Sid Roth on May 9th, 2014


Sid: My guest Tom Horn, and I’ve interviewed him previously on his book in reference to the Malachi prophecies and the current pope but that was mild compared to the new book that we have got.  We have been exclusively given the privilege of being the first to offer this book; it’s called “Zenith 2016.”  On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that the organization behind Free Masons has a god it’s not Jesus; it’s not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but it’s the god the New Testament refers to as the anti-Christ. I know this is hard to believe because I have relatives that are Masons, you have relatives that are masons.  But we found out the lower level Masons which are most of them don’t even have this secret information. I’ve always thought that all of the founders of the United States, or most of them were Christians, but you say the influential ones were Masons and they had this secret plan to inaugurate the anti-Christ.  Tell me about the early founders of our country.

Tom:  Well, that’s absolutely true and nobody will be able to read this book and doubt that because we only use substantial even government records to verify the points that we make how we uncovered members from the Masonic order over 200 years ago who in fact committed to a plan.  And by the way up until this present hour there remain those who would call themselves true believers in this ancient scheme.  And what’s even more interesting and that why the titles you know how the dates 2012 and 2016 are on the cover of the book because they even had dates that predicting for 100′s of years and other occult societies for 1000′s years in which they believe this occult dream would be launched.  And so to answer your question what I did was I started in this research was going back and establishing the fact there was an occult vision.  And this was a small group of men it didn’t represent most Americans it just represented a majority of those that were signers of the Declaration of Independence.  And at least probably 56 of those that were signers of the Declaration of Independence were Free Masons. They were dedicated to setting aside this new continent according to what they call an “Atlantian Scheme.” This vision was based on the works on the works of Sir Francis Bacon; Bacon was an occultist, he was an English philosopher, he was an author; he was a Rosicrucian. But his most famous book was “New Atlantis” and this was printed in the 1600′s. What it did was it portrayed a very utopian vision; and it was one that the European secret societies became obsessed with.  And basically it’s a vision of a world government, a New World Order, and it was established on what Bacon believed was the enlightened grandeur of ancient Atlantis.  Now in Europe at the time there were really powerful intellectuals and they were kind of being dogged over there as occultist.  And so what they did was set their eyes on America, the New World, where Bacon strategy could be unimpeded by those political realities on homeland.  This is a fact that is established by Freemasonries own greatest writers; for instance Manly P. Hall.  He’s considered to be the greatest Free philosopher ever in Free Masonry, he was a 33rd degree Freemason. He wrote about how Bacon had garnered this impressive following of wealthy Europeans who became dedicated to became dedicated to building the new Atlantis in America.  Because he realized it was fresh it was on unattended you know it was beyond the Wild West; it was just a new continent.  They could take the land away from the Indians and they could take the land away from the Indians and they could do all of that.  And they could establish they’re great dream of building this philosophic empire.  Now they referred to it as a new world democracy; but this was an occult version of democracy that would ultimately usher in a new golden age where in men would commingle with and be led by the wisdom of the gods.  In fact when you read Bacon’s Atlantis it’s hard to imagine that he’s not thinking about that ancient story of “The Watchers” because he talks so much about our genetics.  I mean we’re being blended with the gods themselves to give birth to a new form of man on the earth.

Sid: Now those that are not familiar with “The Watchers” explain.

Tom: That’s a story that goes back into the legends of every great culture; back to the beginning of time.  It’s a story of gods that descended down from Heaven and they materialized from bodies of flesh; and this is a story that’s told from Rome, to Greece; before that to Egypt; Persia…

Sid: Yeah, but the Bible talks about the Nephilim; that’s the same story in the Bible.

