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Rolland & Heidi Baker

Sid: My guest is certainly red hot for the Messiah. I’ve been speaking all of this week with Heidi and Rolland Baker. They have the most amazing miraculous ministry in Mozambique, Africa. Their ministry has seen over 17 people raised from the dead. They started… they don’t even know the number over 5000 churches. They have some 2000 orphans that they are responsible for feeding daily. And Heidi you’ve been teaching the words of Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount with real life examples. And as you share people’s hearts are being challenged, I mean all this week we’re being challenged with the   shallow Christianity that we have in the west compared to the real thing. You were sharing in Canada and someone needed a new heart. Tell me about that person.

Heidi: Yeah, well it has to start with Shahango because I didn’t understand about impartation and I did know anything about that and I was just kind of complaining “Why are all of these people coming when we don’t even have beds for our kids and now we have to have these foreigners coming and we suddenly need blankets and beds for them.” And I was just kind of fussing, you know when you work with the poor you don’t always understand why all of these westerners are kind of tromping in needing things. And the Lord stopped me in my tracks very clearly He stopped me between an old dorm and a medical clinic. He said “Heidi, I’m sending them, prepare a place for them, impart My heart to them.” And I heard the word, He said “I’m sending them, prepare a place for them, impart My heart for them.” Then I realized that you know I’m just a little preacher in the dirt I’m nothing special but Jesus said “Impart My heart.” And if there’s anything I feel called to do is impart the heart of Jesus’ pure heart of Jesus that is so loving and so full. And I was in Canada and I was speaking about intimacy and the heart of Jesus and the Lord spoke to me. We see a lot of miracles and I love miracles, but most of all I love intimate love with my King and with my Savior and my lover Jesus. And I said “You know tonight God wants to give a physical heart.” And the Lord showed me this woman, I knew nothing about her. I didn’t know any of her medical history or why she was there and I said to her in fact I chased her, I ran after her and I said “Jesus says “He wants to give you a new heart, He wants to give you a new heart.” I see all the healing evangelists they line up people and knock them down.” I think that’s awesome but I can’t do that I just hug people (Laughing) so I held her in my arms and I just hugged her and I wept with her, and she wept and I wept. Well the next year I went back to that same conference and this lady had a couple of weeks to live, she had a very bad heart that was enlarged. And she came running up to me and she said “I got a new heart, I got a new heart look at these x-rays. She said “I was dying and I got a new heart” and she said “Best of all I got a new spiritual heart, my marriage is healed, my life is healed.” She said “I’m going to be a full time missionary.” And her husband and her were just so in love and they were just beaming with these pictures of this new heart that this lady got.   And she got a physically new heart and a spiritually new heart. Isn’t God good?

Sid: Heidi I believe that if you were to pray and those listening if they were to exercise their faith you could impart a new heart, maybe it’s a physical heart. But for most important is a spiritual heart, intimacy with God and be able to love the way that Jesus loves. That’s what I hear, that’s what’s going on in your ministry, you see these street kids that no civil person in the United States would want to even touch. And yet you see Jesus.

Heidi: Hm. Oh I do.  

Sid: We need to be changed and the “we” includes me.

