Sid Roth on March 27th, 2015


Sid: Don’t you stop listening to the radio I’m about ready to tell you the truth about the Sabbath. Is it a requirement to worship on Saturday verses Sunday? I’m about ready to tell the truth about the Biblical Festivals. I’m about ready to tell you the truth about Jewish roots. Lord, I need a miracle to this and even doing it in such a short period of time, but God I’m a spirit I live in a body and I have a soul and I know that all things are possible.”   We were talking about what would it be like if Jesus came to the United States of America now in the 21st Century for the first time and you had no teaching of any kind, no Bible school, no pastors, all you had was the written word of God and the belief that Jesus was the Messiah. You were so excited that you couldn’t keep quiet. You want to tell everyone every where the good news. And you’re telling them and their getting healed, you’re praying for the sick and it’s the most exciting time of your life and then someone walks up to you and says “We don’t worship on Saturday any more, we don’t observe the Passover any more, we don’t observe Yom Kippur anymore.” And you take the book and you don’t take the tradition you take the book. And you look at Leviticus the 23rd chapter and you say “Well, let’s find out.” Now I’ve read Galatians and we know that doing the Old Covenant law has nothing to do with salvation, nothing to do with righteousness, we know that but what about these Feasts? Why does it say to observe them forever? And if you study the 23rd chapter of the book of Leviticus we’re told to do it forever. Why does it say one of the commandments is “Honor the Sabbath” and we know that the Sabbath was Saturday? So why do we say that all of the commandments are literal I mean we’re making such a deal over the commandments being taken away from us so why do we pick one to be spiritual and all of the others to be literal? I mean these are fair questions, these are honest questions. The answer is found in the second verse of Leviticus the 3rd chapter. It says “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the Feasts… (Or the Moed that means the appointed times; you see when you have an appointment God shows up.) The appointed times of the Lord which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations (And in the Hebrew the word convocation means rehearsal) these are My Feasts.” So let me read it to you with the understanding of Feasts in Hebrew mean appointed times. And convocations in Hebrew means rehearsals. “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the appointments of the Lord which you shall proclaim to be holy rehearsals, these are My appointments.” Now I don’t know about you but I want to go to God’s appointments. It does it have anything to do with my salvation? No, but what does it have to do with? Colossians the 3rd chapter says “They’re shadows of things to come. Did you know that every major event of the life of Yeshua occurred during a major festival? Did you know that everything about the gospel is encrypted in code in everyone of these Feasts? Did you know that everything about the future is in the these Feasts, did you know that God says I promise to show up. He says on these specific dates. So here’s my spin, don’t get legalistic a lot of people that are getting into the Jewish roots movement are getting into what known as Rabbinical Judaism. Give me a break this just came out in the Babylonian captivity in response to rejecting Jesus. Why would I want to follow that? I want to follow scriptural Judaism. And the word Judaism it’s not that I want to be Jewish and I am the word Judaism means a worshiper of God. Everyone should want to be a worshiper of God, everyone should want to go to the God appointments, every one should want to see the rehearsals of what will happen in the future. I think that one of the greatest blessings that the church has been robbed of is rejecting their Jewish roots. And a lot of Christians have rejected the Jewish roots movement because a lot of the Jewish roots movement have moved into legalism and righteousness through doing these works. No, no no God’s called you to freedom. Some of you that are listening to me right now that are in the Jewish root movement that have gotten into legalism do you remember how free you were when you became a believer in Messiah you were like Lazarus. And Jesus said “Take the grave clothes off of them.” Well, I say take your grave clothes off and be free, but how in the world will we provoke the Jewish people to jealousy? That’s why God is raising up the restoration of the Jewish roots right now to provoke Jewish people to jealousy? Why? So that the great Jewish harvest can occur so that the tabernacle or the family of David can be restored so that the rest of the Gentiles can come in so that Jesus can return. You get it that’s why the devils causing this big problem in Israel and trying to cause the world to become anti-Jewish. But it’s so orchestrated that way so that all of the junk that he’s done for 2000 years to cause good Jewish people to believe that Christians are our enemies. This is going to be the Christians greatest hour, this is going to be the time in which true Christians are going to stand up for the Jew in Israel and if you don’t stand up for the Jew in Israel I tell you first the devil is going after the Jews and then he’s going to go after the Christians. Why do I say this, he always has and he always will he’s going after God’s chosen people. And I meet a lot of Christians and I have to correct them “I wish I was Jewish.” Well, don’t you know that you are who God made you! Don’t listen to this nonsense of 2 house theology where the Jews come from the tribe of Judah and the Gentile Christians come from Ephraim and these 2 are coming together and yes that’s true as an allegory but literally it’s not true. You see if there was no Gentile Christian there would be no Body of Messiah. Be who God has called you to be free, remember your first love go back to your first love. But I’ll tell you something, we need culture. Now what is going to fulfill Roman’s 11:11better? Romans 11:11 says “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy?” What will provoke the Jew to jealousy? Having a Rabbinic Passover Seder, having a Gentilized Easter with bunnies, having Christmas with all of the gifts and the trees and the lights? I mean what’s really going to provoke Jewish people to jealousy? I’ll tell you what when Jews and Christians get together celebrate these times that they have faith that God’s going to show up, these appointed Feasts. That these Feasts are rehearsals of what’s about to ready to happen in the future, where miracles are going to breakout, where it’s not the same old same old. And by the way going back to the way the church is going to be restored these house churches will be different every service. I mean the highlight of your week will be being there. And you won’t just be a bless me club anymore and you won’t be a one man show. God will give one person a prophesy and another person a word of knowledge and someone will have a spiritual psalm or a hymn. It’s going to be and the presence of God it’s going to be so manifest people are going to be… I know it sounds strange but in our prayer meeting right here in Messianic Vision we have a staff member that literally gets glued to her chair. God’s going to do strange signs and wonders, one of our representatives just got back from St. Petersburg Russia and he said to me that God is doing wonders. Someone had surgery and the scar just totally disappeared supernaturally. That’s called a sign and a wonder the most exciting days are ahead for us. But I want you start …to take a step, take a step before you run. Now listen God’s going to figure this all but please, please, please don’t form a denomination called One New Man. I mean you can say that, you can call it that as a move of God but the thing that will make this different is that it won’t be cookie cutter. Everything, every house church will be a little different and every meeting will be a little different. The thing that will make it unique is God will be in control, it’ll be God pleasing verses man pleasing. The wine skin is about ready to be changed to contain the new wine that’s about ready to be poured out. Listen I’m wound up as you can tell but my time is up…

