SID: Joshua, what is your best description of the glory? What is the glory?

JOSHUA: Well, the glory is God. God is the glory. It’s His essence. It’s His nature, His character, all that He is, all that He has. That’s the glory. When we speak about the glory, the glory’s a Person. The glory’s also a place.

SID: Now, you did a study that I actually haven’t heard anyone do. From the Hebrew and the Greek, there are three different words for glory and they give you an understanding when you understand the Hebrew and the Greek of really what the glory is or how it manifests. Let’s start with doxa.

JOSHUA: Doxa is a realm of glory. It’s a Greek word, but it’s a realm of glory that literally means the majesty of the honor, the renown, of God.

SID: Give God the glory.

JOSHUA: Exactly. When the doxa glory comes into an atmosphere, it brings a revelation of who He is. It brings a revelation that Yeshua is Messiah. It brings a revelation that He’s the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. When I was in Natchez, Mississippi several years ago, we were doing a healing meeting and I was on the keyboard leading worship. I should have only been leading that worship for about half an hour, 45 minutes, but somewhere in the midst of worship, I felt the whole atmosphere shift. I can feel that same atmosphere when I talk about it because my eyes were closed and yet I knew that I knew that I knew that Jesus Christ, the person and presence of Jesus Christ, walked in from the left side of the room. He literally walked into the auditorium and began ministering to us.

SID: Why didn’t you open your eyes to look at Him? I would have.

JOSHUA: I wish I could have opened my eyes. I don’t know what to tell you. I couldn’t open my eyes. That moment was so holy. It was so awesome that I just couldn’t do anything but just be in His presence knowing that He was ministering directly to me and to every other person that was in the room.

SID: How many weeks were you there?

JOSHUA: The amazing thing is that we were supposed to only be there for a couple hours of the meeting, but it was all the way from the morning meeting until when the evening meeting was supposed to start. That’s when we began to notice that we’d been in the atmosphere of glory all day long.

SID: Do you think you were changed by just being in that atmosphere?

JOSHUA: I know that I was changed because the first meetings that I went to do after that encounter with Jesus, healing miracles began to explode everywhere. There’s a whole impartation for creative miracles, healing miracles. The explosion happened because that’s what happens when you get into the glory. Something begins to change.

SID: You know, the Hebrew word for glory is my favorite word for glory, shekinah. Tell me about the shekinah glory.

JOSHUA: Shekinah glory is the visible realm of God. It actually means “a settling or a dwelling.” That’s when the glory comes and tangibly, visibly presents itself whether to a person or an atmosphere or situation. In the shekinah glory, we see manifestations of all different kinds. The burning bush with Moses was shekinah glory. We’re seeing this today. I was in Budapest, Hungary, last year and the shekinah glory literally began to open up upon a woman and her feet began to glow like light bulbs. I’m not talking about just a tiny—

SID: Besides you, could anyone else see this?

JOSHUA: There were many people that saw this happen, and not only that, they took pictures of her feet shining like light bulbs through her shoes. It was remarkable.

SID: There’s a third word for glory.

JOSHUA: The third word for glory is kavod. The kavod is the weighty, heavy glory of God. When the heavy glory moves in, you can feel the goodness of His blessing. You can feel the goodness of His strength, His might. You can feel the weight of His favor upon your life. I was in Pensacola, Florida, and a cloud of glory literally moved into the atmosphere. We could feel that weight. Miracles began to happen of all kinds. People began to give their hearts to Jesus Christ. It was awesome. There was something that was so unusual that happened in that moment of the kavod coming. There was a golden hand print that came on my jacket. Now, somebody said to me, “That must be the hand of God.” I told them later, “God’s hands are a lot bigger than that. I think it was my miracle angel that travels with me. I think that was the hand print that was on my jacket.”

SID: Speaking of angels, when you were a child, you saw angels and you had no handle on it. Your parents didn’t tell you about it. You didn’t know anything. What did you see as a child?

JOSHUA: I guess I just expected that when I would go to church, that’s where angels would be because that’s where I would see them. Every time when I was in church in the worship service, I would see the angels literally flying around the sanctuary of the church. I don’t remember them having any wings. They were dressed in beautiful, sparkling, shimmering robes, but they just seemed to fly with ease. It seemed like their movement was worship to the Lord. I know that the more that we praise and worship, the more it ushers in the glory. In the presence of God’s glory is the presence of angels. In the presence of God’s angels is the presence of glory.

SID: But then when you were older, you were shown exactly your angels and they have different distinct functions.

JOSHUA: I had a dream when I was in my early 20s and I met my three guardian angels that had been assigned to my life, that actually came to me and they told me their names, they told me their very specific assignments. The first angel, he was assigned to work miracles, creative signs and wonders, in my life. The second angel is the angel of the new song. He watches over the sounds and the songs of Heaven in my life. He brings them just like scrolls. He’ll bring them from Heaven and deposit them into my life and I’ll just begin to sing the new song and the new sounds. The third angel that God’s given me is the angel of boldness and supernatural strength. I can feel when he comes. Actually, the funny thing is before I met him, I could oftentimes feel his presence although I didn’t realize that’s what it was, because there’ll be times when I’d feel timid in the natural, but when the angel comes I can just feel that supernatural boldness and strength to move into what I’m supposed to move into.

SID: But the glory, as you said, is progressive. The glory is increasing to points beyond your wildest imagination and your wildest imagination because Joshua found himself in one country and in a split second, he’s in another country and he didn’t share this for many, many years because, frankly, it scared him. Also, he was afraid that many of you wouldn’t like something so biblical. Yeah, that’s biblical. It’s called translation. I’ll have him explain when we come back.

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