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Sid: My guest Randy Clark is red hot for the Messiah; you know when Randy starts teaching on words of knowledge it kind of jumps off of him on to you. And I would like to know Randy how this all got started with you as far as operating in words of knowledge.

Randy: Well Sid, I was in my office and I was telling the Lord in prayer that “I’m glad that I’m not a person that believes that You used to do this stuff but you quit; You used to do miracles but you quit; I’m glad that I’m not after sensations; I’m glad I’m not a liberal; I believe that the Bible’s true that You did miracles and You do miracles.” And I was expecting God to say “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” But instead I heard in my heart “So what.” I sat up in my desk in my chair and I said “God, what do You mean so what.” And then the thought came; you might as well be a liberal or a sensationalist to say you believe these things are for today but you don’t know how to move in them.” That was a big point of turning in my life and I began to seek God and go to conferences and read everything I could to learn about how to actually move in the gift I believe are for today but I don’t know how to move in them. As a result I got a telephone…I called a guy from the Vineyard and he told me on the phone 5 ways that you can get a word of knowledge. And within 3 days of having that teaching which was only like 5 minutes on the phone; within 5 days I began to get words of knowledge.

Sid: Okay, give me a 5 minute teaching on words of knowledge right now.

Randy: Okay, you can receive a word of knowledge by having a thought that’s not usually a thought about a condition; a need, a name. It can be a number; recently I heard the number 7; so I said in the service “I don’t know what it means but it’s got something to do with your problem.” People got healed who they were born on the 7th; they got healed when they got hurt on the 7th, they had 7 things wrong with them; they had the sins a lot of things like that. So as an impression you can think them; you can feel them, the pain is not your pain; you feel what it’s like in somebodies body and 90% I get them that way. You can see them; it’s like a mental picture of how somebody got hurt or what area the body was hurt. In can be an open vision where you see it. So you can feel them, you can think them, you can see them. I’ve never had this but I have people all the time that do; they actually see a word on somebody and you can say them as you’re praying for somebody or talking to them you hear yourself say something you didn’t plan to say and it’s the key that unlocks their soul to be healed. Then I learner recently about 4 or 5 years ago at Heidi Baker that you can dream them. And once I heard that within 2 weeks I had a dream. And what I saw I saw a hand that had like 4 inches of sliver stuck into it sticking out 2 inches past the palm. I gave the word; the Word of God came his pan handle is paralyzed and this sliver had cut his nerves and the tendons in two and his paralyzed opened and he knew it was for him and he was instantly healed. So you can feel them, think them, see them, say them, read them, dream them or it can be an odd experience that the Lord quickens it’s meaning to you. So there are several ways you can have words of knowledge.

Sid: Now, just out of curiosity what if you have a major word you’re talking about and no one raises their hand; what affect would it have on you now?

Randy: Well, if it was a major word I would know that somebody’s got it and they don’t understand or they’re afraid to raise their hand.

Sid: You have more faith in your word than in them raising their hand; is that what I’m hearing you say?

Randy: Yes, at this point because I’m been doing this since 1984.

Sid: But look how someone could get faked out because I have people that come up to me two weeks later and they say “Do you know when you had that word I was healed but I didn’t want to come up.”

Randy: Yes, what do you do when somebody doesn’t respond when words given; how do you pastor that and I try to talk about it. Because when I was pastoring in St. Louis that would come up to me after the service was over after the service was over they would not acknowledge because they were from a tradition they weren’t used to this; they were embarrassed or it was weird but then after the service was over they would come up and admit it and say “Is that person still available could I get prayed for now?” So it does happen that way.

Sid: Now when you teach you then let people come forward with words of knowledge; explain how that works.

Randy: When I teach this I basically say “God just told me this is what I’m to do there is a call on my life and I’ve been doing this since 1984 and every time I’ve done it God has given people a gift of the word of knowledge. Then in the next 2 minutes or over the next few weeks you’ll recognize it or know what it is now that you wouldn’t have before. So I just have enough faith to know that it’s going to happen so I say …I pray and I wait 2 minutes and I say “All of you who think you’ve just got a word of knowledge if you wait until your certain you’ll miss 90% of them but if think you may have had a word of knowledge come on up; this is a time to learn, you’ll learn if you were write or not.” And usually 90% of the time they’re right. And so and that’s been happening every time that I’ve taught this since ’84.

Sid: You know I feel such a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit right now Randy. I believe that you have taught for a little bit and if you would pray a prayer of impartation for people to have activated the gifts of the Spirit in their life.

