Sid Roth on December 18th, 2014

Jeff Burke

Sid: I believe that we’re coming into a strategic time in history where it’s not going to be a few superstars; it’s going to be the Super Star working through you.  I believe that the average layman will be just like the average layman in the first church.  And you know that the least believer in the Messiah walked in the supernatural.  And that’s the way that it’s always supposed to be; but somehow it got perverted.  But just before the Messiah returns we’re going to have that glorious One New Man Congregation where everyone is going to go out into the highways and byways and move in such extraordinary prophecy and miracles and words of knowledge and words of wisdom.  People will just say “Ah, God has just invaded my midst; what should I do to be saved?”  And that’s the norm not the exception and may that day come quickly.  I have a man in my studio his name is Jeff Burke; he’s from Cartersville, Georgia. Jeff moves in such extraordinary signs and wonders that I fancy myself if you will as your mentor of the supernatural.  So I want to learn something from Jeff and I want you to learn something from Jeff.  Now Jeff at age 21 you were pasturing a Baptist Church; your father was a Baptist Pastor. You were not Spirit Filled at all but you heard a voice from God that told you to go into ministry; tell me about that.

Jeff:  We had a very good friend in our family named Milton Rexroad in Pine Mountain, Georgia. When he went home to be with the Lord we’d gone to his funeral, and our family loved him very much.  And I was standing there I felt like I heard a voice say and the voice said “I’ve called one home but you’re to be in his stead; so I’m calling you and I’m calling you into the ministry.” And of course at the time I didn’t… the only thing that I knew to do was walk down the aisle and say “I want to be a preacher.”  (Laughing)

Sid: And I’m sure your father was very grateful when you said that.  Your father, although he wasn’t Spirit-Filled he would move in words of wisdom and words of knowledge.  Do you remember one time that happened and tell me about it?

Jeff:  Yes, I remember on occasion he was really seeking the Lord and knew that there was more than what he’d been experiencing and so he felt like God had spoken to him one day and just he heard… He spoke to a lady about he said “Look, God’s going to heal you from that time that the kids walked around you saying “You’re an ugly horse; an ugly horse.”

Sid: Now that takes courage to even say that to a person.  You’re dad must have really been kind of courageous to do this.

Jeff:  (Laughing)

Sid: I mean I can’t… it’s difficult to see me walking to a woman and saying “Remember the time kids circled around you and said “You’re an ugly horse.”  But go ahead.

Jeff:  So he spoke that to her; and amazing thing about it she was a very attractive beautiful lady.  And so her husband even came to my dad, and said “Look she’s very attractive how could anybody ever say that?”  And then she responded and said “No, she said, “When I was about 10 years old she said many people said I had the features of a horse and the kids were dancing around me just saying “You ugly horse; you ugly horse.” and so what it did it just set her free and emotionally was a blessing for her to be able to go on and have some confidence in some things.

Sid: And the amazing this is this is even before as you said you father was Spirit-Filled.  But some things happened along the way that were not according to the script of the Baptist church.

Jeff: (Laughing)

Sid: You told me about a time that you were singing the song “Victory in Jesus” and you’ve had a whole string of thoughts… just all your frustration came out; tell me about that.

Jeff:  Well, as I was singing that song I began to realize I was going “Well, what victory do we really have?”  And so I went to my father and I said “Daddy, I want to ask you a question.”  I said “We stand every Sunday and then we’ll speak and we’ll preach and we’ll teach and then we’ll say ‘We have victory in Jesus.’ ” But then I said “We turn around and say even though we have victory in Jesus but God don’t do anything more.”  And then we turn around and say “But Satan still does stuff,” I said “I really don’t understand the victory in that; how can that be victory if God doesn’t do anything but Satan still does?”  I said “I just don’t understand how that’s victory.”  So he responded to me and he said “Well son there are people and they seem to get their prayers answered better than we do and some are called Pentecostal, Spirit-Filled, charismatic.” And he said “They really do get their prayers answered but you know of course they speak in tongues so that’s from the devil so I don’t see how that’s from God.”  And that’s just the way we were taught and so I began seeking.  And even other things and we had already began to see about the reality of demonic things. And even some of our own literature that was being given to us that there was a reality of manifestations of demonic things. And so I began to study and as I began to study our literature it became… it just wasn’t satisfying to me. Because it would go to the point but I still couldn’t see any of the victory in it. And they talked about people that did deliverance did these things. And I began to seek other things; I really began to go and study things other than Christian literature which really began to get me in some trouble. And I looked at something and I looked at something in the library called the 5th Book of Moses.

Sid: Well, you know it says in the Bible a little bit of leaven will leaven the whole loaf.  Now the leaven in many instances represents sin, but whatever you take in you get more than you bargained for.  If you take something good in you get more than you bargain for of good.  If you take something bad in and I’m so concerned about all of the books and movies and television programs that are out now that have this leaven of New Age.   And Mishpochah his father said “Let’s not have anything to do with the Charismatic’s because they speak in tongues.”  And Jeff had that door closed to him and the only supernatural door that was available was the demonic; that’s pretty much what happened to you.

