Sid Roth on September 23rd, 2016


SID: So David, you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but you just didn’t manifest speaking in tongues. But one day you go up to the altar and what happened?

DAVID: So I’m at the altar to see an evangelist who had come to our church. He’s praying and he talked about this gift of speaking in tongues. Now I understand that that’s the flood overflowing and touching the mouth. And I said, “Lord, I want that gift because I know that if I can operate in that gift I can more clearly hear your voice, I can be drawn close to you. It will advance the prayer life force. And you know how they do rows behind the different prayer people, and so we had two rows. I’m in behind one very tall gentleman who had a sleeve that was hanging off of his elbow. And he’s so tall that when he’s rocking back and forth, every time he walks back his sleeve keeps tapping me on the forehead.

SID: That’s pretty annoying.

DAVID: It was very annoying. So I’m praying and I remember I just kept feeling his sleeve touching my forehead. But I was so hungry for the presence of God that I said, I’m not going to move because I want the evangelist to lay hands on me. So I’m standing there and my hands are lifted, and I’m saying, “Okay Lord, I’m ready to receive all that you have for me. I’ll surrender to the gift once I receive it.” And the evangelist, I didn’t know at that moment was laying hands on the tall man who kept annoying me with his sleeve. And so when the evangelist touches that man, this time when the sleeve came back and hit me I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through my body. So it moved through the pastor, through that man, through his anointed sleeve and it touched me on the head, and I felt it. And I remember it’s like something just broke loose, and I start praying in the Holy Ghost, and I mean I was praying loud in the Holy Ghost. People were looking at me and I was surprised that I was praying in the Holy Spirit with that much passion I had. It was like this is it. This is what I’ve been praying for. And that led to several other things in the ministry.

SID: Tell me about what goes on with someone your age that is so passionate about God, so filled with the Spirit of God, so yielded to the Holy Spirit. Tell me what was going on with you in school.

DAVID: Well as you know, all true ministries are birthed out of a love for Jesus, cultivated in the secret places of prayer. Private prayer is always revealed in public power. And there was an overflow that started to happen and I got excited. You know, when you’re filled with the Holy Spirit you don’t have to try to work yourself up to evangelize or work yourself up to worship. Everything in you has to do to subdue it. You’re saying, okay, I might be getting a little carried away with this because it’s so natural. And the Holy Spirit’s friendship, because I started spending time with him, everywhere I go now I’m aware of the fact that he’s with me, even at school. And so I start telling people about Jesus and it got to the point where at lunch, kids would start to come to just hear about Jesus and I would start praying with them. We saw people get healed of psoriasis. We saw people take off their glasses, able to be healed and see. We saw people with broken bones be healed, swollen ankles that would go down right in front of everybody.

SID: Would they mock you?

DAVID: There was one, yes, especially who I remember would mock us. And one of the things that manifested in that place is as people would come to the group there were a couple of times where people didn’t know what they were walking into. They just kind of saw people gathered. And as they would approach the Glory was so manifested on the place where we were praying that kids would have trouble standing as they approach the prayer place and not even know why. And so I had one guy, he had his arms folded, he’s watching. I’m talking to somebody. I’m saying, “Okay, we’re going to believe God. We’re going to believe for your healing.” I said, “Repeat after me.” I’m praying, as I’m praying for him, I hear him behind me saying, “This is fake. He’s using psychology. He’s using power of suggestion.” And I wasn’t angry. I wanted to try to explain that this was the real deal. This was the power of God. So I turn. I remember I had my, held my hand out like this. I turned to go to tell him about what God was doing and the moment I turned to talk to him, he goes out under the power. And he gets up. This was so funny. He gets up and he goes, “I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that.” I said, “It just happened to you. What do you mean you don’t believe that?” So the Glory of God hit him and he, I mean, I think it was just a matter of months later he’s at our church now at the altar praying. He had been giving his heart to Jesus. It was because of the Glory of God. It was because of that friendship that overflowed and manifested into everyday life.

