SID: Tony, you have spent 26 years in ministry, very few miracles, maybe I headache here or there, and that was it. And then you found out about It’s Supernatural, but why did you watch it so much? Up to eight hours a day for close to two years that’s a lot.

TONY: And sometimes even more than that. Here’s what happened. I became frustrated because I was not seeing in my life what the Bible says. And I knew that there was more. There was something more, and I was pursuing that more. I actually came across your program on accident by God’s divine will.

TONY: I was listening to the guests and they were sharing their relationship with Jesus, their relationship with the Father, new truth concerning faith and the anointing and the glory. And they were giving examples of how they were touched by God, and how other people were receiving signs, wonders, and miracles. I just felt so much hunger and I thought to myself, “They have something I don’t have. I’m going to admit to God and to myself I don’t have it, and I’m going to listen and learn. I’m going to humble myself and I’m going to get the revelation to see the miraculous.” That’s what happened.

SID: We have these shows, there’s no charge, the archives. You can go to our web page or YouTube or any of these and watch these archives. I have people that watch it every single day, a new show. And there’s something about watching it that activates you so much.

TONY: Yes, I began to listen to the guests, the teaching of the word, I began to receive the breath, the wind of the Spirit. And it was like I absorbed the revelation that they were sharing. And that revelation turned into a personal reality. And then when I began to share the revelation of the word, it became the reality in people’s lives, and they began to see instantaneous or immediate miracles.

SID: Now, this was about how many years ago?

TONY: Oh, let’s see. This was 2008, so we’re going back 2005 and onward, 2004, 2005 onward.

SID: Okay. Now, there is a new tool in town. It’s called the Supernatural Bible. And I put everything in this Bible that I wanted for myself. If you had had this new tool, I believe that it would have sped it up, a lot of what happened in your life.

TONY: Oh, absolutely. Because in this Bible, which I just recently started preaching out of, you talk about the power of the blood of Yeshua. You talk about God’s cycle of blessings. You talk about our need to be filled with the Spirit and pray in the Spirit. There’s teaching in this. One of the great features of this, there’s teaching on healing. There’s teaching on how to receive miracles. I had to minister in the area of miracles. There is teaching on really how to know God and how to receive divine favor, and how to minister to the Jewish people and others. And so, that in and of itself can prepare or catapult a person into the supernatural.

SID: I put in this what I’ve learned in, now it’s pushing almost 40 years of ministry. We have chain references. Dr. Sandra Kennedy, she’s one of the finest teachers I know in receiving healing, and she did a chain reference where she takes a scripture and she highlights it, and then teaches on it in the healing. Her favorite healing scriptures. Then I had my friend, Dr. Michael Brown, and I said, “Mike, I want you to find the most important prophecies as to why Jesus is the Messiah. And I want you to do a commentary.” He writes, “Why the prophecy tells about Jesus, what the rabbis have to say as to why they say it doesn’t, and what the truth is. You will see levels. People are reading this, they’re telling me it’s become their favorite Bible. It’s doesn’t look a whole lot like a Bible. It’s got a menorah on one side and star of David on the other.

SID: What I’ve done is I’ve recaptured the Jewish feel in the Bible. I’ve taken words such as my wife’s favorite thing that she gets upset about is, why do you call Jesus Christ? Why don’t you call him what everyone will understand? Call him his title. That’s what Christ is. His title, he’s not his last name. Jesus the Messiah, that’s what we say in the Bible. Then instead of words like trumpet, every time a trumpet is mentioned, did you know there are many cases in the Bible where it’s shofar. Not all, some it is trumpet. So, where it’s shofar, we recapture what it is. You know what a shofar is. It’s nice to know it’s not the thing with the trumpet that fills the place.

SID: When we come back, we’re going to do what I said we’re going to do. We’re going to find out about his Face to Face with God, and what he means by it, and how you can have a face to face with God.

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