Sid Roth on September 2nd, 2020

JOAN: Run! Now watch those crazy shoes that you – all right, take off the shoes. Take off the shoes. Okay, now I really want you to run! Run! Pick up your legs and run over to Sid. Run, run, run, run, run, run, run! Pick up your legs. All right. Come on back, honey. Come on back right now. Stop and jump. Jump! Jump!  Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! 

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: Oh, come on!

Woman #9: And you know the rest of my – can I testify about Morris Cerullo?

JOAN: Morris Cerullo?

Woman #9: He was on, 2 weeks before we traveled and oh, I had hurt the back of my leg and I don’t know how to tell you – well you’ll feel it now. You’ll understand. Is that I knew that I knew my leg was going to be healed. I prayed for my own mom. She has an ulcer at 87. She’s had many cause she fractured her legs under a fire engine at 27 years old. She’s 87. So I was praying for my ma, huh, and I got healed watching Morris Cerullo about his long ulcer. So I was happy because I’m going to travel and the enemy didn’t want me to travel for almost two weeks. Right? So I got healed. Well, you spanked me, I think because I was naughty at Niagara Falls a week and a half ago.

JOAN: [laughing]

Woman #9: And it says don’t stand on this, isn’t this comical? Don’t stand on this ledge and I was good about it so –

JOAN: On a ledge what would a normal human being do –

Woman #9: Oooh.

JOAN: When there’s a sign?

Woman #9: I’ve heard that transmitter was, you know. So I listened to the wrong transmitter and stood up and I popped my tendon on the back. Stood there and screamed and screamed and my husband’s like “shush!” 

JOAN: In pain?

Woman #9: Pain! Because I snapped at my tendon. I know I did. I really know I did because I couldn’t move. I don’t give in to pain.

JOAN: I want you to run right now again! Run! Jump and run! Run and jump! Run and jump! I think she’s healed!

Audience: [applause] Hallelujah!

JOAN: You think she’s healed, Sid? I think she’s healed! I think – look at this! Look at – 

Woman #9: That pain is gone.

JOAN: Oh, that pain is gone!

Woman #9: Yes!

JOAN: Yeah, that’s wonderful! I love that!

Woman #9: I want to tell 30 seconds on how to keep it.  

JOAN: Sure.

Woman #9: So, now this is just my growth in my walk. Up to that when the pain was so bad and I’m just starting on vacation I have to hold on to people and I’ve got to go up all these steps back up Niagara Falls and I have to hold my husband every step and just crying in pain. And I’m a little upset about it and I said, “Okay, Father, I did wrong and I suffered for it but Your grace is right there for me.” This is a leap for me as far as stretching out more to receive more but I said, “Your grace is right there!” Right there for me. So I take it! I’m healed right now because that grace is there. You already paid it so I’m going to take it right now! And because I believe, not on my part because He put it in me to believe, I believed and so I received it! And I’ve had no pain. Once in a while but I don’t give in. I just shut that transmitter off, right?       

JOAN: Yeah. All right. But now what about now?

Woman #9: It’s good.

JOAN: It’s good?

Woman #9: Oh, and this up here? Gone.

JOAN: Gone! [chuckles] That’s pretty good! Gone! [laughs] [music ends]


ANNCR: ISN, The It’s Supernatural! Network brings you this special moment of worship. [music and singing] You were there when the earth was void and formless. Covered only with the darkest night. You were there stepping out onto nothing. Spoke your word and light began to shine. You were there with gentleness creating in your image man out of the dust. You were there when unity was shattered. And still, you choose to redeem us with your love. 

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Sid Roth on August 27th, 2020

JOAN: “And he heard every word you said!” I had no idea!

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: I had no idea! Thank You, Jesus! I would not have known. I just flew in. That was the very first service I ever worked in! Now I’ll tell you what. I was so shy it was hard for me to talk to the butcher at the meat market! I’d go [mumbling] “Uh, give me just some pork chops.” 

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: [laughs] I didn’t have the nerve. But God gives you that strength! Do you know that you’re sitting in the presence of God’s Holy Spirit?

Audience: Mmm.

JOAN: Do you know that you will never be the same when you walk out of here? Do you know the desires of your heart?

Audience: [applause]

JOAN: Laying hands on the sick! Speaking words of encouragement to those that have no courage! Just smiling at a guy passing by and his heart changing! Do you know that there’s nothing impossible with any one of us?

