Sid Roth on July 25th, 2021

SID: Now, you list difference makers and they’re all so good. I wish we had time to list them all, but you can read in the book and listen to her CDs, but you said, one of the most devastating dangers to the heart, is disappointment.

SANDRA: Mm-hmm.

SID: Explain.

SANDRA: You get so disappointed because first of all, you set God up. He has to do it a certain way. Has to do a certain way. And we can go back and look at Naaman, and say, the guy with the leprosy when he said, I ain’t going walking, I can just dip my own self in my own river over there. What, I have to go down here to the Jordan?

SANDRA: If he had not gotten away from his own thinking and followed, I’m going to say the prophet was like Bible. Had he not followed the directions of the prophet, had he not gone with the Bible, he would still be sick. But he had his own mindset. So we get our mindsets, and if it doesn’t work the way we want it to, disappointment would automatically lead you into unbelief.

SID: And people probably don’t even realize it, if you have gone through heart-wrenching disappointment in your life, you’ve actually stepped into, this what I heard her say, non-belief. I want you to talk for a minute or two to someone watching right now, that has just gotten a bad evil report from their doctor. Talk to them.

SANDRA: You know what? An evil report is not the end of the road. An evil report is just what it says, an evil report and what is an evil report? Opposite of what God says. Again, you have to come back, we’re going back to the very beginning. You have to come back to what the word of God says. If you don’t know what God says, then you have nothing to stand on, and you’re going to be like, you’re in quicksand. So you have to come back to the word of God, find out, make up your mind.

SANDRA: That’s always what God’s waiting on us. Make up your mind. Okay? Am I going to sink with a report? Yes, the report is true. I’m not saying it’s not true. I mean, it may be a fact, but it’s not the truth. The word of God is truth. So you have to find out what God says, and then you have to make a decision, between what the report says and what God says. And then you have to take the word of God, and put it on top and make it more powerful in your mind than the report.

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Sid Roth on July 17th, 2021

SID: But it’s not just a coincidence. You hear what he’s saying? You’ve been doing it already and you didn’t even realize it.

ROB: Absolutely. Prophecy is so simple. We make it hard because we think prophecy is, thus sayeth the Lord. I’ve come to understand all prophets prophesy, but not all who prophesy are prophets. And so God uses every day, simple believers that have the spirit of prophecy, which is Christ, in their life. He opens up their mouth and lets them flow. And even on rare occasions, we understand that the Bible tells us and teaches us in the book of Acts, that God will pour out his spirit upon all flesh. On that rare occasion, God might use somebody least expected like me and my professor, to prophesy a life-changing word.

SID: I want you to prophesy over those that are viewing, as God leads you. Whatever he shows you, do it. Just don’t punch me.

ROB: As I was preparing, I heard the spirit of the Lord, declare that we are in an Acts 12 moment. If you’re listening and you feel like you’re in bondage and you are in a place confined to a small quarters, like Peter was in prison, I heard the Lord say, I’m sending angels out to touch you, to give you the power to rise up. I will cause shackles to fall, doors of the prison to be open, and then I will take you to the gate of the city. The Lord says, I am going to use the spirit of prophecy in you to cause the gates of the city to open, the gates of the city to your family, to your loved ones, to those in your community, to speak a word and to set them free. I sense in my spirit that God wants to awaken the voice of the Lord on the inside of you.

ROB: Matter of fact, let me pray for you all, right now. Father, I declare for those that are coming into the spirit of prophecy, with boldness, they will open their mouth and declare what it is that you have given them by the scripture and through the word, that they would use it as simple edification to build up those that are around them. And I pray Lord for those that are called to be seers. Those that are called to be Nabha prophets, that the word would bubble up. I pray Lord that as they hear my voice, that something on the inside of them would be stirred and began to fountain. That the eyes would begin to see with clarity, scales would be removed and suddenly they would grab hold of the gift and call, and they would walk in radical obedience, grabbing hold of your word by faith and becoming what you’ve destined them to be. I declare it, release this into the atmosphere and into your spirit, in Jesus’ precious name.

