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Sid: Sid Roth here with Rick Joyner and my mind is going in a million different directions with everything going on. The Lord told you how to bring heaven on earth. The Lord told you the key to joy and it’s different than most Christians believe, talk about that.

Rick: Well when I was in this last experience when I was in heaven that this part of heaven was a Mall as I shared. Hopefully in the last segment they connected, but it was more wonderful and different it wasn’t where you bought stuff it was far more wonderful than that. But it was a place of inner-change, and then at the end of the stream I ended up at the end of our Main Street over at Heritage you know where our shops and all are and it’s kind of like a mini Mall I ended up there and the Lord said “You’ve got to bring what you experienced here in heaven you’ve got to bring heaven to earth.” And then before this He had told me how to enter heaven. And I think that it’s a key understanding because you know the law first mentioned theological principle I’ll first mention. The first time something’s mentioned in scripture is usually a major revelation of its purpose.

Sid: Right.

Rick: Well the first time that it is even mentioned in scripture that God had a house is one of the most important revelations of what the house of God is supposed to be. And that’s when Jacob had his dream, and he saw heaven open; he was under an open heaven and he saw a ladder reaching into heaven and the angels of God or the messengers of God were ascending and descending upon that ladder. And he wakes up and says “Whoa I didn’t know I was in such an awesome place this is none other than the house of God.” So I believe the most basic revelation of what the house of God is supposed to be is the place of access to heaven where the messengers of God are sending into heaven and then descending with evidence of heaven’s reality. This is what I think the miracles are; this is what I think you know I think that Jesus demonstrated when He walked the earth. Now Jesus basically said when He spoke to Nathanael He is Jacob’s ladder. He said “You’ve going to see greater things than this word of knowledge I had about you being under the fig tree you’re going to see the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.” Now it’s through Jesus we enter He is Jacob’s ladder, but we’ve got to understand that we’re called to have access to heaven. We actually should be more at home in the heavenly realm than we are in the natural realm. With the newest creation is a new species that is supposed to be becoming more spiritual than it is natural. That’s what one of the ancients said I can’t remember if it was Brother Lawrence or somebody I read years ago said “We’re not called to be human beings who have occasional spiritual experiences we’re called the spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Rick: (Laughing) And I think this is who we are called to be this place of access to heaven. So you know we’ve got take the kingdom of God we’re just coming into the kingdom and bring it here now. There’s the heavenly realm the heavenly authority. Well Jesus basically did when He healed the cripples was He said “You know in heaven we don’t have any cripples.” Well that’s what happens when the authority of heaven touches this cripple. You know in heaven we have no lack for anything. Watch what happened when heaven touches this little boy’s lunch. You know every time the windows of heaven in scripture are open there’s an overflow on the earth and it’s like too much comes out. We have 12 baskets full leftover, there is way too much wine made for those people at that wedding I mean it’s just if you open the windows of heaven if we open them even a little there will be overflow on the earth. So we’ve got to start climbing that ladder which I believe is the progressive revelation of who Jesus is. I believe the more we can see Him who He is and where He sits, the more we’re going to ascend into the heavenly realm and bring that authority to the earth which trumps any earthly condition even any earthly law. Even the law that we call the laws of nature are trumped by heavens laws. You can walk on the water, you can do many other things like fly you know…

Sid: Tell me what He told you about joy.

Rick: Well He said I’d entered that realm by using the key to eternal joy.

Sid: What is that?

Rick: That’s what I asked “What’d I do? He said “When I set my heart to every day do the things that bring Him pleasure.” Which I’d done been just trying to focus just every day on bringing the Lord pleasure and making Him happy. He says “It is the joy of the Lord not your joy that is your strength.” He said “When you set your heart to bring.” He said “When I set my heart to bring Him joy not just focusing on what brought me joy but bringing Him joy every day and that being my main thing, He said “That is the key to eternal joy.” He said “Everyone of His people have this key they can use it every day but very few of them even know it.”

Sid: So give me some practical things that you do to I mean I hope you’re catching this it’s not “God do this for me; do that for me.” No it’s “What can I do for You?” I mean what a different paradigm. So what do you do Rick to bring Him joy?

Rick: Well you know where it says in Psalms “The prayer of the upright is His delight.” Just praying brings the Lord joy, brings Him delight. So I don’t want to waste my mind in vain imaginations when I can be bringing God joy by praying just focusing on prayed, intercession is where I’m trying to take every thought captive to do this. There’s you know and I think that is some of the revelation of what brings Him joy is seeing it in His leaders like John the Apostle. I think he became very much like God he matured and he started out as son of thunder wanting to bring fire down but then his whole message becomes love and I mean he become like God in many ways and what we’re all supposed to be doing. But when He said “Nothing brings Him more joy than to see His children walking in truth.” You know it even says that “In the last days it’s not those who have truth who won’t be deceived the only ones that aren’t going to be deceived are those that have a love for the truth.” So to have a love for the truth we’ve got to walk in the truth. When Jesus prayed in John 17 that we would be sanctified in truth that’s more than knowing the truth it’s being changed by the truth. So I try every day I’m going to try walk in truth, be true, you know to be committed to truth to honesty to integrity to these things. But also walking in the truth of His word and His revelation.

