Sid Roth says, let me just mention something before I pray for you. This new mentoring kit is a baby. It’s new. Yet it’s already growing. I have ideas for it next year that we’ve going to add to the kit. –I’ll tell just tell you one of the thoughts I had, it was actually yesterday. Anyone of you get “tweets?” Raise your hands if you get tweets. Or do the rest of you have to learn how to do that? (audience laughs) Here’s the thought that I had–if you have a computer, get one of your grandchildren and they’ll show you how to tweet– (audience laughs) I’m going to give you one scripture, not every day, one scripture every week. And I want you to think about that all week, my whole staff is going to have that same scripture, I want you to say it out loud. I want you to meditate on it, I want you to chew on it. Do you realize that one word from God can change your destiny? One word from God! That’s all it takes.

What if you had one scripture every week knowing our staff is doing the same thing you’re doing. And meditating on that ‘til it becomes part of you. ‘til the word becomes flesh. Maybe we’ll put it on the web page if you don’t want to tweet (laughs). If you can find a web page… But I want you to do it with us. According to Sid Roth, He really have such a passion to mentor you to stop being a couch potato, to mentor you to stop being a spectator, to mentor you to do the works of Jesus! That’s what He wants right now more than anything

Our Guest Laurie Ditto

RYAN: We’re having a lot of fun talking about heaven, and encountering heaven, and talking about the Father, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. And I love the Bible verse, for some reason, it’s always stood out to me, in Matthew. The pure in heart see God.

LAURIE: Um-hm.

RYAN: Now, you have been there, many times to heaven. And we don’t have time to talk about it on this show. But you’ve experienced hell. And that’s on our “It’s Supernatural” show. We talk about that. So, you’ve really learned first-hand about living pure and a pure heart before God. What does that mean to you?

LAURIE: Well, I’m very literal, so I see the Bible very literally. And pure in heart, you know, we know when things are unsettled in our heart.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: Especially if it’s against a brother, or, we can really identify the things that are bothering us. And so, if we can get rid of all of that traffic in our heart, I believe the Bible teaches us that if you’re pure in heart, you shall see God. And so I bank on that.

RYAN: And what does seeing God mean to you?

LAURIE: Well, the way that my gifts go, you know, I can see a presence come into the room. But my favorite way of seeing God, or sensing God is that He’ll just come get me,

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: And take me. Take me somewhere with Him. And I love when I get to go to heaven. Everybody wants –

RYAN: Right. Right.

LAURIE: Everybody needs to want to go to heaven.

RYAN: Right. Exactly. Now, the Bible says the pure in heart see God. So you’re saying the pure in heart encounter God, basically.

LAURIE: Yeah. And in however you’re prophetic makeup is designed. Once you can figure that out then, I believe He set it up for all of us to see Him, sense Him, experience Him, hear Him. Whichever way that it works for every individual.

RYAN: Okay. And you give many tools about how the people at home can experience God.

LAURIE: Um-hmm.

RYAN: Encounter God, encounter heaven. I know we don’t have time to go into many of them. But give me a couple of very important keys to really encountering God on your own.

LAURIE: Well, we’re made up of three parts: body, soul, and spirit. And so, the first thing that I try to help people understand is, make your body worship God. And, for whatever that looks like.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: Some people.

RYAN: I see myself going, “Hey!”

LAURIE: [laughs]

RYAN: Get up. Get up. Come on. Let’s go.

LAURIE: Right. Right. And for some people, actually, making your body worship, would be raising your hands.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: That could be something for someone. But, physically, make your body worship God. And then our soul – our mind, our will, our emotion. And for my mind, I’ve learned to really study the cross. Because once you understand what Jesus has done for us, the doubt, does Jesus love me? Satan can never bring that lie when you study the cross. And the cross has a way of affecting our mind, our will, our emotion. And so we get all parts of us worshipping God so that in our meditative place. And I use different types of worship and praise music, and then instrumental. And then I concentrate on the cross. And then I, when I stand back and I look at Jesus, I tell Him, “Lord, what do You have for me? 

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE:  Show me the plans and purposes.” And, you know, I always thought you could be right at the bottom of the cross. But in my mind, I realized I have to back up because I want his eyes to see me. I want to see this great show of love. And it’s about at that point that He comes. If He’s going to come and get me, that’s when He comes and gets me.

RYAN: So when you’re studying the cross, you’re studying what He did for you? Is that what you’re saying?

LAURIE: Absolutely. And there are lots of ways. I mean, different people have different parts of it. I’ve looked at a lot of hymns that have the words of what God has revealed to different individuals about the cross. And then the actual breakdown of it.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: Just, there’s a lot of works out there on the cross.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: And then I meditate. Jesus, what did You do for me?

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