Tom:  It’s the same story; in fact I make the case that these other cultures basically robbed this story from the original revelation that was given to the Hebrews.  But the Hebrews talked about them, they called them as watchers; Daniel refers to them as watchers.  In the book of Genesis they’re called Benei hot Elohim, or the Sons of God. But it’s a story of these very powerful angles that left their first estate; left their place in Heaven where they were supposed to stay.  Came down to the earth mingled themselves with humans and they gave birth to this part celestial; part celestial hybrid’s known as the Nephilim, the giants.  Now the Bible says that it happened when man began to increase on the earth, daughters were born to them and the sons of god saw the woman’s beauty and they decided to take wives from among them to sire their unusual offspring. You can read about them in Genesis 6:4. But when that scripture is compared with ancient text from all over the world; the book of Enoch, the book of Jubilees; the book of  Barach; the Genesis Apocryphon, which is part of the Dead Sea Scrolls that was found, Philo, Josephus, the Jewish historian, Jasher.  All these other ancient records that tell the same story that these gods came down and they created the mighty men which were of all these giants that were the offspring of this unholy union.  Some of the text outside of the Bible that complement the book of Genesis and that are accepted in some versions of the older Bibles tell us that they were part human and they were part animal genetics.  And some even…

Sid: Well, that’s the most amazing thing because in your book you talk about how our government and we are funding university studies to combine animals with humans and come up with some sort of trans-human.

Tom:  We absolutely are and in fact we should do a whole show on that sometime Sid.  People would just be blown away if they know what is going on right now in the US government.  For instance I doubt that the average listener know that in this year’s operating budget the 2013 DARPA which is an acronym which stands for the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.  It’s a very well-known department of the US government and they’re operating budget this year there is millions of dollars set aside to create the blueprint for rewriting the DNA of our soldiers for the purpose of creating battlefield super soldier’s DNA.  Why would they want a blueprint to change the genetic makeup of our soldiers?  Well, we can get in to that more…

Sid: Well, I want to know these early founders of America these founding fathers so to speak; why did they design Washington DC based on Mason’s symbols?

Tom:  ​Well, because they were Freemasons and they were deist; most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were not Christian in the traditional sense the way that we would think of them as most of us would think of them today.  For instance George Washington’s own pastor when he did go to church wrote in his own memoir as far as he knew George Washington was a really good man; he was a nice to Christians; he was all that but he wasn’t a Christian he was a deist.  And that’s true of so many of these other founding fathers; Thomas Jefferson if people want to know why Thomas Jefferson has his own version of the Bible what’s called the Jefferson Bible.  It’s because he did not believe in the deity for Jesus Christ, he did not believe that He rose from the dead; he did not believe that He rose from the dead; he did not believe in any of the miracles.  He thought that all of that was a corruption of an ancient text that simply told the story of this great guy by the name of Jesus and he thought that it was phooey.

Sid: And how about Ben Franklin?

Tom:  Oh, now well Ben Franklin is another story all together; he was committed to some very dark maybe even satanic activity.  I know that that is kind of hard for people to think about because he was one of the influential founding fathers.

Sid:  You know this is an entirely different spin if you will of what I’ve been taught my whole life.  I was taught all these founding fathers were strong Christians that’s why we had such a great country.

Tom: Well, Benjamin Franklin he did a lot of good things like your saying; he signed the Declaration of Independence.  He was responsible for part of the Treaty of Paris; the US Constitution; he facilitated the American Revolution by publishing the writings of Thomas Payne who was another guy who completely rejected all of the divinity of Christ.  But he was also without question deeply involved in Freemasonries and secret society.  He was involved in secret groups on 3 continents that were involved in the war of independence.  But he was a master for instance of the masonic lodge of Philadelphia.

Sid: But I tell you what, were out of time right now.

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Sid Roth on April 28th, 2014

Sid: You know what is coming up this weekend? Pesach, Passover. We are told in scriptures that we are supposed to have this Passover celebration every year. Why? Because it’s a shadow of what the Messiah did for us, but it’s also a shadow of future events. I have my friend Dr. John Miller on the telephone speaking to him at his home in Tampa, Florida. He’s a chiropractor, but he has studied communion for 22 years. In effect the Last Supper was a Passover Seder. He has a teaching called the “Meal That Heals” with such deep rich understanding of communion. But this weekend begins Pesach, Passover, and I’ve asked Dr. Miller to show us the connection between the Lamb that takes away the sins of the whole world, the Passover Lamb, Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, and healing, and communion. John what are some of the parallels that you have seen?

