Sid Roth on February 4th, 2016

Shira Sorko-Ram

Sid: I have on the telephone a good friend Shira Sorko-Ram she’s really a pioneer in Israel, she’s been there since 1967. Shira and her husband Ari have a wonderful congregation in the Tel Aviv area. Their organization is called Maoz and I’m speaking to her at her home in Tel Aviv. And she can’t wait to finish the interview so she can go out and go out and have dinner with her husband but as she explained on yesterday’s broadcast it’s a tense area. You literally have to pray before you go out to a restaurant we here in the west can’t even comprehend that Shira.

Shira: Right I live 2 blocks from the beach area and that has been where some of the most intense bombing has happened of restaurants.   And then up the other way also there’s been also probably 3 or 4 bombs since the intifada started. So we do we stay prayed up we don’t walk in fear we just… we try to be wise and not do stupid things. But like a year ago one of our members wanted to have a birthday party for another member so we went to a restaurant and might have been like oh 15 from our congregation. There and there were 2 restaurants right together with like glass-plate windows altogether. The very next night a bomber just got out of a car and walked up right next door and bombed and the whole thing went up in smoke. So we went on the right night praise the Lord, I thank the Lord He kept us. And we pray over our people we pray for their safety, we have a number of soldiers in our congregation we continually pray for their safety. Actually we even have one person in our congregation whose not that strong of a believer yet, but he was in one of the last bombings in this place called “Mike’s Place,” it was right next to the Christian I mean American Embassy. And he was in there with some unsaved friends and shouldn’t have been in there but about 5 minutes before this bomber walked in or came up to the restaurant he felt the urge and he just said to his friends “We’ve got to get out of here.” And his friends said “Oh, you’re going to ruin the night for us” but he insisted on leaving and as they were walking down the street they heard the boom behind them. So God was even merciful to someone that’s not even that close to Him.

Sid: Shira you told me there’s a total change in the atmosphere in Israel as far as open to the gospel even your congregation has just been growing by leaps and bounds. Tell me about a few of the miracles in your congregation.

Shira: Just wonderful, one of our young men came in and he had been living a homosexual lifestyle and he just came in. We hardly prayed for him he says, this is it I have found the truth I’m giving this other lifestyle up. And we were just amazed because we figured it would be something that really needed dealt with and prayed with. And perhaps there’s demonic work there, but he just said “No, this is it!” Well we didn’t tell the rest of the congregation but 3 weeks ago he stood up and said “I’ve got to tell you what God has done for me; he freed me from this lifestyle that I’ve been living in now my life is given to Him.” So I mean talk about a work of the Holy Spirit. Another one is wonderful gal who’s not she and her husband are heading up our children’s department or actually our youth department. And she comes from a kibbutz and she’s always looked for God she said “All her life she’s raised on an atheistic kibbutz.” But she said, “Even as a child she would pray to God “God are You there? God are You… can You hear me?” And then she got in touch with some Orthodox people and she became very strong Orthodox Jewess; you know the whole garb and all of the lifestyle of that. But after awhile she said that she saw so much hypocrisy and there wasn’t the heart thing you know the love of God. So it disappointed her and she left it and then she said as she was praying a prayer all she could explain is that the Holy Spirit hovered over her and begin to show her that Yeshua was the Messiah and this came out of like faith you know what I’m saying out of nowhere. And she got a hold of some believers and she is a fiercely strong born again Messianic Israeli. There was another lady who was so anorexic that when she came into our congregation they had to help her in she couldn’t stand up by herself. I mean if you look at her you saw death on her face. She has been transformed by the love of the Lord. We as believers have helped her start a little business she’s making the most gorgeous jewelry now you have seen in your life. So it just goes on and on another man who was traumatized in the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and he’s 100% disability and is supported by the state. He was traumatized and never got over the paranoia, but he got a Christian lady that married him from South America and she brought him as a Jewish person to our congregation. He now loves the Lord and is serving the Lord and is improving, you see improvement all the time before he couldn’t sit through a service at all he had to get up every few minutes. He’s now sitting through a service so these are the miracles that are happening. Oh, I want to tell you this, a couple of days ago had another young lady beautiful young lady that came to the faith and we found out that her mother and father own a store where Ari and I have been buying things for 20 years. And so we found out from the mother and father that when they found out that their daughter was connected to, they didn’t know what, they were so worried that it was some kind of cult. And the mother wasn’t sleeping at night so the daughter went home and said when we told the daughter we said “Oh, we know your parents because we’ve been buying there.” And so she went home and told her parents and they were so overjoyed and they said “Oh if it’s Ari and Shira because they known us for 20 years that’s great.” So shortly we’re going to take them out to dinner and we believe that the parents are quite close they’re the types that’d just jump at the truth if they knew it. And so it goes on and on.