Sid: What about some other practical things such as worship, witnessing, etcetera?

Rick: I think all that, all that’s certainly brings Him joy because Satan…

Sid: But what do you think brings Him the greatest joy?

Rick: Well one of them one sinner turning all of heaven rejoices which that includes God. So if you can get one person saved how much joy is that going to bring the Lord?

Sid: So you want to focus the rest of your life not on building a ministry but on bringing God joy is that proper? Is that correct?

Rick: Doing His will and bringing Him delight and joy well those are the main focus of my life yeah. And I am I…

Sid: Did you…you felt something when you were in heaven you felt the atmosphere of heaven. I’m just kind of curious now that you’re back with us…

Rick: Yeah. (Chuckle)

Sid: Did you feel that same atmosphere?

Rick: Sometimes. I get a sense of it it’s like a whiff you know. And of course I do believe that He wouldn’t have said that about bringing that here if we couldn’t do it. I believe that same atmosphere we touch maybe it will be multiplied many times over in heaven but we’ve got to bring that here and I believe that should be the house of God. I believe that every church should have such an atmosphere of heaven that people come from all over just to breathe that atmosphere.

Sid: You know on the previous segment you talked about the horrific things that you had insight into what’s coming to America. Will America turn around?

Rick: Yeah it will, yeah.

Sid: What do you envision happening?

Rick: I believe we’re headed for I believe we’re starting to see the first stages of the third Great Awakening. I believe there’s going to be an Awakening.

Sid: Describe what you see going to happen.

Rick: Well…

Sid: Well I hear the word Awakening what does that mean?

Rick: Well I think you saw it last week at our place.

Sid: I did. (Laughing)

Rick: There were actually more people there Thursday morning than Saturday night a lot of them were pastors and had to go home be Sunday. But you saw how crammed it was, packed. It was it was like we couldn’t get any more people in this building. There was a hunger and a fire and these people were absolutely focused from the get go. Most of our conferences in our first day is plowing, getting them you know.

Sid: Hm hm.

Rick: We didn’t…the first minute they were ready to go there was fire in their eyes they wanted God they wanted everything they were there for. I hadn’t seen that in many years.

Sid: Well you know what it reminds me of a friend of mine that had lunch with one of the great healing evangelist of our generation William Branham. And Branham described what you’re talking about right now and this is what Branham said in this last phrase which is what we’re entering in. “God is going to raise up true anointed Apostles and true prophets. They will have the divine mind of God and they will speak as the very oracle of God and whatever they say God will do it they won’t just prophesy about the future but they will know the mind of God; and whatever they say God will perform it and create the future into existence.” He said “Why the supernatural power of God will be so greatly manifested that eyeballs will be put in eye sockets, limbs created, hearts made new, even resurrections will be a daily occurrence and preachers won’t even have to pay for TV time as the miracles will be reported on the 6:00 news daily.” Finally Braham predicted that a revival of God’s glory will flood the nations and God will shake this world with His supernatural power like never before then Jesus will return to His church. And that He prophesied and that is beginning right now Rick and I want you to become a friend of God.

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Steven Brooks

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, now Steven you live up in the Moravian Falls in the Carolinas.

Steven: Yes.

Sid: And that’s quite a historic spot and many of my friends that live in that area they seem to have such a sensitivity to spirit and they see lots of angels, do you?

Steven: Well there are times when I see into the glory realm and I’ll tell you what I’ve never get tired of it Sid. And the Lord is faithful to open that realm up to us as we seek Him and God can open our spiritual eyes, open our spiritual senses to come into that realm and not to have these little visits but merge into a place where it becomes an ongoing occurrence.

Sid: Tell me the neatest experience you have ever had involving an angel.

Steven: Well I’ve had different angels come to me they all have different purposes, they have different assignments from the Lord. I had a tremendous angel, very powerful angel under the Lord’s command come to me just a couple of years ago and his name was Boaz. And he told me that his assignment was to bring provision to those who are called to establish Kingdom projects. For instance, Sid if somebody is called to establish a Christian hospital of a Christian orphanage or if a pastor is called to raise up a new sanctuary building. What the purpose of this angel is is that he has many other angels that work beneath him and they influence Boaz type individuals to support the work of God. In other words, it says in Ruth chapter 2 that Boaz was a mighty man of wealth. And so whenever you have a Kingdom project you’ll need some money to help complete that project and bring it to pass. So there are angels that go to work to cause people of wealth to connect with a God given project and see that project completed and built to the glory of God.

Sid: Okay, someone is involved right now that’s listening to us in a God ordained project. How do they get an angel like Boaz to go out in the highways and byways and have the millionaire bring the funds?

Steven: One of the most important things that you have to do is you have to know that that project is from God. In other words, it can’t just be this is a good idea I think I’ll try to do this. It has to be an assignment that the Lord has given to you and it’s something that you so know that you’re supposed to do that it centers around a primary life calling that you have. You know that whether… it’s like Noah, he was called by God to build that ark. So you know that God has assigned a project to you and you need help. Often times with these projects even to get it rolling you need somebody to step in and make a sizable contribution, once that happens it seems like now it begins to roll and others come on board.

Sid: Right.