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Sid Roth on March 20th, 2015


Sid: You know I used the word a lot Mishpochah, family. Well Mishpochah this although it’s the last fifteen minute radio show I’ll be doing, I’ve been doing radio since ’77. I know that there are people listening to me right now that have been listening since 1977. But many of you have been listening many years and I don’t want you to feel like you’re losing a friend because you’re more than a friend you’re Mishpochah your family. And that’s why we’re coming out with a brand new radio show one hour it’ll be available to you on our web page just go to, or if you want the radio show just go to iTunes and search on Sid Roth and subscribe to the free Messianic Vision Podcast. Or you can open the App Store on your phone or tablet search Sid Roth and download our ISN app. ISN stands for Its Supernatural Television Network. And our ISN network it is amazing it’s in high definition any smartphone in the world. So many different devices that you are able to go to to get it.

Today I just wanted to say thank you and I’d like to pray for you because it’s because of you. Do you realize many of you that have been faithful supporters of us for years it’s because of your support we were able to mail these books to Jewish people evangelistic books? I don’t think that anybody has ever done this in history.   We’ve mailed millions now to places like the former Soviet Union, Canada, the United States. Our TV program is seen in Spanish, in the Spanish language in North, Central, and South America. Do you know our television show is in Russian throughout the entire former Soviet Union? Did you know that it’s the number one show on Christian TV we’re on 7 times a week? Do you know that in Israel we’re on 28 times a week on Christian and secular televisions? Did you know that in Ukraine and in the Ukrainian language we are on 14 times a week on secular television? Did you know that we’re on Discovery? You can get it on almost every city of the United States. I mean we’re just expanding way beyond my comprehension. Why? Because of you, if you hadn’t been our foundation we could not have moved into these areas.

