SID:  Okay. Another question.

QUESTIONER #3:  Thank you. Do you think we are living in the time where the Bible speaks about the great falling away from the word of God, from the truth?

CRIS:  Absolutely.

SID:  He said “absolutely,” if you didn’t hear him.

CRIS:  Well, I mean what he was talking about with the seven parallels to the “Days of Noah” that Pember wrote about I mean those are just, I mean the reason I use that as an example is that it’s just exponentially worse. But I mean now we have 3 of the big denominations in America, the Episcopal Church, The Presbyterian USA, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, they’re all ordaining homosexual pastors and putting them in front of their congregations. Now if you look at 1st Corinthians [chapter 6, verse 9] it says that people who live that lifestyle unrepentantly will not inherit the kingdom of God. So we have mainline churches putting leadership, modeling this leadership in front of their people, modeling a behavior that the Bible says will lead you to hell. So if we haven’t abandoned the word of God, I don’t know how else to put it.

SID:  Next question.

QUESTIONER #4:  First of all it’s really a privilege and honor to be here listening to what you all said because it’s really been very informative to say the least. You know you can see how Star Trek and things began back in the 60’s really gave the world an appetite for these things that are happening. And what my question is with the fallen angels, you know one third of heaven fell, and of course we have angels in reserve for darkness for the End Times, do you think these beings, these supernatural beings now will be incarnated by these, those fallen angels, one third of heaven? Is that what’s going to be representative of this? Thank you.

TOM:  Well, it’s interesting because there are prophecies that talk about a return of the “Nephilim.” When you read in the Septuagint, for instance, in Isaiah, God gives a command, and this is right when Babylon is going to be destroyed, which is still a future event, utterly destroyed so man can’t even walk there. And at that very moment God says through the prophet, through the prophet, he says: “Open the gates ye ruler, I give command, and I bring them. Giants are coming to fulfill my wrath.Æ And so we see that at a time in the very near future, according to the scripture, there is going to be a return of the Nephilim. And in fact that’s what George Hawkins Pember that the seventh and most fearful sign, he said, would be the return on earth of those illegal spirits that came down from the principality of the air. Now it’s interesting that in theology, and Chris could explain this better than I can, there is the idea, there is a name for these underworld spirits, it’s an Amorite term called “Rephaim.” But the Raphaim are associated with the shades of the dead, spirits in Sheol, Hades, but the belief was that they can come back and some believe that’s what happened. That the flood occurred, but there’s some methodology, under some system they have the ability to come back into a temporal body. Not an eternal glorified resurrection like we’re going to experience at the return of Christ or at a Rapture if you believe in that theology. But they have a method for coming back into a temporal body. They can come back again. So with hybrid humans, some believe that that’s exactly what is happening. That there, and it sounds, I mean it sounds so far out I can’t believe I’m standing in front of an audience and even saying it, right? But we found that there are true academics, even secular academics, people that teach in university, and they are having a serious behind the scenes discussion right now about the possibility that the earth is being integrated with an unknown form of humanity, and even some samples, people talking about hair tissues and stuff that have been found that are currently trying to be peer-reviewed that show part human but part something entirely else according to these DNA samples.

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