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Lori Strong

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for Jesus; listen you would say “If you knew the problems that I had you wouldn’t be so happy Sid Roth.” Well listen it doesn’t matter whether I know them or not God knows them and it matters what is written. So don’t go so much by what’s happening on the outside you’re a child of God and whatever is going on on the the outside it’s subject to change it’s temporary. But God’s word is eternal; it’s permanent and I’m telling you rejoice; stand still and watch the salvation of God. Stop feeling sorry for yourself; be at shalom, be at peace, recognize who you belong to and whose running interference for your life. You were bought with a price; you have value. My guest does such a wonderful job in crushing curses with the word of God, and most believers I know have one or more areas of generational curses that have never really been dealt with. And we have wonderful books, we’ve interviewed wonderful men of God who have written books on curses and blessings, but I have to tell you this is the most practical of all of them. Because what Lori does is she identifies the curse and the Holy Spirit told her there were 20 big ones that must be identified and she identifies them. Then she says “Well God really doesn’t want the curse and the poverty and the health, and your marriage and your children, and your finances, your addictions, lack of faith or any of these areas. God really and truly want you to be blessed and here are the blessings and she states scriptures and then she writes out a prayer to break these generational strongholds. You don’t even have to know whether you have it or not you know with many of them; like you’ll go through the book and say “Oh, that ones bother me, or that one’s bothering me.” But the truth is there may be vestiges that many of these things that are affecting you and you don’t know what it’s like to be free until your free. And so I have on the telephone the author of the book Lori Strong, another Jewish person that’s red hot for Jesus. And let’s deal with the big one that’s on most of our listeners right now; the big one is curses having to do with marriage. And you start out with one that most people would not ever think would be a curse but it’s obviously a biggy. And that’s lack of communication in a marriage; explain.

Lori: Well I believe lack of communication probably is the most common problem in marriage is one you know that end up in divorce and also the ones that are continuing to stay together. But lack of communication is a curse that I believe has affected so many including my own marriage at times because you know you have two totally different people coming together and usually two different communications styles.   Not only because of the way that they were raised but also because man and woman are two different people and the genders are different even in the way the communicate. And often times it gets misinterpreted, and I believe God wants us to have great relationship with excellent communication and also the ability to express our feelings in a positive way.

Sid: Give me an example of someone that had a problem like that and was set free.

Lori: Well we have some good friends that are very close to our heart and when I was writing the book I was doing some interviewing of some people besides the people we’ve ministered to. But he was sharing how when he was growing up in his home his dad was very very controlling and so you couldn’t express your feelings if you did you would get a spanking or get sent to your room. And so he just learned to shutdown when he was feeling angry or any other feeling rather than happy so he brought that into his marriage which also people do bring those things.

Sid: And I wonder what the wife thinks when the husband just shuts down; what’ going on with her?

Lori: Very frustrating because she expressive and she cries easily but she like to express her feelings and talk. And he would just shut down and leave and that is not only does that bring on the curse of communication it also brings on the curse of rejection because she doesn’t know what she did wrong but he walked away instead of talking about it. And so they got a hold of the fact that he needed, well he really needed to break the curse that was in his family by not having to being in control of everything. And by knowing that Jesus is; or the Lord is supposed to be in control of everything. And so he has learned to let go of his control to let God control their marriage; which is ultimately what God wants for all of our marriages to be the center of our marriage. And that we can go to him when we’re feeling angry or upset and he will always lead us back to our spouse so we can communicate with them in a healthy way and resolve the issues. It doesn’t say “Don’t get angry,” it’s what do you do with your anger that’s important.

Sid: Lori, just so that our listeners can understand how simple your book is I’m looking at the chapter called “Problems in Marriage” and you state the curse “Lack of communication” and what would be the blessing, this is what God wants; He wants the blessing great relationships with excellent communication and ability to express feelings. And then a scripture Proverbs 3:27 and 28 “Do not with hold good from those to whom it is due when it is in the power of your hand to do so; do not say to your neighbor to go and come back and tomorrow I’ll give it when you have it with you.” And then you have a prayer “Father, in the Name of Your Son Jesus I bind the curse of lack of communication from the generations before me; I will not withhold my feelings in the relationships in my family; I will have excellent communication with my family and I will express my feelings appropriately so conflicts will not build up in my home; thank You for giving me the ability to show my feeling at appropriate times, not too late, not too early; Amen.” Now you know this seems so simple but it seems so Biblical and you know what Lori I believe the most profound things in the Bible are not complex they are simple. Let’s talk about lack of affection in a marriage.

