Sid Roth on June 12th, 2014

Sid: My guest is Carol Reed and I’m speaking to her at her home in Houston, Texas, and I’ll be speaking with her husband Isaiah in just a moment. She was a prostitute in a relationship with another man, and she gets a phone call from her former pimp Isaiah.  She had a child with him, and she is in bad shape, and he says “Come and marry me.” He had gotten religion so to speak; he had become a Christian. When he had called you what did you think Carol?

Carol: When he first called me the inside of me was so happy because I always loved him. So immediately when he said “I got one minute and one question. Will you marry me?” My immediate response was “Yes!” It was after I hung up the phone when things began to turn. A voice started talking to me telling me “He doesn’t want you, he just wants that baby.” You have to understand something, I had been suffering from low self-esteem, I was suicidal, I believed there was no point for my life. So when this voice began to speak to me instead of believing Isaiah really loved me and wanted me to be his wife, I believed the voice that was say “He doesn’t want you, you’re not worth anything, this is your way out” because I had been contemplating right before that phone call how I was going to kill me and my children.

Sid: Hmm.

Carol: So when this voice began to speak to me it was a way for me not to have to kill the kids. I would only have to kill myself. So I said “Okay, if he doesn’t want me and he just wants the kids I’ll go there and drop off his son to him. Find my other son’s father and then I’ll kill myself. I won’t have to kill the kids.”

Sid: Now when you flew to Hawaii to get rid of your kids and then kill yourself. Something changed, why in the world did you go to a church? You want to kill yourself!

Carol: I went to the church to make a mockery out of it. I thought it was cult, I thought it was a lie and I was going to walk in there and prove Isaiah was a liar. I walked in that day, I’ll never forget it, I walked in I had $20 piece of crack cocaine in my purse; I was dressed in my prostitution gear. I was going go to the service and I was going to go back to the streets and sell my body, but something happened when those church doors opened. It was like I knew I had arrived at the place that I wanted to always be but I didn’t know that was the place I wanted to be.

Sid: Okay, in the church did you… was there actually an altar call?

Carol: No the praise and worship was singing. I sat on the front row, the praise and worship and inside of me I began to look at the faces of the young women that were singing the praise and worship. I was listening to the words and the song was “Jesus Lover of My Soul.” Jesus lover of my soul and I kept hearing that and I watched the faces of the young women that were singing praise and worship. I didn’t know what it was that they had, but I knew that I wanted what they had. I just went to the altar; I don’t remember getting up out of my seat but I remember ending up at the altar.

Sid: As you said you felt all the years of prostitution, all the uncleanness, all the drugs they supernaturally left you?

Carol: Supernaturally left, it was like somebody had touched inside my heart and for the first time I was forgiven of everything I had done wrong; I was able to forgive everybody who had done me wrong. That low self-esteem… I felt for the first time in my life I had a purpose that everything that was done wrong to me there was a reason, and that I would make it through it. Not only that I would make it through it, but I would have a purpose at the end of it. In that instant it was like a light went on and my heart, it was just a joy that was indescribable.  It was like nothing nobody could ever give me, it was gift I felt as though I was receiving a gift that I would never have to pay for it.

Sid: Then you had a vision about your life. Tell me about that.

Carol: Yes that evening when I went to sleep I was sure that God had touched my life, I knew it was the Lord that had touched me but I wasn’t sure about Isaiah. That night when I went to sleep I had a dream and the Lord showed me walking from one side on the pulpit and Isaiah walking from another side to a pulpit, and the Bible opened up and I heard a voice say “I ordained this in the name of the Lord. Go ye therefore and preach the gospel.” I knew that God wanted me to marry Isaiah. So that next day I told Isaiah that I would marry him I would be his wife. I know in my heart that had I not had that dream, you know the vision God gave me, we would not have been married.

Sid: Now did you actually see yourself preaching the gospel like you do today?

Carol: Yes I did. I actually saw us standing and the Bible opening and after I head “I ordained this in the name of the Lord. Go ye therefore…” it was like it was kind of faded out but I knew that we were speaking. I don’t know what we were saying, but I knew that we were speaking in… I knew that I was called to the ministry. I knew that God had ordained us to do that it wasn’t by chance that God had predestined us to be together.

