SID: Okay, I told you they were going to activate you right now. Aliss, teach us three simple steps to activate our people.

ALISS: Well, I’m going to do it through the example of Mark. He was a property tycoon and when the 2008 financial crash happened, him and his family lost almost all of their wealth, and because his foundation was on his wealth, he had nothing to stand on, and his life spiraled out of control, and he was drinking heavily, alcohol. He was using hard drugs, he was watching pornography. His wife, she was a believer, and she would lay outside of his office while he was doing all of these things and she’d be praying for him.

ALISS: Now, his sister gets sick, and she invites him to go to a healing conference. To help her, he decides to go. But actually, she wanted to help him. So he goes to this healing conference, and he recognizes his need for God at the conference. Now, that’s the first step. You’ve got to really know that you need a savior. Know that you are a sinner, that you need a savior. We all do.

ALISS: He gets vulnerable and he humbles himself. That’s another step, we need to do that before God. And then, they pray with him. He gets a curse broken off his life and he ends up getting delivered of many demons. He comes to about 45 minutes later like a new person. He gives his life to Jesus. He invites Jesus to come into his life. That is an important step you’ve got to do, we all need to do. Since then, his life has been completely transformed. Now, he bases his life on the rock who is Jesus, and he has this ministry, real prophetic ministry, and he reaches out to other people, too.

ALISS: So all of you watching, if you do not know Jesus then you just speak out to him now. He’s in the room with you. So just say, “Jesus, I want to give you my life. Please, come into my life. Forgive me of all my sin, all the things that I’ve done wrong. Come into my life, and I believe that you are the Son of God, and that you rose from the dead, and come and fill me with your Holy Spirit. I want to follow you all the days of my life. Amen.”

SID: Rob, the most liberating thought that God ever showed you?

ROB: I was a born-again believer, I knew my scriptures, I was a worshiper, but I always felt this blockage in talking to people about Jesus. I always felt like this basically boils down to an intellectual debate. I believe in Jesus, you don’t believe in God, I have to try and convince you. What I realized was that much better to demonstrate God’s power to demonstrate that he is real and that he cares for people.

ROB: So, we were in our shop one time, our famous shop with free miracles, and a couple walk in, a man and wife, and he’s limping. So, of course, we say, “This is a shop where we see miracles. Can we pray for you?” But the guy says-

There’s really no point, I’m an atheist.

ROB: But we, of course, say to him, “God still believes in you, so let us try. We’ll pray for you anyway.”

ALISS: Is that okay?


ROB: Okay, and he lets us pray. So, we pray, and then we say, “Anything changed? Test it out, see what’s happened.”

Whoa. There’s no more pain!

ROB: And to his amazement, he’s shaking his head, the pain is gone, he’s touching his toes-

Thank you so much!

ROB: His wife who’s standing behind him says, “See, I told you there was a God!.” Speechless.

SID: Okay, last couple of minutes Aliss and Rob pray as God directs for those watching.

ALISS: Okay, I’m going to start. So, when I was talking about Tim, everywhere we share the miracle when he got electrocuted and he was numb, and the tremors, every time we share that story, people are getting healed of similar symptoms. So, I want to release that for everybody that’s watching.

ALISS: If you have tremors, if you have any numbness in your body, if you have the deafness, the blindness, the brain damage, anything that he had, I want to release that for you right now in the name of Jesus, that you’ll be healed. Feel something happening right now, just go on and test it out. If you’re numb, just feel it, this feeling’s coming back right now.

ALISS: Anybody who has any tumors or cancer, we command those to go in the name of Jesus right now, and anybody who is tapped into the wrong power like Lisa was, that you just lay down your life right now for Jesus, you surrender your life to Jesus and say, “I don’t want to go down the counterfeit route in the occult or new age, but I want you, Jesus.” So, just receive him right now, in the name of Jesus.

ROB: Well I want to bless you with a blessing, the three-fold blessing of God. So, I just pray the blessing of provision over your life. I pray that you be so full of God that your life would overflow with abundance and generosity to others. I pray that your life would be so close to God that you have the blessing of wholeness, that your life would resonate with divine healing, and that you would overflow with healing to others. And I bless you with the blessing of authority, that you’d be such a servant of God that you would know authority against, and overcome all the powers of the enemy in your own life and in the lives of others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

ALISS: Amen.

SID: Amen means “so be it,” so be it!

ALISS: Yeah.

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