Lori: Well the Bible commands us “Commands the husband to render to his wife the affection due to her and likewise the wife to her husband,” that’s in 1st Corinthians 7:3 When I got a hold of that scripture I used it even in my own marriage and I don’t know if my husband’s going to be thrilled about me talking about this but it’s true I often bring the word back to him and say “Well the Bible says that your supposed to be affectionate to me.” And you know the thing that a lot of people don’t understand and I’ve had to understand myself is that everybody has a different way of communicating their affection to their spouse. But that’s where communication ties into. See again those two curses are really tied together.

Sid: What about something deeper; what if a man or woman were abused as a child and so it’s something even deeper than that that would be a curse I imagine.

Lori: It is and we usually have friends that have gone through that and they’ve just had to really pray through that and again that lack of communication I think is the root of a lot of these curses is that if you can talk about it with your spouse because these friends of ours as a matter of fact she was unable to tell him until just recently that she was abused as a child so even hugging to her is sometimes uneasy.

Sid: If you want to get even more diabolical what about the woman that is so blocked or the man so blocked it from their memory that they don’t even if you discuss it with them they don’t even remember it.

Lori: Which is why we should pray these anyway. And because we might not remember everything in our lives that happened as children, and that’s okay I don’t believe that God wants us to go back and just sit in our past. Because He says “Press forward toward the mark” He doesn’t say look back. And so we need to press forward and to really move forward in faith we need to pray these scriptures over these curses that may have occurred and then we can move forward without a doubt because nothing will hold us back. I think of the analogy of you know chains because when we’re in bondage we’re in chains we might be in spiritual chains. But if you think about chains around your feet and somebody pulling on those backwards and so you have to fall back. And how about if we use God’s words to pull us forward and His word is so strong and if we make it strong in our lives and we make it evident in our lives. Let the word of God pull you forward and break those chains of bondage that are trying to pull you backward into what has happened in your childhood or even before that.

Sid: What about and you know it’s almost shocking to make such a statement for Christians; but what about Christians that are involved in adultery it’s got to be demonic.

Lori: It is demonic and it’s also a very hard thing for people to understand that, you know “Love covers a multitude of sin.” And a lot of people use the word of God for their own benefit; they’ll say “Well God says that if there’s adultery then I have the right to get divorced.” But again we have some very close friends that went through that and in the process he got saved so it was an awesome thing. Now she did commit adultery and he was very aware of that but he knew what God said about divorce and he said “You know God hates divorce; he doesn’t say that I should get divorced from her.” You know “Love covers a multitude of sin” and I love her and God loves her and so I’m going to pray for her. And she got delivered from that adultery and today they have one of the best marriages I have ever seen. And they’ve also been able to minister to others but they had to use the word of God and they had to pray that word back and say, obviously you first have to repent because it is a sin but it happens in the Body of Christ. It happens all over but it also happens in the Body of Christ. But I believe that there is so much shame that the Church and others have brought to people that have committed adultery that sometimes they can’t even share that it has even happened that they can’t even get delivered because no one is there to stand by their side and support them in prayer. They just figure they’re a lost cause because they already gone that far deep into that hole.

Sid: And all of us have noticed Lori of divorces run in generations, the parents had divorce; the children have divorce their children have divorce. Some one somewhere has got to stop that.

Lori: Yes, yes, yes!

Sid: I’m preaching to the choir I get the feeling. (Laughing)

Lori:   You do have to stop it you do have to take authority over that. You know I’ll share something very intimate there and I didn’t know if I’d share this but God.

Sid: Well you’re not going to but you will on tomorrow’s broadcast because we’re out ot time.

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Fred Stone

Sid: Getting ready Mishpochah to literally be shook with such power of the Holy Spirit that you will never be the same. And I think that some of you are saying “Amen, I want it; send that fire Lord.” I have on the telephone Fred Stone, I’m speaking to him in a hotel room because he’s ministering in a church in North Carolina. And Fred is the father of Perry Stone and we’ll be offering Perry Stone’s book all this week called. “Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls.” And there is such revelation in this book that’s so few people; so few Christians understand their Jewish roots. And you can’t understand the return of Messiah. And you can’t understand the whole deal about rapture. You can’t understand the timing of events without understanding your Jewish roots. And here let me just read this from the book….Perry Says “Before Messiah’s first appearance anointed prophets searched the scrolls to determine the manner of Messiah’s appearance. In this book I will follow an ancient tradition and use the Biblical text along with history; present day events; Jewish roots to search for the time of Messiah’s second coming. And there are facts int his book; there are keys and codes that he’s found; ancient prophecies that he’s found; information that so few Christians have ever seen. I don’t know how he put all of this together. How one man could have all of this information. This book is suitable for a believer for a Bible study and even a non-believer….It’s called “Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls. Now I have on the telephone Fred Stone. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out about his notorious Uncle Rufus. Uncle Rufus was a heaven, he was a moonshiner as I understand it. And one day he got sick and he was examined and he was going to die; there was no hope for him or just literally be a vegetable. And he went out in the cornfield and he said “God, I’m not read to die; God if you’re really there heal me and I’ll serve you for ever. And all of a sudden the power of God came on him and Fred you take the story from there.