Randy: I’d love to do that and I do want to say that I believe when I pray this God is going to start giving people gifts but the only way they’ll learn they’ll have to go for risk it. “Father thank You that Jesus died, that the Spirit could be poured out according to the Old Testament prophets upon all flesh; we thank You that our sons and daughters would have dreams and visions and the old men would prophesy. And we thank You God that the Spirits been poured out; so in Jesus Name I pray for the activation of word os knowledge that people heard what we just taught the they would begin to recognize that it’s not intuition, that it’s not weird pain, it’s You are showing them something you want to do for somebody. So Father I bless the people that are listening; I speak faith to them; I pray for this release of the Holy Spirit and activation of words of knowledge in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sid: Amen now I want you to talk to people that just received that impartation again what they can look for for words of knowledge. The various different ways it occurs.

Randy: Yeah, the most two common ways that it occurs is that people begin to feel pain that’s not their pain. The second most common way is that they begin to have impressions of condition at church or while they’re at work or when they’re with somebody and it’s just that impression that comes of a need of a physical problem. And then probably the third most common way is they basically see like a daydream of how somebody got hurt or an organ or a part of a body. Those are the most common ways, though you actually see a word on somebody; or you can dream about how somebody got hurt.

Sid: Now you told me when you went to Africa that’s when you understood God really want to talk to us through our dreams. You began believing this and then it started happening. Tell me one dream and the result.

Randy: I just mentioned one I saw the guys hand that had the sliverer in it; both hands actually. And I saw nobody, no arms just the hands in this dream. I woke up that day I gave that in the service; I wasn’t sure it’s God because it’s the first time I had ever had that. And a guy was…he came up and before I could pray in the Name of Jesus he was already healed.

Sid: You see if most people if they had a dream like that would have done nothing with it.

Randy: And if I had not had that teaching from this guy I had interviewed that had raised the dead, several people from the dead actually in Mozambique I would not have known myself and I would have discounted it. And that’s the whole thing, part of learning to flow and move in the Holy Spirit’s gifts is understanding the ways of God and how these gifts manifest so that when they do happen God get’s the glory instead of us missing what He’s saying to us.

Sid: …so that you can start being activated. The reason to be activated is because this is God’s plan A for evangelism. And plan B is so far removed but the church works on apologetics rather than demonstrating the Kingdom. And the reason they do that is they don’t know how; faith comes from hearing….Randy very briefly God uses you in very dramatic prophecy; I was looking at a few of the people that you’ve prayed for. For instance I’ve interviewed this fellow Lief Hetland; tell me quickly what happened to Lief.

Randy: Well the prophetic word was “God was going to use him powerfully; make him a bulldozer and make a way where there’s been no way in a dark place and he would be light. Any way more than that; but the power came on him knocked him to the floor and he shook for 2 ½ hours. And he’s lead 1 million people in Pakistan alone to the Lord since then through healing, miracle crusades; not crusades the calls them I forgot what he call them but he doesn’t call them crusades there in the Muslim world.

Sid: Right.

Randy: But any way he has had a million in Pakistan come to the Lord. And many more; I mean lots of other people in other countries. The same thing with Heidi Bakker and oh about a million people in her ministry since the prophesy came for her. Another guy by the name of Henry McDova Ukraine had a million people in his minstry come to the Lord since he had a prophetic word for their church and there’s been several people like that.

Sid: But you know what? You may not get a prophetic word like that….


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Sid: My guest Perry Stone President and Founder of Voice of Evangelism in Cleveland, Tennessee. I have his latest book here and if you’re not red hot for the Messiah by the time you finish this you must be. It’s called “Unlocking Secret’s in the Second Coming Scrolls Searching for the time of the Messiah’s Return.” And Perry you have some facts that I don’t hear in today’s headlines; they should be in the newspapers; they should be on television but they’re not. For instance you talk about a Muslim belief in a great Muslin leader that will come on the scene in the last days and introduce Islamic justice. And actually interesting phrase “Bring peace to the entire world.”

