Sid Roth on November 8th, 2020

GUILLERMO: So the supernatural, why the supernatural? Why the restoration? Because we have lost, the church was born as a supernatural entity. You never see in the Book of Acts counseling. You never see people being counseled. Why? Because they have the supernatural. Why we need the supernatural? Because number 1, the supernatural demonstrate[s] God in the now. In the now. So we understand the Jewish people knew God as the historical God. They knew God a historical God. They knew He could do miracles. But they didn’t know the God of the now. So the church does the same thing. They know God did miracles and all that. But can we believe in the God of the now? Can we bring heaven on earth right now? I didn’t hear you.


GUILLERMO: Can we bring heaven on earth now?


GUILLERMO: Well, that’s the question. Can we bring it? Well, you can’t bring God into now without revelation. And if we got information nothing’s gonna happen. So the reason we need the supernatural is the supernatural demonstrates God in the now. Number 2, the reason we need the supernatural is because of the impossible circumstances that we face. In other words, there’s some things in life that you will face that will take a miracle. Do you have anything that you need now, need a miracle? Your finances? Your marriage? You need a miracle, so we need a miracle. Number 3, if we know why do we need the supernatural? I can tell you. It proves that Jesus is alive now! Every time we demonstrate the supernatural… I was ministering in Argentina, and this little girl, 9 years old came to me—and her mother said to me “can you pray for my daughter?” And I said what’s wrong with her? And she said, “Well, she was born without one eye.” And I said, Well, I tell one of my leaders, I said you can pray for her, because I’m not the only one, I said you can do it. And he pray[ed] for the little girl and [in front of] my eyes the Lord created a new eye ball. So that is bringing God here and now. Now the person that prayed is not a bishop, is not a reverend, honorable—you know, he was a normal person. So this is for you too. Can I hear an “amen”?


GUILLERMO: This is for you too. You need to step out. So now, why we need the supernatural? Because— all the promises of God are based on 2 things. The previous knowledge, advanced knowledge of God and the ability to do what He promised. In other words, every promise that God has made you and me it takes a miracle to do what he promised. There are things in your life— I built a temple for 27 million dollars. I didn’t have anything, nothing. It took a miracle to raise 27 million dollars. And God did it. So what happened? Well, God promised me. He said I want you to build me a temple debt free. Whatever He has promised you it will take a miracle. Otherwise, if God didn’t say it you can do it on your own. But that is not supernatural. Supernatural is something that you will say is above and beyond. God has called you in the power of the resurrection to live a life above and beyond. You need to raise up above your circumstances. You need to raise up above your problems, your sickness, your diseases, c’mon put your hands together and give him a big praise!


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Sid Roth on October 25th, 2020

SID: And I got the scare of my life. This voice I heard inside of me. I didn’t know it, but the guy that gave me the free office says, “It’s a demon. You have a demon in you.” And I had seen the movie, or perhaps you’ve read the book, The Exorcist. And I lived it. So what does a Jewish guy that’s got a demon inside of him do? If you go to the rabbi, he’ll send you to a psychiatrist. If you go to your parents, they’ll send you to a psychiatrist. If you go to most Christians, they won’t know what to do for you. But I wouldn’t do it because I’m Jewish.

SID: I got to the bottom, the absolute bottom. I’ve messed up every arena of my life. And now I had something evil. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to live with this entity inside of me. And so my Christian friends said to me, “Sid, if you would pray to God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the name of Jesus, he’ll set you free.” And the worst night of my life—I really didn’t remember the young boy with the question of what happens when you die. I didn’t want to die, but life was too difficult. I couldn’t live this way. So I said, “Jesus, help.” It was a two-word prayer. I went to bed that night, I woke up in the morning, and just as there is a presence, and I think Larry you’ll confirm this, of God in this studio and perhaps going through your television right now, or your iPhone or however you’re watching us right now. That presence of God came on me. I had never … I experienced a lot of feelings in the new age. I had never experienced pure love undefiled by humans. Pure love of God. It was like my whole room was filled with this pure love of God.

SID: And then I heard the audible voice of God after I had prayed, “Jesus help.” And the voice said to me, quoted Malakai. I’m Jewish, but I didn’t need to know what Malakai said. The Jewish prophet Malakai said, “I hate divorce. Return to your wife and daughter.” And I did instantly. And I’ve been a follower of Jesus ever since. I’ll tell you what. You’ve tried everything, then before this show is over, you’re going to have your own experiential knowledge of God.

LARRY: I love that powerful encounter that you had, where you gave your heart to Yeshua. You just said, “Jesus help.” I’m amazed though said at the rapidity, how God accelerated things for you. Less than a year of you coming to [      ], you were on the front page of a major newspaper in Washington DC, and that opened up a major door. What happened as a result of that?