I want you to know there’s a scripture that I love and David is talking about it and he’s saying “Those that have stayed with the baggage share equally with those that have fought in the front lines.” So if you have ever sent us any money your money has been used and poured into Jewish evangelism. We’re debt free, we’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, we have a TV mentoring studio that’s second to none, our equipment, we had people from various secular networks come and look over our equipment our TV cameras and everything because it’s state of the art. It’s the best and it’s all debt free and it’s all paid for. If you had not supported us in radio we would not be where we are right now.

I believe that we’re at a very unique time in history, it’s called the set time to favor Zion, it’s called the fullness of the Gentiles you and I are alive at that moment. When I became a new believer in the Messiah coming from a traditional Jewish background I was a minority of minorities. But now Jewish people are coming to the Lord. Back then there was a move of God’s Spirit when we started one of the first Messianic Jewish Congregations in North America. I didn’t know what I was doing but every week Jewish people came to the Lord; why because I was so good? No, I hadn’t even read the Bible, I knew nothing. It was because there was a move of God’s Spirit. Well I’m telling you there’s a move of God’s Spirit and if you’re out there in the highways and byways sharing Jesus with Jewish people you’ll find out that all of a sudden there’s a supernatural interest. And simultaneous to that I’d never seen in my lifetime such worldwide hatred for the Jew in Israel. The only… I mean we’re going to find ourselves shortly in a rowboat, Christians and Jews and we’re going to have to rely on each other. I’m going to tell you this God wants the one new man to evolve. Paul was ecstatic when he said “The reason Jesus came was to break-down the middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile to form One New Man. And that One New Man is the complete body of Messiah and it’s sort of like Gentile believers are deficient without Jewish believers in the Messiah. And Jewish in the Messiah are deficient without Gentile believers in the Messiah. But when you put the two together you have the one new humanity the full body of Messiah. And devil it’s your worst nightmare, why do you think the devil is planning false theology. I mean terms that I don’t even want to talk about saying that God’s through with the book of Revelation, God’s threw with the Old Testament, God’s through with natural Israel called replacement theology. Well this is pervading the church, I mean there are whole denominations that won’t invest their pension money in stocks if they do any business with Israel. They’re crazy, God says “I God will bless,” I mean they want to be not blessed by God. God says Genesis 12:3 “I God will bless those that bless the Jewish people; I God will curse those who curse them” Well I mean you don’t have to be a real intelligent person to want to blessed by God; it’s really simple. And for some reason I don’t know what it is except God loved the Jewish people, he’s called us to be a witness people.

For some reason I don’t know what it is He loves non-Jews that believe in Jesus equally. I mean I’m reminded of one of my favorite parables the parable of the prodigal son. See I think that the youngest son that squandered his inheritance he’s a type of the Jewish people. And the older brother he’s a type of the Gentile Christians; and the older brother was really upset when the father made such a big deal of the Jews coming to the Lord. I’m reminded of what Paul says Paul says that “It was a blessing that the Jewish people rejected their Messiah, how much greater blessing when they receive their Messiah it will literally cause life from the dead. The resurrection power will be seen, the dead will rise.” As a matter of fact it’s going to cause the resurrection from the dead. Don’t you know that salvation is of the Jew and that Roman’s 11:11 says “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy and when the two come together we have the one new man. And in the prodigal son this is what the father a type of God said to the older brother that it was such a fuss about Israel and the Jewish people. And here’s what He said and He’s saying this to you right now if you’re a non-Jewish believer in Jesus. “Everything I have is yours,” there’s no room for jealousy. God is love; He’s got enough love for all of us.