Steven: But how do get that first break? You need a Boaz, you need a person like Boaz in the Bible who is a person of wealth.

Sid: I’m going to take you… you have a project you know it’s from God how would you pray?

Steven: I’d say “Lord, this project is bigger than I am, Lord I don’t have the ability or the empowerment to do this. Now Lord You’re going to have to send help. Now let the angels go forth and bring in the necessary help so that the necessary provision of this work can be fulfilled and accomplished.”

Sid: You said angels have assignments, have you ever seen angels whose assignment might be revival?

Steven: There are angels of revival. Just recently Sid only about a week ago I was ministering in Ohio and I was… I had finished my portion of preaching, now I’m just prophetically flowing in the Spirit, ministering, talking under the anointing and suddenly I walked into an angel, my hand bumped into an angel.

Sid: (Laughing)

Steven: It felt like sticking your hand into some type of heavenly gel substance Sid. It was solid but at the same time you could push it a little bit. I said “Lord, who is this who has come into the meeting?” And the Lord said this is the angel Breakthrough. And when I announced that the angel Breakthrough is here the whole place just broke out in joy and praise unto the Lord. It just created a spirit of faith exploded in that place. And I said “They’ll be a breakthrough for those listening to this voice whoever I’m speaking to there will be a breakthrough within 72 hours. And Sid within 3 days I had a breakthrough in my life. A very very unusual breakthrough, staggering breakthrough. And it happened, the angel came under the Lord’s command and broke something special through.

Sid: Now I know you operate in what one of the gifts is called “Word of Knowledge.” What is the Word of Knowledge?

Steven: Word of knowledge is a breakthrough gift that brings not an encyclopedia of knowledge, not a page of knowledge but a word. Sometimes maybe it could be literally 1 word. Sometimes a short sentence, but it brings a word of knowledge that deals with the past or present information. For instance, Jesus ministered to the woman at the well. Sometimes it hard to really get to minister to people because we put these walls up and we protect and we hide because of pain or failure or disappointment. This lady had walls up and Jesus… it appears wasn’t making too much progress as far as ministering to her until he said “Go call your husband.” She said, “I don’t have one.” He said “You’re right,” He said “You’ve been married 5 times and the man that you’re with now you’re not married to him either.” So that word of knowledge was a breakthrough gift and the moment he released that word of knowledge then He could touch her He’s got her heart. And then it allows the other gifts to come in and the love of God to flood into a person’s heart.

Sid: Now distinguish between a word of knowledge and word of wisdom.

Steven: Word of knowledge deals with past or present information. Word of wisdom will always speak towards the future and the word of wisdom is a word to you from God that reveals the perfect plan and the will of God concerning a specific situation.

Sid: Can you recall one that was very meaningful in your life?

Steven:   The word of wisdom is such a precious gift it is worth more than all of the gold, all of the riches in the world. And when the Lord speaks these words of wisdom to me it just makes you want to so thank and love and honor the Lord. Sid the most often way that I receive the word of wisdom is through my Bible, sometimes I won’t even be thinking about anything but maybe I’ll just pick up my Bible randomly and set it down and there’s times it seems like it a scripture just lifts off the page in a 3D hologram form. I remember recently while talking with my daughter late into the night about God’s plan for her life and how the Lord loves her, and we had such a wonderful talk about the Lord. I put her to sleep and she went to bed, I went down stairs and before I went to sleep I thought I’d just grab my Bible maybe I’d get one more scripture in. I opened it up and this verse lifted up off the page it looked like the Holy Spirit highlighted in a 3D hologram and it said “Great will be the peace of your children.”

Sid: Hmm.

Steven: And it was so timely, it was literally the Lord speaking that word to me, it was a word of wisdom for my child.  

Sid: You know when word of knowledge started operating in my life I had no mentoring, I had no examples, I had no one to show me what to do and so for a while I would hear it and do nothing with it.

Steven: Right.

Sid: Then I got the idea what if I called the people forward. Like I would hear the word back, everyone with a back problem come forward and I’d pray for them and everyone would be healed. And then I went to the next level with that gift I began saying “Everyone with a back problem if you will just stand up and bend over where your seated you’ll be healed right where your seated.” So what I found is it… you know what it is I guess it’s what you talk about in the book, the new book and the 3 CD set. The more information you have, I wish I had had this when I first started.

Steven: This book will fast track your walk in the Spirit. This book is years and years of experience I learned in the ministry operating at times in very adverse situations and I took all the good points and I put them into the book. So a person can take this and apply it and you won’t have to reinvent the wheel you’ll be up and running.

Sid: What if you first started you had all this information what difference would it have made in your life?

Steven: I’d be 15 years ahead in the ministry if I knew some of those things, like your saying you’re getting these words of knowledge, or I’m getting a word of wisdom I had no clue of how much profit that would actually bring into my life if I would actually obey it. I thought that it was optional. The word of wisdom particularly is never optional you must obey it or you will suffer lost or harm. So if you do exactly what the Lord says then you’ll always move ahead toward your purpose and fulfillment of your life calling.

Sid: Out of curiosity, it’s a brand new book and a 3 CD set of “Experiencing Miracles in Your Everyday life,” but you’ve been teaching this for a while. What happens with people that aren’t operating in the gifts and they sit under your teaching?