Perry: Well, let me take people on a quick journey here. When Mohammed who was the founder of Islam died the religious split to two groups the Sunni and the Shite. The Shites had 11 leaders that the Sunni’s murdered and killed because there was a battle who was in charge. The 12th leader was the son of the 11th and they hid him he disappeared; they never found his grave; they don’t know what happened to him. So they believe that this 12th leader of the Shite religion has been supernaturally preserved somewhere in Iraq or in Saudi Arabia. He’s either hiding in a cave or he’s in the desert and he will appear at the end of days. And okay they call this man Al mahdi which is the enlightened one. People are going to find this extremely interesting; they believe because there two places in Iraq Carbolah and Samara, Iraq. Carbolah is where Mohammed’s son-in-law son was Hussein was murdered with 70 of his followers. But Samara, Iraq is allegedly was where the Al mahdi is supposed to appear. And the Shite Muslims are so excited that Soda Hussein is out of power. But they want the American’s out because Iran wants to take over the country of Iraq. Because the Shites believe that their Mahadi will appear in Iraq and they want control of the country. Now here’s what’s interesting, the Sheikh that has been fighting the American forces in Fulja it has formed what is called…this is in the paper the Mahadi Army. And this is how convinced they are that sooner or later this man is going to rise to power now. Without going into great detail if you don’t follow you’ll be beheaded, and of course Revelation 20 speaks of that. He’s suppose to appear on a white horse according the Muslims. Oddly enough in Revelations 6 you have this man on a white horse going forth conquering and to conquer. It just goes on from there; the prophets reached out in the future and saw what was happening oddly enough sent what the Muslim’s are planing to do in the world. Therefore I believe that the anti-Christ will be of the Muslim background and that he will absolutely take over all of that Mediterranean Sea area where the Muslims nations are strongest. And that’s where he will make his final attempt to attack the Jewish people there inside the country of Israel. And of course we know that Mashiach returns and to save the remnant of the Hebrew people. And of course that’s when He comes and defeasts the armies of the world according to Revelations chapters 19; Zachariah chapters 14 and sets up His Kingdom. So but we can see what…what is amazing we can see how all of this is beginning to develop and just fits the scenario of what we read in the ancient prophecies of the Bible. And to me that’s the part because we talked on yesterday’s program about people wanting to know “When do you think it may happen, how long do you think?” This is how we know there is so many things happening now that we’re never happening before. I mean who would have thought; let’s go back to ’99. You know people were worried about Y2K back then. Who would have thought that we would be in a war against terror and then we’re constantly on alert. I mean I know for a fact that there have been 7 terrorist attacks stopped in the United States. Different places, different things, some of them could have been very tragic; but they were stopped. And that’s not counting maybe the ones that eve I don’t know about from my sources.

Sid: So many times when they have this top alert and we see nothing has really happened it really was stopped, is what occurred.

Perry: It was stopped or either they caught somebody planing to do something and they raised that alert. You see it’s best for them not to tell people because you know how our media is; our media will just take something and just…it’s like the other day when they were showing the pictures of those men who were captured. And what they were actually doing anyone in intelligence know that they were interrogating those men; they were not torturing them; they were interrogating them and breaking their will down to get them tot talk. But see all of the Arab world went crazy and just went into this riot over those pictures. But I didn’t see anybody in the Arab fussing when they burnt those American’s up and hung their burnt bodies up on the bridge. Isn’t that strage.

Sid: And there are manners of terrorism but in your book…

Perry: But they just didn’t think that was wrong.

Sid: Well, it’s a blinding; it’s a spiritual blinding by the world.

Perry: It has to be, it has to be. It is a spiritual warfare just the way the scriptures teach. And we say spiritual; it’s not just with spirit; it is spiritual in the sense of dealing with eternal life and eternal death in a person’s life.

Sid: Perry, in your book you do a very interesting tie in between the Islamic leaders and the Vatican, explain.

Perry: Well, let me just explain it this way; a lot of people don’t really realize how linked the present Pope is to Islam. Now the big difference between let’s say a person who would be and just put it this way; let’s talk about Europe; let’s talk about the Mediterranean area. The two strongest religions around the Mediterranean would be Islam and Roman Catholicism. Now if you were to sit down with someone who is let’s say a priest in the European area and with someone who is a Muslim Emum. And say “What’s our differences?” The differences would be Jesus being the Son of God. Someone who would be a Cardinal or a leader or a priest; he would say “Jesus is God’s Son from the Catholic perspective. But the Islamic people say “Absolutely not; God does not have a son, he is not begotten; neither does he begot.” So what happens is this there is this movement that is rising up in the Roman Catholic Church which is quite frightening and I have a lot of people that are Roman Catholic background that send me information or they were formally would send me information. And there is thing about Jesus being the son of God making making Mary in other words the intercessor and in other words lessening the rule of Jesus. And if a Pope for example would ever come to power and he were to say that Jesus is not the son of God he would be 100% accepted in the Islamic world and he could even be a leader in the Islamic world. Because and I don’t want to get into all the details as to why that is so but it is interesting that in Rome Italy they’re allowing the Muslim’s to build one of the largest mosques that has ever been built not far from the Vatican. And someone says “Now this doesn’t make sense because we know that are fanatical Muslims that would want death to anybody or anything that looks like it’s Christian or Christian in name. However we have to understand this link, the Vatican link with Islam is very strong in the Middle East and here’s the reason why. And this is going to be tough to say and I know that there are people who that there are some that will be controversial with. But if you go which I have into Jordan, into Egypt and into Israel and you look at people who are priests; whether they be Greek Orthodox or they be Catholic most of them; and I’m not going to say all but most of them are anti-Jewish and pro-Palestinian. And therefore they have a lot of Muslim friends or Arab Christian friends but they have a lot of animosity towards the Jews. Now this is not coming from me reading a book or someones opinion. I have been there 26 times to do my research and talk to people about this and so…

Sid: And yet there are things within the Catholic Church repudiating the antisemitism of the past.

