Sid Roth on January 30th, 2015


Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Jim Richards and I am interviewing him on this book. And you know every once and awhile a book crosses your hands that’ll change your life. I mean dramatically change your life. This is one of them. The book’s title is “How to Stop the Pain.” And you know Jim I believe that there are a lot of people with pain that have stuffed it so deep that they don’t even know… they’re out of touch with the fact that they have this pain. And they have this kind of a passive aggressive is that the right terminology behavior where out of the blue they’ll do something aggressive at you and they’re not even in touch with their pain.

Jim: Oh, most people are and you’re exactly right. We bury our pain because at the time it happens we don’t know how to deal with it.

Sid: And so that’s why when I read the title “How to Stop the Pain.” And someone would say “I don’t have any pain.” And they’re suffering so badly they don’t know what’s going to hit them. I mean that’s the worst kind of pain.

Jim: That’s right.

Sid: When it’s so deep that you’re not in touch with it.

Jim: That’s right and it will drive your life with you having little awareness of why you’re acting the way you’re acting or you’re doing the thing that you’re doing.

Sid: Now on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about your daughters. My goodness you have, did you say 5 daughters?

Jim: Five daughters and 10 grandchildren.

Sid: Five daughters that must have been quite a household. (Laughing)

Jim: That was a journey that you just cannot believe. (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing) but you had a problem with your daughters.

Jim: Two of my daughters that just infuriated me. I went through such guilt and torment I felt condemned you know I would get so angry at them and they really weren’t any worse or doing anything worse than my other daughters were doing. And it wasn’t until I came to understand the power of judging that I realized why their behavior was affecting me. You know we talked about this yesterday a person’s behavior only has the ability to affect you based on the significance you attach to it. Now I’m a pretty direct communicator so… and particularly when I was younger you know this was quite good while back but when I was younger you know I was pretty direct. And if I was in direct with you basically it meant I didn’t want to tell you something or I was manipulating. And as it turned out these two particular daughters that I had the most problems with they were you know they were indirect communicators, they were really kind of touchy feely kind of girls very emotional. Now there was nothing wrong with that, but when they would come to me and want something inside of just coming and saying “Hey dad I want this would you do it or give it to me” which would have been the easiest way to get it. You know they would come and you know they would like to kind of attach emotionally and sit in your lap and kind of hug you and beat around the bush and eventually they would tell you what they wanted. And it would make me so angry. And what I finally realized I was passing a judgment and judgment is when you assumed you knew why they do what they do.

Sid: Why did you feel they were doing it?

Jim: Well see you know we judge everybody we project our motives on everybody around us. We assume that people do things for the same reasons that we do. So naturally I would think that you know if I’m indirect that I’m manipulating, that I passed the judgment that says “This is why you’re being indirect.”

Sid: Hm.

Jim: And so it affected me as if they were in fact really trying to judge me or manipulate me and they weren’t. And you know when it was so incredible when I released them from my judgment.

Sid: Excuse me how did you do that?

Jim: You know it’s a prayerful choice. First of all, I had to realize that I was passing a judgment.

Sid: That’s what’s so wonderful about your book. I am realizing what I’m doing so clearly from reading your book but you can’t do anything about it if you’re ignorant that you’re doing something.

Jim: Exactly, and you know most people are not wanting to live a life of judgment. I didn’t want to have you know the destructive relationship that I was having with these 2 daughters. But you know were just the product of what we believed all of our lives and this was an area of renewing my mind nobody has ever taught me I didn’t know I didn’t realize until I had walked this thing through prayerfully with God. In my relationship with God you know God showed me that “You’re judging them.” And you know that when I came to that realization, and you know I came to that realization because I was in a situation where somebody else was judging me and I started saying “This person doesn’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing.” And through that God said “Look this is what you’re doing to people all of the time.”

Sid: So it’s that what happens in the sowing and reaping principal. You’re judging your daughters and then people are judging you.

Jim: That’s right. (Laughing) And so what was so incredible is I made a deliberate decision I said “You know Father what I’ve done is wrong and I accept your forgiveness for it but more than that I want to walk in righteousness I want to renew my mind here.” And I made a decision I just said “In the name of Jesus I release my children from my judgment, if I want to know why they’re doing what they’re doing I’ll ask them.” And just making that decision and making a commitment to walk in love and openness to them I’m telling you it radically changed by relationship with those girls.

Sid: Well that just sounds too simple Jim.

Jim: Doesn’t it?

Sid: Yeah.

Jim: You know I’ve basically gotten a couple of letters from people who really really have complex problems and they said “This is just too simple.” All I could do is write them back and say “You know something my father tried to burn us alive when we were children; I watched my father regularly try to murder my mother; we were abandoned and by father would come back and break into our home and steal our food we nearly starved to death…

Sid: Jim, how can you be advising other people with such a past like that?

