Sid Roth on June 5th, 2021

ROBBY:  —for the community and so the city’s a very broken city and we wanted to see transformation.  

SID:  Okay Robby. So she has the wife in tow, the two kids, the pregnant wife in tow and the two kids. She’s going out of the apartment and who does she bump into but the father!

ROBBY:  And she, and she’s carrying their youngest child. My wife is carrying their youngest child. And they go down and right across the street as they walk out of the building was the guy and he had, he had his cell phone and he had his arm up against the telephone pole but his, but his back was you know was towards the building. He was facing the opposite direction. And my wife looked at the— and the girl burst into tears as soon as she saw him cause she was scared you know cause he had just beaten her. And my, and my wife looked at the girl and she goes you stay here and the girl said please you know don’t approach him. And she goes he’s very dangerous. And she goes as a matter of fact he carries a gun. And the street term is he “straps.” But she’s saying you know he’s “strapping.” He’s carrying a gun. And so my wife said she goes you wait here! She goes I’ll be right back. And so my wife walked across the street, grabbed him by his shoulder and spun him around. And she’s holding, she does it all with one hand—

SID:  Is your wife a big woman?  

ROBBY:  — and she’s holding his baby.

SID:  Is your wife a real big woman. Intimidating?

ROBBY:  Oh, no! She’s like, she’s like you know 5-4, you know and you know not— just average build, you know and she’s—

SID:  Did she really poke her finger in his face?  

ROBBY:  Yes. She, she spins him around and not only that, Sid, she slaps the cell phone out of his hand.  


ROBBY:  And then she sticks her finger in his face and she’s—

SID:  This guy with a gun that’s just beaten bloody his girlfriend?

ROBBY:  Yes. Yes.

SID:  But doesn’t she have a child?  

ROBBY:  And she’s shaking her finger.

SID:  Doesn’t she have a child in one hand? His child?

ROBBY:  She’s holding his youngest child who was just probably about ten months old you know in her arms and she shakes her finger in his face and she goes, she said if you know what’s good for you you’ll stay away! She said I’m taking you know the girl and the children. They’re going to come live with us. And she goes I will deal with you later! Do you understand me? And he just froze. He didn’t move. And she turned around and walked back across the street and told you know the girl and the, and my children and the girl’s jaw was just dropped. And she told my wife later she said I’ve never seen anybody, much less a woman talk to him that way. And she—

SID:  That had to be supernatural! The way, the way—

ROBBY:  It was absolutely supernatural!

SID:  The way he— I mean he really froze?

ROBBY:  Yes, he didn’t move at all. He just, he was, you know and I had asked him later you know were you in shock? Or were you— He goes, he goes I couldn’t move. He said I just, I couldn’t move. And so she loaded the kids up and she took ‘em back to our house.

SID:            Because, because there’s so much we want to talk about and I believe there’s going to be a move of God’s spirit on “Something More!” Bottom line, today are they married?

ROBBY:  Yes, yeah. They’re together. They, they moved back home. He was—  

SID:  Is he a—

ROBBY:  —actually on the run from the law—

SID:  Is he a believer?

ROBBY:  —and so he moved.                  

SID:  Is he a believer today?

ROBBY:  Yes, yes. They’re, they’re active in church last I heard, which was not long ago. And they’ve, they’ve been just it was totally transformed. And he, yeah, he just had had, and for the next several days you know he couldn’t, he would try to use drugs and they wouldn’t work.


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Sid Roth on May 26th, 2021

ROBBY:  But something happened you know it’s so true because something did happen there and as I was— I got a phone call and I was in a particularly NOT good mood. I just had some tension things that had happened earlier and I just was, I was upset. I was not in a good mood. So there was no—There wasn’t any— you know it’s not like I earned this or deserve it. It wasn’t like I was coming off a 21-day fast, you know? It was just I wasn’t in the best even attitude. And the phone rang and this woman just she had opened the phone book and just stuck her finger on a church name and called.  

SID:  Huh!

ROBBY:  And she goes you know I and my family we’re not church people she said and you know but, but you know something is happening right now that we need help on. And she goes my dad is going in for his third heart by-pass surgery. And she said the doctors don’t have much hope for him. My mom and I had to talk him into doing this surgery. He didn’t want to do it. And she goes I need help. And I’m sitting there thinking this poor woman. She doesn’t realize she drew the short straw when she got, she got me answering the phone for her.

SID:  That’s right with your track record! (laughing) But go ahead.

ROBBY:  That’s exactly right! I thought this poor lady. And so as I started to pray I mean there was not one prayer of, of— absolutely no prayer for healing whatsoever. I was just praying Lord, comfort them. I literally said Lord I pray that he has all his affairs in order. That he has you know the proper insurance in place. I pray that cause everything I’m hearing from her he’s dying. And she wasn’t even asking for prayer for healing. She didn’t even know to do that. And then right in the middle of it I just heard the Lord say clearly to me He said “Get out on a limb.” And I was like get out on a limb? I don’t like climbing trees. I don’t like heights. I’m kind of nervous with heights. And I was like what does that even mean? And then He said take a risk.  And a lot of people say you know faith is risk and I do too now. But nobody, I’d never heard that before. I never heard a teacher say that. I never heard anybody. And I’m like there’s no risk here to take. They’re not even Christians. It’s not like God was going to heal them.

