DAVID: You’ve been blocked up so long that you walk a little bit… and God’s saying let the river flow! (Pop, Pop sound) Uncork it in the spirit realm so there’s no more obstructions. No religious spirits. No worrying about what the people think if I raise my hand or if I laugh. Who cares what they think? I don’t care what the people think. I don’t care what they say. I’m going to worship You anyway. I’m going to be a fool for You if I need to be. Whatever You want me to be I’ll be. I no longer own my life or my reputation cause You made Yourself of no reputation. No longer I who live but Christ IN me. He’s just borrowing my body, my mind, my voice. I don’t own my life. I don’t decide what I’m… it’s you Lord. Whatever you… We go here. We go there. Okay. We go, we go this restaurant. We go, we go, walk up… Okay, whatever Lord. You just tell me. I’m just, just here. Ladeeladeedadada. Ummm. I don’t know why this’s happening but I think God wants to loosen you up so that you can do something happy right now. Some of you are having white hairs turning black right now. Some of you are thinking I think it’s the other way around. No, it’s not. You are having white hair. Some… there’s miracles of signs and wonders on your hair right now. Some of you are getting gold dust even on your hands right now. And you’re, and you’re getting oil on you right now. And there’s this… There’s signs. I feel like signs now, there’s not just healings there’s signs and wonder now that just shifted in. Signs and wonders. What’s that? It’s a sign that you wonder. What’s that? That’s weird. That’s a sign and a wonder. Why did that bald man suddenly have hair? It’s a wonder. You wonder how that could be. I wonder if that’s God. That’s a wonder. I wonder if that’s in the Bible. That’s a wonder. Well explain to me how gold fillings, where’s that in the Bible? “Open your mouth and I will fill it” says the Lord. This is part of the Mentoring Session. We’re Biblically based. We are. But Jesus said greater works shall I do. You know you could be the greater works. He can do whatever He wants. The gold and silver’s mine says the Lord and the latter house shall be greater than the former. He has permission to do things beyond your understanding. The boards of demons… deacons don’t have to vote on it.

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