SID: Okay. I have a question for you and then I want to make a statement.


SID: The question is, what you just described, if you didn’t have a prayer life, would that have happened?

GUILLERMO: Not at all. Not at all. And I was playing to you why? Jesus, when he came to this earth, the closest that he was to the father was through prayer. In other words, the looked closest he was to haven was through prayer. So if you see in the Bible, you see Jesus, the disciples asked him one time, they never asked Jesus, “Give us more faith.” Or, “Give us more anointing.” Or, “Give us more power.” They asked for, “Teach us to pray.” And what was the reason? Because they saw the results. They saw that Jesus spent … My God, I feel the presence of God. He spent hours in prayer.

SID: But most believers can’t do that. They won’t do that or they don’t feel like it. Or you’re tired and you deserve to …

GUILLERMO: Okay, because the reason is you can’t spend all that time because it’s bored, it’s boring.

SID: Yeah.

GUILLERMO: Because you don’t have that close relationship. People don’t have that close relationship with God, so we need to understand. First of all, Jesus teaches the other father prayer. He said, “When you pray, you pray, our father there’s in heaven.” That means there’s a connection, but this is important. Okay, so Jesus, he was the closest to the father through prayer. He said he prayed. He prayed all night, and I said to God one day, I say, “What do you mean pray on all night? Does a take all night?” He said to me, “Son, there’s prayers that I can answer immediately. There’s some prayers depending on what you are believing, that have to accumulate and that will see an accumulation.”

What I mean is. The Lord said to me, “If you had done any prayer in my will, none of those prayers not … You will not going to lose none of those prayers.” In other words, I heard those prayers, but they’re coming to pass. And then he said to me, “This is the season, where I will answer all my prayers. All the peoples prayers.”

SID: So there’s a tipping point it’s got to do—

GUILLERMO: There’s an accumulation.

SID: … the accumulation, but there’s something extra going. It’s the season for the tipping point.

GUILLERMO: Right.  This is the season. And there’s a lot of people, Sid, over there asking, “Well, I’ve been praying. Nothing happened.” But there’s a key for your prayers to be answered quickly, and now.

SID: And not one prayer was wasted?

GUILLERMO: Okay. Yes. Okay, quickly. Number one, the Bible says, 1 John, “If you pray according to his will, he hears us.” And he hears us. We have the petition we have made to God, but now every prayer in my own life has been according to the will of God. Every prayer we have done, that’s the pattern. And the Lord said to me, “The moment you are aligned with my will, I accelerate those prayers.” There’s so many people praying, frustrated because they said, “I’ve been praying, I’ve been praying.” But not amount of time that you pray and pray. If it’s not according to the will of God, it will not be answered.

So sometimes you need to know what is the will of God. This is four things. First, you must align with what … You must know the will of God. Is the will of God for you to be healed? Yes. Is the will of God for you to prosper? Yes. Is the will of God to be delivered? Yes. Is the will of God to be a carrier of the presence of God? Yes. As a matter of fact, there’s somebody there. You just had a heart attack and you’ve been having those … something that they put in the heart-

SID: Pacemaker.

GUILLERMO: … a pacemaker, right. Right now God is healing your body right now. As a matter of fact, God is creating a new heart. I see somebody with a leg and you’ve been having … Like you need a brand new cartilage in your leg, right now … and your knee. God is touching your body right now. Is not the will of God for you to be sick. Is the will of God … If you want your prayers to be answered now, if you want your prayers to accelerate now, you must align with the will of God. You must align with heaven. So I see somebody with blindness because of diabetes. You are something … Oh yes Lord. You’re somebody, there’s a weird disease I think is a one in 100000.

There is a weird disease in your skin. God is touching your body now. As I minister the presence of God is falling on you.

SID: I want you to be so hungry.


SID: To get into the secret place.


SID: It’s the secret place that the Bible talks about, and few Christians ever enter it and I’m going to tell you the thing that caused Jesus after ministering all day and being tired, to be up all night and then be energized. He went into this secret place. I want Guillermo to tell me how he entered the secret place, and when we come back, I want to … Not we are now, but how he started. I wanted the ABCs be right back.

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