Fred: While he was laying on his back there in the potato field he began to speak in other tongues and God told him “I’ve given you the gift of divers tongues and from hence forth you’ll be able to speak to all men. Well, Grandma Dumford and my mother was in the group and two of the other women and of course Rueford known for a lot and they rushed down to the coalfield. And Grandma Dumford heard him; they had never heard this in their entire life. They heard him laying on his back speaking in supernatural tongues and Grandma said to one of the women, run and get the men the tumor has bursted on his brain and poor Uncle Rufus is trying to talk to us and he can’t. So that’s what they thought was going on; so they ran out one of the ladies to the men yelling for them to come. And when the men got there of course the Spirit of God began to lift off. And when Rufus got on his feet he began to testify and to tell them that how the Spirit and power of God to come on him and he asked Mimi to get the Bible and he quoted the entire 16 chapters St. Mark. And said “Is that in the Bible and she said “Well, I read it somewhere.” So she went to the house and searched the Bible and found it and that was they say every time he preached just about he’d take a scripture out of Mark 16. But Sid, the man was mightily used of God; it is unreal. He would just touch people hands with warts all over them or their face and they literally dropped off under his fingers. He would pray for crippled people and the Spirit of God would bring miracles. Just straighten legs up and straighten feet up; it was amazing. The man had the most marvelous faith in praying for the sick that I have ever seen in my life.

Sid: God said that he was going to give him diverse tongues and of course I’m sure Uncle Rufus didn’t even know what divers tongues meant. And there are probably people listening to us right now; what does diverse tongues mean?

Fred: What is Sid it is a gift above and beyond the infilling; or the indwelling of the initial baptism of the Holy Ghost Everybody will speak in a heavenly language when they’re filled with the Holy Spirit of the Holy Ghost. But the gift of divers kinds of tongues is one of the nine spiritual gifts over above and beyond the receiving of the Holy Ghost. It is a supernatural manifestation where that any language known on the face of the earth can be spoken by that spirit filled believer if God puts them in position or around a foreigner or a person from another nation and He wants to witness to him. They probably don’t understand English. God can anoint that person and they can speak in that language known of that person.

Sid: How many different languages did Uncle Rufus speak. And this is a man that went to maybe a maximum of the 3rd grade. How many different languages did he speak?

Fred: I don’t know of the number brother; for instance I been with him when he spoke to Germans. Three doctors when he was in a dying condition testified that he was spoke brilliant Latin. They were making notes when his wife walked in the hospital room. And they wanted to know said your husband is well educated and said “We were surprised that he speaks better Latin than we do.” And she told them, “Oh no, my husband don’t hardly have any education. So they told them they said “He speaks real fluent Latin.” And she explained to them that that was a gift of the Holy Ghost that the Almighty God gave him when he was converted. Of course they were amazed at it because they had never heard of any thing like that.

Sid: Tell me something you witnessed with your own eyes when Uncle Rufus was ministering.

Fred: Alright let’s take the gift of divers kinds of tongues. I was traveling with him; we were driving through the city of Northern Virginia and he pulled up and he was like he was meditating. He pulled up and stopped in front of a coin meter and right there was a German name with a Shoe-shop. And he said “Son, put a nickle in that; I’m going in there there’s a German I got to witness to.” I said “Well, brother have you been here before?” He said “No.” And I said “How do you know that there’s a German in there?” He said “The Holy Ghost just told me.” So I put a nickle in the meter and we walked in. He tipped his hat toward the man and in German Sid he said “Good morning Sir, how are you this fine morning? Well, the German thinking I guess he was a German greeted him back in German and he begin to witness to him in German. He talked about the virgin birth of Christ, the Son of God coming to the earth and giving his life ad dying. And to show you how supernatural this was the man, the German, the shoe cobbler said “Let me ask you are you a Jewish Rabbi” Dumford said “No.” “Are you a Catholic Priest?” And Dumford said “No, I’m not.” And he said “Well, if you’re not a Rabbi, and you’re not a Priest and he cursed and said he said “You must be an old Holy Roller.” So evidently this German knew that a Rabbi could speak in German, and a Jewish Rabbi could do and probably a Catholic Priest would have that kind of knowledge. But he had some knowledge of the Pentecostal People in that area to know that the Pentecostal People could speak in German. I don’t understand; he must have been some contact with them.

