TIM: They weren’t alone. They weren’t needed in Egypt anymore because the people of God had left, so they went to connect them to a supernatural moment. Then you come to Acts chapter two, the second literal Pentecost takes place and a new era is beginning. The birth of the church happens, the kingdom of God comes into the earth and Holy Spirit comes. And we are told that over, the 120 cloven tongues of fire set on them, which is a reference to angels. Ezekiel talks about the angels being tongues of fire that shot back and forth. Well, God said that this would be the third literal Pentecost.

In other words, we are moving into another time and another release of angelic activity where the divisions of angels are released, and a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Why? Because we are now moving into another new era and the greatest era of all history, when God’s glory comes and fills the earth and begins to gather together the greatest harvest of prodigals of new souls that he has ever reached before. And all of hell is not going to be able to stop it, they will try, but Holy Spirit is now bringing like he did at the first Pentecost. And at the second, in Acts chapter two, the literal one, and he’s now coming with a angel army, divisions with millions in each division. And they are going to assist us in going to a whole new level of Christianity on the earth. Hell cannot stop what our King has commanded to be done.

SID: And you know, my favorite vision that you talk about, of all of them, it is a few years ago, you had a vision about breakthrough angels. And boy is this one that you can grab hold of. Explain.

TIM: I saw them in the spirit realm and they carry these huge like, wooden mallets. And they would strike the ground with such force that in the spirit realm, I could feel the thud of it, like they’re busting something up. When they struck the ground in the spirit realm that I saw, they would shout, “Break up, strike it again.” And they breakout, and then they would say “Break through.” Well, I saw this vision and I know break through angels are being activated to break up, break out, breakthrough. Then on June 8th, something I’ve never experienced before happened to me. I woke up blind in my right eye, couldn’t see anything. And I wasn’t overly worried about it, it was amazing because I was like, “This is a hassle. I’ve got things to do today. I’ve got zoom calls to make, I have got to preach. I’ve got a prayer service.” And my wife said, “Well, you better take care, you need to get this looked at.”

So they got me an appointment at Cincinnati Eye Institute, Nate began to work with me. Next morning I woke up still blind in this eye and it suddenly hit me, maybe this is prophetic. And I simply said, “Holy Spirit, if you have something to say to me through this, say it.” Instantly Sid, I was in the spirit realm. I don’t know how to describe that, it’s a different realm and you know when you’re in it. I was in the spirit realm and I saw the breakthrough angels. But this time two words were added that I had not seen the past two years. This time when they struck the ground, they were saying break up, break out, break through, pass over and possess. And I knew we are now moving into a special Pentecost where it’s now time to not just see minor breakthroughs, but supernatural breakthroughs whereby we begin to possess inheritance that God has ordained just like the children of Israel finally possessed their inheritance.

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