As far as favor… I’m going to pray a prayer with you right now. I pray in Yeshua’s name that you will walk in such extreme favor and flavor; favor and flavor.” What’s the flavor? The flavor of God. I pray that you walk in the favor and the flavor of God all the days of your life and that you dwell in the house of the Lord forever. And forever is a pretty long time. Now I want everyone family, we stick together. I want you to write or call our 800 number or go to our webpage and I want to send you the very first 2 interviews I did, it’s historic on Messianic Vision it was Cantor Bernier Rubinstein. I led him to the Lord and he became a cantor of one of the first Messianic Jewish Congregations in the United States. And he was my first guest and I interviewed him, and you’ll hear the first theme music. As a matter of fact when I was listening to myself I thought “I don’t even know who that person is, I must have had an announcer back then. And then I realized “No, I didn’t have an announcer, that’s me” (Laughing). So I can’t wait for you to get those first 2 weeks of Messianic Vision radio and I’m going to send it to you for a love gift of any size.

I have to tell you we have invested over a million dollars this year in reaching souls. And most of it is in things that only heaven records but you’re partner with us and we’re debt free. And every gift that you send is going to be used poured into Jewish evangelism at a time when most Christians are only sending money for humanitarian works and they’ll be blessed but how much greater blessing when you share the gospel with Jewish people.

The Spirit of God is moving on people you’re being healed. If anyone with pain anywhere in your body especially in the neck if you move your head you’ll see that there’s no pain. That crack isn’t there anymore, a left ear has just been opened but anything that you need, pain in your hands, carpal tunnel any pain you are healed in Jesus name. Well believe it or not this is the last broadcast; this is the last Shabbat broadcast until you go to our new platforms.

The Lord has already blessed you; the Lord has already smiled upon you; the Lord has already given you His favor; He’s surrounded you with His favor; the Lord has already given you gifts just reach your hands out and receive you gifts; the Lord has already given you His shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body in the name of the Sar Shalom the Prince of Peace Yeshua Hamashiach Jesus the Messiah our Righteousness.

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Sid Roth on March 13th, 2015


Sid: My guest Dr. James Maloney is red hot for the Messiah and everyone that’s listened this week I don’t see how you could help but be red hot for the Messiah. James you had an experience in hell, tell me about that.

James: Well, I’ll tell you Sid it was the most difficult experience I’ve ever had in my walk with the Lord. It took me many many weeks to in a sense get over it by the grace of God but I knew when I was a teenager there would come a time that I would be visiting hell. Now what I mean by that the Holy Spirit was preparing me at an appointed time. My spirit man left my body, I was in bed it wasn’t a dream it wasn’t a night vision my spirit left my body and an angel appeared to me a very bright angel and said “I’m to take you to the first level of hell.” Well, my my my I’d heard teachings and I’ve studied about different levels of hell but you know I just kind of dismissed it. But if this is the first level of hell I can’t even imagine what other levels would be like because it was the most difficult trying experience of my life but yet illuminating. And it has caused many to give their lives to the Lord Jesus. Because for some reason modern theology is kind of if I can word it this way Sid candy coated it over. In other words just “Well, hell is just some dark region where for eternity you sit in a dark corner and there’s not really any torment.”

Sid: Describe, again paint me a picture of what you saw with your eyes.

