Sid Roth on July 11th, 2014

Tommy Almonte

Sid: Now you would say “Boy if what happened to Tommy Almonte happened to me I would be red hot for the Messiah.”  Well the truth of the matter is my guest Tommy Almonte and I’m speaking to him by way of telephone at his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan who had an encounter with the Holy Spirit.  He told me before we started the show that the Holy Spirit said to tell you that it is simple, and to tell you how simple it is to have a relationship with Him. But Tommy after you started having a relationship with the Holy Spirit you started one a week and now you get together with the Holy Spirit at 5:30 am every morning. The Holy Spirit audibly says to you when you come in “Good Morning Tommy.”  How important is that to you Tommy?

Tommy:  You know it reminds me that He really is God in the sense that He really has not changed.  The Bible says “He doesn’t change.”  When He created Adam and Eve He wanted intimacy. The Bible says “He will come and walk with them every single day.”  He has not changed that desire that He had with Adam and Eve is the same desire that He has with me; the same desire that He has with you Sid.  And sometimes we forget it it’s why He created you and I is so that we can have intimacy with Him.

Sid: Now you started seeing a little afterwards angels; tell me the first time you saw an angel.

Tommy: You know the first time I saw anything that was outside of the physical and more in the spiritual I was home and I went to bed and I woke up and it was about maybe 2 or 3 in the morning, and by the door the Holy Spirit was standing there.  Now I tapped my wife and I said “Honey, you need to wake up, you need to see this.”  And she opened her eyes and she said “Ah, tomorrow” she was really tired but she didn’t wake up. But that was the first time that I just being able to see the Holy Spirit.  What He did to me is that He went from just hearing His voice to now seeing Him.   

Sid: Now I have a question now for you though; how do you know that it was the Holy Spirit and not an angel?

Tommy:  Now there are a lot of characteristics now that the Bible talks about angels, but deep in my spirit I knew that this was the Holy Spirit.  I knew that deep in my spirit that this was not an angel.

Sid:  So now He’s talking to you and now you literally had a visitation where you could see his presence.  What does this mean to you day to day? It’s a wonderful experience but what does this mean when you go suppose you are flying across the United States as you’re going to take a long flight to perhaps do my television show. What might be different in your life then before you had this relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Tommy:   You know now I know Sid that… now I do believe that the reason why I was created was to have intimacy with Him.  Any moment anytime that I can find to let Him know just like when you’re dating someone that a person is at a distance you find a way to let that person know that “Hey how you doing, or hi I noticed you there.”

Sid: You know most of us segment these things like it’s Sunday morning or Saturday morning in a church or a Messianic Jewish Congregation, but you’re saying that you have a running discussion with Him all day long?

Tommy:  Sometimes, I mean I have a job and when I’m at work and doing even my work day sometimes He once said to me “I want you to do this, or I want you to do that.”  Sometimes He’s said to me “I need to talk to you when you get home can you set aside an hour to meet with Me.” And I will get home and I’ll spend time with my daughter and then I will go and spend time with Him. Sometime He would just share things with me so I can pray with Him about some things that He’s praying about.  The Bible says “He intercedes for.”  He’s always interceding.  But we have… it’s a normal relationship that’s why I say it’s simple Sid because even though you get to a point where you’re walking in intimacy, but the relationship with the Holy Spirit is no different than my relationship with my relationship with my spouse.  Meaning that there was a beginning where I didn’t know my spouse and now we’re driven by knowing everything about that person.  Then once I got to know her I needed to accept who she was; not accepting my spouse the way she is and who she is would hinder our relationship.  And it’s the same with the Holy Spirit; sometimes we want to know the Holy Spirit and we want to have a relationship with God an intimate relationship with God, but we don’t accept the fact, we don’t accept who He is who the Bible says He is, that He’s a person with feelings and emotions.  And not until we really accept that and believe that we cannot move into the next step which is intimacy with the Holy Spirit.  And I believe many times we just get… we stop in that area you know; we go through the area where we ask for forgiveness but when we get to the point where we have to acknowledge who He is without having a hidden agenda; coming clean and saying whether you don’t believe in Him saying “I want to believe in You but teach me how.  Because it’s not easy going from not knowing the Holy Spirit into wanting to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit it’s simple in the sense of any other relationship that you might have.  The same relationship that you have with your significant other your spouse is the same process that you can use to develop this relationship with the Holy Spirit.  There are no differences.