Sid: Shira let me ask you a question that’s really must get an answer to and that is you’ve lived in the land since 1967 the land of Israel you’ve see it go from a 100 Hebrew speaking believers to over 100 congregations of Messianic Jews in the land of Israel. What’s on the forefront? I want you to give me… you’ve studied the Bible all of these years, you’ve come from such a godly heritage your mother and your father; what is your sanctified prophetic understanding of what’s going to happen next in Israel?

Shira: You know that is something that really needs to be discussed at length, but my understanding of what I can see in the scriptures that there has to be a significant revival among the Jewish people both abroad and especially in Israel before the coming of the Lord. Yeshua said “You will not see Me until you say ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’” And He was speaking to the religious Pharisees, Sadducees that didn’t believe in Him at all. And so I think that that’s one… there’s a number of verses that I think correlate this understanding that there has to be this revival among the Jewish people, then the Jewish people are to be a light to the Gentiles. The Lord said through Paul in Hebrews 11 “That the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” And He was speaking specifically about Israel. So her call cannot be changed and she was called to bless the world, God told Abraham…

Sid: Oh Shira, your right we need another week on this we’re out of time. Thank you so much for being my guest. Mishpochah you heard the prophetic word you heard her say that there must be a revival before… among Jewish people before the Messiah returns in the nations as well is in Israel.

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Sid Roth on January 27th, 2016

Sid Roth 785-Glenchur

SID: You know, I’m reminded of the scripture, “This is eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge with Him.” That’s in the Wuest translation. Jane, how can we stop what’s going on with these young kids that either go to college or they’re that age. They’re raised as Christians, but they never, they were much like you. They just had the head knowledge. They believe because their parents told them to believe. The minute they get to college or they get among peers who make fun of them, they drop their faith. How can we make a difference as we raise them?

JANE: Well I did have that same experience because all of my knowledge about the Lord was head knowledge. And I walked away from my faith in college and recommitted my life to Christ right as I was applying to medical school. And I have such a passion to teach children and young adults to experience God’s presence, to experience these personalized answers to prayer. Because once you experience hearing God or see supernatural answers to your prayer, you can’t deny that God exists and you start to see how much He loves you, because He shows you how He cares about the smallest details in your life, and then your faith builds.

SID: My favorite story about your daughter is a birthday party and she got an unusual gift, a sock. But it wasn’t just a sock. It was a sock that had been used with a hole in it. Tell me about that.

JANE: Yes. My daughter received a gift. It was a special pair of multi-colored socks and she was so excited. It was from her best friend. When she opened the gift and she tried them on at home, there was a hole in the sock. So she came to me absolutely upset and very angry because she felt like the friend had played a trick on her, was doing something mean. Well I said to her, you know, let’s ask God what his truth is about this. So we sat and listened and God was showing me that the child couldn’t afford to give her a gift, but wanted to. And so this was the only thing she could do was to give her a pair of her own socks. But I didn’t want to tell my daughter that. I wanted her to hear that from God herself, and God showed her that. And all of a sudden, her countenance changed and her anger disappears, and she starts to have compassion. She said, “Mom, God just showed me that she really wanted to give me a present, but she couldn’t afford it.” And then she felt sorry that she had gotten mad, and she had compassion for this little girl.

SID: What a life lesson. But what about adults that never had that good a training. They didn’t have an apprentice-of-prayer mother. How do we hear God?

JANE: Well I teach people that you need to be in a quiet place because you don’t want to be thinking about distractions, your cell phone, your to-do list, what you’re going to have for supper. You also need to learn how to quiet your mind. Now many people are talking in their head while they’re praying, and what they’re usually doing is analyzing the problem and coming up with solutions, not listening to God.