Audience: That’s right.

JOAN: Nothing! Not any one of us. Do you know that my husband lost his job a long, long time ago? A year went by and now we’re on the last pork chop in the freezer. He still isn’t working. I’m praying “God, what are we supposed to do? What are we supposed to do? That’s the last pork chop!” I’m not saying that to Frank cause I don’t want to put more stress on him than what he already had. “But God, what are we going to do? This is the last pork chops. What are we going to do?” And I got up from the table and I walked to the telephone and Frank said, “Where are you going, honey?” And I said, “I’m going to go to the telephone.” What are you going to do there? he said. And he kept the phone on. The electric was off. And we had a fireplace in the family room that we were cooking the food on cause we didn’t have gas either but we had the telephone in case somebody called for a job. And we had water cause we had to drink and take a bath. He said, “Where ‘you going?” I said, “Frank, I’m going to go to the telephone.” He said, “What are you going to do there?” I said, “I’m going to call the newspaper.” He said, “What are you calling the newspaper for?” And I said “I’m going to put an ad in the paper and I’m going to put an ad in for catering. I’m going to go in the catering business.” He said, “How are you going to do that?” I said, “Well you think I’m a good cook, don’t you?”

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: “Yeah,” he said. I said “Well, if I can cook for one I can cook for 400! I only have to multiply it 400 times!”

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Sound pretty simple to me! I put an ad in the paper and from that minute on God put me into the catering business and we were considered the finest caterer in the St. Louis area!

Audience: Whooo! [clapping]

JOAN: Yeah! [laughs] And my dad – I’m a Palermo. I’m Italian. They’re all from Palermo, Italy. Okay? They came over on the boat. And my dad said, “Oh, sug, nothing to this! We’ll get this done!” [laughs] “Nothing to this!” And the first catering job that I got was for 250 people. How do you multiply that? Well, I feed Frank 250 times!

Audience: [reacts]

JOAN: 250 times! Do you know within a short period of time I fed Albert Firestone, you know the rubber people? Okay? And his entire group in De Soto, Missouri. He had an old house that just he played with. He had wonderful people in and one of the people that stayed there was the head of the botanical garden in St. Louis. And so he had this formal rose garden in Albert Firestone’s farm and he allowed me to come and cook for his guests. Do you know who one of them was? The king and the queen of the Pearlies! I have no idea who that was or what that was!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Had no idea! He had the highest caliber of businesses. One representative. There were 40 of them. Do you know where they came to talk after they ate the dinner? In the kitchen!

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Sid Roth on August 12th, 2020

But at the same time, I saw structures of man falling down. I saw governments that were based on men falling. I mean, in the middle of the wave, you could see the buildings. And the Lord said, it’s going to be a great and terrible day. It is going to be the greatest move of God we’ve ever seen. But for those that are not looking, and waiting, and wanting, it’s judgment, right? This wave is going to come and heal, but it’s also going to correct. So I believe it’s coming. And for us that are looking forward and believe, amen, the greatest days are ahead. I promise you the greatest days of the church are upon us. We are in the days of Awakening.

SID: So now you thought he blew you out of the water on that dead baby. Wait until you hear this… Real briefly, I asked and just, you never even brought it up. I was just minding my own business. James, have you ever been translated in the Spirit? And you said yes. Briefly, what happened?

JAMES: God uses you with these questions. I was a new believer, and I was in prayer and I found out there was a tsunami that hit India. It was a massive one and people were dying and getting hurt. And all I could tell you is I went right next to my bed. I was in this prayer mode on my knees and I was weeping, and weeping, and weeping, and travailing, and crying out, and praying in tongues. And all of a sudden, I left my body, and I’m telling you this wasn’t a dream. I literally showed up there. I could see the waves, people crying for help, people in the water holding onto trees. And it was like overwhelming. But I felt the Lord say, just take care of the ones in front of you.

And so there was a little girl that I helped. There was a mom. It was actually a whole family that was sitting on a rock that needed to jump over to the ledge. There was somebody that got hit. Their neck was all torn up from the… And I laid hands and it got healed. And in the same time as I’m reaching for, I’m getting cut up. And it was like one hour of helping people. And then when I came out of it, I was standing ready to go help someone else. And I came out of it. And I came back to my knees in prayer, and my arms were bleeding. I had cuts on my body from that experience. It was unbelievable.

