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Judy Jacobs

Sid: My guest Judy Jacobs. I’m sure you’ve seen her on TBN television; you’ve seen her as a Psalmist but you don’t know what God has put into this woman. And she’s going to change your destiny as you listen to her this week. Judy you had a good job; you’re in the banking industry; you’re a Bank Manager but you’re called to go to Bible College. Called to study voice, and as a matter of fact you heard the audible voice of God. What exactly did He tell you?

Judy: God spoke to me and said “I want you to go to Lee College and study voice and ministry; I have an anointing on your life and I want to use you for My glory and for My Kingdom.”

Sid: And you know it was a struggle for you as I understand to be able to pay your tuition and your way, but you knew that God called you so you pushed. But just before your mother died you’re pondering should you go back to school or not you have an open vision.

Judy: What I saw was people chained around their neck, chained around their arms, their legs, their ankles, body chains. And as I saw this I was so grieved in my spirit and I said to God I said “God what can I do; what can I do?” And He said “Speak My Son’s name; speak His name.” And so I begin to say Jesus sets you free; Jesus sets you free.” And as I said that Sid immediately chains begin to pop, pop, pop I saw them pop off of peoples neck; pop off of their bodies from every tribe; every nation I saw this. And it seems like every time God gives me a vision I always see nations. And so God begin to show me that and then I was so overtaken then, now I began crying. And the vision, I’m coming out of the vision and God is telling me “I’m sending you to the nations, I’m sending you to the nations.” And so I’m overcome so much so I can’t get off the floor. So I managed to get to the phone and I call a friend. A friend comes helps me up off the floor, gets me in the car, takes me 2 miles to my home. My mom comes running out of the house unbeknowning to her what has just happened and she knew the struggle that I was having about going back to school and finishing my degree and going on with the things that God had put in my heart or staying with her. And she comes out of the house and she is screaming; she is praising God and she’s saying “You’ve got to go back to school, God is showing me He is sending you to the nations; you’ve got to go baby; you’ve got to go!” And I begin to weep, we both fell into each other’s arms beginning to weep knowing what was happening and knowing what really was coming next.

Sid: Now you were actually recruiting people for your college, Lee College. People saw you and started inviting you to their congregations and I understand a lot of miracles and manifestations of God occurred.

Judy: I’m seeing people healed, I’m seeing people delivered, demons are coming out of people; I’m seeing people set free; I’m seeing marriages restored. I’m seeing people saved filled with the Spirit. And so now I’m in a predicament because I have made a commitment to this group and yet I’m having all of these phone calls of these peoples and pastors and nations calling me “Come over here, come over here.” And so I just started turning them down and I said “No, I’ve made this commitment and so I’m very strong when it comes to commitments that’s how I was raised. And then the Holy Spirit speaks to me and God says to me “Who are you to refuse the doors that I have opened? Whenever I open a door no man can shut it not even you!” And so as the Holy Spirit begins to deal with me now I know that I have a decision that I have to make and that is when I made the decision to go as a soloist which was the next phase of my life.

Sid: Judy I’m going to take you to 2004 you’re speaking at a woman’s retreat and God said something to you; what did you say to the women then?

Judy: He says, “Tell these women I’m about to show up in My glory.” I knew what the glory meant; it’s the heaviness of the glory of God; it’s the kabod you know. And so I told these ladies I said “Get your hands up God just told me He’s about to show up in His glory.” Well everybody’s got their hands up they’ve closed their eyes; they begin to worship. Well I wasn’t about to close my eyes I thinking “God, if You’re going to show up in Your glory I’m going to see this.” And so as I’m standing there worshiping just like everybody else is worshiping all of a sudden from my right to my left people starting falling like dominoes and what was so beautiful was how they begin to fall so succinctly. It’s like someone is breathing on them; like someone is like blowing breath on them and as their blowing the breath I know that it’s the breath of the Holy Spirit they begin to fall so beautifully all over that auditorium and it’s going around in a circle. And it’s circling the whole auditorium and as I’m watching this I’m saying to the Holy Spirit “Holy Spirit don’t miss me; don’t forget about me.” And so as He’s coming around I feel the heaviness begin to come on me and as it does we are all slain in the Spirit. I would say it was 45 minutes. There’s women out groaning and moaning and including me. After about 30 – 45 minutes I start hearing people start to scream “Oh, my God it’s gone, oh Jesus, thank you; I mean people were like can I use the word freaking out?” They were freaking out all over the room. There was one lady there who had a tumor on the side of her head and it’s the size like a tennis… a table tennis ball; like a table tennis ball the little round white little balls. She has had this over 20 years, she’s a lawyer. She had her hair all the way back pulled back on the side of her head screaming, “It’s gone, it’s gone; it’s gone!” She comes comes up on the stage and she say’s “Look at my head.” And her head I mean it was normal, I mean I didn’t know what she was talking about but it was totally normal. She said “I had this growth” and she showed me the size like a little white tennis ball and she says “It’s gone it’s been on my head for the last 20 years now it’s gone.” Supernaturally miracles were happening all over the room.