John: Well you know we see the Passover lamb as a perfect picture of Messiah crucified on the cross. Everything in the story up to that also points to the Messiah. For instance, the story begins when God called on Moses to go set his people free. Well, he was a man God sent to set his people free, so was the Messiah a man sent to set God’s people free. Moses was so much a type of the Messiah that their birth circumstances were identical. The ruling leaders had killed all young males 2 years old and younger. So Mary and Joseph had to flee to Egypt, and Moses had to be put in basket and sent down the Nile. So we see Moses as a type of the Messiah. Then Moses tells God that he is slow of speech and he can’t go talk to Pharaoh. So he says well take Aaron your brother, the priest, and use him as your spokesman. Now we find that Aaron becomes a type of the Messiah. In John 1 it says “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among men.” The Greek word for “Word” there is “Logos” which means spokesmen, not Rhema which means the spoken word used in other places. So we find that the Messiah was the spokesmen for God. Now Aaron is typifying the Messiah, he’s going to be the spokesmen for God. They were going to use Moses’ rod, which other places called Aaron’s rod and even the rod of God. Remember God told Moses to throw the staff down, the rod, and it turned into a serpent and he picked it back up and it turned back into a rod. Well even the rod represents the Messiah. Wood in the Bible represents humanity; the Messiah came in the form of humanity, and He was the authority of God. The rod that a person carried had their markings of who they were in the tribe and what their authority was. The Messiah was the authority of God. He even changed things for instance, “You have heard it said ‘Thou shalt not commit murder,’ but I say unto you ‘If you hate your neighbor you’ve committed murder in your heart.’” He kept repeating the things that I say are not mine, but what I hear from the Father. So the rod itself becomes wood, humanity, the authority of God. When they went in Pharaoh’s temple and they threw the staff down and it turned into a snake, Pharaoh’s magicians threw their staffs down they turned into snakes, but Moses’ rod swallowed up the other snakes. Then when Moses picked the rod back up it went back into a wooden staff. That’s a perfect picture of the Messiah. He came in the form humanity, wood, as the authority of God, and when He went to the cross when He took our sins in Him He was made to be sin for us, Who knew no sin. He likened in John 3:14 Himself on the cross to the serpent that Moses raised up on the pole in the wilderness. “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so shall the Son of man be lifted up.” So…

Sid: I’m reminded that story when Moses did it it said if you would look at, I think it was a brass serpent, everyone that looked at it would be healed.

John: Right. So this staff went from wood to a serpent. Now when Jesus was on the cross he was in the form of serpent so to speak He was the essence of sin and evil. He took our sin in His own body so when He was on the cross He defeated Satan and all of the demons. So while Jesus was in the form of a serpent He defeated Satan, then He died and was resurrected back into flesh and bone. He said “Touch me, handle me I’m flesh and bone.” So that staff went from wood, humanity and the authority of God, to a serpent swallowing up the other serpents, then back into the form of the staff, the wood and the authority of God. So the staff pictures the Messiah leading right up to the 10 miracles that were performed, I see that as the law. Paul said “The law doesn’t free you, it only condemns you.” The 10 miracles that Moses performed did not free God’s people it took the blood of the lamb over the doorpost and the death angel coming through that night to free God’s people. The instruction that was given to Moses was “Take the blood and put it up over the lintel and the side posts of the door, then roast the lamb and eat yea all of it even the pertinents thereof.” So we’re told by Jewish history the way that they roasted that lamb they put it on a vertical pole, they split the chest open they pulled the chest apart and put a cross bar in. They took the intestines and wrapped around the lamb’s head. Now we have a perfect picture of the Messiah on the cross, remembering he had our sin in Him and the ultimate end to sin is the lake of fire the Bible says. So what did they do with that lamb that represented the Messiah with our sin? They built a fire around him and engulfed him in fire, and roasted that lamb. Then they had to eat it, all of it. The Israelites at that time didn’t understand what type and shadow they were doing, but from God’s perspective when those Israelites at that roasted flesh of that lamb representing the Messiah, they made an identity with the redemption that was done by the Messiah when they left Egypt, Psalms 105:37 “They came out with silver and gold and not one infirmed one among them.” So the blood of the lamb saved their life, and the flesh of the lamb when they ate it healed them. So that’s why Paul could say in 1 Corinthians 11 “When we discern the bread, which represents the body of the Messiah, when we discern that body was beaten for our healing,” Matthew 8:17 says “Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses and by His stripes we are healed.” When we come to the communion table and don’t discern that bread represents the body of Christ that was pictured by that body of that lamb, then we eat the bread and drink the wine and walk away from table unhealed.