Sid: What advice would you give a listener right now that says “Well, I’m born again, I believe in Jesus, I believe in the Holy Spirit, but I can’t say that I hear the Lord’s voice that much.  I can’t say I have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.” You told me, and you actually state in the book, that the Holy Spirit made sure that you did not worship Him; explain that.

Tommy:  You know I think because we’re stepping into the spiritual and we’re not familiar with the spiritual and it’s so new to us that one day I wanted to spend time with the Holy Spirit and I started worshiping the Holy Spirit.  I literally said “I worship You Holy Spirit.  And He said “No, you worship Jesus, you have… I’ll guide you into Jesus and you worship Jesus.” He reminded me that the Father said “I’m going to send a Son” and then the Son Jesus said “I’m going to send the Holy Spirit and through Him you might know Me.”  The same and the Holy Spirit will remind you and He’s reminded me that My job is to bring you into Jesus so you might know Him better.  Because as you get to know Me you will get to know Him but worship Him don’t worship Me because that was not why I was sent to you.  I was sent to you so I could bring you into His presence.  You know one of the things that now I’m accustomed to see is anytime that Jesus is going to walk into a room and I see Him walking into different services, I’ve been in different services and I’ve seen Him literally walk into a room so I can see Him.  Any time before He walk into a room the Holy Spirit has to come in and walk into that room.  Jesus will never, never walk into a room or walk into where you are without the Holy Spirit.  It’s just the same as when you see the Secret Services, or you see the FBI you know that someone else is coming meaning the President will be walking into that room.  The same way without the Holy Spirit there’s no Jesus.

Sid: Tommy, give me step 1.  What’s the first thing that I should do?

Tommy:   The first thing is to confess; to come to a place where you confess that you have grieved the Holy Spirit whether by watching someone that was ministering and you said “Huh this is a joke or this is…” or by a fact that this not a person you are just a ghost somewhere out there.  Or just by one of these 52% believers that say “You’re not real, you do not exist.”  Confess and when I say confess not in your mind but verbally let Him know, verbalize that go into a room close the door and say to Him “I’m sorry Holy Spirit.”  And be specific say “I’m sorry for the time that I had done this and this and this; I do want to get to know You and I know that without this I will hinder the ability to walk into a relationship with You.”  Once that takes place you can find that something will happen in your spirit He will produce you will drop the weight of even not knowing that you were carrying that.  And then the next facet will be acknowledging who He is and coming to a place where you can freely say “You are who the Bible says You are; You are what the Bible says You are a person with feelings and emotions; You are the third person of the trinity and acknowledging who He is.

Sid: And you know Tommy we are out of time today…


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Sid Roth on July 2nd, 2014


SID: My guest David Jones was an eyewitness of what is referred to as the Day of the Lord. You’ll find out in a few minutes about that. David, as I’ve begun to understand your life, frankly, I don’t know how you survived. How did you get through all that? I mean, at age 11, your father gives you your first drink and then later on you become addicted to drugs and alcohol. And your father was a fighter. Tell me about the time he tried to teach you to fight.

DAVID: Well he was a brawler, not just in the ring, but also in the streets, and so he thought he was doing a great thing by toughing me up. And so he would knock me down and tell me to get up and fight him back, but I would never fight him back. But when I went into night clubs I would mess with anyone, but not my dad. I loved my dad and I respected my dad, but I would never fight him. But he wanted me to be just like him. And I believe, Sid, he thought within himself, he thought he was doing the right thing.

SID: Now at age 13, a week before David’s father died, you knew what was going to happen. Tell me.

DAVID: Yes. The Lord allowed me to dream a dream. Many people don’t put weight on dream, but I do. They’ve always been my warnings. I dreamed he was in a Chrysler convertible and he was just going so fast, and he hit this brick bump and he was killed. I remember running to the car and his head was down and blood was running out of his mouth. And I said, “Daddy, don’t die, Daddy, don’t die.” And he looked at me and he said, “Daddy tried.” And he dropped his head and died. And I said, “Daddy is dead.” And I knew, I had a knowing, Sid, that it was over for my father. At the kitchen table I told my mother, I said, “Daddy’s going to die.” She said, “Don’t say that.” And I said, “I seen it in a dream. He got killed in a car accident.” The next week it happened exactly as I had seen it.