SID: David, you’re a forerunner. What you just heard David say, it’s going to happen in schools all over the world. It’s going to happen in colleges all over the world. I’m telling you we’re about ready to see such an explosion of the Holy Spirit. You use the term “glory”. What does the word glory mean to you and explain that a little.

DAVID: Well the Glory is the full weight of the person of Jesus. You know, John, Chapter 1, Verse 1, it says, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God.” Jump down to Verse 14 and it describes it. “He was the Glory of God. He was full of grace and truth.” And Jesus is the, see, we use terms sometimes, and I know I used to think this way and the Lord helped me with it, we use terms like “glory” and “the Holy Spirit.” And in our minds we imagine it to be some type of esoteric force or some type of power, or substance, when in reality it is the very person. So when I talk about the Glory I’m talking about walking in an awareness and you can walk in an awareness 24/7. This isn’t just for me. This isn’t just for Sid Roth. This is for everybody. This is the way the early church did it where they walked in an awareness of Jesus to where he was able to touch people any time of any day because they were surrendered and yielding to his voice because of that awareness. I like to say that the only distance that can exist between the believer and the Holy Spirit is their unawareness of his presence. It’s only because we’re unaware of what God is doing that we are able to participate in it. Often people will say, oh we prayed and we worshiped, and the Glory of God came down. It’s not that the Glory of God comes down, it’s that we become aware of the Glory that is already there. And when we walk in that Glory, when we walk in that awareness of the Glory of God 24/7, what begins to happen is we begin to see opportunities that would otherwise have been missed because we think in a mentality where God is far from us. The scripture says he’s not far from any of us. He’s near to us. He’s just a whisper away. And if you feel like you’ve fallen away from that, as far as you think you’ve run, a single moment of repentance can cover that entire distance and bring you all the way back home, because he’s the one who’s interested in connecting with us.

SID: So there are people watching us right now, you’re watching us and you feel very distant from God. There is no one like our God, no one. There is nothing impossible. There is no one that has gotten too far away from God. I want you to lead someone to Jesus that’s watching right now. Would you do that?

DAVID: Yes. So in this moment now, say, Dear Jesus.

SID: Dear Jesus.

DAVID: I come before you now.

SID: I come before you now.

DAVID: And I put my trust in you.

SID: And I put my trust in you.

DAVID: I turn from this world.

SID: I turn from this world.

DAVID: And I turn to you.

SID: And I turn to you.

DAVID: Forgive me.

SID: Forgive me.

DAVID: Save me.

SID: Save me.

DAVID: I believe.

SID: I believe.

DAVID: You are the Son of God.

SID: You are the Son of God.

DAVID: I believe.

SID: I believe.

DAVID: You rose from the dead.

SID: You rose from the dead.

DAVID: And I believe.

SID: And I believe.

DAVID: That you’re saving me now.

SID: That you’re saving me now.

DAVID: In Jesus’ name. Now I want to pray for you to receive the, all you have to do, just right where you are, just lift your hands and receive all that God has. So Father, you said that if we would ask we would receive and you being the good Father, Lord, if we ask for bread you’re not going to give us stone. So Father, I pray in Jesus’ name that Jesus the baptizer will pour out his Holy Spirit on that one who is receiving it now, for that one watching who’s saying I want that. Lord, I pray for an infilling with power right now in Jesus’ name. Amen. Now you may say I didn’t feel anything. Some of you did feel something. But whether or not you felt something is not the issue. The issue was that God keeps his promises and if you ask for the Holy Spirit and you trusted that God would give it to you, no matter what you felt if you did praise God, if you didn’t, I want to encourage you, you received it. Just allow that river to flow from in to out.

SID: I know something. I know when we come back there are going to be words of knowledge released. I know there’s going to be major healings. Don’t go away.

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Sid Roth on September 13th, 2016


SID: People today are so fearful. They’re fearful of the political arena. They’re fearful of terrorism. They’re fearful of disease. They’re fearful of the economy. And not only are they fearful, many are so beat up. Why, Billye?

