Sid Roth on April 5th, 2021

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. We’re going to be discussing a subject that very few people have heard. It’s called the spirit of death. Katie, what is the spirit of death? Is that when you’re just dying?

KATIE: No, the spirit of death is active in the world at every moment. He’s putting death on people’s bodies. He’s causing rapid aging. He’s causing disease, disorder. He’s also killing off finances and marriages and relationships.

Sid, honestly, I believe that when we transition to heaven as a born again believer, that we just do that. We lay down at God’s appointed time, and we just transition to our place in glory. If the spirit of death is in the room at the time of our death, it usually means that we’re dying of a disease or something that was not the will of God.

SID: You battled the spirit of death.

KATIE: I did.

SID: It almost cost you your life. Tell me about that battle.

KATIE: He came into my room. I was sick at the time. I actually heard his audible voice. Said my name out loud. I said, “Who is that, Lord?” And he said, “It’s the spirit of death. He’s on assignment to kill you.”

Almost immediately, I went into menopause. My body started reacting. I started having hot flashes, severe ones. I started gaining weight. In fact, I gained eight pounds of belly fat within a week. My hair started getting dry and brittle. My skin, I saw rapid aging happening to my skin. I started getting baggy and saggy and wrinkly. Every part of my life. I started having chronic pain in my body.

Then the spirit of death didn’t just stop in my body. He went after the rest of my life. He went after my marriage, 15 years, my husband and I had the biggest battle of our marriage. Then he went after my ministry. He took out four of my top employees, cut off our financial support. Went after personal friends of mine. I had four people in my life, Sid, very close to me, who were killed by the spirit of death. Then he even took the lives of my dogs. Two of my dogs died within a couple of weeks of each other.

SID: What gave the spirit of death the legal right to come after you and your possessions?

KATIE: That was my exact question when death came after me. The Holy Spirit began to answer me with systematic Bible verses and scriptures connecting to each other.

First, it’s our law-breaking. The Bible says that when we break the laws of God, it gives death the right to attack even our bodily organs. That is in Romans 7:5 in the Amplified Classic. It says when our law-breaking or our sin comes, that it causes death to be able to constantly operate in our bodily organs so that we bear fruit for death.

Think about that. We have 78 organs in our body. The doctors say that our skin is actually called an organ, and it’s the biggest organ in our body. We wonder why are we having wrinkles and sagging and bagging and all of this stuff? Why are we having rapid aging? Because we break the law.

Now, when I say that, Sid, I want to make sure everybody knows for certain that the law is not bad. Romans talks about how the law is holy. The commandment is holy, righteous and good. The law is perfect.

SID: It’s the righteous standard of God.

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Sid Roth on March 27th, 2021

NATASHA: There is a better way with God.


NATASHA: And so, for some reason in my life, being a daughter of a Soviet Army officer, you know, you just do what they tell you to do.

DONNA: Yes. Yes. [laughs]

NATASHA: So this was how I approached the Bible. This was how I approached every teaching in the Bible School. They tell you. You do it.

DONNA: Right.

NATASHA: And this is, by the way, an excellent way to test which doctrines, which teachings, are of men, and which teachings are of God. Those that are of men, they don’t work when you test them in your life.


NATASHA: So, anyway, this is what I realized, that we don’t need to teach people how to believe God. People are created by God, a believing being. We all believe. It’s just a matter of what you know. Because you believe on the basis of what you know. So then it means that what you know is very, very important. So, as a minister, I realized my task is to give people the revelation of God’s heart, to convince people of God’s goodness.

DONNA: Yes. Yes.

NATASHA: Once you can convince people of God’s goodness, how good He is, how loving He is, they can’t help themselves but to respond in trusting Him, in believing Him. Once they respond to Him in their trust, then the miracles take place.


NATASHA: And then, if they are in need, they know what to do. You don’t need to teach people what steps they need to take. Because this is what I was, you know, growing with.

DONNA: Uh-huh.

NATASHA: You know, you need to learn what steps you need to take in order to get your healing, in order to get an answer to your prayer. And I tell you honestly, it came to a point when it was too much work.

DONNA: [laughs]

NATASHA: Standing in faith, it became too much work for me.

DONNA: People don’t want to have to work for it. Do they? Yeah.

NATASHA: I know. Every time when the crisis or some kind of a need would come up, I would dread that moment, because I need to find a certain amount of Scriptures. I need to confess them. I need to work on them. It’s almost like faith was taken out of the context of a loving relationship with God.

DONNA: Mmmm.

NATASHA: And then I realized all I need to know is how good God is toward me, how He is loving toward me, how He is desiring to meet all my needs. So, as a minister, my main purpose is to convince people of God’s goodness. Then their natural response will be just trusting Him, and then miracles. You can, there will be a chaos of miracles.