James: Well, there is torment it is not metaphorical only it is a true torment in the sense that God never intended people to visit there it was for the devil and his angels. But I when I stepped in with the angel it was so dark, outer darkness. I could hear wailing, the gnashing of teeth but I couldn’t see anyone. If it wasn’t for the angels light I would not be able to see anything. And the first thing that hit me was the blast of heat that was beyond human description. The choking that I went through, the smell was unbelievable. Chained the wall where the huge troll-like demons that were clanking their chains, they were growling, they were huge monstrous beings. And I noticed that there was black icky pool of like a sea and I just automatically knew in my spirit that there were probably 1000’s of these in these dimension in the bowels of the earth. I was in the bowels of the earth, but it was in a different dimension of course. And all of a sudden I just…I noticed I looked the light of the angel and I could see flames but the flames had no light. Now I can’t describe that to you but just no light at all dark flames that were flickering but no light. And all of a sudden they were permitted about 4 or 5 these individuals I could hear groaning come out of each one with separated in their own little dug out pool hole in this black icky substance. And they were just like skeletons, part flesh you know you could se their eyeballs in their cranium they were just skeletons with flesh just kind of hanging. And I could tell the one that came closes to me was a woman and there was for some strange reason a like a coral, I couldn’t think of anything that could live down here but it was like a coral you know that you see at the sea. And she just oh if I could just get a taste of moisture, I’ll never forget that just a little bit of moisture. And when she grabbed for that coral; I’m watching this I’m in excruciating pain because of the heat, smell, watching this tormented lady. You could see this the torment in her eyes as she grabbed that piece of coral that crumpled in her fingers. And I’ll never forget this still haunts me the scream of agony and the torment, she looked up into my eyes and those demon’s uttered something in some language, guttery language. And that meant that they were commanded to go back into their hole in this gookiey mess and while she walked pass me I fell on my knees and I said “How could you tolerate, how could you tolerate this? How could you live this way, how can you do this for all of eternity? And she looked at me and she spoked audibly and she said “At least I’m not down there” and she pointed down. And that just put a shrill up and down my spine that there was another level. And she went back into that hole and was submerged and what that oiky black film was was all of the sins and all of the rebellion that surged through their mouths, surged through their body kept reminding them for all eternity all of what they did that’s what was shown to me was all of what they did. And what was so scary was the sin itself began to morph their body in that hole and change and distort and contort their physical body. I just if it wasn’t the heat, the smell, the demons, the torment in the woman’s eyes, that oiky you know black stuff, “There’s something worse down below us at least I’m not there” and her laying in that and you could just hear. You know there wasn’t constant screamings but there would be every once or awhile a groan or a gnashing of teeth you could hear it. Or…

Sid: James, what effect did this have on you after this was all over?

James: Just how time is so short and that we’re racing towards eternity and people must make a choice. And I can’t fathom anyone having to live for eternity separated from the very presence of God because that was the greatest torment. There was absolutely no sense of God’s presence. And you know you can go anywhere in the world no matter how demonic it is and there’s always going to be some sense of God’s presence. But there it was completely absent.

Sid: You know what I’m hearing from you there is an urgency for people listening to us right now to turn from their sin. That’s called repent, to tell God you’re sorry, believe that Jesus paid the price and died for your sins and rose from the dead. And make Him your Lord with your mouth, you say it out loud to live inside of you. Do that right now, don’t you breath another breath until you do that. Get right with God now is the acceptable time because now now is all you have. James I believe that God wants to heal some people right now who does God want to heal speak it out.

James: I believe that there’s a lady she’s up in the northern part like Michigan, Wisconsin she has a stomach mesh. She had surgery that held her organ and this came to me several times and it’s created perforation and ulcers on the inside of her stomach. And this mesh has to either be dissolved, the ulcers gone whatever but I believe she’s sensing a warmth in that specific area. And this whole thing has been rectified right now, right now. And I also sensed that there’s a gentleman that has paralysis on one of his sides, I want to say bell-palsy, this is in the east and tingling is coming back into the side of his face. And someone has complete inability to use their fingers or their wrists because of it could be carpal tunnel or it could be nerve damage. In fact I would say it would probably be more nerve damage. A lot of people that are listening that have nerve damage, a lot of people in their feet I see at least 12 or 13 individuals that have no feeling in their feet. This could have a lot to do with diabetes, pancreas issues but it’s down in your feet. You have no feeling and it’s just painful when you do have it and the Lord is right now just touching your circulation. There’s a lady that being touched in the back of her knee that has blood clotting, she’s taken blood thinners and God wants her healed right now in Jesus Name. I can see this right around Arkansas, Missouri line just anyone no matter where they’re at if they have the condition God shows no respecter of persons so reach out and claim it and I know that the Lord will set you free because we’ve had countless people that have written, emailed, called and said “That was me and we’re completely healed, there’s no distance in the realm of the Spirit you know God will touch you and make you whole. And I do see one more, I see a man that has and a woman yes and a woman that has tumor on the brain that God wants you healed of. And you’re scheduled for surgery, one of you scheduled here very soon and I just believe that when you go back to the doctor their going to check one more time and they’ll be no more tumor there, no tumor. And there’s a child there a couple that’s in their early 30’s they have a child that has a blood disorder that child is being healed right now.