Sid: Tell me about your little baby, how do you pronounce her name?

Carol: Sinaiah.

Sid: Sinaiah. Does that have a meaning?

Carol: Sinaiah means mount of God, Mount Sinai.

Sid: Well she was born deaf with Down’s syndrome but you didn’t put up with that did you?

Carol: No. That was just a very awesome time. We had Sinaiah in 2003 January 3rd, and she was my promise baby I had been believing for little girl. We have 4 boys and I was believing for a little girl. I got pregnant at 40 and then the day I had her they came and they told me that she was Down’s syndrome and it devastated me. I literally almost lost my mind; the next day they came back and they told me that she was deaf. Immediately I came under attack that I wasn’t going to minister anymore I had no reason to be happy about God, but the Lord began to minister to me and tell me “That was an attack of the devil because he wanted to shut my mouth and take my praise away from God. He didn’t want me to give God anymore praise, and that if I got mad enough at God, if he took my promise and I got mad enough at God I wouldn’t tell nobody else about the goodness of God.” When I realized that was what the plot was about I got mad. I purposed in my heart that I would get even with the devil for trying to attack my child. The Lord spoke to me, He said “Everything that’s meant to be a problem if you go after what I intended you to go after which is so. You’re going to look back and everything about your daughter is going to change.” To this day my daughter is a walking, talking miracle, she is a sign and a wonder because I served notice on the devil that he would not steal my joy, he would not steal my praise.

Sid: Question, is she deaf?

Carol: No she is not.

Sid: Is she having Down’s syndrome?

Carol: She is not. Matter of fact, about 8 or 9 months after she was born we went to the doctor and the doctor said these were the… she gave me a list of the diagnosis’ and the prognosis’ of what the complications were going to be for the rest of Sinaiah’s life. She said “But I’ve got to show you her paperwork now.” She showed me a list she said “This baby and that baby are not the same baby. This is not the same child.”

Sid: You know Carol you and your husband have the most amazing ministry. You are reaching Muslims, you’re reaching drug addicts, you’re reaching pimps and prostitutes. I’m going to tell you something your testimony is going to reach more people for Jesus, and I’m so grateful that you and your husband have been on.

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Sid Roth on June 4th, 2014

Marty & Jennifer Goetz's

Sid: My guest by way of telephone at her home right outside of Nashville, Tennessee is Jennifer Goetz. We’ll also be speaking to her husband Messianic Jewish Recording Artist Marty Goetz.  Both of them are Jewish, both of them are red hot for Jesus.  We found out on yesterday’s broadcast Jennifer had just gone through a disciple class and she was in with some pretty famous people like Bob Dylan.  And you met at that point a young man by the name of Marty Goetz and you really were thinking in terms of marriage but you had a secret; tell me about that Jennifer.

Jennifer: Yes, well when I met Marty I was bulimic and I’m sure your audience knows what that is.  And I had been bulimic for 4 years; even though I was a believer I had not been delivered from that.  The devil would whisper to me, I mean he is such a liar, but I mean he would say “If Marty knew this about you he would want to have nothing to do with you.”  I had told my mom that I was bulimic and she sent me a newspaper article. Marty had an old girlfriend who did not want us to be together.  And I had also confided in her that I was bulimic and she said to Marty “There are things about Jenny that you don’t know.”  And so one night when Marty and I were at dinner he said to me out of the blue “There are things about you I think there’s things about you that I don’t know.”  And I thought “Oh, this must be God.”  Because I had been wanting to tell him but didn’t have the courage and with the devil whispering in my ear lying saying “If he knew this about you he would have nothing to do with you.”   I just thought that the Lord was presenting me with an opportunity to tell him.  And I thought if this relationship is of God then he won’t reject me, and if it’s not of God and he rejects me well praise God I don’t want this relationship anyway; better find out now.  So I actually gave him the article that my mom had sent me and he took it home that night and he read it.  And when saw me the next day, he just smiled and he said “Well, that’s not so bad I mean everybody has problems.”  And from that day on I never never threw up again; and because the devil had exposed himself as a liar, which he is, I was set free.  Now I gained 15 pounds but you know Marty never noticed and honestly from that time forward I’ve never been bulimic again.

