SID: Some of you are trying to wrap your mind around this concept. It’s so simple, yet so profound. The healer, not a little bit of the healer, THE healer is living within you. You don’t have to run to some place. He’s in you. You talk about, and this is so important, the power of agreement. What do you mean by that?


SANDRA: Agreeing with God. You’re going to be agreeing with somebody. You’re either going to agree with the doctor, thank God for good doctors, but you’re going to either agree with the doctor or you’re going to agree with your symptom. You’re going to agree with something. So you need to start agreeing with the Word of God. Get somebody to agree with you.


SID: All right, but do you deny your symptoms?


SANDRA: No. You deny the right for them to be there.


SID: I see.


SANDRA: You don’t deny them, but you deny, you don’t have a right in my body. I’m not saying you aren’t there. I’m saying you don’t have a right. I do that. Now remember, a symptom is not a sickness. Your mouth can make it a sickness.


SID: You’re just describing the power of agreement in reverse.


SANDRA: Absolutely totally.


SID: All right. We have readers that read, we get manuscripts before they become books. We got a manuscript in, your manuscript, and this has never happened before. Our readers read lots of books on healing. This woman was facing surgery and after reading your book something clicked and she didn’t need surgery. Let’s have Lori tell you herself.


[begin video]


Lori: I was experiencing excruciating pain in my shoulder and was diagnosed after an MRI with a torn rotator cuff. The doctor actually said it was hanging by a thread and I would need surgery.


Doctor: I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re going to need surgery.


Lori: While I was reading “The Simplicity of Healing” it connected with me on a personal level that changed my mindset concerning my own healing. I already had knowledge of the principles of healing, but it helped me to see where I had head knowledge, but wasn’t letting it get deep into my heart and spirit. While reading this book, God revealed to me the moment I came into agreement with the symptoms and how the symptoms actually became a condition because I came out of agreement with what God had said and came into agreement with the enemy. I repented when I realized what I had done and immediately the pain left my shoulder. Look, God healed me.


Doctor: What?


Lori: Yes.


[end video]


SID: You know, Sandra, as she was talking about what happened I could feel the presence of God coming.


SANDRA: I could, too.


SID: What’s going to happen to our people that are watching right now?


SANDRA: If they grab hold of it and will grab hold and begin to agree with God and thank him with gratitude, the healing power of God that is already in them will begin to be released inside of them, pushing out that sickness and disease. They have to continue to praise God, thank you, Lord, God. Most people know the principles in their head. Same thing she was saying. But it dropped down inside of her and it became real to her, and it became more real than the problem on the outside. And you begin to say, if you will do it, if people will do it, if they would just begin to say, thank you, Lord, that I am healed, thank you that you’re doing this in my life, thank you, Father God, that the healing power is in me. I agree with you. You said I’m healed, so bless God, I’m healed. You know, you’ve got to get in agreement with somebody. I’m going to agree with you, God.


SID: Okay. I hear what you’re saying. But again, one of your staff people, director of ministry, develops cancer. How bad a cancer? There’s no such thing as a good cancer. How bad?


SANDRA: Well she totally recovered. The mass was just all the way across her stomach, just totally that way. She just happened to be a nurse, too. And she said that the Word is more powerful than a two-edged sword, and so she went in and let the Word become a scaffold to her and she spoke to the cancer, and believed God to cut that cancer out. No pain. The pain did not leave. I mean, she was hurting just as bad. Every time she’d go back to the doctor.


SID: That took raw faith.


SANDRA: Absolutely. Absolutely. And the pain did not leave until the day she got the full report that she was totally cancer-free. And she didn’t have surgery now. She never had surgery.


SID: [unintelligible]


SANDRA: Yes. The number one healings are cancer. I mean, we get calls from all over the world. We teach people exactly what I’m teaching here: How to believe God, how to get in agreement with God, how to expect God to keep his Word, how to expect God to do what he says he has done. And most of us believe that we’ve got to get God to do something and it’s a whole different concept when you’re praising him, but he’s already done it.


SID: Do you know what I’m hearing, and I’m going to shout it to you: Never give up!


SANDRA: Never give up.


SID: Never give up! Never give up!


SANDRA: Never give up! Amen! Amen!

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