SID: Now David was not a believer in the Messiah. David did not know the Bible. But one night when you were 17, you had a vision, and it’s so interesting to me. This was not just one vision. He then had a second one of the same thing after he became a believer in the Messiah. It’s as if God knew David’s purpose before David knew God. Tell me what happened.

DAVID: Well my sister asked me to babysit her children while she wanted to go skating. And I did, and I put the kids to bed. And I had a portable radio, and I was trying to turn it on to get a station. All of a sudden, I heard a woman scream, and it was not like it was behind the house or in front of the house. It was just like in the air. So as I went to go towards the window I stopped and I said, no, no, wait, wait, wait, if I go towards that window I’m going to see something that I don’t want to see. But Sid, I was compelled to go. And so I pulled back the curtains on the second story and I looked down, and I didn’t see anything, and I was like, there’s nothing wrong. And then when my eyes caught the stars in the heavens all of a sudden it was just like a movie screen and blood on the moon appeared. And it’s like someone took an ice pick and poked the moon. Then blood began to ooze out of the moon. And then all the stars in the heaven began to fall all at once. And the sky itself began to roll up as a scroll. And it was happening simultaneously. The moon turned to blood. The stars fell from the heaven. The sky rolled up as a scroll and all of a sudden I see the woman with long black hair. She was beholding what was happening coming upon the earth. And she began to take her fingernails and dig on her face, and scream and holler. Then I seen hundreds of people running, thousands of people running and the horror on their faces, and God allowed me to sense what they were feeling, total helplessness total terror. And all of a sudden the vision disappeared and I fell to the ground, and I was trembling and shaking. I was like, oh my God, what did I see? Sid, I didn’t know anything about visions at the time. And I was like, what should I do. And I said, look at the Bible, get the Bible. And I said, “Please Lord, don’t let me see nothing else, please, please don’t.” I thought something was going to come again. I said, “Please.” And I got the Bible and I just opened it up, and I went to Revelation, the 6th Chapter, beginning at the 12th Verse, and it began to tell about the Day of the Lord and the moon turning to blood. And I said, “Oh God,” and I began to look at that, and I said, “Lord Jesus, look what’s happening. I’ve seen this with my eyes.” All of a sudden, I call my Uncle Ed, he was a preacher, and I said, I told him what happened and he said, “Son, God just showed you a vision.” I said, “You mean to tell me I’m not going crazy?” He said, “No, you’re not going crazy.” He said, “God gave you an open vision. When are you going to say yes to Jesus? When are you going to serve the Lord?” He’s called to be a preacher of the Gospel. And I said, “I don’t know if I can. I don’t know if I can do it.” And from that day I knew within myself there’s something I must do for God.

SID: Hold that thought. I’m going to tell you something. When you hear the second vision that David was part of, it’s what’s called an open vision, your life will never be the same. We’re going to be right back.

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Sid Roth on June 24th, 2014

felix & bonnie

Sid:  My guest right now is Bonnie Halpern; I’m speaking to her at her home at Wyckoff, New Jersey.  Bonnie was raised in a Jewish family; mother and father Jewish, but she had something very unusual at age 8 a large light came into her room.  And there was a man face at the end of it.  Were you afraid by this experience or how did you react Bonnie?

Bonnie: No, I had complete peace about it and that was what was so unusual and…   

Sid: How did your parents react when you told them?

Bonnie: Went into tell them about it they thought I had a nightmare; thought I was fast asleep and I had a nightmare. And I assured them that I wasn’t even asleep and it wasn’t a nightmare because you know happy but it wasn’t a frightening thing for an 8 year old child.

Sid: And then when you were a teenager Christians invited you to a meeting and you went what happened?

Bonnie: There was a man there and a ministry there that talked about Jesus. A friend had invited me to go there but I just left in the sense that I wanted to find God.  But they were talking about Jesus.  So I felt as a Jewish person that it did not pertain to me; I felt that it was just for the Gentiles.  But after I had left that at age 13 I had the same exact visitation from God which is what it exactly it was when I was 8 years old; the same light the same experience; the same feeling in my bed this tiny tiny little person with the same cone shape with the same bright light above me with the exact, exact, exact experience that I had when I was 8 years old.

