have; you have still retained, and I know that this will sound crazy when I say it that it’s an exception. But you have still maintained the holiness and the reverence of God, He’s not your good buddy, He’s not your high 5 friend, He is your friend but there’s a reference and holiness that you have maintained. Talk about that.

John: Well to be honest with you the fear of the Lord is really the cornerstone message of my life. I had one very well-known pastor when he was introducing me at a conference say “You know whether John speaks on the “Bait of Satan” whether he speaks on “Undercover” or he speaks on “Holy Spirit” or whatever he speaks on it always comes out “In the fear of the Lord.” And the reason is because God did that in my life and in my heart. One of the things that I look at is that I had a real powerful, powerful manifestation of the Holy Spirit in Malaysia and literally women… and the auditorium was packed and it was the largest high school in the nation people had come from all over. And I remember that we were at the very end we had done 10 meetings; this was the biggest; this one was jam packed. And I remember I came down to minister to these women and as I came down the Spirit of God fell on them and they were all on the floor within 30 seconds. And they were howling laughing now I had never seen this before in Asia and I just sat there and this was years and years ago this was back in the ’90’s. And I remember I was like “Woe,” so I stood back and I watched and literally these women were howling. Now Asian women are very reserved, very quiet but these women were just like I mean watching the best Three Stooges program they had ever seen or the funniest movie they’d ever seen. And it was just literally it was so wonderful the presence of God’s love was so amazing. And then what happened was it lasted about 5 minutes and all of the sudden the atmosphere changed and I thought “What is up?” And a total different presence came in an awesome presence a terrifying presence but terrifyingly wonderful if that makes sense.

Sid: Well it does to me if I remember right you have a Catholic background, I have a Jewish background and to be candid with you yes God’s my best friend. Yes I understand intimacy with God but I am never going to forsake the fact that He is holy! And that’s like the furthest extreme in society, in Christian society today.

John: Well this is what marked me these women that were laughing hysterically all of a sudden started screaming like they were on fire, yet it was not demonic it was wonderfully holy. And they’re literally like on fire, I don’t know how else to describe it, it lasted about 90 seconds to 3 minutes, it gradually passed out. I remember while they were screaming I was walking back and forth Sid and I thought “Oh my God. Oh my God” and that’s what kept coming out of my mouth. And I realized that when they were laughing hysterically Daddy, Abba was ministering to His daughters. When they started screaming like they were being on fire I realized that the King had come in. And Sid I knew no irreverence would be tolerated in that presence. For the first time in my life I understood the atmosphere that Ananias and Sapphira lied in.

Sid: I’ll tell you what we’re out of time right now I wished we weren’t I’d like to talk forever on this subject.   But you have such a genuine gift from God in teaching and I can’t wait because the most misunderstood personality of the Godhead is the Holy Spirit.

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sidrothcom on July 15th, 2015

James Goll

Sid: Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah; his name is James Goll. He’s been a guest previously and James I am pretty amazed at your background. I didn’t know a lot of these things and maybe I’ll find out a few more things. When you were born you were an answer to prayer, explain that.

James: Yeah that’s really true. I grew up in Rome, Missouri and my mother was a real prayer warrior. So there’s a little small town in Rome, Missouri a little bitty town called Calgel 259 people. On July 3rd 1951 my mother was expecting a little boy and she was 5 months along pregnant. Her and my dad already had two daughters, then on that day July 3, 1951 so I’m giving you how old I am I’m 61 be 62 here in July. My mother had a miscarriage and she lost the little boy and that day she prayed and she said “Lord, if you’ll give me another son I’ll dedicate him to Christ service.” So one year to the very date July 3rd 1952 my mother’s name was actually Amanda Elizabeth like John the Baptist, my mother’s name was Elizabeth, and Elizabeth means consecrated one. So exactly one year later to the very day boy I kind of humorously say it is I came out my momma’s womb, I waved my hand and I said “Hallelujah!” And so Jesus is actually all I’ve ever known and I came forth from again a consecrated one, and I was an answer to prayer.

