Sid Roth on March 26th, 2020

SID: You spent long times with God pursuing him.

DONNA: Oh, I did. Every day I did.

SID: You finally found your friend, but you—

DONNA: I wanted more. I wanted that same encounter like I had when I was seven. And so I did… And I think God was using that to train me and to teach me. And I also felt that the more we hunger for him, the deeper the hunger is, the more he has to give us to fill that hunger. He satisfies the hungry. So if we’re only a little bit hungry, he only has to pour a little bit in to satisfy the hunger. But if we have an enormous hunger for him, he’s going to pour an enormous amount of his spirit and to satisfy the hunger.

SID: And as she was doing this, the presence of God started getting tangibly stronger and stronger and stronger.

DONNA: Yes. And eventually I began to recognize that I was always hearing from him, but I just didn’t recognize it was his voice. I expected to hear his voice outside me. So I got to learn that when… There’s a scripture that when Jesus was… After he had arose from the dead, he was walking down the road on the road to Emmaus and the disciples were walking with him, and they invited him to come for dinner. And he walked. During the breaking of the bread, they recognized him. And after Jesus disappeared, they said, “Weren’t our hearts burning within us when he was talking to us on the road?” And I knew the Holy Spirit was giving me a key, “This is how you’re going to recognize my voice. Your heart will burn within you. You will feel my love.”

DONNA: So I began to see that whenever I was reading scripture, the sentences that would just jump out and touched my heart was Jesus talking directly to me through the word. If I was at a church service, the pastor, the words he said that touched my heart like that was Jesus talking to me. So I began to satisfy that hunger. I wanted that personal word from God every day. I would not leave my prayer time alone with him until I heard him speak to me personally, every day. If it was two or three hours, I would stay there until I heard him tell talk to me.

SID: But as she was seeking God deeper and deeper, she started having this vistation to hell and to heaven. There was one place in hell you talk about that kind of really explains hell. It’s called the Chamber of Despair. Describe that to me.

DONNA: This was a place that people who are tormented by demons in their minds are sent to. These demons already were tormenting these people on the earth, causing them, even some people, to commit suicide, and rather than turn to Jesus for help, they didn’t. They denied Jesus, got mad at Jesus, and the enemy was able to bring them there. These people were tortured daily. While I was going to get to this place, walking down this tunnel, this avenue with Jesus, I could hear this loud clanging noise and what it sounded like, it sounded like somebody with a sledge hammer banging on chains. Bang, bang, bang, like that all the time, constantly. And so I was wondering, “What is this noise?”

DONNA: So finally we get to this chamber and I see this big clock hanging over the top of the chamber. And this clock represented to the people that they were going to be there forever. And the demons would chant to the clock. Every time the clock would chime, they would chant, “Forever, forever. You will be here. Forever you will be unloved. Unloved, unloved, forever unloved. Never, never, will you ever feel loved. Never, never will you leave here.” Things like that over and over and constantly. When one demon got tired of saying it, another one would pick up the chant. Continually these people were tortured like that.

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Sid Roth on March 17th, 2020

TRACY: It felt like eternity in that vision, that dream, that deep dream. That’s the best I can explain it. And then the angel said, “Now come Tracy.”

TRACY: And when he took me, we went through a large gate and I started seeing all, I started seeing a lot of people in the heaven. He took me to heaven and all of a sudden I saw the angel wave at me, “Come.” He said, “Come hither.” I remember just like it happened yesterday, he said, “Come hither.”

TRACY: And as we walked, I noticed one angel was standing up on a large book and he was flipping the pages. So I happened to go by the book just to see what it was. And I remember so vividly that my mother and father said, “This is the book of the Lamb’s, the Lamb’s book of life.” And I said, “That’s what that is?” And then angel said, “Come again.” And I looked to my other left side, in my corner, I saw this crystal clear water and I started seeing all these animals, so beautiful.

TRACY: And some people say, “Well that’s not animals in heaven.” But if you read the book of Revelation, he’s coming back on the white horse.