Jim: That’s the great thing about God is you know God turns the curse into a blessing.

Sid: You know you must have a lot of compassion for people that are suffering.

Jim: Oh yeah, when you’ve been there as real to you, you do. But you know what for awhile when I was first saved I was actually intolerant of people’s suffering. And we can talk about that in subsequent program about how judgment will make you not have compassion for people. But the incredible thing was it was these simple ? And I could go on and on about my mother remarried, my stepfather actually did try to murder me. I was stabbed in my sleep. You know I could go on and on with these horrible things that have happened to me. And it was accepting incredibly simple truths and acting on them that freed me for the power of the past.

Sid: I have to ask you something how did you get saved?

Jim: It was an incredible thing I went from church to church to church I asked preachers how to get out of this life that I was in. I was a drug dealer, I was strung out on drugs very severely. And here’s the incredible thing not one person, not one preacher I ever went to told me how to get born again.

Sid: Hm.

Jim: And I was riding in a car with someone whose cousin was a drug supplier for us. The cousin had gotten saved and witnessed to this person. He didn’t get saved he was totally critical of him and he told me the story of his cousin witnessing to him. And it was laced with profanity and criticism and he was telling me he said “If you’re not blank blank for God you’re blank blank against God. I don’t know why the blank blank Jesus died on the cross got anything to do with my…” and he just ranted and raved. And when I got out of the car for the first time of my life laced with profanity I had the message of salvation.

Sid: Oh my goodness.

Jim: And I bowed my head and I said “God I don’t understand this I just know that this got to do with Jesus dying for me, but if You can, if You really can do something with my life today I’m going to home. I’m going to read the Bible and I’m going to find out about You and find the truth.” And I believed on Jesus and I was saved and delivered and then I started the journey of renewing my mind and coming out of the past.

Sid: You know you must have been a very angry man!

Jim: Very.

Sid: How in the world did you get rid of this anger?

Jim: Well you know something when every single day you encounter an incredible love and you wake up every morning and God is loving you in spite of your past and in spite of your short comings. You know as you experience love the Bible teaches us that as we experience God’s love we gain this capacity to give God’s love.

Sid: You know you said something so profound, you said that “All you did was release your daughter from these judgments.”

Jim: Yep.

Sid: And the walls came down, what about husbands and wives? What results would occur if a husband and the wife reads the book and started practicing what you teach and they had a miserable marriage they tolerated each other. They were believers they don’t want to get divorced but they have a miserable marriage they don’t even communicate anymore, they don’t like even like… they don’t love each other anymore what would this do?

Jim: You know I get dozens and sometimes hundreds of emails and letters a week from people that say “For the first time in my life since I got saved I fallen back in love with God and have fallen in love with my mate.” As a matter of fact those are the top two testimonies in our ministry.

Sid: Why would they fall in love with God, they didn’t hate God?

Jim: Well you know what over a period of time people have to a place where I appreciate that I got saved, I appreciate that I’m going to heaven but I’m not really in love with God anymore. What I had in the beginning I’ve lost through my own pain and dysfunction and shame and guilt.

Sid: But people wouldn’t admit that to themselves because they don’t want to say that about themselves and God.

Jim: Give the most incredible invitation and I do this all over the world and when I give this in any church and no less than 80% of the congregation comes down. When I make it safe for them to admit it about 80% of every church that I’ve ever done this in comes forward and says “I’m not in love with God anymore.” And they have this incredible turnaround and fall back in love with God. See people like God, they appreciate God, but somehow or another as the shame and hurt of life comes they’re not passionately in love with Him anymore. Kind of like him, appreciate Him. See that was Peter’s issue. Peter’s guilt made him question God’s love.

Sid: Jim, we’re out of time.

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Sid Roth on January 20th, 2015


Sid: My guest has been all this week has been Dr. Ray Strand.  He has 2 books out that are amazing eye openers.  As he puts it “We can’t rely on doctors, we must do our homework; we must become proactive.” it’s getting very complex out there when it comes to what vitamins to have; what herbs to have; what medicine to have; what diet to be on; what is good for you; what is bad for you how you can prevent most diseases. And this is the simplest and most practical approach that I’ve seen and that’s why I want to get these in your hands… Let’s devote the rest of this day Dr. Strand to being proactive.  What should we do?