DONNA: Yes. Yes. [laughs]

NATASHA: That’s true because you can’t control and order them.

DONNA: A chaos of miracles. That’s wonderful. Now, explain to me this statement very quickly. We’re going to take a quick break in just a moment, but tell me, You said, making Jesus irresistible is where the true understanding of faith is. When you make Him irresistible is it easier to understand the bigness of faith?

NATASHA: I think that the subject of faith, I think that sometimes we take it out of, as I said, take it out of the context of relationship with God.

DONNA: Um-huh.

NATASHA: You know, it’s almost like faith becomes a goal, an object. We need to work. We need to increase our faith. We need to learn the steps of how to make it great.


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Sid Roth on March 17th, 2021

RON: But you know you can get healed without any faith! Remember that man borne by four? It doesn’t say when Jesus saw his faith! It said when he saw their faith he said to the man their faith has made you whole. Get up! You can believe God for somebody else. But what I want, I believe in anointing with oil all the time but what I want you to understand is everything God tells us depends on the atmosphere we’re in. That’s what He was talking about a minute ago. This is a promise for the Last Days. And when you feel the drops falling and you’re in a Latter Rain movement which I believe we’re in right here today in this house, everybody that’s anointed, this verse indicates that everyone that gets this gets healed.

AUDIENCE: ! That’s right! [CLAPPING]

RON: Now we’re not quite there but you hear me well. And I hope it comes before the Lord takes me home but before the Rapture comes there’s going to come a season things are going to get so bad out in the world but so good in the Church.


RON: And in kingdom ministries that people [laughing] people are going to flock, I know they’re going to flock in the Church, people are going to flock into the Church!

AUDIENCE: That’s right!

RON: And EVERYONE who we anoint will get out of the wheelchair. Their blind eyes will be opened.


RON: They’ll bring them in on stretchers and they’ll walk out! Two years ago at Collide Jeff and Bekki Smith who pastor down here in South Carolina their boy was nearly killed in a car wreck. Couldn’t move, couldn’t walk. Was all strapped. They brought him into the church on a stretcher to a conference where he was laying out on a conference and Damon Thompson preached on that Thursday night and all of a sudden we looked up and he’d been, he’d been in the military but he was in that wreck where that military truck was hit by that tractor trailer over here in Kentucky and nearly killed him. And all of a sudden I looked there and bandages an all he’s running around the auditorium.


RON: Randy Clark walked into our church and at our conference about four years ago. This girl had come in from Dayton Tennessee. She was facing surgery. She had the metal, already had metal in her, in her, in her mouth that they were going to take out, it wasn’t working. And so she’s standing on the platform and the metal falls out of her mouth and she’s healed instantly on our platform.


RON: Randy, we’ve got it on video. It was because the, it was because the cloud came. And the Word was dropping and saturating and folks were sensing it. You know I go to some conferences that are huge even for young people. But they’re so big, there’s no, they have run this one in, he’s got twenty minutes, they run that one out. We don’t do that. We just start on Thursday and quit sometime on Saturday and some stay over on Sunday.


RON: I came over to the church one Saturday afternoon during Collide last year and there were 800 young people laid out in the quiet anointing of the Holy Ghost.


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Sid Roth on March 2nd, 2021

See that’s what Pentecost celebrates. It’s a season for the glory of the Lord to be revealed. Habakkuk 2 says “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” At Pentecost God wants you to open your heart and let His Spirit overwhelm you. He wants the celebration of Pentecost to be a tremendous blessing to you. As you worship God with thankful hearts for His abundant provision your provision for multiplication and increase so as you celebrate Pentecost stir up your heart to thank God. Remember what He’s done. Be thankful. Read His Word. Bring offerings. Share testimonies. Sing praises and be ready to receive the outpouring of God’s blessing. Now you know these are for Christians. Amen? Okay. Now in the seventh month we come to the last feast. That’s “Tabernacles.”

Most Christians don’t know much about Tabernacles. Some Christian writers used to call it the “Feast of Booths.” I don’t know about you but when I hear about a booth I think of something like this. That is not what this feast was about. In Hebrew the feast is called “Sukkot,” and it’s the plural of “Sukkah.” It’s the Hebrew word for a tent or a temporary shelter so this is the feast of temporary shelters but it sounds nicer to call it the Feast of Tabernacles. But the Feast of Tabernacles is a joyful week-long celebration. The primary instruction God gave for this feast, now you got to get this, this is a very important instruction to obey. Just grit your teeth and say I going to do it no matter how hard it is. God says here’s the one thing you need to do on this feast. Rejoice!


