SID: So I made the statement and you’ve made it. Ignorance is not bliss. Comment on that.


DAWNA: No, I find that so many times that Christians stick their head in the sand and they wonder what’s hitting their rear ends. And it’s time for us to start paying attention. I mean, there are agendas, there are atmospheres talking to us all the time. And you know, Christians need to start actually funding things that actually have an agenda that we believe in, instead of what we do not believe in. Passivity is not going to help us, so just saying, oh I’ll still shop there when they believe in certain agendas you don’t believe in is not going to help.


SID: Okay. You talk about thin and thick places. Explain.


DAWNA: Well you know, a thin place for me is when you just walk in and there’s the Holy Spirit. You can just feel the presence of God. It can happen in different locations in the same building. You might feel a thin place where you’re like, oh there must be an angel standing here or the Holy Spirit is right here. And you know, our pastor tells us, run to the Anointing. Run to where you feel that. We’ve had Glory clouds show up and it’s like, what is that, but you can feel the presence. And a thick place is like almost like when I walk into a thick place it’s like where did the Holy Spirit go? I mean, I know he’s here, but it’s so thick between me that it’s hard to understand that he’s even talking.


SID: You talk about we can tune in or switch off these channels. So you walk into a thick place where it’s just really tough to hear God. What do you do?


DAWNA: Well I first begin to speak in tongues and I might do it under my breath or people think I’m crazy if I do it out loud sometimes. But I find that speaking in tongues actually disengages my mind and engages my spirit. And so what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to fight the right fight because I’m trying to fight in the spirit realm and not in my brain realm. And so we begin to release the Holy Spirit like [speaking in tongues] and you can feel it start to happen. And then you begin to release the opposite of what you think you’re feeling. So if I’m feeling afraid I’m just going to begin to, and as I get my spirit to give me courage, because I’m disconnecting fear, I’m actually going to begin to release peace. I’m going to release an attitude of rest instead of an attitude of fear.


SID: You actually talk about a weapon that works every time, it’s called reject and replace.


DAWNA: Yes. Because you want to reject what’s coming at you. It’s like I see, it’s the whole I see you. I’m not going to partner with you and I send you back. I’m rejecting the signal coming. It’s like I’m turning that radio station. I have authority over the radio stations that I listen to and I think most of us don’t know that. I think the problem is most of us think it’s ourselves, but I tell people when I pray for them, hey, you can hear three voices any time. I said there’s Father God and he’s talking to you, the enemy is talking to you and you’re talking to you. So let’s figure out whose voice you want to listen to.


SID: Now you said that you discern the atmosphere and you can teach others to discern the atmosphere.


DAWNA: Absolutely.


SID: Tell me about the time you discerned an atmosphere of suicide.


DAWNA: Yes. We were on a trip actually and I was kind of given a heads up. They said you’re going to come into a region where they’re having suicides have been happening and we want you. That’s one of the things we want you to do when we put on this conference, we want you to stop this. I’m like, absolutely, let’s go do it. And so we came—


SID: How would you like to be walking in a conference and say, “We have these suicide pacts and everything, I want you to stop it.” Would you say that? Absolutely, let’s do it. I just didn’t want that to pass over.


DAWNA: It’s like, come on. And so we actually went there and we did the conference. And my son has a song that actually breaks the Anointing over suicide. And so he was playing it in the background, and we got people together and we began to pray. And we repented before we ever partnered with death or with thoughts like that, and we told it, you don’t have authority over it, and we released life into the region. And we just began having the whole, everyone that came was releasing life, and they just began speaking the opposite, and it broke over the region.


SID: You know, it’s so sad, people hear these voices and they don’t know they’re tuned into someone else, and they think it’s themselves.


DAWNA: How tortured that must be, torment in the mind. You know, I tell people, if you are tired of taking God’s enemies captive, which we should do, and you just can’t stop it, I’m wondering if it’s not your thought you’re trying to take captive and you might need to just change the channel.


SID: Not only change the channel, when we come back, I want you to talk about shifting the atmosphere. Be right back.

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