Jeff:  Yes, actually in my own family study I found that I had an Aunt that was doing Tarot Card reading.  Found another Aunt that in the south we called “Have born with a veil over her face.”  And my grand daddy did something called “Speaking Fire.” And so there was supernatural things happening in our family but they all came from something other than the Lord as I began to study.

Sid: But as you got deeper into these things; I guess you must have left the ministry because you got very successful in business.

Jeff:  Yes, this is under the blood of Jesus but praise the Lord I went out one day and I looked up at the heavens and said “God I’ve always believed that you Your a sovereign God but You’ll have to prove it to me because I’m going to go raise something other than heaven.”  And actually began to use the incantations, the chants, the prayers that I learned that was not of God. And began to use it to begin to get promotions. And I went into secular work and I began to get those promotions.  And even reached a place and a time where I was one place above getting as high as I could go in the company; and I seemed to have tremendous favor there. At the same time drugs were getting a hold of me; I was… because of a stress of a million dollar business I was smoking about 4 packs of cigarettes a day.

Sid: So you were very successful? Did you attribute your involvement in witchcraft to your success?  Did you correlate the two?

Jeff: I would like to say that I understood more than I did; but to me it just seemed to be a coincidence of both of them. But I’m going as long as it’s working I’ll keep trying this.  And it was very difficult; my health began to go down. 

Sid: That devil doesn’t play fair does he?

Jeff:  He sure doesn’t.

Sid: But there was something else going on simultaneous with your parents.

Jeff:  Yes, praise the Lord they had been… they’d got to seeking; my dad really got to seeking himself.  And when he did he came to a place; had actually reached his goal of pasturing the highest church that he could pasture.  And wound up saying that… I don’t know if I can say this on radio or not but in the worst hell that he could be in.  And so he left; went to a little cabin he and my mom just began to pray.  Told the Lord “I’ll go though whatever door you open up.” And so he wound up pasturing in a small country church; but being very content in seeking after God. And during that time he invited a man that had been the pastor of the church that had been his friend. And when he did that the man had been filled with the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Oh, hold that thought we’ll pick up here tomorrow Mishpochah.

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Sid Roth on December 8th, 2014


Sid: My guest David Herzog is red hot for the Messiah. I mean this is a man that God has taught step by step how to move in the glory of God. And when the tangible glory of God shows up everything speeds up in reference to the promises of God’s word.  And so I was kind of surprised when he came out with a book; I mean in such a comprehensive book.  One book that has every area of health covered.  It’s called “Jump Start Your Way to Healthy Living.”  David for those that perhaps tuning in for the first time, why does someone that understands the miraculous… you see people bald get their hair back instantly in the glory; you see people lose weight. I know I went to one of your meetings right before me I saw people that lost weight right before me. I saw a woman’s hair change from white to brown; I mean why are you fooling around with nutrition?

David: (Laughing) Because I see a lot of people that get healed in meetings but then they don’t keep their healing because they go back to their normal lifestyle. So the Lord really led me to say you know you need to tell people not just how to get healed but how to stay healthy.  Otherwise they’re going to keep coming; I’ll never be out of a job but I’d rather be out of a job and people don’t come for healing anymore because they stay healed. That’d be the best.

Sid:  And that’s a problem; let me add this is a personal question but maybe someone else is thinking this question.  I don’t get out in the sun much unlike you I know you love being outside and I saw the mountain you like to climb in Sedona, Arizona.   But so I don’t get out much; one reason I don’t get out much is I don’t want to deal with skin cancer, and the other is that I take vitamin D capsule. What would you suggest for someone like myself?

David: Yeah, you don’t want to overdo the sun but if you do like 20 minutes a day, 20 minutes a day on as much of your body as possible that’s the best form of vitamin D your body naturally can deal with that.  Most of the civilizations around the world for the last 6,000 years sunlight… people out in the sun.  Now for the last 100 years modern age people are not in the sun and it’s affecting them in many ways.  It’s good to take a supplement though if you’re not in the sun and that’s find but if you can get out even 20 minutes a day I think you’ll notice even greater metabolism acceleration; it’s greater for your skin. Now if you eat healthy and you start cleaning out your diet then I noticed too there is a lot less cases of skin cancer.  What happens is that people don’t eat healthy; oils in your skin get locked and then they create cancer. So a lot of people that have healthier diets like in these 3rd world countries they’re out in the sun all day and you hardly hear of any skin cancers.

Sid: Another subject he deals with even your appearance based on things that God’s put on this earth.  Also you talk about age reversal; now I know everyone listening wants to know about that.  Personally I believe as I stand in the glory every day I’m getting age reversal but you know what it’s just as supernatural knowing that the foods that God has put in this earth to accomplish that; tell me about it.