Sid: Out of curiosity did Uncle Rufus know what he was saying when he spoke in diverse tongues?

Fred: He told me he did, yes he said “I always know what I’m saying.”

Sid: That’s got to be such a wonderful gift!

Fred: Yes, he knew exactly the scripture he was quoting and everything that he was saying. And Sid the marvelous thing was here’s a boy about 18 myself was filled with the Holy Ghost and he was speaking through the Holy Ghost. I had the gift of the Holy Ghost and I understood. I told him when we left what he was telling the German in his language.

Sid: What was he telling this German man?

Fred: Oh, he was witnessing; he said “I was driving through town and the Lord had me to stop and said I want you to go in and witness to the man and to tell him that I love him; tell him that I died for him and so on. And this was the purpose of it Brother.

Sid: And he did this all in German?

Fred: Yes.

Sid: A man with a 3rd grade education.

Fred:   Yes.

Sid: And he speaks Latin because the doctor said “How do you speak better Latin than we do? I mean this is…I was talking to your son because he knew Uncle Rufus too and he said that he spoke in at least 7 or 8 different languages fluently. I mean a 3rd grade education Mishpochah. But go ahead.

Fred:   Now basically Sid in the coalfields immigrants from Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia; Hungary all of hose Italy, they would come over here and get a job in the coal field. Most of them could speak very little English just barely enough to get by. So God knew that nobody could preach to them in English where they’d understand it good. So he gave this man the gift of divers kinds of tongues to be able to witness to these foreigners that was over here in the United States.

Sid: Now did Uncle Rufus pray for you? But you started moving in some of these gifts too. Do you think that there was a transfer of gifting from him to you?

Fred: Yes I do Sid. I believe that there is a transfer of a power of God; it can come by associating with somebody. By being with them when they pray; by working with them like like going up when a pastor’s praying for people and standing with the pastor praying with him; his anointing can come on you. The anointing of an evangelist can come on you and yes that can happen; the Spirit of God flows from one breast to the other; form one soul to the other. And this is one way that power is conferred. I believe that’s one reason that I have a boldness in praying for the sick because Dumford never hesitated. It didn’t matter what sickness or disease.

Sid: Did you see him fail a lot when he prayed for people? He prayed for people and they would not be healed?

Fred: The only case that I know of is a man that was crippled in a wheelchair and he prayed and prayed and told him “Fred, I don’t understand this man has stood up and everything but he will never walk.” One day Brother Dumford was driving through a town and I won’t mention because of what I’m going to say. But across this crippled man was sitting; he had a van fixed up for a cripple person could drive; operated with his hands not his feet. And Dumford stopped and greeted him and invited him to church. And the man he said “So and so said I don’t understand why that you’ve never been healed; I felt the power of God strike you and all.” And he glanced to left Brother and there was a house of prostitution in this little coal mining town. And young woman of all ages was out on the porch and men coming and going. And he pointed to that he said “Rufus, maybe one reason I’ve never been healed he said right there is my weakness and if I was healed I’d probably be in that place right over there.” And Rufus said “Fred, now I know why that man was never healed.”

Sid: Fred, we’re out of time! Oh Mishpochah he has got stories of things that he has seen that’s going to happen in the future; come on back tomorrow.

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sidrothcom on October 1st, 2015


SID: Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I just so love breathing in the rarified air of Heaven. You should try it. You’re going to like it. My guest is an award-winning medical doctor that was an atheist, went to Heaven and can’t keep quiet about Jesus now. But that’s not why I’m interviewing him. I’m interviewing him because he totally demystifies death. Now if you don’t know the Messiah, there should be fear of the unknown, death. But many Christians have fear of death. Trust me. You will be in a whole new realm after you hear this medical doctor. Now Dr. Reggie Anderson is a medical doctor in church every time the doors were open. But as a teenager, your best friends you spent summers with were involved in one of the most horrible mass murders in the history of Georgia. What happened to you, Reggie?

