SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. We’re going to be discussing a subject that very few people have heard. It’s called the spirit of death. Katie, what is the spirit of death? Is that when you’re just dying?

KATIE: No, the spirit of death is active in the world at every moment. He’s putting death on people’s bodies. He’s causing rapid aging. He’s causing disease, disorder. He’s also killing off finances and marriages and relationships.

Sid, honestly, I believe that when we transition to heaven as a born again believer, that we just do that. We lay down at God’s appointed time, and we just transition to our place in glory. If the spirit of death is in the room at the time of our death, it usually means that we’re dying of a disease or something that was not the will of God.

SID: You battled the spirit of death.

KATIE: I did.

SID: It almost cost you your life. Tell me about that battle.

KATIE: He came into my room. I was sick at the time. I actually heard his audible voice. Said my name out loud. I said, “Who is that, Lord?” And he said, “It’s the spirit of death. He’s on assignment to kill you.”

Almost immediately, I went into menopause. My body started reacting. I started having hot flashes, severe ones. I started gaining weight. In fact, I gained eight pounds of belly fat within a week. My hair started getting dry and brittle. My skin, I saw rapid aging happening to my skin. I started getting baggy and saggy and wrinkly. Every part of my life. I started having chronic pain in my body.

Then the spirit of death didn’t just stop in my body. He went after the rest of my life. He went after my marriage, 15 years, my husband and I had the biggest battle of our marriage. Then he went after my ministry. He took out four of my top employees, cut off our financial support. Went after personal friends of mine. I had four people in my life, Sid, very close to me, who were killed by the spirit of death. Then he even took the lives of my dogs. Two of my dogs died within a couple of weeks of each other.

SID: What gave the spirit of death the legal right to come after you and your possessions?

KATIE: That was my exact question when death came after me. The Holy Spirit began to answer me with systematic Bible verses and scriptures connecting to each other.

First, it’s our law-breaking. The Bible says that when we break the laws of God, it gives death the right to attack even our bodily organs. That is in Romans 7:5 in the Amplified Classic. It says when our law-breaking or our sin comes, that it causes death to be able to constantly operate in our bodily organs so that we bear fruit for death.

Think about that. We have 78 organs in our body. The doctors say that our skin is actually called an organ, and it’s the biggest organ in our body. We wonder why are we having wrinkles and sagging and bagging and all of this stuff? Why are we having rapid aging? Because we break the law.

Now, when I say that, Sid, I want to make sure everybody knows for certain that the law is not bad. Romans talks about how the law is holy. The commandment is holy, righteous and good. The law is perfect.

SID: It’s the righteous standard of God.

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