Sid Roth on May 3rd, 2021

JAMIE: Hi and welcome to “Something More”. I’m your host today; my name’s Jamie Galloway. On the show today, I have Jonathan Bernis with me today. This is exciting. I want you to get ready because we’re going to chart into some unknown territory. I’m very fascinated at this subject, and just as we were talking before the show, I am so intrigued to ask these questions. Won’t you join me? Jonathan, welcome to the show.

JONATHAN: Thanks Jamie, it’s good to be here.

JAMIE: Yeah so, now you have a new book, “Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel”. This is so interesting. What would you define as Israel?

JONATHAN: Well, that’s a good question actually because I think there’s some confusion about Israel. When most Christians hear Israel, they think of that little sliver of land in the Middle East, about the size of New Jersey, with a population of about just over six million Jewish people. But Biblically, Israel is a people; the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob whose name is changed to Israel. So the descendants of Israel are the twelve tribes of Jacob and we’ve been scattered to the utmost corners of the Earth. Sid and I, years ago, were in Kwai Fong, China and met Jewish people in China. One of them said, “Are you Jewish?” and I said, “Yes.” He said, “You don’t look Jewish.” That’s Israel in China. So while it’s a land, it’s a people that have now returned to their land and it’s called the State of Israel because it’s the inheritance of the people of Israel. So when Paul talks about Israel, for example, in Romans 9, 10 and 11, it’s the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that God has sovereignly preserved as a nation.

JAMIE: So many people, that are probably watching this right now, are like me. I’m coming in totally ignorant and saying, “Teach me. I want to learn. This is a fascinating subject”. What do most believers miss about Israel that may not be Jewish themselves? They may be, and may not know it, but what are they missing?

JONATHAN: Oh my gosh, well Jamie, first of all, we have to understand that almost 2,000 years ago, since the very early days of what became known as Christianity, the church fathers began to remove all things Jewish from the faith. Now there were some good reasons for this, there were some not so good reasons for this, but that’s what happened. Shabbat became Sunday worship, the holidays—


JONATHAN: The Feasts of the Lord in Leviticus 23, which all have prophetic meaning and all point to Jesus, were removed from Christianity. That’s one thing.  And then the emergence of something that most Christians aren’t familiar with, but live with the residue of, if I can say it that way, replacement theology. That God is punishing the Jewish people because of their rejection of Christ, of the Messiah, and has replaced them with a new people, a new Israel. So, one thing that Christians need to understand is the church is not Israel. The church has been, according to Romans 11, has been grafted into the olive tree which is Israel. So they become sons and daughters of Abraham, but it’s not a replacement of Israel. Israel remains the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that God has sovereignly preserved and promises to restore in a set time of history. That’s happening now.

JAMIE: This is so interesting. I mean, I tell people it was a controversy in the early church over whether a Gentile could be saved or not.

JONATHAN: That’s right. Isn’t that funny?

JAMIE: That’s how backward we are now.

JONATHAN: Complete reversal

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Sid Roth on April 27th, 2021

SID: Every day seeing strangers. What about a stay-at-home mom? What about someone, a man that works from his home with his computer and he’s not even crossing a lot of people’s paths?

KEVIN: Well, I’m glad you asked that because I had a vision because I wondered the same thing. But I had a vision of a young lady. She was a single mom with a baby in her arms, and she was watching. She’s watching Sid Roth, she was watching a show and she was pacing back and forth. She got built up in faith and all of a sudden, she said, “You know what? On my watch, we’re not going to have it this way. I’m coming up against the devil.” And she started fighting the devil from her living room with a baby, feeding a baby. And I realized, this is the warriors of the coming year. This is the warriors of this next move of God, it’s the believer. You can do this from your house.

SID: In a moment, Kevin’s going to demonstrate how to use some of these power words from Scripture to paralyze the enemy and fill your book of life.

SID: I’m here with Dr. Kevin Zadai. Kevin is releasing revelation he had on the power words from the Bible, and he got this revelation in heaven. One of the words that people don’t think that much about but it’s so powerful is resurrection.

KEVIN: Yes, sir. Resurrection has to do with Jesus, of course, rising from the dead. But then that power that rose Him and sat Him at the right hand of God is an amazing power too. I also had revelation of the resurrection as far as it has to do with us walking on this earth like Enoch did. Because I saw that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead, the Apostle Paul said is in us and that it would even quicken our mortal bodies. I mean, think about that, that there would be a transference from the spiritual into the physical body.

SID: And then we would be healed.

KEVIN: Right.

SID: And given supernatural strength and vitality.