Ray:  Well, I think that there’s a triad of healthy lifestyles; everybody needs to actually establish in their life.  First of all we need to learn to eat a healthy diet that does not spike our blood sugar.  In simple ways we need to avoid processed foods and certain high glycemic foods are those foods that will spike your blood-sugar very quickly like white potatoes.  What you need to learn is that if you go back to the way that God has made the food; whole oranges and apples and fruits.  All the fruits are fine; all the vegetables are fine; nuts, legumes, beans and then whole grains. Not processed grains but whole grains, slow cooked oatmeal; go back the way your grandfather and grandmother used to live.  That is healthy, it’s not… there are good fats out there; there are bad fats; there are good proteins there are bad proteins; there a good carbs and there are bad carbs.

Sid: So the diets that say “Just cut all carbs out or just have proteins they’re not showing you the difference between the good and the bad and if you miss the good you’re affecting your health.

Ray:  Well, you are and see the thing that happens is all of those vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that I’ve been talking about if everybody; if your listeners would simple go out and eat 8 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables each and every day, and I’m talking whole fruits and vegetables they would decrease their risk of heart attack, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia about 3 fold just by doing that.  If they add the good fats which are more your vegetable fats, your cold water fish. And like we talked about range fed chicken eggs and that has the omega3 fats and the mono-saturated fats. We need to decrease some of the saturated fats and the most horrible rancid fats; which are called rancid fats which are called trans-fats.  If you read anything on the label that says partially hydrogenated those are horrible fats. Those are like margarines that came out as health foods. In fact in Europe they don’t even allow it on the marketplace.

Sid: What’s wrong with margarine?

Ray:  Well because it has trans-fats and there are changed fats and they are partially heated and to thicken it and so it is actually the worst fats in the world.  And we’re starting to… people need to learn those things. Well, then you turn around and when you start to eat this way; you eat for natural hunger.  When you’re hungry you eat; what people don’t realize is when they eat white bread, white flour, pasta, rice or potatoes it spikes your blood sugar faster than if your slapping table sugar on your tongue.

Sid: And if it spikes your blood-sugar what affect does it have on your body?

Ray:  Well, it over stimulates your release of insulin and then your blood-sugar drops below normal and the body has to then…it stimulates release of what we call stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol and it moves it back up to normal. But we’re left with an uncontrollable hunger; you have to eat. So what many people are calling cravings or what they’re calling emotional eating is really this cycle that they’ve set off. It’s what I call a carbohydrate addiction and these people eat about 80% more calories than those who don’t spike their blood-sugar.

Sid: So is most fast food in the category of problem?

Ray:  Well sure it is because you start to look at what… how much fruits or vegetables are in fast foods?  I mean maybe now maybe having some salads and stuff but usually it’s a hamburger, white bun and maybe a slice of tomato and lettuce and with all the bad fat. Then the french fries which have this hydrogenated oils.  So those are all bad but what people need go learn; just very simply avoid anything white sugar, white flour, white pasts, white pasta, rice, cereals and brains and get to the whole grain breads or the sprouted breads like Ezekiel bread.  And then they turn around and eat whole grains, whole fruits and whole vegetables getting more of the…

Sid: What about normal wheat bread?

Ray:  Well wheat bread is bad because it’s whole wheat flour, it actually has…

Sid: Now see, I always thought that I was doing good when I would have whole wheat rather than white bread.

Ray:  Well, if it’s truly whole wheat…

Sid: No, it’s what you get in the restaurants.

Ray:  It’s brown bread is worse than white bread.

Sid: Huh.

Ray:   It’s spiking your blood-sugar; it’s..

Sid: I’ve been doing everything wrong Doctor.

Ray:   I know it and that’s why when you learn this…

Sid: I mean it’s a miracle that God’s preserved me! (Laughing)

Ray: (Laughing) Well, and it is and you start I feel people go back to eating more natural  the way God presented it. And not going to processed foods or cereals or stuff like that they will be much healthier.  But then we must exercise. The second stage is you have to be; the only thing that the body cannot stand is in activity and  simply walking 30 to 45 minutes briskly 5 times a week does tremendous health benefits in doing that. And so any kind of exercise it gets your body moving you’ll have tremendous health benefits but it must be consistent and you want to have a modest activity with that.  The third triad is I call cellular nutrition. And that’s what I present in “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine.” What you’re doing then is proving these new nutritional supplements, vitamin C, vitamin E, Beta-carotene, the minerals, the B vitamins at optimal levels to the cell, not RDA but optimum levels.  Those levels that have been shown to provide a health benefit in our medical literature.  And let our cell decide what it needs and what it does not need.  When you’ve combined all 3 of those you are giving yourself the best chance of remaining healthy and actually staying away from the doctor so that he doesn’t have a chance to prescribe that medication…

Sid: Even more important than that we’re living longer than ever as a people, however the quality of life stinks for most elderly people.  Are you saying that most of this can be avoided?