Heidi: Oh, bless you. Well let’s just ask Him to come and do something. Do something wonderful like only He knows how to do. “Thank You Jesus, thank You Father, You’re so beautiful, and You’re so wonderful and Your so loving and Your so kind.” Oh sweet, sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus my friend (Praying in the Spirit). I ask You to come oh Lord right now and just fill, fill, fill Your people with Your glory. Oh God, oh God I ask You to cause them to be transparent lovers, transparent lovers of God. I ask You Jesus to put Your heart in them, to take their little hearts God, their hearts are too small. Oh God I ask You to cause them to be transparent lovers, transparent lovers of God. I ask You Jesus to put Your heart in them, to take their little hearts God. Their hearts that are too small, oh God, oh God I pray that You take our little hearts that are too small God and give us huge hearts. Because Your heart’s big and Your heart’s beautiful and Your hearts pure and Your hearts holy. Take out our little hearts God I ask you (wow) Jesus to do heart surgery, to do the kind of surgery that only You know how to do God. For those that need physical hearts God You give them physical hearts. Your lower the blood pressure, you take away their anxiety and their stress and their pushing and driving God, teach them how to rest in Your loving arms Father. Give them new hearts, physical new hearts, spiritual new hearts God. Lord those that are so full of all kinds of food and fat just, fat Lord from lack of pouring out and giving away, give them a new heart, give them a heart that is poured out, give them a heart that is full of love. Fill them with Your glory, let them know their loved. Lord I pray that there be no guilt on people but that there would be the beauty of Jesus o people. That they don’t feel that they’re hopeless but that they would feel the hope of Jesus that You cause hunger and thirst even in a western world. Yes it’s like going through the eye of a needle but God take them through the eye of the needle and take them to a place God where their hearts explode with love and where they can see the one in front of them. God take them to the place where they can see the one person in front of them each day and that they can see the Jesus eyes looking back at them, Jesus eyes looking back at them. Teach them how to see, give them hearts, give them huge hearts of love and eyes to see and a heart that beats (wow) in rhythm with You heartbeat Jesus.

Sid: And you know I’m reminded of a testimony where you talk about someone whose eye all you could see was the white and you prayed for them and you got their… you could actually see the pupil form. Tell me about that.

Heidi: Oh yeah, that was great story, you know I had… I think a lot of people hearing this have had prophetic words that they’re going to see the blind see and the deaf hear. Well I had had that prophetic word it was Randy Clark he prophesied over me and I said “Yes, I believe.” And I went out looking for blind people, for a year I prayed for them and there’s a lot of blind people in Africa so you have a lot of practice but nobody saw but they all got saved. Well one day a year after I started praying for all of these blind people, I mean a mud hut church in the middle of nowhere and this lady you know we’re just hugging on her. I’m hugging her, I’m holding her there in this hut. She’s got 2 white eyes she has never seen and she’s just completely blind. And not even a little sight you know and I’m just holding her in my arms and down she goes in the dirt. And she starts screaming and right in front of me after a year of praying for blind people, no one saw this lady’s eyes go from white to gray to brown right in front of me and she starts screaming “I can see, I can see.” And I start screaming and everybody is running around the village except for her she was so overcome from the weight of God’s glory that she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t get up.

Sid: Heidi, very quickly pray for the blind right now.

Heidi:   Oh, Jesus I pray God that what you did for this Idah woman the Lord in the hut and so many since then, Lord I pray that You open the eyes of the blind. Open the eyes of the blind Lord, not just the physically but the spiritually blind too God. I pray Lord that the prophetic reality of this message. God that You would put eye salve on the eyes of Your church that can’t see. And Lord as a sign God open the eyes of the blind, open the eyes. Dissolve cataracts Jesus, dissolve cataracts and open the eyes of the church that can’t see and let them see, let them see, let them see Lord, let the light of Your glory come. (Wow) and just transform Lord.”

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time Heidi….

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henry wright

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Pastor Henry Wright. I’m speaking to him from his office in Thomaston, Georgia where he’s pastor of Pleasant Valley Church. Henry we have been talking about a subject that has been foundational for your teaching. For those that aren’t aware of his teaching he has been able to identify the door if you will the specific door for 100’s of specific diseases. And once you can close that door, and the door by the way, and that’s a polite name, but the real Biblical name is sin. And it’s so fascinating to me Henry that there are specific sins that open doors for specific diseases and when you get rid of the specific sin then what the Bible talks about the healing is manifest in the body. Now on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about where it all began where someone who Luke calls the son of God and his name is Adam; why don’t we start there today.