SID: So he’s got at least a white horse.

TRACY: So he’s at least got a white horse. And I tell them, “Well I know what I saw.” So here I am. And the angel said, “Now come.” And as we go through the gates, Revelation chapter 21, I believe it’s verse 21 talks about 12 different gates. So I saw in this visitation, heaven, different dimensions, different gates, and I’m walking through the gates and the angel on my left side, we go through this last stage, this last gate, and the angel knelt. So I’m thinking, “All right, he knelt, I’m going to kneel.”

TRACY: So I knelt down, and then I didn’t see the Lord, I saw the majesty of his glory. His awesomeness. And I looked and all I could see is my eyes started burning, because Exodus, chapter 33 says, “No man can see God face to face.” He let most of us see his hands and his back part, but he’ll let his spirits, his glory, as different levels, but that level he will not let no man see it.

TRACY: So I didn’t get to see him, but I heard the voice that I come to cherish at that time. I remember him saying this in a prophetic sense. He said, “Tracy, you’re called to be a minister,” and he confirmed everything the angel said when I had the other visitation. “You’re going to be my mouthpiece. I’m going to demonstrate signs, wonders and miracles. You’re going to know the thoughts of man. You’re going to reveal the will and the purpose of God to them. I’m going to back you up with all heaven and you’re going to walk in the footsteps that I’ll ordain and where I have gone, you shall go.” And he said, “Now when you’re awake and out of this visitation,” he said, “Know, I am with you. Even until the end.”

SID: So the gifts are growing in you, but then after you had that angelic visitation in 1995, and did what you were instructed, things skyrocketed. Tell me about that visitation.

TRACY: In 1995 the angel of God came to me. His instruction was to meet … you’re going to say at the feet of the generals of faith, you’re going to learn what to do and not to do and as you serve them … that’s when I got a revelation on serve—

SID: So you picture if these generals had known what Tracy learned of what not to do, what a difference in their life it would have been? As far as I’m concerned, the man that had the greatest miracle ministry, his name was William Branham. For those that aren’t familiar with, when William Branham, tell us just a little bit about him.

TRACY: He is operating a gift of word of knowledge. The angel came to him and said, “You have two signs. You’ll detect the money, spirits, sickness and diseases in the right-hand when it vibrates. The other one was the gift of word of knowledge. You would know their names, every area of their lives, so he operated, he can call somebody out of the audience, not know them, and they’d come before him, give them the address, the doctor’s name, everything about their life, even what they ate for breakfast. I mean such detail of the word of knowledge that it’s mind boggling. And I said, after I saw that, the angel spoke to him, I said, “That’s what I want. It’s got to be in the earth.”

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Sid Roth on March 7th, 2020

SID: Tell me about the time you walked into theeyes of Jesus.

KEVIN: Oh, that’s a good one,Sid.I’m telling you.

SID: I know it is.That’s why I’m asking.

KEVIN: Well, I kept looking at his eyes because Iwas trying to figure out what color they were.And I was listening to him talk and all of a sudden he allowedme to walk right into him.And I walked down inside of him and I watched him think of me.And I watched him form everything that he wanted me todo in my life.And then he formed me inside.And then he breathed me out and I went into my mother’s womb.And now I’m standing before him in the same spot that hebreathed me out of.And I saw that the whole plan of God was already written.And this is what he told me, he said,”Kevin, I’m taking the limits off of you.There’s never been a time that I’ve limited you.”He said, “No one up here is limiting you.”He said, “We all love you up here.”He said, “No angel that’s ever been sent to help anyone,including you, has ever thought they were going to fail.”And he said, “You know the Holy spirit that you haveinside of you?”He said, “The Holy spirit has never thought you weregoing to fail.Everybody is for you.”And something clicked in me.And so when I started to walk in this and I saw the Devil startto realize that he can’t pull it over on me anymore,he started to back off in fear.And then Jesus showed me.He said, “You got to take fire from the altar every day.”So I started taking fire from the altar every day in prayer.I just picture myself just taking fire.And the angels just love that.So they started coming around me before you know it,the Devil is nowhere to be seen.He doesn’t even show up for any kind of an appointment anymore.And I’m telling you, this is overthrow.This is where the Devil is, is doesn’t want anyone to go.So just so you know, he’s told me to tell everybody,the Lord has told me to tell everybody all over the world,all the dirty secrets of the Devil.To tell that he doesn’t want any Christian to hear this,”It’s rigged in your favor.”He does not want anyone to know this.  

