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JIM:  All right! Thank you so much! I am so grateful that you’re here. Today we’re going to be talking about something and it almost sounds like an overinflated title to what I’ve given this thing. But I think you’ll agree before it’s over with, I call this “The Most Important Factor!” You know, uh, I’ll never forget…   you know when I was, you know I do a lot of business, I, I… besides… I’ve been in the ministry for over 40 years but I’ve always had businesses on the side to, to create my finances. And so I’m always involved in business things and, and it helps me reach the world and, you know, that, that sort of thing. And uh, and uh, part of what I do in business is I consult with other businesses and I go in and help ‘em build teams and learn how to be successful and all, all this kind of stuff. Well you know I’ll never forget hearing this phrase some years ago and it was so simple yet so, so true. And it’s, it’s, it’s this simple phrase. Uh, the most important thing is to find out what IS the most important thing! Now that sounds almost ridiculous to say something like that. But you know what? It’s true. Here’s something I’ve discovered, and, like I say over 40 years of working with… isn’t that… I got saved… I have a drug background. You know, uh, just one of these crazy, wild lives. And so when I got born again, I, I began… this was back in the Jesus Movement days… I got, I started ministering on the street. And I’m not talking about how where you stand on the corner with a Bible and scream at people. But I’m talking about just walking around parks and stuff and sitting down beside people and starting to share Jesus with ‘em and so, so we had… you know and then it turns into revival, you see what I mean? Before long then there’s a group of people there that you’re leading to the Lord. Then before long, you know, it’s a meeting and before long the police are coming to break it up because it’s so big. You know? But, but you’ve got to realize I, I have spent my entire ministry life dealing with people that, you know that they weren’t in pretty good shape. Well if you’re kind of like the average pastor, I’m not being critical, but if you’re kind of like the average pastor most of the people that walk through your doors they’re kind of in pretty good shape. You know what I mean? They’re, you know, they’re, you know they might be messed up but, but they’re not critically messed up.




JIM:  Now, so… but you got to realize most of the people that I started out dealing with in ministry and really still do a lot, you know are people who had, had, had been shooting up heroin for 20 years. People who had committed murder. Or some of ‘em had committed several murders. You know drug dealers of, of every kind. Criminals of every kind. So these were not people that you could just come in and, and teach ‘em a few little sayings and kind of like, uh, you know just say this and look to the north and eventually the spirit will move and you’ll be all right. You know? No, these were people that came in with problems. As a matter of fact, you all remember one of my very, one of my very early, early evangelistic experiences, yeah cause I’d go out on the streets. I didn’t know any better. I’d put my, I’d put my phone number on here and my address. What… phew… you know crazy people would show up. I mean you know a lot like you guys. You know…

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