Sid Roth on April 16th, 2015


SID: So we know why the blood moons are important because the Bible talks about them, especially just before the Judgment Day, so to speak. Prophet Joel talks about that. But why connect them with the feasts, the biblical feasts? Why are the biblical feasts important to us, Mark?

MARK: Well sure, Sid. I see in Genesis chapter 1, verse 14 as a verse, I’ve read a hundred times. But all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. All of a sudden it had a whole new level of, I always thought God created the sun and the moon for light and for heat. But when I read Genesis 1:14, it said, “He created the sun and the moon for signs.” That’s the number one reason. Those first signs are signals. And then the very next word is mistranslated in English.

SID: What is it?

MARK: And then it says, “for seasons and days, and years”. Well when I read seasons, I think of winter, spring, summer or fall. But did you know that same Hebrew word they translate as “seasons,” in Genesis and Leviticus they translate that same word as “feasts.”

SID: So you’re saying the sun and the moon was created for food, for sun in the winter? This is what’s coming to me. If there are, you know, baseball, there’s you notice the catcher does certain hand signals, fast ball or curve or something like that. Now if the pitcher doesn’t know what those hand signals are, he won’t have a clue what’s going to happen. I mean, the catcher is liable to get right hit in the face.

MARK: Exactly.

SID: But if he knows, he’s prepared. Is that what you’re saying?

MARK: Exactly. Because that same word that’s translated as either “fall” or “food” literally means a Divine appointment. That’s what the Hebrew word “moreh” means. And how many people believe in Divine appointment? I mean, obviously.

SID: And how many of you want to know the sign for Divine appointment? I sure do.

MARK: The thing to me is all of a sudden I realize they’re scheduled. There’s some Divine appointments that are scheduled, like Passover, like the Feast of Tabernacles. And each one of these feasts in Hebrew is called a “miqra”. Now we translate that as convocation. But the Hebrew word implies a dress rehearsal. So every time on Passover the Jews went to the dress rehearsal of killing the Passover lamb on Passover because that is when the event was going to happen. So he died on Passover. He was buried on unleavened bread. He rose on the Feast of First Fruits and the Spirit was poured out on the Feast of Pentecost, or Shabuoth. But most Christians don’t know the Jews have been keeping Pentecost for every year for 1500 years.

SID: So what you’re saying is, not only are these biblical feasts shadows of every major event in the first coming of the Messiah, but you go even further. You’re saying to the exact day, and in some cases, they’re to the exact hour. Explain.

MARK: Exactly. It was at the third hour of the day they bound the Lord, it says. Well that’s nine in the morning, the time of the morning sacrifice. So at that every moment, the High Priest is binding the Passover lamb to the altar, they’re binding the Lamb of God to the cross and they’re singing the songs, they would always sing Psalms 113 thru 118. Did you know that God had David write the funeral song for his son a thousand years before?

SID: Is God brilliant or what?

MARK: Yeah. At the very moment, at the very moment they’re binding the Passover lamb to the altar, they’re binding Yeshua to the cross, Josephus records two and a half million Jews were in Jerusalem, and there’s this choir that is singing. And the words they’re singing is, “Bind the sacrificial cords even to the oars of the altar.” This is what they’re singing at the very moment. This is what they’re sharing at the binding of the cross. And then at noon when he’s lifted up, he said, “If I be lifted I will draw all men to me,” guess what they’re singing? Psalm 118. And what are the words? “The right hand of the Lord is lifted up. The right hand of the Lord is exalted.” This is, so not only did he fulfill the feast to the day, but to the very single hour. And so the thing is this. If we’re not on the right calendar, see our calendar is based on the sun.

SID: Right.

MARK: The Islamic calendar is based on the moon. But God says, “Let them, both the sun and the moon, determine the days of my day timer.”

SID: Wait a second. The church celebrates Resurrection Sunday. So, you know, so isn’t that the same?

MARK: Well it’s on the wrong calendar.

SID: Wrong calendar? But wait, wait. The church celebrates Pentecost. Is that right?

MARK: On the wrong calendar.

SID: No wonder, no I won’t say it.

MARK: Well I’ll give you a perfect example.

SID: Okay.

MARK: Here’s the thing. The feast, God’s appointed time—

SID: This is going to get me in trouble.