SID: I have to tell you, the reporter was Jewish, that did this article for this major newspaper in Washington, DC. And I was interested in him coming to know the Messiah. And so I would say, because I’ve seen enough TV, I would say, “Now what I’m telling you is off the record.” He said, “Of course it is.” Everything I said that should be off the record was in print. My father saw it, my uncle saw it. Oy vey. In any event, I was teasing a little, but it was a tough situation for me. But someone else saw it. Catherine Kuhlman, who had one of the first believing television shows on secular TV throughout the world. Her staff saw it.

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Sid Roth on October 18th, 2020

JOHNNY: My point to the body of Christ is, what was prophesied beginning 2020 by the credible prophetic voices you’ve been following for years or even decades, it was not disaster. It was not doom. It was a major breakthrough year. It was a new era, a beginning of a decade that would be a kingdom age decade. And so the promises that were prophesied to begin this year don’t suddenly get canceled because a COVID storm surfaces. And what looks like is going to destroy us is going to end up being that which catapults us to the other side.

SID: God took you to the Book of 2 Chronicles 20:20. What does that say?

JOHNNY: Well, and it’s kind of obvious in a way, the 2 Chronicles 20:20 scripture. It is again a picture of this year. It’s Jehoshaphat the king, and then he finds out he is surrounded by the Moabites and the Ammonites and the armies are so immense, so much greater than him—

SID: So in the natural, he’s finished.

JOHNNY: He’s like, “Oh, my goodness.” He was fearful, and so he calls an assembly. A lot of what’s gone on around the world, there have been special prayer meetings and church meetings and online, mainly most everything, but there has been many meetings to seek the Lord. What does this mean? What does this mean? What does this mean?

JOHNNY: And there was a prophet named Jahaziel who stood up. Interesting what his name means. His name means, he who watches God and God watches him. And so it’s about seeing things from his perspective, sort of like Caleb vision. What do you see in the same territory is what the 10 spies … The 10 spies are kind of like normal media. They see all the giants, they see all the challenges, and Caleb was able to see in the midst of that challenging situation, he was able to see huge grapes, a land that flows with milk and honey.

JOHNNY: And so Jahaziel says, “Listen, this battle, you will not have to fight. This is the Lord’s battle. You will have to show up in the battlefield, but this is one He will fight for you. So position yourselves in the battlefield.” Jehoshaphat carried out of that, King Jehoshaphat, the strategy of leading with worshipers and praisers. And they went before, and the praisers, as they worshiped and praised God, it says, “The enemy began to kill themselves.” Now we’ve heard that praise and worship isn’t a tool against the enemy, but I believe perhaps why we are called to praise Him at this time is because the enemy is not really the Moabites and the Ammonites, it is fear. And we have to suppress the fear that’s inside of us by praising and worshiping our God, and then the enemy begins to wipe itself out.

JOHNNY: I think we’re going to see that in a practical way. Even in our nation, the nations of the world, there’s clearly a global dark agenda that has come against, conspired against, President Trump because of his assignment before God. It’s come against the United States economy and they’re willing to sacrifice the economies of the whole world. They’re willing to see all kinds of death and destruction in order for themselves to maintain their control.

JOHNNY: So we’re seeing played out in 2 Chronicles 20 the 2020 dynamics. But again, it’s good news. There is the challenge. It’s bigger than us. It’s more than we can handle. There’s a rescue operation from heaven on our behalf, as we hold our ground, we show up in the battlefield, knowing the battle is the Lord’s.

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Sid Roth on October 7th, 2020

ROBERT: Well, clearly within scripture, the Bible promises that He lets the sinner gather wealth that he might put it into the hands of the righteous. And I really think that that’s interesting because he doesn’t just say the wealth is going to be transferred. That we understand that once the wealth is transferred, the sinner and his agenda, what he has been propagating in the earth, they lose their influence because wealth produces influence. And so God wants to trust us with wealth so that we can see God’s agenda, God’s purposes being done in the earth. So the wealth transfer is for that purpose. It’s for that reason. Now, I have heard about the wealth transfer for years and years and years, but it usually was about how I’m going to get blessed and how I’m going to have a better life and how that’s going to happen and all that. But I understand that the wealth transfer is for the fulfillment of God’s agenda in the earth, and that we cannot see that happen without having that occur.

SID: And there’s something that you do and that those watching can do that have made all the difference in the world and the revelation you get that allows you to tap into the wealth transfer, and you’ve been doing it for many years. It’s called praying in tongues.

