Sid Roth on November 21st, 2014

Sid:  Why do I say red hot?  Because according to the Bible if you are lukewarm Jesus said and this is what it said in the Greek “I’ll vomit you out of my mouth.”  We’re about ready to have a change; we’ve been in between to moves of God’s Spirit.  We’re about ready to have the greatest outpouring in the history of planet earth.  And part of that outpouring and part of God’s strategy has always been to remove spiritual scales from the eyes of Jewish people.  Now I have been traveling the nations; God gave me a special book.  He came to me in a dream and He told me to write this book.  It’s called “They Thought for Themselves” it’s 10 Jewish people from 10 different walks of life that had an amazing revelations of Jesus. And the stories are so fascinating for instance one is a Russian Jewish concert pianist.  And Alyosha was trained to be an atheist and he went into a church because he desperately at that time had to get out of the former Soviet Union.  And he saw a bunch of statues and he didn’t know which one was Jesus; he didn’t know who to pray to they were statues of different saints.  So he walked up to the one that’s said Jesus and he said “Okay, Jesus I’ll believe in You if you get me out of Russia and into the United States.  Whereas it looked impossible almost immediately this great miracle happened.  Well, these stories are so fascinating today Alyosha only plays music for God.  And what happens is a Jewish person starts reading these testimonies.  I’m reminded of David Yaaniv an Israeli paralyzed from the waist down and one day there’s a word of knowledge over a Christian television station that he should not have been watching.  He tried everything; he tried every doctor; he tried every New Age method.  He tried every alternative method; there was no hope he would never walk again. And a word of knowledge came forth and he was healed the next morning.  So these stories are so fascinating and worked within the story is all the scripture your Jewish friend needs and realizes that Jesus is the Messiah.  The book is called “They Thought for Themselves” an example of this new breed of these Jewish believers that are going to come into the church  and combine with the Gentile Believer and the two will form the great one new man body of Messiah is Dr. Susan Jacob who I have been interviewing all this week.  Susan is a Jewish believer in the Messiah and walking in the supernatural is not unusual or unique; it’s natural for her.  Susan you said that you had a real real burden for the Christians that think it’s okay to be like-warm in America.  I wonder if you would talk to them right now.

Susan:  Sure, in the word of God in the Book of Revelation it says “You’re either be hot or cold; if you are lukewarm He will spit you out. And He’s calling for His children sons and daughters and everybody.  If we who are called by His name will repent, turn  way from our wicked ways and He will forgive us and hear our prayer. But we must repent; turn away from our wicked ways and asking for forgiveness He will hear us and answer us.  And He does not like us to be lukewarm but to be passionate and to have the desire and that hunger for Him. And in order to do that we got to read our word and I’m reminded of Joshua 1:8 “Let not this book of Law depart from your mouth; mediate on it day and night.”  Day and night and whatever you ask will to given and also to have that intimate relationship with the Savior.  Just talk to Him on daily basis to keep that fervor and to keep that passion within out heart or else we will lose that fire.  And wherever there’s an opportunity share the good news and that will ignite the flame within us.  Because as you give you shall receive.  And read and help and encourage and God will help us to stir the flame within us; to fan the flame.  To go an extra mile to help others; God will bless us and He will help us to get out of our lukewarmness.  He will give us the fire as we talk to Him daily. I’m reminded of the scripture in Isaiah the word of God says “If you wait upon Me you will soar like that of an eagle.”  So He wants us to wait; be still and know that I am God; to wait and draw the strength from God and get rid of the lukewarmness, repent, wakeup and have the passion and fire for our Savior Jesus Christ who gave it all on Calvary.  We have to give an accountability to Almighty God and we have to encourage other churches too to wakeup! Wakeup oh sleeper; wakeup from our sleep, fast and pray and stir one another.  This is my prayer challenge and encouragement for everyone.

Sid: Susan, God has told me to be evangelizing and preaching the cross; what does it mean to you, the cross?