BILLYE: Well of course, we have an enemy. He’s God’s enemy. He hates God, he hates mankind and he especially hates believers. And he is called in the Bible a terrorist and the terrorism that is going around right now is frightening people, scaring people. But you do not have to be afraid. God just really got onto the children of Israel about being fearful and he said, “You’ve forgotten me and here you have made alliances with these others.” The reason that fear was so wrong for the children of Israel was that it showed forgetfulness of God. Whatever you are afraid of that’s bigger to you than God in that instance. Let’s say you’re afraid of heights. Well I love the Lord. I trust him and everything, but I’m afraid of heights. Well then heights somehow are bigger than God. So you don’t have to—

SID: So this is idolatry in a sense.

BILLYE: Yes it is. And you don’t forget God. You don’t say, well you know, I have to depend on myself to make sure that I’ve got enough money, that I’ve got enough food, that I’ve got enough of this and that. You cannot forget God. Now you cannot forget God and magnify. Whatever you magnify is going to be magnified.

SID: You know, I’m in favor of doctors. But I think most Christians forget God when they get sick.

BILLYE: They do.

SID: They just go naturally, it’s like automatic pilot. I’m going to a doctor. And don’t misunderstand me. I’m for doctors. We’d be dead without doctors. But where’s God in the equation? It’s so important for believers not to forget the most powerful weapon.


SID: Pleading the blood.


SID: I would like you to pray the blood of Jesus is over every family, over every home, over every community of those that are watching right now. And you know, there’s another thought because you brought it up, and that is most Christians think their enemy is flesh and blood. I want you to comment on that. It’s not their husband or their wife, or their children, or the boss.

BILLYE: What does the Bible say? “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, night and dominion.” Well that’s in the Sixth Chapter of Ephesians, but you’re seated far above them. So when a situation comes, behind it is Satan, and Brother Hagin used this example. He said, a pastor in a church, he was a pastor in a church and this trouble comes, Deacon Brown over here, he stirred up trouble all around. But Brother Hagin senses that’s not just Deacon Brown. Something is behind him. So at a time back in his parsonage he meditates on the name of Jesus. He meditates in Philippians on the power in that name and then when he senses the anointing from his living room, he says, “Satan, in the name of Jesus, you evil spirits that are working down through Deacon Brown, I bind you. Heaven binds you. You act through him no more. Cease and desist in your maneuvers against this church through Deacon Brown.” Next time he sees Deacon Brown, all is well.

SID: Now I want you to pray for the people right now that their real enemy will be bound. The blood of Jesus, the blood line is over them, over their family and over their home.

BILLYE: Right now, Heavenly Father, there are people in the studio audience, there are people there watching through the wonders of television in this age. If they’re making contact with us, eye contact in some way, then I put them in the realm of this prayer. Oh and you’re so big. You’re so powerful and that’s not too many for you. And so in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, hallelujah, praise him, that when you quickened Jesus and made him alive, you made me alive. And when you raised him, you raised me. When you seeded him, you seeded me. You told me to rule and reign over him, so I’m doing it right now. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I draw a blood line around every human who has a point of contact with me right now. Satan, cease and desist in your maneuvers. Let that woman’s mind go in the name above every name. Alcohol demon, in the name of Jesus, you come out of that man and you come out of him right now. Friend, you are free in Jesus’ name. Peace. I speak peace. Father, help them feel your peace. God of all comfort, ah, there’s a woman and you lost your child and it’s all right to grieve a while, but it’s been too long. That spirit of grief is trying to get a hold of you. You spirit of grief, in the name of Jesus, I demand you let her go. Go right now. And Lord, God of all comfort, I’m asking you to put her in that bubble of comfort. I’ve experienced it. Help her, too. In the name above every name, amen and amen.

SID: And it’s time for you to stand up. Stand up in your home.


SID: Stand up with the demons going after your children and grandchildren.


SID: It’s time for you. Do you know how much authority you have in your home?


SID: Do you know how much authority you have in the name of Jesus? Do you know how much authority you have in the blood. So stop just feeling sorry for yourself, and moaning and groaning, but stand up like Billye just did. It’s time to take over your home in Jesus name.