Sid: Was this the first time that something so major occurred in your ministry; so many people getting healed; such a move of God’s Spirit or had that been going on before?

Judy: It had been going on but I had never… now I didn’t see that happen Sid really because I was on the floor but never in that magnitude, never in that magnitude. I had seen people get out of wheelchairs; I have seen people get out of wheelchairs and run around the building; I’ve seen those kind of things. But I didn’t see this woman’s tumor disappear; everybody around her was screaming and losing their mind because they knew the woman and they were rejoicing with her. But you know what I was talking earlier about the levels of the anointing.

Sid: Yes.

Judy: So this was another level of the anointing that I was experiencing.

Sid: Okay, let’s take the person that’s listening to us right now as they read about what you did and how you went from glory to glory, or level of anointing to level of anointing. Are you getting feedback that that’s the keys that are causing these people that read your book to do the same?

Judy: The feedback that I’m getting is that people are talking about how they’re walking in more boldness, confidence, and authority than they’ve ever walked in their life. A lady walked up to me this morning and she’s said “I started reading your book last night.” I’m here at a conference here and she said “I’ve started reading your book last night.” She says, “I was up early in the morning and she’s standing there crying” and she says “My life will never be the same again; I have never felt so much glory on my life as I do right now.” That’s what I’m hearing; I’m hearing people talk about the anointing and the glory and the power and the authority of God that they are experiencing since reading this book. The anointing to pray, the anointing to worship; the determination the audacity if you will; the boldness and the authority that has risen up in them since reading this book. Because the anointing will do that; the anointing will take you from where you are and take you to a level you’ve never been before. God never wants us to stay in kindergarten; I never want to stay in kindergarten I want to go from kindergarten I want to go to first grade; I want t graduate with my Doctorate degree. Glory to glory, to glory, to glory I don’t want to stay the same way that I was last week. I want to grow in God every single day, every single week of my life. I want more, and more and more of His presence and glory and anointing in my life Sid.

Sid: Judy, I believe that when people….

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Barry & Batya Segal

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is my friend Batya Segal speaking to her by way of her home in Jerusalem, Israel. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that this Yemenite Jewess had a job; I mean here traditional Judaism is her life, her family but she’s got a big mess at home. She’s just 20 years old pregnant, married, her husband’s in a horrible auto accident and so she goes out to get a job she’s working with a typesetting machine on a computer in a printing business. Her first assignment the New Testament in Hebrew; Batya tell me what went through your mind when you started to realize you had to read the New Testament; you had never read it before had you?

Batya: No, I never read the New Testament before, never and it was handed to me and as you said “I had the choice to quit my work or to do it and I chose to do it. And the amazing this is I found out from the very very first verse in chapter 1 of the book of Matthew I just learned immediately that Yeshua haMashiach was the Son of David the son of Abraham. It went on to tell us about the genealogy of Yeshua and I was just amazed to see how Jewish was Yeshua; I didn’t realize that if you can believe it or not even though in the back of my mind I probably heard that Yeshua was a Jew; it never was real to me I never even thought about Him because for me He was the God of the Christians or the Messiah of the Christians.

Sid: Would you for less than a minute read a little of the genealogies in Hebrew from the Gospel of Matthew.

Batya: Yeah, I will read. (Genealogies of Yeshua in Matthew in Hebrew)…. that was just amazing to read all of the scriptures and to learn about all of the forefathers of Yeshua.

Sid: Now you told me that when you read that your mind began to believe but your heart had problems why?