David: Oh yeah, for age reversal it’s really amazing because in the Bible you see people that lived 120 or 500 years. And even at their death they were still strong and healthy it was their time to go.  Age reversal there’s like different hormones in your body that deal with age reversal.  Like some people get Alzheimer’s the brain stops functioning and that’s it acetylcholine, it’s one of the hormones that when you start losing that your brain starts to dry up.  So there’s natural things you can do to speed that up, your acetylcholine levels, so that you don’t get Alzheimer’s, you don’t get dementia so there’s different… now you said about skin too.  Like different foods that you can eat to make you look a lot younger; cucumbers, celery, are one of the healthiest things for your skin.  It actually goes and cleans the cells inside your skin.  So you kind of asked me 2 questions so age reversal and then looking younger and healthier.  There is also like serotonin levels in your body, that’s what helps you get more sleep.  When you lose serotonin in your body, that’s the thing that makes you sleep deep and long you start aging faster.

Sid: So what kind of food has serotonin in it?

David: Black pepper, cayenne pepper helps with it, thyme, and turmeric, basil, peppermint, nutmeg and sage.  I have a whole list in my book of these things that actually helps to reduce it.  Like for instance, sage helps you with serotonin levels and reduced fear, paranoia, and delusions, it’s been known to do that by doctors.

Sid:  What about you talk about tea as an important drink.

David: Yeah for calming yourself chamomile tea is one of the best.  Chamomile has a calming kind of property to it that a lot of people realize they take…that’s why an hour before you sleep at night I take a chamomile tea and it calms you; it a calming tea it’s wonderful.

Sid: And what about green tea, what’s green tea do for you?

David: Oh, green tea yeah that’s something that give you… it’s a little bit of a stimulant not like coffee but it helps you lose weight, it age reverses your body.  It has amazing properties that go inside your body.  Like the Japanese are really big on green tea a lot of the Asian countries; Asians look pretty young, they age a lot better than the western world and they happen to drink a lot of green tea.

Sid: Now you talk about people that live long and the people that live the longest live in Okinawa, Japan. What are they doing?  What has been their diet that’s making them live so long?

David: Yeah, Okinawa first of all they don’t eat like the rest of the Japanese; they eat way less white rice. White pasta, white rice all of that carbs isn’t good for your body it slows down your anti-aging. They’re also outdoors a lot more; there are people over 100 years old still going to the store, exercising, swimming. They also have a lot of coral calcium in their diet.  So there’s a combination of stress-free healthier living, eating healthier foods and not eating so much carbs and rice. So that combination is causing them to live longer and be productive.  They’re actually not only living to 120 they’re actually productive at that age too.

Sid: Now what about something we hear talked about a lot. When I was younger we didn’t even know the word, and that is gluten.

David: Oh yeah, gluten…a lot of people are I think my daughter is that way as well, she can’t have gluten she has a reaction to it.  Because the modern food that we eat today is so tainted it’s not the original food God created, the glutens, the wheats all those things start causing huge problems in people’s bodies. And so the food chain especially in America is getting worse and worse so that people can’t even digest gluten. So it’s very, very important to get stuff and food that’s not full of glutens.  Go back to a raw natural healthy eating lifestyle and a lot of sicknesses will be healed.  I think you mentioned to me that you saw a show the other night about gluten and the different…

Sid: Oh they’re proving that there’s a connection between eating a lot of gluten and Alzheimer’s now.

David: Oh I totally believe it.  It blocks up your system, anything that blocks up your system doesn’t come out quickly stays in there and causes a lot of trouble.

Sid: David in your book you speak a lot about thinking and thoughts.  How does it affect your life?

David: Oh, big time you know thoughts can actually shift things in your body. If you start to think about someone that hurt you or someone that you’re angry about even though you might have forgiven them but you start to think about it or mediate on it.

Sid: Well, I kind of question that you’ve really forgiven them if you keep thinking about it. But go ahead.

David: Exactly, what happens the toxins in your body actually goes into a toxic state just by thinking about someone that rejected you or hurt you or just rehashing it recreates as if it’s happening in your emotions immediately starts to feel it. And your body actually starts to shut down, toxins and poisons go in your bloodstream. And that’s why the Bible says you know before you sleep at night don’t keep your anger because it actually affects your body and you start to get sick.  Your immune system shuts down and it’s really bad.  Let’s say the boss says “I want to talk to you in my office please after work.”  Ah, you start thinking the worse, you start panicking you get stress, you’re exhausted, you’re worried and then you find out that you were getting a raise.  But because you feared the worst your body went into a mode of fear, panic, and toxins go into your body.

Sid: So you’re saying as you say in your book “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

David: Exactly, you know that scientists have discovered that when you think about something on a high enough level you can actually create the subatomic particle of that which you are thinking about.

