SID: It’s Sid Roth here with Something More and I have [music ends] LaDonna Osborn on the telephone. She’s the daughter of T.L. and Daisy Osborn. And the Osborn family pioneered, mass prayer, for mass Miracles. They were first in so many different areas. But as I was telling LaDonna before we went on the air, her father had a visitation of Jesus. Her mother had a visitation of Jesus. And according to this, LaDonna, you had at a young age a visitation of Jesus, and I said, I protest. That’s unfair—

LADONNA: [laughs]

SID: 3 people in a family having a visitation of Jesus. I mean, let’s spread the wealth around a little. Tell me about your visitation, what happened?  

LADONNA: I was 7 years old and you can imagine being raised in this ministry that I had heard thousands of Gospel sermons. We had family devotions, I knew the Bible. I really loved Jesus, but I had never accepted Him into my own heart. And we know that you can’t be born a Christian, you have to make a personal individual decision to accept what Jesus Christ did, at the cross for you personally and receive His forgiveness and His life. Well, that, I was in this auditorium, 7 years old just sitting there like I had many times. But during the preaching, and this was not my parents preaching, it was another person. Something began to happen. I saw a cross come up behind the preacher, behind the preacher above the platform. And hanging on that cross was Jesus. And blood was all over His body. Now, as a child, I don’t know how I understood that Jesus was on that cross because of my sin. And He was on that cross for my sin because He loved me, and I was overwhelmed with the love of Jesus that I could see so vividly. And so of course, I got off my chair, fell on that floor and just began to sob. I was just weeping. And in my heart, I was saying, “Jesus, I’m so sorry for my sin. I want you to forgive me. I know you forgive me, I know you love me.” But then I was stumped because I knew I should give something back. And I didn’t have anything. I was a little missionary girl, I didn’t have any toys, I didn’t have any money, I didn’t have any influence. So I just blurted out, I said, “Jesus, I have nothing to give you but I’ll give you my life.” And wow, a load lifted off of me, and I can’t explain this. But a load, how much sin can a child commit? You see, it’s not about the actions or the deeds, if that condition of sin that affects every human person, put that load, that guilt on me. But when I accepted that load lifted off. And I learned of course, later that all He really wanted was my life. [laughs] He didn’t need my toys, He just wanted my life. So yes, I see that scene as clearly as when I was 7 years old.

SID: Okay, LaDonna, you traveled all over the world as a child with your parents. What was it like? I mean, I’ve heard of preachers kids that they think, “Well, I’ve never lived like the people in the world, I want to go try that for a time. It’s called backslidden.

LADONNA: I never did, I do know what your saying is so true. I really fell in love with Jesus, Sid. Now, I’m sure faced as may temptations as any other kid, I’ve made my mistakes like everyone else, but I tell you I fell in love with Jesus and pleasing Him and serving Him. And knowing that, you know that scripture that talks about that one day that we stand before the Lord, and He’ll say to some, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Even as a child, I lay in my bed and just cry thinking about Jesus saying to me one day, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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