KEVIN: Yeah. So every day at my job, I had to tap into that thinking about Moses. The Lord said, “Think about Moses and Me being on the mountain.” He said, “And think about what it was like for them to be standing there.” And Moses didn’t age. In fact, God had to tell him, “It’s time to die.” He wouldn’t die. At 120, he wouldn’t die. So Jesus said to me I can walk in divine life. He said there’s healing, there’s divine health, and there’s divine life. Moses experienced divine life. Resurrection power is something that we have not tapped into. But if you study people like John G. Lake and Smith Wigglesworth, just to name two, they learned to tap into this and they had notable miracles in their ministry. But see, how many of us today see those kinds of results? Jesus said it has to do with the power word, “resurrection.” We need to emphasize this. Satan does not want us to mention resurrection.

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Sid Roth on April 18th, 2021

SID: I would like you to pray for our audience right now. I want you to pray that the gift of prophecy would be activated and God would open our ears to hear His voice. Do you want that? I believe … By the way, you did not only pray for people with stage four cancer, they get supernaturally heal. You were healed of cancer. There are a lot of people suffering with cancer or whatever God shows you, would you pray?

MICHAEL: Yes. The Lord healed me from cancer. When I was diagnosed with cancer, the Lord a month before that had given me a promise of Scripture, Psalm 118:17, that says, “You shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord. I shall not die.” And when the doctor told me he had an incurable cancer, my first response was, “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.” It shook him. I was diagnosed with cancer. Six months later, there was no cancer. When we say God’s Word, amazing things happen. I just want to encourage you, my friend, that you can hear God’s voice. Every single believer can hear what the Holy Spirit is saying. We can respond to God. We can speak words of life. Encouraging, healing, and edifying words to people and God will use anybody. There’s a backlog of ministry that the Holy Spirit’s looking for people to sign up for. I just want to encourage you that you would ask the Lord for the gift prophecy, and that you would press into it and refuse to live your life without it.

In the Kingdom of God, if you can live without something, you will. We have to press into it with zeal, with passion, with persistence and refuse to live without it. Refuse to live your life without the gift of prophecy. Father, I pray for an outpouring of prophetic agency of visions and dreams and prophesy to Your people. I pray for the stirring up, as Paul told Timothy, stir up the gift of God that’s in you. I pray that there would, God, there would be confidence that people would know they can hear Your voice and they can speak to other people in the grocery store, at work, in the neighborhood, in the family. God will speak to you words that will change people’s lives as you courageously and boldly release that Word. And then ask God do you. He will use you, my friend. There’s no secret to it. There’s, there’s no difficulty to it, except that we press into God. Pursue with passion, the gift of prophecy and the prophetic flow of heaven will start being a part of your life as a believer.

SID: Now, I know if you will pray for healing right now, that the healing flow is going out of you. Go for it.

MICHAEL: Amen. Father, I declare in Jesus’ mighty name that cancer must leave every person. Just like You healed me, Father, of cancer. I rebuke in the name of Jesus, the spirit of cancer. I rebuke premature death. The curse that’s in your family of people dying early is broken in the name of Jesus Christ. I declare that every person who is suffering with depression, anxiety, fearfulness, or any other mental disorder, I declare in the name of Jesus. The same Jesus that healed my mind is going to heal yours. The same God that made us can heal us and fix us. Father, I pray for anyone that’s hurting in their bones, their muscles, their nerves, and any part of the body, we release by the name of Yeshua Hamashiach. Jesus, the Christ, the power of healing right now. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for performing right now, surgeries. I want to say this, that God is canceling a bunch of surgeries right now. People that are scheduled for a surgical procedure, you’re going to be so healed, you don’t need it. God’s helping you right now.

There are people with serious back injuries that are going to stand up and feel all the pain gone from your neck to your back. People that have been diagnosed with incurable diseases like I was, are being healed right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

SID: It’s just a tiny little thing with all the major things Michael just prayed for, but someone with a little finger has pain when you bend it, it’s healed in Jesus’ name.


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Sid Roth on April 5th, 2021

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. We’re going to be discussing a subject that very few people have heard. It’s called the spirit of death. Katie, what is the spirit of death? Is that when you’re just dying?

KATIE: No, the spirit of death is active in the world at every moment. He’s putting death on people’s bodies. He’s causing rapid aging. He’s causing disease, disorder. He’s also killing off finances and marriages and relationships.

Sid, honestly, I believe that when we transition to heaven as a born again believer, that we just do that. We lay down at God’s appointed time, and we just transition to our place in glory. If the spirit of death is in the room at the time of our death, it usually means that we’re dying of a disease or something that was not the will of God.

SID: You battled the spirit of death.

KATIE: I did.

SID: It almost cost you your life. Tell me about that battle.