Ray: Yes it can and people need to understand how to do it. Sid by the time we diagnose cancer, by the time we diagnosis Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or heart disease, by the time macular degeneration people that have these diseases know that I’m speaking the truth. We don’t have much to offer them.  Now we might bypass, we might do this, we might look at President Reagan, you think that he could afford the medication you know to slow down the process.  He didn’t know his family for the last 5 – 6 years.  It was his death was a blessing he could be with the Lord now he was trapped in his body.  So living a long time is not a blessing unless we have our health. I think that’s what I’ve been trying to tell people and this is where we need to go. And people need to say “Hey, I just can’t come in running into the doctor when I’m all rusted out and saying “Save me doctor.”  We have to do something before and become proactive, with our health.

Sid: Well, you call it an anti-aging strategy.  In your book I find it very interesting, something I find that very few doctors even mention.  You mentioned people have to have certain tests and one of the key ones to prevent heart trouble is a homocysteine level. What is that?

Ray: Well, homocysteine is a byproduct of protein; a breakdown of protein metabolism called methionine.  And they found that elevated homocysteine levels in our blood-stream is the cause of over 15 % of every heart attack and stroke in this country. But it’s a vitamin…it’s due to a vitamin B deficiency.  Your Folic Acid, B6 and B12 and yet doctors don’t test for that.

Sid: So like if someone takes a test and they find out they are low basically all they have to do is take a couple of B vitamins and they’ll be okay?

Ray: For pennies a day.

Sid: Hm.

Ray: And drop it down, and it’s like anything, other things cause inflammation.  People don’t know this but when you go out and have a fatty meal or a Big Mac or an Egg McMuffin or something for breakfast they’ve checked your arteries. Your arteries go into spasm for 4 to 6 hours after that meal. And the same thing with spiking your blood-sugar and you go and have a bagel, or juice and a cup of coffee and that will spike your blood-sugar and cause inflammation and cause your arteries to go into  spasm for to 6 hours after that meal.

Sid: Now what do you think about for dinner having a gigantic t-bone steak?

Ray: Probably would do the same thing, you know you can take antioxidants. You know quantity.  If you’re going to eat red meat eat the leanest you can get your hands on. But you know your best protein; your second best is cold-water fish, the third is…

Sid: Excuse me, what are coldwater fish?

Ray:  Like mackerels, salmon, tuna, trout because they have this good fats, the Omega 3 fats will lower your cholesterol; will decrease inflammation and they will raise the good cholesterol. That’s the same thing as olive, and olive oil and the good vegetable oils that aren’t over heated or over treated. Those….

Sid: Dr. Strand I’m sorry our time is slipping away. I thank you for being our guest. There’s no way we can cover this; it’s time to get pro-active.

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Sid Roth on January 12th, 2015


Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be normal.  What is normal, normal is being red hot for Jesus.  What is abnormal?  Abnormal is being lukewarm; I mean Jesus put it this way it’s kind of a mind-blower in the Book of Revelation.  He said “I would rather you be cold for me than lukewarm.  Now, why would He say that?   He said it because if your  cold you know that your cold but if you’re lukewarm you’re deceived. And unfortunately most people that have been raised in the church have not had an encounter with the Living God and are not disciples are walking in various degrees of deception. And when I say disciples I’m not saying disciples of a man; I mean I’m saying disciples of the word of God; there is a difference.  I mean if you want to argue tradition I can do it I’m Jewish, you know what I mean.  My tradition is older and maybe a little more beautiful than yours.  But tradition and a dime won’t get you a cup of coffee in Washington, DC will it Dr. Catherine Millard?

Catherine: (Laughing)

Sid: I have that whose my guest is right now and I’m speaking to her at Headquarters at Northern Virginia of the Christian Heritage Ministries.  And Christian Heritage Tours and we are going to talk about a subject that is just so outrageous it’s called “The Rewriting of America’s History. And why is this important?  Well, I have to ask you a question that I read in your book.  Catherine you said that “Rewriting a nations history is frequently one of the first strategies taken by a conquering nation.”  Why is that?

Catherine: Because a nation that doesn’t know where it came from has lost it’s roots; doesn’t know who it is in the present, has lost it’s identity and therefore doesn’t know where it’s going and has lost it’s direction.  

Sid: But wait a second Catherine I went to public High School, I studied American History.  Anyone that becomes a citizen of the US has to study history, why does this apply to America? I think that it would apply to a conquered nation.

Catherine:  Because you have studied revisionist history from what you shared with me a little bit before the program and my response to your question about Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin that just what you were sharing with me about them proved to me that you had imbibed like every single American I’ve met.

