Sid: I have on the telephone Ron Paul he has a Prophetic Prayer Ministry of Intercession for Hollywood. I’m talking to him at his office at Sherman Oaks, California. And if you’ve been listening all of this week you recognize that this is a big battle because Hollywood gets right into our homes on television, through motion pictures, especially to our children, especially to those that take television as the drug of choice. Just a way of unwinding of relaxing from a strenuous day.  If you’re like me the things that I’m watching on television one the monitored shows the ones you know the news, sports I can’t watch these things anymore.  And there are many people that are true believers that don’t understand the authority that we’ve been given, that do not understand and the demons tremble at the name of Jesus.  That the demons literally take a step back every time that you speak of about the blood of Jesus or pray in unknown tongues.  Don Paul you were telling me of something that happened to you recently you were on the beach.

Don: Yeah God had spoke to me to go down to the beach area between Santa Monica and Venice. As we talked earlier Santa Monica and Venice is the new Hollywood that’s where all of the money that’s where every things happening.  So I’m lying on the beach and I was laying back on this little bench and all of a sudden the religious spirit over Venice used one of the doorways over a person that’s demonized or a person that has access to.  And all of a sudden this guy comes running up to me while I’m laying down “Hey! Hey you!”  And I look over and I think “Oh brother I’ve got to deal with you again well I think I’d better sit up again in case you go into full manifestations so I’m thinking this.  And so I sit up and he says “What makes you think you’re going to come into these 2 cities and get these people saved I’ve had them indoctrinated into Hinduism for generations!”  And I looked at the guy and just then he started evoking all kinds of demons in the atmosphere around me the whole atmosphere started being charged with demons.  And I looked at him and I just looked aside and the love and the power of God just flowed out of me and the whole atmosphere came back to love and peace. And he went “Hey! What did you just do you just took my power away!”  I said “That’s not power that’s not your power those are demons and you’re severely demonized and you need the blood of Jesus Christ to set you free.”  And he went “No!” And he ran back into Venice. As you know Sid we’ve been doing a lot of intercession in the Santa Monica area and had a great success and we’re still dealing with the witch covens over Venice and several other ruling spirits there. Typically like in the Bible in Joshua when they’d to into the promise land and they would come against different kings for us those kings mean those ruling spirits over territories those are the giants over the spiritual giants.  And a lot of times when Joshua would take out several kings the next new king would come up to challenge him but he would look at the kings that were taken out by this army and it would put fear in him. What that king was doing was coming out and challenging him but it knows that its time is coming short because our intercessory team is starting to focus…

Sid: What about people that are listening to us right now that are dealing with fear fears of all kinds what advice would you give them?

Don: Okay the first thing in the boot camp of becoming a mighty man of God becoming a son of God which the whole creation is waiting for you to manifest you and me that is our spirit man is to get rid of the fear.  God says I’ve not given you a spirit of fear but of love strength and of sound mind. That indicates that fear is a spirit and not from God and if it’s not from God I don’t want it and God does not want us to have it.  He also says in another place that the devil controls you through fear, fear of failure, fear of lack on and on. I will tell you that when you are standing in the presence of a demon there are 2 things that that spirit will emanate fear and condemnation.  Neither one of those spirits is from Me. Fear and condemnation is how the devil controls Christians from walking in authority or releasing the power of God within us. Most Christians don’t even have a clue the level of power that’s in them because the devil so intimidates their mind with fear and condemnation. If you will bear to stand up and start praying in power you’ll start seeing incredible miracles happen.  I know women that were about ready to get raped they bound the strong man and they just said “Jesus” and they couldn’t move. I’ve seen those kind of testimonies in my boot camp season when God was raising me up where a demon possessed guy was drunk was trying to punch me and rape somebody and the Holy Spirit just boomed out of my mouth “I bind you in Jesus Name!”  And that guy had his fist cocked and he could not move his hand because that demon was bound.  One of the things that I learned about fear is a spirit and it isn’t from God I would not let fear in my temple.  Now to go a step further in my boot camp days I was submitting under a miracle ministry that I think we spoke of earlier that was under the Kathryn Kuhlman and Tommy Hicks anointing. And since I understood that fear was a spirit I suddenly realized that if I feel fear my emotions are reacting to spirits. And then I said wait a second that’s kind of like radars incoming so suddenly I said “Okay I don’t let fear grip me but when I discern fear or something’s making me fearful I realize that there’s a spirit in the room somewhere. And now that I know who I am in Christ I go after that thing with a vengeance to take it out. And we used to pray through the churches before we would have a meeting and I used to turn all of the lights off and I would walk around in the dark and whatever corner I was afraid of go into is the very corner I went into the very corner I went into and commanded that spirit that was hiding in the church out of there.  Because other corners I didn’t care about but for some reason I was afraid to go into that corner because I understood that the demons emanate fear and our emotions react to fear.  And actually it became a tool with correct teachings. See part of what a prophets mantle or teaching is to bring correct revelation. A lot of people were discerning their discernment if find but they just haven’t had the revelation brought to their understanding so they’re in confusion.  One of the things I said to God through my preparation we’re always going through process so I said “God I don’t care what I go through I just don’t understand do I fast when I pray, do I read scriptures do I worship do I plead the blood? I just don’t understand just explain to me how to win because You made a way to win and You didn’t call us to be below You called us to be above but You really called us to rule a territory really rule the atmosphere and not let the demonic rule people that are just kind of pawns in this whole game.  Does that help?