SID: So they’re doing a God bypass and they don’t even realize it.

JANE: That’s right.

SID: And they don’t even realize it.

JANE: That’s right. They don’t. And I used to do this myself because in high school I was the queen of pros and cons lists, and I have a very linear, logical way of thinking.

SID: I see that.

JANE: Right. So.

SID: You know why I see it?

JANE: Why?

SID: So do I.

JANE: Which is great for medicine.

SID: Right.

JANE: But it doesn’t work for prayer because, again, you’re relying on your human logic and reasoning, and that will filter out God’s best solution for you. So I had to learn to get rid of the pros and cons lists, because Romans 8:6 says that, “The mind of the flesh is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit.” And that convicted me that I was using my sense and reason to solve my problems. I really wasn’t listening for God’s answer. And so then I began to quiet my mind. I began to relax and focus on hearing and expecting to hear an answer from Him.

SID: Now that’s key, not just hearing, but there’s a faith dimension. Did you catch it? Expecting, expectancy. I am going to hear from God. When we come back, Jane was mentored by the Holy Spirit on power prayer, and I want her to share one of the supernatural secrets. Don’t go away.

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Sid Roth on January 19th, 2016

Sid: Now what is more red hot for the Messiah than one Jewish Believer in the Messiah? How about 2 Jewish Believers in the Messiah. Whart I believe is when you get one Jewish Believer in the Messiah together with one Gentile Believer in the Messiah and the two come together there is a chemistry, a chemical explosion that occurs in the Spirit realm. Now we’re talking this week about the Biblical Festivals because this Friday night begins Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets. And by the way on the Shabbat broadcast on Friday’s broadcast we’re going to blow the shofar, and there’s such an anointing on it. And my guest is Michael Lane who I’ve know for over 25 years he’s a Jewish Believer in the Messiah, he’s a tremendous Bible Teacher specialty in the Biblical Festivals. And people say “Yeah but that’s the Old Covenant we don’t want to fool with the Old Covenant.” The truth of the matter is that I think some the names are misnomers Michael in the Old Covenant, New Covenant. I think it’s all one book, and there’s no way that you can understand the Old Covenant without the New and there’s no way that you can understand the New without the Old. And it’s sort of like the One New Man Michael where you need the Jewish Believer and the Gentile Believer need each other. And somehow many Jewish Believers think that we’re going to lead the next revival. And then many Christians don’t even see a place for the Jewish Believer and no, no, no you’re all wrong we’re not going to have the next revival until we get together. What do you think about that Michael?

Michael: Yes when this one new man comes together this one new man of Ephesians 2 they’ll be energized by the Lord and understand the appreciate…understand and appreciate the spiritual blessings symbolized by the Feasts in Psalm 89:15 speaks of that in the Amplified of course. But it says “Blessed and happy and fortunate to be envied are the people who know the joyful sound of the Shofar (And this Friday night coming up is the Feast of Trumpets) who understand and appreciate the spiritual blessings symbolized by the Feasts; they walk oh Lord in the light and favor of Thy Countenance” And yes there’s a progression of redemption that somehow the Jew and the Gentile are going to come together in this last days and celebrate the Feasts. And Paul says “Celebrate the Feasts of Unleavened Bread in Corinthians in sincerity and truth.” It’s not necessarily doing this, it’s not necessarily dancing a Horah or what we eat it’s something spiritual it says “Understand and appreciate the spiritual blessing symbolized by the Feast.” We’re looking at the Lord’s first coming at Passover time and the Lord’s second coming at Tabernacles Time which is encumbrance with Atonement and Feast of Trumpets. The middle Feast Pentecost, the giving of the law, which represents the Church Age we’re in now. And we’re coming up to the time prophetically where we see that the Lord is starting to gather His people together and blowing the trumpets we’re starting to see things that He spoke about in scriptures starting to happen in light of His second coming coming soon!