Sid:  That’s pretty way out there. (Laughing) But actually I have a quote from you on that from your book. And what you said is “As we start to see the future in reality we’re actually tapping into the future at the moment that we start seeing it.” What do you mean by that?

David:  Yeah, well the Bible says “The substance of things hoped for.” So you start us out thinking about something that you are hoping for that God; you know that it’s from God and you have faith you actually start thinking about it you actually have a substance of that future. For instance we had a meeting at Topeka, Kansas and I said “Someone here hair is turning black.”  And a man in his 70’s came up and the front of his hair had turned from while to black; the back was still white.  Now I told the 700 people I said “Now stare at the back of his head but I want you to see it by faith that the back now was also turned black.” So we didn’t pray, we didn’t declare we all stared at the back of his head 700 people and put him on the stage in front of everybody his hair turned black.  So as a man thinks; so is he.  Jesus says “He’ll do above what you can ask for or think.”  So if you can ask Lord “Thank you for healing this person in Jesus Name.” And they get healed you can actually think it also and God can answer your thoughts as a prayer.

Sid: Even it works in reverse as you were explaining; if you think about negative things when you’re trying to go to sleep.

David: Yeah, it actually drain your body because you’re thinking about it and your emotions get connected and your body gets connected to that negative. And it’s like a downward spiral, you get drained, and pretty soon you’re foggy, you’re low.  It affects your emotions, your body your hormones everything gets affected just by thinking about something sad, or angry or rejection thought your whole body starts to feel it it’s really, really bad.

Sid: That’s why I love the special we have for the refrigerator; it’s part of the “Power and the Glory Package.”  And the magnet has points that you’ve come up with on living stress-free in the glory as just reminders every day.

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Sid Roth on December 4th, 2014

Debbie Rich

Sid: My guest by way of telephone; I’m speaking to her in Toronto Canada where she’s ministering. Her name if Dr. Debbie Rich; she’s an associate evangelist with Rodney Howard Browns ministry. And Debbie went through hell on earth in a marriage in which she was physically abused, emotionally abused, emotionally abused.  She almost lost her life and finally God said enough is enough; and she left her husband and she divorced he was unfaithful, she doesn’t advocate that but in her case it was right. And as a child she had experiences with God that she felt like God said that she’d be preaching the gospel all over the world. Here she has 3 children, a bad marriage, not hope. But you know something; when there is no hope and you rely on God where there is no hope a door will open; a supernatural door will open.  And God has so blessed  Debbie, she’s doing what she saw. Now you wrote a song based I believe on your visitation from the Lord called “I asked for fresh Oil.” And you explained with your voice being as hoarse as it is right that you would not want to sing it but I just believe that we have some very thirsty people that needs some fresh oil right Dr. Debbie Rich and that if you would speak a few of the words of the song and pray for the people. But before you do that just teach a few minutes about the fresh oil.

Debbie:  Alright on one of the earlier broadcasts I talked about Acts chapter 2 where they were baptized in the Holy Spirit and accused of being drunk in the Holy Spirit. And one of the forms that the Holy Spirit takes many times is on joy unspeakable and full of glory. And at other times it’s as though  oil were running down you. That’s why one of the symbolism of the Holy Spirit is oil; one is fire; one is wine; one is wind.  And when He is flooding you and saturating you joy comes many times, weeping comes; sometimes you almost sense the physical manifestation of warm honey running down you.  In the Old Testament when the vials of anointing would be poured on someone for youth, for the ministry, or upon the priests it would run down Aaron’s beard and his clothing. When David was taken from just being that shepherd boy that stunk like the sheep and brought into his father’s house and Samuel anointed  him it was that anointing running down David that changed him from a shepherd boy to becoming king of Israel. And that anointing will heal up the broken heart. The Bible says the anointing destroys the yoke of bondage; it annihilates it and one version says the fat of gob will come around your neck and so that no yoke can hang on.  No bondage, no depression, no oppression, no alcoholism, no drug addiction, whatever the bondage is, no lust, no temper when the fat of God collects around your neck no yoke can remain around your neck anymore it’s annihilated.

Sid: I know one of your favorite ministries is a prison ministry.  What happens to some of those prisoners that hear you speak and pray?