ROBERT: So during the Feast of Tabernacles God wants us to experience the overflowing joy of being in His presence. To understand where we get Tabernacles and what it pictures you need to realize when Israel left Egypt they lived in tabernacles, temporary shelters in the wilderness. And God spoke to Moses and said build a Tabernacle for me too so I can live with My people. And so they made a Tabernacle for God in the middle of their camp and God’s glory came down and dwelt among them and He met all of their needs and they experienced His presence. And so the Feast of Tabernacles is the celebration of God’s glory.

One week a year God asked His people to leave their normal activities behind and tabernacle with Him. They were to make temporary shelters, Sukkahs, as a reminder of how God’s glory walked with them in the wilderness. And God promised a special blessing for those who would do this. He says if you’ll treat this week as special I will meet with you. So what do we do at Tabernacles? Tabernacles is a time to remember. Remember how God came down. Tabernacled with His people. It’s a time to share testimonies and share stories of the times God has met with you. It’s a time to enjoy the fun of celebration with God more than any other feast this is just a fun time! Leviticus 43: “Rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days.” Deuteronomy 16: “Be joyful at your feast for Lord your God will bless you and your joy will be complete.” Number 3: Bring an offering. It’s an expression of thanksgiving to God.

Deuteronomy 16: “No man should appear before the Lord empty-handed. Bring a gift in proportion to the way God has blessed you. And then finally it’s a time to anticipate. To call out to God for His glory to come and tabernacle with us again. It’s a week to draw close to God. So in Tabernacles plan to meet with Him every day. Spend relaxed times in His word. Get together with your family, with your friends. Share testimonies of His goodness. Eat your favorite foods. Thank Him for His blessing. And especially if you have children build a tabernacle, a Sukkah. Nehemiah 8 describes when in Nehemiah’s day they celebrated Tabernacles. They said go into the hills and bring back branches from olive and wild olive trees and myrtles and palms and shade trees to make Sukkahs. And so the people built Sukkahs on their roofs and on their courtyards and their joy was very great. So why not build a Sukkah? You know you can be, there can be all kinds of Sukkahs. Wherever you live you can have a Sukkah. Be creative. You can have a model Sukkah. You can have a backyard Sukkah.

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Sid Roth on February 27th, 2021

JAMIE: And so I knew – I knew I’m like I shouldn’t be saying this right now or you know maybe she wants me to do – you know maybe this needs to happen here. So when I’m with the Holy Spirit there’s such a connection we don’t even need to say much. We’re just hanging out with each other! But one of the biggest ways I’ve found to connect is just laying down. Getting on your back whether it’s on the bed or something comfy and just saying speak Lord. I’m listening! I had $17 I think it was. $17 in my pocket when I first started and I thought I need to go get a chair. I’m going to buy this chair and I thought I’m going to sit in it. I’m going to rest. And it’s going to be my heaven chair. I’m going to go -I’m going to wait until God shows up and heaven shows up with Him! Right? I went to Walmart. I thought I was going to get a Lazy-Boy.

ART: [laughs]

JAMIE: You know I was like man I’m going to get something good! $17 doesn’t buy you much but there was this ugly green lawn chair. It was discounted. I bought this thing. Took it home. Unfolded it, and layed, in that thing for 2 hours, 3 hours a day waiting for Him to speak. In those encounters by sitting still, and staying alert, sometimes even letting myself fall asleep.

ART: Hmm.

JAMIE: That may sound totally opposite of what anybody else feels like. When you’re praying, you know you press in. Don’t fall asleep. You know God will punish you! That’s so wrong. God put Adam in a deep sleep. Sometimes we need sleep.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: And that’s when He gives us dreams.

ART: Now we’ve got a couple of minutes here. I want you to just minister to the people watching. Minister to the viewer and I want us all to be having these encounters with God. I know you do too. So I’m just going to hand it off to you and let you have at it! All right?

JAMIE: Yeah!

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: I’m going to pray for you because I believe God wants to give you encounters with Him. He desires to be with His kids. And you are one of His children and so I’m going to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and give you faith to receive from Him in the secret place! Get alone. Shut your phone off. You know maybe even prep yourself with some testimonies. You know you could prep yourself with other people’s breakthroughs and then get in the place of faith by just sitting still. Holy Spirit I ask right now as they sit still in Your presence that You would lead them to Jesus. Jesus, I ask right now that You would take them to the Father. And Father that You would pour out the presence of Your glory on them! God, while they’re waiting in the stillness encourage their hearts to lean in and listen. Give them the ability to hear Your voice! Let them have intimate encounters! Father, I ask that You would break off of our heart the areas that have been built around our heart – the stony hardness that’s been built up. Soften our heart! Rub Your presence in like fresh oil into those that are listening to this right now! And let them come into a place where they can receive You! Become a magnet for Your presence. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Let Your presence come and fill them with refreshing presence!

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