BILLYE: Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is! That’s the truth.

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Sid Roth on September 8th, 2016


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest has chutzpah, that’s a Hebrew word, it means “nerve”. She was raised by parents that most of you have heard of, T.L. and Daisy Osborn. On the platform in foreign countries, miracles were as normal to her as the oxygen that most of us breathe. She would hear her mother and father say, in front of a group of a thousand Muslims, if this man is not healed, don’t believe anything that I say. That’s chutzpah. Sid Roth here with LaDonna Osborn. And what a heritage she had. Her parents, Daisy and T.L. Osborn, historians say probably recorded and witnessed more miracles than anyone that’s ever lived. I mean, and she grew up, you grew up on a platform watching these. Some kids grow up with little dolls and dollhouses. She grew up watching miracles. But you know, your parents started out so badly it almost ended before it started.

LaDONNA: That’s true.

SID: They love God and they decided they wanted to be pioneers in India. But India has Muslims and Hindus, and without the supernatural, it’s just mind to mind, book to book. But I’ll tell you something. They came back and they were discouraged because they couldn’t impact the people. They sacrificed and when they came back, they went to a, through an experience in which your mom said, she had a new husband. What happened to your dad, LaDonna?

LaDONNA: It was one year after they returned from India. My father and mother began every day praying. And for one year, they prayed this prayer: Lord, show us the answer. How do we convince people of other faiths and so on, how do we bring them to Christ? And after one year, some circumstances were set up that put it in their heart to just see Jesus. They heard a message, if you see Jesus, you’ll never be the same. And six o’clock that next morning, Jesus appeared to my father in their bedroom. And apparently, the way he would tell it, he was just frozen. He laid there, got out of bed eventually, laid on his face until in the afternoon. My mother got up, dealt with my brother and me, had us down for our naps before he came out of the bedroom. And she said, “When I saw him I knew I had a new husband.” But the beautiful thing about him, he said, “When I saw Jesus I was changed from a denominational man to a Jesus man.”

SID: But then he went to a meeting that there was a man that I have only seen video footage of, but probably had the greatest miracles of anyone I’ve ever heard of, short of Jesus. His name was William Branham. So he sneaks into this meeting.

LaDONNA: That’s right.

SID: And what happened?

LaDONNA: He preached a sermon that shocked them.

SID: What is that?

LaDONNA: He preached, where does sickness come from. Well my father, he’d laugh and he’d say, everyone knows where sickness comes from. It comes from germs. But Brother Branham went through the scripture and he showed that sickness comes from the devil. There was no sickness in the Garden. Sickness came after sin. And then he showed through the ministry of Jesus how sicknesses are spirits of infirmity and Jesus had the power to cast them out. And then he gave his disciples power to cast out devils and cure diseases. And that’s what you see all through the Book of Acts. So after this message was so clear and so shocking to my folks, he had people who were sick come up and pray. In those days, it was all prayer lines. You might remember. And the first person that came in the line was a little girl who was born deaf and she was mute, never spoken. And he put his fingers in her ears, and he said a simple prayer. He said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I adjure you, the spirit of deafness to come out of the girl and enter her no more.” My father said later, he said, before we even could suck up enough oxygen, and take a deep breath to get rid of it, pray long and loud, the little girl was healed. She was instantly healed. She could repeat every word. She could hear everything. And when that happened, my father said that it was like a thousand voices whirling over his head saying, you can do that, you can do that, you can do that. That’s what Jesus did. That’s what the disciples did. You can do that. That’s what the early church did. That’s the answer. You can do that. And oh, Sid, that was like an explosion.

SID: And by the way, I have a word for you. You can do that.

LaDONNA: That’s it.

SID: You can do that. So her parents get their second wind and they decide we’re going to Jamaica. What happened? Anything close to India?

LaDONNA: Oh no, no, no. They went, they sold everything, they resigned from their church, sold the car, sold everything, and we went as a family. I was about nine months old, my brother two and a half. And they rented a little hall in Jamaica and were there for 17 weeks. And during that time, all they did was just preach Jesus alive. He’s alive, he’ll do the same things today, he has not changed, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. They would preach, they would pray for the sick, and thousands of people accepted Christ. Blind people, more than 90 blind people were healed.