Sid: A lot of people, at least myself, I was always taught to discern the body means if you ever done anything wrong to another member of the body of Messiah. What you’re saying is a far greater truth that is, discern thee body of Messiah and what He did for us. So that’s why many are sick or even dead because they don’t discern what the Messiah did for us. That’s so much different than the way I was originally taught.

John: Yeah there is a truth in what is taught in that discerning the body… let’s say you weigh 350 pounds and God spoke to me and said “You better tell Sid to cut back on his eating or he’s going to die prematurely” and you don’t listen to me as part of the body of Christ, there’s a truth in there, but it has nothing to do with what Paul was teaching here. He said “He that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself.” Not discerning the Lord’s body you’re eating the body. It’s talking about participating in eating the body of Christ it has nothing to do with the other elements of the body of Christ.

Sid: So you take communion every day I know John. Do you ever find yourself falling into ritual rather than discerning the body?

John: You know what’s funny about that Sid, I’ve heard ministers come against saying “Well if you did it every day it would become ritualistic.” I’ve never heard one person that every took communion daily say that.

Sid: Hmm.

John: Derek Prince took it daily, Smith Wigglesworth took communion daily. Anyone that takes it daily just has such a reverence for it.

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Sid Roth on April 23rd, 2014


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest has tapped into a frequency from Heaven that causes demons of depression, demons of fear, demons of worry, demons of anxiety to flee as in terror. Now my guest is John Waller. You’re probably familiar with John because he sang and wrote the lead song for the movie, “Fireproof.” But what you don’t know about John is when he was 12 years of age, he broke up with a girlfriend and it crushed him. And his mother and his grandmother suffered from horrific depression. I mean, your mom was in bed. You have memories of long periods of time she was so disabled by depression.

JOHN: Days at a time she’d be in bed. She was up and down, and that was the normal in our home.

SID: So he gets a little depressed. He breaks up with a girl and his mother ships him off to the doctor. In 30 minutes or less, the doctor gives him a lifetime diagnosis. He has to take medicines, four or five medicines. What was the diagnosis he gave you in 30 minutes or so?

JOHN: Bipolar disorder based on family history, based on just what I told him as to how I was feeling. Having experienced rejection for the first time from a girl obviously I was feeling a lot of natural things. But based on those feelings and family history he was quick to diagnose me.

SID: Okay. You have a desire to write songs, worship. You’re married, you’re 32 years of age and a deal, a record deal that was going to be, a man with a big cigar was going to make you a star, a movie star. What was his name, Colonel something or other. But it didn’t quite work out that way and you went into a tailspin. You had been on medicine for most of your life now for this condition that was diagnosed. It was actually a word curse is what occurred, because his mother said, when she saw him depressed, what were her exact words?

JOHN: She said, “He’s got it.” She said, my father heard her in the other room. She said, “He’s got it, I can just tell.”

SID: That curse, 20 years of medication. So he doesn’t get the deal. He goes into a tailspin and a couple sent by God comes into his house and prays for him. What happened?

