JERAME:  God does everything with purpose. And He wants us to understand His heart with it because as we understand His heart with it then all of a sudden we can co-laborer with Him. Because we’re in the kingdom for a reason. Do you guys understand that? To give a, a harvest to Jesus and, and to give Him the reward of His sufferings. Amen? And so, anyway, what’s amazing though is, is that God wants to open up that sense of feeling. I believe even as I’m talking about this some of you may be getting to feel things in the spirit. And, and even, some of you in times of prayer at home you may be feeling things in the spirit. You know there’s been times where, I, I felt an angel come into the room as I was praying and I just had a knowing. It was like this inkling in my mind. I said Wow there’s an angelic being here. And, who’s ever had that? You know? Or, or, or who’s ever just known something in the spirit? See, that’s – You’re a Feeler.

And don’t ignore that gift because it’s important. And, and just because it’s different than other people’s doesn’t mean it’s less important. It just means you’re wired differently. But here’s the good news. If you want to move in one of the other realms, you get to. because God is good. He gives good gifts to His children. But what unlocks that realm is revelation knowledge. Understanding of that realm. And, and, you know, one of the, one of the realms that I believe God wants to open up massively to His people is the seer realm. Seeing in the spirit. Jesus in John 5:19 it says that He never did a thing unless He first saw what His Father was doing or heard what His Father was saying. And, and, and I want you to understand this. I believe that we must begin to see in the spirit and I believe that as we get revelation knowledge of what the Holy Spirit does when He heightens the sense of sight I believe we can step into it. See the reason why we don’t step into things is because we don’t know that we can. Or we don’t have revelation knowledge of the fact that they’re real. But here’s what I’ll tell you.

Paul the Apostle said this in Ephesians chapter 1, 15 through 19 he prayed for the church of Ephesus that they would receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God the Father and that the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened. That they would know the hope of Jesus Christ, His calling and the inheritance of, of the saints that would come into the kingdom towards Him. And you see what God wants to do is God wants to release to us, if you would, an anointing to enlighten the eyes of our heart. We need to understand something. We’ve got eyes in the spirit. And that word enlightenment means, it means this, it means to have the eyes of your heart flooded with prophetic light. What is prophetic light? Dreams, visions, encounters, prophecy. And you see God wants to flood your life with dreams, visions, encounters and prophecies but here’s the motivation of your heart that unlocks that realm. It’s to know Christ more!

See, Paul said give them a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You. In the knowledge of You. In the knowledge of who? The Father of glory. In the knowledge of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And as we have a desire in our heart that is greater to know God rather than to be spiritual and tell people awesome testimonies, that’s when it unlocks. And I’m, I’m telling you it’s amazing because the testimony Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. It really is. I remember, you know, being around people like Bobby Connor. You know Bobby Connor is a spiritual father to me, a mentor to me. He asked me to travel with him early on in my ministry. And I remember hanging out with Bobby. He would tell me story after story about angels visiting and dreams and visions and encounters and I’m telling you after about 3 days I, I was like, God am I even saved? It was like his experience and my experience with Christianity is not lining up right now. You know he’d be like, hey boy, let’s pray. You know and I’d be like all right! And he’d say what do you see? And I’d say the back of my eyelids! I mean who can relate? Right? And, and there was this frustration in my heart. And, and then the Lord begin to show me.

He said Jerame, look, He said just ask me to begin to open your eyes. He said the problem is you’re looking through the wrong lens. He said you’re looking and focusing on what you don’t have rather than what you can have. See we got to focus our hearts right. We got to focus on what’s available to us. Not in a jealous way say That’s not fair, God, look what they got and look at what I don’t got. See that’s what orphan-minded people do. Orphans focus on lack. Sons and daughters focus on what’s given. What’s given with access.

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