SID: So you’re telling me, her mom and dad, they’re Pentecostal, they’re in a church that believes  in miracles, but they don’t see many.

LaDONNA: That’s right.

SID: They go to India. They see nothing, no results at all. Then they have, they see the cause of sickness, that’s what Branham taught them, and they see a miracle and God says they can do it, so they did. And here’s the amazing thing. Thousands of people saved and healed their very first meeting. And this man T.L. Osborn was a farmer, no special gifts. If he can do it, you can do it.

LaDONNA: That’s it.

SID: We’ll be right back.

LaDONNA: That’s it.

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Sid Roth on September 2nd, 2016


Sid: Hello Sid Roth with something more. I don’t know about your faith but my faith is just zooming right now.

Now I said I was summering up Billy Graham’s faith “God said, I believe it, that settles it.” You have to be 100% convinced Jesus died for your sins and of course you are. Well the same reason your convinced Jesus died for your sins 100% not 99.99 and it gets you saved, you have to be 100% convinced Jesus died for your sicknesses and your pains. Psalm 103 verse 2 and 3 should settle it for you “Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all His benefits Who forgives all of your iniquities.” See there it is “All” A-L-L. “Who heals all (A-L-L) your diseases.”

Why does He do this? I believe the best place is Isaiah 53 and 1st Peter 2:24. Let me read this to you Isaiah 53 verse 4 and 5 “Surely He has borne our griefs” but in the Hebrew the word “grief” means sicknesses. “Surely” can you get any stronger than that? “Surely – for sure – for sure – for sure He has borne our sicknesses.” That means He carried nahash is the Hebrew word, He carried it away. It likes on the scapegoat they say the scapegoat they put the sins on the scapegoat and the scapegoat bore (nahash) bore, took it away. If they took it away then I don’t have those sins anymore. If they took it then I don’t have those pains anymore, those sicknesses. It’s summarized in 1st Peter 2:24 “By Whose stripes you were healed.” You see going to Isaiah 53 verse 4 and 5 it says “By His stripes we are healed.” 1st Peter 2:24 was afterwards after Jesus died and rose from the dead “By His stripes you were healed” It’s already happened. Surely He has carried our griefs in the Hebrew sickness. Surely He has carried our sorrows in the Hebrew pains, He carried away all of your pains, He carried away ALL of your sicknesses A-L-L.

But what about Paul He had a thorn in the flesh do you remember that? Yeah I do and I also remember the anointed understanding of what he had. 2nd Corinthians chapter 12 verses 7 – 10 “A thorn in the flesh (this is Paul speaking) a thorn in the flesh was given to me.” What was that thorn in the flesh an eye disease? No it says what it was “A messenger of Satan, a demon, to buffet me concerning this thing I practiced, I pleaded with the Lord 3 times that it might depart from me. He said to me ‘My grace (remember the definition of grace – my enabling power) My grace, My enabling power is sufficient for you Paul. He that is within you is greater than everything than that demon that is harassing you.’” My grace, My enabling power the word “grace” isn’t just being able to get through it and say “Oh I’m suffering for Jesus.” Oh yeah there are times that we suffer but I kept telling you His enabling power is sufficient to have…

Did you know that you can do according to the book of Ephesians exceedingly, abundantly beyond anything you’ve ever asked or thought according to the power that dwells within you? That covers a lot of breath I can tell you that.

So Paul says “When I am weak then I am strong” I have God’s grace His enabling power.

Now what if someone dies believing for a miracle? First of all we don’t know everything otherwise we’d be God. That’s why Deuteronomy 29:29 says “The secret things belong to our God.” But I am responsible to believe what I know. My job is to be a God pleaser without faith I cannot please God. I am doing my job I am a God pleaser, I don’t have to understand everything.