Steven: One of the most important things is that a person will see the value of these gifts. What happened to me is when I began to realize the power of the Holy Spirit coming forth through these gifts Sid I almost wanted to pull my hair out in frustration of all of the missed opportunities from previous years. I thought “Oh my goodness that was the Spirit of God moving, if I would have just stepped out and followed that manifestation of that gift there’s no telling what tremendous miracle would have happened.” So when I caught on to this I was always keen to take advantage of those opportunities when the Spirit comes forth. So a person will receive tremendous joy and happiness in their life as these gifts come for and they yield to the Spirit it will bring great blessing into their life.

Sid: Now one of the gifts that you really flow in is and you actually flow in all nine gifts but one of your dominate gifts is the gift of prophesy. When did you… what is prophesy for starters?

Steven:   Prophecy is declaring and speaking forth through a known language what is on the heart of God that God wants to express to a body of Believers or perhaps even to an unbeliever or to an individual.

Sid: So it could be a teaching that He wants expressed to a group.

Steven: It could be or it could be something more revealing. I was preaching one time in a Baptist Church and I turned to the pastor and I said “Pastor Mike the Holy Spirit just told me that God’s going to give you a church building, your own church building and it’s going to happen within a year.” Well 51 weeks went by and on the last week of the year just before the year was up somebody gave him a church building, gave him the keys to it, the whole building was paid off the prophecy came to past.

Sid: I’m going to turn you loose with the gift of prophecy on tomorrow’s broadcast….

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SID: Hello. My name is Sid Roth and welcome. I said welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest had a download from Heaven for this generation of what you need to do, what you need to do to call forth your destiny, to be in sync with what God has called you to be, to call your family to be in sync with what God has called your family to be, to cause your nation to be in sync with what God has called your nation to be, and he’s going to share the words from Heaven that will cause you to be a world changer. I tell you, Pat, your father, and I have to use this to describe him, he was quite a thug. Now of course, his father was Jewish. He was probably, would you say he was an atheist?

PAT: You know, they had bought into Catholicism, had become Catholics and, but they weren’t practicing. And you know, I was talking to my dad about that the other day, somewhere along the way, God left our home. God was pushed out. And so it wasn’t until I was five years old that my dad had a radical encounter with God, and he worked for the Mafia in Detroit with drug dealers. But it was one night, no one could ever save their family. And my mom got—two weeks before at a southern gospel concert, came home, and the anointing was so strong on her [that] he got miserable and angry. And one night he said, “God, if you’re real,” and had an encounter. And at that moment when he got on his knees and decided to come over [unintelligible]. It changed our family. The family lineage was changed at that exact moment. And since that moment, out of our family has come 130 Christians. Within three months, he walked away from the Mafia. Within five months, he was in Bible college, and he got filled with that spirit thing that messed everything up.

SID: So but, you know, as you were raised you saw miracles. You saw angelic provision. Tell me two, real quick.

PAT: One time, my parents were very poor, my dad had moved to, we moved to Alabama and he’s pastoring. He started pastoring in these churches that I always said were good for one thing, the making and breaking of a man of God. Everybody’s got to put their tithe in. But we were very poor and we would sit at the table, nothing on our plates, no food, and he began to pray. And he’d say, “Holy Spirit, bring someone to the house.” But one night, they, mom and dad loaded up. We lived in an old church. Mom and dad loaded up and went to a meeting somewhere. My sister and I were home, and my brother. We lived on the freeway. You couldn’t see anywhere for a mile, any direction, in an old church, double doors, old building. A man knocks on the door and said, “Is the master home?” I figured he was talking about dad, although we didn’t call him that. And he said, “Give him this.” And we shut the door. It was an opened envelope. The man looked like what I believe Jesus probably looks like, and there were seven one-hundred dollar bills in there. I yanked the door open and he was gone. My parents came in and they were pastoring this church. We were living in an old church, it was very poor. They had prayed, “God, we need $700 if we’re going to make it,” while they were gone. When we opened the door, he was gone. So an angel of the Lord had come. It was an angel. Over and over we had experiences—

SID: But Pat, according to my notes, at age 16, you weren’t filled with religion.

PAT: Right.

SID: You had back-slidden, you were drinking, you were in trouble with the law, you were out with some buddies doing no good.

PAT: Right.

SID: And what happened to you?