Sid: Okay, let’s turn the light bulb on right now for me and every single person that’s listening to us right now.  What I said was that “It is common knowledge that Thomas Jefferson was not a man of great morality. I mean look at all the children he fathered from his slaves. And Benjamin Franklin I mean, in the popular books on Benjamin Franklin I mean he went off to France and he was kind of elderly and he had so many girl friends and he was married and he was I mean and so these two people certainly very moral

Catherine:   Well, look at your books again if you have them and see the dates they were published and look in the back and see the bibliography and see that they have either have no bibliography or the bibliography would be secondary sources. Because the history in America has been rewritten in the 1930’s as I’ve traced back in my 5 ½ years of research and in writing the book “The Rewriting of America’s History.”

Sid:  So who did this revision that started in that time?

Catherine:  Well, alright first it’s a movement; it’s a very powerful movement. People that have taken positions of power in the educational realm and the media specifically but every other realm in the 1930’s.  It was an agenda and it goes back to…it’s like physio-politics which is the art and signs of the manipulating masses of minds of people without their knowing it. And the Russian tech books of the 1930’s in the conclusion to my book have fitted in exactly with all the individual conclusions I have come to as I said working for 5 ½ years in the rare-book collections of the Library of Congress. Now the rare-book collection my being a scholar there 20 years now has been just about everyone of our one of a kind originals and they were buried in a vault and there were 4 billion.  $4 billion dollars of national treasures and that’s how I’ve been able to write this book beginning with 1492 Christopher Columbus and going to 1899.  Here’s the one of a kind of the original, here’s the the counterfeit, here’s the original, here’s what you’ve been studying in your schools in the 1930’s.  Here’s the original; here’s what has been permeating the Newsweekly’s, the magazines and the libraries since the 1930’s.  So to deal with your 2 questions there about Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, they were maligned.  Like everyone of the founders has been in current history books published in America since 1930’s that I have consulted and I’ve consulted probably about 1000’s.

Sid: But what is the objective, what are these people after?

Catherine:  Well, firstly let me deal with the disproving it. And Thomas Jefferson and we put out a video; it’s the 7th video entitled “Controversial Christians about Thomas Jefferson and went to the top DNA experts worldwide and top universities in the world and got their statements which were published in Science magazines and Nature Magazine 2 months after this hit the news in the Fall of 1998. And they refuted it; the top DNA experts refuted it and it’s on the…all of the evidence is on this video because they say that “It could not have been, it was impossible it could not have been Tomas Jefferson. The most likely candidate was his brother Randolph Jefferson who was a 12 years younger; who was a widower.  Who danced and played the fiddle with the slaves, was seen continually there. And they have proof, we have proof that he was there when Easten Hemings, Sally Heming’s son was conceived and he was also there 6 days after Easten Heming’s birth because working on Jefferson’s will at the time.  It’s impossible, it’s not just Jefferson, his mind was way above all of that and they have deliberately…in fact I went all the way to the historian who began the research and I had long conversations with him and have written evidence sent to me in the mail from him. And I have spoken to him many times on the telephone.  He started his research because his wife is a direct ascendant of Thomas Jefferson. They come to no conclusions what so ever. And they were doing by retired pathologists by the name of Eugene Foster from the University of Virginia.  And Eugene Foster published these inconclusive, inconclusive story about Jefferson in the fall of 1998 without their knowledge.  And of course broke off their relationship and of course broke off their friendship when they asked him “Why did you do it?”  He said “He wanted fame.”  And all of that was refuted in Science Magazine and Nature Magazine.  He’d published it in Nature Magazine initially and the paper just picked it up immediately to make something sensational out of it.  It was refuted 2 months later in January of 1999 by these top DNA experts world wide and scientist but the newspapers never picked it up.  As far as…

Sid: Benjamin Franklin.

Catherine:  As far as Benjamin Franklin is concerned you know I’ve spent actually more time on Thomas Jefferson and then on Benjamin Franklin than any other founding father. They were the most versatile and they were the most brilliant I believe of all of the founding fathers.  And they were inventors, they were, well Thomas Jefferson’s was a Musician and a lawyer and a self-taught architect and of course President of the United States and Vice President.  He was extremely accomplished and so was Benjamin Franklin.  And Benjamin Franklin being a diplomat and a scientist and an inventor and a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a signer of the US Constitution. I disproved that with Benjamin Franklin totally were both, made up completely outlandish lies because our great people and this great nation have not studied original history and the documents of American history since the 1930’s so they were able to do it.  Benjamin Franklin was a member of Christ Epistable Church in Philadelphia. Today if you went there you’d fine that it was called The Nation’s Church.  It was the most starch church in whole nation because the entire revolution revolved around it; the founding fathers attended that church during the framing of the US Constitution and prior to that during the framing of the..