But I did find a scripture that might give you a little peace because I have a good friend in fact he was my best friend who died of cancer. He understood the promises of God and I remember questioning “Why did this happen?” There were others saying “Well if he couldn’t be healed how can I be healed?” That’s a valid thing to question, but listen to this in Isaiah 57:1 in the New Living translation “Good people pass away; but godly often die before their time. But no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand (I can see God saying in a Jewish way ‘No one seems to understand’) that God is protecting them from the evil to come.”

We have one responsibility to be a believer. I’m going to tell you something on my tombstone if I don’t get raptured like Enoch before I want it to say “He had faith.” I don’t want it to say “He did great miracles” because it’s God who does the great miracles not me not you. He had faith it gets so simple when you trust God. It’s too complex any other way. I have to tell you this, I have to tell you this I have seen so many people healed of so many things that I have faith that nothing is impossible for our God. I’m telling you this, there’s someone who’s wrist hurts there’s damage in some way even carpal tunnel or arthritis in the fingers you are healed in Jesus’ name.

What about using doctors? I suggest you do you know why? They’ll keep you alive until you believe enough for God to heal you. I’m all for doctors they can’t heal you but they can keep you alive until God heals you.

Very important to know the difference between a healing and miracle. A healing is a graaaaaadual miracle, a miracle is an instant healing. Don’t throw your healing out with the dirty wash water and miss your manifestation. You see it’s very important to understand you need the Spirit of God when you speak the words of God. The best way to have the Spirit of God being with the words of God, this is found in Genesis chapter 1 that’s a good place to start. It says “In the beginning was God” and then it said that “God’s Spirit moved on the waters,” then it says “God spoke.” So you need you the Spirit then you have to speak the promise of God.

How do you speak always in the Spirit? I have found a way to be in the Spirit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You see a lot of people don’t realize that the Spirit of God is within you, or as Jesus put it in Luke 17:21 “The kingdom of God is within you in your heart.” John 7:38 says “From His innermost being shall flow continuously springs and rivers of living water.” In other words, your spirit of God is down here in your stomach and it’s in your heart but it’s not your natural heart. It’s right in your innermost being that’s what Jesus said “In your belly will flow rivers of living water.”

So what I have found is if you can imagine an old fashioned well, and a bucket, and the string you know you roll that pulley. You wind the rope down and the bucket goes down into that well so you get that nice spring water. Well I can imagine dropping down all the way down to my spirit and staying there. You know what I’ve found when I do that and I’m listening to a speaker my spirit starts jumping but all the time, but if I don’t do that it’ll jump once in a while. So I have trained myself to drop all the way down to my spirit and stay there as… all the time really.

The last bit of advice is never every give up, never give up. Patience is important recognize you’re in a fight. 1st Timothy says Fight the good fight of faith.” That’s the fight it’s against the devil and it’s in the faith arena it’s not with flesh and blood. It’s with spiritual principalities and powers of darkness. So Luke 8:15 says in the Amplified “But as for that seed (and the seed is the word of God) as for that word you have to have it in the good soil (or in your heart), these are the people who, hearing the Word, hold it fast in a just noble, virtuous and worthy heart, and steadily bring forth fruit with patience.” So through faith and patience you will inherit the promises and faith is very very bold.

You see faith is spelled R-I-S-K, risk, faith is taking a risk. I can tell you that if I say someone’s healed of a backache this is a real simple risk for you, you just stand up you bend over, or your neck ache or you bend your neck like this and you find out you’re healed. Now if you have to do it front of someone there’s a greater risk, or if you have a what’s known as a word of knowledge like I do and you do it front of an audience then there’s even a greater risk, but faith is spelled R-I-S-K.

