Sid Roth on April 22nd, 2018

AUDIENCE: (LAUGHTER)   DAVID: You’ve been blocked up so long that you walk a little bit… and God’s saying let the river flow! (Pop, Pop sound) Uncork it in the spirit realm so there’s no more obstructions. No religious spirits. No worrying about what the people think if I raise my hand or if I […]

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Sid Roth on April 15th, 2018

AUDIENCE:  (APPLAUSE)  Whoooo! Whoooo!   JIM:  All right! Thank you so much! I am so grateful that you’re here. Today we’re going to be talking about something and it almost sounds like an overinflated title to what I’ve given this thing. But I think you’ll agree before it’s over with, I call this “The Most […]

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Sid Roth on April 8th, 2018

SID: You know, the reason that I’ve selected these great prophets is they’ve been with me before and they’ve had their prophecies out there on the air, and their accuracy is so on target that that’s why I wanted to find out about 2018. Rich, what is God showing you about the number 18, 2018? […]

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