Henry: Well let’s begin again again when Adam and Eve were in the garden they were just 2 humans and there was none others. In the Garden invisible in what we call the second heaven was an entire kingdom found in Ephesians chapter 6 and Satan with them that had to be cast out of creation, and had been judged, and we’re disembodied. They were looking for a way back in because they were in what’s called the dry place the second heaven. And every urge of their particular fallen nation and no way to manifest or be fulfilled in it and here’s this protected couple down there and all they have is this one scripture and that scripture was a statement by Elohim to Adam. And that was “You cannot eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Interesting enough over in Hebrews chapter 5 verse 14 today a sign of maturity are “Those that are able to handle strongly by reason of exercising their senses now are able to discern both good and evil.” And so part of maturity is being able to know what is good and what is evil. And that’s the wonderful thing about the Bible and the teachings of Christ that He came and not only showed us that kingdom but He also showed us that we had power over it. But that kingdom was there wanting to get in and as you know in the first case of channeling an invisible being access the serpent which was a created animal and using it’s vocal chords began to speak to Eve and tempt her. And so in that she partook and when she partook she saw that it was good to eat she took it to Adam and he partook of it also. In verse 7 of Genesis chapter 3 “The eyes of both of them were opened.” That has to be spiritual eyes because they couldn’t have taken care of the Garden and all of the animals there if they were blind physically. So these were physical eyes then they were opened; what were their eyes open to? What evil was and they knew that they were naked. And I like to help people understand this because in verse 8 “They heard the voice of the Lord God walk in the garden in the cool of the day and they hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the Garden.” See it was… what came in Adam and Eve when they participated with sin is their eyes were open to what sin was by its fallen nature. Instantly they were afraid of Elohim, they were afraid of God? Why would they be afraid of God? He would walk with Him in the cool of the evening as was his custom, could be afraid of somebody that was your buddy. They had not only served God they were ashamed of their nakedness, they had shame, they had guilt, they had fear. And they knew that it was time for God’s presence to come as it says here and walk with them and have fellowship and they went and hid. So I like to help people have a little fun like this and I’m just going to do a skit here and I’m going to act like I’m God. Okay here I go “Adam where are you?” Silence. “Anybody seen Adam? Adam” after some of that this voice comes out of the buses and says “Here we are Lord. Where you at Adam? Hiding in the bushes Lord, why are you hiding in the bushes Adam, because we’re naked Lord.” Listen to the scriptures in Genesis  chapter 3 verse 11. “And He, the Lord God, said ‘Who told you that you were naked?’” Wait a minute there was nobody there in the physical dimension, they had thoughts that formed on the inside of them as if it were their own psychology and they had fear, they had shame and they had guilt. They became one with it in spirit, they became one with it in soul, instantly they followed the thoughts and they became separated from God. But the key to understanding separation is that something accessed them invisibly at the spirit level. And that’s why the word of God is able to separate itself from the spirit and give us understanding and show us that our battle is not with flesh and blood. See Adam and Eve didn’t understand this, their battle was not with fear of God their battle was not with themselves it was not with the fear of God, it was with guilt, it was with shame and they didn’t understand it. And then time from that day has listened to the voices of his kingdom and followed it as if it were them and 80% of incurable diseases from participation with sin. Let me say this bluntly if I may “consider sin to be a being not just an esoteric existence.” And let me just challenge your audience here listening at your program Sid is that since sin manifest as temptation, and it manifest to humans at the form of thought, feelings and impressions that I want to say this clearly that thought cannot exist and does not exist on the ethereal plane. You cannot have thought unless there is a visible or invisible being that has intellect that is rational that thinks. And what Christianity has done it has made what’s called the flesh, the old man, the cardinal nature, the Adamic nature they’ve made it esoteric as if it were not a literal invisible disembodied kingdom. And that is the absolute deception of Satan to bind us while we think that we don’t have a problem.

Sid: But many would say “Adam fell in the Garden, he has a fallen nature, we have a fallen nature, it’s not an invisible being called a demon, it’s the flesh.”  

