KEVIN: Well, first of all, when it happened, I thought there’s just too much content on here to put everything on, but the Lord asked me to document as much as I could remember at one time. So I did the four CD set and then after I was finished, he said, “Now send it to Sid.” And he said, “I want the world to know what is about to happen and how we can be the five wise virgins and get ready for what’s about to happen and actually allow the Father to be glorified through this.”

SID: And I have to tell you, one of my favorite books in the Bible is the book of Ephesians, and Jesus himself was your teacher on the book of Ephesians?

KEVIN: Yes. He gave me the plan that he had for man and then he gave me the plan he has for the body and the church. And he said that the church shall not experience the overthrow of the gates of hell. In other words, they won’t overcome, Satan cannot overcome the church. So he said, “In this preparation time, learn what you just saw, what you just had happen here on the Earth, learn from it and get ready because it’s coming again. And this time it’s not a test. This time, the five wise virgins will be ready.” He said, “Focus on that.” And then he went through and taught me about the church and about the body and about the five-fold ministry and told me what we’re supposed to be doing right now, how we’re supposed to be building each other up in unity and how the prophets are supposed to be prophesying from the fire.

KEVIN: And the apostles are supposed to be fathers who are birthing us and getting us ready in maturity. He said to go from milk to meat, that’s what Jesus wants. And this is what Paul talked about. He wants us to be on meat, not milk. And he also said this. He said, “I’m done with lukewarmness, Kevin.” Jesus said that, he said, he looked at me with fire in his eyes, he said, “I’m done with lukewarmness.” He said, “You need to be faithful and lift me up.” He said, “I want you to defend me and my father to the world because we’re not doing these terrible things that are happening on the Earth right now.”

SID: So you’re saying, there are a lot of people saying that it’s judgment, they almost say it with glee, on humans. From God, what did God tell you?

KEVIN: God told me that the five-fold ministry is supposed to be speaking to the body and building them up so that they’re in unity and that they could be effective witnesses because there’s this huge harvest coming in. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing. So it wasn’t… He said to me the Earth, the world is already being judged. Those who have rejected God, they’re being judged right now. He said, “But the people of God are not being judged if they judge themselves.” So he asked me to bring forth this message and give you these CDs so that we would judge ourselves, that we wouldn’t be judged with the world. That’s what’s happening right now, he said the separation has already started.

SID: You say that we should defend God, defend the Father to the people, because he’s been given credit for what the devil is doing, they got the devil and God mixed up.

KEVIN: Yeah. And Jesus referred to them as being slandered by the enemy, by the devil. And he said, “We would have nothing to do with any of this.” He said, “This is because the God of this world is evil and he is creating a false view of a good God who loves people.” He said, “Kevin, me and my father love people. We would never do these things. We want everyone to come to heaven.” That’s what he told me. And he gave me hope. He told me to take this message to the world. And so that’s why I contacted you.

SID: Well, tell me, one thing that intrigued me is the Lord told you there would be a big separation in the church, and it would be involving the supernatural.

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