SID: Welcome. My name is Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest was abused as a child, unloved, went from foster home to foster home, got into drugs, ended up in prison, got involved on the wrong end of the stick with the mafia. They tried to kill her and she bumped into the first one that really loved her. Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah and day after day God drenched her in his love. It was like a coat, it was like layer of layer came off of her and she became the person that God really created her to be. Her life reads like the book of Acts. Why not? She’s normal. Normal is defined by the Bible. How many of you want to be drenched every day in God’s love? Just two or three? How many? Okay. You know Karen it is amazing that you survived. Any one of these things that happened to you is enough to sink anyone. But all of this, how did you manage such things as going to prison for drugs, being poisoned by the mafia, abused as a child, being in foster homes, how did you survive? You didn’t know God. How does someone do it? I mean I don’t see how you did it.


KAREN: I believe I was kept alive for a future purpose.


SID: It was a destiny on your life. Okay so she has a son, she’s a single parent, she gets into real estate and she starts blessing her family and she sees that her brother gets a nice house, but then there was something irregular in the records. She starts doing some detective work and it turns out that she found out a Mafia connection. Turns out the Mafia found out that she knew what was going on and was going to blow a whistle so they start spying on her. What did they do to you?


KAREN: Oh I was poisoned. They wired our house and there were men that stood around the house and they drove me … Mafia works with fear and it got to the point where I was sleeping with two loaded pistols in my pocket. My teeth just rattled day and night. I was a mess.


SID: I don’t know how you even functioned as a single parent and having the Mafia operate through fear. You must’ve been a nervous wreck.


KAREN: I was and I realized I was going to die.


SID: Where did you think you’d go if you died?


KAREN: I knew I was going to hell. The devil was speaking to me.


SID: Okay so her sister-in-law gets saved, becomes a believer in Jesus. Karen, you’re visiting your sister-in-law and this one question changed your entire life. What was it?


KAREN: Do you want Jesus to help you?


SID: What was your first thought?


KAREN: I said “Jesus,” I said, “Why would he help me?” She said, “I’m sure he’ll help you. Get on your knees because he’ll hear you when you ask him into your heart.” And me and my son, 9 years old, dropped to our knees and asked him into our heart.


SID: She shortly thereafter had an encounter with God and with Jesus. Tell me about that encounter.


KAREN: It was just amazing. I’ve had a lot of encounters with the Lord since then but that day it’s the Lord, I heard a voice and I saw a silhouette and a silhouette of a man’s face and it was like a cloud and I heard a voice say, “My son wants you for a bride.” Everything inside of me started melting and it was just locking eyes with the Lord and having all this love just pour through his eyes into you was just totally a transformation for me.


SID: Tell me about being drenched in God’s love.


KAREN: Being drenched in God’s love is like waterfalls of love washing over you. Just unconditional love and when it floods your body it’s like everything in your body responds. Everything in your body has peace. It’s like even your blood veins, your bones, everything in you, everything in you, your hair. Everything in you just responds to this love of God that drenches you, washes over you. Just unconditional power and love. This is available for everyone, everyone. I was nobody. I was a nothing. I was something Satan had thrown out. This love is for everybody.


SID: Alright, but she still has the Mafia that’s trying to kill her but watch what God does when he stands up for one of his kids. Be right back.

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