PAT: I saw what a lot of people had seen. And there’s people that are watching this right now, and you need to understand. The Holy Spirit is going to invade where you’re sitting. You’re going to feel the breath of God on your face as you’re sitting there and you’re going to feel the Glory of the Lord. And I need to warn you, if you’re cut, your scars are going to disappear. We’ll go into that in a minute. But I often had encounters with God, but I saw the opposite of encounters many times in religion, in the church. And I just began to believe that it wasn’t. We’re driving down the road late one night, my friend and I, and we had been drinking, 16 years old. And we’re driving down a steep hill. The car was blinking 85 and even in my drunken stupor, I would get a conviction. I’d start weeping. And I could be in a service and just begin to weep before God. Anyway, we’re riding down the road, and Sid, a car came towards us, and my friend was really, really drunk, and wasn’t a believer. And we were in the wrong lane. And I began to scream, “Move in the other lane! Move in the other lane!” At the moment, this car came head on with us, I screamed, “Jesus!” My mother would always say things to me like, “I pray the blood of Jesus over you.” We’d walk out of the house in a frenzy. My friends would say, “What did she say?” I’d say, “She’s not right and don’t worry about it, dude.” I’d walk out of school with Crisco. We couldn’t afford olive oil. There would be Crisco oil all over my car and my mom, she’d come by and anoint it. And I’d say, “Mom, what are you doing?” And she goes…. I’d say, “You’re ruining my paint job.” She’d say, “You’re alive, ain’t you boy?” And I’ll never forget because she was always anointing us. I would wake up with anointing oil. But I’ll never forget, that night, that car, when I screamed, “Jesus!” That car went through us. And my friend—

SID: Wait a second. Now you were drinking, so maybe you didn’t see that.

PAT: Here’s the thing. It was so real that it sobered us both up. I pulled off the road. It was two weeks later where I heard the Lord whisper to me, “If you don’t give your heart to me, if you don’t cry out to me, your time will be limited.” And I knew because [unintelligible], I knew he was calling to me. I knew. And I had encounters and I even knew I was called to the ministry. The best to know you’re called to the ministry is you wake up thinking about it and you go to bed thinking about it. Everything that happens will be a great sermon illustration. If that happens to you, you’re called. And I’ll never forget, because I pulled over, we pulled off the road and my friend was crying. And he said, “Did you see what just happened?” I said, “That car just went through us.” And it was two weeks later, Sid, that I was, I crawled out of bed late one night and I said, “God,” because I had seen my dad pray like that many nights, “if you’re real,” and I share this all over the world with teenagers and adults. “If you’re real, I need you to prove it.” So I got on the floor because that’s how I had seen my dad pray, and I don’t know if I was asleep or it was a vision, but he walked in my room. And I was so wounded by church. I had seen so many things. People, you know, sheep bite, and I’ll never forget, because all of a sudden, God walked into my room, and I said, “If you’re real, you need to come in or I’m never serving you.” I had planned on going into the Air Force Academy and all this crazy stuff. And the Lord walked in and he said, “Son.” First thing he said to me, he says, “I want you to follow.” And I said, “I’m sorry my pride has hurt you.” And I’m laying on the floor weeping, and I gave him my heart, instantly filled with the Holy Ghost, instantly began to pray in tongues. And that was the radical revolution. By 17 years old, a year later, I was a youth pastor.

SID: Okay. I want you to hold that thought because after he gave his heart to God, he began to hear words, one in particular that’s in the Bible a lot, the word, “remnant.” We’ll talk about it when we come back.

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sidrothcom on November 5th, 2015


SID: Well I’ll tell you. If I had had the vision that David Jones had, I wouldn’t need some uncle to tell me to serve God. I would be running to serve God. But David, he becomes a Marine. He’s interested in his life. He was continually, continuously going down, down, down. And one day he’s at work. Someone invites him to go to church with him and he had an accident that almost cost him his life. What happened to you?

DAVID: The boss brought me a big old check. And I said, “Me and my brother were going out and partying tonight.” And I thought about it. And then I said [to myself], “No, I’m not going.” I made my mind up not to go. I fell on the conveyor and I tried to lift myself up, Sid, but I had no strength. Then God Himself allowed me to hear my heartbeat. I said, “Oh no.” I started fading out and I wanted to lift myself up, but I had no strength. I said, “Oh no, please.” I began to pray, “Give me another chance, Lord, please, please Lord. I’ll go with this man. Give me another chance.” And I came back and all the people were around me and said, “Are you all right?” Don’t do me like this. I’ll go with this man to church. The next thing I know, I’m going home, I’m getting ready. Here comes my friends, coming to party. They were like, hey man. I said, I went out on the porch. I said, “Hold it. I’m not going with you guys today.” I said, “I’m going to the House of God. You all know I almost died today.” And they were like, what? They said, “It’s Friday. It’s our party night.” I said, “God can keep my heart beating and I’m going to the House of God.” And I went. And I sat in the back of the church and the preacher was preaching. And as he began to preach, all the conviction started hitting me. And I said, I got to save myself. And so I got up and as I started walking towards him all of a sudden, Sid, the devil said, “Get out of this church. Run out of here. Get out of here!” And my legs began to get weak. And I was like, no, no, I know what’s right. I’ve been brought up in church as a little boy. I remember. I remember. And when I got to him he said, “Son, do you want to be saved?” I said, “Sir, yes sir, I want to be saved.” And I went to grab his hand and all of a sudden the power of God hit me and I flew straight back. But when I hit the floor, there were no ushers there to let me down easy. But it was like falling on a bed of cotton. Then all of a sudden the girls were looking at me. Back then, I thought I was a cool daddy. And I said, let me get off the floor with these beautiful girls looking at me. Then the supernatural began, and it began in my belly. Then it got in my chest. Then it got in my throat. Then my tongue began to cling to the roof of my mouth. Then I began to hear myself speak a heavenly language. That’s the spirit of God. Pretty soon I didn’t care about those girls. All of a sudden, I started experiencing such joy, such peace I had never experienced before. I was addicted to crack cocaine, acid, mescaline, THC, alcohol. But God delivered me. Now I have a joy and a peace I’ve never experienced before. And I got off the floor and I was just speaking in my heavenly ways. And then the ushers were trying to grab me. The pastor said, “Let him go. God has him now.”