Susan:  The cross is powerful, the cross is what Jesus did; the cross is why He came; “God so loved the world that He died.” He gave us His only son who decided to take the sins of all human races on that cross!”  And that cross that our sins are taken away, our sickness, our diseases our taken on that cross that we may live because He died for so that we live!  He paid it all on that cross that we may live forever!  That cross, He shed every drop of blood.  He is a sinless man who had no sin whatsoever Jesus Christ had no sin.  He was nailed on that cross.  His hands and His feet and the crown of thorns on His head and He was whipped on that cross. And they pierced the spear on His side so that we may live and live on fire and passion for this Savior Jesus Christ because of that cross that we may live.  And I like to challenge everyone go to the cross so that you may be saved today. That you may get an everlasting life because He’s alive.  And man no one; there’s only one God Jesus Christ through Him you go to the Lord.  And He paid it on that cross; that cross is beautiful.  Waiting, He’s knocking at the door of our heart; if you open He will reach out to you.  He’s waiting any minute to save one more soul to the kingdom of God.  This is what the cross means to me.

Sid: Mishpochah the cross means He bore every one of your sins and every one of your diseases and by His stripes you were healed.  He’ll not do anything more for you than He’s done all ready; it’s time for you to appropriate what He has already done.  And the way you appropriate it is by faith. Those that do not know Him believe that He died for your sins; repent; turn from your sins and believe that the blood of Jesus washed away every sin.  Those that are sick right now just reach into the invisible world and pull in what is rightfully yours; take your healing before you see it with your eyes and begin to thank Him it’s already done.  I tell you by His stripes you were healed; you were healed. I command all tumors to leave.  There’s a heat in the hands of people right now because God’s telling you your supposed to lay hands on the sick.  If your body is sick just take your hand and put it on your body right now.  And thank the Lord that you are healed.  Tumors are gone; backs are healed. And even people that are depressed and have mental problems you are healed in Jesus Name.  Thank You Father, thank You oh God; all bones all pain in bones they are gone.  All that pain and all that discomfort and all that arthritis it’s gone in Jesus Name.  Susan thank you for being my guest on Messianic Vision.  And Mishpochah write about these reports.  But most of all get the book “The Thought for Themselves.”

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Sid Roth on November 14th, 2014


Sid:  My guest Nick Griemsmann had incurable schizophrenia; 1000’s of pages of diagnosis and God step by step showed him how he could get free of his mental illness and how anyone could get free of any mental illness.  How anyone could be free of any addiction or any harassing spirits having to do with sickness, or having to do with emotional problems, or fear, or paranoia of any kind.  And Nick it’s so simple the way you teach this but before we even get into that we found out on yesterday’s broadcast you get born again; you get miraculously set free from an alcohol addiction.  You’re looking for a church.  And you get on the internet and you find a place he says that he’s one of the end-time prophets and what do you know.  It’s free room and board; you go there and it turns out to be a cult.  As a matter of fact the cult leader was arrested and he’s now in prison for 175 years for abusing little girls and a whole lot of other things.  So you’re at the cult before he got arrested and you begin to notice something is wrong.  Before we went on the air you began telling about it; would you explain that again.

Nick:  When I was at the cult I started having red flags.  Like I started noticing different things.  And one thing that they would preach is that they’re sinless; that they never sin or anything.  One night and I’m sitting in one of the offices and I heard like an audible voice say “Get up I want to show you something.”  Immediately this man said “Help us; help us.” And so I come out the door and there’s these 2 older Christians they call them; they were supposed to be the mature Christian’s and they were getting almost in a fist fight and they were swearing and they just had an altercation.  And the whole time I was sitting there watching this and trying to break it up I was thinking; “Wow, these people say they’re sinless but look at what they’re doing they don’t even love their brother.” And that was one of the major red flag that made me think “Maybe this isn’t the place for me.”

Sid: But by this point you had been so brainwashed and so mixed up that you’re beginning to hear voices.   And what did this voice say to you in 2003?

Nick:  The voices began to say that they’re angels and that they were God.  One night I was out on what they call tracking cruise where they hand out these anti-government literature and these voices started talking to me a lot and I started having just odd hallucinations where I thought I could be like an angel myself or that I was Jesus, or the devil.  And I was so scared because of the teachings that I couldn’t reach out for help or I just didn’t know what was going on.  So I decided to I felt like I needed to run away from the group.  So I ran away to the city of Nashville, I was in Nashville and I ran out.