Sid: But at age 20 from what I understand from the prophetic gift erupted; what triggered that?

James: Yeah, that’s exactly right. Well there’s a couple of things; we all have our pilgrimages, you know our walks with God and as a kid you know I would just go walking out in the country and the railroad tracks and whatever and I’d just talk to God and God would talk back to me. And I thought that was normal Christianity. And I still believe it’s normal Christianity but so I grew up in a conversational communion with the Lord. But in 1972 when I’m 20 years old I actually attended Expo-72 in Dallas, Texas at the Cotton Bowl. At the end of the fifth day Dr. Billy Graham spoke and he had you to stand to dedicate your life to fulltime Christian Service. So this is one of the big Jesus people events, this is my first time to run into the Jesus People. So I stood to my feet along with 70 – 80,000 other new believers I dedicated my life to full-time Christian service. Then it was that fall that I go back to college and I ran into the Jesus people on our college campus and they started like talking to me about being filled with the Holy Spirit and baptism of the Holy Spirit, stuff like that. And then I was like “This was interesting, I’ve been prayed for a whole year every day to be filled with the Holy Spirit but the way that these guys are talking about it’s a little bit different from what I know. And so I know then that I yielded in and I was getting more hungry for God; so it was Thanksgiving break while I was in college. I kept praying to be filled with the Holy Spirit and then it happened. When it happened it happened a little bit different way than what I was expecting because the first thing that started happening I started prophesying.

Sid: Do you remember what you prophesied?

James:   Yeah, it’s really amazing Sid I’d been prophesying for 40 years now, 42 years. And the very first prophesy I ever heard was one that came out of my own mouth and it went like this “As it was in the last week of the earthly ministry of Jesus and He came to the Father’s House and He cleansed it and He declared ‘My Father’s House is to be called a House of Prayer for all of the Nations.’ And he turned over the money changers tables; he went over to the cage where the ceremonial dove was held, he loosed it and the dove was set free; and the children began to praise the Lord and healing became the children’s bread. So will it be in the last week of the last days in Jesus’ ministry by the Spirit in the earth realm. He will come once again to visit the Father’s House and the zeal of the Lord of Hosts will consume Him and He once again will make a declaration in the last week of the last days. And He will say ‘My House shall be called a House of Prayer for all of the nations and healing once again will be the children’s bread and praise will break out amongst the children as it was in the last week of the last days of the earthly ministry of Jesus; so will it be in the last week of the last days of His ministry by the Spirit in the earth realm.’” It was really amazing.

Sid: Well that begs the question, “How close are we to that coming to pass right now?”

James: Oh, well listen if we really dial in and kind of like even historically and like this that prophesy was going to be the greatest global prayer movement; that’s where we’re at right now. Today we have like in Nigeria they have 1,000,000 people that pray all Friday night through the night. Seoul Korea I’ve been to…

Sid: Could you… wait a second, could you imagine what would happen to the United States of America if there were 1,000,000 Christians praying through the night. I mean, throw out all of those bad prophesies I’m hearing about, the future of America. They’ll just disintegrate.

James: Well I totally agree and that is… this is a big issue. And so the Lord has a great promises for us and He wants us to become consumed with His presence and He wants us to be the House of Prayer for all nations. So globally we do have today the largest global prayer movement that there’s ever been. We have today all of these houses of prayer that are emerging all over the place. Then the prayer networks and all of this and so yep I see difficult things. I see some real difficult things happening right now but I also see the beginning of the 3rd great awakening and so… Yeah and so that’s the first prophesy that I ever heard was one that came out of my own mouth.

Sid:     Now the devil tried to take you out with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and why do you think? What do you see that you’re supposed to be doing that caused the devil to try to take you out?