Henry: Well, let me just ask you… let’s just go here in this conversation. When Adam and Eve when that kingdom accessed them by the fallen nature. How did it transfer into Adam’s sons? How does it access into our lives?

Sid: Learned behavior.

Henry: No, a child is… rebellion is bound up in the heart of the child he’s not learned it. Let’s go back and talk about something, let’s talk about the original sin. There is no such thing as the original sin. See sin did not begin with Adam and the Christian church as made what’s called the original sin the Adamic nature. When you say “That’s just my Adamic nature.” Then what you’re saying is that God created Adam evil. No the Adamic nature is something that joined itself to Adam that made him do evil things. Romans 5:12 really says it clearly “By one man sin entered into the world.” The word world is the Greek word cosmos meaning mankind. By one man Adam sin entered into mankind. Well then sin must have existed outside of Adam and Eve in a different dimension as a thinking rational kingdom of disembodied beings. It existed outside, man through disobedience opened up the spiritual realm for that kingdom to join that spirituality man become one with it in his soul or in his intellect and the body of course is just the vehicle that lines up with how we thing spiritually and psychologically. In fact, here’s where I’m at with this by years of ministry and dealing with people and the word of God. Is I consider sin to be a being by a fallen nature. It existed outside the garden as the rational thinking invisible kingdom. Paul identifies that in Ephesians chapter 6 very clearly. Now that when I participate or I serve sin so we can get into that tomorrow out of Romans 7 Romans 6. But when I begin to serve sin and I begin to follow those feelings and those thoughts and emotions, then I become a sinful being myself and I have established it on the planet and that is my sin and I need to repent. Now if you have sin and sin and sins, then you have iniquities. Iniquities is a transference of that kingdom. That would be called the flesh, the Adamic nature, the old man, the carnal nature is actually the transference of the kingdom of powers, spiritual wickedness in high places that found in Ephesians chapter 6 and follows family trees. That’s why God said “The iniquities of the fathers shall be passed on to the 3rd and the 4th generation.”

Sid: You know it’s amazing Henry the number of people that end up in prison that had a father or a mother that were in prison. I mean this goes on just not one generation sometimes you can trace this back 2 or 3 or even 4.

Henry: We know that certain types of iniquities follow specific types of family trees, criminologist know, there are molesters in the family tree. Just a couple of years ago that guy up there that killed those 2 girls and buried one in concrete under his back slab. The Atlanta newspaper said that his father did the very same thing to a woman and buried her in concrete in his backyard 20 years before. In fact, the Atlanta paper said “He committed the sins of his father.”

Sid: Hm.

Henry: Now that shows you what’s transferring in the iniquity of the generations. So the word iniquity indicates the transference of thought. How can thought transfer? Thought doesn’t transfer esoterically thought transfers because of the kingdom that is running and it’s accessing mankind by it’s fallen nature. And no one is immune to that kingdom accessing it. That’s why we’re not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices. That’s why we’re to gird ourselves up, that’s why we’re to…

Sid: Henry, you are just bringing too many concepts too fast…

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Peggy Joyce Ruth

Sid: Well are your young people red hot for the Messiah? Are you red hot for the Messiah? My guest Peggy Joyce Ruth has been challenged by God because she literally was entertaining a spirit of fear 25 years ago. And God said “All of the answers are found in Psalm 91.” So for the past 25 years she’s been studying Psalm 91. She wrote a book for the adults then she wrote the new one we’re talking about this week for children. I mean as young as 4 years old you can read it to them. I think that you can even it to children younger and the word of God will not return void but I believe that this can be even a Bible study for families or for house churches. When they hear the teaching this deep deep teaching on Psalm 91… Peggy you told me that every problem known to man is handled in Psalm 91?

Peggy Joyce: Yes.

Sid: And you also we were talking when we went on the air about your son had a disease and was it the same time that the Kennedy baby died of that same condition?