Sid: Okay, you ran out; you ended up in the airport. You’re acting like an insane person; you’re screaming and they arrest you and they put you in a mental hospital.  What was the diagnosis?

Nick:  They diagnosis with psychosis or paranoid schizophrenia.  And when I was in the mental hospital there I was having I assumed that I blasphemed the Holy Spirit.  And there’s many Christian’s and that’s one of the number 1 tricks the devil uses against Christians especially young Christians is that they blasphemed.  So I believed that I blasphemed because of the teachings from the false prophet.  So it gave I believe the evil spirits I believe a right to torment about that fear.

Sid: Alright, so why did they release you from the mental hospital?

Nick:  What happens is you go into a mental hospital and then they give you a lot of medications.  A lot of times the medications don’t heal you but they kind of patchwork things up kind of like a bandage.  So once I started getting a lot of the medications in me the voices stopped because they kind of numb your brain.

Sid: Okay, so did they put you in a halfway house when the voices stopped?

Nick:  Well, the voices weren’t totally gone but I wasn’t acting out like I was before I first got in.

Sid: What I’m trying to find is did they just release you or did they put you in some sort of program?

Nick:    Yes, so I was in for observation and then they let me go back to my family in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sid: But instead of that you go to Hollywood?

Nick:  Well, once I get back to Phoenix, Arizona I was staying with my mother and I had so much anxiety in my stomach.  It felt like a ball of fear in my stomach that I would walk back and forth in her house and all I could say was “Praise You Jesus; thank You Jesus.” Because I had this torment that says “If you don’t praise God all day long then you’re going to burn in hell.”

Sid:  Hm.

Nick:  That’s what I took from it; so that’s what I was doing all day long.  I was saying “Praise You Jesus; thank You Jesus” all day long and I was like insane. I was walking back and forth in my mother’s condo in Phoenix.  And the voices told me that if I took the medications then there is no way that I could go to heaven; so I wouldn’t take the medications.  And I’d only take them when the case managers would make me take them, and then I decided to run away again back to the cult because they said I could come back.

Sid:  So you go to a cult they had various locations one in Hollywood, California but you started acting so bazaar. You were suicidal and they decided that they were going to just get rid of you.  And they put you on a bus and they bought you a one way ticket.

Nick:   That was actually the last time I went back.  I actually went back twice because I was so afraid.  So the first time I went back I went back to the outpost outside of Hollywood and I started having so many hallucinations there because I still felt like I blasphemed that I was so afraid and I couldn’t speak.  And I felt like I was feeble minded and I eventually said “Get all your stuff together you’re going to go hand out some tracts.”  And so I said “Okay” and I grabbed all my tracks or all of my personal possessions and I got in the van and they dropped me off at a sandwich restaurant in Hollywood.

Sid: What happened there?

Nick:   I woke up in the morning I fell asleep at a bus station. I was having a lot of hallucinations, but I I don’t want to talk about the hallucinations I just want to glorify the Lord.

Sid:  That’s fine.

Nick: I was at the bus stop and I woke up in the morning and immediately the voices came to me and said “If you’re really not ashamed of Jesus prove it to us; prove it to the world.”  I looked up at the sky and it looked like Jesus was coming through the clouds I was having a hallucination and I thought Jesus was coming back for the world.  And I thought that I blasphemed Him and I wanted to show Him that I would still serve Him and that I still loved Him. So they said if you’re not ashamed of Jesus. They said “Take off all your clothes and show the world.”  And so I took off all my clothes and I was 23 years old; and I took off all my clothes and I walked down the street naked in Hollywood.

Sid:  So they naturally institutionalize you at that point and you’re still having hallucinations and you leave that institution and you end up in another cult place same cult, but this one is in Arkansas.  You’re acting so bazaar that they put you on a bus; a one way ticket to Phoenix and that’s when God stepped in.  Tell me about what happened when you went into the Assembly of God Church.