JOHN: Well I had been prayed for before, but not like this. When this couple prayed over me, they anointed me, my head with oil. They said, “We want to pray for your deliverance.” And so I had never even really heard that term before. People had said they wanted to pray for my healing before. But this was a different kind of thing. It was deliverance. When they prayed for me I felt the power of the Holy Spirit come upon me and I felt heat in my body. And when they were done praying I knew something had happened. I knew something had broken. I didn’t even understand what had happened, but I knew something had changed.

SID: Twenty years of this addiction and something changed. But he continued with the medication. But five months later, funny thing, he ran out of medication and he just didn’t buy any. So what happened, John?

JOHN: Well we had moved to Colorado. You know, my band, after the record deal fell through the band broke up. I didn’t know where I was going to go with my life. But I got an opportunity to move to Colorado and we took it, and we moved to Colorado. That’s where I ran out of medication. And I didn’t tell my wife. I just stopped taking it. I weaned myself. And probably six months later I just all of a sudden realized, you know what, God really did set me free. I really am healed. I really am delivered. And I turned to my wife and I said, “Guess what, I’m delivered.” She was like, what do you mean? I was like, “I’m delivered from depression. I haven’t taken medication in six months.” And she was like, you know!

SID: I think that isn’t even an exaggeration of what his wife… but listen to this. He had five children. One year later, he had nine children. Do you know what that took? It took crazy faith. And John, I want you to go to the music set because I love this song, because there’s another word for crazy faith. It’s called normal, as defined by the Bible or there’s a Hebrew word I like to use, meshugganah faith. John Waller, “Crazy Faith.”

JOHN [music, singing]: Oh God, I hear you. You really want me to walk up to that mountain… This is crazy. But her face in that picture, I said that’s our daughter. But we can’t swim this ocean, but you’re telling us to move. This is crazy, yeah. Lord, this scares me, yeah. But it’s gonna take crazy faith. So what if it costs everything. I’m stepping out. I’m taking the leap of crazy faith. Crazy faith. Wherever you may lead I’ll go. Lead me Lord. I’ll follow you. It’s gonna take crazy faith. It’s gonna take crazy faith. So what if it costs everything. I’m stepping out. I’m taking a leap of crazy faith.

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Sid Roth on April 17th, 2014

Sid Roth 722-Kennedy

SID: This sounds awful. Her pet dog bites off somewhere between a third and half of her, is it upper lip?

SANDRA: Upper lip.

SID: And will an upper lip grow back?

SANDRA: They told me the upper lip would not grow back. If it had been the bottom lip, it would reproduce itself. The upper lip would not.

SID: Okay. So they wanted to do half a dozen or so surgeries, plastic surgeries and she says, no, because the repercussion was it wasn’t going to look that good. But it looked better than it was because they sewed it back just so she could get out and it stopped bleeding, and her mouth was messed up. In 10 days, she had a conference. And I understand you spoke to your lip. Tell me how you did that.

SANDRA: I did. And when they tell me that nobody with a surgery, they said I’d never be able to smile again. I’d never see all my teeth again and I wouldn’t be able to speak. I’m a preacher. And but so when the conference came around, again, my nose is sitting basically over here. My whole mouth is lopsided. I can speak only out of the side of this little corner of the mouth. But I went over and had the conference, and I’m teaching them on healing, and I’m on, I’m whosoever is going after my what’s whatever, and in between me and my what’s whatever is a mountain. And the Bible says. “Speak to that mountain.” Well my mountain was this mouth and this lip. And so when I got to that place in the service teaching them how to grab hold of their healing, I turned around and said, “It’s every man for himself.” I turned my back to the complete audience, threw my hands up in the air and I began to tell that lip in the name of Jesus to move itself, because I had already been speaking to it, Sid. I had already told the doctor I would not look at any book that had any cleft lips or anything in it. I would not look at it. I would not get that picture in my mind. I had already put on every wall in my house a picture of me smiling, a beautiful smile of course, all over my house, and that’s what I looked at. That’s what I wanted in my mind. So when I turned my back on the congregation I began to command that lip, just like this, in the name of Jesus, I command you, lip in Jesus’ name to reform, reshape and to materialize, and to grow in Jesus’ name. I took my fingers and I began to speak to it. I command you to move. I command.