SID: So you had absolute conclusive, empirical evidence that this wasn’t a figment of your imagination.

JAMES: 100%.

SID: I’ll tell you what, when we return, James is going to pray, only if you’re interested for the fire of God. Are you ready?

SID: James, God said to you, he spoke, and I’m quoting. “I do not want any filter placed on me.” What did he mean?

JAMES: Wow. I was in the Netherlands. I was in a place called Harderwyk, and I was ministering to a lot of people. And as I was preaching, I had a vision. And it was like on the wall, I saw Jesus. But it was weird. He was on the cross. And as I’m preaching, I see this and I’m not really sure what’s happening. So I stop. People are looking at me. I’m literally looking at the wall, wondering what’s happening. And then what I see in the vision is people came up, started tying his feet again, people came up, started nailing his hands again, people came up, somebody stuffed his mouth with a sock, taped him with tape, covered him with blinds.

And then they all started going on next to him and going, “We want a word from you. We want a touch from you. We want a prophetic word.” And the Lord said it will not happen until they remove the restraints that they’ve placed on me. I want to be seen with no filter, says the Lord. And, and we can’t restrain him with our theology. We can’t restrain him with our beliefs of men. Jesus is saying, I want you to see me the way I am. Right? Because there needs to be nothing in between us. I want to be sovereign. I want to be holy and it’s on his terms, not ours, right?

SID: You had a very critical situation happened in your life. Your son was dying from the flu.

JAMES: Yeah. It was—

SID: And the fire of God showed up. Tell me about that.

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Sid Roth on August 11th, 2020

KEVIN: Well, first of all, when it happened, I thought there’s just too much content on here to put everything on, but the Lord asked me to document as much as I could remember at one time. So I did the four CD set and then after I was finished, he said, “Now send it to Sid.” And he said, “I want the world to know what is about to happen and how we can be the five wise virgins and get ready for what’s about to happen and actually allow the Father to be glorified through this.”

SID: And I have to tell you, one of my favorite books in the Bible is the book of Ephesians, and Jesus himself was your teacher on the book of Ephesians?

KEVIN: Yes. He gave me the plan that he had for man and then he gave me the plan he has for the body and the church. And he said that the church shall not experience the overthrow of the gates of hell. In other words, they won’t overcome, Satan cannot overcome the church. So he said, “In this preparation time, learn what you just saw, what you just had happen here on the Earth, learn from it and get ready because it’s coming again. And this time it’s not a test. This time, the five wise virgins will be ready.” He said, “Focus on that.” And then he went through and taught me about the church and about the body and about the five-fold ministry and told me what we’re supposed to be doing right now, how we’re supposed to be building each other up in unity and how the prophets are supposed to be prophesying from the fire.

KEVIN: And the apostles are supposed to be fathers who are birthing us and getting us ready in maturity. He said to go from milk to meat, that’s what Jesus wants. And this is what Paul talked about. He wants us to be on meat, not milk. And he also said this. He said, “I’m done with lukewarmness, Kevin.” Jesus said that, he said, he looked at me with fire in his eyes, he said, “I’m done with lukewarmness.” He said, “You need to be faithful and lift me up.” He said, “I want you to defend me and my father to the world because we’re not doing these terrible things that are happening on the Earth right now.”

SID: So you’re saying, there are a lot of people saying that it’s judgment, they almost say it with glee, on humans. From God, what did God tell you?

KEVIN: God told me that the five-fold ministry is supposed to be speaking to the body and building them up so that they’re in unity and that they could be effective witnesses because there’s this huge harvest coming in. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing. So it wasn’t… He said to me the Earth, the world is already being judged. Those who have rejected God, they’re being judged right now. He said, “But the people of God are not being judged if they judge themselves.” So he asked me to bring forth this message and give you these CDs so that we would judge ourselves, that we wouldn’t be judged with the world. That’s what’s happening right now, he said the separation has already started.

SID: You say that we should defend God, defend the Father to the people, because he’s been given credit for what the devil is doing, they got the devil and God mixed up.

KEVIN: Yeah. And Jesus referred to them as being slandered by the enemy, by the devil. And he said, “We would have nothing to do with any of this.” He said, “This is because the God of this world is evil and he is creating a false view of a good God who loves people.” He said, “Kevin, me and my father love people. We would never do these things. We want everyone to come to heaven.” That’s what he told me. And he gave me hope. He told me to take this message to the world. And so that’s why I contacted you.