MARK: But God is a God of order. And because of that he has to die before he gets buried. He’s got to be buried before he can raise from the dead. And then he got raised from the dead before the Holy Spirit poured down on Pentecost. Do you know on the secular calendar we use, because we’re on the wrong calendar, two years from now, Easter is a month before Passover. We celebrate the Resurrection before he even dies.

SID: I’ll tell you what. I have to ask you this. If the first feasts are perfect shadows to the day, the hour, the events in the death and resurrection of Jesus, what about last few feasts? What are they shadows of?

MARK: Well do you believe the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever?

SID: Of course.

MARK: I mean, do you really believe that?

SID: I really believe that.

MARK: Well if you really believe it, if people believe he fulfilled the Spring feasts to the day of the first coming, he’ll fulfill the fall feast to the day of the second coming.

SID: Well. I mean, let me ask you this most important question. We have this tetrad in the last blood moon of the four that are coming up. But you say there are certain things about this last tetrad that has never happened in history. Are you sure?

MARK: Yes.

SID: I’ll tell you what. When we come back, I want to hear what’s about ready to happen. That wasn’t a very convincing yes. Say yes! Okay. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth on April 5th, 2015


Sid: Now my guest Gordon Robertson is so excited about the ministry God opened up for him in Asia. He started the first 700 Club throughout Asia; their ratings have tripled; even gets his dad’s attention. Did you have any desire to come back to America Gordon?

Gordon: No, I thought my life’s calling was to be in Asia and you know that was the promise and that was the vision.

Sid: Okay you’re sitting one out of 25,000 people Bill Hamon is speaking he didn’t know who you were; you were dressed even not in a way that you’d be singled out in any way but he does single you out he prophesied; what was the prophecy?

Gordon: Your face and your words will go around the world through television.

Sid: And what effect did that prophecy have on you?

Gordon: (Laughing) I tend to resist these things, it was you know I didn’t want to be on TV that was part of I guess my rebellion.

Sid: And so when you started all of the CBN 700 Club India things you were not on TV you were just the business side of it.

Gordon: I was the producer; you know some of the 700 Club Asia’s because the Philippians understand English I was in those but I was trying to transition to a full Tagalic program. You know part of my realization was that the gospel needs… for India it needs to look Indian, or Indonesia it need to look Indonesian. You have to make it culturally relevant you can’t be a foreign religion; It has to be what does Jesus do for people today where I live; can Jesus walk with me on the Indian road; can He walk with me on the Thai road and is it for me? The more you can break that down to speaking to them in their heart language of miracles that are happening today the better results you get.

Sid: Okay you have the prophesy and you don’t know what to do with it because you feel very satisfied people are hungry in Asia for the gospel your experience is that they’re pretty dead in America not that open for the gospel that’s the last thing you want to do. And then in 1999 a prophet comes to you and give you a strong word what is it?

Gordon: Well I needed to move back to the United States to help my father. His name was D.G.S.Dhinakaran and he’s known as the Billy Graham of India. I learned to preach in India working with him in his Institute of Power Ministry and I knew him very well and his son Paul and their whole family and felt very highly of them. Again I get this prophesy I go “No, I don’t want to do that.” And then he gives the word to both me and to my father, then Alice Smith comes as a guess on the 700 Club a week later and has the identical word you know Gordon needs to come back to help you here. So I did it was a quick change I need to transition leadership and all of these startups in Asia and frankly wanted more time to do that but in a way quicker transitions work better. So God has unusual ways of taking care of things. And He took care of it all and it’s actually thriving all of those ministries are now thriving now in Asia without direct oversight with me being here in the United States.

Sid: In that same year, again there’s that pattern I see on April 1st April Fool’s Day 1999, you were hosting your first show of 700 Club. Out of curiosity I’ve seen you move powerfully in miracles was this something when you were a young child you got this gift of words of knowledge or when did that kick in?

Gordon: I’ve had gifting’s spiritual gifting since I was a child. Really having the faith to believe for miracles for words of knowledge came gradually because we’re so used to what our eyes tell us, what our ears tell us, what the symptoms tell us that to see pass that and to what God tells us you know to stand on the word.

Sid: You know what you’re saying everyone preaches and everyone hears but I think few people really hear what you just said. I think you have to reach past… and you’re probably a fairly intellectual person being an attorney that it’s so simple and yet until you take that leap of understanding what you’re saying you don’t see anything.