SID: All these hundreds of people, they’re watching you.

SANDRA: They’re watching my back, honey, ’cause I got my back to them. Hallelujah.

SID: Okay.

SANDRA: But there are screams and they are watching me. They are watching me.

SID: Okay. So you’re talking to your lip. Every man for himself
SANDRA: Every man for himself.

SID: What happens?

SANDRA: It moved. My lip moved. My lip moved. It didn’t move a whole lot, but it moved. I knew that it moved. I wasn’t even talking plain because I couldn’t even hardly speak and because all of my lips are glued to my teeth.

SID: So you’re kind of speaking from the side of your mouth.

SANDRA: From this little side of my mouth. I’m holding the microphone over here like this.

SID: How would you have liked to been at a healing conference and your teacher, your great teacher can’t even speak.

SANDRA: Right. And got black gut on top of that. Oh man.

SID: You were really concerned.

SANDRA: That bothered me bad. Yes, absolutely.

SID: Out of curiosity, what happened to the other people when they were speaking to their mouth or their problem?

SANDRA: Well of course, when it moved I screamed and yelled, because, praise God, because I felt it move. Well then they started praising God and screaming because they started experiencing healings. So it just supernaturally went all through the audience and everywhere. You know, that faith just began to just rise up everywhere.

SID: Now did you ever go back to that doctor?

SANDRA: I did.

SID: What did he say?

SANDRA: I went back as a regular schedule. I went back and he said, “What are you doing?” And I said, well, let me tell you.” So I told him what I was doing. I told him I was speaking to my lip and all this kind of thing and he said to me, “You still must look at this book with all these pictures because you will never be able to smile, dah, dah, dah.” And I said, “I will not. And I will look at pictures of me just with a beautiful smile. I will be able to smile. I will be able to speak. My God will do it.” And he just looked at me and he said, “Well whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it.

SID: How long, do whatever you’re doing and you’re doing it? How long did you do it?

SANDRA: About eight or nine months.

SID: Eight, would you have stuck with it like that?

SANDRA: Eight or nine months.

SID: Eight or nine months. And I want you to look, get a close up of her smile. Smile at this camera. Now that’s better than any plastic surgeon I know. I’ll tell you what—

SANDRA: Never had a plastic surgery. Never had anything done.

SID: But you know what the devil meant for evil, God used for good. Why do I say this? She learned a new way of praying that she’s going to explain to you when we come back. Don’t you dare go away.

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Sid Roth on April 11th, 2014


Sid:  Getting ready for eternity to invade time; for those that are perhaps tuning in the first time my guest by way of telephone is Renny McLean.  Now Renny was born in England his mother is Jewish, father is Jamaican. At a young age at age 7 his mother had visitations from the Lord and was a seer.  He couldn’t get away with anything and when his mother said something it happened and that’s the way he was raised.  But at the age 7 literally a light came into his room and Jesus appeared and he had a Heavenly visitation.  He does not look at things the way most American Christians do, he looks at things from Heaven’s perspective as opposed to earth’s perspective. I have to tell you Renny although I am really enjoying your new book “Eternity Invading Time” I feel that I got to read it and reread it.  Now I’m not an ignorant person I’ve been a believer many years; I’m a college graduate not that that means so much. But I mean I shouldn’t have to do it, but I’ve got to read it and read it and then read it again; why is that Renny?