Debbie:  Oh my, I have watched mean on death row and in prison for 99 year sentences become saturated with the Holy Spirit and set free.  We watch them being delivered of homosexuality, of alcoholism, drug addiction, rage; mean who are in there for murder now preaching the gospel. That anointing changes a life in a moment and that’s what I’m going to pray that you are changed with this day. I always tell the Holy Spirit that I don’t ever want to minister without Your anointing. I have nothing of myself and it’s Your anointing that sets the captives free. It has set me free, it will set you free listening today. And I do want to pray for everyone out there right now. Holy Spirit I come to You in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior and I thank You for that resurrection power that brought Christ out of the grave. And that power is available to us even now and I pray that You come into every household represented. People listening to this on the job site; You come where they’re at that You walk right into prisons and jail cells today. Wherever people are in their cars and You come with that sweet sweet anointing by You glory. Lord let You oil run down them; let it heal up the broken-hearted today. That healing balm of Gilead; let Your joy flood their heart; let Your supernatural joy that comes right in the middle of circumstances. Right in the middle of some of the literal hell that some people are living in their homes and Lord You meet them right where they’re at; You heal up their heart like you did mine. You give them an anointing to give that away so that other broken-hearts can be healed up to set the captive free. Lord I ask that you fill them with Your fire; Your boldness; new fresh love; Lord that they are restored to their first love in You.  Maybe some are listening that don’t even know you at all; Lord let them make You Savior this day by praying the prayer and asking You to come into their heart and forgive them of their sin right now. And to declare that Jesus is their Lord and their Savior. And Lord that do know You give the fresh hope today; let the anointing so change them and permeate them and fill them full of joy that that cloud goes; that that depression goes; that oppression goes in Jesus name. That every demon that has been trying to haunt them and trying to tell them that they need to take their own life and they’ll never  amount to anything and that their life will never be any different. That  is a lie from the pits of hell. Reveal Yourself to them right now. sweet Holy Spirit reveal Jesus to them right now so that they can have an encounter with a God of love; a God of might; a God of power; a good of healing in Jesus Name I pray.  Amen and amen.

Sid: Tell me about people that have bad marriages when the anointing of God comes on both of them. Pick one couple and tell me about them.

Debbie:  Alright, we had a couple in Boisman, Montana that the husband walked in; told his wife that I am leaving you; I don’t love you I haven’t loved you for a long time.  I’m walking out on you and on our 2 small children. And she was coming to our revival meetings and she said “I ask only one thing, I will never ask finances or anything if you will do this one thing, you owe me at least this to come to at lease one night of revival.”  He laughed at her and told her it won’t do any good and that’s the only thing you ask I’ll come one night. And as they both told me they were both sitting  there in the service and the presence of the Lord just enveloped him and he began to shake. And he said “That lady” referring to myself; that lady preacher is going to get me I know she is.” Because I was walking up and down the aisles laying hands on people and I never heard him say that and I never went over to where he was sitting.  But I gave an altar call and he came running  to the altar; he fell out before he could even get to the altar begging the Lord to forgive him and he was baptized in the Holy Spirit that night. And when they got home his wife said that he would never let her go to sleep. He just kept holding her and staring at her and he said “You are the most beautiful woman in the world, where have I been, how could I be so blind; I don’t know what has been wrong with me.”  And he would weep and then he walked into his children’s bedrooms and he picked up his little boy and his little girl in their little beds and he would hold them. And he’s say “I love them so much I can’t believe I was going to walk out on them.  And they both told me their story and as he  told me his part he was holding his boy and his girl right then and then he said What if you wouldn’t had come Debbie I wouldn’t have even been with my family right now.”  And I said “I’m sure the Lord in His grace would have sent someone but I’m so glad that I got to be the one.”  And even though I lived through so much abuse in my own life I have watched couples marriages restored.  No matter if beatings have taken place, adultery has taken place; God has forgiven people and restored them and it’s like they were finally having the honeymoon that they’d never had. He’s the great God of restoration if He has two repentant hearts to work with.

Sid: Debbie briefly in your heart why did you write your story “From Crushed Grapes to New Wine” this book?

Debbie:  So people would know that what He’s done for me He wants to do for them.  He wants to heal up their hearts. And as my song says and I don’t have the word in front of me and it starts out saying “I ask…and let me say this I ask this for  you listening to me today. I ask for fresh oil from heaven once again.  The anointing of the Holy Spirit upon me. The anointing they have said gives you power to raise the dead; the anointing they have said opens up the eyes of the blind,  The anointing they have even said will heal the trouble mind; the anointing once again. And it goes on to talking about specific miracles that I want to see in this anointing and we’ve seen them today.  We have seen blind eyes open, deaf ears unstopped, cancerous tumors, leaving people, and now we’ve even seen the dead raised again.  And I pray that that precious anointing reaches you this day.  And if what I’ve lived through can reach one person so that you know that you can be healed up no matter what you have gone through then it has been more than worth it for me.

Sid: Debbie, thank you so much were out of time.


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Sid Roth on November 28th, 2014


Sid: Rodney Howard-Brown you are normal, normal as defined by the Bible. But most people that are not normal would call you pretty strange.  God spoke to you one time and He said “I will move all of the time if you let Me.”  What did He mean by that to you?