Gordon: Right if you start to doubt and wavier you know what the Bible says in James is true you’re going to get tossed you’re not going to breakthrough it to that miracle. And there’s just something to the that you know that you know that you know, and you’re not basing it on a tingle your basing it on the Solid Rock, then miracles are natural they’re not… it’s a natural result of that.

Sid: My guest Gordon Robertson is red hot for the Messiah we’re just getting to know him as a person I mean he’s just a person like you and like me but God gave him a vision and a passion for souls. Now he’s host of the 700 Club. But it wasn’t always that way he was in India and God had told him to raise up Filipino Missionaries and take them to India and he was at a meeting he wasn’t out there speaking and praying for the sick and God whispers in his ear “Heal the sick,” how did you react Gordon?

Gordon: (Laughing) my reaction wasn’t very good I was like “No, I don’t want to.” You know it was… you know I didn’t want to be known as a faith healer if that makes any sense.

Sid: I understand you saw the good and bad and the ugly throughout your lifetime.

Gordon: (Laughing) So I’m in a small church with a group of 9 Filipino Missionaries, and it’s a mentoring sort of trip where I preach one service and they preach the other services. It’s kind of a trial basis but it’s a 30 day adventure. And so we’d seen all kinds of things and just wonderful outpourings of the Holy Spirit but we hadn’t moved into miracle healing, I think a lot of that was I didn’t want to. So any way I’m getting ready to speak in front of a small church 75 people and that still small voice whispers to me “I want to heal the sick today.” And my gut reaction was “No You don’t you know You’ve got to find somebody else.” And then I realized that’s not a good thing to do with the King of the Universe and you got to say “Okay, if You want to heal the sick today I’ll do that.” And so I spent the next 30 minutes not preaching to them but preaching to me and preaching everything I knew about faith and so broke open the Hebrews and faith is substance, faith is evidence, and you know and ended that message. And said “Is there anyone here sick; God spoke to me that He wanted to heal the sick today.” And when you announce that in an Indian village you’re more than likely going to see a lot of hands raise and to my amazement there was only one hand that went up. And I think “This is great God’s going to take me the easy route.

Sid: (Laughing)

Gordon: Because it was a woman and she raised her hand and she stood up. And so I immediately started thinking “Okay, she could hear me, she’s looking at me so she can see, she can stand up so she can walk” and so I’m going okay He’s given me an easy one.” And then she bent over to pick up a 12 year old boy who had had polio as a child and he had never walked and his legs were all shriveled it’s kind of like when you step on a spider and the legs all turn in and the legs on this young boy were turned in and she had a little girl with her as well and she has to carry her 12 year old boy up to the front. I’m in it now I literally don’t know what to do. So I do what I think is good and I break out James Chapter 5 and “Let’s call for the elders and let’s anoint with oil and let’s pray.” And so we had elders in the church and so the elders came forward and they had anointing oil and so we got oil and we anointed that little boy with oil and we prayed over him, and we started interceding for him and nothing happened. I get a little angry with God and I take a step back and I pray “Lord I’m doing all I know.” And He answers me and says it’s also a voice of anguish, “When will you rely on Me?” Something deep within my spirit welled up “Well how about now? Can I rely on You now?” And it came as a flash it was like this insight Jesus never prayed for the sick he commanded it and that seemed like the best idea that I had ever had its like yea that’s the way to do! And so I took another step back and I pointed at the boy and I said to him in English “Get up and walk.” I can’t explain it, his eyes like locked onto mine and something happened; where I just preached that faith is evidence and faith is substance and there was a substance that happened in that moment and he believed and he got up and took a step. And was kind of like a young horse when they’re first born those haltering steps where they’re just kind of just trying to get their feet and balance and he’s taking just a couple of steps. So I go over to another side of the altar and say “Walk over here” and with each step it was like you could see him grow each one was stronger, each one had more balance. And it was incredible he walked with a boy who was 12 who had never walked because he had polio walked. And then I found out that his sister had never spoken she was 8 years old; she could hear but she had never spoken in her life. I got a little bold on this one and I just said to one word to her “Speak.” And her first word was hallelujah!

Sid: Hm.