REGGIE: Like you said, I was raised in a church, went there every moment I got that the doors were open. Then when I was 15 Jimmy and Jerry, my best friends growing up, were murdered, all six of their family members, and I ran as fast and as far as I could [unintelligible]. And I could not believe that God that would allow something like this, so horrible, to even happen. And so I felt like at that time, that he must not exist because he didn’t help my friends stay out of that tragedy.

SID: You did a little more than that, Reggie. Did you take your fist? Tell me.

REGGIE: I really got angry. I ran as far as I could into the forest near my home, and I shouted angry thoughts at God. I mean, I hit my fist against the tree and I said, “God, you can’t be allowing this and you must not even be here on this planet, I mean, or not even exist.”

SID: So his new God became science and through science, he went to medical school and they just reaffirmed that he should be an atheist until he saw one of the most beautiful things on Earth. What was that?

REGGIE: It was the human body. I was sitting in a Gross Anatomy lab and I looked, and it was a piece of art. It was, I could not fathom that this order came out of chaos. Something so beautiful as the human body, I had no other explanation other than an artist, a creator. And so I started to think, there must be something else.

SID: How did this defy your scientific understanding?

REGGIE: Well I had been trained classically as a scientist in physics to realize that unless there is an outside force order goes to disorder, that’s physical law, and of course, the biologists kind of disagreed with that. They said that evolution explained everything, that we came out of disorder. So I could not really resolve that conflict in my mind as a scientist. So then I see the creation in front of me, the human body, and I realize the only way this could happen was with a creator. SID: But it still wasn’t enough because all that hurt inside of him, all that anger, all that rage, God, why did you do this. And some of you can relate to this. So God knew exactly what to do with Dr. Anderson. He saw the most beautiful woman at college and decided, I want to meet her. But there’s a problem. What was the problem, Reggie?

REGGIE: Well I asked her out on a date and we went, and on the way home, I was asking her for a second date. But she asked me a very important question: are you a Christian? And I said the only thing I could think of, “My parents are.”

SID: That must have helped a lot.

REGGIE: So in response to that she said, “I don’t think we should date because my life is dedicated to Jesus Christ and your life is going on a totally different path.”

SID: But he keeps pestering her and he overhears her saying to one of her girlfriends, “This Reggie, he’s an atheist and he’s kind of a stalker.” But that still didn’t stop you seeing her. And so finally, he goes off on a camping trip. He promises her that he’ll read a book. What happened?

REGGIE: Well she had given me a book a few weeks earlier, called “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis, and my mother had mailed a Bible to me. And I took those two books, and I sat down by the fireside, and I read straight through “Mere Christianity” and I read the Gospel of John, and then I fell asleep, and I started dreaming the most miraculous dream for an atheist, especially.

SID: What was it?

REGGIE: Well in that dream, Jesus came to me and he spoke these words, he said, “Reggie, why are you running from me? Your friends are here with me in paradise.” And I turned and I could clearly see Jimmy and Jerry, and all their family, and they were well and healthy, and I wanted to be there with them. I did not want to leave that space with them. And then Jesus said, “If you’ll stop running and listen to my words, I have a plan for the rest of your life.”

SID: I mean, it was such a plan. He found out what he was supposed to do the rest of his life in Heaven, in this dream. When we come back, you’re going to find out it was preposterous to him and surely preposterous to the woman he was kind of stalking. Be right back.

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sidrothcom on September 25th, 2015

sid roth

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be able to walk in their inheritance. You see there’s a fight going on and it’s a fight for the supernatural. Because the reason the church must move in the supernatural is to win the Jew. Why? The Jew requires a sign. Well why must the church win the Jew? Well among other things Jesus said “He would not even return in Matthew 23:39 He said “You shall see Me no more until you say ‘Blessed is the he who comes in the Name of the Lord.’” But there’s either a greater reason; you see when you win the Jew, and this is why in Roman’s 11:11 Paul distinctly says “The call for the Gentile believer is to win the Jew; salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.” Now the fight is over the supernatural to win the Jew, not just for the return of Jesus, but that’s true and that would have been enough but it’s the battle for the salvation of the world. Because when the Jew comes into the church the middle wall of separation comes down between Jew and Gentile once and for all. And One New Man is formed and Jesus puts it this way in John 17th chapter the 21st verse it said “I pray that they might be one.” There are only two people groups at the time He prayed Jew and Gentile; Christian’s weren’t here. I pray that they might be one and when Jew and Gentile are one what would happen; the next verse. “So that the world will believe.” And then the next verse is “When Jew and Gentile are one the world will believe because the same glory that is on Me” Jesus says “Will be on them.” Do you want to see a release of God’s glory on the church? Do you want to see the church become the glorious church? Do you want to see… well you see when the Jewish person comes into the church it says “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people.” That’s why the salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy. Why do we owe and debt of gratitude because the Jew preached the gospel to the first Gentiles, now the Gentiles must preach the gospel to the Jew so we both are grateful to each other. That’s the Sh’ma that’s Deuteronomy 6:4 in which Jesus said “If you’ll do this you’ll fulfill all of the Torah, all of the law.” And what is Deuteronomy 6:4? “That you shall love God with all of your heart, with all of your mind, and with all of your strength and all of your being; and that you should love your neighbor with all of yourself.” And when the two come together Jew and Gentile you’ll so bless the heart of God that just as He promises during the Biblical festivals or the Biblical God appointments. He says “These feasts are Mine; He’ll show up.”

