RODNEY:  But it will reflect in your life. It’s going to reflect in everything that you do. The anointing’s not going to make you weird. Goofy. The anointing’s only going to make you more real. Amen. But we have to be careful in these areas because the devil knows how to manipulate. The Bible talks about he comes as angel of light and he comes to deceive. So how do you know the Word? Everything before through the Word. That’s the plumb line. That’s the plumb line. And if you stay with the word you’re going to be safe and you will never be led astray. Amen? Jesus said “My sheep know My voice, the voice of a stranger they will not follow.” But that’s why we’re not just looking for something supernatural. We’re looking for something that is supernatural that was birthed in the Word of God. As the Virgin Birth was. As it took place when Mary conceived. Where the Word was spoken unto her. The divine sperm of God, the Word of God that caused Jesus to come about in the womb of Mary and that also carries a reproach to it because how do you explain that you are a Virgin and now you’re pregnant. Who’s going to believe you? Thank God that an angel appeared to her and spoke to Joseph in a dream. And so when we are born again of the Spirit of God it’s the Word of God that causes that new birth. And when that takes place it’s going to bring a reproach cause family members, friends, people are not going to understand you. But that’s part of taking up your cross and following Him and persecution will come especially when you start to move in the power of God to set the captives free and you start casting out devils and laying hands on the sick and seeing miracles and signs and wonders. But I must just say this. That apart from the gifts of the Spirit that are available to every believer there are the nine fruit of the Spirit that’s available to every believer. So we want to see the equal production of the fruit of the spirit along with the gifts of the spirit. Amen.




RODNEY:  No excuses! No, well I’m just not really a person that loves. Well come here, we’ll get rid of that thing that’s stopping you from loving. I’m not really a person that has much peace. We’ll I’ll get rid of that thing. No, we’ve got to work on these things. Why? Because there’s 17 works of the flesh. So God’s given us 9 gifts and 9 fruit that cover the 17 works by one so we always supersede what the enemy’s endeavoring to do. So you’ve got the “five-fold ministry” then you’ve got the anointing that’s really on every believer. The church, the believer, how many believers are there in the house here today? Some of you took a little time in raising your hand. Come on, you need to be quick at this. The anointing is on every believer. To do what? What did Jesus tell the disciples to go and tarry at Jerusalem to do what? To be endued with? So they could do what? Sit on a pew? Show up in church next Sunday? No, so they could be witnesses. What’s a witness? Somebody on a street handing out a tract? No. A Witness is a demonstrator of the resurrection.

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