Sid: Catherine give me a bottom-line; what is the agenda, what is the purpose of all of these rewriting, we’ve barely scratched the surface of this rewriting of America’s history. What is the intent?

Catherine:  Well, the intent is to remove the godly heroes from the hearts and minds of youth who are the future generation.

Sid: And what will this accomplish if they’re successful?

Catherine:  Well, they have become successful to a large extent; they’ve become apathetic; they thought they were studying history but they were actually studying annuls and they were studying revisionist false history. It turned them away from not only their founders and their greatest heroes who are actually great servants of the Living God. And they then destroyed the patriotism and it gave them a guilt trip about their own country. So that they could no longer emulate the Christian lives of these great founders. And their greatest heroes are told are the renegades and convicts and immoral. And it puts a black smudge on a young person growing up; it turns them away from their country.

Sid: Okay, let’s take that scenario a bit further, you mean that’s going to be the preparation of a one world government?  Is that what you’re headed towards?

Catherine:  Yes, actually that is part of it and it’s very importantly part of it.

Sid: A one world religion?

Catherine:  Yes, because these godly Christian heroes; the documents of American history from 1490 to 1899 are filled with scripture and prayer. Prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And as you can see in my book, from originals, and so the godly lives; the Christian lives represent Protestant, strong Biblical Protestant Christianity based on the scriptures and prayer based on the Lord, Almighty God.  The nation was founded, the great documents of the great founding of the nation are based upon scripture and prayer. And so that’s the only obstacle in the way of their disbanding the sovereignty of a nation.

Sid: I’ll tell you what, we’re out of time. I’m speaking to Dr. Catherine Mallard and this is going to be a fascinating week. But there’s no way that we can cover all the information in her book “The Rewriting of the America’s History.” And I’ll tell you something, if you have a child or a grandchild in secular schools this information must get to them so that they won’t be dooped like everyone else.  If you have a home schooler, this information you must give to them.

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Sid Roth on January 5th, 2015


Sid: If you have blockage in your heart in the natural or the supernatural I believe that you know what when the blockage in the spirit realm is removed the healing will flow. My guest John McTernan had a broken heart, and then in studying the scriptures he found out that this was one of the major calls of Jesus to heal the brokenhearted. And there are people listening to me right now; you’ve been wounded. Probably you’ve been from a broken family.  You’ve been from a father and mother that died at an early age.  You’ve been in a house where they stayed together but the trauma may have been worse than if they had separated.  And most believers today have a broken heart, but Jesus knew it and that’s why He said “Well that’s our ministry.”  Well, John McTernan had a broken heart; he had a blockage but now that this blockage has been removed when he speaks people with broken hearts they get supernaturally healed. But the thing that is so amazing to me John is that they’re not only getting the healing in the spirit realm and it releases a flood of the supernatural gifts of God they’re getting healings in the physical realm; tell me a few.

John:  Well you’re absolutely right Sid and I believe that a lot of the problems that people are facing, health issues that they are facing, is connected to a broken heart. And the problems with a broken heart are manifesting in their body. And oh yes, there has been wonderful testimonies the one that comes to mind is the woman that I prayed for that had serious rejection in her life. She had been rejected at a very young age all her life rejection, two husbands. But what really stood out with the husbands like they divorced her on Friday and remarried on Monday which crushed her heart. She had this crushed heart and with rejection basically. Then she was suffering for years I think 5 or 6 years with ulcerated colitis. She was anemic from the ulcers, the bleeding, lost all sorts of weight. The doctors were saying that this was final stage of it.  And Sid she was only in her early 40’s.  So a friend of hers knew me and we prayed and the first time we prayed it was a great breakthrough but not a complete and we prayed again.  I shared with her Romans 8:15 which I had mentioned on a previous show. I told her about…

Sid: Share that again.

John:  Yeah Romans 8:15 says “For you have not received” now notice this “The spirit of bondage again to fear.”  See there is a spirit; there could be a spirit of bondage to fear. But the remedy for that is when you receive the Spirit of adoption whereby we cried “Abba Father.” So I shared with her “God accepts you, God does not reject you.” And we had to pray and pray for this spirit of rejection was so strong in her.  Then finally she broke through and she began to cry out “Yes, God is my Daddy, He accepts me.” And then we prayed for healing in her intestines because this was critical the condition that she was in. And she said that she felt like fire, this fire in her intestines and God instantly healed her.

Sid: And you know what comes to me as you’re sharing this John is what is the opposite of faith? Fear!  I believe that there are many people that have fear trapped inside of them and when they get rid of that spirit of fear; they then can walk in the promises of God.