Sid: It helps but what did God show you to do?

Don: Praying in the Holy Ghost and to understand first of all that fear was a spirit and to stand against it and to rebuke it until it goes.

Sid: Are you telling me that praying in the Holy Spirit according to the scriptures it says it edifies you or builds you up that in affect you build your spirit man up by doing that?

Don: Think of it like this when people say “Oh I’m sick or I’m not sick or I do.” Think of it this body soul and spirit the Spirit of God is not talking to your body the Spirit of God is talking to your spirit. When He told Adam “Dress and keep the land.”  He was talking to Adam’s spirit man, the first land that Adam had to address was his thought life. Then he had to address his dirt or his land and then he had to address his family, the business and out from that. But he’s always starting from that core spiritual point of view.  If you think of the old adage the old vision of the farmer with the shotgun “Get off of my land!” with the shotgun and that’s really what our spirit man is to do and now’s here’s the problem when we’re more cardinal then we are spirit then the spirit of infirmity comes up to challenge us for dominion of our dirt our flesh suddenly our flesh gets sick.
As you…. this is a promise from God this is the word of God…as you pray in the Holy Ghost and build yourself in My own Holy Spirit this is the Spirit of the Lord I will give you dominion over those things that once had dominion over you.  So the idea I never get sick because I this is the spirit part of me. My flesh my I…my spirit man might be in a battle with the spirit of infirmity for whose going to rule my roost if you will whose going to rule my body…

Sid: So you’re saying the real you? Your spirit doesn’t get sick but your body your dirt as you put it a spirit of infirmity can come on.

Don: Again if my spirit man is “Get off of my land! And I’m built up and I’m strong then a spirit of infirmity cannot take possession of my land because it belongs to me.  If I am not built up in the Spirit then I’m just a sitting target and all kinds of spirits just come and  hit me.  Let’s see I just ate something the other day and it was food poisoning and you know that when you eat that if you’re going to have food poisoning you just come up (Ugh) and you go into this whole thing just like a spirit comes over you but it’s like you’re going to get violently sick.  And I said “I don’t have time for this so I decided you know I’m too old in the Lord you’re not coming on this body God said “If you eat something poisonous it will not hurt you.” And again it’s not by choice it was an accident and I just took dominion over that spirit of infirmity that came up and I laid hands on myself and I focused on the situation and the spirit broke about 4 seconds later all the food poisoning was gone and I was completely healed.  Here’s what people don’t do we live in Egypt too much and I want everybody to identify what Egypt is to you. But I’ll tell you Egypt is just your normal life.  “Hey what are you doing want to go to baseball?” that’s Egypt. We don’t get into the Spirit enough to where we’re paying attention to what’s going on in the Spirit and I can tell when I’m in a room and there’s a spirit of infirmity on somebody and I can tell if it tries to come onto me and if it does I don’t get busy in my natural life I excuse myself like Jesus did, like Smith Wigglesworth did, I excuse myself and I deal with this spirit until it’s not around me anymore.

Sid:  What do you mean you deal with it?

Don: I pray, I resist it and command it to leave and I watch in the spirit until it leaves I make sure that it’s gone.

Sid: What would you do if you commanded it to leave and you feel you have the victory but it’s still there?

Don: Two things it’s easier to deal with the spirit of infirmity before it lodges into your flesh.  If you will discern as it’s trying to come on and that is the key time when the battle is and people are not that sensitive do not discern it and they think “Poppycock” fine the spirit comes on them they’re sick.  It’s harder once it comes in and there’s a couple of reasons for that and one is your senses your nerve endings keep telling your brain how sick you are and so it reinforces it’s power over you.

Sid: Hm.

Don: You’ve got this memory of how sick you were in the past that’s fear and you’ve got the symptoms so you’re in a harder position.  Before it comes on it’s easier spirit to spirit to deal with that thing.

Sid: But what happens if you made the mistake and it’s already entrenched what do you do?

Don: You stand against it and I tell people if you’re tired sleep and then get up and go regular speed I don’t care if you take 9 naps but continue to resist the thing do not give in to fear command it to get off. Don’t buy it once you agree “I am sick” you’re saying “I” is your spirit man your spirit man is not sick.  So I am not sick but my spirit man is battling the spirit for dominion of my flesh because this thing has got entrenched into my flesh.  Obviously you do all of the normal health things that you need to do rest and food and things but you need to never agree that is part of you by saying I am.  You need to say “No get off of my land do what your told get off my land. I am not sick and this is not your body you will not inhabit this body God gave me this body get off my land.”

Sid: It’s my dirt I like the way you use dirt we’re out of time.

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