Perry: Right, that’s right and we want to make that clear that that has been publicly stated. But when we look and we go back to the end-times; when we look at what’s going to happen in the end-times many of the Catholics in the United States who study Bible Prophecy and I do agree with this do teach that the false prophet of Revelation 13 of verse 11 who is identified who is the lamb with two horns comes with a counterfeit form of Christianity. And many of them believe it will be a defective Pontiff or a defective Pope that will come to power in the future who will aline himself with a Islamic leader. And actually move the headquarters out of Rome to Jerusalem. And that’s one reason that the beast that rises out of the pit or the anti-Christ burns the city with fire ruling over the kings of the earth mystery Babylon which is identified in Jewish history as Rome.

Sid: Hm.

Perry: I mean this gets into some really unusual scenarios. W

Sid: Well,the current Pope is sickly, he’s elderly. There will be a new Pope soon, any speculations on your part?

Perry: Well, there was a prophecy and this is well known given by St. Malachi about the 12th century where there would be a certain number of Popes until the last one would have to battle the Anti-Christ. And I think we’re at 110 now and he dies and then there will one more and after that one is the one that Malachi says would actually fight the Anti-Christ. And he gave a prophecy about every Pope that would exist and the next one he claimed would be the glory of the Olive. And that either means a very dark complexion person or maybe someone who is involved heavy with peace or peace negotiations. And so it it’s interesting; I went to the Vatican to do some video taping and if I counted right there’s only a slot for like 2 more Popes to be buried in the basement. There’s only enough room for about 2 more to be buried.

Sid: Hm.

Perry: But all of that’s interesting.

Sid: And now you say the Jewish understanding of Babylon was Rome and then in Revelation we read that mystery Babylon is going to be destroyed. Which is obviously a judgment; it gets pretty interesting I agree.

Perry: Yeah, in that verse if you read it it says “This is the city ruling over the kings of the earth. In John’s day the empire was ruling over all the kings of the earth. And so that’s a little clue there as to why many people. Of course John could never had used in the book of Revelation the word Rome because they would have felt like he was politically attacking the empire and the book of Revelation would never been allowed off the Island had Rome been put in there. But in Jewish historical writing of the first century they use Babylon and used it synonyms with Rome because both the Babylonians and the Roman’s destroyed the temple, took the Jews captive and burned the city to ground.

Sid: Perry, we’re out of time.

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Sid: Well Pastor Kynan is red hot for the Messiah. On yesterday’s broadcast I apologize again and guess what according to the Bible you have to forgive me. I want you to tell me about the… we were talking about God began moving supernaturally in your life in dreams and visions and words. And He was talking to you about what’s coming, explain.

Kynan: Well I was sitting there and the Lord gave me a vision almost like an open vision where I was standing in the middle of a wheat field. This wheat field was so vast and so wide that you couldn’t see the end of it and I was right there in the center. I begin to ask God “What is this; what is this place this wheat field?” And God said “This is my abundant supply.” In fact, there is no shortage in the Kingdom of God despite what we hear on television about physical cliffs and about economic woes. In the Kingdom of God there is no shortage, there is no lack there is only surplus. And I believe Sid that this is the year of the Lord’s favor. I believe that this is the year of an open heaven where the Body of Christ is going to begin to experience the supernatural favor of God in a way that we have never seen before.

Sid: Well you know Kynan we here on It’s Supernatural Messianic Vision are making plans for great expansion and if defies logic. And sometimes I say to my brain “Brain, stay on tilt because it makes no sense.” I mean if there’s going to be a lack of jobs; if there’s going to be a depression how can we be expanding into the secular arena like we are? Well I believe I’m walking on more favor than what’s going on in the economy, I really do.

Kynan: In fact, you know in Genesis it talks about the land of Goshen. Now of course those that know about this Joseph was one of the patriarchs of the faith and he establishes the community in Goshen which become sort of a stall worth and it becomes a haven for the Israelites for over 430 years. Now even during the plagues of Egypt, Goshen was untouched. Now the Hebrew word Goshen is the word for “Draw near.” In other words the key to favor this year and as long until Jesus comes back I believe is intimacy with God.

Sid: How do you facilitate this? In other words those are easy words to roll off of your lips but teach us what you’re doing so we can do it to have that same intimacy with God.

