NATASHA: There is a better way with God.


NATASHA: And so, for some reason in my life, being a daughter of a Soviet Army officer, you know, you just do what they tell you to do.

DONNA: Yes. Yes. [laughs]

NATASHA: So this was how I approached the Bible. This was how I approached every teaching in the Bible School. They tell you. You do it.

DONNA: Right.

NATASHA: And this is, by the way, an excellent way to test which doctrines, which teachings, are of men, and which teachings are of God. Those that are of men, they don’t work when you test them in your life.


NATASHA: So, anyway, this is what I realized, that we don’t need to teach people how to believe God. People are created by God, a believing being. We all believe. It’s just a matter of what you know. Because you believe on the basis of what you know. So then it means that what you know is very, very important. So, as a minister, I realized my task is to give people the revelation of God’s heart, to convince people of God’s goodness.

DONNA: Yes. Yes.

NATASHA: Once you can convince people of God’s goodness, how good He is, how loving He is, they can’t help themselves but to respond in trusting Him, in believing Him. Once they respond to Him in their trust, then the miracles take place.


NATASHA: And then, if they are in need, they know what to do. You don’t need to teach people what steps they need to take. Because this is what I was, you know, growing with.

DONNA: Uh-huh.

NATASHA: You know, you need to learn what steps you need to take in order to get your healing, in order to get an answer to your prayer. And I tell you honestly, it came to a point when it was too much work.

DONNA: [laughs]

NATASHA: Standing in faith, it became too much work for me.

DONNA: People don’t want to have to work for it. Do they? Yeah.

NATASHA: I know. Every time when the crisis or some kind of a need would come up, I would dread that moment, because I need to find a certain amount of Scriptures. I need to confess them. I need to work on them. It’s almost like faith was taken out of the context of a loving relationship with God.

DONNA: Mmmm.

NATASHA: And then I realized all I need to know is how good God is toward me, how He is loving toward me, how He is desiring to meet all my needs. So, as a minister, my main purpose is to convince people of God’s goodness. Then their natural response will be just trusting Him, and then miracles. You can, there will be a chaos of miracles.

DONNA: Yes. Yes. [laughs]

NATASHA: That’s true because you can’t control and order them.

DONNA: A chaos of miracles. That’s wonderful. Now, explain to me this statement very quickly. We’re going to take a quick break in just a moment, but tell me, You said, making Jesus irresistible is where the true understanding of faith is. When you make Him irresistible is it easier to understand the bigness of faith?

NATASHA: I think that the subject of faith, I think that sometimes we take it out of, as I said, take it out of the context of relationship with God.

DONNA: Um-huh.

NATASHA: You know, it’s almost like faith becomes a goal, an object. We need to work. We need to increase our faith. We need to learn the steps of how to make it great.


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