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Sid Roth on July 6th, 2021

TIM: They weren’t alone. They weren’t needed in Egypt anymore because the people of God had left, so they went to connect them to a supernatural moment. Then you come to Acts chapter two, the second literal Pentecost takes place and a new era is beginning. The birth of the church happens, the kingdom of God comes into the earth and Holy Spirit comes. And we are told that over, the 120 cloven tongues of fire set on them, which is a reference to angels. Ezekiel talks about the angels being tongues of fire that shot back and forth. Well, God said that this would be the third literal Pentecost.

In other words, we are moving into another time and another release of angelic activity where the divisions of angels are released, and a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Why? Because we are now moving into another new era and the greatest era of all history, when God’s glory comes and fills the earth and begins to gather together the greatest harvest of prodigals of new souls that he has ever reached before. And all of hell is not going to be able to stop it, they will try, but Holy Spirit is now bringing like he did at the first Pentecost. And at the second, in Acts chapter two, the literal one, and he’s now coming with a angel army, divisions with millions in each division. And they are going to assist us in going to a whole new level of Christianity on the earth. Hell cannot stop what our King has commanded to be done.

SID: And you know, my favorite vision that you talk about, of all of them, it is a few years ago, you had a vision about breakthrough angels. And boy is this one that you can grab hold of. Explain.

TIM: I saw them in the spirit realm and they carry these huge like, wooden mallets. And they would strike the ground with such force that in the spirit realm, I could feel the thud of it, like they’re busting something up. When they struck the ground in the spirit realm that I saw, they would shout, “Break up, strike it again.” And they breakout, and then they would say “Break through.” Well, I saw this vision and I know break through angels are being activated to break up, break out, breakthrough. Then on June 8th, something I’ve never experienced before happened to me. I woke up blind in my right eye, couldn’t see anything. And I wasn’t overly worried about it, it was amazing because I was like, “This is a hassle. I’ve got things to do today. I’ve got zoom calls to make, I have got to preach. I’ve got a prayer service.” And my wife said, “Well, you better take care, you need to get this looked at.”

So they got me an appointment at Cincinnati Eye Institute, Nate began to work with me. Next morning I woke up still blind in this eye and it suddenly hit me, maybe this is prophetic. And I simply said, “Holy Spirit, if you have something to say to me through this, say it.” Instantly Sid, I was in the spirit realm. I don’t know how to describe that, it’s a different realm and you know when you’re in it. I was in the spirit realm and I saw the breakthrough angels. But this time two words were added that I had not seen the past two years. This time when they struck the ground, they were saying break up, break out, break through, pass over and possess. And I knew we are now moving into a special Pentecost where it’s now time to not just see minor breakthroughs, but supernatural breakthroughs whereby we begin to possess inheritance that God has ordained just like the children of Israel finally possessed their inheritance.

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Sid Roth on June 28th, 2021

SID: Some people are wondering right now, well, that’s interesting what he’s saying, but what good comes from it? What fruit comes from it? Do you know people when they experience the wind, as an example, their faith is elevated and they get healed. Tell me one person who got healed.

DAVID: One time, my wife and I were shopping and I like to shop, but maybe not as much as she does. And we were in the store. And I finally said, “Honey, I think I’m going to go sit in the car.” I’d put my grumpy pants on that day. And as I was piloting and walking out of the store, I turned around the clothing rack and I saw down the end of an aisle, there was a lady there and she had a pink cast on her foot. Holy Spirit, even though I was grumpy, wasn’t bothered at all, whispers to me and says, “Her.” I said, “Really Lord, can’t you see I’m grumpy?” But I knew that heaven wanted to touch her that day. I wasn’t quite prepared for how extravagant it would be. So I walk up politely and say, “Hey, how’s it going? Oh my gosh, what happened to your foot?”

DAVID: She said, ‘I severely sprained it and I just got out of the hospital.” Ah, I said, “Do you mind if I pray for your foot?” So I leaned down in the middle of the department store to put my hand right over her foot. And as I did, it felt like there was a stream of water blowing across the bottom of the store. And I was shocked. I looked up at her and I said, “Do you feel that?” And she went, “Uh-huh,” I said, “How’s your pain level?” She said, “It’s gone.” She even felt the wind through her cast.

SID: So what happened?

DAVID: Completely healed.