Sid: But then you did ask God about Jesus; why did you do that?

Bonnie:  Because I wanted to know; I think that I was always a child of God my whole life and was always meant to pursue God.  I needed to know who God really was because I did not want religion.  Everyone in my family was Bar mitzvah’d and Bat mitzvah’d and I was the only one.  I even left our temple that had Sunday school classes I was the only one that out of 5 children that stopped going because I just wanted something real and never ever felt no matter what I heard that it was real. The temple always was in Hebrew and I didn’t understand that and something within me wanted to know God.  I had to know God and I went on a full search from then on.   I have poetry that dates back to when I was a young teenager that even says “I spoke to God last night.”  And when I was a teenager my parents were reading it and it was all about speaking to God.  So I was on a life pursuit obviously that God was calling me; had put something in me to find out the truth of who my Messiah was.

Sid:  When you asked God who Jesus was you actually heard something; what did you hear?

Bonnie: That was around 18 years old when I was actually able to say I wanted to know who Jesus is, if Jesus is the Messiah, I want to know the truth and I need You.  Not some man; not some book; I need to know that that is the truth.  And what I heard was the scripture in Zachariah 9:9. As you know growing up in the synagogue we don’t often use the Bible.  We don’t read out of the Bible.

Sid: So besides that if it was in Hebrew you probably wouldn’t have said.

Bonnie:  Exactly.  And what Zachariah 9:9 was “Rejoice daughter of Zion and shout daughter of Jerusalem.”  So I knew that that meant to a Jewish girl that confirmed that for me; but then it told of how our Messiah our King would come in righteousness having salvation which I didn’t even understand and he would be riding on a donkey.  And that scripture never left me to this day; I’ll take it into eternity with me.  That was something new because I knew the story of Jesus; I knew that he came to Jerusalem on a donkey. So when I heard that scripture I went to a Bible and read it that was the first sign to me that there may be truth behind this.

Sid: Now you were really open to the things of God; obviously you were really being drawn by God’s Spirit.

Bonnie:  Yes.

Sid: Obviously but when you married Felix and nice Jewish guy in the diamond industry were you as the movies say a Jewish American Princess?

Bonnie:  Absolutely, I can tell you something very funny.  You know when you’re a Jewish American Princess goes into renewal and really has revival in her life because it made me cut up my Bloomingdale’s charge. (Laughing)

Sid: That’s it; that’s the acid test.  (Laughing)

Bonnie:  Yes.

Sid: But let’s go back; so you marry this nice Jewish guy whose making a 6 figures is a Vice President of a diamond firm.  All of a sudden he becomes a fanatic for Jesus…

Bonnie: Right.  

Sid: I mean he’s even baptized in the Holy Spirit speaking in a language he’s never been taught – tongues.  Did you think he had lost it or what was going on with you when this was going on with him?

Bonnie: Well, I wasn’t baptized in the Holy Spirit at that time I was just seeking truth and I said… my husband was a very very solid conservative person.  If that language is really of God as I’m beginning to hear from people that it is then I want to know it and give me a sign. So the funny thing is one night my husband was in the bathtub and I was walking down the hallway to our bedroom and I heard that same language. He wasn’t speaking quietly by any means he was shouting it out from the bathtub.  And I put my ear to the door and I just listened and I said “I know the man I married.”  And that convinced me; that was the sign from God that I asked for that something about this Holy Spirit was real.

Sid: Now you and your husband jumped in with both feet in your continued pursuit with God.

Bonnie:  Yeah.

Sid: The two of you had a street ministry; you really had a burden for the down and outers; tell me about that.

Bonnie:  Well, we knew that we wanted to serve God and we just decided to go into Patterson, New Jersey and begin to feed the homeless and witness on the street corners and before we knew it it was growing and growing and growing.  And then we went into an old hotel there and asked for space; the man was a believer in Yeshua and he said “Sure, come on in.”  So every week we went in and we brought a couple of people and more people and then a team of people.  We had hot food and served…

Sid: Now tell me, how does a Jewish American Princess handle the down and outers?

