CHESTER: Thank you, Lord. You know it’s only because of the Lord any of us deserve any applause. Did you know that? And I think about where He’s brought Betsy and I from and our wounded conditions. And Betsy having a very rough start in life and my abandonment by my dad when I was age 2. It’s a wonder any of us make it, but to whatever degree we do it’s ’cause of God and we just so appreciate that. But we want to just share a little bit, name 4 ministry areas or sources of all our problems, and then we want to go into what we call a super stronghold û shame, fear, control û teach on that just a little bit and then minister to you. So how about that?  You up for that? Okay!


CHESTER: Hi, who are you? (to Betsy) Good. We’ve been having so much more fun since we got healed. It’s a whole lot better to be healed. Amen.

BETSY: Amen. [laughing]


CHESTER: Yes, thank You, Lord. So basically God through His goodness drew us into the ministry and convinced us we should go to Bible college. I was a very hard thing for Him to do because we’re so unworthy, you know? We’re tangled up in shame, fear, control. I’m abandoned, why would anyone want to be with me? I’m a full blown victim, okay? I draw victimization to me. That’s what victim’s do by the way, you know? And Betsy?

BETSY: Well, I’m just a basket case. [laughing]

CHESTER: Oh, that’s not quite as bad as me-  [joking]

BETSY: That was kind of the bottom line.

CHESTER: So how’d you get that way?

BETSY: Well I got that way because of my own abandonment and my fears and all of my struggles-

CHESTER: Yeah, anyway God convinces us through some supernatural ways to go to Bible college and during that first year of Bible college He really accelerated our healing, it just took off. And we were around people that God was healing and it was just a wonderful environment and we learned about deliverance, casting out demons, we learned about inner healing, people getting their hearts healed, we learned about, well we didn’t really learn about getting our minds renewed, people, preachers would say that from the pulpit but no one ever told us how. And then we learned a little bit about family curses, generational sins out of the 2nd commandment. One day I was sort of pondering all this and it’s like you know one of those “aha moments.” You ever had one of those? We all have. It’s like ‘OH!’ The reason people don’t stay healed after they go for inner healing or they don’t stay delivered after they get the demons cast out is ’cause we need to deal with all 4 of these areas in a related way because the first 3 give legal rights to the demons. We need to deal with the ancestral sins and curses out of the 2nd commandment, we need to get our minds renewed so we do t believe the lies anymore that the devil has convinced us of. By the way, who’s the father of lies? The devil, right. So when we believe lies, we are actually, folks, this is really awful news, we are actually in agreement with the kingdom of darkness.

BETSY: Mmmm, uh huh.

CHESTER: And it’s like we open up the door and say ‘C’mon in, demons.’ And Jesus talked about sweeping the house out, and 7 worse [demons] would come back because the house was empty. Well we want to get the house empty but then we want to fill it with the Holy Spirit. So anyway those are the 4 areas. The inner healing is important because we sin out of our hurts. When people press our tender points, anybody in here have a- sometimes it’s called a hot spot or a tender point, you know, and we don’t know why but we just erupt, and then we sin against other people out of the wounds that other people have given us as they sinned against us. So we need to deal with all 4 of these areas and get healing of it. But on top of that then lies several different kinds of things, but what we really want to talk about tonight is shame, fear, control. We call it a super stronghold, a 3-in-1 stronghold. Shall we talk about how we learned about it?

BETSY: Yeah, let’s do. So we learned about this in the ministry room as we were ministering one day. And this lady who had shame, had fear, and had control asked Chester, she said ‘Well, how does this all fit together?’ 

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