Sid: Okay, we’re out of time right now.

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Sid Roth on March 2nd, 2015


SID: So powers in the visible world are very upset with my guest. She marries. Her husband has epilepsy. He’s insane. There’s no hope. She goes on a 40-day fast. What happened, Glenda?

GLENDA: Well he had 27 grand mal seizures, lost his mind. That night they put him in the hospital. They had him tied in bed and he was incontinent, couldn’t keep clothes on him, and he was, looked like a wild man. And the doctors wanted to commit him, and I said, “I’m going to go home and pray, and I’ll be back tomorrow.” Well when I went home, I was just, I could smell the sawdust of my dad’s tent revivals. And I said, if my dad was here, he would know what to do. And I began to call churches in town to see if they could cast the devil out of my husband, and they said, commit him, every one of them. But I’m glad they did say that or I wouldn’t have the faith I’ve got today. God will put you in a situation where you have to use your faith. And so I went, Jesus said, “Go back, check him out, tell him that you got a new doctor and you’re going to commit him to me.” So that’s it, and I said, “Well I have no car.” Like he didn’t know. He said, “I already got a ride coming to get you at 10 in the morning.” Ten o’clock, a car showed up. A woman showed up saying, “God told me to come pick you up.” And we went to the hospital and I went in, and they had the papers, and they pushed them to me, the doctors did, and said, “Are you ready to commit him?” And I said, “Yes.” And they said, “Good.” I said, “But not to you. I found a new doctor.” And they said, “Who is this doctor that you found?” And I said, “Jesus Christ of Nazareth.” And they started cussing, and they said, “We’re going to go over your head and we’re going to get power of attorney, and we’re going to commit him.” And said, “Go right ahead ’cause he’s my attorney, too.” And they were so mad. And he said, “Get him and get out of here, and don’t ever come back.” And so I did and he told me, “He’s going to kill you and your children. You don’t realize how bad he is.” So I took him home, was fasting. And I’ll never forget, on the last night of the fast, an angel came in, the biggest angel I’ve ever seen in my life, and he said, “You’ve been given the authority to use the name of Jesus. Everybody doesn’t have that authority.” And I said, “What?” And he said, “Only believers do. Everybody is not a believer that says they are. And these signs shall follow them that believe.” And he handed me a sword. So I went there and laid it on my husband and the angel disappeared.

SID: You’re telling me the angel gave you a sword and you put this sword on your husband?


SID: Okay. What happened?

GLENDA: He told me that sword was the sword of the Spirit, the word of Almighty God. And as soon as I did, those things started coming out of him, all kinds of creature looking things, and they would name themselves. Like one came out and said, “I’m insanity.” And they would just go out naming themselves. And the last one that came out, it just looked terrible, well they all were just creatures. And my husband sat up and he was just like he came from the dead. He didn’t know what had happened. And he said, “I’m hungry.” And I thought, everybody Jesus touches that’s dead, or this or that, they’re always hungry when they come back.

SID: You know, that is normal, normal as defined by the Bible. But she had an encounter where she went to Hell. And you were telling me, what was the smell like?

GLENDA: Oh it was flesh rotting. It was the worst smell, I couldn’t take it, that I ever smelled in my life. And there was lava coming down like out of a volcano, and it was burning people, because they’re not in the fire yet, but they were in that. And then it would erupt and I’d ask the angel, “What is that?” And he said, “That’s Hell enlarging herself.” Every time the volcano goes off, Hell enlarges herself. And that’s what happened with the tsunami. I prophesied that tsunami was going to happen in Japan. And remember there was a big volcano exploded and Jesus said that’s, it did that, Hell enlarged herself to take all the people in.