ROBERT: Yes. Absolutely. I pray in tongues. We mentioned the other day, I actually pray in tongues so much. When I’m in my prayer time, half of my time is spent praying in the Spirit because it opens… See, prayer language opens up your natural understanding. That’s why the apostle Paul said, “I pray in the Spirit. I pray in my understanding.” And the order is very important there. I sing in the Spirit. I sing in my understanding because functioning in the spirit realm actually opens up the understanding realm, which is where revelation can come, ideas can come from, the power to get wealth can be released. My son travels with me on the airplane sometimes, and he told his mother one time, he said, “Dad’s over there talking to himself.” What I’m doing is I’m praying in the Spirit while I’m just in the process of normal life.

SID: Now, there are people watching this right now, Robert, they see a nice suit, hair is styled, a nice tie, probably a nice watch. And they’re saying, “He can’t relate to me. I don’t know where I’m going to have the money to feed my family. I don’t know where my next paycheck is coming from. He can’t possibly relate to me. Anything that man teaches, that doesn’t apply to me.” What would you say?

ROBERT: I would say they’re completely wrong because if they knew my history, they would be amazed at what God has done. When I discovered, quite honestly, the courts of heaven up until that point, Mary and I really struggled. We struggled, we struggled. We struggled. I found out there was legal cases against me in the Spirit world.

SID: How many years did you struggle?

ROBERT: Well, let me tell you, 30 years. 30 years of married life. 30 plus years of married life.

SID: So you were late, I’ll tell you.

ROBERT: 30 plus years of married life. And whenever I discovered the courts of heaven and began to practice those principles and seek to undo the legal rights that the enemy claims—

SID: And that’s the key, they are legal, legal. And doesn’t the Bible say that the devil is an accuser? He’s up there accusing you because of the legal rights some you’re aware of, some you’re not even aware of. But what happens when those rights are removed?

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Sid Roth on September 28th, 2020

JENNIFER: Well, you see, we look at ourselves as coaches. A coach equips the team to play the game. The people who are leading our small groups are actually becoming leaders in their own right who will be equipped to handle whoever God brings in.

SID: Dennis, the two of you are known for a way to hear God, a way to get in touch with your spirit. But you say that this system you’ve developed, that the Holy Spirit taught you, is necessary to implement the teaching of the Didache, the lost teachings of the apostles.


SID: Could you briefly explain what dropdown is and why it’s so important and demonstrate it?

DENNIS: Yeah. We’ve been called how-to people. We’ve had seasoned pastors even say, “Here’s a couple telling us how to do what we already knew what we were supposed to do biblically.” So we said, “What the church needed for proper discipleship…” They even usher them into the Didache and the original teachings. They need some simple how-tos. One of the most important that I feel is head Christianity versus heart Christianity. So we had to find a simple tool, if you want to call it that, but it’s a resource of training people to function from the spirit instead of their head.

SID: Most people, when they say, “Where is your spirit?” They go… like the pledge of allegiance of their heart. But that’s not what Jesus said.

DENNIS: No, no. He said, “Out of your belly will flow rivers of living water.” We coined a term dropdown. There’s always going to be someone that says, “Where’s that in Scripture?” Well, in our New Testament, any time you see the word put on, it comes from a Greek word [foreign language], which means to sink into in order to be clothed. So if the peace of God is down here in my heart, it rises up to guard my heart and my mind.

JENNIFER: Put on the Lord Jesus.

DENNIS: How about this one, put on bowels of mercy. Ask the average Christian, “How do you do that?”

SID: They wouldn’t know.

DENNIS: They can quote the Scripture. But they don’t know how do you do that. You want to put on the bowels of mercy, you go to him. We would say Jesus in you. Your Messiah in you, the hope of glory. Where’s Jesus? Now, we just said in you. They point to heaven. So I said, “There’s a disconnect here that we’re going to have to train people to go to Jesus within as opposed to Jesus far away in heaven.’ Yes, he’s in both places. So are we. But the reality is we’re on earth. We’re supposed to be demonstrating the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This is our assignment. We’re using that word assignment.

SID: Okay. You guys do a brilliant job in your brand new book to teach you how to live, how to literally live in your spirit all the time. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. But demonstrate very briefly how someone would drop down to their spirit with Jennifer.

DENNIS: Jennifer was totally intellectual. She would struggle. And I says, “Jennifer, just put your hand down here,” because discerning the human spirit was easy for me from the time I got saved. I think everything I learned, it was out of discerning my own spirit and then others. And I’d say, “Close your eyes.” And I could bear witness—

JENNIFER: Walk me through it just like that, when you were first discipling me.

DENNIS: Okay. All right.

JENNIFER: Tell me what to do.

DENNIS: Jennifer, put your hand down here.

JENNIFER: What else do I need to do?

DENNIS: I want you to pay attention to what’s down here.

SID: I’m going to do that too right now. Go ahead.

JENNIFER: Close your eyes.

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