Sid: Now Rosh Hashanah, which is as you said starts this Friday evening, has a lot of different names another name for Rosh Hashanah is the Feast of Trumpets when the shofar is blown. What is your understanding of the shofar? I know you blow the shofar and in fact there’s a funny story about the shofar Mishpochah because Michael and I went to Siberia a place called Magadan. I remember we were leaving leaving Siberia and I went on ahead of Michael and I hear Michael screaming Sid come back, come back! What was going on Michael?

Michael: Well they were trying to confiscate my shofar and they were saying… I don’t remember what they were saying they were partly speaking in Russian. But that I wasn’t allowed to take it out of the country because I probably had something to do with it there in the country and I wasn’t allowed to take it out because I guess I didn’t sign for it going in. Now they don’t have shofars I don’t think antelopes or rams horns in Russia but they wanted to keep that shofar.

Sid: And so I remember I said “Tell them it’s a musical instrument, no better yet blow the shofar, so what happened?”

Michael: Well prove that it’s a musical instrument, they didn’t know what it was really and they said “Well, play it then.” And in the airport it’s very ? And so I blew that shofar and they said “Okay stop.” And I just kept blowing it like yes, it was good.

Sid: Tell me a bit about what you know about the shofar since this is the Feast of Trumpets coming up Friday.

Michael: Well the shofar… there’s 2 kinds of trumpets in scriptures one’s the ram’s horn which is off a bullock or a ram. And the other is a slivery trumpet that maybe we’re building a Tabernacle of old we had to give ½ shekel the redemption of our soul which was used for ransom money or some of these trumpets were made of that. Trumpet wise in Numbers I think it’s Numbers 10 where you see there’s a whole list the first 9 or 10 verses of why the trumpet was blown in Israel. And this is an interesting study just in itself. In itself because the calling of the Assemblies was one when the 12 Tribes need to be gathered together as one nation the Lord blew… He has somebody blow the trumpet. And obviously at the coming of the Lord the Messiah the trumpet’s going to sound and the gather to the elect in the 4 corners of the earth. For us now prophetically the Lord is blowing trumpets, He’s gathering His people there have been unity meetings, people have been coming together, there’s been fires of revival around the world in different places. And for the first time in many years this is starting to happen. And then there was the calling of the princes where the leaders would come together. And for the first time in centuries you see denominational people coming together for prayer meetings and reconciliation meetings it’s getting there we’re not there yet the calling of the princes. Then one of the main things the trumpets were blown for in those days was alarms where we talk about in Joel where it says “Blow a trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in My holy mountain.” In Nehemiah’s time we want to blow the trumpet so that God will come and fight for us was an amazing thing in those days they blew the trumpet and God would come and fight for us. Now the enemy knows that he knows the scriptures and he knows that the Lord’s going to come with a shout, an arch angel and the sound of the trumpet. And so whenever we blow the trumpet it seems to bring an anointing in meetings lately the last bunch of years. But when God heard the trumpet He would come to fight for His people and you know Gideon used it he just had 300 men but they each had a trumpet in their hand.

Sid: Now I’m reminded of an ancient rabbinical story and it goes like this “That whenever you blow the rams horn, or the shofar, it drives the devil nuts.”

Michael: Right.

Sid: What do you think about that?

Michael: Well I just said that, I think that because he know when the Lord’s going to come that there’s going to be a trumpet sound. And when he hears that he doesn’t know the scriptures maybe that well. I’ll say he probably wouldn’t have allowed the Lord to be killed.   But he probably thinks “Maybe this is the time the Lord’s coming back and so he’s petrified!

Sid: I got it so if everyone in their home blows the shofar…

Michael: (Laughing)

Sid: The demons they’ll think “Ah this is it we go to the lake of fire!”

Michael: Right!

Sid: Well my goodness I’ll tell you what we have it cranked up for Friday but Bob can you crank that shofar up right now? (Shofar blast!) let’s see if we can drive a few demons nuts!