Batya: Because you know first of all as I described it in my head of course it made sense that Yeshua was the Messiah, but in my heart I guess my heart had to accept Him because there was so many generations and so many things that we were told as children about all the history of the Jewish people. Things that had been going through under the persecutions of Christianity and that I think was really the problem for me to understand how people that believe in a Jewish Messiah can persecute the Jews. So that was something that I had to learn through the scriptures; what are the scriptures telling us about Yeshua.

Sid: And tell me about 9 months later you prayed a simple prayer to God what was it?

Batya: For 9 months I was struggling and one night I went to bed and right before I fell asleep I cried out to God and I said “God show me if Yeshua was truly the Messiah and if He is I would like to follow Him; but show me without a doubt that He is the true Messiah of Israel and He is my personal savior.” And as I said this prayer I saw a vision of the angel of the Lord and it was very real; I saw a real picture of an angel. And the next day as I finished my work I was waiting in the afternoon at the bus stop in Jerusalem and waiting for the bus to come and take me home and as I was looking to the direction of the bus the same angel that appeared to me in the vision appeared to me in life. And I knew that without a doubt at that moment, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is speaking to me and telling me that I have found the Messiah and I accepted Him in my heart. And for the first time after months and months of struggle I had peace between my head and my heart and I knew that without any doubt that I had found joy and happiness.

Sid: But when you went home to your husband and he understood what you believe he forbid you to read the New Testament and have any interaction with believers.

Batya: Yeah, that’s very correct he approved to what I shared with him in my simplicity I basically went to him and shared my joy. And of course there… I shouldn’t be saying of course but I mean unfortunately his reaction was not very pleasing and he objected to what I believed and he really I would say almost attacked me spiritually and didn’t allow me to have any relationship with any believers.

Sid: So why didn’t you just stop believing?

Batya: Oh, you can’t stop believing it’s part or your being, it’s part of your heart…

Sid: Of course.

Batya: It’s like it’s taking your heart away.

Sid: But I mean he wanted to take part of your heart away; he wanted to take you had a daughter by that time and he wanted to take your daughter away.

Batya: Yes, he wanted to take my daughter away at that time and of course that was something that was very difficult for me because we ended up in a court case.

Sid: Not just a court case it went over to the Israeli Supreme Court and the Rabbinical Court. But I don’t understand how you were able to keep your daughter; I don’t understand how you won that case.

Batya: It was a miracle, a miracle of its own. All of my life is full of miracles but this one is a real true miracle; because at that time I had an Orthodox lawyer that was representing me and basically he was able. They took her away from me and the Rabbinical Court that came up with the conclusion and with a verdict that I will no longer see her and that I will have to change my life now and my beliefs if I want to see her. They basically took her away from me. And that was a Thursday afternoon and I knew that without a doubt that God is with me and He made me a promise that He would never take her away from me. It was a great miracle I’ve received my daughter after 3 days even though the court case took 8 years but thank God God has given me back my daughter.

Sid: Okay but what I want to know is 8 years later after this battle in the courts how could you win in Israel where you believe as the traditional Jewish would say in another religion?

Batya: First of all I made it very clear that I did not change my religion I’m still a Jew and I believe in the Jewish Messiah. And I presented it to them also for them to understand that I did not convert to another religion I have become more of a fulfilled Jew by believing in Yeshua. And I still preserve the Jewish holidays and so on, and not just that I think the main thing was that God was with me and He made it possible and gave me the possibility of raising up my daughter without any problems.    

Sid: God is good; Mishpochah I want you to have some of this anointed Israeli music the CD is called “God Through the Gates” by Barry and Batya Segal. Tell me about this particular song we’re going to hear “On the Walls.”

Batya: On your walls oh Jerusalem I have set watchmen. And this has been my prayer as we face so many tribulations at this time and this city that is so dear to me. In Jerusalem God’s city; it’s the city of the great King. And as I was preparing; we were preparing for a conference God has just laid on my heart and gave me the music and the melody for these scriptures. “On your walls Oh Jerusalem I have set watchmen day or night.” This is my prayer for all of the people that loving Israel and loving the Messiah to keep Jerusalem in their prayers and to pray for Jerusalem because when we pray for the peace of Jerusalem they’re asking Yeshua come back quickly.