SID: Okay. Now what happened to your alcohol addiction? What happened to your drug addiction?

DAVID: Totally gone. Instantly healed by the mighty God of Israel.

SID: I’ll tell you, when God can take someone like him and flatten him on the floor, have him speak in a supernatural language and get delivered, and have him, now it’s been like 25 years you’ve been in ministry.

DAVID: Twenty-five.

SID: But I’m going to take you to February 2012. What happened to you?

DAVID: Well I got up to go use the restroom. And as I was coming back and I was getting back in bed, it’s like someone grabbed me by the arm and shook me. Next thing I know, I’m catapulted into an open vision and I’m hovering about 200 feet over the earth. And I can see all the beautiful skies and the sun, and all the happiness, people going to and fro, mothers with their children going into the grocery stores, people pumping gas, businessmen with their ties and briefcase going into the buildings. And all of a sudden, a thick darkness and clouds started appearing upon the earth. And then all of a sudden there was a sound from Heaven, a sound that I have never heard before in all my born days. It was like seven claps of thunder uttered into one. The sound was so deafening, not only did it pierce the ears of all mankind, but it began to pierce them that when they heard it their bodies began to shake and quake. This sound was so deafening, people began to scream. Then all of a sudden like someone took a razor blade and split the heavens, here come the Son of God with all his bands of angels and all of his glory. Oh Sid, and the colors were glorious, splendid, magnificent, glorious, the blues, the golds, the greens. I had never seen such colors like this. And he was coming speedily on the earth. Then people began to urinate on themselves and scream. And then one man said, “No, no, no, wait, wait, wait. I thought I had time. I thought I had time.” But too late. All time had ran out for all mankind. Another man, he was like an Indian guy, real short, he began to say, “No, no, no, this is a dream, this is a dream. I’m going to wake up.” But Sid, he couldn’t wake up because he was already woke. Then I heard a voice from Heaven say, “This is the day of the Lord! It has come!” And I came out of the vision, trembling on the floor, and I’m shaking and quaking within myself. And I began to pray for me. I didn’t pray for my mother, my wife, my children. I began to intercede for me because God allowed me to see such terror. Terror. We know God is love and He’s mercy, and He’s long suffering, and He’s gentle, and He’s kind. But Sid, there’s another part of God that mankind has not been introduced to, and that’s the terror of the Lord. Such terror, such horror. And I began to repent over my own life. Lord, save me. God, forgive me. Because He allowed me to sense what everyone was feeling. And I began to repent. Because I said, “God, I want to be pleasing to you, Lord. If I have hurt you or come against you in any shape or form, please forgive me, Lord. Lord, please allow me to be counted worthy to go back with you. I have seen the Day of the Lord.” Then the Lord spoke to me saying, “I charge you now to warn all mankind,” and said it like this, “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. Whether they would believe you or not, give them warning from you. Whether they receive you or not, give them warning from you. For the day of the Lord is at hand.”

SID: You heard that. Now what are you going to do about it? I’m going to tell you something. If you are lukewarm, you are backslidden and you are not prepared for the Day of the Lord, you are either going forward red hot for the Messiah or deceived. No in-between. Believe that Jesus died for your sins. Repent. Tell him you’re sorry and believe that he has washed your sins away as if they never existed. And then say, “Jesus,” with your own words, “I make you my Lord. Come and live inside of me. I make you Lord of my life.” Do that now. God has given you a very strong charge to tell people. But simultaneously God is telling many people even that are not believers in the Messiah the same thing. For instance, orthodox Jews in Israel are being told that we are in footsteps of the coming of the Messiah. In other words, they know something is up in the air. About the same time that David had that dream, I had a dream. And in my dream, you know, I wasn’t even, David, I wasn’t even thinking about this. It didn’t cross my radar. If someone had said to me, the Lord is coming back soon, I would have said, yes, I believe that. But you know, I’m 73. In my heart of hearts, I’m not sure I really believe that. You’re supposed to say he’s coming back soon. You’re supposed to live like he’s coming back soon. But there just seems to be so much that has to be done. But it’s not up to my peanut brain. It’s up to God. And this is what God showed me in the dream. He said to me three times, “I’m coming back soon. I’m coming back soon. I’m coming back soon” David, between you and me, what did you believe in your heart about the Lord’s return? I mean, between the two of us.

DAVID: Well I didn’t think it was close. I mean, according to all the scriptures and the Revelation teachers and the scholars, I knew it was gonna come and I wasn’t sure. But now I’m absolutely sure that He’s coming at an hour and at a time when man least expects it.

SID: What should someone do that’s just heard this message and believes it’s from God?

DAVID: Set their house in order. Whatever they need to do for God they must do quickly. If they need to ask for forgiveness, they better do it quickly. If they need to go to their mother, father, sister, brother, ask for forgiveness, they need to go get things straight before it’s everlasting too late, because the terror of the Lord is like something I never seen in my entire life.