Sid: So back then he had such a strong anointing that then when he accepted you for who you were you got set free.

Jennifer:  Absolutely.

Sid: Let me ask you a question I’ve been listening to your husband Marty Goetz’s CD “Sanctuary.” There is one of the cuts is “Song of Deliverance.”

Jennifer:  Ooo.

Sid: And I’ve literally heard one of our staff members said “That this was one of the most freeing songs for her.”  In fact two of our staff members said.  Are you hearing reports like that?

Jennifer: Yes, absolutely people are… we had a report once where somebody was there was some men approaching her on a street on a dark street in New York City and she started singing out one of Marty’s songs and they fled!  So yes, we hear reports all the time from people who are comforted by his music; people who are set free; people who just enter into the presence of the Lord in such a strong way.  All the time we get reports and letters and phone calls and emails.   

Sid: Well, he’s got just a beautiful sounding voice, then you put the mostly Psalms and then you got the anointing on the scriptures.  And then the anointing on his voice and anyone that’s going through a rough time; hear hear take a listen.

Marty Goetz Sanctuary excerpt:

Sid: That was from the Mary Goetz CD Sanctuary. We’ve just been talking to Jennifer. Marty just out of curiosity why did it take you 3/12 years to get married to Jennifer.  What took you so long?

Marty: (Laughing) Well, you know it’s a good question you know probably it’s that if I may confess it I probably was not trusting the Lord sufficiently because as soon as I met her I thought “Okay, I think this is the one.”  But I had a lot of I suppose some baggage from the past you might call that I was carrying into the relationship that had to be kind of sorted through. And I just allowed some of those emotional issues to tie me up a bit.

Sid: But now you’ve been married how long?

Marty:  Twenty years.

Sid: And you have a daughter what is her name and how old is she?

Marty:  Well, the first name is Daniel and her second name is Mesha.  And we call her Mesha and everyone knows her as Mesha.   And she’s 14 years old now. She’s fabulous we love her.

Sid: Well, it’s kind of neat having a snapshot of someone’s life  and what God’s doing with them and  one of the things that our audience is beginning to find out is there’ such supernatural peace on your singing.  What are you really trying, what is your heart’s desire Marty with this CD Sanctuary?

Marty:  There’s a line in the song Sanctuary which is a song about returning to the Lord and coming back into His sanctuary and into His home. It says “I’ll remember thou what you did for Me climbing that hill dying for me and there I will go and bend my knee  and there I will find sanctuary.”  My heart’s desire, as Jenny’s, is for people to experience the hope of salvation and deliverance and yeah, even healing from listening.  Because we believe that the sanctuary of God is open; the veil has been rent so to speak in the temple of the Lord from top to bottom.  And the access to Yeshua and His healing power, His deliverance and His salvation I believe has never been greater and more accessible than in this hour than what we are in.  So my desire would be that the people that would listen would have a sense that the hope of Israel has His arms outstretched and is seated on His throne.  And the way is opened for them to have free access to His heart and His love and His Spirit.

Sid: But you know what I’m hearing believers are listening to this that are troubled with the cares of this life so to speak and just fighting this thing called life.  And they come home and they put on this CD and this “Sanctuary” and they literally are transported into a place of worship.  Marty you’re hearing so many testimonies of people having supernatural peace and deliverances and healings tell me one.

Marty: Well there’s a woman from Canada who heard our music and she had had a miscarriage. She was very very very emotionally distraught and she was physically kind of under a lot of oppression.  And she heard our music and she after listening to it reported that the emotional and physical effects of that miscarriage that had had her just on the edge of real despondency had completely lifted and she was just 100% better.

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Sid Roth on May 30th, 2014


Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah because I’ve been interviewing him this week on a devotional that God instructed him to put together.  It’s 20 foundational daily devotions with 100 key points and I can picture you in your car just the first thing in the morning pop in the CD and just repeating the scriptures with David.  The anointing and the glory of God will come into you first thing in the morning with your coffee you’ll play the CD.  The key points you’re going say out loud; you’re going to get the scriptures but you’re going to get a testimony or a story and a teaching that will make it come alive, but this isn’t just good knowledge it can save your life you’re going to be able to pray for people and see people healed and you’re going to see answers to prayers you’re going to become normal.  That’s why the devotional is called “How to Be Naturally Supernatural.” David my favorite is key five - compassion; tell me about compassion.