John:  Absolutely, and Sid I want to make this clear that this woman I prayed for loved the Lord. I checked her salvation before we prayed and she loved the Lord; she had been walking with the Lord, but yet her heart had been broken and the spirit of fear and rejection had gripped her.  And the remedy was asking the Lord to heal her broken heart, which He did, and then having her rest in God as her Abba, as Daddy.  And then the flow, God’s flow, began to go through her life and then it came this miraculous healing.  I want to add to this that she was under the doctor’s care and she told the doctor what happened. And he said “Well, let’s see what happens.”  I remember vividly the end of September and that was a couple of weeks. So she went back in a couple of weeks and he examined her and there was absolutely no symptoms of this ulcerated colitis. And he actually said to her “There is no explanation for this and you’re rewriting the medical books.

Sid:  I’ll tell you what excites me… Oi vey that came out so fast I almost missed it.  The doctor said “You’re rewriting the medical book?!”

John:  Yes.

Sid: I love it. (Laughing) The thing I was excited about you, I talked to you a few weeks back and you said you were on your way to a mental institution to pray for someone’s heart to be healed.  What happened?

John:  Well, Sid again this was one of the manifestations. Again, I like this because I see it as living proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ when things like this happen.  Yeah a woman a very good friend of mine sister had been institutionalized several times for severe depression, severe.  And he asked me if I would come; he had given up hope, the whole family had given up hope on her and they were thinking about that she was going to be permanently institutionalized. She could not function on her own; so we went in there and he also told me that the doctors said that “It was the worst case of depression that he had ever seen.” That was what the doctor said.  So when I went into minister to her if it would be possible in the natural realm to see into the spiritual realm that’s what I did Sid.  Because you could see depression on her; I can’t describe it it was… it’s hard to describe something natural that was spiritual.  But I walked in and in and she was so depressed that it was manifesting from her physically.  And we talked about… and she claimed to be a believer; and we talked about this and she gave me testimony of Jesus Christ as her Savior and could not be free of this depression.  She said that “It would just not leave her.”  So I shared with her Luke 4:18 and we went to the brokenhearted, and we talked the broken heart.  And what happened Sid when she was young, when she was very young she had a baby out of wedlock that died and it broke her heart and it caused all sorts of family problems. And she had been living with that since she was 16 years old. And that was the source of all of this. And there was things compounding it but the foundation of her condition was this broken heart with the loss of the baby and how the family reacted to her being pregnant out of wedlock. Well, we prayed for forgiveness, for family forgiveness and she somehow thought that the loss of the baby was her fault.  And we asked that she would forgive herself for that.  And that she needed forgiveness towards God, and when those 3 forgivenesses came and we prayed that the Lord would heal her broken heart Sid her family is just, it’s almost like it’s unbelievable to them. They said “This is a different sister, this is not the sister that I’ve known all my life.  That’s what they told me that she is completely different.  She is a completely different woman. The last time I went to see her you could actually see her now glowing with the Holy Spirit.  The first time I went there if you could see depression I saw it, I mean the first time. The last time I went there her countenance, her face, her eyes were this glow on her from the power of the Holy Spirit radiating through her now rather than being in bondage to the spirit of bondage.

Sid: Now John the thing that excites me so much as you’re sharing the teaching on this and the light bulbs go off on people’s spirits and in their mind. But as you share this when you speak in front of groups rattle off a few things that people have been healed or have said to you because they heard your teaching.

John:  Well yeah, Sid there’s so many of them now.  One of them that was really outstanding was a woman that was crippled. When she was 10 years old she was sexually molested, it was a hard thing for her to share with me, but she did.  Her heart was all tore apart, I mean inside and I started to pray for her. First of all she forgave the person that did it that’s so important, forgiveness. And we actually had to ask God’s grace in her life for the forgiveness, but when I began to pray for the healing of her heart and then we prayed for the deliverance from fear. Because she was in fear. I remember saying to her; the Lord stopped me, I told her not fear, it’s in terror, I said “You are in terror, and she says “Yes, yes I am, yes!”  And we prayed for the release of the terror and she jumped up out her chair and she started to dance in front of me.  And she said, “It left, it left me; it’s gone, that terrible weight on me is gone!”  And Sid here’s a woman that came in crippled and she’s dancing in front of me in the freedom of the Lord.

Sid: John, if you did not have your heart healed… did you see miracles like this when you spoke before your heart was healed?

John:  No, no Sid, no.