SID: Okay. Let me take you. I know you’re living a holy life. I know that you love God. Right after that open vision, what did you do?

DAVID: I began to repent and cry out to God.

SID: But you repented. I know you. You repented way before a vision like that.

DAVID: Not like this one. Not like this one. Because he made it so real to me. It was so real and it was so overpowering and overtaking that men and women could not even think straight when it happened. And He came so suddenly just like He said He would.

SID: Why is there so much urgency in giving this message? I mean, I’ve never seen someone with such a compulsion like it, an urgency in your voice. Why?

DAVID: Because there’s an unction within, inside of me that I don’t have much time. You don’t much time. We don’t have much time. And I must preach it and I must proclaim it just as Noah did for 120 years it was going to rain. But they turned a deaf ear to Noah. They didn’t believe that man of God. But the Bible said, God said unto Noah, “Come you and your family into the ark. For He opened up the windows of Heaven. And the windows of Heaven poured out a water upon the land. And everything that breathed through nostrils died just like God said it would.

SID: When you share this message, things have happened to people, have you ever seen people that just moan and wail, and run forward?

DAVID: Sid, I was invited to come preach a week revival. I ended up preaching 21 days. While I was preaching the first night, people began to wail. Football players began to wail, running to the altar screaming, children, teenagers wailing and repenting, and a lot of them were Christians. The pastor himself, mighty man of God, and his wife just ran towards him and said, “Have mercy on our souls, O God. Spare us. Forgive us, O God,” and fell to his face. I had never seen such conviction before in my entire life.

SID: You were telling me about an evangelist that was one at one of your meetings. What happened?

DAVID: Well after meeting, you know, first of all, when I did the altar call everybody came: the pastor, the church, the wife, everybody. The guest ministers, everybody came. And this evangelist left the meeting, and you know, this is exactly what he said, “David scared the hell out of me with that message.” He had stopped preaching. He wasn’t preaching. Next thing you know he started preaching, doing revivals. Eight months later, he died.

SID: Did you just hear what he said? Did you just hear what he said? You see, the Bible says, you do not know when your end will come. Eight months later, he died and all, there’s someone looking at me right now, and you think that you’re all alone. No. The reason that you’re watching this show is for this moment. You think God isn’t interested in you? He has you watching us right now for this moment. It’s your life. It’s your eternity. It’s your purpose. I have to tell you this. If there was no fear of not knowing God, no fear of going to Hell, I would serve God because He’s pure love. I would serve God because compared to knowing God, that’s everything. And compared to everything that’s nothing. I want you to choose this day who you are going to serve. But as for me and my house, we’re going to serve the Living God.


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sidrothcom on October 30th, 2015


Sid: Well my guest is Jonathan Bernis; you’re familiar with him from “Jewish Voice With Jonathan Bernis.” Jonathan and I go back many many years. I’m reminded of a time that we had a meeting of leaders of Jewish believers in the Messiah. At this meeting Jonathan said “I feel like God is directing me to go to the former Soviet Union to evangelize.” And you laid out a little bit of a plan because you hadn’t done it; you didn’t know what to expect, and it was really shot down but I loved the idea. Jonathan and I went to the former Soviet Union several times and you… how did you even come up with the concept to go there and do a special event of Jewish music and dance for the Jewish Community? I know it came from God but how did it happen?

Jonathan: Sid, just reflecting back on the whole experience it was a process that began with a need that I identified which was the plight of Soviet Jews. Then the conviction in my heart the conviction that the Lord dropped in my heart that He wanted me to be involved in this somehow. Out of obedience and faith I went to Russia back in 1990 just out of… I walked in the light that I had and that many many Jewish people that were very open of the gospel which led to more trips back and forth. And then the Lord spoke to me very clearly on an airplane in 1992 and said “Go back to my people and proclaim the good news.” And I was reading Matthew 24:14 where Yeshua was saying that “Before end will come the gospel has to go to every ethnos.” In Greek the word ethnos which is translated nation is people group. And so understanding that the gospels to the Jew first I simply went back in faith and this plan unfolded. It’s all about faith Sid; I have to tell you the Bible’s so clear “Without faith it’s impossible to please God.” The fight of every believer is the fight of faith. And it really was the call of God and the response in faith that brought this all about.

Sid: Well, I want to take you back to the first night there were advertisements. I was with you, and there were some Messianic Jewish music groups. That first night we didn’t know what to expect; so we ran ads. And it’s never been done before it’s a foreign country you need translators. The auditorium was packed, and then when you gave the altar call explain that moment. Because I know what happened inside of me I was there, but you explain that moment of what happened inside of you.

Jonathan: Well, you’re right none of us knew what to expect; I had these dreams of these nightmares of an empty hall and this was a 4,000 seat hall. I have all my friends there including you and Joyce. And I’m thinking that this is going to be a disaster and I’m going to be embarrassed. The enemy will do that, but to our amazement the hall was packed we had to turn people away. And when the time came in the music for me to share I just went out with a microphone and with a spot light. And I told people how the Lord had changed my life. I shared some scriptures; very simple scriptures about the Messiah standing at the door of our heart and knocking and whosoever will call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved. And then I gave a simple invitation for people that wanted to respond to come forward. And Sid to my shock almost the whole auditorium got out of their chairs and came down the altars; just pouring down.