Rodney:  Well as a minister of the gospel we have to get out of the way; many times we can come into the pulpit with preconceived ideas; we can have all our notes; we can have this is going to happen. We can even time it down to the minute, but when the Spirit of God comes in and takes over it’s very unpredictable as far as what God is going to do.  It’s like flying a kite you know, you can fly… if you know how to fly a kite you can fly it will very little breeze. Whereas, somebody that doesn’t know can’t get the thing off the ground.  It’s like sailing a ship or your yacht, those that are experienced in sailing can sail a yacht in a very slight breeze where others will just stand stranded.  You got to learn the ways of the wind of the Spirit of God. So when I come into the place of ministry I always say, “Lord what do You want to do, I’ll do what You want me to do, I’ll say what you want me to say.”

Sid: Tell me one time where God told you to do something or something occurred that it was hard for you.

Rodney:  I walked out into a service and I looked and there was a man sitting on the front row.  And the guy looked like he was on the front page of a success magazine, I mean he looked like a million dollars. And we were in a worship time and I looked out and the Lord said to me “Tell him I’m going to give him the miracle and that it’s a half million dollar miracle that he’s believing God for he’s in dire straits.” And I thought “No, I’m not going to do that I… look at this guy I mean I can’t tell him that.”  And the word of the Lord came to me again.  And I pushed it away and the 3rd time it was so strong so I walked off the platform and I said “Sir, I don’t know you but the Lord told me that you are in dire straits and you need a $500,000 miracle.”  And the guy just began to weep and he collapsed on the floor.  And later on after the service he came and he said “Man I came here and I was desperate and he said I need a half a million by tomorrow otherwise they’re shutting my company down.  And if you had looked at the man from the outside you would have never, never had obeyed ever.  But what I’ve learned over the years you can’t go by the outside, you can’t go by what you see, you just have to obey the Lord and do what God tells you to do.

Sid: Now you’ve seen so many miracles in your meetings especially since you’re let the Holy Spirit minister as the Holy Spirit wants to.  Tell me about someone with cancer that was healed.

Rodney:   Back in ’94, and I use this as an example because it’s a pastor a dear friend of ours now came to the meetings diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the colon. It basically… doctors had given him up to die. And we’d had this morning special anointing service and I laid out in the power for several hours.  And he said this is his testimony but he said “When I laid hands on him he said it was like 5 of my fingers on his chest like five bolts of lightning went through him.  And God totally healed him every trace of cancer left his body.  Now he still pastors today, that was ’94 and here we are you know 2014 and so you can imagine he’s pastoring in Atlanta, Pastor Marion Koftin. It’s just phenomenal.  I mean God had burned every trace of cancer out of his body when there was nothing that the doctors could do for him.  Now when I laid hands on him I can’t tell you I felt 5 bolts of lightning, but he said “When I laid there in front of him he felt it was like the fire of God went right into him” and the Lord healed him. So I’ve learned over the years don’t go by what you feel just do exactly what the Bible says. “When the word of God declares “Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”  Our job to do is the laying on of hands, it’s God’s job to cause the recovery.

Sid: Tell me about someone that was confined to a wheelchair that was healed.

Rodney:  I was up in the State of Alaska in the city of Juno, and this is back ’91. Juno is a town of 30,000 where the Governess mansion is it’s the Capital of the State of Alaska. And on the Sunday night a little Tlingit Indian by the name of Dolly Phillips was in a wheelchair and they brought her forward.  I was praying just laying hands on everybody.  And I got to Dolly and I laid hands on her and I felt to ask her, I said “Dolly, what do you feel?” She said “I feel the presence of God.”  I said “Dolly, what do you want to do?”  She said “I want to get up right now.”  So then I worked with her faith. I said “Okay, come get up.” And I took her by the hand and she climbed up and she went around the whole building. What I did not know was that everyone knew Dolly Phillips, everyone knew Dolly Philips.  So over the next 3 weeks 1000’s of people came through that building.  I mean the power of God hit, we estimate probably 3½ thousand which is like 10% of Juno came through.  Hundreds and 100’s were saved, the power of God fell and all because of a little Tlingit Indian lady by the name of Dolly Philips climbed out of a wheelchair. And if you asked me if I felt anything that day?  I didn’t really feel anything other than just doing what God told me to do just lay hands on the people but she felt it and she climbed out of the chair and the rest is history.  A year ago we were in Juno Alaska and there her husband, she’s now gone home to be with the Lord, but they’re was Fred Phillips and we just hugged him and he reminded me of the time when his wife climbed out of that wheelchair and what a miracle. And people were stopping her in the streets and what happened to you Dolly, you were in the chair? And she said “Jesus healed me, it was remarkable.”

Sid: You believe that if someone get’s hungry enough they’ll be able to do everything they read in the Bible and everything that you do.  Do you really believe that they’ll be able to operate in the nine gifts of the Spirit? Do you believe that?

