BRENDA: We saw on Acts 16 whole households came to Jesus. They came to the Lord. So, right now I want you to agree with me. I’m going to say, “We decree,” because we’re in agreement together, you and me. This is not you by yourself. We are standing together. Today we decree household blessings. Salvations, we declare the visitation of God is coming to your house to release household blessings. We pray every member of your family… Come on, receive that. They shall be touched by the power and the supernatural, tangible presence of the almighty God in a divine way.

BRENDA: We break the power. Come on, just stand up against the enemy. We break the power of every hindering spirit from coming against your home, your family, your property. Come on, your stuff. You’re going to take your stuff back. I want you to just say it right now, “My house is a no fly zone to the devil.” My house… Come on, say it. Say, “My house is a no fly zone.”

My house is a no fly zone.

BRENDA: “To the devil.” And all your belongings are covered in the name of Jesus. We say together that all the works of darkness are bound and we speak an overshadowing of the Lord over your home. And we pray that angelic forces shall be released to protect, and they shall stand and watch. They’re going to be there, just trust that. We pray a new day over your home. And that in this season, every family member in your home comes into a new and fresh encounter with the Lord God himself. In the name of Jesus.

SID: All right. You are matching a hundred of these decrees, and everyday you decree a new one over yourself and your home and in every arena of your life. Brenda says there’s a habit that will literally command the forces of darkness to stop. Are you interested?


SID: You talk about in time of crisis, come dressed as you are. What does that mean?

BRENDA: One of the hardest things to do in all of our Christian walk and all of our walk as believers, one of the toughest things to do is speak right in a crisis. When you are in a battle and fear is facing you, a symptom of diagnosis and you don’t know what to do, you feel that literal impaling anxiety in your stomach. That is one of the hardest times to say the right thing, and so it is very necessary for us to make the point that we speak correctly when there’s not a crisis.

BRENDA: We have to be in the habit, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve put decrees together because I want people to have a tool to make the habit. Build the house when the sun is shining. In our house we declare every day we’re going to live long and strong and we will never go to our grave premature. We’re going to stand strong and live as long as God is designed so that we fulfill our purpose. We make these declarations through our house. We walk through. I mean, we shout them out on the porch, whatever we got to do. But you build that habit so that when you do face something, you’re ready and you’re dressed for battle.

SID: And you have even decrees to command the forces of darkness to scatter.

BRENDA: Absolutely.

SID: Let’s pray that right now.

BRENDA: Absolutely. Well, I just want to tell you not only can you have force… command the forces to scatter, you can command every demon that has tried to come against you. It might be in your generation. In fact, right now I speak to every generational curse that’s come against your life.

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