David:  Well Sid this is an awesome story and I hope I can do without breaking down because it is so powerful.  But I want to make one other mention here Sid about the daily devotions here as I go into the story is that many families, many families sit around over breakfast and they play these devotions and the whole family benefits from it.  So I just encourage people to use it from that perspective as well. But 1983 was a very significant year for me it was Christmas Eve; it was literally on record literally the coldest day in history.  My wife and I planned to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for our home, that’s our home and we’d come down here the year prior to go to Bible School. They were saying “Don’t drive it’s too cold.”  But being a great man of faith going to a faith Bible School I said “We can go we can do this.” Even though all the weather forecaster were saying “Do not.” The news were saying “Don’t drive cars can’t run in this cold weather.”  Well, being a great man of faith I said “Well we can do this.”  Well got in our car and my wife is 6 months pregnant at the time; we’re driving and getting colder and colder.  The wind chill I remember was close to 70 degrees below zero, and there was virtually any cars on the road but we kept going in faith.  We got into central Illnois and our car started to sputter  and it stopped running. We’re go the side of the road and literally what happened as our gas line froze; in ’83 there was no cell phones and there was no traffic on the highway and the car was already very cold from the intense cold our car wasn’t able to keep up so we were chilled but when it stopped running it got cold very quickly. I got out of the car opened up the hood and realized that the gas line was frozen but with the hood open I prayed the great faith prayer I mean any great man of God would have been very proud of my prayer there.  But I got into the car and in faith started the car; the car started right up and I’m praising God thanking Him for the miracle which only lasted about 1 minute. And in reality it wasn’t a miracle what happened we had enough heat in the engine to melt the gas line in the time that we were there and so we ran for about a minute the car came to the side of the road.  And we were dead in the water you might say and literally as I looked at my wife I will never forget the look on her face because it was the look of death.  Literally I got out of the car and our gas lines frozen and I open up the hood.

Sid: Now this was literally the coldest day in history it was -70 degrees; go ahead.

David:    Well, that was wind chill and I’m telling you it was bitter cold when I got out of the car; had a mustache then but literally I had icicles hanging on my mustache and the hoods up all I could see was my wife even though I can’t see her but all I can see was that look of fear.  It was then I knew I wasn’t operating in faith Sid but presumption and foolishness.  It wasn’t God that directed me to go it was my on pride and so I repented and my purpose of repentance here was the love of my wife and our unborn daughter.  And I said “God forgive me for my pride, forgive me for my foolishness do something here to protect my family.”  I prayed another great prayer and it was really no different (weeping) but what was different Sid is the compassion.  And as the dictionary defines compassion is the awareness of the suffering of another and the willingness to do something about it.  That’s the compassion of Heaven; that’s what you see before many miracles it says “Jesus was moved with compassion.”

Sid: You know it’s not necessarily a feeling the way I hear the definition from the dictionary of compassion.  It’s an act of obedience is what it sounds like to me.

David:  I believe that’s true, I believe that’s true.  In my case I had feeling but I’ve seen it many times and I’ve been at this ministry 29 years and when I recognize is that that when I’m praying in compassion it’s not what people are going to think of me; it’s not what I’m going to gain; it’s nothing about anything accept somebody in front of me has a pain.  Somebody has a problem; even in your audience right now there’s people there that are in pain, they’re suffering and as you and I identify with their suffering, as we identify with their pain and as they do that for others something happens in the realm of the Spirit there is an Open Heaven that allows the Spirit of God to move in a miraculous way which was what happened to me. When I got into the car I started the car, it started Sid; it ran all the way all of our journey a couple of hundred plus miles.  I told some mechanics the story and they said “David, impossible once a gas line freezes it cannot… it can’t thaw unless it’s warm enough” but God Hallelujah.  God’s miracle power moves mountains and it will do whatever needs to be done when that element of compassion are there.