Nick:  Well I left the cult and I came back and I was really, really ill and my family completely did not know what to do they just pretty much gave up.  I would pray just a little bit every night probably for just one minute because the voices wouldn’t let me talk.  I’d ask God to have mercy on me and I told them if I did blaspheme then I’d still serve Him because I’d loved Him. (Crying)  My mother said “Why don’t you try this church by their house it seems like a really good church.”  So I went to this little Assemblies of God Church and you know it’s a Spirit Filled Church and I went there.  And I would go there and things and one night I was down at the altar and you know the place where people worship and pray and I was down there and these people prayed over me and this spiritual force left my brain.  It felt like it got sucked out of my brain; and it felt so good and I felt so thankful.  And I had the revelation that night that I had these things latched on my mind like they were wrapped around my mind; intertwined like a spider web and that I could be free.

Sid:  Over a period of 3 months step by step God shows you how to be free and then the voices stopped and you came in… You know I’m reminded of the scripture “To him whose forgiven much they love much.”  And I would have to say that’s got to be your life scripture Nick.  I sense you have even in that craziness and even though the bazaar behavior you were still to the best of your ability taking little baby steps trying to get free; trying to get close to God.  But now that you’re free that’s the flip side of this that you teach….

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Sid Roth on November 3rd, 2014


Sid: He saw that Jew and Gentile would have that middle wall of separation come down and become one, echad, a multiple unity and we would be the glorious congregation. Well in order for this to happen each one of us must have our night with the King.  And that’s why we’re featuring this book called “Finding Favor with the King” this week.  It’s written by Tommy Tenney; you’re familiar with him because of his multimillion bestselling books “The God Chaser” series.  But what Tommy does is he take the book of Esther and he shows that there’s a full protocol. It wasn’t accident that Esther was selected and if we follow the protocol that a nobody, and that’s what Esther was a nobody…

Tommy:  She was an orphan; she had no history.  She was a foster child; she really didn’t belong.  She was a minority; she was a Jew living in Persia.  Put that in context today Sid; what if the new Prime Minister or whatever he’s called in Iraq suddenly announced that he was marrying a Jewish lady.  That is the level to which she overcame all of that.  Racial prejudice; no past no history and found favor.

Sid: And the thing that you bring out is so many powerful protocols which I’m looking at page 205 which lists the protocols.  But the one that intrigues me the most; just me personally is favor.  Because you realize Mishpochah if you’re walking in favor you don’t have to be petitioning God for everything.  Why is that Tommy?

Tommy: Favor will find you; favor will hunt you down.  My wife doesn’t have to petition me for everything she wants it’s in my nature to provide for my wife and children.  They’re relationship with me creates that; your relationship with your Heavenly King creates favor.  Your relationship with your Heavenly King will create favor.  The Book of Esther chapter 2 verse 17 says “And the king loved Esther above all the woman.” She found grace and favor in his eyes and he put the crown upon her head.  Coronation comes after favor flows; don’t seek the crown seek the favor, don’t seek the victory, seek the King.  Because favor; that’s protocol number 8; favor is what happens.  Favor is just what happens when preparation meets opportunity. You may have an opportunity; you may have some opportunities for things to happen in your life.  If you’re not prepared you miss your moment.  Here’s a New Testament thing Sid. The woman that touched Jesus’ garment the best I can tell Jesus never passed through that village again.  What if she said “I’ll wait till tomorrow; I’ll wait to next Sunday; I’ll wait until next Sabbath or I’ll wait until the next conference.”  She would have missed her moment and lost her opportunity but she was prepared that when the opportunity presented itself she was ready.  What if when Esther’s moment came to be presented to the king Sid; what if she had walked in wearing and old t-shirt, white bunny slippers with the back mashed out of them.  No perfume spritzed on and slouched in with her hand on her hip saying “Big Boy we got to talk.”  I don’t think favor would have come because she would have dishonored the King’s presence by not knowing the protocol on how to approach him.  By that same token there are people who want to approach the King we tell them here are some protocols. You enter His gates with thanksgiving; come into His courts with praise. You come before His presence with singing.  And they want to say “Ah, that’s not my personality; He’s got to take me as I am.”  My response is pretty simple; you know what favor is going to come to somebody else because worship is the protocol.  I personally believe in Esther chapter 2; oh Sid I really wish we had time to get into the Bible on this – there is a really… there is a secret but there’s a hidden clue in the book of Esther 2 verse 15 that  I uncover in this book “Finding Favor With the King.”  And it says very simply there that Esther on took with her only wore what the chamberlain Haggai the keeper of the women told her to wear.  In other words Esther realized “I don’t really know enough about the King to approach him but this chamberlain guy who’s been… a chamberlain has keys to the inter chamber.  Find somebody Sid; everybody has to find somebody who’s been in the inner courts; who’s been behind the veil who’s been with deep experiences with God to simply tell them “This is what He likes and this is what He don’t like.”  If you listen to a chamberlain as Esther as did.  Said “Mr. Chamberlain you tell me what to wear.”  That tells me it says “She wore only what he told her to.”  My inference is other girls who had a date with King wore what they wanted to wear.  The wisdom of Esther is that it’s not about what I want to wear; it’s about what the King likes.  And Sid people better fasten their seatbelts because I don’t have long and I just have to tell them.  Church is not about you; church is not about us singing your favorite song; going through your favorite religious routine religious ritual.  God has this incredible idea; He thinks that church is about Him.  And when we understand that it’s all about worship we put on God’s favorite dress.  Like Esther said “Chamberlain tell me.”  I can tell people what God’s favorite dress is; in His Bible He says “Put on the garment of praise.”  If I can put praise in your present I can put favor in your future.