Peggy Joyce: Yes our son was born just a few months after the Kennedy baby had died and they both had the same membrane disease in their lungs and none of the hospital staff expected them to live and he was placed in an incubator for over a month. And this was just was when we were just first hearing this and getting a hold of it and to me it is so much fun to see how all the different ways which God works miraculously when you’re trusting in His word. When he had this disease the doctors… this doctor had only recently starting practicing medicine again because he had had 2 nephews that had died from this same disease, the doctor did. He had quit practicing medicine for awhile so that he could study and try to find a cure for it. Well, he had just come back to practice when Bill was born and so when he realized that Bill had the exact same disease that his nephews had he starting trying everything on Bill that he had read about during his studies. And miraculously Bill started responded to one of the methods it was as Epson salt enema if you can imagine.

Sid: Hm.

Peggy Joyce:   So any way Bill then was perfectly okay and I thought how wonderful it was that there were many babies who had famous doctors in large city hospitals and yet here was our son in just a little rural town and God had this doctor who had done all of this research until he found a cure for the very disease that Bill had. So what I wanted the young people to know is that God works sometimes through human hands but He’s still the one doing the miracle, He’s still the healer. And so that son has grown up and loves God and he’s the one that I used in the back of the book to illustrate. I always put in my books a plan of salvation so that they can know the scriptures of how to get saved.

Sid: But you know the way you did that is so wonderful. I can see these young people that go through this book not only walking without fear but being evangelists.

Peggy Joyce: Yes, and see that’s my vision, that’s my goal because we want them to know that there’s a physical protection but the most important protection is the eternal protection.   And I certainly don’t want to put a book out about physical protection and then leave off the eternal. And so these 3 pages of scripture on salvation and then a prayer and of course there’s no particular prayer that has to be prayed but you know it just gives them an idea of how they can pray and ask the Lord to come into their heart. And I didn’t want to just leave it that way since it’s a children’s book I gave them an example of how our son, when he was in the 4th grade, had marked all of these salvation scriptures in his Bible. And he later then had a friend, his best friend was Shane and Shane had come to spend the night and they wanted to put up their tent to sleep in the backyard and so just before bedtime Jack decided he would slip outside and just check on the boys and we half expected to find them asleep but when we got out there there was a light in the tent and we went over real quietly and there was Bill with his flashlight and his Bible and he was reading all of these salvation scriptures to his friend and telling him how to get saved. And we slipped back into the house and we had barely gotten in bed and we were just rejoicing on what was going on outside and the backdoor flew open and both of those boys just came flying into our bed and both of them saying “Dad wakeup we need to pray Shane wants to get saved.” And of course you know Bill could have led him in a prayer to receive Jesus but he had done the main part he had shown him the scriptures and he had shared the good news that God had made a way for everyone to come to Him. And so God not only wants all people to be saved He wants us to have a victorious life the years we’re living in this world too.

Sid: You know on forgetting children, adults when flu is going around everyone thinks “Oh, I’m going to get it.” But you deal with this for young people.

Peggy Joyce: Yes, what I believe Psalm 91 is I believe it’s a preventive covenant, a preventive prayer. You know once we’ve had the enemy come in and invade our body, or invade our mind and our thinking you know it’s a lot harder when the enemy’s already inside of the city to get the enemy out it’s better to keep them on the outside of the wall. And that’s what Psalm 91 is all about. It’s teaching children how to pray preventively where they realize okay that I don’t have to have what the world has and then get rid of it “I can stand and believe God and He’ll literally put me in another pathway put me out of these trials and temptations and put me in another pathway.”

Sid: Tell me about some young people that have been hearing this and what’s happened to them.

Peggy Joyce: Well, I have these friends especially in the church and their constantly coming to me now and they’ll stop me at the door to tell me, oh let me tell you how God protected me and let me tell you how I got through this.” They’re so excited they want me to know that it’s working for them too. And most of the letters and phone calls that I’ve gotten have been from you know mothers that have called to tell me. But what’s exciting in my church is these little kids that are coming to me and these teenagers that are coming to me and sharing their stories and telling me how they put it into practice. And I have a lot of little nieces and nephews and I know that when that phone rings and one of them is calling me I know the minute I hear their voice that they’ve got a miracle to tell me about. (Laughing)

Sid: Comment on Psalm 91 verse 14 “Because He has set His love upon me therefore I will deliver him, I will set him upon high because he has known My name.”