Sid: But I saw something even beyond that Jonathan in addition to what’s you’re saying. I saw Jewish people running to get saved; I’ve never seen that before in my life! (Laughing)

Jonathan: I haven’t either Sid and most of the people in that hall were Jewish; there were very few people that weren’t Jewish. And they did they came running down the aisle with their arms outstretched tears on their faces. And I did everything I could to fight back the tears. Because even now as I talk about it I’m just gripped by that picture, I’ve never seen anything like it before that. And of course the years that followed we saw football stadiums filled mostly with Jewish people open to the gospel and responding to the gospel. Sid we’re living in remarkable days.

Sid: But you know what I want I want to see because I believe the greatest miracles; the greatest evangelism the world has ever see is about ready to happen. So I want those that are listening to be mentored by what you did and I did it right along with you because we’ve been friends for all these years. What you did what word would you say are the major keys that allowed you to accomplish and be used by God like He used you?

Jonathan: Well, Sid I believe that everything that we do is lasting is done by faith. Again, we’re to fight the good fight of faith; “Without faith it’s impossible to please Him.” It’s all about walking in faith and when we walk in faith we’re able to hear the voice of God. And I believe the scripture teaches two ways that we can build up faith. We can walk in faith and actually grow in faith. The first one is praying in other tongues. I love in the Book of Jude where we have this warning against those that have been sensual which means to become sense controlled. Controlled by the senses; they have been overtaken by materialism; by the cares of this world; they’ve been deceived. Because the mind; the renewed Sid are against the things of God. And the exhortation in verse 17 “But you dear friends you don’t have to be this way; you can rise above the senses.” Verse 20 and 21 “You dear friends build yourself up in your most holy faith.” How? By praying in the Holy Spirit. And I believe that’s talking about other tongues. And one thing that we’ve done together over the years Sid is times of fasting and prayer where we spend hours praying in other languages and it builds up our faith; it releases things.

Sid: You know both of us as new believer’s in the Messiah we came in… there was the Charismatic Movement was going, the Full Gospel Business Men, churches would not say go to the back room and we’ll pray for you to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in a supernatural language. It hadn’t been demoted to the backroom or out of the church. You and I would pray days in tongues and at that time I have to tell you Jonathan I knew that it was God and I knew that it was important but I didn’t know how important it was. Because when we pray in supernatural languages we are first of all faith; we’re prophesying our future, and we’re prophesying our future in perfect prayers with no unbelief and the devil can’t even understand what we’re saying. I am convinced that when you and I were praying in tongues all those years ago I was prophesying the ministry It’s Supernatural; you were prophesying the amazing things you’ve done over the years and we didn’t even have a clue. (Laughing)

Jonathan:   Not only that Sid but through praying in other tongues and bypassing my mind and building my spirit. Which is how we hear the voice of God by the way not with our mind; I moved into new dimensions of intercession of travail, of supplication. I had these experiences Sid as you remember where I would be brought down to the ground in travail. I was giving birth to things that I didn’t even understand and I believe that was the preparation for the outpouring of the former Soviet Union that we both…

Sid: Others that we’re praying in tongues with us they would start travailing and it’s almost like a woman giving birth. That’s what we were both doing we were giving birth. But then the second key is meditating on God’s Word. And that’s why I’m so excited to be releasing your brand new book “Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures, The Lord is Peace.”   And these are scriptures that you have personally selected on having peace. And as you explained in yesterday’s broadcast the word peace is Shalom but it means completeness in all the blessings, in all the favor; in all the promises of God. And you have it in Hebrew and you listen to a native born Israeli speak the promises in Hebrew. Then you have it transliterated so anyone can speak Hebrew. And they can speak it out in the promises in the original Hebrew. There’s something supernatural about the spoken word; I mean the whole earth was created with the words of the Living God. But it’s being spoken in Hebrew. It’s changing the chemistry of your body and then it’s in English and you have a CD so not only can they read it phonetically as this transliteration method that Jewish Community developed so that we could read Hebrew. But now instantly people can read it in Hebrew. And people are taking this book and this powerful CD; they’re going to sleep with it at night, they’re doing it during the day. They’re making it a wonderful gift. And the book is so beautiful it would make a beautiful book to just put on the coffee table… Jonathan tell me we did this once before on Hebrew Scriptures on healing. Tell me what feedback you got from the people that got a hold of this kit.

Jonathan:   Sid do I have time to read a quick letter.

Sid: Go for it.

Jonathan: I got it – we had just released Adonai or Jehovah Shalom it’s brand new; but the healing one has been out for a couple of years on scriptures that confess or proclaim the Lord is Our Healer and Health. I got a beautiful letter from a Pastor that says “He had a woman in their congregation who was dying with leukemia. I ordered the set for her and the doctors gave her 10 to 12 days to live. I gave her the CD and asked her to listen to it continually with our prayers, our faith in the scriptures in Hebrew God healed her. The same doctors came in and told her that she does not have any leukemia cells at all. Plus her body is producing the blood again and she’s not dying but will live and declare the works of the Lord.”

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