Go Through the Gates excerpt

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Sid: Most believers’ potential in God has been limited because of problems in their soul. Most believers’ concentrate on their spirit, don’t pay attention to their soul and don’t realize that that’s retarding their growth in the Spirit. That they’re soul wounds are sabotaging them fulfilling their destiny; hearing God; having success. I have Dr. Cindy Trimm on the phone and we’re talking to her about her brand new book “Reclaiming Your Soul.” And her whole curriculum that is changing lives; people that have been believers for decades that don’t understand why they’re not walking into their destiny, why they don’t know their calling; why they’re not hearing God the way that others seem to be hearing God. It’s because they’ve been crippled in their soul. Let’s start out Dr. Trimm with… distinguish for me the difference between spirit, soul and body.

Cindy: Yes, and the Bible does make a distinction; one of the things that the book of Hebrews 4 and 12 says is that the word of God says is that “The word of God is quick and powerful; sharper than any two edged sword piercing even dividing asunder the soul and the spirit.”   So we can start there; we know that our body is different from our soul and our spirit. The soul makes you self-conscience; the spirit makes you God conscious and your body makes you world conscious and so that’s the basic difference there. Your soul gives you the ability to call yourself “I.” When I meet a person I might refer to them as you; or he or she. When I refer to myself I refer to myself as I. And the scripture says that when God created man and Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 “God breathed into him the breath of life and man became a living soul.” So then we created man spirit; gave him a body and breathed the soul into him. Your soul gives your body… it animates your body; and when you die we usually say “Dust to dust ashes to ashes from the earth you came from the earth you return” referring to the body. So your body is physical and it will disintegrate upon death; but your soul and your spirit is eternal.

Sid: Now I’ve talked with you and interviewed you before and you move amazingly accurately in gifts of the Spirit; you operate in the gifts and I would think someone like you would be concentrating on the spirit realm why are you doing this 40 days soul fast curriculum concentrating on the soul?

Cindy: Because the soul is important; it’s important to God and once we understand that your soul has to be healthy. David said “Thou restoreth my soul.” Scriptures also says something that is so important; it says “That we should lay apart all filthiness; superfluity; naughtiness and receive with meekness the engrafted word which able to say you souls.”   So I discovered just from studying the word of God that many times we don’t feel like ourselves; we become like the prodigal son. And in the book of Luke chapter 15 it says “When he came to himself he said to himself.” And many of us live disconnected from who we really are because of the contamination of our own soul. And the Bible says “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world to lose his soul or what will a man give in exchange for his soul.” And if the Bible has that value for the human soul and each human soul. And if the Bible says that the soul has so much worth that it compared it with all of the gold, all of the silver, all of the precious things in the earth realm the celestial value of heaven and earth. And if we can evaluate the value of all of the wealth in the natural world and all of the wealth the celestial world then we can see the value of each human soul.

Sid: Out of curiosity how did you originally get the concept of a 40 days soul fast?

Cindy: I actually was talking to a colleague, a friend of mine, and we talking about the number 40 and just going through the Bible noticing what God does in 40 day or 40 year segments. And so the concept of 40 came from you know God cleansing the earth for 40 days and 40 nights; Jesus fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. It was Elijah that had fasted and after 40 days he was able to run in a supernatural fashion. So as I was looking at what God did in 40 days to take an entire nation from total oppression as slavery and bring them into a promise land as royalty. I began to say “Well there’s something about 40 that we can use in order to help individuals to discover who they are in Christ Jesus and to live authentically; true to who God wanted them to be.” Forty day soul fast, it’s not about what you’re eating it’s about what’s eating you.      

Sid: Now you talk about there are road blocks within our soul that stop us from achieving the potential God has for us. What are some of those roadblocks; what’s causing them?

Cindy: Yeah, I found out that just reading scriptures that our soul can be afflicted and our soul can be anchored and sometime our souls that houses the mind, will, and emotion. So this soul fast is about the healing of our memories; the healing of our emotions; things that our soul has been anchored in and God can remove that so that our souls are anchored in the hope of Jesus Christ. I’ve discovered that when we anguish and we have pain in our souls our souls can actually anguish. I’ve even found that your soul can have an appetite you know. And so because we can have attachments at the level of our soul; what happens if those attachments are not healthy ones?   And that’s what we call a soul tie; there’s legitimate ones and there’s illegitimate ones where we’re attached to things, habits, addictions. If there’s going to be healing of an individual or healing of humanity it’s got to be at the level of our soul.