Bonnie:  When God enters your heart and you receive the love from the father like that and His heart for the down and out and for the world there is no other explanation accept that’s the heart of God.  It’s not a conscious effort it’s a passion within your heart for people and for the lost to receive salvation and turn their lives around.

Sid:  Would you put your husband Felix on because at this point the two of them I mean Bonnie told me some stories about her love for these street people and her love for the ministry.  But one day Felix you prayed for God to restore the ability to look through your Grandfathers eyes. What did that mean to you?

Felix:  Sid that meant…

Sid: First of all tell us about your grandfather.

Felix:  My grandfather was an Orthodox Rabbi in Germany during Nazi occupied Germany.  I obviously did not know him at all just a few pictures that my father had and the stories that were told.  And that is the extent of it; I even know that he wrote two books in German having to do with the relationship to God.  A heart relationship that are somewhere we don’t know where they are but it was only through stories and pictures and things that I have heard.  Knowing now what God was doing in our lives and calling us to the Jewish people I realized that being I had been reared in replacement theology…   

Sid:  Meaning that the church has replaced the Jew in Israel which is a lie but go ahead.

Felix: In fact I knew that it was poisonous.  I knew that it was injurious to what God’s plan of redemption were for the lost sheep of Israel and also the plan for the church. I began to pray to the Holy Spirit that Lord, if I’m going to proceed with this calling; if I’m going to be what I need to be for this calling I need you to restore the eyes of my grandfather.  In other words I need to see scriptures through Jewish eyes.

Sid: And then God spoke audibly to you; what did he say?

Felix:  One morning at 3:00 am I remember it very clearly there was an audible voice as one as you Sid would whisper or speak directly to my ear and it was simply these words.  “You are being called to the Jewish people.”

Sid: Hold that thought but I’m going to say the same thing to you whether you’re Jewish or Gentile.  According to the word of God you are being called to the Jewish people.  Let me repeat that, you are being called to the Jewish people.


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Sid Roth on June 16th, 2014


Sid: Question “What is the most powerful prayer on earth?” sub question “What is the most important prayer that you can pray to release the blessings of God in your life?”  Have I got your interest; of course I have.  I have on the telephone from Lancaster, England Peter Horrobin. Now Peter you are the director and founder of its sounds like an Airline but it isn’t LL Ministries.

Peter: Good morning good to see you; LL Ministries is an organization which was established about 20 years ago when God was giving me a heart for hurting people.  And as I saw the need I realized that many people are going to church Sunday by Sunday were looking forward to one day being in Heaven but they were coping with enormous problems here on earth.  And God gave me compassion and a heart for them.

Sid: You know you just triggered a word for me and the word is called compassion. There is a fleshly compassion that even known believers can have. But have you touched Holy Spirit, God Compassion in your life?

Peter: Absolutely because unless the Holy Spirit actually gives you the compassion you will never have the endurance to press on through peoples issues and problems.  Some people we’ve prayed with for very long times and it’s only when you’ve got Gods compassion that you actually press on to actually see the reality of God’s life being lived in them and the transformation taking place.

Sid: This is something I pray for every day, and once and in a while I’ll touch it. I just believe that there is supernatural compassion that the miraculous flows like a river through and that’s where I want to live.

Peter:  And actually if one is living at that place in the healing ministry it just becomes a technique and the Christian healing ministry is not a technique it’s all.  It’s bringing the heart of God to the heart of man; that’s a phrase that we use to describe our ministry.

Sid: Now I have a new book that is it’s a beautiful presentation; it’s a hard back it’s like a gift book. The title is “The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth.” How did you happen to write this book and give it this title?