James: You know that’s fascinating Sid that you asked that question; I do get asked that by a lot of people over the years, so let me give a little background. I did go through 8 years, 8 ½ years of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer, but I’ve made it and I’ve been cancer free for 4 ½ years and I’m never going to come back again. In fact Oral Roberts prayed for me in his home in Orange County in September before he had passed away in that December. And I actually flew in a plane, went out to his house, had little white mask on me because my white blood count was so low. I’m in his house and I just had this knowing on the inside of me that I was probably going to be the last person Oral Roberts was going to pray for and it was going to be confirmed healed of cancer. So when he prays for me he puts his hand on my head and shakes me around a little bit and he says “I eradicate every cancer cell in your body and I commend it never to come back again.” Now I’ll tell you what it was like lightning bolt went through me and supercharge of God’s presence and it’s not going to come back; it will never come back and I just declare that right now. But you know…

Sid: Well I know that it’s not going to come back but do you know the reason that I know that it’s not going to come back absolute know it? Because I know a prophesy that you journaled when you were 48 years of age and it had something to do with what you’re going to see when you’re 70 years of age. And as you just said you’re 61 now so I know that it’s never going to come back but… we’re out of time James. I’m going to have you share some of the prophecies that you’ve seen that are going to happen shortly.


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sidrothcom on July 10th, 2015


SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Just breathe in that rarified air of Heaven. Well there’s a problem going on today and the problem in a word is there’s hopelessness in one or more areas of most people’s lives, and it’s almost epidemic. My guest comes from a hopeless background and he has supernaturally found how you can get rid of hopelessness in every area of your life. And he heard from God and He said—this is what God said to him: “Your season of hopelessness is over.” You want that? I do. Get a little excited at home, too. You know, so they’re predicting bad things for the United States, bad things for the world that—there is a breath of fresh air coming from Dutch Sheets. Dutch, just about six months ago, God spoke to you audibly and what did He say?

DUTCH: He told me we would see a billion souls saved in the next 10 years.

SID: Now is this going to start 10 years from now or when is this going to start?

DUTCH: You know, I believe we’ve already moved into the greatest awakening the world has ever seen. I believe God is so passionate about people. You know, sometimes we think we want somebody to be saved. We don’t realize God wants to save them more than we do. He has saved the best for last, Sid, and He’s about to send a wave of revival that is unprecedented.

SID: Okay. The third great awakening, it is so— Dutch had two visions that were so clear as to what it’s going to look like, and I’ll have him share that in just a little bit. Your background in a way provokes me to jealousy. You were raised in a church where your dad was a pastor and miracles were common. Tell me a couple things you saw with your eyes as a youngster.

DUTCH: Oh I saw so much. I remember a lady with stomach cancer. And you know, God healed her. He could have dissolved it, but He wanted to perform a sign of wonder and I literally saw this woman vomit up this cancer before my very eyes.

Woman: I receive this healing in Jesus’ name.

DUTCH: And she went back to the doctor and was completely, pronounced completely cancer free.

Man: There’s no cancer.

Woman: Thank you Jesus.

DUTCH: I saw a young boy with braces who had never walked. I saw him prayed for. I heard the bones begin to pop in his legs. I saw this kid begin to run for the first time around the room. When you see something like that with your very own eyes, you know it can’t be fake. You know no one could fabricate this. You’re just never the same.

SID: So his father was his hero and he was actually participating and praying just as a youngster for these miracles. And at 17, his heart was broken. There was a church split. His father ran off with the secretary, and what happened to you, Dutch?

DUTCH: You know, I have, had a great relationship with my dad at the time he died and I like to honor him with that. He did have a great turnaround. But I tell you, my world fell apart, Sid. I did not know how to reconcile what I had heard all these years from him and what he did. I didn’t know how to cope with the pain. I didn’t know how to deal with the confusion. I didn’t know how to deal with my mother, who sobbed in my arms for two hours and said, I don’t want to live. And as a 17-year-old kid I became angry and bitter. I became cynical. I began to doubt everything. How could God allow this to happen to me? We were serving Him. We were faithful. We made sacrifices for Him. How could God allow this to happen? And I went through this horrible season of rebellion looking through drugs, alcohol, the party scene.