Sid: Give me some examples of people that have gone through the 40 day soul fast and what’s happened to them. And I repeat it’s not food; it’s fasting things that are getting in the way of you fulfilling your potential and hearing God’s voice.

Cindy: The story that comes to mind is a very provocative story of a women and she wrote in and said that all of our relationships were seemingly messed up. But she never pointed it towards her; and when she went of the soul fast she found out how depression had actually undermined how she lived but how she related to people. And after the fourth day of this soul fast the darkness lifted from off of her and at the end of the 40 day soul fast she reported that her relationship with her children; her relationship with her husband changed because she changed. And this is how powerful the 40 day soul fast is.

Sid: Well you know I love the quote that you used “It’s not about what you are eating; it’s about what’s eating you and keeping you from fulfilling what God wants you to be.” When you coach someone for 40 days as to what they should be doing and they go through the 40 days what are the types of things that will happen to people?

Cindy: Number one people will find out about their true identity; not from the perception of other people but how God defines who they are. That is one of the most profound occurrences that will happen with a person because a lot of times we try to fix things and people around us to bring us happiness not knowing that our outer world is a reflection of our inner realities. And as we allow the word of God to sink deep into our soul to deal even with repress emotions; things that come immediate to our mind. But I’m reminded that the Bible said that “The word of God is quick and powerful.” God can give us laser surgery as it were through the word of God and also He can heal the inner most parts of our beings and some areas that we may not even be able to recall ourselves. Because our memory houses just things that happen to us in the past. And I believe the 40 day soul fast is about inner healing.

Sid: Well I can’t wait for people to take this and I’m going to tell you why as Cindy says “It will be the best 40 days of your life.” Your soul wounds that are sabotaging your growth in the Spirit stopping you from fulfilling your destiny; stopping you from hearing God stopping you from moving in the gifts of the Spirit. These soulish problems are keeping you from fulfilling your potential; keeping you from walking in Divine health and peace and happiness. And it’s time you become who God designed you to be.

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SID: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is so accurate in his predictions that he has direct access to top U.S. government officials to give warnings of what he sees happening. How would you like to find out what he sees happening in the near future to the United States of America, the former Soviet Union and Israel. Are you interested? I absolutely love the gift of prophecy. I’m reminded of Samuel. It says, “Not one of his words fell to the ground,” meaning they were right a hundred percent of the time. Now Larry, when did you first realize you had a gift that you knew things that you had no business knowing?

LARRY: Probably four or five years old. And that was my first exposure to me bringing the gift. My father had an incredible gift. So I was raised in that environment, so you know, was brought up and taught.

SID: You know, you were raised in poverty.


SID: You’ve had, as a young kid, panic attacks.


SID: No friends, low self-esteem.


SID: And then at 13, he runs away from home. And I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t find the guy that Elvis Presley found, with the big cigar. He’s playing in night clubs.


SID: And he’s doing his own thing. But you knew better. Why did you do your own thing?

LARRY: I did my own thing because I was raised in a church. It was a wonderful church with gifts. It was sort of steeped in kind of, you know, tradition. And there was something in me that said there was more out there. There’s nothing wrong with what I got, but there’s something creative in me. There’s something out of the box in me. There’s something I want to do that’s different from the same old, same old of yesterday’s thing. I’m a Renaissance man. I’m from [unintelligible]. And I didn’t know what that was except my expression was sort of, I thought was in music, I’ll find that expression in music. So I ran away. I was running away from the legalism, and the boundaries that locked me in, to a small band with expression in my life.

SID: Okay. In his early 20s, God did not forget about him. What happened, Larry?