Sid:  Tommy it’s been many years that God has been teaching you these principals.  Out of curiosity “What is your personal time with God like today, what do you do exactly?”

Tommy:  You know this morning; actually my personal time with God started late last night.  I spend more time listening to Him then I do talking to Him.  Actually He’s got a whole lot more to say to me then I do to Him.

Sid:  Are you more interested in what He’s saying or He’s more interested in what you’re saying?

Tommy:  My prayer time is mostly “Hmm hm; yes; okay.”  Primary it’s what it’s about.

Sid: Hm.

Tommy: And I simply want to do what He wants.  If Esther would have you know “You told me Mr. Chamberlain you told me that the King likes blue dress but I’m going to wear a red dress.”  No wonder Esther found favor with the King; she said “Tell me what He likes,” she wore it.  Find out what God likes and we know He likes worship.  He likes praise; give that to Him and see what happens and that’s what I do in my private time.  I give Him worship; I give Him praise.

Sid:  So what do you do if you’re like every one of us and you have your days and you have your days and all hell breaks out against you and all you want to do is go home and sit in front of the TV and have your favorite food and stuff your mouth. What do you do?

Tommy:  Well, first of all when I’ve had a bad day the thing that turns things around and turns around bad days; first of all if I can get a hug from one of my kids.  And a hug from my Father everything gets better.  So I do both; I’ve had a bad day at the office and two of my daughters work here and I go find them and say “Give me a hug,” that helps.  I’ll also retreat into His presence; “Father just give me a hug.”  And instantly things get better; it doesn’t mean the circumstances change but favor begins to flow and I pursue His hand. I mean His face and I get His hand; that’s my concept of it.

Sid:  When you praise God you said you spend a lot of time being still.  Does that mean you’re not singing?

Tommy:  Not being still; I just said quiet.

Sid: Alright, are you singing when you praise God or are you just being quiet.

Tommy:  Sometimes it could be I’m just humming a little bit.  Sometimes I’m just sitting in the rocking-chair.  And other times I will have read something; I would call it “The contemplative lifestyle” I thing about things a lot.  Like the things that I would just tell you today; those thoughts; those concepts come into my mid from God and I sit them and roll them over until I can still them down to one word.  And I’d say “Okay, that’s what you’re saying and that’s what I’d do.

Sid:  And then just out of curiosity do you write this down?

Tommy:  Most of this stuff is not written down until it becomes a part of a book I carry it in my spirit.  Right now I’m studying the book of Ruth and carrying it in my spirit; nothing is actually written on paper yet.

Sid: Well, my goodness those are two very very Jewish books that the Holy Spirit has you emphasizing.