Peggy Joyce: What is exciting is right there at the end when he says that the last 3 verses says that “Because he has loved Me.” And then it’s almost like He’s gives us 7 bonus promises right at the end just reserved for the one who loves him. And so this is what I tell the children in the book I say “Do you love the Lord, do you really love Him because if you do then these next 7 promises are for you?” And then the book goes through the 7 promises; and I just think that it’s just unique that God says “If you love Me and if you know Me by name.” In other words if we know Him as our Jehovah Rapha our healer, if we know Him as our Jehovah Jireh our provider, and our Jehovah Nissi our protector. When we know Him by name and love Him then it’s just like He have bonus things for us.

Sid: I’m reminded in your book where you talked about “I will not fear destruction,” as age 4 Skylar stopped breathing because he fell over a cliff with his bicycle and the X-rays showed that there was a bad break and the first vertebrae of his neck.

Peggy Joyce: Yes.

Sid: But his mother new about Psalm 91 what happened?

Peggy Joyce: His mother and his aunt are members of our church and they’ve been taught about Psalm 91 we’ve been teaching to our congregation for a long time. I mean they didn’t turn loose, they kept putting words. They kept having what they called their both nurses and they were having to give him rescue breaths on the way because he would quit breathing. And the X-ray clearing showed the break and when it did well they immediately helicoptered him to the children’s hospital. And they said that they stayed outside just quoting that word and quoting Psalm 91 and they said that when the doctors came out after a long time they just came out puzzled and they said “We do not understand it.” And they showed 2 sets of X-rays the first X-ray was taken in Commanche clearly showing the break. The next set of X-rays that they had taken just hours later and there was no break in his neck and we’re talking miracles, we’re talking about instantaneous miracles.

Sid: I can’t wait to see your kids become super evangelists walking without fear, laying hands on the sick. And I believe that this is a Bible study for your entire family.

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sidrothcom on May 1st, 2015


Sid: Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah the presence of God is all over this studio. As a matter of fact I pray in Jesus Name that my staff on the controls and everything will be able to do it with excellence because they’re all getting zapped by the Spirit of God right now Lindell. So revival breaks out Father’s Day 1995, Pensacola, Florida, Brownsville Church, you’re the Worship Leader, but you had a previous commitment your over in the Ukraine. You get a phone call from Pastor Kilpatrick and he says “It’s happened, revivals broke out” you start weeping. Now your first night at the revival your leading worship, the truth what was going on in your mind based on what you were observing?

Lindell: I was amazed because it was just in our church at that point. The world hadn’t come, even the region wasn’t coming it was just Brownsville. I was amazed at how free the people were all of a sudden. Because I led worship Sunday a few weeks before before I went on the trip I couldn’t believe the freedom that was there. It’s almost like the floodgates of heaven had opened and people were free and they were worshipping. They were all about the presence of the Lord and we were wrapping up to it, I didn’t know what it was it turned out to be revival but this was something fresh, and new and different.

Sid: Now I asked you a question when I spoke to you yesterday on the telephone, I said “I’m just curious Lindell many people were hit so strong during this revival.” I’ll start out with the Pastor. Pastor Kilpatrick he couldn’t even function, for weeks. He was just under the power of the Spirit of God. And I said to you “Did that ever happen to you?” And you said to me?