Sid: Alright that element of compassion is there right now and even as you were using an example on pain I believe that if you pray right now for pain to leave and other things.  I’m hearing words; I’m being flooded with words; David the compassion is on you pray for people it’s almost anything they can receive right now.

David: Lord God you know the pain, the suffering the misfortunes, the bad circumstances that people are in right now Father God they need miracles; they need a breakthrough; they need You to intervene in a supernatural miraculous way.  Father God whether it’s the removal of a life threatening disease or an impossible relationship that needs repaired or a financial miracle God You know; You know where they’re suffering You know.  And Lord God as we come together in agreement right here now Father we that You for the windows of Heaven being opened and the flow of Your miracle power the flow of the power of signs, wonders and miracles to make manifest right now wherever they are; wherever they are Lord God let You miracle Power make manifest to them exactly what they need.  And Lord God we thank You that no ministry, no man, no one here receives any glory but You Father for Your supernatural ability being made manifest in Jesus Name.

Sid: And I’m hearing that people that have pain in their back all pain is gone.  People with TMJ that pain is gone in Jesus Name; there is someone with a pain in your hip.  There is someone with a pain in your hip or something wrong with your hip I don’t know what God’s doing He may be changing metal to bone but you are healed in Jesus Name.

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Sid Roth on May 21st, 2014


Sid: I have a new friend Erick Stakelbeck on the telephone. You’ve probably seen him on Stakebeck on terrorism, host of CBN, or perhaps you’ve seen him on CNN, or Glenn Beck show, or Bill O’Reilly, or Sean Hannity. Erick I am so intrigued by your brand new book “The Brotherhood America’s Next Great Enemy.” Why did you write this book?

Erick: Sid first of all thank you so much for having me. I wrote this book “The Brotherhood America’s Next Great Enemy” frankly Sid I was dismayed about how the Muslim Brotherhood has been mainstreamed by our government, and by the mainstream media. The Muslim Brotherhood Sid, which is people need to know, the granddaddy of them all when it comes to modern Islamic terrorist groups…

Sid: I have a picture of President Bush saying “We’re going…” after 9/11, “We are going after all of these people.” How we can we have, as you put it, the “Granddaddy of all terrorism and terrorism groups” as a moderate?  I don’t get it.

Erick: Yeah and by the way real quick Sid you mentioned 9/11, I make the point in the book that without the creation of the Muslim brothered in Egypt in 1928, 9/11 would have never happened.  I say that without hesitation Sid. Number 1 everyone behind 9/11 from Osama Bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the hijackers before they join; before they formed Al Qaeda they belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is really the gateway drug to Jihad, Islamic terrorism. Now Sid how they become moderate friendly charming mainstream fellows in the view of our government, I’ve interviewed them face to face…

Sid: Wait, wait, I have a question for you because I’ve been reading your book and I mean you can’t put that thing down because it tells you things that no media is telling you. For instance, how in the world did they come up with such ingenious strategy of going from their Arab robes to Madison Avenue suits? You know what they reminds me of? The KKK tried that transition but they didn’t quite make it.

Erick: Yeah. We had a guy like David Duke, right Sid?

Sid: Yeah.

Erick: And for office he was a Clansman. Look with the Muslim Brotherhood Sid I lay it out in the book. I have interviewed Muslim Brotherhood leaders, members around the world face to face; I’ve been in the same room as them Sid. As you said they wear Armani suits, they are eloquent, well spoken, fluent in English. Many of them were educated right here in America. If didn’t know any better Sid I’d like them, I’d think they were very charming, and that’s why the Muslim Brotherhood is so dangerous they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They differ in tactics Sid from Al Qaeda; with Al Qaeda like you said they have the long robes the flowing beards we know what they want, but the Muslim brotherhood is very subversive, they move in the shadows, they’re able to infiltrate the U.S. government, academia, the media, get in the halls of power to push their agenda, which is exactly the same as Al Qaeda Sid only the tactics differ the end game is the same, and that is Islamic law, Islamic Sharia law for one and all whether we want it or not.