Michael: Isaiah 58 says “Cry aloud do not hold back. Raise your voice.” (We have to raise our voices like the shofar like the trumpet) and declare to My people there transgressions and to Jacob their sins.” Like John the Baptist was out there crying in the wilderness “Prepare the way of the Lord, this is kind of our prophetic calling in these last days.” The voice of the Lord is also seen in Revelation it says… John turned around it was almost like the voice of the trumpet and all of the different churches that were written to there we are to have love and patience and peace in the light of persecution and things like that. Aaron and his sons were the ones responsible to blow the trumpet in Numbers 10. And if you look at the 5 fold ministry of Ephesians 4 this is very interesting that I learned a couple of years ago that Aaron and his 4 sons kind of represents the 5 fold ministry. The word Aaron the name Aaron means enlightened he’s the apostle. Nadab means liberty freely given is the evangelist. Avihu, he is my father he is the prophet. Elieazer God is my helper, he’s the pastor. And Ithimar is the teacher it’s a habitual desirable spot of polishing. Very interesting because everything because everything in the Old Covenant has everything you mentioned in the New Covanent.

Sid: Now why in your opinion should a Gentile Believer that loves the Lord but doesn’t know the Old Covenant that well and doesn’t know didly about the Biblical Fetivals why should they learn this?

Michael: I think because if the Lord came exactly on Passover and when that first Passover lamb was supposed to be… I was going to say crucified, slain, that we might have what you mentioned in the beginning the family redemption. We will understand more about what Passover and unleavened bread really is and the Feasts of First Fruits and the spout that comes up in His resurrection the Gentile Believers will understand their redemption and how our redemption is progressive. Because it goes from Passover to unleavened bread to First Fruits just in a nutshell real quick if we have time Passover the Lamb was shed but unleavened Bread what does that mean to us? There was the leaven of the Pharisees that say and do not, there was the leaven of the Sadducees. And how many times in our lives do we not believe in the supernatural or the Spirit or resurrection or the leaven of Herod because he was sensual and full of anger and murderous. How many times were we angry with someone? And the leaven of Galatia where we mix the Spirit with the flesh and we become Pharisees; so we look at these things and I’m seeing in my life that I’m just trying to fulfill Passover and Unleavened Bread.

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Sid Roth on January 15th, 2016

Dale Fife

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Dale Fife and I’m speaking to him about his book that has just… it’s made such an impact on me and I know that it’s going to make an impact on you it’s called “The Secret Place.” And Dale believes and I believe this too that an angel accompanies each one of these books to help you get into God’s secret place. Now there’s a whole portion in your book in which you talk about the “Well of His Presence.” For those that are perhaps tuning in for the first time Dr. Dale Fife on January 1st 1999 prayed a prayer. This wasn’t premeditated but it was out of desperation for intimacy with God. He said “God, I want to walk with you the way Enoch walked with You, I want to have sweet fellowship with You.” And that prayer that day changed his life and I believe as you read this book and especially as you receive the prayer that we’re going to pray over you right now this day is going to change your life. Dale, tell me a bit about what God showed you of the “Well of His Presence.”

Dale: Sid one day I was sitting on the front porch of a friend of mine and I had my journal open and I had just in the morning I was drinking a cup of coffee and I was ready to just wait in the Lord’s presence for what He might have to say to me. And so I said “Lord what is it that you have to say to me today?” And instantly like a Polaroid snapshot I saw a picture in the Spirit of a well. It was a stone well about waist high, circular well and it had a roof over it an A-frame style roof and a beam across the center with a rope wound around it. And I’ve learned now in my walk with the Lord that when I see something spontaneous like this that it’s unpremeditated or unstimulated by myself that it just comes spontaneously that the Lord is trying to say something to me. So I said “God what is this? What is this picture?” And immediately I saw another scene, and now I was not just looking at the well as it would be sitting on top of the ground but I was seeing what appeared to be like the earth was cut away and I could see down into the depths of the well like I was looking at it from the side view a cutaway. And I could see all of the different layers of the earth so I could see clay and the different levels of different types of soil. And as the well went down into the earth it got wider and wider and wider until it opened into this huge underground river. I said “Lord what is this you’re showing me?” And the voice of the Spirit said “Son this is the well of My presence and I want you to come here and drink in My presence, this is the well or my presence.” And then the Lord said “Most people know this as the well of salvation and they have come to drink only of the surface.” And immediately I thought of the verse in Isaiah which says “Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation, everyone who is thirsty let him come and drink of the well of salvation.” And of course immediately I realized Sid I have experienced this but there was a sadness in the heart of the Lord as He spoke He said “I want My church to drink deeper in the well and the majority of My church only knows the top and they know it as the well of salvation, the top surface of the well.” And I could see immediately underneath the surface was another layer called the “Fullness of the Holy Spirit.” And the Lord said “Some have even tasted of the fullness My Spirit they know Me as their Savior and they know Me as the baptizer in the Holy Spirit. But underneath that level and this was just almost at the very top of the well was the word I could see this word it said revelation. And beneath that was another word that said “Mysteries.” And then this scripture came to me “There are secrets hidden in the heart of the King and the wise man draws them out.” And suddenly I realized I was looking at a picture of what God wants in terms of intimacy with us that He has saved us and filled us with His Holy Spirit but there is so much more depth in God that we haven’t even tapped, that we haven’t experienced. And so after I had had this vision Sid I began day by day when I would take my Enoch walk with the Lord I would come and stand by the well of His presence and say Lord I’m here to drink of the depths of Your heart today.