Rodney:  Beyond a shadow of a doubt because the promises are not just to those that are called to the 5 fold ministry. That when Jesus gave the great commission He said “God out into all the world and preach the gospel.” And then He said “These signs shall follow them that believe.”  In didn’t say the signs will follow the apostle, or the prophet or the evangelist, or the pastor or the teachers. The signs will follow the believer, “These signs will follow them that believe in My Name, they’ll cast out devil, they’ll lay hands on the sick, if the eat any deadly thing, or drink any deadly thing it will not harm them, they’ll take up serpents.”  That means there is supernatural protection with the great commission comes the great protection that God will protect you en route while you are carrying out the message of the gospel to the lost and the dying world.  And so we just have to be obedient to obey the Lord.  And the Bible says “The disciples went forth, they preached the word of God and God went with them confirming the word with signs following.” So yes beyond a shadow of a doubt.  All those that are hungry, all those that are thirsty, if you cry out for the Lord He will come and He will touch you and use you.

Sid: What advice would you give someone that says “Yes, I want more but the degree of hunger I’ve heard that happened to Rodney Howard-Brown when his oldest brother died, do I need a catalyst like that to be hungry.”  I mean answer that question.

Rodney: No, I don’t say that for everybody there’s a switch somewhere.  But I will tell you this you need to shut off your television, you need to shut off some of the outside attractions, take your Bible and start in the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and underline all of the miracles of Jesus.  Go to every one of His crusade meetings and then go through the book of Acts and get down on your knees and cry out and say “Lord if you could do it in Bible days you could do it today and come and touch me. But then promise me if you touch me and You use me I’ll never touch the glory, I will always give You the glory, the praise and the honor, but Lord I want to be used of You. I’m hungry for You, I’m thirsty for You. As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after You.”  And then the Lord will come and touch you and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a church service it can be in your bedroom, it can be in your hotel room, or your hospital room, it can be on a death bed.

Sid:  What is going on, you have a church in Tampa, Florida. What is going on with the members; are they like more members in a church sitting there and going for entertainment every Sunday?

Rodney: No Sir, these are radical people.  These are people that love Jesus with all of their heart they worship God; they’re the biggest givers, they’re radical soul winners, they… (Laughing) I was sitting in church this last Sunday morning just tears in my eyes. We got kids that are preaching tonight, we have a crusade happening in Clearwater, Florida in a tent.  People are coming… I mean Sunday night was probably there were 1500 in the tent. Tonight I got all the kids preaching, I’ve got kids 9, 10, 11, 12 preaching laying hands on everybody tonight, it’s the kids doing the whole service, so from the littlest child to the oldest saint is being mobilized in this hour. And I’ve actually…I’m doing myself out of a job basically. (Laughing)  People are grabbing a hold of it and they’re going out and they’re laying hands on people, they’re getting them saved, miracles happening on the streets, people are sitting on city buses literally I mean it’s something to behold.

Sid: You tell your people… I’ve never heard a pastor say this “Go have your own meeting.” So you really tell your people to do that?

Rodney:  I tell them they are the meeting, you are the meeting at the coffee shop, you’re the meeting at the store where ever you go Jesus is on the inside of you. Go out and let His power flow through you. We come on Sunday’s to celebrate but what are you going to do Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s.  You need to go out, let Jesus be seen in and though your life. Just like Peter’s shadow in the book of Acts.  The Bible says “Peter’s shadow passed over people and they were healed.”  A shadow doesn’t say anything, a shadow doesn’t preach, a shadow doesn’t pray but the shadow means that someone is there with a greater light behind them and that shadow cast upon the people and the people were healed.  And so….

Sid: You did it again, we’re out of time…But I’m going to tell you something, “How would you like to take Rodney home with you?”

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Sid Roth on November 21st, 2014

Sid:  Why do I say red hot?  Because according to the Bible if you are lukewarm Jesus said and this is what it said in the Greek “I’ll vomit you out of my mouth.”  We’re about ready to have a change; we’ve been in between to moves of God’s Spirit.  We’re about ready to have the greatest outpouring in the history of planet earth.  And part of that outpouring and part of God’s strategy has always been to remove spiritual scales from the eyes of Jewish people.  Now I have been traveling the nations; God gave me a special book.  He came to me in a dream and He told me to write this book.  It’s called “They Thought for Themselves” it’s 10 Jewish people from 10 different walks of life that had an amazing revelations of Jesus. And the stories are so fascinating for instance one is a Russian Jewish concert pianist.  And Alyosha was trained to be an atheist and he went into a church because he desperately at that time had to get out of the former Soviet Union.  And he saw a bunch of statues and he didn’t know which one was Jesus; he didn’t know who to pray to they were statues of different saints.  So he walked up to the one that’s said Jesus and he said “Okay, Jesus I’ll believe in You if you get me out of Russia and into the United States.  Whereas it looked impossible almost immediately this great miracle happened.  Well, these stories are so fascinating today Alyosha only plays music for God.  And what happens is a Jewish person starts reading these testimonies.  I’m reminded of David Yaaniv an Israeli paralyzed from the waist down and one day there’s a word of knowledge over a Christian television station that he should not have been watching.  He tried everything; he tried every doctor; he tried every New Age method.  He tried every alternative method; there was no hope he would never walk again. And a word of knowledge came forth and he was healed the next morning.  So these stories are so fascinating and worked within the story is all the scripture your Jewish friend needs and realizes that Jesus is the Messiah.  The book is called “They Thought for Themselves” an example of this new breed of these Jewish believers that are going to come into the church  and combine with the Gentile Believer and the two will form the great one new man body of Messiah is Dr. Susan Jacob who I have been interviewing all this week.  Susan is a Jewish believer in the Messiah and walking in the supernatural is not unusual or unique; it’s natural for her.  Susan you said that you had a real real burden for the Christians that think it’s okay to be like-warm in America.  I wonder if you would talk to them right now.