Kynan: First of all you’d be surprised how few Christians actually read the Bible and mediate in God’s word. You’d be even more surprised by how many Christians spend time praying, how many believers spend time praying to God. And so what we’re going to have to do in this season is be in tensional. Sometimes it going to require you cutting off the television. I believe it’s going to require us maybe doing a little less social media that we’ve been used to and really getting before God and hearing God’s voice. Because it’s the voice of God the divine instruction of God that will place us where God has intended us to be. And it’s in that place; you know the Bible talks about in Deuteronomy receiving rain in our land in our season. That means that there’s a strategic location where the favor of God has already been reserved for you. As you go into that place of favor that’s where you’re going to see the blessing like never before.

Sid: Now I promised on yesterday’s broadcast we’d talk about favor with health; tell me what happened with your mom.

Kynan: Well when I was young I was… my mom was battling a lot of health problems and in this particular area of her health she had a blood clot in her lungs. We didn’t know what it was so she went into a coma. It started off as a partial coma; she couldn’t remember anybody except myself and my oldest brother. She couldn’t remember my sisters or my father; her own mother as she went in and out of consciousness And she went in and out of hospital and I didn’t know a lot about healing at the time but I did understand the power of God’s word; speaking the Word of God. Speaking the favor of God over my life; the Lord had taught me that a little bit previous to that. So we’re in the hospital and they said that my mother was going to possibly going to die. The blood clot was traveling to her lungs, she had been a coma, she was unable to communicate and all of a sudden I began to just declare that “Lord You are God Almighty. You are wonderful; Your word says that You are the God that heals us” and I begin to declare that over my mother. All of a sudden the Pastor of our church he walks in the room and as soon as he goes to the thrust hold of the door my Mother wakes out of the coma and says “El Shaddai.” I don’t know if you know what that means but that’s a Hebrew word which means “God Almighty or God who is more than enough.” And within minutes my mother was supernaturally healed and comes out of a coma and later is released from the hospital with no blood clot in her lungs.

Sid: Paint me a picture of what the people that get under your teaching and do it what they’re life could be like with what’s coming around the corner in America.

Kynan: Well first of all we’re talking about Divine protection; as we mentioned before with Goshen we’re not just dealing with financial things but we’re talking about protecting our families; we’re talking about protecting our jobs or businesses. To come under the canopy of blessing. So that’s number1 that they’re going to experience God’s Supernatural protection. The other thing that they’re going to experience is God’s supernatural acceleration. For example, there’s a young lady in our church that has a business, she’s a businesswoman and she began to get hold of this teaching which is fairly new for her. And she was operating her business and she was basically just surviving. And I spoke a prophetic word over her and I said “You are thinking too small. God says there’s more.” And so she takes that word and she’s starts thinking about what I was talking about that there’s more? And she looks at her finances; she looks at the books and she says “You know, okay God I’m believing You for this amount.” Well not only did she believe for that amount but what God did was 3 times that. He went over and above what she asked or thought about. The other thing is we’re teaching our church this principal you know many churches are scaling back; many churches they’re seeing their giving reduced. Since we’ve been teaching this message of favor giving in our church has tripled without asking for it. We don’t manipulate anybody; we don’t beg for money; we don’t take up 5 offering a service; and the giving has tripled. We have 100% tithing the 3 year olds are tithing in our ministry. And the church is growing people are being blessed. And I believe that’s what’s going to happen in the midst of this economic attack and the things going on in our society as we tap into this message of intimacy with God and we begin to release the favor of God we’re going to see the church rise in power and influence to be able to advance the Kingdom of God in these last days.

Sid: And you know what, the church will start doing what the government is trying to do and not very successful. They’re going to do it right, that’s the appointed agency that God chose. Tell me about the time God spoke to you about angels of provision.

Kynan: Oh, goodness (laughing). Well you know we were just starting out as a church at the time and really struggling financially. I mean we really didn’t have the giving and I was frustrated. I walked away from a corporate job so did my wife. And I heard a teaching one day or a message rather and it went like this “You’re congregation is not your source.” And I thought, “Yes they are, sure they are.” And God said “No, they’re not.”   And I said “You mean to tell me that the congregation is not my source.” And God said “Yes.” All of a sudden my paradigm started shifting; God started seeding this revelation in my spirit. And we began to do the craziest things Sid. We started to declare the angels of provision to go out and retrieve everything that God intended for us. I literally laid hands on my mailbox and I said “This mail box is a receptacle of God’s divine resources, I didn’t know what receptacle meant at the time. “This is a receptacle of Divine resources.” And all of a sudden immediately the same day there was a check in the mail for $500, the next day another check; the next day another check. Another member knocked on my door and sowed a seed of $1000 by the end of that week there were thousands of dollars in that mailbox. And God began to show me from that point on I don’t really ask for money anymore. I simply just release angels of provision to go and retrieve what God has already promised.