Sid: That’s what I believe many of us that are listening right now. As we go step by step through your notes and through your teaching I believe that… and by the way then you get into the blessings of Abraham that we’re to tap into it’s amazing teaching…

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Sid Roth on January 1st, 2015


SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, I have traced this, and it’s amazing, my guest is responsible for praying for someone that brought the move of the Holy Spirit for the three greatest revivals in modern day history, and then the fire spread to another church in England, and brought the fire to England. That’s his job. That’s his job description. He is a fire starter and I believe that we are about ready to have a fire jump from him right on you. And it’s nice that he’s a fire starter. But he wants you to be a fire starter. Now my guest Rodney Howard-Browne. Rodney, I think it’s such a wonderful heritage you have. I mean, at five, you’re born again, at eight you’re filled with the Holy Spirit. Tell me when you were a young boy you came home one day and you saw your mother laughing in the Spirit. Tell me what you observed.

RODNEY: Well I walked in the living room and Mom was sitting there and just beside herself laughing uncontrollably. And I said to my father, I said to my dad, I said, “What’s happening to Mom?” He said, “Jesus is touching her.” Now what people don’t know was that Mom had fallen and broken her arm in three different places, very bad break, and God had miraculously healed her, and it was actually that afternoon that she had been healed. Well she ended up taking the cast off of her arm after four days. But she was being touched by the power of God in her home, and I saw that as a young boy.

SID: What a heritage to have. I mean, I wasn’t even sure there was a God when I was young boy. You are so blessed, Rodney. But then tragedy hit your home. In 1978, your older brother who you respected, you looked up to, he developed leukemia. What happened?

RODNEY: Well he died suddenly. It was chemically induced. He was, the place he was working at. God had called him to ministry. He was 14 years older than I was and so suddenly he dies from this leukemia, which really affected the whole family. You can understand. I mean, we never expected him to die. But I remember standing at his deathbed. I was only 17 at the time and I was really angry, you know. I was not mad at God. I was mad at the devil and I remember saying this at that moment, I said, “Devil, you’ll rue the day that you touched my family.” And I didn’t know what I was saying. I said, “People are gonna laugh at you around the world.”

SID: Now let me explain something to those that have never seen Rodney minister. He is known for an anointing that causes people to laugh. And I have to tell you the funniest story I know about Rodney. I had an uncle that was a professional comedian, Jewish like myself. He was a non-believer, and I decided what would a professional comedian think of seeing Rodney speak and people laughing uncontrollably? Would that be an interesting experiment? So I sent it to Uncle Jay. He watches it. He calls me on the phone. Angry. Cursing. He said, “Sid, that man is not funny. He’s getting more laughs than I’m getting.” You know, it’s so funny, it sounds like I’m making it up, but I’m not. I mean, he couldn’t understand it. So Rodney, when your brother died, you got angry at the devil and you got more serious at pursuing God than you’ve ever been in your life. What happened the next year?

RODNEY: From August of ’78 until July of ’79 was a time of great hunger pressing into to God. You know, I knew God had called me to the ministry and I knew that if I was going to into ministry I had to have the fire of God. And in Luke, chapter 3, verse 16, John even said, “I baptize with water but there’s one coming after me who will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.” So I knew about the Holy Ghost, but I wanted this fire. And so that’s what I was crying out for. Even though I was already baptized, I already spoke with other tongues and already had several gifts of the spirit, I wanted the end fire, because I had a lot of people that were in the ministry, they spoke in tongues. But I didn’t see the end fire part. It’s like the prophet of [unintelligible], it’s like a fire shot up in my bones. So for me, it came to a crossroads in July of 1979, in a prayer meeting with about 18 people present, young people, most of them, all Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Dutch Reform, Pentecostal. And I was crying out and I said, “Lord, I want your fire.” And I was shouting at the top of my voice, and I did this for about 20 minutes, and I actually, my voice starting going. I mean, when you shout, somebody said, we don’t have to shout, God’s not deaf. He’s not deaf, but he’s not nervous either. I was desperate. When you are desperate, you cry out. And I was crying out, I said, “Lord, either you come down and touch me or I’m coming up there to touch you.” And I meant it. I’ve got to have your touch. And it was like suddenly somebody poured like it was warm oil or honey, or however you want to describe it. I sometimes say like gasoline and then took a match, I mean just set me on fire. From the top of my head to my feet. It was like electricity was running through me. But it wasn’t, if you’ve had pins and needles, it’s like that, but not pins and needles. Pins and needles is very uncomfortable. This was glorious.

SID: You described it like honey.

RODNEY: Yeah. But it was like a river was flowing out of me. I was laughing, I was crying, and I was speaking in tongues all at the same time. I was beside myself.

SID: Now wait until you find out what happened to these evangelicals that think he’s a little meshuggah. That’s Hebrew for a little crazy. Guess what happens to these young kids. We’ll be right back.

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