Gordon: The second word was “Hosanna” and then she realized she was speaking and she got afraid and she said in Telagu “Ama Ama” which is “Mommy, mommy” and she ran to her mother’s arms. That place that tiny little church erupted it was absolutely amazing we had preaching for a couple of weeks on this tour and had seen amazing things but had never seen people demand to be water baptized because if you’re water baptized in India you’ve turned your back on the community and you become outside of the caste system your now a Christian you’re outside of caste. And baptism water baptism is the signal to the rest of the community that you’ve done this. Within that church of 75 there were 18 of which said “We need to be baptized now we don’t want to wait we have to be baptized now. This God that you preach is real, this is the Living God.” And so we had a great baptismal service and I’ve since learned that when Jesus speaks He speaks for all eternity.” When He said “I want to heal the sick today He means every day.” He is the same yesterday today and forever, He wants to heal the sick.

Sid: Does He want to heal the sick right now?

Gordon: Right now!

Sid: Pray for them.

Gordon: Lord, we lift those that are listening right now and we ask for that substance of faith to come to them. Your word says that you have given each one of us a measure of faith and so we put our faith in You. We rely on You for You are the same yesterday, today and forever. We change, we doubt, but You don’t change and You don’t doubt ever. So Lord we lift the sick to you now and we ask for Your healing power to flow through them that the substance of You would come to them. The word would be made flesh in their bodies now. And we command sickness and disease and pain and infirmity to leave them now in the name of Jesus. There’s someone listening right now and you have arthritic conditions in both of your shoulders. And I’m getting this word bursitis, God has healing you of that and giving you back movement in both of your shoulders. What you couldn’t do before do it now in Jesus Name. And there’s someone your name is Ivana and you’re just heartbroken there’s been so much loss in your life. God wants to come to you and be your comforter and be your help right now. Just open your heart to Him and let Him come in and He can heal that heart wound. He wants to heal the brokenhearted and that’s you. He’s talking specifically to you. He’s called you by name and He wants to give you righteousness, peace and joy in Him. So just receive it now in Jesus Name.

Sid: You know Gordon there’s such a flow God’s healing Spirit it’s almost like a river at this moment. And I heard that there’s someone with a problem with your knee if you will test it right now you’ll see that the Lord is good the pain is gone and restored. And someone with problems in their fingers and carpus tunnel you are healed and wrists you are healed and (Whoa) I’m it’s a river of healing.



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Sid Roth on April 2nd, 2015


SID: So my guest went a whole new level in healing when he learned something from a woman that was unable to speak. Tell me about that.

KYNAN: Well it was an amazing story. We were holding a healing school where people come from all over the world to these meetings to receive their healing. And there was a lady there brought up by a friend who couldn’t speak and she couldn’t use her right arm, really the whole right side of her body. And I was teaching on the law of expectation. Now this is so important for the church to really understand, because what you expect is what often manifests. And so here I am teaching on this law of expectation, and this lady comes up and she can’t speak at all. There are thousands of people watching this and I have to, you know, move forward in this, and I’m like, Holy Spirit, please don’t leave me out here to dry. And this lady comes, and the interesting thing is this. I prayed for her and guess what happens?

SID: What?

KYNAN: Nothing. So I’m praying for her and I begin to pray over her vocal chords, and I begin to loose things, and nothing is happening. So I keep praying and I keep pressing through. All of a sudden as I persist in this miracle, the boldness of the Lord fills me and I stick the mic in her face, and I said, “Say hallelujah.” And she’s, nothing but gibberish is coming out. She can’t talk. And I said, “Say hallelujah.” And as I keep pressing forward, finally I said, “Say hallelujah.” The woman’s vocal chords are loosed. She screams, “Hallelujah” and the faith level just rises in that congregation. Not only that, but she received the restoration of the right side of her body. She’s completely healed, she’s speaking and it just, it was amazing.

SID: You could have given up so easily.


SID: Not only would she not have been healed, but were other people healed when they saw that?

KYNAN: Yes because it was contagious. And you know what happened through that miracle?

SID: What?

KYNAN: God took my faith and my boldness to another level. You know, the Bible says, Sid, “From faith to faith and from glory to glory.” God’s design is that we progress in our knowledge of Him and our boldness to walk in the revelation of His word. So the more we step out and do it, I tell people, the more you’re going to experience God’s power, and the more you experience His power, the more you’re going to be able to trust Him for greater manifestations of His glory.