Peter:  Well, I was actually on holiday at the time and I was looking to God for a fresh ideas for some of the things that we’re involved in for a fresh vision.  We ministered to many many people who had awful hurts and bitterness in their heart. And God really impacted my spirit to meditate upon the words from Jesus on the cross.  And one of those key words was “Father, forgive them they don’t know what they’re doing.”  And it suddenly hit me that “How could I possibly forgive somebody who was nailing me to a piece of wood at the time?”  And I realized that what Jesus is saying these people who are nailing Him to the cross they had no idea what they were doing.  They didn’t know that Jesus was sinless, they didn’t know He was the Messiah, they didn’t know He was going to raise from the rat race and the dead they were doing they hadn’t a clue.  But when Jesus prayed that prayer “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing” this was the ultimate blessing those who curse you.  And that’s what Jesus told us to do; that’s the only way you deal with when people are hurting you or attacking you or cursing you, abusing you; Jesus said “Bless them.”  That’s the only way to actually respond without it becoming a permanent pain in our life.  And so I’ve thought about these words Jesus prayed from the cross I realized this was the most powerful prayer that anyone could pray.

Sid: You know where the rubber hits the road is not how you have helped other people be set free, but tell me a situation in your life where if you did not pray that you would have had problems.

Peter: Well, in the ministry we’re involved in your coming up against others who actually oppose what you’re doing.  Anybody who’s moving forward strongly in the work of the Spirit of God you’re coming up against a god of this world. So people will say things about you and against you which are similar things that people said against Jesus.  And how do you press on when people are saying these things. You actually just have to forgive them and realize what has God given me to do in my life and press on with doing that. Forgive those that are saying the opposite and just let them go their way. But unless you actually do that what you’ve built up is resentment in your own heart; and that resentment just becomes an issue, it becomes something which is a huge stumbling block and you’re dwelling on it; you’re thinking about it.  Probably raises up anger up on the inside and you try to keep the anger down and before very long it’s actually controlling your whole life and you’re ceasing to be the person God intended you to be.

Sid: How critical is this to your health let alone fulfilling your destiny?

Peter:  Well, it’s critical to your healing; let me tell you a story about a couple of years ago I was praying for a lady in Calgary in Canada and she had a back and neck problem for 24 years continuous pain.  She came to one of our schools and she came forward and asked for prayer.  And as I was beginning to pray for her I just sensed God saying “No, you can’t pray for her.”  This is a bit of a shock really because you know God’s heart is to heal and God’s saying “No, you can’t pray for her.”  The situation was this 24 years previously she’d been riding pillion on the back of a snowmobile a nice motor bike on the frozen lake in Canada.  The man who was driving went out of control she was thrown over the handle bars and she landed with her head on the ice.

Sid: Hmm.

Peter:  She bounced and then landed on her head again and she skated 400 yards before she came to a halt very badly injured.  The doctors did everything they could for her but 24 years later she still in continuous pain; she’s had 2 children but she’s never been able to lift her children.  She hasn’t been able to carry weight; she hasn’t been able to carry her shopping; she’s not been able to ride bicycles; go running do all those things that everybody else would do.  When I came to pray for her God said “You can’t pray for her;” and I just looked her in the eye and I said “Have you forgiven the man who was driving the bike?”  And she looked at me and said “No, he’s ruined 24 years of my life.” And I said “I understand but I can’t pray for you because in the Lord’s prayer Jesus said ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.’”  So when we come and ask God to forgive us for our sins; say actually ask me to forgive you exactly the same way that you forgive other people.  And so for 24 years she had this bitterness in her heart and she went and spent a half hour talking with one of our counseling team.  And she began to understand what Jesus had said. She was sorry for the bitterness in her heart and she forgave this man.  And then she came back and I was able to pray for her and the Spirit of God came upon her so heavily she couldn’t stand up; the power of God just took over and she was delivered every clearly it was a spirit of infirmity.  The bitterness in her heart had given a doorway to the enemy.

Sid: Now how do you know the difference between say a healing and a spirit of infirmity and it’s important to know the difference?

Peter:  Well, sometimes it is important because if you’re actually addressing a spirit then you using the authority that Jesus has given you to actually cast out demons. Jesus said to the disciples He said “Go and proclaim the Kingdom, heal the sick and cast out demons.” You just need to exercise that authority.  But before you can exercise the authority you better the enemy has no longer any rights in the person’s life.  Satan had a right in her life because of bitterness; she was delivered of that spirit and then I prayed for healing. And then there was such a transformation in her neck, her back; the following morning she was up at 6 am in the morning normally she would only be able to get out of bed late in the day.  She went running around the estate; she was completely restored.

Sid:  That’s got to get you so excited to see the power of God and the key, and that’s what you call it in the book, the key to release this power.