LARRY: My early 20s, I decided I was a legend in my own mind as far as a musician. And so, and God began to deal with me. I gave my heart back to God because I was new to the Lord since as a little boy, a minister in the church since a little boy. So I gave my heart back to God and I took a job as a staff minister at a church in my early 20s. And long story short, and this was one of my first encounters with the Lord. It set the stage for everything that I am today. I was going to sleep one night and I had been praying for a long time about the Lord to visit me, to help me find, you know, what’s my destiny, you know. Because it’s destiny by design. We just don’t have a chance. It’s destiny by design. I thought, what’s the design for my life? Why am I here? Who am I? What am I doing on Planet Earth? What’s my call, etc., etc. I was drifting off to sleep, a late Octoberish, fall night in Arkansas, and the leaves were on the ground. The leaves had fallen from the tree, and so you could hear the sound of any crunch as you walked on the leaves. I heard the sound of leaves crunching under feet in the front of the house. And I immediately thought, you know, maybe there’s a burglar in the area, because there had been reports of burglars. So immediately, I was gripped with fear. And I thought, should I call the police, you know, what should I do? Of course, at that time I lived in backwoods Arkansas. You would stick your head out the window and yell, “Police!” But so I didn’t have a phone and I thought, how will I get the police? And so I’m laying in my bed with the bedroom window six inches from my face catching the wonderful Autumn breeze. And as the footsteps turned the corner of the house, I knew it was coming to my window. And at that moment, things changed, the atmosphere changed and the Spirit of God fell on me. It was the most amazing, anointing [unintelligible] that I had ever experienced. And I knew that I had a visitation from God. I knew that wherever Heaven was at, somebody came down from there to visit there. And as it turned up to the corner, I realized and recognized the presence of Jesus. I recognized the presence of that overwhelming love for me, and etc., etc. As he came to my window, it was a figure, but I couldn’t see the definition of his face because it was, he was so clouded in glory and actually love, love like I couldn’t see through the veil of love. So what happened is everything turned red, a most beautiful living red, became, it was no longer a color, it was a living thing. And that red was the agape love of Jesus. And it hung like a cloud over my bedroom. It came through his face, his body, into the screen window to the top, and it hung thick, and it began to fall on me like a mist. It was a liquid red cloud, and I realized it was liquid agape. It was liquid love. And as I began to breathe it in, as I breathed it in, everything unclean and everything not right disappeared and the Glory of God began to fill my soul. And I realized at that moment that experiencing, Paul says “the incomprehendable love of God, neither death or nothing can, things to come, things, to pass, demons, angels, nothing can separate me from the agape love of God.” So it was my first encounter with someone that I thought loved me unconditionally.

SID: Tell me what that change, what was it, the contrast?

LARRY: There were two things that happened at this intersection that became a tipping point for the rest of my life. And the two things, Sid, were, one, was I was aware of one thing. I was aware that in my life, I would make some major mistakes, and we all do. And I was aware of that. But I was aware that no matter what I did, no matter what my mistakes were, no matter how I stumble, Jesus loved me unconditionally. And no matter what happened in my life, he had already paid the price for it down the road. So as long as lived, I was covered in an unconditional love by that. So that set right something in my spirit about being unloved and rejected. And so I was thinking, wow, unconditional, there’s no condition. This man loves me beyond imagination. It was amazing. Then for the first time He said something to me. He had never spoken. He had said to this, “Larry, look at your hands.” And He said, “Why did I put your hands on your arms?” And thought immediately, I thought, to feed myself, to play guitar, to preach. And I said, “Lord, I don’t know.” He said, “I put my hands on your arms because human hands are an extension of my heart. They’re an extension of heaven.” And He taught me how to use my hands and lay hands upon him. He said, “Now I’ll show you something about who you are. This is what you do. Your hands are never to hit, never to smite, never hit anyone with my hands. I don’t shove with my hands. He said, “Have an open hand, not a closed fist.” He said, “Live a life with an open hand. You’re to affirm with your hands. You’re to love with your hands, touch with your hands. You’re to bless with your hands.” He taught me about how he used his hands to heal people. And then he said this to me, “Look at your fingertips.” And I looked at my fingertips and He said to me, “Does anyone else have the fingerprint that you do?” And I said, “No, I’m the only one.” And I remember He distinctly said it with Scripture of the psalm, “You are fearfully and awesomely made.” I knew that also meant distinctly, uniquely made.

SID: You are fearfully and wonderfully, and uniquely made, and God has a destiny for you. And I’m going to believe as we continue with Larry, it’s going to unfold. We’ll be right back.

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sidrothcom on July 27th, 2015

LaDonna Taylor

Sid: Well I have a guest that has the most amazing testimony about what happened when she watched It’s Supernatural Television. And she’s been a guest previously her name is LaDonna Taylor but because of what she went through the healing anointing, which is always been on her violin playing. It’s always been I think that LaDonna that you told me that since you went full time that you haven’t had a meeting where there wasn’t a miracle as a result of the anointing on your music, is that right?