SID: Just so I understand, when you’re say it’s rigged inyour favor, you’re saying because you have the mostwonderful, perfect plan for your life all written out andeveryone in Heaven is rooting for you.And there’s one liar that’s trying to get you off a base.But if he can’t you off a base, what kind of life are peoplegoing to have?

KEVIN: It’s called favor, Sid.And it’s really not fair to the people that are just looking on,they can’t figure you out, but you start to move in this favor.Because I saw that the Devil tries to make everything look random in a person’s life. But there’s no such thing as randomness in heaven.And I saw that he is trying to fool people into backing off. And I think that the most important thing to hear here is Jesus told me that people, Christians,they back off from the Devil because they’re afraid he’s going to come at them.And the fact of it is, is he’s not going to come at you.There’s a certain point where he backs off because he’s looking for weak people.And the last time I checked the redeemed of the Lord or not weak people. 

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Sid Roth on February 28th, 2020

SID: I’ve been in Kevin’s meetings.You always carry the presence of heaven because you were there.Wherever you go.But it appears to me, and correct me if I’m wrong,there’s a real increase going on in your life.

KEVIN: Yes sir.And I believe that this is for everyone and I’m not claiming tobe anybody special.Jesus sent me back.He sent me back to a generation that is chosen at the end ofthis dispensation to show the glory of God.To show God out so that everyone in the world sees it.We have a God who is most powerful and mighty.He’s going to start visiting us.  

SID: When?I don’t know why I’m so sensitive to this,but I see so many people today.They’re trapped.They feel like the victims.Victims of circumstances.Victims of not enough education.Victims of not having enough money.Victims of not being parented properly and they spend a wholelife being a victim.When did you realize you are no longer a victim?

KEVIN: This is why you notice a difference in mymeetings because not that long ago,I woke up one morning and what happened was is I was going frombreakthrough to breakthrough, so you would go from break throughto break through, but then once you get through,then you need another breakthrough and then you needanother touch from God.And the Lord said, “That’s over with.We’re going into overthrow which is permanent.”Which means that the enemy starts to know who you are andhe can’t stop you.He cannot stop you.   I realized that morning, Sid, that I was no longer a victim.I woke up one morning, I can show you whereit is in my house.I woke up and I saw into the enemy’s eyes and he realizedthat he had lost me.He no longer had any influence on me and he had become thevictim and he doesn’t even talk to me anymore because I give hima whooping everyday.

SID: Did you hear…?Kevin so much just came out of your mouth.There is a new victim in town.It’s called the Devil, not you.And did I hear you say you gave him whooping everyday?

KEVIN: Yes, Sid.I actually was told by the Lord to take a two by fourspiritually and just give him a good one over thehead every morning.So I just wake up swinging just like Samson day with that donkeyjaw bone.

SID: Seriously, I want to understand this.What do you do when you wake up?

KEVIN: The first thing out of my mouth is I yell,”Yes!”Because I’m saying yes to my books and it wakes my wife up and then she says yes and then we go into warfare tongues.And when we go into warfare tongues,we start prophesied.And then I tell the Devil that because me and God are going to be doing things today.You might want to stay out of the way.And I start to remind him about the Lake of fire.It’s getting really hot, I heard these days.And I start to prophesy his doom and I start to pray for people that their eyes or their heart would be enlightened.And before you know it, fire from the altar of God is coming out of my mouth.And that’s how I start my day.And me and my wife just start praying in the spirit,praying out our books for that day.And we see miracles every day.We have staff members that watch things happen every single day.We have a miracle happen.It’s because we’re synchronizing ourselves with Heaven.