Renny:  Because when it comes to the realm of the Spirit the realm of the Spirit has to be perceived. Because it has to be perceived it means it has to be revealed. Because if it’s not revealed it’s not known; and that’s the reason why in fact that we have to read it again and again and again and again.  I’m telling you brother Sid we’ve had well known people read that book great theologians that are Spirit filled read that book and their exact words were “To get the fullness of this book you can’t get it in one sitting.” It’s not a bed time story read. I mean it’s not a bed time sit read; I mean no I mean it’s a time if you are…I just heard it Sid; see if we’re seeking God for the next level for that realm of the miraculous where we can tangibly experience it and move in it and manifest it you know you’re going to get answers to questions in that book.  Because I mean the answers are there; the answer; the answers are there in that book.  And that’s not me the author saying it that’s what well-known who have read the book have said.

Sid:  Well, it’s so new that you can’t have a great retail feedback but tell me one well-known person what he said about the book.

Renny:  Okay one well-known person who has said something about the book; Okay Dr. T.L. Lowery.

Sid: Well, many of us are familiar with him he has quite a reputation.

Renny: Yes, he read my book; I bumped into him at a book convention in Denver and we bumped into each other and needless to say I said “Lord if he’s supposed to have this book put him in my path.”  And the Lord put him in my path and I said “Dr. Lowery we have a mutual friend Marcus & Joanie Lamb.”  He said “Well, praise the Lord” here’s the book and I promise you this will change your life.  He read that book three times in one day and 24 hours he called my office requesting several more of those books it so changed his life and it’s still changing his life today.

Sid: Now I want to ask you a few questions just because many of our listeners are not familiar with you.  I am in awe of the various creative miracles that occur so often in your ministry.

Renny: Yes.

Sid: Tell me about some creative miracles involving eyes.

Renny:  Okay, oh oh beautiful. Okay years ago and I mean and I’m saying it’s relatively new I guess it’s relative it’s not that far because all time is relative. Some years ago I was in Washington preaching and I remember one day I was there for three nights it was a three night event and the glory of the Lord was in the meeting each night. There seemed to be overwhelming sense of God’s presence and glory.  And I feel that glory coming on us now even as we speak you know don’t be surprised if while you’re hearing this broadcast you’re just being healed.  And it was an awesome presence of God in the meeting; and I’ll never forget that the glory was manifesting and I think people was worshiping because we teach this principal about the glory of God for the miraculous.  We teach this principal with great depth this is what we say to people.  God inhales our worship; He inhales it and He exhales the glory. What God exhales is based on what He inhaled. If our worship doesn’t ascend into the nostrils of God there is no manifestation in the glory.  So the question is how much of the glory do we really want; so we worship…

Sid: So the people… I’ve got to put a God commercial in right now Renny.  So the people who go to meetings and say “I’m waiting for the superstar to speak you’re taking too long with the worship” have missed what’s going on.

Renny: Totally they’ve missed it; they’ve missed it because you got to create the atmosphere for the worship for the miracles to manifest.  The tangibility of the miracles is based on the atmosphere.

Sid:  I love the statement that you made Renny I’ve got to repeat it; “God inhales our worship and exhales His glory.”

Renny: Yes He does; oh yes.  See the problem is in the church that we either don’t worship long enough or if we do we don’t have a sense; we don’t have a sense; we don’t have a sense of what we’re doing.  Because we’ve often at times worship as if it’s the thing to do and we don’t realize we’re creating the environment that’s on; sorry we’re creating Heaven’s environment in the earth’s realm. 

Sid: Let me ask you a question that I’ve been thinking about actually ever since I’ve been reading your book where to talk about the new song which most Christians have never even heard of.  But I was thinking about a signs and wonders ministry that most people think of when they hear signs and wonders and that’s Benny Hinn.

Renny:  Right.

Sid:  And of course I know Benny but also knew Katherine Kuhlman and both of them understood the dimension that you’re talking about.

Renny: Oh my Lord.

Sid: If you take the worship out of a Benny Hinn meeting or previously a Katherine Kuhlman meeting I don’t think you’d have the same miracles.

