Sid: I’ve been interviewing all this week Nita Johnson she’s a prophetess she’s the head of the World for Jesus Ministries I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California. And Nita has been talking about things that God’s preparing her heart and has been preparing her heart for her whole life and it’s all coming into a Christian though. The fate of America, the fate of every nation in the world is about ready to be tested on the plumb-line. The plumb line is Israel Nita explain this testing.

Nita: It’s like all of the scriptures are going to culminate in this one issue whether or not a nation turns in their heart to Israel or whether or not a man turns in his heart towards Israel or whether or not a church turns in his heart towards Israel.  It’s like you said “Israel is going to be the plumb line by which all will be judged. And know that as a Gentile Christian that is very very hard to hear but it is never-the-less true. And if we had time we could go through many scriptures that speak on this issue. It is going to occur Israel has been called and created and set aside since the beginning to be this plumb line in the nations.  And so as the days progress and nations make decisions for or against Israel. We will see that either the glory of the Lord will fall upon that nation for embracing Israel or that what glory would have come will be withheld.

Sid: Nita let me just interject just one specific scripture that’s coming to mind that back up what you’re saying Genesis 12:3 that says “I will bless those who bless the Jewish people and curse those who curse them.”  But Matthew 25 talks exactly about what you’re saying. “The separation of nations as a shepherd separates goat and sheep there will be goat nations and sheep nations. There will be goat churches and sheep churches.  And this is the single issue the Messiah says the separation will be over it’s found in Matthew 25:40 He’s saying “As much as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren you did it to me.”  And yes He does talk about the hungry and the thirsty and the stranger and that is true but the word brethren in the Greek means “From the womb.” So literally is what He’s saying is “What you have done to the least of these my brethren from the womb (The Jewish people) and nations will be separated.” That is found in Matthew 25.

Nita: I’ll go one step further than that Sid because the Lord gave me that same revelation earlier this year that when He is speaking of visiting the prisoners and visiting the hungry and so on and so forth ministering to the blind. Who is more blind than His servant Israel He said that Himself.

Sid: Hmm.

Nita: The prisoner is Israel who is locked in the bondage of darkness from his Messiah.  And so everything that He says in that chapter He is dealing with Israel as Israel’s fate in the last days. And so it is it’s the perfect picture of what is going to take place there’s going to be a separation as a nation embraces Israel there will be blessing. If it rejects Israel then the blessings that would have been will be removed. Likewise if a church an individual church accepts and embraces Israel and the Jewish people there will be multiplied blessings that will come upon that church.  Blessings of the shekina, blessings of the covenant, blessings of the Father there will be multiplied blessings.

Sid: You talked about earlier off the air something called a Ruth Covenant what did you mean by that?

Nita: When Ruth came to a decision a point of decision in her life regarding Naomi she said to Naomi “You’re people will be my people, your God will be my God.” And she even said that “Let not even death separate us.” That was her heart she was her heart was for the Jewish people unto death, her heart was for the Jewish people unto death.  And the Lord is right now calling the Christian to that kind of heart.  And He is judging what he is ultimately going to do in respect to every Christian by whether or not they make that Ruth covenant to the Jewish person that your people will be my people to the Jewish person that your God will be my God let not even death separate us. So as we’re going into a time of holocaust, international holocaust, to the Christian that says “I will not even let the death of Holocaust separate us I will in fact give my life for you if they come after you they’re going to have to come through me to get to you.” As we make that kind of covenant with the Jewish people then we’re going to receive the same kind of blessing that Ruth received.  And Ruth was lifted up as a mother in Israel Ruth was in the linage of Christ. This woman went from basically no blessings to a woman of such great blessings that she is in the Bible and her life was totally transformed by that covenant. And so in the same respect the Lord is going to give life transforming blessings to the Christian who will make that covenant with the Jewish people.  Secondly to the church to the gathering or the fellowship of the believers if a church rejects the Jewish person or rejects Israel or will not stand in the gap on behalf of Israel during this time God will lift His glory He will utterly remove it. And all of the blessings that church would have had opportunities to answer the call that God created that church to fulfill will be removed He will do this.  And He will do this as a decision is made whether it’s prior to the holocaust or going into the holocaust. Stances that we make in these last days are going to determine who is going to be under the super abundant flow of His glory in His last great move of God and who will not be. And so it filters down into the individual nations to the church at large and to the individual. God is going to touch every human being on the face of this earth with judgment or with mercy and glory depending upon where they stand with respect to Israel.

Sid: Now what would you do Nita and you were in a church that was into replacement be it some thinking that they’re the lost tribes of Israel or the other types of replacement thinking that the church has replaced Israel?

Nita: I know that this is going to provoke a very strong response what I’m going to say Sid, but I have been before the presence of the Father and I had been before the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ both in heaven and on earth and I know their heart because they have expressed it to me.  If I were in a church that teaches replacement theology I would first of all repent and then move out of the church because the acts of God’s judgment is going to fall upon that congregation. The people who are replacing Israel by stating that they are in fact the Lost Tribes of Israel you’re not going to find the blessings of God on that no matter how much that movement seems to be parading in the church right now and seems to be carrying with it a great blessing.  The day will come that you will see that the hand of God is not for you but against you. He is not interested in replacing Israel with the believer. He is interested in uniting into one man His people Israel and the Gentile nations.

Sid: What if you’re not into replacement but you don’t have compassion for the Jew in Israel?

Nita: Again that scripture that you and I have mentioned several times during the broadcast about “blessings those that bless Israel and curing those that curse Israel” the implication in that scripture if you were to study that out in the Hebrew is you have even a relative disregard so if you just take the stance of apathy against Israel will curse you. You bring upon your own head not the blessings of the Father but the curses. People will say “But that ended when Messiah was crucified.” No it did not end when Messiah was crucified the word of the Lord is eternal it has eternal effects and people families families who stood against the Jewish people in the Holocaust if there has not been a generational repentance of that families even now are moving under the curses of the Lord even as Christians curses that would be removed any blessings sustained if there would be repentance for the sins of the forefathers.  The Old Covenant truth is as vital for today as it was prior to Messiah coming and giving His life for the world. And so not even a stance of apathy is acceptable to the Lord He taught us very clearly that if we are not in active aggressive stance to obey the word and to embrace it with all of our heart walking it out that we are agreeing with those who are against the word. There’s no such…

Sid: Nita we’re out of time.

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