Sid: And you know the tragedy most people want to drink to the depths of other people’s revelation rather than get it for themselves.

Dale: You know that is so true in fact you said earlier about being stuck. One day I came to the well and I know that in the well of His presence in intimacy with Him is incredible revelation and creativity and an endless supply I mean the wisdom of God far exceeds anything. The love of God far exceeds anything we could even comprehend. And we have just begun to tap the truth and the revelation and the mysteries that are in the heart of God. And one day as I approached the well I saw all around the well all of these weeds and bushes and brush. And the Lord pointed to them and He said “Son do you see that?” I said “Yes.” He said “That was never my intention, My intention was that people would have free access to the well of My presence but men and woman have come and they have drawn up revelation out of My heart and they have planted themselves by the well. So that when people come they will drink of that revelation instead of coming into My presence. And then the Lord said “And these are denominations and these are cults and these are things where we have become stuck Sid as you say because we had worshiped the revelation of truth instead of the truth giver Himself.”

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Sid Roth on January 5th, 2016

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is in Tampa is Physician Dr. John Miller, he’s a Chiropractor. He has spent a lifetime in medicine, in alternative medicine in vitamins and herbs the whole works. And He’s saying you can’t be double-minded if you want the benefits that God has provided in the atonement. And the benefits we understand very clearly about sin. We know that if we repent of our sins the blood of Jesus washes away all of our sins not part of them, but so few understand that the body of the Messiah that was broken for us paid the price for all of our diseases in the atonement. Now Dr. Miller there’s a technical word that many people from a Catholic background believe as truth and I really have to know what your… I mean for a guy that has your background and has spent 20 years studying communion I want to know what your position is on transubstantiation.

John: Okay transubstantiation is the doctrine that when the priest blesses the bread and the wine it literally becomes the body and the blood of Jesus. Jesus was sitting at Passover and he picked up the bread and He said “This is My body which is broken for you.” So He was holding this piece of bread and he said “This is My body.” He was sitting in his body so that bread obviously was not His body what He was saying is that this bread represents My body.

Sid: Did the first church believe what the Catholic Church teaches about the transubstantiation?

John: No the first letter on transubstantiation was written by a priest in 831 AD so about 800 years after the church. And then sometime later the church adopted the doctrine. The problem with that is the miracle occurs in the element and in Biblical communion the miracle occurs and the one who takes the element.

Sid: Explain to me that’s something you touched on yesterday, a lot of people do not see the need for daily communion and when it says that they broke bread from house to house to house they think that was a fellowship meal. Explain why that’s wrong.

John: Okay this came about God spoke to me in 1991 and told me that I was going to meet the singer Johnnie Cash and I was to give him the teaching on communion. I found out that he’d been very ill and had just had surgery and he was going to be in the Tampa Bay area doing a concert. I later found out from June Carter his wife that when he left Nashville to come to Tampa he had only rehearsed 4 songs because he was so ill. And through a series of miracles God put me with Johnnie Cash the night of the concert. And I gave him a communion kit that I had made up two glass goblets and a wine container and unleavened bread container and a cassette tape where I had taught on communion. This was Saturday night he sang the 4 songs and he told the crowd I’m sorry the Carter Sisters will have to finish the concert. Well the next day Sunday he was in bed sick all day. Well the next day he had to go across the state to Melbourne, Florida in which he played my tape in the Johnnie Cash bus. He wrote me a letter I’ll just read it right now.