We’ve been speaking this week about the Biblical Festival of Shavuot or Pentecost. And I said this is one of my favorites because at Pentecost or Shavuot the priest would hold 2 loaves of unleavened bread up to God and he would be worshiping God and he would then wave them to God as an offering. And it was like the firstfruits of the harvest because a great greater harvest was coming. And the true meaning of Shavuot is when we reach out to the Jew first a greater harvest is coming. Now how do you reach the Jew? With the supernatural. But there is another supernatural dimension and it’s called the greatest gift of all. And you know what that is? Love, and the most love starved people on the face of this earth might surprise you because we have a nice façade, nice exterior. But the most loved starved people on the face of this earth are Jewish people. But this is what Isaiah tells us in the 49th Chapter of verse 22 and 23 the key to the heart to the Jew. It says “Thus says the Lord God behold I will lift my hand in an oath to the nations and set my standard for the peoples.” In other words nations are about to do something; this is what they’re about to do or the Gentiles; “They shall bring your sons, (That’s the Jewish sons in their arms and carry your daughters) that’s the Jewish daughters shall be carried on your shoulders; kings shall be the Jewish people’s foster father, and queens their nursing mothers.” We that know the Messiah are kings and queens in God’s Kingdom. “They shall bow down to you,” (That’s the Gentile Christian) “With their faces to the earth and lick up the dust of your feet.” I mean we Jewish people have been separated from God because our sins separate us from our God for 2000 years. We’re the most love starved people on the face of this earth. And I tell you when you walk in supernatural love to the Jewish people it says “Then they will know that I AM.” That’s another name for God, “Then they will know that I AM the Lord!”

We’re coming into a very amazing time in the history of planet earth. In the Biblical festival of Shavuot or Pentecost we read many sections; another section we read is in the Torah is Habakkuk 3:2 “In wrath, remember mercy.” Why will there be wrath? Because we’re going to have a judgment. Why will we have judgment? Because of our sins. What’s sins? How about the sin of homosexuality; how about the sin of adultery? How about the sin of abortion? How about the sin of abortion? How about the sin of New Age? How about the sin of anti-Semitism? How about the sin God says in the Living Bible in Zachariah “He that touches Israel pokes their finger in God’s eye?” How about the sin of being against the Jewish people having been given the Covenant land of Israel unconditionally forever?

You know I am so grateful that we have a man of God in the White House, and I say this because I believe it. I believe that President Bush is a man of God and he is making many decisions that are godly decisions but there is one decision that will be the Achilles-heal of his administration if he doesn’t repent, and that is involving dividing up the land of Israel. Joel the 3rd Chapter says that “It will be judgment in the last days and it will be for only one sin and it’s won’t be for homosexuality; or adultery, or abortion, or New Age although those are major sins. But this is but the area of sin will be in the last days that judgment will fall that you have divided up My land! It couldn’t be any clearer. But I believe in the midst of the judgment that is coming there will be mercy; that’s what Habakkuk tells us in 3:2. “In wrath remember mercy.”   And the mercy will be revival; there is a major, major, major and I mean this week we’re talking about Pentecost and Shavuot, a major outpouring of God’s Spirit. Remember the story about the 10 Virgins; never forget that; a virgin is a type of believer. “Five were wise, five were foolish; five were hungry for the Holy Spirit; five were hungry for things of the world.” The ones hungry for the Holy Spirit walked into the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. The ones that were interested in other things said “Give us some of your oil.” But they said “No.” You know why? You have to get your own oil; you have to reach out for God. You have to worship God; you have to tell God how much you love Him.