SID: Now one of the reasons, and there are multiple, people are human, is unforgiveness. And you know, Kynan, I had a misunderstanding personally about unforgiveness. I thought that if you offended me, I’ll forgive you in a New York second if you ask me to. And what I found is I suffer the consequence if I walk in unforgiveness, whether he asks me and humbles himself or not.


SID: But that was a misunderstanding I had. Tell me about a woman that got healed when she dealt with unforgiveness.

KYNAN: Praise God. There was a woman that came to one of our meetings. And here I am, I’m teaching the Word of the Lord about healing and miracles, and God’s will to heal, and the atonement. And an amazing thing is happening. People aren’t really responding. And the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said, “You’re preaching the wrong message. You’re not teaching what I want you to teach right now.” He said, “What I want you to teach on now is forgiveness.” And all of a sudden there’s a shift and I begin to teach on letting go of resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness. And do you know what happens when I do that?

SID: What?

KYNAN: The altar is full of people with chronic diseases, chronic ailments, such as rheumatoid arthritis. And one lady in particular comes down, and she went through a nasty divorce in which she had hatred in her heart toward her husband, resentment toward him, and we prayed a prayer of release. And I want to say this to someone. You know, there’s someone listening right now and you’re saying, I can’t forgive that person. But guess what? Forgiveness is not for them. It’s for you. The sooner you release, I believe you’re going to experience a breakthrough in your healing. And that’s what happened for this lady. The moment she released her husband, she was supernaturally healed of rheumatoid arthritis. Went to the doctor and they couldn’t even find rheumatoid in her blood. She was taken off all medication and was completely healed by the power of God.

SID: Now that’s normal. Isn’t it time we operate normal, and that’s normal as defined by the Bible. Kynan, you said when you do three things miracles erupt. What are they?

KYNAN: The first thing that you must always do, and that I’ve learned, is to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Jesus preached the Kingdom of God, and he went about really just advancing the Kingdom. And as he did that, the kingdom of darkness was dismantled. So whenever we proclaim the Kingdom with Jesus being king, the kingdom of darkness is literally demolished. That’s what the Bible says, that Jesus demolished the kingdom of darkness. What happens when the kingdom of darkness is demolished? People get healed. Blind eyes are open. People get delivered and set free from their oppression. That’s what happens to the Kingdom, because the Kingdom of God is greater than the kingdom of darkness. Number two, you must develop a culture that’s sensitive to the Holy Spirit. You know, the Bible, the spirit leads us into all truth. He testifies of the risen Christ. He empowers us. Jesus said to his disciples, “Wait until you receive the power of the Holy Ghost.” So when you cultivate an atmosphere conducive to the Holy Spirit, signs and miracles, signs, wonders and miracles are the new normal.

SID: Briefly, how do you cultivate that atmosphere?

KYNAN: One, you have to develop a sensitivity to the Spirit. You have to get to know the Holy Spirit. You have to invite him. You know, so many of our church services and ministries, we have pushed the Holy Spirit out and we’ve substituted the Holy Spirit with theatrics, with human reason and logic, and philosophy. But when we invite the Holy Spirit to take his role—

SID: You know what I’m thinking? Those theatrics, the lighting, the special effects, they’re so wonderful. They’re such a wonderful production. But when you bump in to a spirit of infirmity, a demon, all the theatrics in the world aren’t going to help. And a lot of sickness is caused by the demonic, and you don’t even pray for healing if the demonic is involved. The first thing you do is you cast out that demon. We’re going to find out about that when we come back.

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Sid Roth on March 27th, 2015