Sid: Tell me what reports you’re getting from people that are reading your book or sitting under your teaching.

Kynan: Well the first report we’re getting is people are changing their paradigms. They’re no longer looking for God to do something but there starting to recognize what God has already done. You know Ephesians chapter 1 says that “We are already blessed.” In fact (Laughing) one lady was; she had a dream about a lady that she deals with that the lady sold a house. She runs into the lady, she’s a realtor, and she said “I had a dream that you just sold a house today. And she says “You did what?” And she says “Yes, I had a dream; and she’s not a believer and she says “I had a dream that you sold your house.” She said “Today, I just closed on a multimillion dollar listing.” And she says “And now I know who I need to hire to stage my homes.” So you see from the favor of God, God is giving people ideas; we’re seeing ministries turnaround; we’re seeing families coming together; we’re seeing marriages restored; we’re seeing people being healed in their bodies. In fact we had a prayer call..

Sid: Oh, I’m sorry we’re out of time but Mishpochah you can see that you…it’s not automatic that you get this favor. You have to have knowledge and you have to act.

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sidrothcom on August 26th, 2015

Judy Jacobs

Sid: My guest Judy Jacobs. I’m sure you’ve seen her on TBN television; you’ve seen her as a Psalmist but you don’t know what God has put into this woman. And she’s going to change your destiny as you listen to her this week. Judy you had a good job; you’re in the banking industry; you’re a Bank Manager but you’re called to go to Bible College. Called to study voice, and as a matter of fact you heard the audible voice of God. What exactly did He tell you?

Judy: God spoke to me and said “I want you to go to Lee College and study voice and ministry; I have an anointing on your life and I want to use you for My glory and for My Kingdom.”

Sid: And you know it was a struggle for you as I understand to be able to pay your tuition and your way, but you knew that God called you so you pushed. But just before your mother died you’re pondering should you go back to school or not you have an open vision.

Judy: What I saw was people chained around their neck, chained around their arms, their legs, their ankles, body chains. And as I saw this I was so grieved in my spirit and I said to God I said “God what can I do; what can I do?” And He said “Speak My Son’s name; speak His name.” And so I begin to say Jesus sets you free; Jesus sets you free.” And as I said that Sid immediately chains begin to pop, pop, pop I saw them pop off of peoples neck; pop off of their bodies from every tribe; every nation I saw this. And it seems like every time God gives me a vision I always see nations. And so God begin to show me that and then I was so overtaken then, now I began crying. And the vision, I’m coming out of the vision and God is telling me “I’m sending you to the nations, I’m sending you to the nations.” And so I’m overcome so much so I can’t get off the floor. So I managed to get to the phone and I call a friend. A friend comes helps me up off the floor, gets me in the car, takes me 2 miles to my home. My mom comes running out of the house unbeknowning to her what has just happened and she knew the struggle that I was having about going back to school and finishing my degree and going on with the things that God had put in my heart or staying with her. And she comes out of the house and she is screaming; she is praising God and she’s saying “You’ve got to go back to school, God is showing me He is sending you to the nations; you’ve got to go baby; you’ve got to go!” And I begin to weep, we both fell into each other’s arms beginning to weep knowing what was happening and knowing what really was coming next.

Sid: Now you were actually recruiting people for your college, Lee College. People saw you and started inviting you to their congregations and I understand a lot of miracles and manifestations of God occurred.

Judy: I’m seeing people healed, I’m seeing people delivered, demons are coming out of people; I’m seeing people set free; I’m seeing marriages restored. I’m seeing people saved filled with the Spirit. And so now I’m in a predicament because I have made a commitment to this group and yet I’m having all of these phone calls of these peoples and pastors and nations calling me “Come over here, come over here.” And so I just started turning them down and I said “No, I’ve made this commitment and so I’m very strong when it comes to commitments that’s how I was raised. And then the Holy Spirit speaks to me and God says to me “Who are you to refuse the doors that I have opened? Whenever I open a door no man can shut it not even you!” And so as the Holy Spirit begins to deal with me now I know that I have a decision that I have to make and that is when I made the decision to go as a soloist which was the next phase of my life.

Sid: Judy I’m going to take you to 2004 you’re speaking at a woman’s retreat and God said something to you; what did you say to the women then?