Now the sixth is authority and guess what? This is how much authority you have Matthew 28 verse 18 and 19 you see it’s delegated authority. This is how much you have “All (Jesus is speaking) all authority has been given to me in heaven and earth.” Then He delegates and says “Go therefore” why? Because all authority has been given to Jesus, Jesus is inside of you. So you operate in all authority. It’s like a traffic policeman you hold your hand and you blow a whistle and see if you can stop a car speeding at you. You can’t! But you have the authority and that car stops. That’s the authority you have in the invisible world the devil is scared of you, he’s afraid of you, he’s a fraidy cat. He’s going to keep harassing you as long as he thinks you’re going to bite, he’s a big bully. Well you tell that big bully you’ll blow your whistle, and by the way you blow your whistle by saying “Jesus” that’s how you blow your whistle an he’s at you then he stops, resist the devil and he will run as in fear.

Now I don’t know if I’m going to finish, however if I don’t  we’ll give you the address of my website and you just go to the website and you’ll have the rest of this.

The 7th principle God says never fails it is called love. I remember an old prophet who is now in heaven and this is the words he would always say to people “Have you learned to love?” As if to say “If you’ve done all these great things in this life and you haven’t learned to love you’ve missed the whole purpose of what you’re suppose to do in this life.”

Then I had a guest and he made a very profound statement “Don’t just love someone by thinking ‘Oh I love them, I love them, I love them…’ No! Tell them what you love about them.” How would you like someone walking up to you saying “You know I really like it the way you take care of your elderly mother. You’re really are an unusual person.” Rather than think it start saying that. When you see something in their life that you can compliment them on start doing that.

If you want to know what love looks like read the definition 1st Corinthians chapter 13 verse 4 – 8 but I love chapter 14 of that 1st Corinthians verse 1 which says “Make love” in the Amplified “Make love your great quest.” That’s either the Amplified or the New Living translation, “Make love your great great quest.”

God’s definition of love and you should meditate on this everyday “Love endures long, I endure long. I am patient, I am kind, I am not envious, I don’t boil over with jealousy, I am not boastful, I am not arrogant, or inflated with pride. I am not rude, I don’t act unbecomingly, I don’t insist on my own rights.” Ohhh! You should work on that, not you. Remember what I’m doing I’ve got 3 fingers pointing at me right now.

Galatians 5:6 says why love is so important. It says “Faith is activated and energized and expressed and working through love.”

Ephesians 4:29 tells us be very very careful of what you speak. In the New Living translation it says “Everything I say is good and helpful, so that all my words are an encouragement to those who hear them.” In Ephesians 4:29 in the Message Bible it says “I say only what helps, each of my words are a gift.” Isn’t that great? Every word you say is a gift. Guard your eyes, guard your ears, guard your mouth. Why? Everything you hear, see, everything you listen to it’ll grow like leaven. Be careful what you let inside it has a life of its own.

That’s why God tells us in Philippians 4:8 “And now dear brothers and sisters one final thing, fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable, and right and pure, and lovely and admirable. Think about these things that are excellent and worthy of praise because as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” So what do you want to be? Do you want to be what’s on the news, or do you want to be like Jesus? You really have the choice.

I found myself… I’ll tell you what if you go to our webpage I’m going to put it up right now. I’m going to continue the rest of these points.

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Sid Roth on August 25th, 2016


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest was a pastor for ten years of a spiritual congregation and never heard the voice of God and he got desperate, and he had a visitation and he was given four keys that he says a hundred percent of the people that will do what he says can hear God as well as him, if not better. Anyone interested? I’m so excited to talk to Dr. Mark Virkler because Dr. Virkler heard from God supernatural on how every true believer can do what the Bible says could be normal, normal as defined by the Bible, hear God’s voice daily for themselves. Now there was a time, Mark, when you as a pastor in a spirit-filled church did not hear God’s voice. What did you do about it?

MARK: I struggled for ten years and I tried everything that I thought would work. I read more scripture. That didn’t work. I fasted longer. That didn’t work. I asked people who heard God’s voice, “What does it sound like?” They said, “Well you just know that you know.” And I said, “No, I don’t know, which is why I’m asking you. That doesn’t help me at all. Tell me what his voice sounds like.” And no one could explain what God’s voice sounded like, and everything I tried didn’t work. I went to Bible college, got a degree, I got ordained as a minister. All those things are supposed to work, I thought.