Sid: Don’t you stop listening to the radio I’m about ready to tell you the truth about the Sabbath. Is it a requirement to worship on Saturday verses Sunday? I’m about ready to tell the truth about the Biblical Festivals. I’m about ready to tell you the truth about Jewish roots. Lord, I need a miracle to this and even doing it in such a short period of time, but God I’m a spirit I live in a body and I have a soul and I know that all things are possible.”   We were talking about what would it be like if Jesus came to the United States of America now in the 21st Century for the first time and you had no teaching of any kind, no Bible school, no pastors, all you had was the written word of God and the belief that Jesus was the Messiah. You were so excited that you couldn’t keep quiet. You want to tell everyone every where the good news. And you’re telling them and their getting healed, you’re praying for the sick and it’s the most exciting time of your life and then someone walks up to you and says “We don’t worship on Saturday any more, we don’t observe the Passover any more, we don’t observe Yom Kippur anymore.” And you take the book and you don’t take the tradition you take the book. And you look at Leviticus the 23rd chapter and you say “Well, let’s find out.” Now I’ve read Galatians and we know that doing the Old Covenant law has nothing to do with salvation, nothing to do with righteousness, we know that but what about these Feasts? Why does it say to observe them forever? And if you study the 23rd chapter of the book of Leviticus we’re told to do it forever. Why does it say one of the commandments is “Honor the Sabbath” and we know that the Sabbath was Saturday? So why do we say that all of the commandments are literal I mean we’re making such a deal over the commandments being taken away from us so why do we pick one to be spiritual and all of the others to be literal? I mean these are fair questions, these are honest questions. The answer is found in the second verse of Leviticus the 3rd chapter. It says “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the Feasts… (Or the Moed that means the appointed times; you see when you have an appointment God shows up.) The appointed times of the Lord which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations (And in the Hebrew the word convocation means rehearsal) these are My Feasts.” So let me read it to you with the understanding of Feasts in Hebrew mean appointed times. And convocations in Hebrew means rehearsals. “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the appointments of the Lord which you shall proclaim to be holy rehearsals, these are My appointments.” Now I don’t know about you but I want to go to God’s appointments. It does it have anything to do with my salvation? No, but what does it have to do with? Colossians the 3rd chapter says “They’re shadows of things to come. Did you know that every major event of the life of Yeshua occurred during a major festival? Did you know that everything about the gospel is encrypted in code in everyone of these Feasts? Did you know that everything about the future is in the these Feasts, did you know that God says I promise to show up. He says on these specific dates. So here’s my spin, don’t get legalistic a lot of people that are getting into the Jewish roots movement are getting into what known as Rabbinical Judaism. Give me a break this just came out in the Babylonian captivity in response to rejecting Jesus. Why would I want to follow that? I want to follow scriptural Judaism. And the word Judaism it’s not that I want to be Jewish and I am the word Judaism means a worshiper of God. Everyone should want to be a worshiper of God, everyone should want to go to the God appointments, every one should want to see the rehearsals of what will happen in the future. I think that one of the greatest blessings that the church has been robbed of is rejecting their Jewish roots. And a lot of Christians have rejected the Jewish roots movement because a lot of the Jewish roots movement have moved into legalism and righteousness through doing these works. No, no no God’s called you to freedom. Some of you that are listening to me right now that are in the Jewish root movement that have gotten into legalism do you remember how free you were when you became a believer in Messiah you were like Lazarus. And Jesus said “Take the grave clothes off of them.” Well, I say take your grave clothes off and be free, but how in the world will we provoke the Jewish people to jealousy? That’s why God is raising up the restoration of the Jewish roots right now to provoke Jewish people to jealousy? Why? So that the great Jewish harvest can occur so that the tabernacle or the family of David can be restored so that the rest of the Gentiles can come in so that Jesus can return. You get it that’s why the devils causing this big problem in Israel and trying to cause the world to become anti-Jewish. But it’s so orchestrated that way so that all of the junk that he’s done for 2000 years to cause good Jewish people to believe that Christians are our enemies. This is going to be the Christians greatest hour, this is going to be the time in which true Christians are going to stand up for the Jew in Israel and if you don’t stand up for the Jew in Israel I tell you first the devil is going after the Jews and then he’s going to go after the Christians. Why do I say this, he always has and he always will he’s going after God’s chosen people. And I meet a lot of Christians and I have to correct them “I wish I was Jewish.” Well, don’t you know that you are who God made you! Don’t listen to this nonsense of 2 house theology where the Jews come from the tribe of Judah and the Gentile Christians come from Ephraim and these 2 are coming together and yes that’s true as an allegory but literally it’s not true. You see if there was no Gentile Christian there would be no Body of Messiah. Be who God has called you to be free, remember your first love go back to your first love. But I’ll tell you something, we need culture. Now what is going to fulfill Roman’s 11:11better? Romans 11:11 says “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy?” What will provoke the Jew to jealousy? Having a Rabbinic Passover Seder, having a Gentilized Easter with bunnies, having Christmas with all of the gifts and the trees and the lights? I mean what’s really going to provoke Jewish people to jealousy? I’ll tell you what when Jews and Christians get together celebrate these times that they have faith that God’s going to show up, these appointed Feasts. That these Feasts are rehearsals of what’s about to ready to happen in the future, where miracles are going to breakout, where it’s not the same old same old. And by the way going back to the way the church is going to be restored these house churches will be different every service. I mean the highlight of your week will be being there. And you won’t just be a bless me club anymore and you won’t be a one man show. God will give one person a prophesy and another person a word of knowledge and someone will have a spiritual psalm or a hymn. It’s going to be and the presence of God it’s going to be so manifest people are going to be… I know it sounds strange but in our prayer meeting right here in Messianic Vision we have a staff member that literally gets glued to her chair. God’s going to do strange signs and wonders, one of our representatives just got back from St. Petersburg Russia and he said to me that God is doing wonders. Someone had surgery and the scar just totally disappeared supernaturally. That’s called a sign and a wonder the most exciting days are ahead for us. But I want you start …to take a step, take a step before you run. Now listen God’s going to figure this all but please, please, please don’t form a denomination called One New Man. I mean you can say that, you can call it that as a move of God but the thing that will make this different is that it won’t be cookie cutter. Everything, every house church will be a little different and every meeting will be a little different. The thing that will make it unique is God will be in control, it’ll be God pleasing verses man pleasing. The wine skin is about ready to be changed to contain the new wine that’s about ready to be poured out. Listen I’m wound up as you can tell but my time is up…