Tommy: Well, I don’t want to give away the Book of Ruth but it’s going to rock the world.  It’s going to rock the world; it’s kind of really different.

Sid:  Listen where we are in history right now with tsunamis and wars and rumors of wars I’m not going to say when Jesus is going to return but I’m going to say that there were five wise virgins and there were five foolish.  And your book motivates people in my opinion to end up being five wise virgins.

Tommy: Well, it’s time for favor; never underestimate the potential of favor.  That one night with the King can change everything.  And really Sid it somebodies night, it’s their day; it’s their turn.  Oh here’s a scripture for you.  I love Esther 2 again.  Esther 2:15 from the King James Version says “Now when the turn of Esther had come;” as were speaking I felt like it’s time to tell your audience it’s your turn; it’s your time.  Go for the Kings presence.

Sid: If not now, when?

Tommy:   That’s right; oh that’s another chapter that’s tomorrow.  We’re in the middle of Purim.  We’re all about Esther; we have to save something to tell them tomorrow.

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Sid Roth on October 29th, 2014


Sid: My guest is Freddy Hayler and as you know I love music that’s on the frequencies from Heaven.  Freddy every worshiper and people that do CD’s they have distinctiveness to the anointing on their worship.  From the feedback you get what would you say you’re tapping into; what frequency in Heaven when you minister?

Freddy:  Well, I just that it’s simply a tool to help the true pure worshiper get to a higher level.  And I just truly believe that these songs are like light rays and beams of God’s glory.  Really that’s what music is, it’s light; but this is anointed light that will literally transport you into the throne room of God Almighty and into innumerable company as it says in Hebrews 12:22.  So I just believe that the angels are here to help us; they are in Heaven but they’re also on Earth. Zechariah saw them; talked to them; he was a pure worshiper and he walked among them.  And so it’s time for the church in this hour to be transported into their spirit man like Paul was in paradise to see the glories of Heaven and to experience that tangible in spirit and body.  And then go forth into the world as a light as a great soul winner as a missionary with that glory and that beautiful presence of God.

Sid: How much prayer and fasting went into these albums?

Freddy:  Countless hours, days, years.  This is the fruition of about 10 years of work; of seeking the Lord; of combining the best music writers and noticeably I came into an Italian Jewish group of writers writing guild and together we worked on songs and I did some adaptations.

Sid: I mean; I think that the musicians and the arrangements is so Heavenly I mean “How did you bump into these people?”

Freddy:  Well, they write for the greatest writers in the world and I wrote to them.  The Lord told me to write to them and say “I would like to get together with your writers and put together beautiful music that glorifies the Lord.”  And some of these were Catholics and many of them were Jewish and said “You know what we think that this great.” I couldn’t believe it; they write for Universal, and Sony, and some of the biggest record labels.  And they’re geniuses God has really gifted them. Together with my ideas for music and for lyrics which I wrote they just gave us the most intricate timeless; eternal music of Heaven that…

Sid: So what goes one inside of you Freddy when you’re singing a song such as “God I love You?”

Freddy: “God I love You So” you just get caught up in the love of God.  You know the Bible says; Jesus said in Matthew 22 that “We’re to love the Lord God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.” And David said “I will love You with all my heart in the Psalms.”  And that’s what this song does; it just exudes with the love of God; this anointing of God’s love on it.

Sid: Alright get ready for that anointing “God, I love you!”

Excerpt “God, I love you!”

Sid: I’m speaking to Freddy Hayler.  Freddy when you were in college you went to some meetings for the fellowship of Christian Athletes and you got born again and you got filled with the Spirit.  And something very supernatural happened to you when you were filled with the Spirit; tell me about that…