Judy: He says, “Tell these women I’m about to show up in My glory.” I knew what the glory meant; it’s the heaviness of the glory of God; it’s the kabod you know. And so I told these ladies I said “Get your hands up God just told me He’s about to show up in His glory.” Well everybody’s got their hands up they’ve closed their eyes; they begin to worship. Well I wasn’t about to close my eyes I thinking “God, if You’re going to show up in Your glory I’m going to see this.” And so as I’m standing there worshiping just like everybody else is worshiping all of a sudden from my right to my left people starting falling like dominoes and what was so beautiful was how they begin to fall so succinctly. It’s like someone is breathing on them; like someone is like blowing breath on them and as their blowing the breath I know that it’s the breath of the Holy Spirit they begin to fall so beautifully all over that auditorium and it’s going around in a circle. And it’s circling the whole auditorium and as I’m watching this I’m saying to the Holy Spirit “Holy Spirit don’t miss me; don’t forget about me.” And so as He’s coming around I feel the heaviness begin to come on me and as it does we are all slain in the Spirit. I would say it was 45 minutes. There’s women out groaning and moaning and including me. After about 30 – 45 minutes I start hearing people start to scream “Oh, my God it’s gone, oh Jesus, thank you; I mean people were like can I use the word freaking out?” They were freaking out all over the room. There was one lady there who had a tumor on the side of her head and it’s the size like a tennis… a table tennis ball; like a table tennis ball the little round white little balls. She has had this over 20 years, she’s a lawyer. She had her hair all the way back pulled back on the side of her head screaming, “It’s gone, it’s gone; it’s gone!” She comes comes up on the stage and she say’s “Look at my head.” And her head I mean it was normal, I mean I didn’t know what she was talking about but it was totally normal. She said “I had this growth” and she showed me the size like a little white tennis ball and she says “It’s gone it’s been on my head for the last 20 years now it’s gone.” Supernaturally miracles were happening all over the room.

Sid: Was this the first time that something so major occurred in your ministry; so many people getting healed; such a move of God’s Spirit or had that been going on before?

Judy: It had been going on but I had never… now I didn’t see that happen Sid really because I was on the floor but never in that magnitude, never in that magnitude. I had seen people get out of wheelchairs; I have seen people get out of wheelchairs and run around the building; I’ve seen those kind of things. But I didn’t see this woman’s tumor disappear; everybody around her was screaming and losing their mind because they knew the woman and they were rejoicing with her. But you know what I was talking earlier about the levels of the anointing.

Sid: Yes.

Judy: So this was another level of the anointing that I was experiencing.

Sid: Okay, let’s take the person that’s listening to us right now as they read about what you did and how you went from glory to glory, or level of anointing to level of anointing. Are you getting feedback that that’s the keys that are causing these people that read your book to do the same?

Judy: The feedback that I’m getting is that people are talking about how they’re walking in more boldness, confidence, and authority than they’ve ever walked in their life. A lady walked up to me this morning and she’s said “I started reading your book last night.” I’m here at a conference here and she said “I’ve started reading your book last night.” She says, “I was up early in the morning and she’s standing there crying” and she says “My life will never be the same again; I have never felt so much glory on my life as I do right now.” That’s what I’m hearing; I’m hearing people talk about the anointing and the glory and the power and the authority of God that they are experiencing since reading this book. The anointing to pray, the anointing to worship; the determination the audacity if you will; the boldness and the authority that has risen up in them since reading this book. Because the anointing will do that; the anointing will take you from where you are and take you to a level you’ve never been before. God never wants us to stay in kindergarten; I never want to stay in kindergarten I want to go from kindergarten I want to go to first grade; I want t graduate with my Doctorate degree. Glory to glory, to glory, to glory I don’t want to stay the same way that I was last week. I want to grow in God every single day, every single week of my life. I want more, and more and more of His presence and glory and anointing in my life Sid.

Sid: Judy, I believe that when people….

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sidrothcom on August 18th, 2015

Barry & Batya Segal

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is my friend Batya Segal speaking to her by way of her home in Jerusalem, Israel. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that this Yemenite Jewess had a job; I mean here traditional Judaism is her life, her family but she’s got a big mess at home. She’s just 20 years old pregnant, married, her husband’s in a horrible auto accident and so she goes out to get a job she’s working with a typesetting machine on a computer in a printing business. Her first assignment the New Testament in Hebrew; Batya tell me what went through your mind when you started to realize you had to read the New Testament; you had never read it before had you?

Batya: No, I never read the New Testament before, never and it was handed to me and as you said “I had the choice to quit my work or to do it and I chose to do it. And the amazing this is I found out from the very very first verse in chapter 1 of the book of Matthew I just learned immediately that Yeshua haMashiach was the Son of David the son of Abraham. It went on to tell us about the genealogy of Yeshua and I was just amazed to see how Jewish was Yeshua; I didn’t realize that if you can believe it or not even though in the back of my mind I probably heard that Yeshua was a Jew; it never was real to me I never even thought about Him because for me He was the God of the Christians or the Messiah of the Christians.

