SID: But it’s not just a coincidence. You hear what he’s saying? You’ve been doing it already and you didn’t even realize it.

ROB: Absolutely. Prophecy is so simple. We make it hard because we think prophecy is, thus sayeth the Lord. I’ve come to understand all prophets prophesy, but not all who prophesy are prophets. And so God uses every day, simple believers that have the spirit of prophecy, which is Christ, in their life. He opens up their mouth and lets them flow. And even on rare occasions, we understand that the Bible tells us and teaches us in the book of Acts, that God will pour out his spirit upon all flesh. On that rare occasion, God might use somebody least expected like me and my professor, to prophesy a life-changing word.

SID: I want you to prophesy over those that are viewing, as God leads you. Whatever he shows you, do it. Just don’t punch me.

ROB: As I was preparing, I heard the spirit of the Lord, declare that we are in an Acts 12 moment. If you’re listening and you feel like you’re in bondage and you are in a place confined to a small quarters, like Peter was in prison, I heard the Lord say, I’m sending angels out to touch you, to give you the power to rise up. I will cause shackles to fall, doors of the prison to be open, and then I will take you to the gate of the city. The Lord says, I am going to use the spirit of prophecy in you to cause the gates of the city to open, the gates of the city to your family, to your loved ones, to those in your community, to speak a word and to set them free. I sense in my spirit that God wants to awaken the voice of the Lord on the inside of you.

ROB: Matter of fact, let me pray for you all, right now. Father, I declare for those that are coming into the spirit of prophecy, with boldness, they will open their mouth and declare what it is that you have given them by the scripture and through the word, that they would use it as simple edification to build up those that are around them. And I pray Lord for those that are called to be seers. Those that are called to be Nabha prophets, that the word would bubble up. I pray Lord that as they hear my voice, that something on the inside of them would be stirred and began to fountain. That the eyes would begin to see with clarity, scales would be removed and suddenly they would grab hold of the gift and call, and they would walk in radical obedience, grabbing hold of your word by faith and becoming what you’ve destined them to be. I declare it, release this into the atmosphere and into your spirit, in Jesus’ precious name.

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