Freddy:  Well, I was studying hard and I’d been dealing with some issues from my past sin and some… I was in a gang and I was in a rock band and my life was totally a mess.  I was raised Catholic but I didn’t know the Lord personally.  I went to a fellowship Christian Athletes meeting and after the meeting a brother who was on the football team shared with me about how to be filled with the Spirit from Acts Chapter 2.  So about 9:00 at night on April 15, 1976 we went out to the Sunken Gardens in Colonial Williamsburg where I was going to school at William and Mary.  And he told me about the power of God and how to be born again.  And right there I stopped him and said “Yeah I read Acts Chapter 2” and I said “Yeah, I want Jesus and I Him to save me and fill me with the Holy Spirit.”  And he said “Just ask Him right now;” and when I did there wasn’t a sound of thunder but there was a bright flash of lightning and a sound of a rushing wind. And when that lightning hit me that was like warm honey and hot oil just poured all over me.  My mind was instantly healed; and I jumped off a 4 or 5′ wall and I just did a somersault forward and I landed on the grass.  There must have been angels or the Holy Spirit just kept me from breaking my back.  But I landed very lightly and I remember just praying in the tongues and Heavenly languages and just getting up from there and yelling out. “He’s alive, He’s alive!” You know and all the students were studying you know for the final exams and the windows and they all heard me on the campus.  And later on about 300 students came to know Christ; there was revival on the campus.

Sid: I have to believe though in the Heavenlies when you started yelling at the top of your lungs you opened something up in that University.

Freddy:  That’s right, the Bible tells us that to declare His glory; you know King David declared His glory in the sanctuary; declare His glory every place you are. I don’t care if it’s your house; your car; your recreation at the gym; wherever you are declare the glory of God and speak into the Heavenlies God’s love and the Name of Jesus Yeshua and just enjoy His presence.  It’s like a magnet and people will see the glory of God on your face; and even as Moses came down from the mount of glory, and Steven spent so much time in the presence of the Lord they said His face shown like an angel. You can actually see the physical manifestation of the glory of God in people’s face and eyes and countenance.  And so that’s what this “Song of Angels is about.”  It’s bringing people to that place; it’s a tool.

Sid: Well, you used to lead at least for a season worship at Benny Hinn’s you would minister and worship God.  And I know that is the key to his miracles; the worship that he has is what releases those great miracles.

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Sid Roth on October 24th, 2014

Sid: I have a Jewish person on the telephone that thought for herself my sister Shirley. Shirley and her husband Marc have immigrated to Israel, made Aliyah to Israel; we’ll get into that in a moment.  But Shirley comes from a traditional Jewish background. She felt proud about being Jewish but God wasn’t really relevant in her life and she went to a meeting. And at this meeting she saw deliverance for the first time in her life.  She had been challenged and when she was challenged she started reading the Bible for the first time in her life and thinking about spiritual things but myself, Shirley her husband Marc we went to a meeting and it was a long trip out there.  We were on the Maryland side and this was on the Virginia. So we get there and Derrick Prince gave a wonderful message but it was long. And then he said everyone that wants deliverance come into the basement.  My sister thought that it would be a good show she went there; she didn’t go for deliverance of course she went for the show.  In fact she even figured out what she would say to someone if they asked what demon do you have?  And so they’re sitting there watching the show; and what happened next Shirley?

Shirley: The show had become more than what I propositioned for. And started frightening me when I heard the screams from people in the room.  They weren’t human screams anymore they were like minimalistic and so I turn to my husband to tell him I wanted to leave, I was frightened. My tongue flipped back in my mouth and I couldn’t speak.  And then I was thinking “What in the world is happening and then I looked down at my hands are closed in tight fists and I had very long nails then.

Sid: I have to ask you something Shirley; had you ever had drugs.

Shirley: No, never.

Sid: Had you ever had anything happen to you remotely close to what you’re describing?

Shirley:  Never, never I had no idea what was going on with me; I didn’t think of demons.  Well, let me tell you what happened.  My hands; my palms; my hands were completely closed and I tried to open them because they were hurting me because my nails were digging into my palms.  And I couldn’t open my hands and tears started. I remember crying; tears started coming down and all I could think in my logical mind was “I’ve been hit with an instant paralysis I need to get to a hospital. And this man comes over to me and says “Name your demon,” and I look at him and I’m thinking in my mind “What is he crazy doesn’t he see that I need an ambulance or something I need to get to a hospital something’s happened to me.”  And he just walked away and then 2 minutes later or a few minutes later another person comes over to me and says “Name your demon.”  And my mouth opens up and says “Demon of fear.”  And I’m like shocked myself because I had no idea where that came from; it was not like I’m thinking “I had a demon I need to be delivered or anything.”  It just said “Demon of fear.”  And then the person said a very simple prayer and cast the demon out of me and hands opened up; I could talk and that’s when I really knew that there really is a God and there really is a devil and the way to Him is through Yeshua; to God is through Yeshua.  And that’s when I lifted my hands and accepted the Lord because I knew He was real.