Lindell: I said to you that about 6 months into the revival because you have to understand that when the Lord starts restoring you it’s a process. If you’re out there listening today the Lord wants to restore everything that’s been stolen from you. He wants to return you to His presence, if you’ve known Him in the past, He wants to know you that way even greater. And that’s what happened to me because I had this experience with God and then I moved to Pensacola and started this… this revival started every night I would sit there and weep and feel unworthy to be on the platform. I felt like I had no business being there and I’d sit in the choir loft and cry when we’d go to pray for people. And the spirit I’d say “I just don’t need to be here, I shouldn’t be here.” So about 6 months into the revival every night the Lord was just working on me. Six months into the revival on a Sunday morning and it was high church and I was singing a song called “Yahweh.” The song literally had a phrase in it “Faithful One You’ve Been faithful to the end, or faithful to the end.” When I got to the word faithful I broke and started crying and I literally lost control. I could not play the keyboard, fell on top of the keyboard made a horrible sound. By this time we’re 6 months into the revival so we’re kind of used to that at the church we’re seeing people fall. So the ushers come and take me off of the keyboard and lay me down on the floor. And about 4 hours that day I laid in the floor.

Sid: Four hours? Was God speaking to you during those 4 hours?

Lindell: Yes Sir He was, He was telling me “Son you’ve allowed this to get on you, that to get on you I want to take these things off I want to remove these things.” And layer by layer by layer the Lord was just removing things. And as he removed things I’d weep because people don’t understand the Lord. You get so much stuff piled up on you in this world that when the Lord starts to take it off some of it is dear to you and you think “I can’t part with that.” But I promise you friends that when the Lord is trying to remove it let Him remove it because the other side of it is freedom. And so after 4 hours I get up and I’m a mess I’ve got tears everywhere it’s awful. I get up off the floor and the Lord says to me “I have restored your innocence to the days that you were 12, 13 and 14 years old when you loved Me and danced before me and did not have any of this stuff on you I return you to freedom. And I’ll tell you what Sid from that day forward I’ve never been the same person, never have I been the same person. I don’t care as much about what people… I used to worry what people thought all the time. And now it’s like it’s about His presence and it’s about the Lord and it’s not about whether you approve of me or someone approves of me it’s about Him approving and can I minister to Him and can I care for Him and can I give back for what He’s given me.

Sid: Now what you you’re describing to me the opposite of what mainstream Christianity in America is like. America is seeker sensitive, you’re describing a man that becomes God sensitive.

Lindell: Yes Sir, yes sir. Well see God has to be the central force in the focus of the universe because He’s the only one worthy, He’s the only one who has premium worth, only God. And if that is not in order in all of us regardless of your belief background if Yeshua, if He is not the center of all things, if He’s not, then nothing else in the kingdom works.

Sid: Well you know what you remind me of as you’re talking right now? Your reminding me there’s a word it’s called lukewarm. And that’s what American Christianity has become and it’s about ready to change. And there was a man most of you were familiar with by the name of William Booth that founded the Salvation Army and he wrote a song for the same problem, people were lukewarm and it’s called “Send the Fire.” And that’s what we need today Lindell, now William Booth got the fire to start the Salvation Army… I think most people think of you as a Worship Leader but God anointed you as a teacher. The most important thing you teach is how to get your first love back. How to really worship based on the Bible; how to capture God’s presence so you can change any situation in your life. I want to play a little bit of “Send the Fire.” Worship Excerpt.

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SID: So Lindell, John Kilpatrick, he’s not that kind of person. But the spirit of God came on him and he was literally, you saw it, immobile. I mean, they had to put his shoes on. Can you imagine? He couldn’t even dress himself in the morning. God was dealing with him. So he’s kind of watching all these things. This nice dignified pastor is now undignified. Six months going to the revival, and what happened to you?

LINDELL: For six months, I would finish the worship and the preaching would happen, and we’d go into prayer time, and I would just go in the choir loft, and I’d cry. It was six months of birthing. It was six months of restoration. It was where the Lord was literally talking to me every night about things in my life. He said, “You know, you pick this up here, you pick that up there, and you replace me.” And I said, “Lord, I want more of you. I want you to change me. I don’t feel like I’m worthy to be here. Why am I here? Lord, I shouldn’t even be here.” And going on six months, this went on. Sunday morning at church, six months into the revival, and I’m leading worship, I lost control of myself. Not in my fashion at all. Fell over the keyboard, landed on all the keys. And the ushers, by this time, they’re used to this, so they just come and pick me up and shovel me off to the corner and lay me on the floor, and another guy comes and finishes the service. For four hours that day, I laid there and wept for hours, four hours.

