SID: You’re at a conference in prayer and 2008 at IHOP. You’re in a prayer there and suddenly did you … When did you realize you were in hell? Tell me what happened.

LAURIE: We were in evangelism meeting. I was worshiping in the back with my eyes closed. And then as soon as the heat came in the room, I watched, I opened my eyes. I knew something was happening. I opened my eyes, the front of the room opened like this, Sid, and hell was right there. And an arm without fingers came flying out of hell, and it grabbed ahold of my spirit and it sucked me in. Those held doors are thick, and they’re heavy, and when they slam shut, I knew exactly where I was immediately.

LAURIE: Three things were spoken over me. You are in hell eternally for unforgiveness. The worst regret you can ever imagine was right then, because there’s no way out. I knew that, there was no way out of hell.

SID: Tell our audience what you observed.

LAURIE: First, I want to say there’s no way that I will ever be guilty of exaggerating hell. There are not enough—

SID: Why would you not exaggerate?

LAURIE: It’s worse than any words that I can come up with. When I got there, just the heat, the extreme heat started causing my skin to drip off of me. The sound of the people screaming broke my eardrums and caused such a pain inside of me and I knew this was going to go on eternally. There was no way out of it. My bones, my body twisted in so many ways, breaking. I felt my back break.

SID: Did you feel pain in hell?

LAURIE: Excruciating pain. There is not one drop of relief, there’s not a drop of water, there’s not a drop of light. You can never get to another human being to share that pain. You actually become sin. You start looking like this growth. You actually lose the formation of a human being because I’m made in the image of God and that changed there. It’s horrific. It’s horrific. I never want to go back.

LAURIE: Imagine trying to live your life with no God. I was never going to touch my grand baby’s face again. Even arguing with my husband, not that that’s cool, but you were never going to get to do any of that. You were never going to get to say you were sorry, you were never going to fix anything. To always be in pain and to know that it kept ramping up and it was going to keep getting worse and worse and worse. That was never going to end. That was the thing. It wasn’t like you could reach a pinnacle.

LAURIE: In hell, it worked the same as in heaven, my full brain operated, and I knew all of Matthew 18, I knew every scripture that I’d ever read, and I’d read the whole Bible. I knew every scripture that I’ve ever read and it made complete sense and it was completely righteous that I was in hell, and I became hate. I hated and I continued to hate. There were people there. They were just like me, they believed Jesus is the Lord God, but they refused to obey Him. They say, “We love you, we love you.” But the Scriptures teach, if you love me, then obey me, and I wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t forgive.

LAURIE: It was the worst thing to know that in heaven Jesus had been so patient and He was willing to forgive me everything, everything, and I couldn’t forgive small offenses? In my life, it felt like these things had broken me. But in reality, to everything that the Lord had forgiven me of, Sid, they were small.

SID: How did you get out of hell?

LAURIE: As quickly as I went into hell, these doors opened, and something brought me out so fast. I reentered the room, I was screaming. My friend who was running the meeting, he came to the back because I was so disruptive. He started shaking me.

SID: This was at the IHOP?

LAURIE: Yeah, he’s here. My good friend,

he was there and he was shaking me, asking me, “What’s wrong, what’s wrong, what’s wrong?” And I said to him, “I’ve been to hell.” Everything changed in that minute. As transforming as it was to go to heaven and meet Jesus Christ, that transformation does not compare to the transformation of having been to hell.

SID: When we come back, I’m going to have her share the biggest lies that Christians believe that will cause them to not make heaven. Be right back.

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