MITZI:  Hi. So I’m really excited to share this with you all. I heard about traveling in the spirit. And you know I had I heard in the Bible that Philip was translated and I just thought that’s an Old Testament story so it’s like how did that happen? And it just went out of my mind and then I heard about it again a couple of years ago and I said God I wanna do that. If they can do that I wanna do that too. And so I just prayed about it and I didn’t dwell on it. I let it go. And I went to sleep one night and I had a very vivid dream or travel incident where I was in the Middle East and I was dressed in a Burka and I was on top of a two-story building and I saw all the details very clearly. And there were women there in Burkas also and there were boxes of Bibles. And they were bringing the Bibles over to me and I was the one throwing them down and there were only women that were involved in this and they all had the Burkas on. And I was dropping the Bibles down to the women and I could only see their eyes and they would reach their hands out through and catch ‘em and hide ‘em back in and then they would shuffle off and I could hear their feet shuffling on the, it was like a stone road. And I was just having an exciting time. But there was an air of danger but I wasn’t worried. I was really excited. And then we ran out of Bibles and I said get some more, get some more. And we were whispering the ladies that were working on top of the building with me and they said we’re all out. And I had one in my hand and so I just took it and I threw it and when I threw this Bible I hit my bed really  hard and it woke me up and I was still going like that and I as looking to see where my Burka was and it was like wow, that was amazing.


DAVE: That is an amazing testimony.


MITZI: Yeah, that was amazing. It was really exciting. Yeah.




DAVE:   Thank you for sharing.


MITZI: Absolutely.


DAVE: So Mitzi has had an experience very similar to a lot of experiences of my friends. I’m collecting testimonies on social media. That is very, very typical. Someone goes somewhere around the world. Passing out Bibles. Praying for someone to be healed. Getting somebody money. Giving them a word of encouragement. God is doing some very amazing things. Now you know there’s a lot of prophetic words out there saying the Lord is gonna have us moving at you know faster speeds and going places. He is really accelerating what He’s doing in the kingdom. And if you want to be a part of it. I would just encourage you to seek it. To ask. To say Lord, my hand is up. I wanna do this. I wanna be used by You. Let’s do this. Right? So now if you all have any questions about anything I’ve talked about, I’m gonna take questions for a little while. Paul. Hang on. Hang on. Before you ask your question get the microphone.


PAUL: Can you tell us a little bit about the difference between dreams and night visions and how the Lord speaks through those things?

DAVE: Yeah. My understanding and if you go to the Book of Daniel, especially chapter 7, and really look at what Daniel was saying about the experiences that He had it’s probably the best teaching in the Bible on dreams and night visions. And if you’re interested and if you have a lot of those go to Daniel and seek the Lord and He’ll teach you from that chapter. But my understanding is when I first started having dreams the Lord would give me dreams and night visions. And the difference for me was in a dream I was asleep. Sometimes I would have a dream, a very vivid dream. I would wake up. Get my dream journal. Start writing stuff down. Always journal your dreams. Okay? I would write stuff down and I would be awake and then I would close my eyes and I’m laying there in bed and visions. Visual experiences. Very much like a dream but I’m awake. And I can see things happening and I’m talking to people and I was praying for people. So for me the difference is a dream is when I’m asleep. A night vision is when I’m awake but I’m seeing revelation that’s very similar to what I would in a dream. Questions? Do you have a question back there?


WOMAN #1: If wonder you could speak to… I had an experience, and I don’t know if this is a travel or what happened. I was in my bed. I was sleeping. And all of a sudden in the middle of the night I started praising the Lord like within my spirit and I was going Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And the more I did it the faster I was leaving my body. I was coming up out and up but yet I knew my natural was still in the bed. And I got scared when I got to the ceiling so I slowed down so I came back into myself.


DAVE: Right.


WOMAN #1: So I physically made myself not go any further.  But it was a praise and that it just got more rapid and then I got scared because I thought where am I gonna go? How can they, have you ever had a thing like that happen or…?


DAVE: I have heard of those experiences. You were talking about praise?


WOMAN #1: Yes. I was praising but I didn’t. It just happened in the middle of the night when I was sleeping. My spirit started praising and saying the name of Jesus and it got more rapid and the more rapid I rose up.

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