Renny: Well, the truth is you wouldn’t have miracles at all because the secret of it if you remove a fish from water it dies; life corresponds with environment.  Well when you remove worship from the church there’s no correspondence to Heaven.  So His kingdom isn’t coming and it’s not being done on earth as it is in Heaven because in Heaven worships going on.  And in Heaven everything is healed there’s nothing in Heaven that incomplete in fact if we realize it and looked at it in the realm of the Spirit that’s when it means if we realize what the worship the miraculous would manifest but we stop at the point of breakthrough you know. We either worship to fill in a place or to fill in a spot in the service but we don’t realize that we’re filling in blanks and the atmosphere for the supernatural to manifest.  We’re charging the atmosphere with our worship and I’ll tell you Sid why it’s so important when I say this because at times we go to services and we look for the musicians to carry the worship.  But people don’t realize this the original sound of the glory is on your voice, the voiceprint of God is in our voice when we’re worshiping God and God in Spirit and in Truth.  That means when you open your mouth to worship God knows who’s worshiping in the church; He knows who… that’s real scary.  God knows who’s worshiping in other words you can’t hide in the service; everybody’s voiceprint is different; just how your thumbprint is different.  If we realize our voiceprint in the realm of the Spirit is attached to a miracle that means the miracle is in our mouth as we worship God the miracles would start to break forth.  The problem is we wanting somebody else’s worship to bring us our side to Heaven.

Sid: But what if someone goes to a good Spirit filled church but their really… worship isn’t the highlight and they see it but they decide they’re going to worship God with all their worth even if the rest of the congregation isn’t.  What will happen to that person?

Renny: Worship is contagious; the secret of it is it takes one person sometimes to start it and as you start the bull rolling other people will step in the flow and step in the river of God.  The secret of it is you’ve got to see yourself at that moment in time as the person that God anointed with the Spirit of worship to bring in the glory in the church.  Then as you start to worship others will start to step in.

Sid: You know another thing that I was just talking about myself is many times the words in the songs are unbelief; they sound wonderful but there plain unbelief and I don’t want to proclaim that and so what I’ll do is I’ll just sing in unknown tongues.

Renny: Oh, that’s wonderful I do that all the time (Laughing) oh that’s good, that’s the secret because what people do not realize is that what you are confessing is what you are decreeing.

Sid: I refuse to proclaim with my lips some of the words of some of the popular songs.

Renny: Oh sure I totally agree with you because I certainly don’t do it; in fact many times when songs are sung that do not match what Heaven’s says about us many of the times I just sing in the Spirit.  I just sing in the Spirit because I’m not going to attach that word to my spirit because I’m aware that want I’m saying what we’re saying is what we’re sowing and what we’re sowing is what we’re going to reap.

Sid:  Renny, your new book “Eternity Invading Time.”

Renny: Yes sir.

Sid:  It’s a now book; if you want to understand what is going on in the earth from Heaven’s perspective, and I have to believe a lot of what if not all of this book came really from the Spirit of God.

Renny: Oh, let me tell you sometime for years God had dealt with me on it and really and truly because it came from the throne of God; it came from the throne of God. And I mean every chapter in that book was birth out of the visitation of God that we had had in one of our meetings. So everything that you see that’s in print in that book is actually in the at… came out of the atmosphere of God’s glory with great signs and wonders followed.  It came out of a miracle atmosphere.  That’s why people who read that book they don’t just receive miracles and experience miracles, but they learn how to move in miracles.

Sid: Well, I have to tell you that the title “Eternity” that’s God’s realm.

Renny: Yeah.

Sid: “Invading Time” that’s the realm we’re in it’s as if you state in your book “Eternity is drawing closer to earth.”

Renny: Yes it is oh my goodness yes because time is shortening; time is shortening Yeshua is coming and time is shortening. That simply implies that the time that we have left on the earth… everything that is prophesied has to take place in this time frame.

Sid: Whoops we’re out of time oh unfortunately we’re in that earth realm right now; one day we we’ll be in eternity realm even on the radio.

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