Sid: Now explain to me in the Quran there are 2 stages of Islam. Stage 1 from what I understand is if you’re in the minority this is what you do and you can even lie if you want to. Stage 2 is when you’re in the majority just take over (laughing) and it’s either the sword or submit. (laughing)

Erick: Yeah this comes from Mohammed himself Sid; Islam’s founder there is something called takiyah. It’s an Arabic word everyone should know takiyah. In English it means deception. As you said Sid you are allowed to lie to the infidel, the unbeliever to advance the cause of Islam. Mohammed himself very politically incorrect for me to say this, but Mohammed himself did it. He struck a peace treaty with his enemy Sid. I believe it was a 10 year peace treaty with his enemies in Arabia as Islam was getting off the ground. As soon as Mohammed and his followers, the first Muslims became strong enough they broke the peace treaty and attacked their enemies. This was deception, this is the Muslim Brotherhood. Look, they will ingratiate themselves into a society Sid. I compare them to termites, they eat away at a society at a country from within, but the final stage when they are strong enough, when they have the numbers is violent Jihad takeover; that’ is not only the goal in Egypt but here in America.

Sid: Okay I want you to help me because this is your expertise. The first I remember I hearing about this was President Bush, then of course President Obama which has the mantra “Islam is a peace loving religion.” My limited knowledge says “That doesn’t make sense.” Where in the world did they get that from?

Erick: Yeah you know Sid shall we compare Yeshua, the Prince of Peace, with Mohammed? Who even Muslims will tell you is a man of war. Where they get that from Sid I think is a lack of understanding of knowledge about our enemy. What is the first rule of war? Know your enemy. Anyone who says Islam is a religion of peace, it’s just intellectual dishonesty. There’s no way you can say that Sid, and I say that for 3 reasons.

  1. The history of Islam older and current is littered with violence, with conquest, with bloodshed.
  2. Islam’s prophet Mohammed was a man of war he was a warrior who by the way slaughtered Jewish tribes.
  3. Islam’s core text, the Quran, the Hadiths, the Gen are littered with calls to violence.

So any intellectually honest knowledgeable person can never say that Islam is a religious…

Sid: But, but wait a second. The Muslim next door all he wants to do is make a living and take care of his family. Where does he fit in once they are in the majority? Do you think he’ll go along with this whole Islamic law, or do you think he’ll say “No I’m going to stand up because I’m an American?”

Erick: Well if the gun is to his head Sid he may have no choice, all of us may have no choice but to go along with Sharia law, but you make a great point here. This is a crucial distinction I want to make, there are moderate Muslims out there. Yes many of them who do not want Jihad, who do not want Sharia law who just want to make a living. Sid I document it in the book; I’ve worked with Muslims like this who oppose the Muslim brotherhood, but many times I find that the moderate Muslims are more secular minded Muslims. Maybe they’re in the mosque once, twice a year during Ramadan. In Christianity Sid we would call them the twice a year people right?

Sid: Right.

Erick: Christmas and Easter. Well that’s the moderate Muslims most of them I’ve come across are not very serious about their Islam. The more serious, the more fundamentalist the Muslim the more radical many times I’ve found Sid in my research they become while there are moderate Muslims without a doubt.

Sid: So what are these moderates going to do when Sharia law comes into effect?

Erick: Well they will either yield to it Sid and they will succumb to Sharia law, or they will suffer just as Christians and Jews will.

Sid: Okay for those that don’t know what Sharia law, what repercussion will it have, say, on the United States if we had it?

Erick: Yeah, here’s Islamic Sharia law Sid, this what Muslims practice in places like Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan under the Taliban. What that entails is no women’s rights, no human rights, no freedom of religion – Jews, Christians, second class citizens.  Homosexuals are executed thrown from buildings there is no freedom of speech, there is no freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, everything revolves around the Sharia Islamic law. It is a totalitarian system Sid that is incompatible with the U.S. constitution regardless of what slick Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, who I describe in the book, tell us.

Sid: Let’s just start a little bit on the history of the Muslim Brotherhood. Who are they, where did they come from?