SID: Speaking of alcohol, he was in a bar just feeling sorry for himself. That’s what people do in bars and then they take alcohol to just numb the pain, and he hears a voice. What did you hear?

DUTCH: You know, it couldn’t have been any more shocking to me. This place I was in, I heard God very clearly say, “What are you doing here?” God often gets our attention with a question. And my first response was I looked around. It was so clear to me this was God talking to me. I said, “What are you doing here?” And He said, “I’m here for you and you know this is not who you are and this will never be who you are.” And I was instantly sober. I walked outside and spent about an hour just talking with the Lord, and He started going deep in my heart. And I talked to Him about the pain, and I talked to Him about the confusion. I said, “I don’t understand.” But I knew that I still loved Him and I knew that He was right. This is not who I am. And it began a two-month process of the Lord and I having a lot of conversations. I didn’t repent immediately. I didn’t turn back to God immediately. The process began.

SID: And you know what? You had let your father’s failure define who you were. Now who’s defining who you are? We’ll be right back.

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sidrothcom on July 1st, 2015


SID: You know Eddie, when you were doing that last song, “As a Deer,” what was really going on inside of you? Tell me if you can.

EDDIE: He really is the longing of my heart. He’s accomplished a real—

SID: People don’t know this, but you alone, I mean, eight hours a day, studying the Word, worshiping, is this what goes on when there’s just an audience of one, just God?

EDDIE: Yes. And this is what makes this sometimes difficult to do in public because this is what happens to me when I’m by myself with God. It’s really intimate. It’s really special, you know. He takes you into that, you know, secret place with him. You can have an appropriate expression, but it’s very powerful when it’s you and God. And I’ve been touched in that place. And when I do this, I relive that moment when He just, I’m just so full of His goodness right now, His, it’s like a river of living water springing up in my soul. And I just encourage everyone that’s watching this, you can have what I’m sensing right now in your home, wherever you’re at, in your car. He will visit you and it will be this real. When He comes, He makes a difference. When He shows up it is really supernatural. It is really powerful. And so when I say I yearn for you, when I say I long for you, that’s not just buzz words in charismatic Pentecostal circles, it’s the cry of my soul. Is there anybody here saying, it’s the cry of my soul. It’s the cry of my soul. I don’t want church as usual, the fake stuff. I want the real deal.

SID: You know what? It’s not just Eddie that wants the real deal? I want the real deal.


SID: You want the real deal? You want the real deal. I tell you, you want the real deal. Aren’t you tired of playing games?


SID: Don’t you want to know what life is all about? This is eternal life that you might know him.

EDDIE: Yes, yes.

SID: This is eternal life that you might know him and there is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved, but the name of Jesus. Eddie, put yourself, just you and God, and the piano, and minister to God right now. Would you do that?

EDDIE: Yes sir. [music, singing]: Let it rain, let it rain. Open the floodgates of Heaven. Let it rain, let it rain. Open the floodgates of Heaven. Lord, we need rain. Let it rain. We are longing for your presence. We are longing to see your face. Nothing else will do, no one else will do. We want you. We want you Jesus. Our hearts are long for you, Jesus. Pour your spirit, God. Let your presence come Lord. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is real, there is liberty. There is power where your presence is. There is joy where your spirit is. We need your presence, Jesus. We are hungry for you. We are hungry for you, Lord. We are hungry for you. We are longing for you. In the cry of people, God, we want you more than life itself. We’re tired of religious games. We’re tired of plastic things. We want more. We want more of you, Jesus. Open the floodgates of Heaven. Pour out your presence, Jesus, for we need healing…

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