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Sid Roth on March 20th, 2015


Sid: You know I used the word a lot Mishpochah, family. Well Mishpochah this although it’s the last fifteen minute radio show I’ll be doing, I’ve been doing radio since ’77. I know that there are people listening to me right now that have been listening since 1977. But many of you have been listening many years and I don’t want you to feel like you’re losing a friend because you’re more than a friend you’re Mishpochah your family. And that’s why we’re coming out with a brand new radio show one hour it’ll be available to you on our web page just go to, or if you want the radio show just go to iTunes and search on Sid Roth and subscribe to the free Messianic Vision Podcast. Or you can open the App Store on your phone or tablet search Sid Roth and download our ISN app. ISN stands for Its Supernatural Television Network. And our ISN network it is amazing it’s in high definition any smartphone in the world. So many different devices that you are able to go to to get it.

Today I just wanted to say thank you and I’d like to pray for you because it’s because of you. Do you realize many of you that have been faithful supporters of us for years it’s because of your support we were able to mail these books to Jewish people evangelistic books? I don’t think that anybody has ever done this in history.   We’ve mailed millions now to places like the former Soviet Union, Canada, the United States. Our TV program is seen in Spanish, in the Spanish language in North, Central, and South America. Do you know our television show is in Russian throughout the entire former Soviet Union? Did you know that it’s the number one show on Christian TV we’re on 7 times a week? Do you know that in Israel we’re on 28 times a week on Christian and secular televisions? Did you know that in Ukraine and in the Ukrainian language we are on 14 times a week on secular television? Did you know that we’re on Discovery? You can get it on almost every city of the United States. I mean we’re just expanding way beyond my comprehension. Why? Because of you, if you hadn’t been our foundation we could not have moved into these areas.

I want you to know there’s a scripture that I love and David is talking about it and he’s saying “Those that have stayed with the baggage share equally with those that have fought in the front lines.” So if you have ever sent us any money your money has been used and poured into Jewish evangelism. We’re debt free, we’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, we have a TV mentoring studio that’s second to none, our equipment, we had people from various secular networks come and look over our equipment our TV cameras and everything because it’s state of the art. It’s the best and it’s all debt free and it’s all paid for. If you had not supported us in radio we would not be where we are right now.