SID: Kevin, saw the plan for creation of everything in heaven before it even began.Fascinating to see how a human life was created.I want to find out, be right back. 

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Sid Roth on February 18th, 2020

SID: Okay, Andre. I am so fascinated. You teach and demonstrate the Breaker Anointing. What is the purpose of the Breaker Anointing?

ANDRE: Well, it’s just like the word “break.” What happens? It’s the breakthrough. So when the Breaker Anointing comes, if you’re stuck, you get unstuck. If you need a healing, you get healed. It moves things out of the way that try to block God from entering in. The Breaker comes and sifts that out of the way, and you can meet with God in ways that you haven’t met with him before.

SID: I have to believe that any true believer wants to go further with God than they are, but there’s something holding them back. You’re saying that’s what that Breaker breaks up.

ANDRE: It breaks stuff open. You know, because there’s, in regions where there’s principalities that sit over regions that don’t allow the breakthrough to happen. Well, when the Breaker comes, it gets moved out of the way and suddenly blinders fall off of people’s eyes that even people who don’t believe in Jesus suddenly begin to go, “Oh wow.” They have an encounter. So God is real. And I believe that that is coming and we’re going to have more of that. Like what happened with Charles Finney, on the train and everybody in the train station should be getting a fall on their face repenting, crying out, “What must I do to be saved?” It had nothing to do with Charles Finney. It was the Breaker Anointing that moved around him. And I believe that that same anointing is available to us.

ANDRE: That when people go to heaven, they don’t take their mantles with them. They don’t need them. The mantles are here waiting for somebody to say, “Here am I Lord.” Like Isaiah, “Here, my Lord. If you can use me, send me.” And God is looking for people who are willing to pay the price. Because you know salvation is free, but the anointing is costly. If you’re willing to pay the price to get what we need, God is saying, “Here, just take it. This is the season.”

SID: Now Jill Austin said she would prophesy something was going to happen suddenly. What is that?

ANDRE: That what she lived for was suddenly going to be released in the earth. And Jill had gone to heaven and I had a dream. And in the dream I walked into a room. Jill was sitting in the corner. And I was talking to her and she never responded, so I figured maybe I should change what I’m talking about. And so I started talking to her about another dream I had, and she stopped me in the middle and she said, “Andre.” She said, “What I live my life for is suddenly about to be released in the earth. And whether it’s with you or with me, it doesn’t matter.” And I woke up from the dream and I knew exactly what she was talking about. And I knew it wasn’t just about me, it was about what God’s going to release on the church because I know what Jill lived for. And that was Jill lived for people that have radical encounters with God, that people would move in the glory realm and that Jesus would get the rewards of his suffering.

SID: Andre, you said, “The Holy Spirit comes, comes against our enemies.” There’s a scripture on that.

ANDRE: Yeah. It’s like you know that when the Bible says, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” Well, I like to say it this way, “when the enemy comes in like a flood, like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” You know, we read the Bible where it says, “He’s called alongside the Spirit of God. He’s the paraclete.” But many theologians look at that scripture and say, “You don’t get it.” That means, they call it the insanity of the Holy Spirit. It’s that when something comes after you, he goes crazy after that. He will attack that which attacks you

SID: It’s important to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

ANDRE: Yes it is. He’s my friend. I love him. You know, it’s more than Father, Son and It; it’s Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and he wants to have a relationship with us. He wants to introduce Jesus to us, take us into deeper realms of revelation with Him. We need the spirit of God. We need a relationship with Him so that he can come and release that which The Father wants released on the earth. And you know what? God uses people, and he’s saying, “Are you available to be used?

SID: The Breaker Anointing, as we’ve just told you, removes everything, every barrier that’s in the way of God’s glory, in the way of you hearing God’s voice. When Andre worships the Breaker Anointing shows up. I’m going to have him worship God in just a moment, and get ready. Next.

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