Sid: That was over 30 years ago.

Shirley:  Yes, but let me tell you something; a little side.  That demon of fear I never realized I had it but all of my life I was very very shy. I was really afraid of people.  And had maybe 2 or 3 good friends and I accepted myself like that and I said “That’s my personality I’m a shy person so what if I’m not real friendly and you know sociable.” Any way after the demon of fear left me I loved people.  It’s not something I try to do; all of a sudden I had such a love for people.  I wanted to meet people; it was so amazing to me it was truly something binding me up all my life that spirit of fear that made me so shy; so afraid of people.

Sid: Let me take you back a little bit; you were digging your finger nails into your palm; what happened with your tongue?

Shirley:  It like did a flip flop in my mouth and I couldn’t speak.  Tears, I was crying because I didn’t know what was going on with me. 

Sid: Alright; when they said identify your demon and you said “A spirit of fear.”  You had never even thought about that.

Shirley: No.

Sid: How did you know that?

Shirley: I told you I have no idea where that voice came from; I couldn’t even talk before that and all of a sudden my mouth opens up and says demon of fear. I was thinking what is he talking about I need an ambulance.

Sid: (Laughing) Okay, you said demon of fear.  And then they very gently not screaming or anything commanded it to leave.  And then what happened?

Shirley: And my palms opened up; I could speak again; I had such a peace over me.  I just knew that everything I’d been reading; everything I’d been hearing was truth.

Sid: Alright I want to hear from my brother-in-law; your husband Marc.  Would you put him on right now?

Shirley:  Yes.

Marc: Hello.   

Sid: Hi Marc I want to take you back a bit; tell me about your own Jewish upraising.

Marc:  Okay, I was brought up in a conservative type of Jewish background; more secular than anything.  But I did go to an Orthodox Synagogue 7 days a week.  I was studying for my bar-mitzvah.  Which took me about 5 years and I learned Hebrew, meaning I learned to speak it, write it, and read it, but not understand it.  Which is the real draw back especially when you move to Israel.

Sid: Okay, let me take you back you had a cousin of ours; Terry living in your house and she was talking about suicide.  She was into drugs; you didn’t know that when she moved in. But you had that problem and I invited a friend of mine by the name of Don Tobias over to pray over Terry.  And he started talking about Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and I couldn’t believe my eyes you were one of the people that said a prayer of salvation to believe in Jesus.  That was before this deliverance thing and everything else.

Marc: Oh yeah.

Sid: Why did you?

Marc:  Well, I was just like it felt like to me I was mesmerized at the time and I just said the prayer and later on I said “I don’t know if this is right for me; I’m Jewish.” And I wasn’t brought up believing in Jesus.  So I just as a conservative person I am; an accountant I just sat back and it took me a year watching my wife.

Sid: So you rejected that prayer almost immediately the next day.

Marc: Yes I did; yes.

Sid: Okay, Shirley your wife becomes a Jewish believer in Messiah; your brother-in-law me, Sid, becomes a Jewish believer in the Messiah You’re the one holdout; did it bother you that Shirley became a believer in Jesus.

Marc: No, no I was just moving along with my own life just enjoying being married to my wife and having our children and life was normal.

Sid: It was okay that she was a believer in Jesus?

Marc:  Oh yes, yes.  

Sid: Okay.

Marc: In other words like if she felt like she needed to believe in Jesus.  I said “That’s up to you that’s your own decision.”  I felt that mine was I believed in God and being Jewish; I didn’t have a need to have to, at that point, to ask Jesus into my life.

Sid: And then one day a tragedy happened.

Marc:  Oh yes.

Sid: What happened?

Marc:  Our daughter who at that time during the summer was 21 months old, and she fell into the swimming pool that we had in our backyard and she drowned.  

Sid: We’re out of time.

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