SID: You’re home with your wife. You’re watching TV. Tell me what happened to you, that if that didn’t elevate your faith, nothing would.

DAVID: Even things like watching TV or we’re just getting some natural rest, we never try to divorce ourselves from the awareness of God and what He’s doing even in our home. But we were aware just hanging out and then all of a sudden an explosion of fire wrapped around intro ways to my study, my kitchens here, my intro way is here, it came out of the study, wrapped around, turns into lightening, it flies out through our living room, through the fireplace. And I’m sitting there like, what? But that wasn’t on TV-

SID: Now, did your wife see that too?

DAVID: She saw it too. Yes. And we looked at each other and naturally I jumped up really quick to make sure the house wasn’t actually on fire.

SID: Hit by lightning.

DAVID: Yes. And we went in there and we looked at each other and we’re like, the fire of God, that happened in Pentecost. Even at the Azusa Street Revival, the fire brigade was called several times because they saw flames coming out of the top of the building. And so we sat there in awe and wonder, wow, Lord, the fire of God is present even in our home.

SID: Well, there are such things as counterfeit signs and wonders. How do you know it’s not counterfeit?

DAVID: Is the encounter leading me to Jesus? The devil doesn’t want to lead anyone to Jesus.

SID: Of course.

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Sid Roth on June 16th, 2021

SID: Well, I just found out my guest, Tracy Eckert has a special anointing to heal people with coronavirus and later I’ll have her pray that, and whatever else God shows her. She’ll also pray for you to hear God clearly. I know you want that. In 1995, Tracy escaped her abusive husband in Mexico, fled to the U.S. with her two daughters. She remarried, had a blended family of six teenagers. Listen to this, as a non-Christian having never read the Bible, she began hearing the audible voice of God. What did God say?

TRACY: Well, I was getting ready for work one day. And again, like you said, I’d never read the Bible. In fact, I didn’t even know where the Bible was located in my house. I had one that someone gave me 10 years prior to that, but I didn’t even know where it was. And so I wasn’t pursuing God. I wasn’t pursuing the Lord. And one day I’m getting ready for work. And I hear this breaking in of this audible voice. And he said, “Rebuild my temple.”

Rebuild my temple.

TRACY: And to me, I was like, I was thinking to myself, “What? I’m not Jewish.” But I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, because I knew it was God. I knew that it was my Father. And so it was almost like something like an arrow broke into the atmosphere and opened everything up. And there I was, I just sat there for two hours. I was supposed to be on a conference call and I couldn’t believe what I heard. And so then after that, for seven days after that, I heard the same thing every morning when I woke up, “Rebuild my temple, rebuild my temple, rebuild my temple.” And again, not having ever read the Bible, not knowing the Lord, not pursuing the Lord, I had no idea what he meant by that.

SID: But you knew it was him. So you actually, not just that, I mean, it’s you began seeing in the invisible world.

TRACY: Yeah, it was really crazy because you know, I living this worldly life. And when I say worldly life, I mean, my husband and I, John, I mean, we both had these huge careers. We had these six kids, living this incredibly abundant life and this right here wasn’t anything that I expected. And so I didn’t have a grid for it. So on the seventh day I started going into this open eyed trance-like vision. And again, I didn’t know anybody that ever heard from God. I wasn’t even a Christian. I would go to church on Christmas and then rarely I would take my children to church. Really, if you have six teenagers, you really need some help. And so I was looking for some behavioral management really. So the Holy Spirit broke in on me on the seventh day. I was laying in my bed and I was getting ready to go to sleep.

TRACY: Something came upon me, and today I know it was the Holy Spirit. And I couldn’t move, I was truly physically frozen. And all of the sudden the scene appeared, like everything in front of me disappeared in my bedroom and this scene appeared, and I could see that I was in New York and this was back in 1999. So I’m in this scene where I’m in New York and I can see angels and demons over the city, and they’re warring over the city. I see these planes, I see explosions. This man walks up to me and he’s closer to me than you are. He’s about right here. And I can see the skin on his face is melting off of his face. And I can see inside the cavities of his eyes. And he was so sad and he knew he was dying, and his skin and his whole body was covered with, I didn’t even know how to define it, but it looked like an ash or a sud or even maybe chemical warfare.

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