SID:  You know most people approach faith without that aspect. Without risk. In other words to say well if God tells me to do something I’ll do it. There’s no faith there!  

ROBBY:  Exactly, that’s exactly. I say, I say that very thing. I’m glad to hear that you say it too because I say that very thing. And so I was like there’s no risk here. They’re not even Christians. In my perspective at that time I’m like  God barely even likes to heal His own kids, His own followers. Why is He going to, why is He going to heal one of them! And then the Lord spoke to me and said, and this is from the old King James you know from the Book of Psalms, it says “Open your mouth and I’ll fill it.” And I had heard that over and over again. You know my parents had used it as a— but it was always as a passage of provision so I always applied it to food. You know open your mouth and I’ll fill it. And I—

SID:  I had plenty, I had plenty of food. I always applied it to what I said. I mean take a look at me. No, I’m just teasing. (laughing)

ROBBY:  (laughing) I got you beat on that one, Sid. (laughing) I’m the bigger, I’m the bigger guy here.


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Sid Roth on May 18th, 2021

SID: It’s Sid Roth here with Something More and I have [music ends] LaDonna Osborn on the telephone. She’s the daughter of T.L. and Daisy Osborn. And the Osborn family pioneered, mass prayer, for mass Miracles. They were first in so many different areas. But as I was telling LaDonna before we went on the air, her father had a visitation of Jesus. Her mother had a visitation of Jesus. And according to this, LaDonna, you had at a young age a visitation of Jesus, and I said, I protest. That’s unfair—

LADONNA: [laughs]

SID: 3 people in a family having a visitation of Jesus. I mean, let’s spread the wealth around a little. Tell me about your visitation, what happened?  

LADONNA: I was 7 years old and you can imagine being raised in this ministry that I had heard thousands of Gospel sermons. We had family devotions, I knew the Bible. I really loved Jesus, but I had never accepted Him into my own heart. And we know that you can’t be born a Christian, you have to make a personal individual decision to accept what Jesus Christ did, at the cross for you personally and receive His forgiveness and His life. Well, that, I was in this auditorium, 7 years old just sitting there like I had many times. But during the preaching, and this was not my parents preaching, it was another person. Something began to happen. I saw a cross come up behind the preacher, behind the preacher above the platform. And hanging on that cross was Jesus. And blood was all over His body. Now, as a child, I don’t know how I understood that Jesus was on that cross because of my sin. And He was on that cross for my sin because He loved me, and I was overwhelmed with the love of Jesus that I could see so vividly. And so of course, I got off my chair, fell on that floor and just began to sob. I was just weeping. And in my heart, I was saying, “Jesus, I’m so sorry for my sin. I want you to forgive me. I know you forgive me, I know you love me.” But then I was stumped because I knew I should give something back. And I didn’t have anything. I was a little missionary girl, I didn’t have any toys, I didn’t have any money, I didn’t have any influence. So I just blurted out, I said, “Jesus, I have nothing to give you but I’ll give you my life.” And wow, a load lifted off of me, and I can’t explain this. But a load, how much sin can a child commit? You see, it’s not about the actions or the deeds, if that condition of sin that affects every human person, put that load, that guilt on me. But when I accepted that load lifted off. And I learned of course, later that all He really wanted was my life. [laughs] He didn’t need my toys, He just wanted my life. So yes, I see that scene as clearly as when I was 7 years old.

SID: Okay, LaDonna, you traveled all over the world as a child with your parents. What was it like? I mean, I’ve heard of preachers kids that they think, “Well, I’ve never lived like the people in the world, I want to go try that for a time. It’s called backslidden.

LADONNA: I never did, I do know what your saying is so true. I really fell in love with Jesus, Sid. Now, I’m sure faced as may temptations as any other kid, I’ve made my mistakes like everyone else, but I tell you I fell in love with Jesus and pleasing Him and serving Him. And knowing that, you know that scripture that talks about that one day that we stand before the Lord, and He’ll say to some, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Even as a child, I lay in my bed and just cry thinking about Jesus saying to me one day, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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Sid Roth on May 3rd, 2021

JAMIE: Hi and welcome to “Something More”. I’m your host today; my name’s Jamie Galloway. On the show today, I have Jonathan Bernis with me today. This is exciting. I want you to get ready because we’re going to chart into some unknown territory. I’m very fascinated at this subject, and just as we were talking before the show, I am so intrigued to ask these questions. Won’t you join me? Jonathan, welcome to the show.