Peter:  Absolutely, and God’s desire to heal doesn’t change but our capacity to stop Him is in our own fallen heart; in our own carnal nature, sin in our own heart, the desire for revenge, pride that say’s I’m right this person doesn’t deserve to be forgiven; all these things they’re major issues.

Sid:  So in affect we’re looking to God to heal us but there’s two sides to this equation is what you saying.

Peter:  Yeah, absolutely.

Sid:  Let me ask you a question Peter. Is it possible to be deceived, meaning you think you forgive someone but every time their name comes up you drop a sarcastic remark, or you have an uncomfortable feeling but you know the Bible says to forgive so you have done that, could you be deceived?

Peter:  Oh absolutely, actually a very interesting verse in Jeremiah 12 verse 2 it says “Your Name God is always on the lips but far from their hearts.” And people can be saying things, they can use all the religious word but actually their hearts betray them. And saying the words it not enough it’s what’s the attitude of the heart this is what God looks on that He looks on the heart not the outward appearance.  In 2nd Samuel it said “He looks on the heart.”  And when a heart has freely forgiven then we will see the power of God.

Sid: Peter there so many books that have been written on forgiveness and if someone says they’re a believer in the Messiah they had a teaching or two they’ve heard on it.  But you seem to be attacking this in many ways I haven’t seen before and it’s put together in such a simplistic fashion; what type of feedback are you getting from people that read your book “The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth?”

Peter: Well when people actually read and understood and applied the truth the sort of feedback we’re getting back is that its life transforming for them.  It’s not the book is life transforming it’s the teaching which is just simply in the scripture put together in a way which people can understand.  As a teacher I just love to actually help people understand truth simple pictures.  For example, the very first time that God gave me a vision for healing came in a way when I was actually working on an old car. This car had been vandalized set on fire and I was going to restore this car. When I got down to the bashed steel chassis of the car I realized that the chassis was bent. And as I look at this bent chassis as a young man I…

Sid: I see where you’re going but we’re out of time right now we’ll pick up here on tomorrows broadcast.



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Sid Roth on June 12th, 2014

Sid: My guest is Carol Reed and I’m speaking to her at her home in Houston, Texas, and I’ll be speaking with her husband Isaiah in just a moment. She was a prostitute in a relationship with another man, and she gets a phone call from her former pimp Isaiah.  She had a child with him, and she is in bad shape, and he says “Come and marry me.” He had gotten religion so to speak; he had become a Christian. When he had called you what did you think Carol?

Carol: When he first called me the inside of me was so happy because I always loved him. So immediately when he said “I got one minute and one question. Will you marry me?” My immediate response was “Yes!” It was after I hung up the phone when things began to turn. A voice started talking to me telling me “He doesn’t want you, he just wants that baby.” You have to understand something, I had been suffering from low self-esteem, I was suicidal, I believed there was no point for my life. So when this voice began to speak to me instead of believing Isaiah really loved me and wanted me to be his wife, I believed the voice that was say “He doesn’t want you, you’re not worth anything, this is your way out” because I had been contemplating right before that phone call how I was going to kill me and my children.

Sid: Hmm.

Carol: So when this voice began to speak to me it was a way for me not to have to kill the kids. I would only have to kill myself. So I said “Okay, if he doesn’t want me and he just wants the kids I’ll go there and drop off his son to him. Find my other son’s father and then I’ll kill myself. I won’t have to kill the kids.”

Sid: Now when you flew to Hawaii to get rid of your kids and then kill yourself. Something changed, why in the world did you go to a church? You want to kill yourself!

Carol: I went to the church to make a mockery out of it. I thought it was cult, I thought it was a lie and I was going to walk in there and prove Isaiah was a liar. I walked in that day, I’ll never forget it, I walked in I had $20 piece of crack cocaine in my purse; I was dressed in my prostitution gear. I was going go to the service and I was going to go back to the streets and sell my body, but something happened when those church doors opened. It was like I knew I had arrived at the place that I wanted to always be but I didn’t know that was the place I wanted to be.

Sid: Okay, in the church did you… was there actually an altar call?