SID: What was going on?

LINDELL: The Lord was just saying, “You know what Lindell, I want to restore your innocence before any of this stuff that allowed to come into your life. I want to take you back to the little boy who used to love me with full abandon.” And when I got up out of that floor, Sid, I have never been the same person. I felt like I was 12 again. And it’s almost like the most enormous, I don’t care, that you could ever have, the cares of life. Most people are bowed down and weighed down with the cares of life. And it’s not that we’re careless as believers in Christ. It’s not that. We show up, we pay our bills. It’s not that. It’s the other things that we care about so much that cloud up our walk with the Lord. And the Lord just took that layer by layer with my permission. He would talk to me and say, “Today I want to take this away. Today I want to take it away.” And what He was doing is He was moving all the clutter out of my life and putting himself right back in the middle.” You know, a lot of times we ask the Lord to come in, but we’ve all got, we’ve got so much stuff in our house and we think the Lord is going to coexist with it. But He comes in the front door and He goes, “You know what? I don’t like the way you decorated here. Let’s remove this couch and that chair, and let’s get this out of here.” But I realized that I allowed the Lord in the front part of my house, but not the whole house. And He says, “If I’m not Lord of everything then I’m not Lord at all.” And when you’re in that presence of the Lord that’s why worship is so critical. In His presence, you lose the care. You realize there’s so much more of Him than you have and you want Him just to take over. And that’s what He did for me on that six-month Sundays, the Sunday of the six-month revival. Changed my life. I’ve never been the same person.

SID: How are you different right now as opposed to the way you were before that happened?

LINDELL: My love for the Lord has never waned. I would allow confusion at times to get in my mind. I would be uncertain of things. Now I’ve realized that God is a person and as such can be cultivated as a person. That means I can love on Him, I can minister to him, I can talk with Him, I can bless Him, and I can know Him. And now I have a relationship with Him, and it was changed. It was always, I love God with all my heart, but He was always somewhere out there. After that touch of the Lord that day and that surgery over six months, it’s now, what I am, I am because of Him, I do because of who I am in Him, not because I’m a minister, not because I’m a singer, not because I’m a preacher. I am a child of God. I’m a son of God who does these other things. So if you take away the music it’s fine, I’m still a son of God. If you take away the preaching, I’m still a son of God because I have a relationship with Him. I know Him. I really, Sid, know him. And every person watching, you can know God this way.

SID: This is eternal life.


SID: That you might know Him. Yes, you must be born from above, born again. But this is eternal life that you might know Him. And I believe that if you rededicate your life right now, you will get your innocence back or perhaps you have never dedicated your life to God. It’s a simple prayer, but it will change your life. Ask God to forgive you of all of your sins. Believe His death and resurrection paid it all for you. Say, I make you my Lord, with your mouth.


SID: And I want to return to my innocence. My favorite song from the revival, “I Need You Lord, I Need You More Lord.”

LINDELL [music, singing]: I need you Lord more than yesterday. I need you Lord more than words can say. I need you more than ever for I need you Lord. I need you Lord. I need you Lord more than yesterday. I need you Lord more than words can say. I need you, I need you more than ever before. I need Lord, I need you Lord. More than the air breathe, more than the song I sing, more than less of me, I need you more than anything. Lord, as time goes by, I rely on a sign because I never want to go back to my old life. I need you more. I need you more than yesterday more than words can say. I need you. There’s never a day I need more of you more than ever before. I need you Lord, I need you Lord. Right here in your presence is where I belong. Now my broken heart I finally found, Lord and I need you. I need you Lord more than yesterday. I need you Lord.

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