SID: Is there eternal suffering in Hell?


SID: What did you see?

GLENDA: I seen them, I even seen demons biting the people, biting, and they would scream bloody screams.

SID: All right. I tell you what, I wish we had time to go into that, but I want to hear, I have to tell you the truth, I want to hear about Heaven. She went to Heaven. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth on February 23rd, 2015

Rebecca Totilo

Sid: We want everyone going to the greatest Jewish wedding in history it’s called the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. But you will not understand the Wedding Supper of the Lamb or even what Jesus is referring to if you look at it through Gentile eyes. You must look at it through Jewish eyes. And the church has been denuded of its Hebraic Heritage, therefore if you have the wrong culture and the right words you come up with the wrong conclusion. But if you understand the culture that the words are referring to you’ll come up with the right conclusion. That’s why my guest Rebecca Park Totilo I’m speaking to her by telephone at her hotel room in Wichita, Kansas wrote a book called “His Majesty Requests an Invitation to the Royal Wedding of the Lamb.” And what she does is she traces the culture that’s been denuded and robed that Jesus lived in and that He was talking about. And if you understand the ancient Hebrew wedding customs you’ll capture the picture of the greatest wedding that the world has ever seen. When I think of a Jewish wedding Rebecca one of the joyest things; I mean it’s such a exciting celebration is we take the bride and we take the groom and we lift them up in chairs and praise God I don’t do that but some of the younger men do that. And oh I had just been recently at a wedding in Brazil and they lifted this fellow up and the bride up and they were holding…and I felt so sorry for the people lifting the chairs up with them. And I felt maybe (Laughing) it might be a little dangerous but tell me the significance of that?

Rebecca: Well this has been going on since Biblical times you know their wedding is esteemed as the building of joy with great festivities and celebration. And boy they really know how to throw a party let me tell you. (Laughing) with the joyful music and dancing and they lift them up in chairs because the bride and groom are regarded as king and queen and of course they’re dressed up beautifully and they wear crowns upon their heads. And are seated on these thrones and so this is a beautiful picture of what we have to look forward to one day because the day that we marry Yeshua we are going to be also lifted up with Him as His queen and He’ll be crowned King of kings. And He says that He has a crown in store for us waiting for us. And of course you know too the scripture shows us that when He was crucified they put a crown of thorns upon His head. And it’s interesting because in Biblical times the groom used to wear a floral crown upon his head.

Sid: Hm.

Rebecca: Now this is the custom of course that they had to disregard because they’re not allowed to wear a crown upon their head until the temple is rebuilt. And so when know that when Yeshua returns that we will have a crown upon our heads and that we will rule and reign with Him for the millennium. And it’s a joyous time that we have.

Sid: Speaking of a joyous time another joyous part of a wedding I just was at a Jewish wedding so it’s all fresh in my mind. Is where they take a wine cup and the groom smashes it and everyone yells a Jewish blessing “Mazel Tov” and music goes and everyone starts dancing. Tell me about the breaking of the glass well what does that mean?

Rebecca: Actually there’s a lot of meanings to it but you know through the years things have been passed down but the one that sticks the most is they believe in the midst of joy there’s a remembrance of sorrow when the walls and stones, the physical walls fell down at the temple. And so they believe that there’s always the remembrance of Jerusalem in the midst of every joyous occasion. And for believers in the Messiah we remember what Jesus said that “Destroy this temple and in three days He would raise it up.” And so the body of Christ that was broken for us you know we look at how they shouted Mazel Tov. Now you know the people of that time were shouting crucify him and crucify him. And they were celebrating of his death and so even in our own occasion of looking back on this we have that remembrance of the sorrow of the pain of His death on the cross but yet we have to look forward to that wonderful time and that marriage that we’re going to have with Him and celebrate.

