SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. My guest says that God has shown him that more angels have been released on Planet Earth than ever before in history. Do you know why? Because we are about ready to see the greatest move of God’s spirit in the history of Planet Earth. He has spent the last ten years being trained by the Holy Spirit studying every scripture on angels and he’s here to help you mobilize your angels. Are you interested? I’m here with Dr. Tim Sheets and there are so many things I can talk about. But I heard about what Tim and his brother Dutch did. His father was part of the great healing revival. That was normal for him and his brother. And you literally would sweep cancers off the floor.

TIM: Yes. We were 11, 12 year olds and so Dad put us to work and he would have Wednesday night, would be healing night, and Sunday nights also. And our job was to when the healings lines came there would be people with cancer or internal problems, and we actually did clean cancer up off of the floors and also they would bring people from the hospital or nursing homes in ambulances. And a part of our job was to get the doors open and help push people to the altars, and so we saw great miracles.

SID: But we’re living in a generation that has not seen miracles. Our young people, they’re going, I like to use the Hebrew word, they’re going meshuga with what they’re learning in college. I want them to go meshuga over miracles.

TIM: The first of the year the Holy Spirit gave me this word and it was this: You will see an increasing rise in the healing of paralysis and it will be a sign that the paralysis in my body, his church body, is being healed. The church is being healed of the paralysis and the sign for that, he said, is going to be the healing of paralysis in his people. All over this world today, watching this program ,you talk about evangelism, wait until someone runs out of a wheelchair then you’ve got their attention. This coming generation needs to see the power of God. My generation needs to see the power. All of us need to see the power of God. This is a time to let it be activated by the Holy Spirit. Grab hold of this with your faith and say this is for me. I’m going to activate my faith and the paralysis is going to leave in the name of Jesus. I’m getting out of this wheelchair. I’m going to do things I couldn’t do before. That’s what we heard when I was growing up. They would always end with do what you couldn’t do before. Oral Roberts used to say it every time, “Now do what you couldn’t do before.” I believe hundreds and thousands of people watching today can do what they could not do before if they’ll just activate this promise. It’s a promise.

SID: I don’t know what it is, but this is what I’m seeing. I’m seeing you at home and I’m saying if you will just jump off out of your chair.

TIM: Yes.

SID: That’s what I heard him say. Jump off and activate what God has done for you right now. I have to take you to 2003. You had a life-changing visitation of the Holy Spirit.

TIM: Oh, absolutely.

SID: What happened?

TIM: I was praying, Lord, give me an assignment. Where am I going? What am I supposed to be doing? And I had actually been praying about apostolic networks. And the Lord said to me, “What about my angel networks?” I had never thought of it. I don’t know why, Sid, but I had not ever thought about angels networking, but I thought, sure, they’re not just disorganized beings. God didn’t make angels to see if he could. They have a purpose. And he began to talk to me about that purpose. What is he, why is he reactivating angels, and why does he want me to study them the way that he was asking me to study them? And then he spoke to me, and the Holy Spirit said, “I am going to release and I’m going to supervise another campaign for King Jesus on this earth similar to Pentecost in Acts Chapter 2. Only this time I’m bringing far more of the angel armies.” It was spoken to me, I thought it was out loud. I don’t think it really was, but that’s how bold it was. And then a few days later I heard him, I was out praying again and I heard him say, “The greatest days in church history are not in its past. They are in its present and they are in its future.” I’m telling you a great move of God is beginning to unfold and if the Holy Spirit will pour out an anointing upon us that is even greater than Pentecost in Acts Chapter 2, and he adds to them more of the angel armies, why can’t we see a great harvest? A key to seeing a great harvest has got to be the releasing of miracles once again to get their attention. I believe that what a real evangelist would be, yes, he’s going to speak the Gospel, but he’s got to also demonstrate the Gospel. That’s why we got to see people getting out of the wheelchairs and running. I was, it was in my office a few years ago now, one of the first times angels spoke to me and that’s what angels, one of the things they do. They’re messengers so why wouldn’t we think we get messages and all over the Bible it’s the Angel of the Lord said, the Angel of the Lord spoke, etc. There are so many references. I was in my office on Saturday. I was studying for Sunday morning. I was the only one there and the atmosphere of the room changed. And that came over me, and I’m like, so I put the pen down and I sat there, and I said, “Lord, what? What?” And I started praying and I didn’t hear anything. So I got up from my desk and I walked out into the balcony. My office is behind a balcony and I said, and I kept praying. And as I was there the Angel of the Lord came to me and he said, “Tomorrow morning I want you, you are to declare God’s healing power is going to fall like rain on this congregation.”

SID: I’ll tell you what. I want him to hold that thought because this is absolutely amazing what he’s going to share. But I believe as he shares it that same rain is going to fall on you. We’ll be right back.


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