ROBERT: Well, clearly within scripture, the Bible promises that He lets the sinner gather wealth that he might put it into the hands of the righteous. And I really think that that’s interesting because he doesn’t just say the wealth is going to be transferred. That we understand that once the wealth is transferred, the sinner and his agenda, what he has been propagating in the earth, they lose their influence because wealth produces influence. And so God wants to trust us with wealth so that we can see God’s agenda, God’s purposes being done in the earth. So the wealth transfer is for that purpose. It’s for that reason. Now, I have heard about the wealth transfer for years and years and years, but it usually was about how I’m going to get blessed and how I’m going to have a better life and how that’s going to happen and all that. But I understand that the wealth transfer is for the fulfillment of God’s agenda in the earth, and that we cannot see that happen without having that occur.

SID: And there’s something that you do and that those watching can do that have made all the difference in the world and the revelation you get that allows you to tap into the wealth transfer, and you’ve been doing it for many years. It’s called praying in tongues.

ROBERT: Yes. Absolutely. I pray in tongues. We mentioned the other day, I actually pray in tongues so much. When I’m in my prayer time, half of my time is spent praying in the Spirit because it opens… See, prayer language opens up your natural understanding. That’s why the apostle Paul said, “I pray in the Spirit. I pray in my understanding.” And the order is very important there. I sing in the Spirit. I sing in my understanding because functioning in the spirit realm actually opens up the understanding realm, which is where revelation can come, ideas can come from, the power to get wealth can be released. My son travels with me on the airplane sometimes, and he told his mother one time, he said, “Dad’s over there talking to himself.” What I’m doing is I’m praying in the Spirit while I’m just in the process of normal life.

SID: Now, there are people watching this right now, Robert, they see a nice suit, hair is styled, a nice tie, probably a nice watch. And they’re saying, “He can’t relate to me. I don’t know where I’m going to have the money to feed my family. I don’t know where my next paycheck is coming from. He can’t possibly relate to me. Anything that man teaches, that doesn’t apply to me.” What would you say?

ROBERT: I would say they’re completely wrong because if they knew my history, they would be amazed at what God has done. When I discovered, quite honestly, the courts of heaven up until that point, Mary and I really struggled. We struggled, we struggled. We struggled. I found out there was legal cases against me in the Spirit world.

SID: How many years did you struggle?

ROBERT: Well, let me tell you, 30 years. 30 years of married life. 30 plus years of married life.

SID: So you were late, I’ll tell you.

ROBERT: 30 plus years of married life. And whenever I discovered the courts of heaven and began to practice those principles and seek to undo the legal rights that the enemy claims—

SID: And that’s the key, they are legal, legal. And doesn’t the Bible say that the devil is an accuser? He’s up there accusing you because of the legal rights some you’re aware of, some you’re not even aware of. But what happens when those rights are removed?

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