Sid: And for those that don’t know Johnnie Cash is a very strong believer, but go ahead.

John: It says

Dear Dr. Miller,

Thanks for a great blessing today. First I listened to your tape all the way through taking notes and copying scripture. Then I set up the little communion set you sent. My wife and I held hands, had prayer broke the bread and drank the wine. Healing has set in I know it I feel it in body and in spirit. This will be a daily thing for me alone or with June or another of the family circle.

Thank you may God continue to inspire you and teach you,

Johnnie Cash

Well one line in that verse of scripture or in that letter kept going through my head I couldn’t get it out of my head “This will be a daily thing for me.” I said “God what did Johnnie Cash pick up out of this that I’ve missed?” And this is what the Lord revealed to me in the New Testament in the Bible we have the actual body of Christ; in the Old Testament it was likened by the manna that came down from heaven. The bread that came down from heaven and that bread sustained them physically for 40 years in the wilderness. Jesus said 3 times in John 6 “Your father’s did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead but I tell you I’m the real bread that came down from heaven unless you eat my flesh you have no life in you.” So Jesus was saying that manna was only a type of Me. So I looked how often they took it remember they gathered it remember they gathered every morning except Saturday they couldn’t gather it so they had to gather it so they gathered two days’ worth on Friday. If on Monday they gathered enough for Tuesday then it turned to worms and they tried and sure enough it happened. So the type of the Body of Christ the bread type in the Old Testament that likens the Body of Christ was taken daily. Then God led me to Acts the 2nd chapter on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came and sat on the people of cloven tongues of fire and they all began to speak with tongues.

Sid: Yes.

John: The people said “These men are drunk” and Peter said “No they are not drunk as you suppose.” This is what the Prophet Joel spoke of ‘In the last days I’ll pour out My Spirit on all flesh your Old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions.” And it says that those 3000 people were saved when Peter preached that sermon and that was the beginning of the church. In Acts 2 says that “They continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrines in prayer, the breaking of bread and the giving of thanks.” So that tells us the 4 doctrines that the New Testament did on a continuous basis. Then when you drop down to verse 46 it said “The continued daily in the Temple and breaking bread from house to house.” Now…

Sid: You know most people when they read breaking bread they think “Oh they have a ministry of hospitality it’s a fellowship meal.”

John: I have a collection of commentaries that I made copies of in the Leigh University Library about 20 Bible commentaries all of those Greek Scholars said that the breaking of bread was talking about communion.

Sid: Hm.

John: So when you… and you can see it when you understand that that verse said that “They continued in the Temple daily.” Well the Messianic Jewish believers would go to the Temple and meet on Solomon’s porch and discuss issues, but they couldn’t do the communion there at the Temple because the Jewish leaders in the Temple did not go along with that. So they would meet at the Temple and then disperse to their homes to have the communion. And all almost every Bible commentary that I’ve ever read in those verses agree that they took communion daily from house to house.

Sid: What difference has this made to people that get this insight to do it daily as opposed to once a month when the pastor does it at church?

John: It’s the only way that I know that they could walk in divine health.

Sid: Alright I have to ask you a question “How’s your health?”

John: Wonderful, wonderful. I was asked one time by a preacher that his father who was a great Pentecostal Preacher that had a great ministry and a spiritual father of the same caliber both died within 3 days of one another from the same cancer. And he called me up and said “What’s going on all of these old heroes of healing dying of cancer?

Sid: Hm.

John: And I told him I only know one thing that’s missing in their life and that was daily communion. I told him I know one preacher who died the one way he should have that knew a great deal about the atonement and that was Smith Wigglesworth. Smith Wigglesworth who turned 2 continents upside down, 3 people were resurrected from the dead under his ministry. He attended a funeral and at the funeral he stepped up on the platform to shake the preachers hand and God took his spirit out of his body just like he took Ananias and Sapphira when they lied to Peter about how much they had sold their property for God just took their spirits out of their body and their body collapsed.

Sid: Now that’s my kind of rapture we’re out of time today.

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