SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Most of the prophetic people I know are saying we are coming into a season of breakthrough and I agree with them. But my guests have found there are blockages to breakthrough and they’re so simple, but this generation doesn’t understand them. He wants to teach them to you, so why? So you’ll have a breakthrough.


Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: No, you’re not seeing double. These are twin brothers, twin prophets, Hakeem and Naim Collins. And when you’re young kids, your grandmother takes you to church and both of you saw the same thing. What did you guys see?


HAKEEM: We both saw an angel of the Lord standing behind our pastor. Now the pastor is a Baptist pastor, he’s blind. Now the strange thing about this is that he’s blind, but at a young age, God begins to open up our spiritual eyes and begin to see this angel behind him. Not only that, but God begins to also save us on the same day. We begin to give our life to Jesus on the same day. How ironic is that God will make us twins, but also on the same day, we have Jesus.


SID: You guys do everything together. A man that was a friend of mine that’s now in Heaven, his name is Bob Jones, he was a senior prophet, and he taught you how to activate the gifts that you have. Was that very important at that time in your life?


HAKEEM: It was very important, one, because we were young.


SID: You’re an old man now.


HAKEEM: Yes. Well we didn’t have anyone to actually groom us in the prophetic. They didn’t actually help us and tell us what this was, or what was a prophet.


SID: Sure.


HAKEEM: Again, our upbringing wasn’t from a Christian family home. But we needed someone to really guide us, and so Bob Jones was instrumental in helping activating and bringing us to another level of how to hear Abba’s voice and to engage the heavenly realm.


SID: Now Naim, your gift operates strange, different than your brother’s.


NAIM: Yes.


SID: You have all of your spiritual senses activated. Give me an example what that means.


NAIM: Yes sir. Bob Jones was very instrumental, especially in activating the prophetic. Because I know most times people think prophets or prophecy and they always think thus saith the Lord, you’re speaking through visions or dreams. But when he activated my brother and I in the prophetic, it was just in the seer realm. And most times we think seer realm is just visual. But he activated something. Something exploded in the both of us and one of the areas that God had activated through Bob Jones was the ability to smell in the spirit. And so one time I was in a meeting, Sid, and I was praying for people. I called them to the altar and was praying for people and all of a sudden, my sense of smell was activated. It was opened up to another level that I’ve never experienced before, and it was like Jesus was now walking me how to walk a person through deliverance. And so I come across this lady and I smelled this very foul, pungent smell. It was almost smelled, almost like rotten eggs or some sewage smell.


SID: I’m glad I don’t have that gift.


NAIM: And so it was like having this conversation between my senses, my actual senses and saying, somebody might have died in here. But what the Holy Spirit was revealing to me was that there was something in her that was dying, that she was dying from a terminal illness. And then as I was praying to the Lord, he revealed that it was cancer. But this particular cancer wasn’t just a regular cancer. It was a bloodline cancer. It was something in the bloodline. It was something generational. And so I had to pray for her, and as I was praying for her, I couldn’t break it. I couldn’t break through. I tried to prophesy, it didn’t break through. So the Holy Spirit said, “There is something generational, there is something in her family that was a door that opened up for cancer to be in that entire generation.” And so what she received was an inheritance of cancer, generational, that needed to be broken. And so at the moment I had to then ask her, “Listen, I need you to begin to stand in the gap for whoever opened up the door in your family for this cancer that wreaked havoc.” And so the Lord began to reveal, it was her grandmother. And her grandmother went through some abuse and there was abuse, and there was some strife there from that abusive relationship. Then once she repented and stood in the gap for her grandmother and prayed for the abuse, prayed for the unforgiveness, prayed for the strife, all of a sudden that sense of smell of the rotten eggs or that sewer smell broke and literally that’s when I began to smell the presence of the Lord.


SID: You know, I was kidding. I have to tell you, I was kidding with him a minute ago. I said I wish I didn’t have that gift. But when I found out how it operated, God, strike that, I want that gift. Okay. And Hakeem, your gift operates different. You see words on top of people.




SID: I think that is an amazing gift. I’ll tell you what, when we come back, you hit on it already, but there are blockages to the season of blessing that we’re in, where all promises are going to come to pass. We want to get rid of those blockages. We’ll be right back.

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