I believe that we’re at a very unique time in history, it’s called the set time to favor Zion, it’s called the fullness of the Gentiles you and I are alive at that moment. When I became a new believer in the Messiah coming from a traditional Jewish background I was a minority of minorities. But now Jewish people are coming to the Lord. Back then there was a move of God’s Spirit when we started one of the first Messianic Jewish Congregations in North America. I didn’t know what I was doing but every week Jewish people came to the Lord; why because I was so good? No, I hadn’t even read the Bible, I knew nothing. It was because there was a move of God’s Spirit. Well I’m telling you there’s a move of God’s Spirit and if you’re out there in the highways and byways sharing Jesus with Jewish people you’ll find out that all of a sudden there’s a supernatural interest. And simultaneous to that I’d never seen in my lifetime such worldwide hatred for the Jew in Israel. The only… I mean we’re going to find ourselves shortly in a rowboat, Christians and Jews and we’re going to have to rely on each other. I’m going to tell you this God wants the one new man to evolve. Paul was ecstatic when he said “The reason Jesus came was to break-down the middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile to form One New Man. And that One New Man is the complete body of Messiah and it’s sort of like Gentile believers are deficient without Jewish believers in the Messiah. And Jewish in the Messiah are deficient without Gentile believers in the Messiah. But when you put the two together you have the one new humanity the full body of Messiah. And devil it’s your worst nightmare, why do you think the devil is planning false theology. I mean terms that I don’t even want to talk about saying that God’s through with the book of Revelation, God’s threw with the Old Testament, God’s through with natural Israel called replacement theology. Well this is pervading the church, I mean there are whole denominations that won’t invest their pension money in stocks if they do any business with Israel. They’re crazy, God says “I God will bless,” I mean they want to be not blessed by God. God says Genesis 12:3 “I God will bless those that bless the Jewish people; I God will curse those who curse them” Well I mean you don’t have to be a real intelligent person to want to blessed by God; it’s really simple. And for some reason I don’t know what it is except God loved the Jewish people, he’s called us to be a witness people.

For some reason I don’t know what it is He loves non-Jews that believe in Jesus equally. I mean I’m reminded of one of my favorite parables the parable of the prodigal son. See I think that the youngest son that squandered his inheritance he’s a type of the Jewish people. And the older brother he’s a type of the Gentile Christians; and the older brother was really upset when the father made such a big deal of the Jews coming to the Lord. I’m reminded of what Paul says Paul says that “It was a blessing that the Jewish people rejected their Messiah, how much greater blessing when they receive their Messiah it will literally cause life from the dead. The resurrection power will be seen, the dead will rise.” As a matter of fact it’s going to cause the resurrection from the dead. Don’t you know that salvation is of the Jew and that Roman’s 11:11 says “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy and when the two come together we have the one new man. And in the prodigal son this is what the father a type of God said to the older brother that it was such a fuss about Israel and the Jewish people. And here’s what He said and He’s saying this to you right now if you’re a non-Jewish believer in Jesus. “Everything I have is yours,” there’s no room for jealousy. God is love; He’s got enough love for all of us.

As far as favor… I’m going to pray a prayer with you right now. I pray in Yeshua’s name that you will walk in such extreme favor and flavor; favor and flavor.” What’s the flavor? The flavor of God. I pray that you walk in the favor and the flavor of God all the days of your life and that you dwell in the house of the Lord forever. And forever is a pretty long time. Now I want everyone family, we stick together. I want you to write or call our 800 number or go to our webpage and I want to send you the very first 2 interviews I did, it’s historic on Messianic Vision it was Cantor Bernier Rubinstein. I led him to the Lord and he became a cantor of one of the first Messianic Jewish Congregations in the United States. And he was my first guest and I interviewed him, and you’ll hear the first theme music. As a matter of fact when I was listening to myself I thought “I don’t even know who that person is, I must have had an announcer back then. And then I realized “No, I didn’t have an announcer, that’s me” (Laughing). So I can’t wait for you to get those first 2 weeks of Messianic Vision radio and I’m going to send it to you for a love gift of any size.

I have to tell you we have invested over a million dollars this year in reaching souls. And most of it is in things that only heaven records but you’re partner with us and we’re debt free. And every gift that you send is going to be used poured into Jewish evangelism at a time when most Christians are only sending money for humanitarian works and they’ll be blessed but how much greater blessing when you share the gospel with Jewish people.

The Spirit of God is moving on people you’re being healed. If anyone with pain anywhere in your body especially in the neck if you move your head you’ll see that there’s no pain. That crack isn’t there anymore, a left ear has just been opened but anything that you need, pain in your hands, carpal tunnel any pain you are healed in Jesus name. Well believe it or not this is the last broadcast; this is the last Shabbat broadcast until you go to our new platforms.

The Lord has already blessed you; the Lord has already smiled upon you; the Lord has already given you His favor; He’s surrounded you with His favor; the Lord has already given you gifts just reach your hands out and receive you gifts; the Lord has already given you His shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body in the name of the Sar Shalom the Prince of Peace Yeshua Hamashiach Jesus the Messiah our Righteousness.

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