KATIE: He came into my room. I was sick at the time. I actually heard his audible voice. Said my name out loud. I said, “Who is that, Lord?” And he said, “It’s the spirit of death. He’s on assignment to kill you.”

Almost immediately, I went into menopause. My body started reacting. I started having hot flashes, severe ones. I started gaining weight. In fact, I gained eight pounds of belly fat within a week. My hair started getting dry and brittle. My skin, I saw rapid aging happening to my skin. I started getting baggy and saggy and wrinkly. Every part of my life. I started having chronic pain in my body.

Then the spirit of death didn’t just stop in my body. He went after the rest of my life. He went after my marriage, 15 years, my husband and I had the biggest battle of our marriage. Then he went after my ministry. He took out four of my top employees, cut off our financial support. Went after personal friends of mine. I had four people in my life, Sid, very close to me, who were killed by the spirit of death. Then he even took the lives of my dogs. Two of my dogs died within a couple of weeks of each other.

SID: What gave the spirit of death the legal right to come after you and your possessions?

KATIE: That was my exact question when death came after me. The Holy Spirit began to answer me with systematic Bible verses and scriptures connecting to each other.

First, it’s our law-breaking. The Bible says that when we break the laws of God, it gives death the right to attack even our bodily organs. That is in Romans 7:5 in the Amplified Classic. It says when our law-breaking or our sin comes, that it causes death to be able to constantly operate in our bodily organs so that we bear fruit for death.

Think about that. We have 78 organs in our body. The doctors say that our skin is actually called an organ, and it’s the biggest organ in our body. We wonder why are we having wrinkles and sagging and bagging and all of this stuff? Why are we having rapid aging? Because we break the law.

Now, when I say that, Sid, I want to make sure everybody knows for certain that the law is not bad. Romans talks about how the law is holy. The commandment is holy, righteous and good. The law is perfect.

SID: It’s the righteous standard of God.

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Sid Roth on March 27th, 2021

NATASHA: There is a better way with God.


NATASHA: And so, for some reason in my life, being a daughter of a Soviet Army officer, you know, you just do what they tell you to do.

DONNA: Yes. Yes. [laughs]

NATASHA: So this was how I approached the Bible. This was how I approached every teaching in the Bible School. They tell you. You do it.

DONNA: Right.

NATASHA: And this is, by the way, an excellent way to test which doctrines, which teachings, are of men, and which teachings are of God. Those that are of men, they don’t work when you test them in your life.


NATASHA: So, anyway, this is what I realized, that we don’t need to teach people how to believe God. People are created by God, a believing being. We all believe. It’s just a matter of what you know. Because you believe on the basis of what you know. So then it means that what you know is very, very important. So, as a minister, I realized my task is to give people the revelation of God’s heart, to convince people of God’s goodness.

DONNA: Yes. Yes.

NATASHA: Once you can convince people of God’s goodness, how good He is, how loving He is, they can’t help themselves but to respond in trusting Him, in believing Him. Once they respond to Him in their trust, then the miracles take place.


NATASHA: And then, if they are in need, they know what to do. You don’t need to teach people what steps they need to take. Because this is what I was, you know, growing with.

DONNA: Uh-huh.

NATASHA: You know, you need to learn what steps you need to take in order to get your healing, in order to get an answer to your prayer. And I tell you honestly, it came to a point when it was too much work.

DONNA: [laughs]

NATASHA: Standing in faith, it became too much work for me.

DONNA: People don’t want to have to work for it. Do they? Yeah.

NATASHA: I know. Every time when the crisis or some kind of a need would come up, I would dread that moment, because I need to find a certain amount of Scriptures. I need to confess them. I need to work on them. It’s almost like faith was taken out of the context of a loving relationship with God.

DONNA: Mmmm.

NATASHA: And then I realized all I need to know is how good God is toward me, how He is loving toward me, how He is desiring to meet all my needs. So, as a minister, my main purpose is to convince people of God’s goodness. Then their natural response will be just trusting Him, and then miracles. You can, there will be a chaos of miracles.

DONNA: Yes. Yes. [laughs]

NATASHA: That’s true because you can’t control and order them.

DONNA: A chaos of miracles. That’s wonderful. Now, explain to me this statement very quickly. We’re going to take a quick break in just a moment, but tell me, You said, making Jesus irresistible is where the true understanding of faith is. When you make Him irresistible is it easier to understand the bigness of faith?

NATASHA: I think that the subject of faith, I think that sometimes we take it out of, as I said, take it out of the context of relationship with God.

DONNA: Um-huh.

NATASHA: You know, it’s almost like faith becomes a goal, an object. We need to work. We need to increase our faith. We need to learn the steps of how to make it great.


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