Erick: The Muslim Brotherhood also known Sid as the Ikhwan were founded in 1928 in Egypt. It’s almost a century old this movement and they were founded by a guy named Hassan al-Bana. Now the reason he created this group Sid was because he was devastated by the collapse of the Islamic caliphate. Now everyone needs to remember that word caliphate. What that is Sid is a union of every Muslim nation. Picture a united Muslim states where every Muslim nation is united into one powerful entity united economically, politically, militarily, controlling a good amount of the world’s oil, speaking with one powerful voice at the U.N. against Israel in particular. That is a formidable foe and the Muslim world had that Sid, they had this caliphate for centuries, then after World War 1 it collapsed, it was gone. In the eyes of Muslims around the world, particularly radical Muslims, this was a great tragedy they want this caliphate to return. That’s why the Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt. When Mohamed Morsi, the Egyptian president came to power they were thrilled Sid because they thought that the day was at hand. The long awaited caliphate was about to return; that’s what every Islamic terror group Sid from the Brotherhood to Hamas, to Al-Qaeda, to the Iranians whether they’re Suni, Shia whatever, they want this caliphate.

Sid: Okay we’re out of time right here.


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Sid Roth on May 15th, 2014


Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have such a Spirit of boldness they’re not ashamed of the gospel.  You see before I started this radio interview I was in a store  and I just started a conversation with a woman next to me and she was from Brazil and everyone’s around there watching us.  And I led her to the Lord and it was so easy I thought “How can it be so easy?”  I just believe my guest by the way is Robert Gay; Robert I believe that we’re coming into a new season of God.  I sense it; what is God showing you?

Robert: Well, I believe that we’re definitely coming to a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  And I believe that God is setting us up right now for the greatest awakening that we have ever experienced.

Sid: But you know the reason that I’m interviewing you is because God spoke to you recently something that you were almost was shocked over.  But if people don’t get this connection they may miss the great outpouring of God’s Spirit.  And what  God  spoke to  you was about the connection between grace and the Ten Commandments.  “What did you think when God said to you?”

Robert:  Well, I was actually of course I had been pasturing at that time when God spoke that to me which was about 3 years ago.  I had been pasturing for about 13-14 years and of course I have been in ministry for much longer. But I had never really focused any type of attention on the Ten Commandments.  You know occasionally would have a message that I would teach on one of the Commandments whether it had pertained to the Commandments.  But I had never actually did an entire series or focused much attention on them what-so-ever.  The Lord began to speak to me about the connection between grace and the Ten Commandments and it really caused me to get into the Word even more.  I’ve always been a student of the Word but it really caused me to begin to study that out and really begin to search the scriptures and begin to see what Jesus had to say about the Ten Commandments.  And of course Paul spoke of the Ten Commandments; James spoke of the Ten Commandments and you would think that when God gave the Ten Commandments that he could have said anything.  He could have made a commandment to…instead of just having Ten Commandments there could have been 20; there could have been 100 or more.  But there were 10 very important things on God’s heart and those are the things that He originally carved in stone and now because we’re born again they are now written upon our hearts.

Sid: Yes, but there are many Christians that have literally cut out the Old Testament portion of the Bible.  What would you say to them?

Robert: Well, I would say that the only Bible that Paul ever preached out of was the Old Testament.  And we know that everything that was ever written there in the Old Testament there they are written there for our example.  The Bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  I think that it’s very interesting that we hear these phrases the Old Testament God verses the New Testament God.  And you almost think from hearing some people talk that God’s a schizophrenic.  It’s like He was one way in the Old Testament and now He’s another way.

Sid: Well, you know a lot of Christians are confused on this because we read in the Old Testament the way God destroys whole groups of people.  And then in the New it says that He’s love; and then the only conclusion that a lot of people come up with is He was schizophrenic.

Robert: (Laughing) Well, of course one of the things that I’ve always said is John 3:16 which is a very familiar passage of scripture to all believers. “For God so loved the world that He  gave His only begotten Son.” We have to remember that was the God of the Old Testament that did that.  There was no New Covenant that God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son that whoever would believe in Him would perish but have everlasting life.  So you have to realize that anything and everything that God has ever done has always been birthed out of a heart of love.  It’s because He loved the Man He created; the wages of sin is death. And so sin always brought forth death; destruction; and brought forth the curse.  However, obedience to whatever God declared, obedience and adherence to what God spoke always brought forth the blessing that He desired to pour out on man.  We have to understand that God has always been and will always be a blesser and He will always and has always been one who loves all of mankind.  But we have to aline ourselves to receive that and do the things that are necessary in order to take full advantage of His blessing that He desire to bring forth within our lives.