Susan:  Sure, in the word of God in the Book of Revelation it says “You’re either be hot or cold; if you are lukewarm He will spit you out. And He’s calling for His children sons and daughters and everybody.  If we who are called by His name will repent, turn  way from our wicked ways and He will forgive us and hear our prayer. But we must repent; turn away from our wicked ways and asking for forgiveness He will hear us and answer us.  And He does not like us to be lukewarm but to be passionate and to have the desire and that hunger for Him. And in order to do that we got to read our word and I’m reminded of Joshua 1:8 “Let not this book of Law depart from your mouth; mediate on it day and night.”  Day and night and whatever you ask will to given and also to have that intimate relationship with the Savior.  Just talk to Him on daily basis to keep that fervor and to keep that passion within out heart or else we will lose that fire.  And wherever there’s an opportunity share the good news and that will ignite the flame within us.  Because as you give you shall receive.  And read and help and encourage and God will help us to stir the flame within us; to fan the flame.  To go an extra mile to help others; God will bless us and He will help us to get out of our lukewarmness.  He will give us the fire as we talk to Him daily. I’m reminded of the scripture in Isaiah the word of God says “If you wait upon Me you will soar like that of an eagle.”  So He wants us to wait; be still and know that I am God; to wait and draw the strength from God and get rid of the lukewarmness, repent, wakeup and have the passion and fire for our Savior Jesus Christ who gave it all on Calvary.  We have to give an accountability to Almighty God and we have to encourage other churches too to wakeup! Wakeup oh sleeper; wakeup from our sleep, fast and pray and stir one another.  This is my prayer challenge and encouragement for everyone.

Sid: Susan, God has told me to be evangelizing and preaching the cross; what does it mean to you, the cross?

Susan:  The cross is powerful, the cross is what Jesus did; the cross is why He came; “God so loved the world that He died.” He gave us His only son who decided to take the sins of all human races on that cross!”  And that cross that our sins are taken away, our sickness, our diseases our taken on that cross that we may live because He died for so that we live!  He paid it all on that cross that we may live forever!  That cross, He shed every drop of blood.  He is a sinless man who had no sin whatsoever Jesus Christ had no sin.  He was nailed on that cross.  His hands and His feet and the crown of thorns on His head and He was whipped on that cross. And they pierced the spear on His side so that we may live and live on fire and passion for this Savior Jesus Christ because of that cross that we may live.  And I like to challenge everyone go to the cross so that you may be saved today. That you may get an everlasting life because He’s alive.  And man no one; there’s only one God Jesus Christ through Him you go to the Lord.  And He paid it on that cross; that cross is beautiful.  Waiting, He’s knocking at the door of our heart; if you open He will reach out to you.  He’s waiting any minute to save one more soul to the kingdom of God.  This is what the cross means to me.

Sid: Mishpochah the cross means He bore every one of your sins and every one of your diseases and by His stripes you were healed.  He’ll not do anything more for you than He’s done all ready; it’s time for you to appropriate what He has already done.  And the way you appropriate it is by faith. Those that do not know Him believe that He died for your sins; repent; turn from your sins and believe that the blood of Jesus washed away every sin.  Those that are sick right now just reach into the invisible world and pull in what is rightfully yours; take your healing before you see it with your eyes and begin to thank Him it’s already done.  I tell you by His stripes you were healed; you were healed. I command all tumors to leave.  There’s a heat in the hands of people right now because God’s telling you your supposed to lay hands on the sick.  If your body is sick just take your hand and put it on your body right now.  And thank the Lord that you are healed.  Tumors are gone; backs are healed. And even people that are depressed and have mental problems you are healed in Jesus Name.  Thank You Father, thank You oh God; all bones all pain in bones they are gone.  All that pain and all that discomfort and all that arthritis it’s gone in Jesus Name.  Susan thank you for being my guest on Messianic Vision.  And Mishpochah write about these reports.  But most of all get the book “The Thought for Themselves.”

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