SID: I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling the presence of God, the manifest presence of His glory, on this whole show. Pastor Stovall, you talk about terms like “power in the pattern” and “now you’re in alignment.” Explain a little bit about that.

STOVALL:  It was a very humbling experience in the sense I realized that I had been a ruler in a lot of areas instead of being a steward. But through all this process, I felt like I was given Jesus’ church back. My mindset changed to, “Okay, I’m a steward, Lord. I saw the kingdom.” There were just so many things. It’s things like I begin to look through a kingdom filter. Now, obviously, it’s Friday, which is the Sabbath. It was Friday night. It was also Passover, so it’s the double Sabbath. But then it’s almost like I had this kingdom filter. Then I begin to see, “Well, wait, Sabbath was way before the Abrahamic covenant. It’s back here in Genesis 2. The Sabbath was the first day after Creation. There’s all of God’s family, Heaven and Earth, at the Father’s table in Eden.” Eden was the Bet Av, the Father’s house.

STOVALL:  Here’s the heavenly and earthly family together at His table. That whole language of Shabbat Shalom, this is what it’s all about. This is how everything should be. This is wholeness. Yes, you’re going to subdue the Earth and all that, but nothing is more important than this. I would say I saw this kingdom where the Jewish people have carried them in the context of covenant. But I began to see these things like, “Wait, these are kingdom. I’m not authorized as a steward of the ministry to substitute things that are clearly a kingdom pattern. I’m just not authorized to do that.”

SID: You know, every time you open your mouth, you are unpacking revelation that has been hidden from the church for 2000 years, but let me remind you to get your communion elements ready. In our ISN segment as we take communion together, we will align ourselves with Heaven and Heaven will invade our studio or wherever you’re watching us. We’ll also have more from Paul Wilbur, so stay with us.

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