Sid: Would you for less than a minute read a little of the genealogies in Hebrew from the Gospel of Matthew.

Batya: Yeah, I will read. (Genealogies of Yeshua in Matthew in Hebrew)…. that was just amazing to read all of the scriptures and to learn about all of the forefathers of Yeshua.

Sid: Now you told me that when you read that your mind began to believe but your heart had problems why?

Batya: Because you know first of all as I described it in my head of course it made sense that Yeshua was the Messiah, but in my heart I guess my heart had to accept Him because there was so many generations and so many things that we were told as children about all the history of the Jewish people. Things that had been going through under the persecutions of Christianity and that I think was really the problem for me to understand how people that believe in a Jewish Messiah can persecute the Jews. So that was something that I had to learn through the scriptures; what are the scriptures telling us about Yeshua.

Sid: And tell me about 9 months later you prayed a simple prayer to God what was it?

Batya: For 9 months I was struggling and one night I went to bed and right before I fell asleep I cried out to God and I said “God show me if Yeshua was truly the Messiah and if He is I would like to follow Him; but show me without a doubt that He is the true Messiah of Israel and He is my personal savior.” And as I said this prayer I saw a vision of the angel of the Lord and it was very real; I saw a real picture of an angel. And the next day as I finished my work I was waiting in the afternoon at the bus stop in Jerusalem and waiting for the bus to come and take me home and as I was looking to the direction of the bus the same angel that appeared to me in the vision appeared to me in life. And I knew that without a doubt at that moment, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is speaking to me and telling me that I have found the Messiah and I accepted Him in my heart. And for the first time after months and months of struggle I had peace between my head and my heart and I knew that without any doubt that I had found joy and happiness.

Sid: But when you went home to your husband and he understood what you believe he forbid you to read the New Testament and have any interaction with believers.

Batya: Yeah, that’s very correct he approved to what I shared with him in my simplicity I basically went to him and shared my joy. And of course there… I shouldn’t be saying of course but I mean unfortunately his reaction was not very pleasing and he objected to what I believed and he really I would say almost attacked me spiritually and didn’t allow me to have any relationship with any believers.

Sid: So why didn’t you just stop believing?

Batya: Oh, you can’t stop believing it’s part or your being, it’s part of your heart…

Sid: Of course.

Batya: It’s like it’s taking your heart away.

Sid: But I mean he wanted to take part of your heart away; he wanted to take you had a daughter by that time and he wanted to take your daughter away.

Batya: Yes, he wanted to take my daughter away at that time and of course that was something that was very difficult for me because we ended up in a court case.

Sid: Not just a court case it went over to the Israeli Supreme Court and the Rabbinical Court. But I don’t understand how you were able to keep your daughter; I don’t understand how you won that case.

Batya: It was a miracle, a miracle of its own. All of my life is full of miracles but this one is a real true miracle; because at that time I had an Orthodox lawyer that was representing me and basically he was able. They took her away from me and the Rabbinical Court that came up with the conclusion and with a verdict that I will no longer see her and that I will have to change my life now and my beliefs if I want to see her. They basically took her away from me. And that was a Thursday afternoon and I knew that without a doubt that God is with me and He made me a promise that He would never take her away from me. It was a great miracle I’ve received my daughter after 3 days even though the court case took 8 years but thank God God has given me back my daughter.

Sid: Okay but what I want to know is 8 years later after this battle in the courts how could you win in Israel where you believe as the traditional Jewish would say in another religion?

Batya: First of all I made it very clear that I did not change my religion I’m still a Jew and I believe in the Jewish Messiah. And I presented it to them also for them to understand that I did not convert to another religion I have become more of a fulfilled Jew by believing in Yeshua. And I still preserve the Jewish holidays and so on, and not just that I think the main thing was that God was with me and He made it possible and gave me the possibility of raising up my daughter without any problems.    

Sid: God is good; Mishpochah I want you to have some of this anointed Israeli music the CD is called “God Through the Gates” by Barry and Batya Segal. Tell me about this particular song we’re going to hear “On the Walls.”

Batya: On your walls oh Jerusalem I have set watchmen. And this has been my prayer as we face so many tribulations at this time and this city that is so dear to me. In Jerusalem God’s city; it’s the city of the great King. And as I was preparing; we were preparing for a conference God has just laid on my heart and gave me the music and the melody for these scriptures. “On your walls Oh Jerusalem I have set watchmen day or night.” This is my prayer for all of the people that loving Israel and loving the Messiah to keep Jerusalem in their prayers and to pray for Jerusalem because when we pray for the peace of Jerusalem they’re asking Yeshua come back quickly.

Go Through the Gates excerpt

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