SID: You know, if we can just have this friendship with God, with the Holy Spirit, and that would’ve been enough, but there’s another fringe benefit Jennifer, of this friendship with the Holy Spirit. What is it?

JENNIFER: That fringe benefit is signs and wonders. You have a friendship with a supernatural friend, and so what’s on him gets on you.

SID: Well, some of the things that are going on with your friend and the glory as a result of this friendship with the Holy Spirit has to do with lights. Explain, because remember, I said the glory affects all of your senses that you have in the natural, in the supernatural. You can see the glory. You can hear the glory. You can smell the glory. You can taste the glory, you can even touch the glory. So what’s been going on with the light?

JENNIFER: Every once in awhile, the light and radiance of God, the glory of God. I’ll actually glow like a light bulb and I’ve had that happen three times specifically. And …

SID: So when the glory is on you, you’re saying you glow?

JENNIFER: I glow, and we’ve caught a few of those on camera. You know, it’s not always at a place where we’re going to take a picture of it, but right there you’re seeing that it’s one time they caught on camera where I glowed from head to toe.

SID: That is amazing.


SID: That is so amazing. When that happened, what happened with the supernatural level in that congregation?

JENNIFER: I just know that there was angelic activity in the room. You could feel the presence of God in the atmosphere. The ministry reflected the glory …

SID: I’m sorry, I’m seeing your next picture and I got a little distracted.

JENNIFER: There’s another one.

SID: You have to understand.

JENNIFER: Yeah. Again, you know, it’s this glory, this radiance that happens on occasion and people have actually caught those pictures on camera and it just says that I’ve been with the Holy Spirit.

SID: And others see fire in your eyes.

JENNIFER: Yes, yes. I’ve had that testimony as well. Or people will notice fire begin to appear in my eyes. One time in particular, it was right before the glory of God came on the crowd of people that I was about ready to pray for. And so it was very tangible.

SID: There was one time when someone tried to disrupt your meeting. What happened?

JENNIFER: I got a word of knowledge about it. I knew something was going to happen. I didn’t know what. And then right as the disrupting person began to do what he was about to do …

Man: I’ve got something to say, I’ve got something to tell you.

JENNIFER: All of a sudden lights started swarming around me, they were visible. People were pointing at them saying, “You’re lighting up. There’s angels.” They didn’t know what to call it. It was the glory of God. He was protecting me.

SID: Now you went to Perth, Australia at a church called Paradox and as wonderful as the relationship, Jennifer has, something happened that she knows will happen to you as she teaches you that opened her up to the glory and the relationship with God beyond anything she’s thought possible. Tell me about that experience.

JENNIFER: Well, I base it on, we are going from glory to glory. Experiences are going to continue to unfold that we didn’t even know existed. That’s what happened to me. I went to do a prayer conference and the very last night of the conference, and it was a wonderful conference, but in the middle of the night I’m sound asleep, I’m satisfied. It went well. The Lord, the Holy Spirit, he visited me in the night in the strangest but most tender way he picked me up out of the bed, picked me up, brought me to his chest, almost like a quick embrace. When he did that, something from him dropped into my heart. I’m not talking about my physical heart, I’m talking about my emotions, the very core of me. Something from him dropped into that place and I was undone. Like I have never been undone before.

SID: What was he was really doing? What was being accomplished?

JENNIFER: What he was doing was he was healing the dead places of my heart. I did not know, I would describe it as half of my heart, I’m talking about emotions, I’m talking about the core of me had died and I didn’t know it. It died from grief, life, pain, betrayal, all those things …

SID: Part of being human.

JENNIFER: Human. But my heart had died and I had lost feeling in those places. I no longer cared. There was no compassion. But what’s deceptive is you don’t feel that you don’t feel.

SID: It’s called deception.

JENNIFER: And so he was waking that back up. Of course, I needed to be healed after, I had to work through work through it. There was process, but he was waking that back up because I could not experience his glory because I couldn’t be led by the spirit of God in places I can’t feel where he’s leading me. It revolutionized my life.

SID: But you realize there are many people that can say, “You know, I believe that’s me.” Can this be reproduced? Meaning, can you help people get this from God the same way you did?

JENNIFER: I found that after this experience, I began to share the story and pray for everybody everywhere and it’s completely transferable. It’s an anointing that resuscitates your heart. It brings you back to life and you can experience the glory on levels you’ve never experienced it.

SID: Okay, when we come back, would you like Jennifer to pray for you? We’ll be right back.

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