LaDonna: That is the truth.

Sid: However, for those that did not hear our previous interview; you were raised in a Christian home and one of my heroes in your story, and it must be your hero too, is your grandmother. Did she actually pray for dead people that came back to life?

LaDonna: She did, I know of 3 times specifically when my Nana raised the dead in her church services.

Sid: And as a young younger, really young child you would have visions of Jesus and worship Him for hours. That sounds so wonderful to me; I wasn’t saved until I was 30. God wasn’t even in my mind to speak of. But God was important to you your whole life.

LaDonna: My whole life He was important to me. I would see Him on the cross and I would bend over in a little fetal position even as a toddler and worship Him for a long time.

Sid: When you say you would see Him on the cross would this be a cross at home, a picture or in your mind?

LaDonna: In my mind.

Sid: And would you make that happen or would it just happen, I’m just curious.

LaDonna: No Sid I would make it happen, sometimes I’d be playing, sometimes I would just get up in the morning or before I would go to bed at night and I would see Him and I would just… needed to worship Him.

Sid: Now, when you say worship; you know if I can find out how a little child worships Jesus I can find out the way we’re all supposed to. How did you do it as a child?

LaDonna: I just remember every time getting on my knees and bowing down. Sometimes my little hands would reach up and I’d feel like I could touch the cross and I would just say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I love You, I love You.” I truly remember doing that.

Sid: What about the blood of Jesus? Did you have much teaching on that as a child?

LaDonna:   I had more demonstration on that as a child…

Sid: What do you mean by demonstration?

LaDonna: I mean in the church services I would have the demonstration of healing and I could see the people in the church as people would come to the altar and people would say “I plead the blood of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus there is power in the blood.” I would hear that in altar services as a child.

Sid: Would you see miracles happen when they would plead the blood of Jesus?

LaDonna: I saw miracles, I saw demon’s leave people, I saw deliverances.

Sid: What does it mean to you pleading the blood of Jesus, what is your meaning, understanding of that?

LaDonna: The way I always understood it was that the people that were saying this were realizing that there was power in that blood that was shed in the cross.

Sid: You know what I imagine; when I say “I plead the blood of Jesus and sometimes I’ll go into a hotel room and just sprinkle with my words, “I sprinkle the blood of Jesus.” I see every demon in hell taking a step back that is watching what’s going on every time I say the blood of Jesus. That’s what I believe.

LaDonna: Absolutely, even this moment for everyone within the sound of our voices I plead the blood of Jesus and demons will step back now and quit tormenting and quit completing any assignments against the people of God. In Jesus name it’s done.

Sid: Now is this the type of thing that goes on inside of you when you play the song
“Nothing but the Blood” is this what you’re feeling when you’re playing your violin?

LaDonna: Every time I play my violin I look into the eyes of God. It’s my connection to heaven and many times the Lord shows me when I play songs about the blood. The Lord shows me what He’s doing, what He’s accomplishing through the music. I see many deliverances and healings during this music.

Sid: Well, I think that we’ve got to hear that song “Nothing But the Blood” LaDonna Taylor.

Excerpt “Nothing But the Blood”.

Sid: You can see why the anointing is sky high on her music for healing and for emotional problems and any problem anyone has. I mean where that anointing is it’s a demon free zone, that’s for certain. LaDonna tell me one person that got healed that was either at a concert or listened to these CD’s.

LaDonna: I was in Branson, Missouri and I had been playing some music on my violin. And I knew the Lord was healing pain. And I asked someone to stand up that had pain in their body and a lady named Donna stood up. And I said “Where’s the pain” and she said “It’s in my knee.” And I said “What’s causing the pain?” And she said “There’s a cyst on the back of my leg.” And as soon as she said it I knew that the cyst was gone. And I said “Check your leg right now.” And the pain was gone. And I said “See if you can find the cyst.” She couldn’t find it.

Sid: Let me ask you this “I believe that the anointing has gotten so strong on you but I believe that it’s such a progressive thing that every time you minister it will get stronger, talk to that.

LaDonna: I absolutely love that; I cannot tell you the desire of my life to go from glory to glory to glory. Everyday all I want to do is touch Him, “God let it get stronger in the Name of Jesus.”

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