And this is the season, this Shavuot, this Pentecost; that whosoever calls upon the Name of the Lord will be saved and filled, filled to overflowing with the Spirit of the Living God. Yes revival is coming; yes there is a great harvest and the question is not whether revival is coming; the question is not whether or not there will be a great harvest. The question is the same question that Elijah asked in 1st Kings the 18th chapter 21st verse “How long will you falter between two opinions; if the Lord is God follow Him but if Baal follow him.” Remember Elijah and Elisha? Elisha had to stay close to Elijah or he would have missed the rapture of Elijah. A lot of people say “Is there a pre-tribulation rapture, is it mid, is it post, what is it?” The issue is not when does the rapture take place, the issue is will you be raptured; will you be caught up in the air? Well, you have to stay as close to Messiah as Elisha stayed to Elijah. And Elijah was caught up in a whirlwind, do you remember that? And what happened at Pentecost? A whirlwind came upon us with fire. And a whirlwind of God’s fire is about ready to come upon you if you hunger and thirst for righteousness God’s promise is “You will be filled.” Our time is up today but I have something so important to tell you some truths for the last days involving the United States of America on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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sidrothcom on September 17th, 2015


Sid: My guest Randy Clark is red hot for the Messiah; you know when Randy starts teaching on words of knowledge it kind of jumps off of him on to you. And I would like to know Randy how this all got started with you as far as operating in words of knowledge.

Randy: Well Sid, I was in my office and I was telling the Lord in prayer that “I’m glad that I’m not a person that believes that You used to do this stuff but you quit; You used to do miracles but you quit; I’m glad that I’m not after sensations; I’m glad I’m not a liberal; I believe that the Bible’s true that You did miracles and You do miracles.” And I was expecting God to say “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” But instead I heard in my heart “So what.” I sat up in my desk in my chair and I said “God, what do You mean so what.” And then the thought came; you might as well be a liberal or a sensationalist to say you believe these things are for today but you don’t know how to move in them.” That was a big point of turning in my life and I began to seek God and go to conferences and read everything I could to learn about how to actually move in the gift I believe are for today but I don’t know how to move in them. As a result I got a telephone…I called a guy from the Vineyard and he told me on the phone 5 ways that you can get a word of knowledge. And within 3 days of having that teaching which was only like 5 minutes on the phone; within 5 days I began to get words of knowledge.

Sid: Okay, give me a 5 minute teaching on words of knowledge right now.

Randy: Okay, you can receive a word of knowledge by having a thought that’s not usually a thought about a condition; a need, a name. It can be a number; recently I heard the number 7; so I said in the service “I don’t know what it means but it’s got something to do with your problem.” People got healed who they were born on the 7th; they got healed when they got hurt on the 7th, they had 7 things wrong with them; they had the sins a lot of things like that. So as an impression you can think them; you can feel them, the pain is not your pain; you feel what it’s like in somebodies body and 90% I get them that way. You can see them; it’s like a mental picture of how somebody got hurt or what area the body was hurt. In can be an open vision where you see it. So you can feel them, you can think them, you can see them. I’ve never had this but I have people all the time that do; they actually see a word on somebody and you can say them as you’re praying for somebody or talking to them you hear yourself say something you didn’t plan to say and it’s the key that unlocks their soul to be healed. Then I learner recently about 4 or 5 years ago at Heidi Baker that you can dream them. And once I heard that within 2 weeks I had a dream. And what I saw I saw a hand that had like 4 inches of sliver stuck into it sticking out 2 inches past the palm. I gave the word; the Word of God came his pan handle is paralyzed and this sliver had cut his nerves and the tendons in two and his paralyzed opened and he knew it was for him and he was instantly healed. So you can feel them, think them, see them, say them, read them, dream them or it can be an odd experience that the Lord quickens it’s meaning to you. So there are several ways you can have words of knowledge.

Sid: Now, just out of curiosity what if you have a major word you’re talking about and no one raises their hand; what affect would it have on you now?

Randy: Well, if it was a major word I would know that somebody’s got it and they don’t understand or they’re afraid to raise their hand.

Sid: You have more faith in your word than in them raising their hand; is that what I’m hearing you say?

Randy: Yes, at this point because I’m been doing this since 1984.

Sid: But look how someone could get faked out because I have people that come up to me two weeks later and they say “Do you know when you had that word I was healed but I didn’t want to come up.”

Randy: Yes, what do you do when somebody doesn’t respond when words given; how do you pastor that and I try to talk about it. Because when I was pastoring in St. Louis that would come up to me after the service was over after the service was over they would not acknowledge because they were from a tradition they weren’t used to this; they were embarrassed or it was weird but then after the service was over they would come up and admit it and say “Is that person still available could I get prayed for now?” So it does happen that way.