Sid: Now you said, that people must understand the connection between grace and the Ten Commandments or they may miss the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that’s going to hit the United States. And interesting enough you said Israel too.

Robert:  Yeah, I believe what the Lord is going to do in these days  that we’re living in and we’re coming into I believe that we are right now very ripe for the greatest outpouring.  You know the Bible says “Wherever sin abound grace did much more abound.”  And and so I believe that we are positioned right now for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  I believe there are millions that are going to come into the Kingdom of God.  And of course this is my personal opinion I believe there is a connection between the Church and Israel.  And I believe what God does within the Church I believe it is reflected in Israel.  And vice-versa what God does in Israel begins to be reflected within the Church.

Sid: Well, I have to tell you my spiritual DNA says for-sure not believe that you’re being kind Robert.  I go so far as to say “If you don’t understand God’s plan for the Jew and Israel and the last days and you end up on the wrong side of the fence you’re going to end up on the wrong side of God.

Robert:  Yeah, I agree with that and I think that it’s real important for most Christians law has almost become like a cuss word.  It’s become like a profane word.  What we have to understand is that law is not a bad word; and the Ten Commandments are something that God released in the Earth in order to produce life.  It’s very interesting whenever the rich young ruler he came to Jesus and He asked Him the question, he said “What do I need to do in order to inherit eternal life?”  And of course the Greek word for eternal life there is “Zoe.”  It’s the life of God; we’ve learned that. And Jesus answers by saying this, “Keep the Commandments.” Obviously Jesus had and understanding of the importance of the Ten Commandments; because of course then the rich young ruler asked him “Which ones.” And Jesus begins to quote all of the Ten Commandments.  And so Jesus makes a connection here between eternal life and may I…if we can define it this way “The life of God experiencing the life of God in the Ten Commandments.”  What I’ve found there is a difference between being saved and then actually experiencing the very life of God. So we know we’re saved by the blood of  Jesus.  By believing upon the Lord; we call upon the Name of the Lord; we are saved; we are born again.  And then to fully enter into the fullness of everything that God has for us then I believe there is this aspect of obedience God begins to expect out of us that brings us into that place of experiencing His life in abundance.

Sid: Well you go so far to say that to say that the key to life is keeping the commandments.

Robert: Well, that’s exactly what Jesus said.  He actually again said when asked the question about eternal life and experiencing the life of God that the key to experiencing life; the Zoe of God was keeping the commandments.  If you think about this on purely just a natural level; one of the Ten Commandments is “Don’t steal.”  Well, the reality is “If you steal you end up going to jail.”  That’s not what I call experiencing the life of God by being in prison because of a crime that you committed.  Another Commandment is “Don’t murder.”  You know obvious if somebody commits murder there are penalties that go along with that.  And so what you do is you begin to take yourself out of the position to receive of the fullness that God has for you as a result of disobedience. Verses whenever you obey then you align yourself to receive of everything that God has for us and everything that God desires to release within our lives.

Sid: You have found with the revelation God’s giving you of grace and the Ten Commandments that once people get this revelation the blessings of God literally overtake them.  They move to new levels of intimacy with God; you’re a pastor are you finding that among your people that hear you teaching?

Robert: Well, we are and the ones that we’ve found that have begun to apply these principals within their lives you begin to see them getting promotions on their jobs.  You begin to see financial breakthrough happen within their lives; you begin to see healings come forth within their bodies.  Because what we have to realize is that disobedience is always the door and sin is the doorway by which the enemy can come in and steal, kill and destroy.  That’s what Jesus said. “But He said “But I’ve come that you might have life.”  And of course  that’s the word Zoe; and more abundantly.  And whenever people begin to do what Jesus said; whenever they begin to obey what He’s commanded us.  Whenever they begin to adhere to the commandments that God has given to us as believers then what it produces is great blessing; great breakthrough; miracles and a manifestation of the supernatural power of God begins to come forth within their lives.

Sid: Well, I can’t wait for our Mishpochah to get this full revelation; we’ll teach on it a little bit this week.  I believe it’s necessary; it’s essential that you and your entire house understand this.

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