SID: Tell me about the time you walked into theeyes of Jesus.

KEVIN: Oh, that’s a good one,Sid.I’m telling you.

SID: I know it is.That’s why I’m asking.

KEVIN: Well, I kept looking at his eyes because Iwas trying to figure out what color they were.And I was listening to him talk and all of a sudden he allowedme to walk right into him.And I walked down inside of him and I watched him think of me.And I watched him form everything that he wanted me todo in my life.And then he formed me inside.And then he breathed me out and I went into my mother’s womb.And now I’m standing before him in the same spot that hebreathed me out of.And I saw that the whole plan of God was already written.And this is what he told me, he said,”Kevin, I’m taking the limits off of you.There’s never been a time that I’ve limited you.”He said, “No one up here is limiting you.”He said, “We all love you up here.”He said, “No angel that’s ever been sent to help anyone,including you, has ever thought they were going to fail.”And he said, “You know the Holy spirit that you haveinside of you?”He said, “The Holy spirit has never thought you weregoing to fail.Everybody is for you.”And something clicked in me.And so when I started to walk in this and I saw the Devil startto realize that he can’t pull it over on me anymore,he started to back off in fear.And then Jesus showed me.He said, “You got to take fire from the altar every day.”So I started taking fire from the altar every day in prayer.I just picture myself just taking fire.And the angels just love that.So they started coming around me before you know it,the Devil is nowhere to be seen.He doesn’t even show up for any kind of an appointment anymore.And I’m telling you, this is overthrow.This is where the Devil is, is doesn’t want anyone to go.So just so you know, he’s told me to tell everybody,the Lord has told me to tell everybody all over the world,all the dirty secrets of the Devil.To tell that he doesn’t want any Christian to hear this,”It’s rigged in your favor.”He does not want anyone to know this.  

SID: Just so I understand, when you’re say it’s rigged inyour favor, you’re saying because you have the mostwonderful, perfect plan for your life all written out andeveryone in Heaven is rooting for you.And there’s one liar that’s trying to get you off a base.But if he can’t you off a base, what kind of life are peoplegoing to have?

KEVIN: It’s called favor, Sid.And it’s really not fair to the people that are just looking on,they can’t figure you out, but you start to move in this favor.Because I saw that the Devil tries to make everything look random in a person’s life. But there’s no such thing as randomness in heaven.And I saw that he is trying to fool people into backing off. And I think that the most important thing to hear here is Jesus told me that people, Christians,they back off from the Devil because they’re afraid he’s going to come at them.And the fact of it is, is he’s not going to come at you.There’s a certain point where he backs off because he’s looking for weak people.And the last time I checked the redeemed of the Lord or not weak people. 

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