SID: So he got desperate and he decided, I’m going to take a year and do nothing but pray that I hear God’s voice and do as much study as I can. And he got desperate, and as he got desperate, about six months in, suddenly what happened?

MARK: The Lord woke me up about five o’clock in the morning with a booming bass voice, which is the only time in my entire life I heard a booming bass. But he said, “Mark, get up. I’m going to teach you to hear my voice.” And I bolted straight up in bed, I went over to my office and I sat down with my Bible, and he led me to Habakkuk 2:1 and 2, and he showed me four things that Habakkuk did that allowed him to hear the voice of God, to see vision and to write out page after page of what God was saying to him.

SID: Let me tell you what happened when he started hearing God’s voice. Let’s start with your marriage. What happened to your marriage?

MARK: Well my wife said that her marriage improved greatly when I began to hear God’s voice.

SID: I could understand that.

MARK: And it’s because, you know, the Lord in my journal would say, “Mark,” he would say, “love your wife.” And I’d say, “I’m going to as soon as I fix her.” And he said, “No, I didn’t say to fix her. I said love your wife.” I said, “I’m going to as soon as I fix her.” He said, “Mark, love your wife.” Fifty times he told me to love my wife just the way she was without trying to change her personality, make her more like me. He said, “She’s fine the way she is.” And I mean, this is like Christianity 101. You just honor people and love them.

SID: Okay. Your children, how did it affect your relationship there, or with them?

MARK: Well at that point, we had brought a teenage girl into our home, like a foster child. She had run away from her parents’ home and her parents went to our church, and they let us bring her into our home. She’s breaking all the household rules, acting very rebellious and I’m really upset with her. And I wanted to just kind of punch her out in Christian love and say, “Look, if you’re going to stay here, you need to keep these rules.” And so before I did, I journaled and I said, “Lord, what about this girl?” And as the Lord spoke, he said, “She’s very insecure.” I said, “Really?” And he said, “Yeah. I want you to love her unconditionally.” And I said, “Really?” Because I had a lot of conditions. Here’s my rules. Here’s my rules.

SID: You were going to do the exact opposite of what God knew was the key to her heart.

MARK: Yeah. Because I was looking at the outside façade of rebellion. God was looking at the wounded heart of insecurity and saying, “Minister to her heart, not her outer façade.” And so he had me [relate] to the true part of her. It made me a better parent and instantly improved my relationships with everybody.

SID: Okay. How did it change you in ministry?

MARK: Well in ministry, I learned that I could preach from flow, I could counsel from flow, I could teach from flow. And the Lord said, “Mark,” he said, “your teaching style will be transformed…”

SID: Excuse me. You’re using a term, “flow.” What is that?

MARK: Flow, that is one of those four keys that God taught me that morning. He says his voice sounds like flowing thoughts and his vision comes as flowing pictures. And the scripture verse backs it up. Jesus said, “Out of your inner most being shall flow rivers of living water.” This, he spoke in the Spirit. So when we want to tune to the Holy Spirit with this, we sense him as a flow. So flowing words, flowing thoughts is his voice. Flowing visions are, flowing pictures are his vision. And I didn’t know that because I had no theology from flow. So I began to speak from flow. I began to think in flow. I began to counsel from flow.

SID: So how did your messages get different as a result?

MARK: Well the more fun-loving and less rigid or less control, less law, instead of, here’s a Bible verse, see if you can keep it and if you cannot, I’ll beat you and I’ll whip, you know, I noticed Jesus wasn’t doing that with me. He would never. And I asked him. I said, “Don’t you want to hit me for sinning here?” He said, “No, it’s covered by the blood. It’s fine. It’s a learning curve mistake. Don’t worry about it. Let’s press on. It’s fine.” And because he treated me that way, I began to preach that way. And yeah, we make some mistakes. That’s okay. It’s learning curve mistakes. And I didn’t preach harsh law anymore. Here’s a law, try to keep it. I’d preach who Jesus was inside of you, learning to attune to him, and flow in and out of him.

SID: His Word says, “My sheep, hear my voice.” And you were going to hear God’s voice. We’ll be right back.


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