JONATHAN: Thanks Jamie, it’s good to be here.

JAMIE: Yeah so, now you have a new book, “Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel”. This is so interesting. What would you define as Israel?

JONATHAN: Well, that’s a good question actually because I think there’s some confusion about Israel. When most Christians hear Israel, they think of that little sliver of land in the Middle East, about the size of New Jersey, with a population of about just over six million Jewish people. But Biblically, Israel is a people; the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob whose name is changed to Israel. So the descendants of Israel are the twelve tribes of Jacob and we’ve been scattered to the utmost corners of the Earth. Sid and I, years ago, were in Kwai Fong, China and met Jewish people in China. One of them said, “Are you Jewish?” and I said, “Yes.” He said, “You don’t look Jewish.” That’s Israel in China. So while it’s a land, it’s a people that have now returned to their land and it’s called the State of Israel because it’s the inheritance of the people of Israel. So when Paul talks about Israel, for example, in Romans 9, 10 and 11, it’s the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that God has sovereignly preserved as a nation.

JAMIE: So many people, that are probably watching this right now, are like me. I’m coming in totally ignorant and saying, “Teach me. I want to learn. This is a fascinating subject”. What do most believers miss about Israel that may not be Jewish themselves? They may be, and may not know it, but what are they missing?

JONATHAN: Oh my gosh, well Jamie, first of all, we have to understand that almost 2,000 years ago, since the very early days of what became known as Christianity, the church fathers began to remove all things Jewish from the faith. Now there were some good reasons for this, there were some not so good reasons for this, but that’s what happened. Shabbat became Sunday worship, the holidays—


JONATHAN: The Feasts of the Lord in Leviticus 23, which all have prophetic meaning and all point to Jesus, were removed from Christianity. That’s one thing.  And then the emergence of something that most Christians aren’t familiar with, but live with the residue of, if I can say it that way, replacement theology. That God is punishing the Jewish people because of their rejection of Christ, of the Messiah, and has replaced them with a new people, a new Israel. So, one thing that Christians need to understand is the church is not Israel. The church has been, according to Romans 11, has been grafted into the olive tree which is Israel. So they become sons and daughters of Abraham, but it’s not a replacement of Israel. Israel remains the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that God has sovereignly preserved and promises to restore in a set time of history. That’s happening now.

JAMIE: This is so interesting. I mean, I tell people it was a controversy in the early church over whether a Gentile could be saved or not.

JONATHAN: That’s right. Isn’t that funny?

JAMIE: That’s how backward we are now.

JONATHAN: Complete reversal

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Sid Roth on April 27th, 2021

SID: Every day seeing strangers. What about a stay-at-home mom? What about someone, a man that works from his home with his computer and he’s not even crossing a lot of people’s paths?

KEVIN: Well, I’m glad you asked that because I had a vision because I wondered the same thing. But I had a vision of a young lady. She was a single mom with a baby in her arms, and she was watching. She’s watching Sid Roth, she was watching a show and she was pacing back and forth. She got built up in faith and all of a sudden, she said, “You know what? On my watch, we’re not going to have it this way. I’m coming up against the devil.” And she started fighting the devil from her living room with a baby, feeding a baby. And I realized, this is the warriors of the coming year. This is the warriors of this next move of God, it’s the believer. You can do this from your house.

SID: In a moment, Kevin’s going to demonstrate how to use some of these power words from Scripture to paralyze the enemy and fill your book of life.

SID: I’m here with Dr. Kevin Zadai. Kevin is releasing revelation he had on the power words from the Bible, and he got this revelation in heaven. One of the words that people don’t think that much about but it’s so powerful is resurrection.

KEVIN: Yes, sir. Resurrection has to do with Jesus, of course, rising from the dead. But then that power that rose Him and sat Him at the right hand of God is an amazing power too. I also had revelation of the resurrection as far as it has to do with us walking on this earth like Enoch did. Because I saw that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead, the Apostle Paul said is in us and that it would even quicken our mortal bodies. I mean, think about that, that there would be a transference from the spiritual into the physical body.

SID: And then we would be healed.

KEVIN: Right.

SID: And given supernatural strength and vitality.

KEVIN: Yeah. So every day at my job, I had to tap into that thinking about Moses. The Lord said, “Think about Moses and Me being on the mountain.” He said, “And think about what it was like for them to be standing there.” And Moses didn’t age. In fact, God had to tell him, “It’s time to die.” He wouldn’t die. At 120, he wouldn’t die. So Jesus said to me I can walk in divine life. He said there’s healing, there’s divine health, and there’s divine life. Moses experienced divine life. Resurrection power is something that we have not tapped into. But if you study people like John G. Lake and Smith Wigglesworth, just to name two, they learned to tap into this and they had notable miracles in their ministry. But see, how many of us today see those kinds of results? Jesus said it has to do with the power word, “resurrection.” We need to emphasize this. Satan does not want us to mention resurrection.

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