Sid: Now when you teach you then let people come forward with words of knowledge; explain how that works.

Randy: When I teach this I basically say “God just told me this is what I’m to do there is a call on my life and I’ve been doing this since 1984 and every time I’ve done it God has given people a gift of the word of knowledge. Then in the next 2 minutes or over the next few weeks you’ll recognize it or know what it is now that you wouldn’t have before. So I just have enough faith to know that it’s going to happen so I say …I pray and I wait 2 minutes and I say “All of you who think you’ve just got a word of knowledge if you wait until your certain you’ll miss 90% of them but if think you may have had a word of knowledge come on up; this is a time to learn, you’ll learn if you were write or not.” And usually 90% of the time they’re right. And so and that’s been happening every time that I’ve taught this since ’84.

Sid: You know I feel such a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit right now Randy. I believe that you have taught for a little bit and if you would pray a prayer of impartation for people to have activated the gifts of the Spirit in their life.

Randy: I’d love to do that and I do want to say that I believe when I pray this God is going to start giving people gifts but the only way they’ll learn they’ll have to go for risk it. “Father thank You that Jesus died, that the Spirit could be poured out according to the Old Testament prophets upon all flesh; we thank You that our sons and daughters would have dreams and visions and the old men would prophesy. And we thank You God that the Spirits been poured out; so in Jesus Name I pray for the activation of word os knowledge that people heard what we just taught the they would begin to recognize that it’s not intuition, that it’s not weird pain, it’s You are showing them something you want to do for somebody. So Father I bless the people that are listening; I speak faith to them; I pray for this release of the Holy Spirit and activation of words of knowledge in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sid: Amen now I want you to talk to people that just received that impartation again what they can look for for words of knowledge. The various different ways it occurs.

Randy: Yeah, the most two common ways that it occurs is that people begin to feel pain that’s not their pain. The second most common way is that they begin to have impressions of condition at church or while they’re at work or when they’re with somebody and it’s just that impression that comes of a need of a physical problem. And then probably the third most common way is they basically see like a daydream of how somebody got hurt or an organ or a part of a body. Those are the most common ways, though you actually see a word on somebody; or you can dream about how somebody got hurt.

Sid: Now you told me when you went to Africa that’s when you understood God really want to talk to us through our dreams. You began believing this and then it started happening. Tell me one dream and the result.

Randy: I just mentioned one I saw the guys hand that had the sliverer in it; both hands actually. And I saw nobody, no arms just the hands in this dream. I woke up that day I gave that in the service; I wasn’t sure it’s God because it’s the first time I had ever had that. And a guy was…he came up and before I could pray in the Name of Jesus he was already healed.

Sid: You see if most people if they had a dream like that would have done nothing with it.

Randy: And if I had not had that teaching from this guy I had interviewed that had raised the dead, several people from the dead actually in Mozambique I would not have known myself and I would have discounted it. And that’s the whole thing, part of learning to flow and move in the Holy Spirit’s gifts is understanding the ways of God and how these gifts manifest so that when they do happen God get’s the glory instead of us missing what He’s saying to us.

Sid: …so that you can start being activated. The reason to be activated is because this is God’s plan A for evangelism. And plan B is so far removed but the church works on apologetics rather than demonstrating the Kingdom. And the reason they do that is they don’t know how; faith comes from hearing….Randy very briefly God uses you in very dramatic prophecy; I was looking at a few of the people that you’ve prayed for. For instance I’ve interviewed this fellow Lief Hetland; tell me quickly what happened to Lief.

Randy: Well the prophetic word was “God was going to use him powerfully; make him a bulldozer and make a way where there’s been no way in a dark place and he would be light. Any way more than that; but the power came on him knocked him to the floor and he shook for 2 ½ hours. And he’s lead 1 million people in Pakistan alone to the Lord since then through healing, miracle crusades; not crusades the calls them I forgot what he call them but he doesn’t call them crusades there in the Muslim world.

Sid: Right.

Randy: But any way he has had a million in Pakistan come to the Lord. And many more; I mean lots of other people in other countries. The same thing with Heidi Bakker and oh about a million people in her ministry since the prophesy came for her. Another guy by the name of Henry McDova Ukraine had a million people in his minstry come to the Lord since he had a prophetic word for their church and there’s been several people like that.

Sid: But you know what? You may not get a prophetic word like that….


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