Carol: No the praise and worship was singing. I sat on the front row, the praise and worship and inside of me I began to look at the faces of the young women that were singing the praise and worship. I was listening to the words and the song was “Jesus Lover of My Soul.” Jesus lover of my soul and I kept hearing that and I watched the faces of the young women that were singing praise and worship. I didn’t know what it was that they had, but I knew that I wanted what they had. I just went to the altar; I don’t remember getting up out of my seat but I remember ending up at the altar.

Sid: As you said you felt all the years of prostitution, all the uncleanness, all the drugs they supernaturally left you?

Carol: Supernaturally left, it was like somebody had touched inside my heart and for the first time I was forgiven of everything I had done wrong; I was able to forgive everybody who had done me wrong. That low self-esteem… I felt for the first time in my life I had a purpose that everything that was done wrong to me there was a reason, and that I would make it through it. Not only that I would make it through it, but I would have a purpose at the end of it. In that instant it was like a light went on and my heart, it was just a joy that was indescribable.  It was like nothing nobody could ever give me, it was gift I felt as though I was receiving a gift that I would never have to pay for it.

Sid: Then you had a vision about your life. Tell me about that.

Carol: Yes that evening when I went to sleep I was sure that God had touched my life, I knew it was the Lord that had touched me but I wasn’t sure about Isaiah. That night when I went to sleep I had a dream and the Lord showed me walking from one side on the pulpit and Isaiah walking from another side to a pulpit, and the Bible opened up and I heard a voice say “I ordained this in the name of the Lord. Go ye therefore and preach the gospel.” I knew that God wanted me to marry Isaiah. So that next day I told Isaiah that I would marry him I would be his wife. I know in my heart that had I not had that dream, you know the vision God gave me, we would not have been married.

Sid: Now did you actually see yourself preaching the gospel like you do today?

Carol: Yes I did. I actually saw us standing and the Bible opening and after I head “I ordained this in the name of the Lord. Go ye therefore…” it was like it was kind of faded out but I knew that we were speaking. I don’t know what we were saying, but I knew that we were speaking in… I knew that I was called to the ministry. I knew that God had ordained us to do that it wasn’t by chance that God had predestined us to be together.

Sid: Tell me about your little baby, how do you pronounce her name?

Carol: Sinaiah.

Sid: Sinaiah. Does that have a meaning?

Carol: Sinaiah means mount of God, Mount Sinai.

Sid: Well she was born deaf with Down’s syndrome but you didn’t put up with that did you?

Carol: No. That was just a very awesome time. We had Sinaiah in 2003 January 3rd, and she was my promise baby I had been believing for little girl. We have 4 boys and I was believing for a little girl. I got pregnant at 40 and then the day I had her they came and they told me that she was Down’s syndrome and it devastated me. I literally almost lost my mind; the next day they came back and they told me that she was deaf. Immediately I came under attack that I wasn’t going to minister anymore I had no reason to be happy about God, but the Lord began to minister to me and tell me “That was an attack of the devil because he wanted to shut my mouth and take my praise away from God. He didn’t want me to give God anymore praise, and that if I got mad enough at God, if he took my promise and I got mad enough at God I wouldn’t tell nobody else about the goodness of God.” When I realized that was what the plot was about I got mad. I purposed in my heart that I would get even with the devil for trying to attack my child. The Lord spoke to me, He said “Everything that’s meant to be a problem if you go after what I intended you to go after which is so. You’re going to look back and everything about your daughter is going to change.” To this day my daughter is a walking, talking miracle, she is a sign and a wonder because I served notice on the devil that he would not steal my joy, he would not steal my praise.

Sid: Question, is she deaf?

Carol: No she is not.

Sid: Is she having Down’s syndrome?

Carol: She is not. Matter of fact, about 8 or 9 months after she was born we went to the doctor and the doctor said these were the… she gave me a list of the diagnosis’ and the prognosis’ of what the complications were going to be for the rest of Sinaiah’s life. She said “But I’ve got to show you her paperwork now.” She showed me a list she said “This baby and that baby are not the same baby. This is not the same child.”

Sid: You know Carol you and your husband have the most amazing ministry. You are reaching Muslims, you’re reaching drug addicts, you’re reaching pimps and prostitutes. I’m going to tell you something your testimony is going to reach more people for Jesus, and I’m so grateful that you and your husband have been on.

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