SID: You know, as I was saying, Dr. Kennedy does not just teach by what she’s learned. She actually has put this into practice in her own life. That was an awful thing that happened to you. Your nice little doggy bit off your lip. That is not a cool thing to happen.


SANDRA: No, that is not.


SID: And so did you have the lip in your hand?


SANDRA: That’s the first question the nurse asked me in the emergency room, where’s your lip? I didn’t know it was gone. The dog, as I bent down, the dog jumped up by accident, and the mouth of the dog, he was a Sheltie with a pointed lip like that, closed here and closed down on my nose to this side over here, took that lip off. I didn’t know what it was because there was so much blood. I had no idea. So I just grabbed a towel, put it on it, called some friends and said, “I think I need to go to the emergency room.” First thing they said to me is, “Where is your lip?” Well I had no idea if the dog had eaten it or what. I didn’t know where my lip was.


SID: Now you’re talking up, which I understand why because I know what happened. However, at that time I don’t think you were so up.


SANDRA: Oh I wasn’t up at all. Here I am, I was horrified. Horrified.


SID: Can you imagine? You’re deformed now.


SANDRA: I was actually horrified. I’m deformed. And so they told me I needed plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon came in and he instantly said, “I can’t do anything.” He said, “If it was the bottom lip it would reproduce itself. This is the top lip, it won’t reproduce itself.” And he said, “I can’t do anything.” He said, “It’s ragged. I’ve got to cut it again and then pull it together.” And he said, “We’re going to have to have to go to surgery right now and then you’re going to have to have three to six more surgeries.” And I instantly said, “I will never have another surgery.” And he just looked at me like I was crazy. And I said, “On top of that, it’s my lip and I’m going to pray for you.” So I took his hands, never met this guy in my life, took his hand and prayed for him. Went into the surgery, woke up in the middle of him sewing up my lip with black gut stuff. As he’s sewing up my lip I heard him tell the nurse, “I don’t know why I didn’t do this. I normally sew the lip totally up, come back three weeks later, slit it.” And I’m thinking, I’m a preacher. Don’t do this. I’m thinking. I can’t say anything. And I said, thank God that’s why you didn’t sew it up. When I came out my nose was sitting over here on this side because he pulled it. They had to pull it. So I’m lopsided like this, Sid. I’m lopsided. The only part of my lip that’s open is a little teeny hole right over here and I could just talk with a microphone like this on this side.


SID: Yes, but you’re not going to talk on a microphone with people looking.


SANDRA: I had a healing explosion ten days later.


SID: I know, but don’t you know what you looked like?


SANDRA: Yes I did. I knew. And when I went in, the first thing I said was, okay this is how I look. This is the way it is. And what I ended up doing was I went home and I got all the pictures of me smiling because he told me I would never smile again. They would never be able to see my teeth ever again. And I got every picture of me smiling, plastered it all over all the mirrors, all over in the kitchen, everywhere. And then every time I’d go by a mirror or go by something I’d speak to that lip and I would command it in the name of Jesus to move. I’d command it maybe 30 times a day. I command you. He said it wouldn’t move, remember, it couldn’t. And I said, I command it to move. When I go back to see him I kept saying, no I will never have another surgery. I will never have a surgery. And he kept trying. He brought out a book with cleft lips and all kinds of deformities, and he said to me, “I want you to look at this.” I said, “I will never look at this. I don’t want to get it in my mind. I will never look at it. I won’t look at anything except pictures of me smiling and what I want this lip to do.” And the day that I had the healing explosion that I looked so bad, I turned my back to the congregation and I said, “It’s every man for himself.” I turned my back to the congregation and I said, “I command you to move.” And God as my witness I’ve never had a surgery, not one single thing. And see, I think you can count my teeth pretty well.


SID: I see. Well you talk about two things. I want you to briefly comment on it, persistence and actually acting on the Word, not just thinking about what the Bible says.


SANDRA: Remember, it matters what you think. That’s why I wouldn’t get that book in front of me. I wouldn’t get the pictures in my mind. It matters. And when I made the statement earlier that I’m aware that all of God’s healing power is inside of me, and the only thing that’s blocking God’s healing power from getting to my body, that’s anybody who’s listening, the only thing that’s stopping it is my mind what I’m thinking. So I’ve got to persistently stay tuned to the Word of God until it gets my, past my mind into my heart that I believe it more than what I see.


SID: Yes, but what if it wasn’t you. What if someone is listening to us right now and they’ve done it all wrong. They have a picture in their mind of them dying of a dread disease. What can they do?


SANDRA: They can do exactly what I did. They’ve actually got to change their thinking. The thinking is the process. You’ve got to change your thinking. They need to start visualizing themselves. They need to see themselves healed. They need to see if they’re skinny and emaciated, they need to see their body getting weight on it again. They need to believe that Word of God that it’s released in their body and that there’s something happening in their body. And what it is the power of God that God has released in you. They’ve got to just speak to that body, keep speaking to it. Say I can’t lift my shoulder. I command it in the name of Jesus, shoulder, you will lift. You will in the name of Jesus. The number one healings that we see are cancer, percentage-wise, are cancer and we curse it. We curse it and we tell that cancer it will die in Jesus’ name, and we keep seeing it go, seeing it go. And the secret, you release your faith by praise and gratitude. So I have to say, Lord, I’m so thankful healing is inside of me already. I thank you it’s in me. Isn’t that wonderful? I thank you it’s in me and, Father, I just release it now.


SID: So what you’re telling me, if I’m understanding you right, it says it says in Proverbs that the Word is medicine. You take as much medicine as you can.




SID: If you knew that you had a medicine that would heal you and you could have as much as you want, what would you do? When we come back I’m going to find out what a woman did that was diagnosed with cancer and got a hold of this teaching. Be right back.

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