Sid: All right there’s another word that very few Christians have even heard that has relevance it’s called ketubah.” And I have to tell you this ketubah this agreement the wedding between the bride and the groom the one I saw was so beautiful and just so inscribed in such beautiful artwork. What is a ketubah and tell me the significance.

Rebecca: Well in an traditional betrothal they would enter into the agreement of the covenant of the marriage with the signing of the ketubah. And this was the marriage contract sort of like today’s prenuptial agreement if you will (Laughing). The terms that they would agree to such as the bride price and the provisions the bridegroom was agreeing to make for her including the food and clothing. And it also would name the wife as heir the estate should he die. It also sometimes would mention the bride’s dowry of what she was also going to be bringing into the relationship. And so this is a very rich document that brides will hang on their walls and you know proudly display. So it’s a beautiful thing it’s a very cherished item. And for believers in the Messiah though it’s our promise of the word of God. You see our covenant is the Old and the New Testament and these are the documents that we’ve been given and it shows all of the promises that it tells us that we have as His bride. And so that’s the reason why the Lord even mentioned the food and clothing do you remember He was saying “Why do we worry about these things?” You see we don’t have to because we have a ketubah that spells it all out for us so that we can trust Him because he’s our heavenly bridegroom. And you know also in the wedding in the Jewish weddings they actually read this aloud for everyone to hear because they want everyone to know about their devotion that they have toward one another. And of course this custom is coming from Moses who stood before the people of God and read aloud the Torah and was telling them the promises the Lord had made to them. And then it says that the people responded. “We will do what the Lord has said, we will obey.” And in essence they were saying “I do to the Lord” (Laughing.)

Sid: You know I’m reminded just as we’re wrapping up this week something we talked about earlier in the week. You had prophetic dreams of tremendous destruction that’s going to occur to America. But you said that there’s a supernatural protection available and you said that it was only for those that were really have intimacy with God on fire for the Lord and have a love for Israel those would be protected supernaturally. What advice do you give us to have this deep intimacy with the Lord?

Rebecca: Well it can really be a simple prayer of just a hunger and a thirst for the truth. And that’s all it really has to be is a seeking know Him because we can no longer rely on other people or the teaching of men.

Sid: We can’t rely on our pastor when it comes to a crisis.

Rebecca: No, you know the time is coming where you may not be able to go all gather together to worship. And so we really need to know the Lord intimately and on our own and have that one on one relationship with Him. Because when the times are evil and it’s getting worse every day that we don’t know that our freedoms you know can be stripped away from us and that we would have these things taken from us that we would not be able to come together and learn from one another. And so we need to really seek to know him. And I know that there’s a divine protection for every believer who really enters in to know Him. Because He warned us of course in Revelation to come out of her that to come out of Babylon we need to come out of the world and out of the system. And to know Him and that’s the reason because He’s warned us. It’s just like in the book of Judges Chapter 3 that when the Israelites turned away from God they refused to go into the chuppah to the bridal chamber with Moses. They were afraid to and they fell into idolatry and they got back into the world system.

Sid: Why is the bride dressed in white?

Rebecca: Well, that is something that’s so beautiful because it’s symbolic of the purity that we can have in Him. In fact he told the Israelites to wash their clothes and to sanctify themselves and then on the third day He would appear before them all the people. And so that’s what He’s telling us we have to set apart and that we are His people and that we need to be clean and ready for Him. Our lives need to be pure, we need to get out of sin and get out of this world system. In fact even in Orthodox weddings today you’ll see the groom will even wear a white garment it’s called a kittel. And this was actually symbolic of almost like a Cohen priest going into the Holy of Holies. And so just as the priest has to prepare himself and put on the garments we too have to wear the garments that the Lord has provided for us. And that we put off the old man and we put on the new and prepare ourselves to go into that place to be within His presence. And so just like the wedding day is a like a Yom Kippur they believe that their sins are forgiven and their washed clean. And we too can now also have that and when we enter into His presence we become more and more like Him every day.


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