SID: Now Sandra, I want you to teach us the revelation God taught you about the blood of Jesus starting with the foundation that if you don’t know the Foundation Book, otherwise known as the Old Testament, there is no way you’re going to understand the New Covenant. Tell me about that foundation.


SANDRA: I’ve been teaching healing for years and years, and years, and years. But I got hung up on the scripture in the New Testament that said that Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament. Then the thought went through my mind, well if he fulfilled the Old Testament then I need to know what he fulfilled, because if he fulfilled it, I got it, it’s mine. So now I’m beginning to flip through and read in particular on the power of the blood. And I began to discover that the priests there, the power that they had and how they could wash themselves in the blood morning and evening, and it would do away with any sin, anything, and even you could take it and apply it to other people, and your being a priest and how you can apply it.


SID: Yes, but those were priests.


SANDRA: But I’m a priest.


SID: I thought you’re a woman.


SANDRA: I know. You thought wrong.


SID: You’re a priest because the New Covenant says you are.


SANDRA: Absolutely.


SID: And that’s good enough for me.


SANDRA: Absolutely. Absolutely. And when I, you know, the Bible says that people perish for lack of knowledge.


SID: You know what, they even went to the priest, went to be cleared of leprosy.




SID: So they were, in effect, they were involved in forgiveness and healing.


SANDRA: Yes. Well the priests were really the guardians, I found out, of health of the community. And I thought good grief, we are guardians, of course having so much to do with healing, we are guardians of the health of our church, health of our area, the health of our family if we just know how to apply the blood and do a morning and evening sacrifice let’s do it continuously. A moment ago we were talking about the hands and the rays of light that come out.


SID: Yes.

SANDRA: When you have rays of light, I discovered, that during praise and worship when people raise their hands, if believers understood and believed, and would begin to raise their hands and use their hands as rays of light it would divide the darkness and clear up the area over you so that you could have a clearer space to Heaven.


SID: What a wonderful way to start your prayer. When you taught this revelation in your church, what effect did it have?


SANDRA: The main thing it did, every area of somebody’s life was touched. It was astounding to me. We did a little survey. We only took about a hundred people, but we did it anyway, and we would go in to the different places. We were going to wash the areas like in your house, wash you in the blood, wash your husband in the blood, wash your children in the blood. If you don’t have any, wash your dog in the blood, whatever needs to be. Hallelujah.


SID: I know some dogs that need to be washed in the blood.


SANDRA: As do I. Wash them. In your office, go wash the area. I just washed it, washed it in the blood of Jesus. We did it two weeks straight and after those two weeks, 85 percent, 80 to 85 percent of everyone who participated saw immediate change.


SID: That is pretty amazing.


SANDRA: Yes, it is.


SID: What in your mind, there’s a visible world and there’s an invisible world. Many people are not seers. A seer can see inside the invisible world.


SANDRA: Right.


SID: But what is going on in the invisible world when you’re speaking the blood of Jesus out of your mouth? What’s happening that we are not seeing with our eyes?


SANDRA: Demons are dialing 911. They are running every direction under the sun because there is nothing. They are afraid of the power of the blood in the name of Jesus. They are.


SID: Now when those demons are running and we don’t see them running, if they can convince us nothing happened, we’ll drop speaking the blood.


SANDRA: Yes we will.


SID: That’s their job to get us off the truth about the blood.


SANDRA: And if you get off the truth you will come back feeling guilty, stained, something is wrong with you, you want to hide. You walk around in a shadow so to speak and you’re feeling defiled. The Lord is defiled. You feel defiled. There’s 16 names for defiled in the Bible. There are about four that really, really matter here. Being defiled means being common. We’re not common. We’re peculiar. We’re not common. And then you feel dirty, you feel wounded and you feel stained. And so those are the things that make Christians not come to be who they ought to be and washing in the blood takes care of all of that. If you stop doing it those four things in particular that makes you be like a wimp and you like the tail instead of the head, you fall into that category, when you back away from using the power that God has given you and that power of God ordained and put inside of you when you were born again is in you ready to be released so that you can operate in the Glory of God.


SID: Now you said that the priests in the Old Covenant cleansed themselves twice a day. I know you do this. I want to find out exactly how you do it for yourself, when we come back, and I want to find out the twin of atonement of sin, forgiveness of sin. I want to find out that same blood how that operates in healing. We’ll be right back.

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