SID: Well, tell me, one thing that intrigued me is the Lord told you there would be a big separation in the church, and it would be involving the supernatural.

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Sid Roth on August 5th, 2020


MARILYN: And so I believe you can put a cloth on someone. Now I’m going to tell you a sneaky thing I did with Sarah. When she was, oh 14” no maybe later, more like 19 or 20, and she had some doubts with her faith. So I had someone pray over a prayer cloth with me for her to be delivered from any rebellion or any of this stuff the devil’s trying to do, and I put it in her pillow. She didn’t know it but she got delivered. So one day when we were on television I was telling this. She said, ‘mom, I didn’t know you’d do it, you did that.” I said, “I know it, but it worked.”


MARILYN: Now take out a Kleenex or a napkin or maybe even a piece of paper because I want healing to go out of this room. Amen? Because you’re healers, amen? I heard some of the wildest things Brother Shambach used to tell about a woman with a piece of candy that he prayed over. And her son was totally delivered, put the piece of candy in his mouth and was delivered. So don’t worry about what you are holding. We’re just going to believe God. So hold it up. Say: Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that the one whose body touches this is healed and delivered, in Jesus name. I thank you I can transfer Your anointing to the sick, and I thank You. Amen. Now put it someplace you’re not going to forget or use it on your nose [joking] and put it away in a special place and watch how God will open this.

The last thing I’m want to to tell you is probably one of the most unusual miracles in our family. My father was put in a mental hospital when I was 19. He had a complete breakdown. And the doctor said he will never be better. And he was in a terrible shape, they gave him shock treatments. It was really, really bad. And my mother, not me, I wasn’t strong in faith, I was born again but I wasn’t strong in faith, but my mother went to a meeting with us to William Branham, and William Branham, word of knowledge working here, so watch how God, He has all these ways, [Branham] said: ‘there’s a woman here, you’re crying over there,” and he said, ‘take the handkerchief your tears are on, you think your husband is demon possessed, but his mind is broken. Put it on his body and he will be healed.” So my mother took it up to the hospital, pinned it to his pajamas, and within one year my father was out, saved, water baptized. “Transferring anointing.”


MARILYN: So stand up. Put your hand on top of your head. We’ll just pray for everything. Okay? Why not? And you’ll go out of this meeting and think, “Wow, I don’t have that anymore.” Amen? So let me pray for you, say: Father, in the name of Jesus, I send the word, into my body, that heals it, delivers it, from every destruction. Now Father I thank you, You’re not only my Healer, You are my Health. And as my days are, so shall my strength be. I thank You, I am a healer. I walk in that anointing. It came on me today in an unusual way. In Jesus’” name. And everyone said, “Amen.” Now look for the difference, look for your miracle, get focused. People who expect nothing in particular get nothing in particular. But when you get specific that’s when God does big things. Amen? Thank you, Sid.

SID: Thank you, Marilyn. Did you enjoy her?


SID: I’m going to pray a supernatural blessing over you. You know, well, I’m going to be interviewing a friend of mine on something called “The Father’s Blessing.” And one of my intercessors who has been with me for a long time gave me an idea and I can’t wait to do it. I’m going to have about a dozen of the most anointed friends I have pray a blessing from a father to you. And you’ll be able to listen to this on your CD player or on your tape player. See a lot of people have never been blessed by their father. I can tell you it happened to me just before my father died. He was shocked. He didn’t understand the validity of it, but I understood the validity of it and it made a profound difference in my life. And I believe that when I pray for you right now, it’s going to make a profound difference in your life. Michael, would you come up with your shofar, please? We’ll seal it with a shofar blast, if that’s okay. It’s Rabbi Michael Zeitler. I’m glad you brought your little one [shofar] this time. (laughing)


The Lord is blessing you when you come in. The Lord is blessing you when you go out. The Lord is blessing you in your family. The Lord is blessing you in your health. The Lord is blessing you in your finances. The Lord is gifting you from heaven right now. The Lord, He’s smiling upon you today and forever, He’s doing that right now. The Lord is surrounding you with His favor right now. The Lord is giving you His Shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body right now. Receive His love right now, and let His love go right through every cell of your body and recognize that you are loved, you are appreciated. You belong to God. He is your Father. And He will never disappoint you. He will never let you down. He will never forget you, because you are created in His image for good works. In Yeshua’s name I pray. Amen.

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