SID: There is an angel that has passed down in your family from generations, and recently he’s been showing up in your message. What’s been happening?

PERRY: When you said that, every hair on my body stood up. It started happening, I saw him stepping out of a wall, literally in Roanoke, Virginia, age 18 at the campground, and it scared me so bad I fell to my knees. But my dad had told me about seeing him in Arlington, Virginia, Church of God with the sword, there were three men coming against my father. And the angel took the sword and touched the pew where those three men, and all three men fell under judgment two weeks.

Because you can’t come against truly godly, holy, men of God and get by with it. And so, my dad would always pray that he would be with me when he passed, that same presence, angel of God be with me.

SID: Perry, I want you to just briefly explain the hidden code in each of the first four feasts.

PERRY: Okay.

SID: Briefly.

PERRY: Passover was the exodus of where they took the blood of the lamb, put it on the doorposts, God protected them from death and healed their bodies. That was fulfilled with Jesus Christ, who was crucified near the Passover season, was placed in the round, and with his stripes on his back we are healed. There’s the healing of the lamb of the Old Testament, the imagery, and redemption from death came through his crucifixion.

Unleavened bread is, they did not have time to put the leaven in the bread, but leaven represents sin. So, Jesus Christ, the Messiah Yeshua was in the tomb during the season of unleavened bread, and that represents to us that once we come to him through the redemptive covenant of Passover, through his blood, then we’re able to be sanctified or separated from the sin nature and the sin life.

Then we come to the time of First Fruits where, this is amazing, could we have Passover, you have Unleavened Bread, you have First Fruits, and here’s what that means. When the first fruits of the barley were taken to the temple, to the priest, it meant the rest of the field was sanctified to God. So, when Jesus took the Old Testament saints out of the chamber, out of the earth, and he took them to heaven to present them at the heavenly temple, to his Father, this is all in the Bible, it means that all the other dead in Christ will one day be raised and taken to heaven because the rest of the field is ready because that’s…


Now, there’s a gap period and we come to what is called Pentecost. Now, Pentecost is not a Hebrew word. It’s a Greek word. Pentecost means 50. So, Pentecost is the time of the birth of the church. Now, where we’re at now, because a lot of people ask me, where do you think we’re at now? We are between the festival of Pentecost, which is the church age, or the dispensation of the grace of God as it’s known, and the next festival in order is Trumpets.

Now, if I can say something here, because you told me just kind of go with the flow and obey.

SID: Yeah.

PERRY: There are people who believe, and they’re good people, by the way, but they believe that the Lord comes in the middle of the seven year tribulation period, which means that tribulation begins and then what we call rapture is in the middle. There’s others, and one of my very dear friends believes this, that there’s a seven year tribulation that we go through and then we have the blowing of the trumpets, the sound of the great shofar, the gathering of the elect, et cetera.

Here’s the problem with that. God is such a god of divine order, he never changes his divine order, and the order of the festivals cannot be altered.

Now, here’s the big one. Ready for the big one?

SID: Okay.

PERRY: If you look at the order of the next festival, it is Trumpets. If you have the tribulation—

SID: I tell you what. Before we get to that, I have to ask you this question. Why is it important for a believer to understand what is in the Old Testament? After all, we have a better confidence with a better revelation.

PERRY: The New Covenant message, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ, is the ultimate message to get people saved and into heaven. But what do you do after people have been saved? There’s a depth of knowledge and understanding that can only come through the entire study of the word of God.

Now, I like to say it this way. The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. In order words, let me say it to you this way. Christ, or Yeshua, the Messiah, the reason that we believe that he’s the Messiah, has to be the prophecies. Number one, we have a whole group of people who saw him crucified, who saw him buried, and who saw him raised from the dead. So, we have actually eyewitnesses who give us the reports in detail of what happened when he rose from the dead on the third day.

Then we have something else. We have the testimony of a Pharisaical rabbi named Saul Tarsus who hated Christians to the point he’s murdering them, but all of a sudden he becomes a believer because he sees Yeshua appear to him right there, say, why are you kicking against me? And he has a radical conversion that literally overnight turns him into a believer and a follower of the Messiah to the point he’s willing to be beheaded in Rome.

Something happened that this man saw and experienced that was so real that he could not deny it. I will not name the name, but I have a very dear friend of mine who was a practicing Muslim for 50 years. He can read the Quran, he knows the Hadith in detail. Can quote it like this. But you know what happened? He was in a hospital dying, he had 24 hours to live, and the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him at the foot of his bed. He thought it was a doctor, and he was laying there saying, “Who are you?” He said, “I’m the Messiah,” and the man said, “Which one?” Because he didn’t know. He said, “Which one?” Because the Muslims have a messiah, the Hadith, the, you know. So, he said, “I am Yeshua, I’m Hamashiach, I’m the Messiah and the only true and living Messiah.”

He said, “Okay, I have some questions for you.” He said, “If you’re the Messiah, how can Allah have a son? How can God have a son?” The Lord explained to him the Son of God and how that worked. Every question that a Muslim, a practicing Muslim would have, he asked those questions to him and he answered it in detail.

The next day, he was out of the hospital. He’s still living today, and loves the Lord [applause]

SID: Perry.


SID: When we come back, this is so important. I want to know a little bit about the future, the last three Biblical feasts reveal the return of Messiah. Be right back.

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