JOHN: And she accepted Jesus, and then she told the superintendent of the building, “Go to my house and throw all the witchcraft stuff away in the garbage.” She threw it all away in the garbage. And two months later, Daisy, she passed on. And I went to her funeral out of respect, knowing that she’s a believer. So I said, “I’m going to go to her funeral.” And to my dismay, all the witchcraft, high-ranked devil worshipers that I used to be with in 25 years, they were all in the funeral releasing spirit of fear. Telling the people, “You see her, she died because …” They were lying. “You see, she died because we destroy her, and we’re going to put the same spirit on you, of death on you, premature death on you. And we’re going to be …” They was releasing torment, demons of fear. And I walked into the funeral and they looked at me. They say, “Oh my God, you here? We haven’t killed you yet? How much witchcraft we’d done to you.” “You can’t kill me. I’m under the blood of Jesus Christ.”

SID: John, how do we live without fear?

JOHN: You know, amazing, the book of Hebrew chapter 11 it speaks about fear and faith. Many, many great woman of God, many great men of God started in fear, but they became … overcome it through faith. The hallmark of faith is the book of Hebrews. And these people were practical people, normal people. And God chose them to shame the devil. And they started … You see, you could start with fear, but you could end up overcomer in faith, and victorious, and be more than a conquering Christ Jesus. I tell people this, right? I tell people this, right? A lot of time we read scripture. We read scripture, we read it so fast, we like, “Oh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

JOHN: You say, “I love my wife,” right? And “Oh, I love my daughter, I love my son.” And you’re, “Hey, I love you.” And you leave. Or, “Hey, I missed you.” And you leave. It doesn’t have … It’s not intimacy. When you read scripture, you should be intimate with the scripture. You should be intimate with that scripture. So when I read scripture, I read it slow. I read the scripture like I’m telling God, “I love you so much for what you’ve done for me.” And I read it in a pace that I want his heart to skip beats, because I am indebted to the cross of Jesus Christ. And when I read scripture that way, fear have no place in my life.

SID: Can you lead us in a prayer to overcome fear?

JOHN: Oh absolutely. I want to share the scripture Deuteronomy Chapter 31:8. God has some amazing promises in his word. God is not a man that he would lie. His word is so strong, so awesome. And you can take it to the bank, and believe. You can deposit that in your spirit. That is the bank, your spirit. When I get scripture, and it comes into me and they say something, I want you to repeat after me, and really you watching TV today, please repeat the scripture after me. And not only this scripture, but grab every scripture, every word of God, every promise, every promise of God. Make it your own. I think the word it’s not something that is … It’s not general. It’s for you and him. And when I grab and I say … I would say Deuteronomy Chapter 31:8, I will say the Lord, he is the one who goes before me. “He is the one that goes before me,” uncle said.

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